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Virtual Organization Leadership: The Fascia of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

What is it about Virtual Organizations and, by extension, Virtual Organization Leadership, that make them so special and indispensable to the creation or advent of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings which will be able to chart a course toward Human Evolution?  

The Answer Is Very Simple and Crystal Clear

I could spend days and weeks and months going over the answer to that question, however, I will do my very best to keep it as simple as I possibly can.  

The very brief and simple version of that answer is all of the following:

  • The "Panspermic" aspect of bona fide virtual organizations.  This will result in the spread of a World of Virtual Organizations all across the globe. 
  • The "Principled Leadership" aspect of bona fide virtual organizations.  It places an emphasis on Collaboration instead of Cooperation.
  • The "Principled Geopolitical Leadership" aspect of governance in all virtual organizations. It is based on the highest a priori ethical code: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • The "Collaborative" aspect of today's virtual organization infrastructure technology.  It allows all virtual organization stakeholders, regardless of distance and geography, a unique opportunity to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants in order to innovate and advance by leaps and bounds. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  • The "PABSphobic" aspect of Virtual Organization Leadership provides each and every single one of us an opportunity to Mine Our Own Intelligence and Learn How to Lead Ourselves in order to do what we must at the individual level because it is in our own best interests  - and collectively, in the interest of all of mankind.   So that human beings no longer need to be programmed like machines, treated like children and pets and kept on a leash like dogs in a park (by a bunch of  schizoid, psychotic and psychopathic children and pets who think that they know what's best for other children and pets).  "PABSphobic" means "a deep-seated  aversion to, or phobia against, a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages."  In essence, these PABS represent  99.99% of the entire human race.  
  • The "Nonpolar World" aspect of Principled Geopolitical Leadership is conducive to Political Evolution and the need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders in every single institution and at every single level of a hierarchy so that human beings can finally begin to Learn How to Make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.
  • The "Fascial" aspect of Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Political Evolution provides the sort of support and cushion our current civilization needs in order to absorb all current and future shocks to our Polar-based World (i.e., unipolar or multipolar world) as we actually begin the process of Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  So we can eventually Build a New Global Civilization Based On a Civilized World Financial System and embark on the Road to Human Evolution. 
  • The "Pure Capitalism and Unlimited Wealth Effect" aspect of Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, Building a New Global Civilization Based On a Civilized World Financial System, and embarking on the Road to Human Evolution means that the world, as we now know it:  this Planet of Slaves inhabited by a bunch of  PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savages) ::  will slowly be forever extinguished and be relegated to the status of a distant memory in the annals of the history of mankind, the universe,  and the multiverse.                     

The Bigger Picture

First and foremost, the preceding answer to the initial question about the crucial and indispensable role of virtual organizations really has very little to do with the technology component of virtual organizations for the simple reason that technology, in and of itself, cannot turn a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages ("PABS") into intelligent beings.  Technology can only make us much more efficient and effective on an exponential basis at whatever it is that we are now doing or have been doing since time immemorial - be it good or evil.  As well, it can only help to accentuate every single strand and fiber of our being.   

In other words, from a Primitive, Barbaric and Savage standpoint (i.e., 99.99% of the human race standpoint) technology has only allowed us to become much more effective at whatever perfidy and evil we have been able to inflict on others.  Hence:   Beastlier, yes.  More monstrous, yes.  More barbaric, yes.  Deadlier than ever, yes.  More lethal, yes.  More tyrannical, yes.  More deceptive, yes.  More manipulative, yes.  More mendacious, yes.  More corrupt, yes.  Wiser, NO.  Kinder, NO.  More Intelligent, NO.  More civilized, NO.

On the other hand, from the receiving or opposite end of that spectrum, technology has also made it much easier for practically all members of the human race to fall victim to the worst forms of physical, emotional, mental and psychological abuse that human beings could possibly inflict on each other.  Technology has also made it easier for us to suffer from the lowest level of depredations and deprivations heretofore unimaginable; a state of affairs which could be relegated to the darkest chapter in human history.    Hence:  More dumbed down, yes.  More gullible, yes.  More compliant, yes.  More ignorant, yes.   More compromised, yes.  More miserable, yes.  More mental stagnation, regression and retardation, yes.  Less mental faculty, yes.  Less intelligent, yes.        

The history of mankind is replete with such examples and details, and therefore, I will spare you the diatribe.   

Moreover, even if you've been living under a rock your entire life - the rock of willful ignorance - all you need to do is to just take a quick glance all around you in order to see what is happening right now, this very second, all around the globe:   

Manufactured conflicts by the children of Mephistopheles.   A bunch of little fucking devils spread out all over the planet like a bunch of viruses and a plague upon the earth.  A horde of primitive and barbaric savages, numbskulls, intellectual morons and midgets, ideologues and propagandists, court jesters, virtue-signaling frauds, cowards, fearful and terrified lapdogs and vassals, devious and petty tyrants, insane and bloodthirsty murderers, and grotesque monsters without an ounce of conscience and respect for human life and dignity - all masquerading as great and wise statesmen and women, world leaders, grand viziers, brave leaders, valiant and heroic figures fighting for justice and the rule of law and a rules-based international order, lovers of freedom and democracy, freedom fighters, visionaries, intellectuals, and philosophers of all stripes and persuasions.  

Children whose hell on earth and scorched earth policies have already resulted in the beginning of World War III;  and set the stage for a global conflagration which will certainly (NOT "may" or "might" or "probably") engulf the entire world; and result in a devastating Nuclear War that will set mankind so far back that it will take a very long time for all of us to recover from.      

We can no longer rely on the vast oceans which once separated one part of the globe from the rest of the world and made some of us feel safe and removed from any apocalypse, cataclysmic disaster or potential human extinction-level event.  Advances in nuclear weapon technology and their means of delivery have reduced such distance to the equivalent of going to the park or going out grocery shopping.  

That means, all of us are now in the same boat!   Leader of the World and Unipolar Hegemon is now merely an illusion. 

As well, we can no longer rely on the old Cold War doctrine of containment through Mutually Assured Destruction for the simple reason that Nuclear War no longer means the destruction of the entire planet.  Nuclear War now means that anywhere from 500 million to perhaps one billion people will be left to inherit the earth.   The other 7+ billion people will be wiped out from the face of the earth. 

That means, YOU will now have to ask yourself this question:   After this coming and inevitable Nuclear War that we are careening toward willingly and blindly, while we have our head buried in the sand, will I be one of the 7+ billion dead or one of the not-so-lucky 500 million survivors who will be left to rebuild this planet?

However, that being said, in our willful ignorance and stupidity, we have left this fateful decision as well as the answer to that question in the hands of our so-called leaders, slavish vassals and compromised lapdogs hiding under the banner of independent and sovereign nations, and pure vermin.  

Instead of seeing billions of people marching in opposition to this sort of madness in the streets of every single city and nook and cranny throughout the world,  or using whichever form of alternative expression at their disposal, all we are left to contend with is a group of childish, petty, vile, idiotic, moronic, clownish and despicable group of people on social networks, social media and the mainstream media rooting for one side or another and spewing out whatever propaganda they have been led to believe or the latest childish themes or memes they have been brainwashed to espouse or adopt.   Practically none of us are willing to hold ourselves and our so-called leaders accountable.  For the very few who would like to challenge the narratives of the powers-that-be, they are intimidated and forced to remain silent lest they be willing to suffer the wrath of others.  The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.   Hence the reason why this Nuclear War is inevitable.    

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the bottom line is this:   After painting such a bleak picture of what is to come and the future of mankind :::: it's NOT a matter of if, but when :::: the only options that we (i.e., all human beings) are now left with are the following:

  • Assume it is nothing but fear-mongering. Consider this document as nothing but fear-mongering by Pierre Coupet in order to drum up virtual organization leadership training and consulting business - and ignore the message.   After all, how likely is it that the war in Ukraine might result in wholesale Nuclear War?   
Your mentality:   "Thus, I am willing to discount both the messenger and the message and go on about my life and business as usual."
  • Cross that bridge when you get there.   Take the message seriously, however, assuming the worst-case Nuclear War scenario, you have absolutely no guarantee as to which category you will find yourself under:  (a) the 7+ billion dead victims of such nuclear war;  or (b) the 500 million survivors who will be left to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild our global civilization - no different than the way things have been done before throughout the entire history of mankind.   Moreover, you don't really understand how you yourself can make a real difference with respect to the outcome.   
Your mentality:  "Thus, I am willing to cross that bridge when I get there."
  • Disregard the message because you already have your own contingency plan in place.   You already understand the gravity of the current situation we are all in, however, you already have your own contingency plan in place which does NOT involve virtual organizations and the "idealistic aspects" of this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.   A bomb shelter, along with other more practical and pragmatic solutions, makes more sense to you.    
Your mentality:   "Thus, I don't believe that the ideals and  solutions espoused by Pierre Coupet in this document deserve any serious real-world scrutiny, hence, I prefer to proceed in my own direction." 
  • This message is too important to discount and ignore.  Take the message seriously and prepare for whichever scenario.   Even if Pierre's assessment of the potential outcome of this Russia-Ukraine conflict is wildly exaggerated or highly improbable, just being able to contribute toward the Building of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings Based On a Civilized World Financial System is a laudable endeavor and opportunity you are not willing to ignore, let alone the Human Evolution aspect of it.    
Your mentality:   "Thus, even in the absence of any potential global conflagration, I am willing to do whatever I can that is within my power in order to contribute  to this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings which will allow mankind to embark on the road to Human Evolution." 

 The choice is yours!

Next Step for Potential Collaborators

The following entities are ideal for any individual, organization or government that wishes to become a Collaborator:

Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution

Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:

Let Us Manifest!

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