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A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders

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A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders
by Pierre Coupet

Whenever we hear the words, “geopolitical leaders,” the first thing that naturally comes to mind is a small group of men and women (mostly men) in government and public policy circles deciding the fate of peoples, nations, mankind, and the world.   Pragmatic leaders engaged in a kabuki dance or perennial dance of give-and-take, assessing pros and cons of decisions that will positively affect their people in the present and foreseeable future;  as well as those decisions which may forever alter not only their people’s lives but also the whole of humanity.

At first glance, looking at things from just a logical standpoint, it would seem that such heavy responsibilities should rest on the shoulders of  “principled” men and women of great moral strength, fortitude of character, and with an infinite reservoir of wisdom since the lives of so many good, decent, innocent, trusting (and helpless) human beings hang in the balance.

However, that being said, asking or expecting the “geopolitical leaders” who have led mankind, from time immemorial to this day, to be “principled” is like asking them to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles and values of the leaders of planet Wisdom in the parallel universe Parallax.    

If the principles and values of the leaders of planet Wisdom is a big mystery to you, and you never knew that the parallel universe Parallax ever existed, then so it is to all geopolitical leaders; and you can imagine how they must feel and the sort of conundrum they are in.   In their mind, they are all wondering, “What the hell does it mean to be ‘principled’ and where in the world can I get that information, because it sure in the world is nowhere here on this planet that I’ve been living on all my life.”

Therein lies the dilemma that we are all faced with:   Our leaders don’t even know the definition of the word “principled”; because if they knew what it meant and had indeed put it into practice, the world would have never known the meaning, nor experienced the impact, of religion and religious strife, ethnic divisions and ethnic strife,  politics and political parties and political corruption en flagrant delit,  slavery and sexual slavery, economic deprivation from economic blockade and sanctions, financial markets manipulation resulting in economic slavery and recession and depression,  wholesale famine and starvation,  insurrections,  color revolutions, false flag operations, state-sponsored internal and external destabilization efforts, extensive and massive mind control and mind manipulation efforts, oppression, repression, black ops, political assassinations, cold wars, persistent low-intensity conflicts, proxy wars, local wars, regional wars, world wars, and an ever growing number of low-intensity  tactical nuclear strikes.   

The only thing that our geopolitical leaders have yet to accomplish is the complete annihilation of humankind (here on earth).  You'll notice that I've said, here on earth, for a reason.  It’s because we've been busy building deep underground facilities, bases and cities here on earth as well as trying to build human settlements off planet Earth just in case we succeed in our efforts to blast each other to ‘kingdom come’ here on the surface of our planet.

After presenting this very bleak picture and assessment of our planet’s leaders from time immemorial to this day, most reasonable people would be inclined to make the following observation and ask this question:   

Well, it's obvious we’ve done a real shitty job selecting our leaders over the millennia.   So how do we change course and go about identifying and selecting these “principled” leaders that you speak of - these men and women of great moral strength, fortitude of character, and with an infinite reservoir of wisdom?    

Here is the answer which should really frighten us all:   We, the governed, also do not know what it means to be “principled.”    The word “principled” sounds as much Greek to 99.99999% of us as it does to our leaders.    Therefore, we really have no way to identify and select such principled leaders, hence the reason why we have never had any.  For all we know, these “principled” leaders could indeed be on planet Wisdom in the parallel universe Parallax.   In other words, no such animal currently exists on planet Earth.

The question then arises, if our leaders are leading us toward a cliff which is bound to result in the annihilation of most, if not all, of mankind, then why do we just go along and follow them down that path.    What is stopping us from taking control of our own lives and destiny since our leaders have clearly proven themselves, over billions of years, to be utterly inadequate, incompetent, and incapable of leading prosperous nations and peoples that are able to live in peace and harmony with each other?  Surely, we couldn't possibly do any worse than they have.   

Well, the answer is very simple, although the solution is much more complex.   

(However, that being said, I want to caution you that you are in for a very long ride before I give you the answer.   The reason being, I want to lay out a very detailed and methodical case for the answer I am about to provide you, which will come way toward the end of this very long paper.  Therefore, if you are in a hurry or suffer from some sort of “Attention Deficit Disorder,” then I recommend that you bookmark this page and come  back to it at a most opportune and convenient time.)

So where do we start?   

They Are Us and We Are Them

First and foremost, these leaders are not some special breed of people as most of us would like, tend or  want to believe.  They are our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews and nieces, cousins,  distant relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues and associates.  They are US and we are THEM.   Therefore, it's only logical that their performance reflects the principles and values of the communities they come from and serve.  In essence, the monsters that we see are only a reflection of the monsters that we all are.  

Thus, it can be said, ALL OF US are, in the literal sense of the word, both the instruments and victims of our leaders’ misdeeds; willing instruments and collaborators of the most horrific crimes ever committed against the whole of humanity. What do I mean by that?    

That's because:   

  • It is not our leaders who hop into these jets to fly out and drop bombs that level entire villages, cities and incinerate all living things in their path - humans and all.
  • It is not our leaders who proudly wear their uniforms and go out and literally slaughter each other on the battlefield down to the last fighting man.
  • It is not our leaders who capture prisoners and take them on a brutal march (or flight) to secret extraordinary rendition centers and black sites, torture spas, gitmos, concentration camps, detention centers, and other ‘hell on earth’ facilities.
  • It is not our leaders who man these concentration camps and detention centers,  brutalize prisoners, and shoot to kill anyone who tries to escape.
  • It is not our leaders who mine vast fields and territories that will maim and kill not only combatants on the battlefield but also poor and helpless villagers and small innocent children playing in the fields long after the war is over.  
  • It is not our leaders who are sent out on black ops missions to assassinate people who dare challenge the powers that be.   
  • It is not our leaders who are sent out to destabilize a country by infiltrating that country and causing orchestrated chaos, internal havoc, constant strife, destruction of economic infrastructure, insurrection, famine, wholesale death, and total destruction.  
  • It is not our leaders who are sent out in tanks that level buildings and people in them, regardless of who's inside.  
  • It is not our leaders who are sent out with helmets and riot gear and deadly automatic weapons in order to quell citizen protests and riots.   
  • It is not our leaders who comprise the membership of all these nefarious, devilish, feared and deadly intelligence agencies spread out in every single country across the globe.
  • It is not our leaders who come knocking on our doors in order to interrogate and attempt to intimidate us about our “subversive” statements or activities.  
  • It is not our leaders who conduct the interrogation and brutal torture and execution of people deemed to be either enemies of the state or sympathetic to the cause of enemies of the state.  
  • It is not our leaders who go out to investigate people whom they deem to represent a potential threat to the established order or status quo.
  • It is not our leaders who monitor the daily activities of people whom they deem to  represent a potential threat to the established order or status quo.
  • It is not our leaders who concoct bogus charges and act under color of law in order to obtain warrants to arrest people who are deemed to represent a threat to the established order or status quo.
  • It is not our leaders who issue out these search and arrest warrants upon request whenever ordered to do so from above.
  • It is not our leaders who are sent out on Swat teams to participate in no-knock warrants, break down doors to enter a residence and shoot at anything that moves;  including the unintentional but, nonetheless, reckless killing of innocent children and babies in their cribs, who fall under the classification of “collateral damage.”
  • It is not our leaders who go out and arrest people who are deemed to represent a threat to the established order or status quo.
  • It is not our leaders who preside over these trials with “predetermined” outcomes.
  • It is not our leaders who prosecute these so-called crimes and offenses against the state.
  • It is not our leaders who take on the task of poorly defending their clients when ordered to do so from above.
  • It is not our leaders who appear in court to testify for the prosecution.
  • It is not our leaders who appear in court to poorly testify on behalf of a defendant in order to ensure a guilty verdict.
  • It is not our leaders who sit in these jury boxes and, under severe pressure, submit whatever verdict is the will of the state.
  • It is not our leaders who handcuff those who are convicted and transport them to jail.
  • It is not our leaders who are guarding and mistreating prisoners in our jails and prisons.
  • It is not our leaders who rape and physically assault fellow prisoners in jail.
  • It is not our leaders who administer these jails, prisons, and detention centers.
  • It is not our leaders who are physically distributing and selling the deadly drugs in our neighborhoods.
  • It is not our leaders who are pimping men, women, and children in the local neighborhoods.   
  • It is not our leaders who stand on street corners, declare it their turf,  and shoot at each other upon any sign of provocation.
  • It is not our leaders who keep clamoring for more laws to keep us safe every time we get scared and rattled up.
  • It is not our leaders who go out into the streets and lynch whoever it is that we’ve being told is the “flavor boogeyman” of the day.
  • It is not our leaders who go out and riot in the streets and burn down cars and buildings.
  • It is not our leaders who are sent to quell these riots and shoot on sight all rioters.
  • It is not our leaders who are poisoning our oceans, lakes and rivers,  and the rest of our environment.
  • It is not our leaders who are manufacturing and charging astronomical prices for these prescription drugs that only make us addicted to more drugs and cure nothing at all.
  • It is not our leaders who make laws against effective non-prescription drugs and natural medicine which cost very little.
  • It is not our leaders who staff all the organs of the state and dutifully comply with all orders given.
  • It is not our leaders who actually carry out pogroms against innocent human beings.
  • It is not our leaders who are the scientists researching and developing these horrible weapons.
  • It is not our leaders who are actually on the factory assembly line manufacturing these weapons of destruction.
  • It is not our leaders who ready these destructive weapons for launch.
  • It is not our leaders who actually carry out discriminatory laws and engage in the actual discrimination against other human beings.
  • It is not our leaders who actually teach our children to hate, discriminate on whatever basis a sick mind discriminates, and harm other human beings.
  • It is not our leaders who actually own the media which is used to omit and distort the truth as well as spread lies, half-truths, misinformation, disinformation, mind control and mind manipulation programs.
  • It is not our leaders who actually carry out the drone execution of their opponents, sometimes,  along with their entire families.
  • It is not our leaders who actually issue out the National Security Letters to prevent you from disclosing any information about your scientific invention to benefit all of mankind, or any other such form of intellectual property,  if your invention will negatively affect certain well-connected oligarchs.    
  • It is not our leaders who actually imprison, human compromise, persecute and prosecute under bogus charges, and imprison or carry out the assassinations of scientists who refuse to comply with such National Security Letters.
  • It is not our leaders who actually carry out human compromise operations in order to control, manipulate, compromise or destroy just about every single one of our political leaders on behalf of a foreign country.
  • It is not our leaders who skillfully and effectively manipulate the entire electorate in order to achieve the desired results.
  • It is not our leaders who willingly conduct or participate in these manipulative polls.
  • It is not our leaders who force millions and billions of people to sit down in front of a television or computer screen, or tune in to a radio station,  in order to listen to all their bullshit and lies.  
  • It is not our leaders who call or email their friends and neighbors, or go door to door,  in order to spread the bullshit and lies they just heard from their leaders and leaders’ operatives.
  • It is not our leaders who force people to buy into all the bullshit and lies they spew out for whatever intended purpose.  
  • It is not our leaders who force people to the voting booth,  like sheep or livestock being led to the slaughterhouse,  in order to participate in the greatest deception and  illusion ever devised by man, as well as the most moronic exercise, in the entire history of mankind;  an exercise designed to give legitimacy to the people’s own enslavement.    
  • It is not our leaders who conduct these elections and vote themselves into  positions of power - including the power of life and death over other human beings.
  • It is not our leaders who tap our phone lines and monitor our conversations.
  • It is not our leaders who have to implement any of the laws they have created or any of their dictates.      
  • It is not our leaders who have to physically implement anything that they can imagine or concoct.
  • It is not our leaders who, when the time comes, will eventually push the nuclear button that will unleash all hell on earth.

As you can see, this  list of misdeeds, injustices, crimes and horrors could just go on and on and eventually fill the entire United States Library of Congress.    
We, the People, Are Nothing but Instruments of Their Will
So the bottom line is this:   In 99.99999% of cases, all the crimes, deceptive or evil deeds that are committed on this planet and inflicted on our fellow human beings have been willingly committed by US and not by our leaders.   Our only defense is that, the devil (our leaders) made us do it.   In other words, WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE NOTHING BUT THE INSTRUMENTS OF THEIR WILL.

It’s as if we have no will of our own.   As I have often stated, “Between birth and death stands nothing but drama, generated by pre-programmed thoughts and ideas, from which no one can escape,” and “We all act in our own self-interest, perceived or real.”    

And if that is indeed the case, why is it so?   And what does that make us?   And how do we chart another course that allows us, for the very first time in human history, to gain (not regain) control over our own destiny - something that we’ve never been able to do throughout the entire history of mankind?

I could give you a slave’s answer - the simplest answer of them all:   

It’s the system that we live in.  We either follow the orders given to us or suffer the consequences which are bound to have a profound and detrimental effect on not just myself and my career but also my family and just about anyone else closely connected to me.   Instead of trying to buck the system, it’s much easier to just do what I am told. Or better yet, I could try to change the system from within, or seek changes or redress through the mechanisms provided for within the system.   (How many people do you know of who would answer that way, or have tried or are trying that way in one form or another?)  

However, these are not rhetorical statements and questions which simply beg a slave’s answer.   These are indeed profound observations and questions which deserve a response that befits their importance during this period in time -- at this critical and pivotal juncture in human history.  

We Seem to Behave Like Some Form of Superintelligent Artificial Intelligence

With respect to my earlier observation statement, “It’s as if we have no will of our own,” I am left with only one reasonable inference which can be made from that:  WE ARE ALL A FORM OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on planet Earth.    We seem to be programmed in such a way that all our actions, reactions, and behaviors can be accurately predicted with very little to no effort.    And the most interesting part of it all seems to be that we've been condemned to participate in the very same rituals that have been in practice since the time of our forebears.   

To prove what I’ve just said, if you could just go back to any time period of our recorded history and go over “all the issues” that they had to grapple with, and people’s sentiments,  with the exception of ‘today’s technology’, you will find today’s issues as well as people’s sentiments to be an exact replay of that time period.   And yet, we somehow have this illusion that humanity is progressing.  We seem to confuse technological progress for human progress.   

Therefore, I posit that WE ARE HIGHLY ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL MACHINES with an almost infinite evolution potential.   Very destructive machines whose social, philos, and technological potential have yet to be fully realized; something which may require a few more millions--if not billions--of years.    

In that respect, Stephen Hawking’s warning about the threat  that superintelligent ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE would pose to humans,  as well as cautioning us about making contact with  extraterrestrial aliens  and the Columbus threat they represent to humans,  are indeed misplaced since we are that very superintelligent artificial intelligence on planet Earth who represents a threat to all life forms in both the known universe and all other unknown universes out there.

Although we humans are not as technologically advanced as the rest of our brethren (at least, the ones we have met to date) who have propagated throughout all the other universes out there,  regardless of which form and shape they may appear to be in, there is, however, one thing that I am absolutely sure of without any sort of reservations:   Our brethren in these vast universes who have already come into contact with us, whom I also believe to be ‘superintelligent ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,’  are most certainly afraid of us because of what we might do to them, if or when given the chance.   

After witnessing with their very own eyes (or equivalent senses) what we’ve done to each other throughout the millions and billions of years of our existence on this planet;  the extent of our barbarity and primitive state;  and the pain and misery that, to this very day, minute and second, we continue to inflict on each other;  I am reasonably sure that our extraterrestrial cousins, if indeed they possess the sort of intelligence I ascribe to them, must  have long ago  figured out that HUMANS need to be approached with extreme caution and  must be kept under very tight control and supervision; and that they must maintain a reasonable distance from us lest they care to suffer the fate of humans.  (Hence the reason why they haven’t landed in the middle of Times Square in New York City in broad daylight in order to introduce themselves to us, shake hands, and pass out Nuland cookies or some brochures about life on their planet.)

Although our extraterrestrial cousins can annihilate us all if they really wanted to, however, that would also mean wiping out all other species and life forms on this planet - something that I am sure they would have had to take into consideration.  Thus, it could possibly be said that, perhaps,  the human race owes its continued existence on this planet thanks to all the other species and life forms that we share this planet with.

What Makes Us So Blind, Dangerous and Predictable?
So what exactly is it that makes us so blind, stupid, ignorant, evil, cruel, dangerous, moronic,  and so predictable while, at the very same time,  some of our conduct and actions seem to indicate the presence of some noblesse, inner superintelligence and higher life form?     

It seems that we have been genetically programmed or infected with a virus embedded in our DNA which I’ll refer to as the “sla-mas-moron virus.”  From an observation standpoint, it seems that the sla-mas-moron virus is specifically designed to retard 1) our growth in every possible aspect,  2) our knowledge of who we truly are (superintelligent beings),  and 3) our eventual expansion throughout the universes; all in order to keep us in a servile state here on Earth.   A sort of Ritalin which dumbs down our senses and robs us of the ability to understand and make sense of our actions; thus keeping us in a state of limbo.     

This virus activates a matrix within our brain - a sort of virtual sandbox that we all enter into at the time of conception, but which leaves us with no visible or apparent way out - in order to prevent us from using our brain’s full potential.  It continually expands and adapts to all sorts of internal and external stimuli and conditions.    It keeps our mind in a constant state of fear, illusion, distraction, ignorance, turmoil, ad nauseum-ad infinitum violence, and paranoia in order to desensitize us and keep us disconnected from what is really happening around us; induces us all to automatically gravitate toward slave-master relationships; and puts us in a moronic state so we can never become aware of the virus' existence and its ultimate purpose, and our being a superintelligent  Artificial Intelligence lifeform.    

Whomsoever (or whichever race of beings) created us and injected the genetically engineered sla-mas-moron virus in our DNA seemed to have had one purpose in mind:

They wanted reasonably intelligent, maintenance-free, self-propelled and self-propagating artificial intelligence with a reasonable shelf life to serve them well in the near and distant future. Intelligence which contains a built-in error-checking-and-self-repair mechanism that is designed to keep such intelligence in check; as it serves to impede their growth and progress so they don’t run amok and overtake their masters.   In essence, the very same concerns that we Humans have today about creating Artificial Intelligence and our need to put in place safeguards to prevent them from eventually controlling or annihilating humans.    

How ironic!  Us humans, unaware that we are also an Artificial lntelligence, and doing nothing but mimicking our creator, as we were designed to do.

How the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus Keeps Us in Check

So, from a practical operations standpoint, how does the sla-mas-moron virus keep humans in check?

This virus keeps us addicted to slave-master relationships.  Its primordial purpose is to condition all humans to believe and accept at the time of conception  that “their purpose in life is to serve their master.”   If it were possible to read the genetic code of that virus in plain text, I believe it would read as follows:  “Your purpose in life is to serve your master.”    

This one single “slave-master” concept is the quintessential embodiment of what it means to be human.   The polymorphic nature of this concept allows it to reside or manifest itself, in every imaginable and unimaginable way,  in every single strand and fiber of every single social (as well as organic, artificial, physical, scientific, technological, mental, moral, intellectual, philosophical,  theoretical, religious, organizational, and institutional) construct, endeavor or challenge ever faced or devised by mankind.   

It is morphologically represented and manifested in just about every single thought, action, or decision we make, or will ever make, during our lifetime;  and,  by extension, in the fabric of every single entity, organization, institution, or community throughout our planet.   

No one (alive) can escape the complex entanglement effect of the slave-master component of the sla-mas-moron virus - not even in our sleep.   It has its own built-in self-protection and self-regulating mechanism which automatically monitors and regulates all human behavior - be it conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and subliminal - through all our known and yet to be discovered senses.

Whenever two human beings (or entities) come into contact with each other,  internally, they automatically begin to assess who is going to play the ‘slave’ or ‘master’ role in that relationship.  In other words, who is going to be the boss giving out orders and who is going to be the one taking orders; who’s going to be on top and who is going to be on the bottom; who's going to be the influencer and who's going to be the follower.   Strengths and weaknesses are initially  assessed and evaluated in fractions of milliseconds and the slave-master dance ritual begins until one eventually submits to the natural order of things.    

It does not matter whether or not you (or the entity) care to be the master.  If the other person or entity senses you should be the master, and needs a master, he/she/it will acknowledge you either directly or indirectly, and insist that you be the master regardless as to whether or not you know what the hell you’re doing.     

For example,  how often do you hear the president of the United States and other world leaders say something to the effect that, “the leader of the free world has a special responsibility..,” or  “the president of the United States, as leader of the free world, must take the lead …,” etc.?

THAT Is the Power of the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus

To further illustrate my point, let us look at the following hypothetical:   

Let’s say that you have a car repair project.   You then go down the street and offer to pay 12 people who have time to kill to participate in a blind project. At the end of the day, you made sure that every person that you have selected for that project has absolutely no car repair knowledge or other transferable mechanical or technical background.   You then bring everyone into a room to assign them the car repair project.   You make available to them all the tools and parts that you know they’ll need in order to successfully complete the project.  As well,  none of them are allowed to have any contact with the outside world prior to the completion of the project.   You then tell them to let you know when that project has been completed and wish them the best of luck.      

My question to all of you is this:  How do you think they will go about to complete this project?

Once you’ve had a chance to think about that, I need you to reflect on how you yourself have been programmed to respond in an automatic fashion to that very question.  Now, try asking that same question to 2-10-20-50 people (regardless of ethnicity, nationality, age, race, gender, education, background, or experience) and notice the similarity of their answers to yours.  And THAT is the power of the sla-mas-moron virus.

That slave-master dance ritual starts in each and  every single one of us at conception and is reflected in every single aspect, component, fabric, hierarchy, tier, entity, level and segment of society - all of which eventually leads  to  a singularity point (the master of all masters),  or as the Italian mob would say, “il capo di tutti capi.”   Even atheists who do not believe in God acknowledge a creator (master) and participate in this slave-master dance ritual. Find me as many atheists  as you can anywhere in the world and find out what they do for a living and you’ll discover the slave-master dance ritual at play.  In other words, there is absolutely NO exception to that rule.   It reigns supreme above all others.   

With respect to the ‘moron’ component of the sla-mas-moron virus, it is the most superintelligent  (how ironic!) and destructive-to-lifeforms force field in the known universe.  It has only one mission: to protect at all costs the slave-master component of the sla-mas-moron virus, using whatever means are necessary.  Hence the reason for its unrivaled superintelligence and it being recognized as the force that is the most destructive to all lifeforms in the entire universe.  

How the Moron Component of the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus Works

So how does the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus work?  

First and foremost, it forms within the  individual host that it occupies an invisible, impermeable and impenetrable shield around the slave-master component of the sla-mas-moron virus in order to ensure the safety of the slave-master component; thereby, preventing the breakdown of the current slave-master social order.   

Second, it then instantly begins to communicate via some sort of magnetic field with all other “moron” brethren in the universe, regardless of time and space, in order to assess on a local, regional, global or universal level all current and future threats to the slave-master social order as well as to take whatever measures are appropriate at the individual host level.  

(What this means is that, at the time of each individual’s conception, regardless of time and space, the sla-mas-moron virus instantly begins to communicate and coordinate its activities with all other sla-mas-moron viruses in the universe.)

Third, once it senses any sort of current or potential threats to the slave-master social order, it  automatically deploys one of the most powerful weapons it has in its arsenal:  Mass Distraction.   It can instantly generate, on-demand, an infinite variety and number of “mass distraction weapons” whenever it becomes necessary to do so.   

Mass Distraction:  The Ultimate Weapon of the Moron Component
The purpose of a Mass Distraction Weapon is to:  1)  distract all slaves from actually becoming aware of their slave status through efficient propaganda, lies and omissions, misinformation, and disinformation;  2)  prevent slaves from becoming aware of all nefarious behind-the-scenes  activities and motives of their masters through an effective news classification and blackout program;  3)  give all slaves ‘hope of a better future’ in order to discourage “active opposition and meaningful resistance” to their master’s agenda; 4) provide a fake cause that all slaves can rally around in order to draw their attention away from their current conditions;  5)  fabricate internal conflict among slaves in order to turn them against--and destroy--each other;  6) engineer the proper settings and survival-of-the-fittest conditions under which slaves have no choice but to prey upon each other in order to survive, and then shine the light on such predatory behavior;  7) fabricate external conflict against slaves in order to have masters come to their rescue and become their patron saint and savior;  8)  make effective use of  slave leaders (as traitors)  through human compromise operations in order to control fellow slaves and maintain the status quo;  9) make effective use of culture and customs in order to compare and contrast the cultures and traditions of masters and slaves - thus giving credence to the fallacy as to why masters are superior to slaves;   10) make effective use of religion in order to pit slaves against each other; to  lull them into becoming complacent and resigned to their fate; or to march them straight to the slaughterhouse because it’s God’s will; 11) make effective use of the media in order to manipulate slaves into thinking that their masters are invincible - thus resistance is futile;  12)  make effective use of the entertainment industry in order to make the grotesque seem as normal among slaves and thus institute self-hate (cause revulsion and shame) among them;   13) make effective use of the so-called justice system and other legitimate organs of government in order to delegitimize, defang (and also legally and justifiably eliminate) rebel slaves;   14)  make effective use of the media in order to manipulate slaves into thinking that they are inferior to their masters and responsible for the sorry condition that they are in;  15)  make effective use of symbols and illusions of progress, victory and change in order to placate restless slaves;  16)  to engineer false flag operations in order to distract people from critical issues of our time,  to cause them to further surrender what little freedom they have left, or to deepen the slave-master bond as they voluntarily run into the arms of their masters for shelter and protection;   17) to cause major wars and world wars in order to conceal ulterior motives of soulless masters; and 18)  distract, disrupt, and manage all opposition to the slave-master social order using whatever means that are necessary.

Moron Response  to Potential Threats to the Slave-Master Social Order
And what are these potential threats to the slave-master social order?

The manifestation of any part of your genetic code that could potentially contradict or nullify the information relayed by the slave-master component of the sla-mas-moron virus embedded in our DNA which says: “Your purpose in life is to serve your master.”     

For example, if it senses that you’re becoming aware of who you really are, a superintelligent being,  and that such awareness will, in turn, cause you to begin to question your current slave-master status and begin to explore your capabilities and full potential outside of the virtual sandbox,  it will automatically kick into high gear and activate one or more of  an “infinite” number of tools it has at its disposal in order to keep you in check - some of which are as follows:

  1. Doubt.   As a first line of defense, it will automatically inject doubt into all states of your consciousness (the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and subliminal) in order to cause you to question whether or not what you’re indeed becoming aware of is really the case or just a figment of your imagination.

  1. Self-Validation.   If you are able to penetrate the first line of defense, it will then present you with the following validation dilemma and cause you to ask:  How do I first validate to myself what I am feeling and discovering?

  1. Credibility.   If you are able to get past the self-validation stage, it will then present you with the following obstacle:   Your very own concern about who’s going to believe and accept your findings before you can consider sharing this information with others.

After all, the “moron” component of the virus (in you) understands full well that, regardless of the validity of your findings and regardless as to whether or not you get a chance to even present them, the very first question that you’re bound to be asked by others with that same “moron” component of the virus (in them) will be:  What specific “slave-master-moron” credentials do you have which qualify you to come up with such “superintelligent” findings?   Excellent paradoxical question.  Checkmate!

  1. Acceptance.   In the event you don't fall for the paradoxical trick and allow your observations and conclusions to speak for themselves; and continue undaunted in your efforts to reveal your findings to others; the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus begins to contain this threat to the universal slave-master social order by sending each individual you come into contact with through a gauntlet of:  1) apathy, 2) incredibility,  3) fear of being naive, 4) fear of ridicule, 5) fear of guilt by association, 6) fear of being ostracized by family, friends, colleagues, and associates, 7) fear of becoming a social pariah,  8) fear of assets forfeiture, 9) fear of economic ruin,  10) fear of inability to provide for self and family, 11) fear of psychological harm to loved ones, 12) fear of bodily harm or death to loved ones,  13) fear of personal bodily harm and torture, 14) fear of death, 15) peer pressure, and last but not least, in case  all else fails, 16) the ultimate weapon of all,  mass distraction.

The way the moron component of the virus works is very simple. Once it sees that it is not able to dissuade you from continuing down the road you embarked on, instead of wasting time going against a resistive force, it immediately takes you out of the loop and chooses the path of least resistance, which is your network of contacts who have been exposed to your heretical ideas.   It sends out an instant alert to the moron component of the virus in each member of your network of contacts.  Such moron component then immediately begins to prey on their host’s weaknesses in order to contain any potential damage to the slave-master social order.

Immediately thereafter, the moron component (in you) turns its attention back on you in order to prevent you from taking any further action or to mitigate the effects of any further actions you may undertake.

  1. Fear of Taking Action.   Having contained your network of contacts, the moron component of the virus now begins to introduce you to many of the same tools in its arsenal that its brethren so effectively employed against your network of contacts in order to convince them that they don't have a dog in this fight:  1) fear of ridicule, 2) fear of being ostracized by family, friends, colleagues, and associates, 3) fear of becoming a social pariah,  4) fear of psychological harm to loved ones, 5) fear of bodily harm or death to loved ones, 6) fear of becoming a public business pariah and losing clients and business partners,  7) fear of persecution under color of law,  8) fear of assets forfeiture, 9) fear of economic ruin,  10) fear of inability to provide for self and family, 11) fear of personal bodily harm and torture, 12) fear of death, 13) peer pressure, and last but not least, in case  all else fails, 14) the ultimate weapon of all,  mass distraction (the world’s most effective tool for controlling slaves).

The idea is to cause you to think long and hard and do a complete cost-benefit analysis   before you begin to take any sort of meaningful action.   For the most part, the fear of taking action and potential consequences, in and of itself, is sufficient to dissuade you from going any further, and puts a halt to any actual or potential threat to the slave-master social order.

  1. Taste of Recognition.    In the event you break through that gauntlet of consequences and overcome the fear of taking action,  you are then given a little taste of what every slave desires before they close their eyes, even if it is for only one brief minute:  recognition. It enables the moron component to judge your response to that taste and see how much more of it you crave, if any.   No immediate attempt will be made to co-opt or compromise you and your activities.

If necessary, you will even be praised publicly for your stance or endeavors and your masters will even help you gain the adulation of many followers, large enough for you to believe that “you are making a real difference and accomplishing your mission”; that is, of course, until it has been determined that you now have so much at stake that you just can’t all of a sudden get up and just walk away from it all,  and that it’s now time to subtly begin to compromise you and slowly or rapidly tear you down.  
  1. Taste of Power.     In the event you showed no overt or visible signs of character failure and your masters  weren’t able to compromise and immediately tear you down from your temporary perch during your taste of recognition test, you are then given a taste of power over one (1) or more other slaves in order to see how well you adjust to the trappings of power.

If necessary, you will even be praised publicly for your leadership and your masters will promote you to ever greater positions of importance, giving you dominion over many more slaves, and even help you gain adulation from the public at large, large enough for you to believe that “you are now powerful, have joined the ranks of the masters and now an elite member of the club, and are now in control of your own destiny”; that is, of course, until it has been determined that it’s now time to subtly begin to compromise you and give you an ultimatum to either join the masters as a permanent member of the club and do their bidding or be totally destroyed.    Good riddance, once and for all!

That is normally the point at which all human beings get completely co-opted into the slave-master relationship and completely give up their quest for freedom from the shackles of the slave-master social order.    Very few human beings are able to resist the lure and trappings of power.  In fact,  no single leader of any major political, social or religious movement in known history has ever managed to escape from this tangled web of deceit.   

In the event you decline the offer to get a taste of power, it will be considered a declaration of war and the opening of Pandora’s box.  
  1. Unleash the Forces of Hell.    If you wisely refused the offer of a taste of power, clearly an offer which would have placed you squarely in a slave-master role, then the powers-that-be would view that as a clear and unambiguous signal that you are incorruptible and a definite threat to the slave-master social order - an act which would put you squarely in the cross-hairs of the “moron” component of the sla-mas-moron virus.    At which point, it begins to communicate with all other “morons” who would begin a concerted effort to eliminate such threat.   

The “moron” component in each human host who is aware of you will then begin to coordinate a concerted effort to do one or more of any of the following:    1) ridicule you,  2) cause family, friends, colleagues, and associates to ostracize you out of a well-warranted and logical need for self-preservation, 3) make you a social pariah,  4) cause psychological harm to your loved ones by putting them under intense duress,   5) cause bodily harm or death to your loved ones, 6) turn you into a public pariah and cause the loss of clients and business partners, 7) engage the organs of the state in order to persecute, under color of law, you and your family, close friends, and associates,  8)  seize your assets through various  (criminal and unjust) asset forfeiture laws,  9) cause you financial ruin as you proceed to defend yourself against these monsters,  10)  make it almost impossible for you to continue to provide for yourself and your family, 11)  attempt to cause you bodily harm, 12) attempt to kill you, and, last but not least, in case all else fails, 13) distract you in every way, shape or form until you finally give up.  

As you can see, the self-regulating and automatic enforcement function of the moron component of the virus in each and every single one of us is the one element which ensures  that we all do the  “supreme master’s bidding” as we are programmed to do, all without the supreme master’s intervention.   Hence the reason for its name.   It turns us all into morons, willingly participating in our own enslavement and directly responsible for its effective, swift, precision-guided, brutal and ruthless enforcement of the slave-master social order at the first sign of dissent or rebellion.   

When We Rebel Against Our Masters, We Are Rebelling Against Fellow Slaves
Therefore, whenever we “think” or “believe” that we are rebelling against our “masters,” we are rebelling against both “ourselves and fellow slaves.” That’s because our so-called masters  are themselves only fellow slaves who rank just a bit higher in the pecking order of slaves - which I am about to address in one of the following paragraphs; and it is US who have been entrusted to both enslave ourselves and serve as slavery’s Praetorian Guard.  Without the participation of us slaves,  SLAVERY does not exist and CANNOT EXIST or flourish.  It is US who are enslaving OURSELVES.  

When We Rebel Against Our Political Leaders, We Are Rebelling Against Fellow Slaves

As well, when we think we are rebelling against our “political leaders,” we are only rebelling against both “ourselves and fellow slaves,” because our so-called political leaders, as I have stated earlier, are themselves only fellow slaves who rank just a bit higher in the pecking order of slaves; AND IT IS US  who shamelessly, willingly, and moronically elect them to become our leaders through either a) our  participation in a farcical and carnival-circus-clown election process; b) their employ of any other form of ruse, deception, illusion, and smoke and mirrors; or c)   by default, when we fear to object to their self-nomination;  AND IT IS US  fellow slaves who willingly make ourselves  INSTRUMENTS OF THEIR WILL in every conceivable way.   Therefore, in case I failed to get my message across,  let me repeat: THEY CANNOT ENSLAVE US.   We are the only ones who can enslave ourselves. We are, literally and figuratively speaking, our leaders’ Praetorian Guard.   

Why Our Leaders Have Such Contempt for Fellow Slaves

The fact that our leaders have such a very low opinion of, and outright contempt for,  their fellow slaves stems from our very own moronic behavior and attitude toward them.    

The truth is, we go all gaga for one or more of the following:   just to get a glimpse of our leaders; to  get close enough to them; to be able to shake their hands and take a picture with them; to get their autograph; to be able to say we talked to them and they seemed so normal and down to earth (Wow, what a nice guy!);  whenever they decide to hold a press conference to do nothing but bullshit and outright lie to us as we glue ourselves in front of the television and catch every single word;  to be able to work for them and be by their side every day (Wow, what an honor and privilege!);  to be their confidante and right hand,  and be privy to some of their innermost secrets;   to be invited to have lunch or dinner with them;  to be invited to their homes;  to find out what kind of clothes they wear; to find out what kind of food they eat, etc.   

We’re willing to beg and kiss ass, flip over on our back and roll over like Rover and play fetch, and do anything else that we can to impress them as well as to get and keep their attention.   When they catch the flu or common cold,  that’s all in the news and we even send them ‘get well’ cards and prayer wishes from thousands of miles away; and yet, we have next door neighbors that we’ve never said a word to in over 15 years.   

With this sort of moronic adulation, it’s no wonder that so many of us slaves want to be political leaders and will do just about anything to get in power and stay in power (even if it means selling out to a foreign power, a so-called ally,  the very people and country that these leaders are supposed to represent).       

Rebellion Against Masters of the New World Order:  Much Ado About Nothing

Let  me now switch our focus to the so-called Masters of the New World Order that we so often hear about in alternative media circles:  that big elephant in the room that the “moron” component of the sla-mas-moron virus makes sure that slaves do not openly discuss.   By now, you should all be experts at knowing the sort of tools that the moron component of the virus uses in order to enforce this “no formal discussion in mainstream media” policy in all humans.    So, let me proceed.

We’ve all heard about some Secret Shadow Government or Deep State which actually rules the world; a government which sits on the second tier of the very top of a pyramid-based structure of entities which govern our planet;  whose members are deeply embedded at the highest levels of every single visible and invisible organ of every major governmental, quasi-governmental, and banking structure around the world, reporting directly to their superiors in the Secret Shadow Government or Deep State; and which is the real invisible government that all current and future heads of state submit and report to.  

It has also been alleged that, this Secret Shadow Government is run directly by 14 very prominent and ancient families who can trace their ancestry thousands, if not hundreds of thousand, of years and whose bloodline can be directly traced to one or more ancient and current extraterrestrial ancestors.  And that some of these ancestors currently live side-by-side with them - as well as with some other humans, albeit without their full knowledge.

It has also been speculated that, at the very top of this pyramid sits a Pindar, some Earth-based descendant or offspring of an extraterrestrial, that these 14 families report to.   

Here is my take on all of this:   Whether or not this Pindar and Secret Shadow Government  actually run by 14 (13 European and 1 Asian) families really exist is really up to each person’s imagination since I have absolutely no direct connection to--or specific knowledge of--any of these characters.    

I will not allow the slave-master component of the sla-mas-moron virus in me to either acknowledge,  secretly wish to be associated with or be a part of,  or to pledge allegiance to some Pindar and 14 families of a Secret Shadow Government.   Nor will I allow the moron component of the virus in me to cause me to either doubt or be fearful of some Pindar or Secret Shadow Government.     The reason being that this is all irrelevant and nothing but a weapon of mass distraction.   

Just imagine, for one second, one of the members of these 14 families - flat broke, without a pot to piss in or two (2) nickels to rub together - laughing his ass off about being included on a list of people who run the world; thinking about how stupid and primitive humans must be.   

On the other hand, just imagine one actual family--instead of 14--which really runs that Secret Shadow Government that runs the world, and there is no Pindar.  The remaining 13 could possibly be a bunch of flunkies and ass kissers.  In fact, the sla-mas-moron virus that we’re all infected with dictates that only one such family could actually exist (there is no exception to that rule) and that the remaining 13 would have to be subordinates of that family - in other words, terrified to death of that one family.   

And to make things more exciting, just imagine that only the Pindar runs the world, and he happens to be your eccentric uncle Doolittle that you always wondered about, and that the Secret Shadow Government is just “a weapon of mass distraction” run by him directly.  In other words, the members of this secret shadow government don’t even know, and will never have a way of knowing, who they actually work for due to this one reason:
Because, if I were the Pindar, the last thing in the world that I would want to do, is to entrust this knowledge about my identity to a bunch of “primitive” and “moronic” fellow slaves who’ve been infected with the sla-mas-moron virus.  Seeing how easily they can be manipulated and how ignorant, evil and destructive they can be, I can just imagine myself being the menu on the table at a “roasted Pindar” barbecue dinner if they ever got a chance to figure out my Achilles’ heel - no matter how remote the possibility.    That is a grave security risk that I certainly could never afford to take.   
The point being, do not allow yourself to be “distracted” by false flag operators; mind control and mind manipulation, disinformation and misinformation, and controlled opposition experts (all working under the influence of the “moron” component of the sla-mas-moron virus); whose job is to distract you at all costs in order to preserve the slave-master social order.   

It’s All About the Pyramid-Based Slave-Master Hierarchical Structure

What truly matters is the hierarchical structure itself instead of the individual composition of the hierarchy.    In which case, the pyramid-based, slave-master hierarchical structure which currently exists on earth and described by all alternate government theorists does not depart at all from the sla-mas-moron virus concept.  In fact, it actually reinforces the accuracy and validity of this concept since that is the exact purpose of the virus in our DNA: the creation of a slave-master social order.  Therefore, anyone who is part of this pyramid-based, slave-master hierarchical structure is nothing but another SLAVE in a pecking order of slaves.     

In fact,  no single human being knows of any other hierarchical structure in practice throughout the world - which is now a perfect opportunity for me to segue into the next topic.

The Pecking Order of Slaves

Alright, it’s finally time for me to go over the “pecking order of slaves” that I mentioned earlier.   So, what exactly is this pecking order of slaves and what does it look like? Here is the answer:

From a universal standpoint,  there is one very simple 2-tier pyramid-based hierarchy whose underlying concept lies at the very heart of the design of the sla-mas-moron virus:   One Supreme Master (our Creator) on the top tier and immediately below (on the bottom tier) are Bona Fide Slaves (superintelligent ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) scattered all over the universe.    That’s all!

Within the Bona Fide Slaves tier of the 2-tier pyramid-based hierarchy,  there is an infinite number of horizontal and vertical pyramid-based hierarchies.   And all bona fide slaves have an opportunity to play either a “slave” or “master” or both “slave and master” role in an infinite number of pyramid-based hierarchical relationships.   This means that all Bona Fide Slaves have been automatically programmed by the “sla-mas-moron virus” to perform any combination of static, dynamic, and quantum roles as either “slave, master,  or both slave and master,” respectively,  depending on time and space and a highly dynamic, constantly fluctuating, and evolving set of conditions and circumstances.  

In essence, this means that ALL LEADERS -  past, present and future - are, by design,  Bona Fide Slaves temporarily filling the role of  “master” within the context of the entity they lead,  and numerous other slave-master roles.  Once they are no longer in power, their status reverts to Bona Fide Slave filling the role of “slave” within the context of their current status within the entity they are still serving or belong to.   

(For example, let’s say you are no longer the Governor of the State of California and are now just another resident of the state.  That means your role has changed from ‘master’ to ‘slave’ only within the context of the California power structure.     However, since the sla-mas-moron virus is “one-on-one ‘or entity’ relationship-based,”  you may continue to command the respect of a number of  former subordinates and thus continue to fill the role of “master” in your one-on-one relationship with them.)

To take that one step further,  although such leader may continue to fill the role of “master” in his one-on-one relationship with that former subordinate,  he could simultaneously fill the role of “slave” with that same former subordinate in a different relationship.    Therefore, the role of “slave” and “master” is very fluid and highly dynamic; and is based on an infinite set of relationships, events, and circumstances.    

Thus, depending on an infinite set of events and circumstances, one Bona Fide Slave could, all within the space of a 24-hour activity period, hypothetically serve in a combination of 6 dynamic and static “master” roles; and a combination of 12 dynamic and static “slave” roles.  

The Masters of The New World Order Are Also Slaves
Nonetheless, regardless of which master-slave role an individual (or entity) assumes,  such individual (or entity) will always fall under the Bona Fide Slaves tier of the universal pyramid-based hierarchy - with the top tier always reserved for the Supreme Master (Creator).  That applies to ALL slaves, including those who may have been led to believe that they are Masters of the New World Order standing at the very top of the pyramid-based hierarchy here on earth.
Therefore, although, from an a priori standpoint, all Bona Fide Slaves are genetically and situationally aware of the existence of a Supreme Master, nonetheless, it’s virtually impossible, from an a posteriori standpoint, for them to ever know where,  on the rows of the Bona Fide Slaves tier, they stand in relation to their proximity to the Supreme Master (Creator).   Thus, only the Supreme Master would or could know their proximity in relation to him.

The Creator Has Left Us to Our Own Devices

In essence, I believe that the Supreme Master (Creator) is so far removed from his slave-master creation that he has absolutely no idea, and could care less,  as to what is going on individually or collectively with his Bona Fide Slaves - and has left us to our own devices.   He’s probably hundreds of centillion of light years away in some distant universe that humans have yet to even imagine or fathom.   What we do from hereon is REALLY UP TO US.    

As a Pure Intelligence, I am absolutely sure, beyond the shadow of doubt,  that, like any other proud parent,  he would indeed be proud of his superintelligent Artificial Intelligence creation if we were to one day discover our slave-master-moron condition;  and break free from the shackles of the “sla-mas-moron virus”;  so that the seeds of some of his “pure intelligence” in us could explode a la  Big Bang throughout all the universes; thus allowing us to travel side by side with him throughout the cosmos in order to marvel at its beauty and splendor.  Until then, we neither deserve such privilege nor have we earned the right.

How the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus Turns Us into Morons

What sort of process does the sla-mas-moron virus use to turn us into morons?

The moron component  of the virus quarantines your superintelligence, incapacitates your a priori knowledge in order to disable your capacity to reason so your mind can be receptive to dictates from your master - no matter how nonsensical, revulsive and odious they may be;  gives you  “instant attention deficit disorder” so you can instinctively repel any sort of information which may enlighten you about the sla-mas-moron virus or improve your mental capacity;   makes the “thinking process” very laborious and discomforting so your brain can choose the path of least resistance and instead accept ready-made and tailor-made information and solutions just for you;  dwarfs your vision by telling you that what you are seeing is not exactly what you are seeing and that, for some unknown reasons, you can’t be told what it is because you have no need to know;  it numbs all your other senses by telling you that:  a) what you are feeling deep down inside of you does not really matter, b) what you are hearing and understanding is not really what it is, and that the important thing in life is for you to do as you are told; and, last but not least, c) uses its weapon of mass distraction whenever it wants to compel you to respond in some fashion or another.      

The foregoing process  allows us all to be indoctrinated, blindly follow orders, justify our actions, and still be able to function in society without giving much thought to our actions (or inactions).      

For example, when we raise our head up and look at the sky, if our high intelligence was not quarantined and our a priori knowledge was not incapacitated,  it would only be logical for us to conclude that, since there is an abundance of life here on this planet, then surely there must be an abundance of life on all the other planets as well, in whatever form it may exist.   You don’t need a Ph.D. in diddly squat  to figure that out.  

Therefore, the real puzzling question--the mystery question for the ages--we should be asking is this, “What if there were NO life at all on one of these planets?”   Just imagine the size of the task of combing through over one trillion planets in order to find one that does not sustain any life.     

But somehow or another, for billions of years, us morons have been debating on whether or not there is life out there in the vast universe in spite of the overwhelming amount of evidence that screams out here on Earth and throughout the cosmos that we are NOT alone and couldn’t possibly be alone.   For a Creator to architect this vast universe and only populate one planet out of trillions defies any kind of logic.   

If we had the ability to communicate with ants, flies, butterflies, birds, dogs, cats, and chimpanzees,  even they would be able to tell us that we are NOT alone and couldn’t possibly be alone for one simple reason:  it just does not make any goddamn sense.   However,  someway and  somehow, we are being told by some morons that the obvious is not so obvious and that what we’re seeing and feeling and understanding is not exactly what we’re seeing, etc.  

We even have, in today’s day and age - this very second that you are reading this -  people who are supposed to be some of the world’s most eminent and renowned astrophysicists having a conversation about, or debating, this very subject.   What kind of morons are running this planet and what kind of morons do they think we are?   

Although I must admit that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them who already know that there is life out there in the cosmos, and, in some cases, have already met them and are currently in contact with them and/or living side-by-side with some of them here on Earth.  However, that being said, they are sworn to secrecy (as a result of the effect of the “moron” component of the sla-mas-moron virus) and thus unable to come out into the open.     

Somehow or another, the sla-mas-moron virus infestation has so affected the intelligence and judgment of these slaves and so twisted their logic that they are somehow able to justify trying to hide this information.   Somehow or another, they seem to believe that they are “protecting us” from the effect of such disclosure or protecting their “top secret information” about access to advanced technology (in order to either rule the world without our knowledge and/or buy time to re-engineer such technology).   

The only problem with that rationale is this:  1) a secret is no longer a secret when more than one person knows about it - which means that the cat has already been out of the bag a long time ago and that continuing to murder people in order to keep them quiet will one day outlive its usefulness; and  2) countries which are most likely to be their potential adversaries may already have access to that information and technology or are diligently working in that direction and thus it’s only a matter of time before some world leader (with balls)  decides to overcome his fear and, regardless of the consequences, initiates full disclosure.

Concrete Accomplishments of the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus

I would be remiss if I just talked about the effects of this virus without actually providing specific and concrete examples of what it has been able to accomplish over the millennia to today.   However, that being said, since everyone alive today is actually living through, experiencing and feeling the effects of this deadly virus,  it really wouldn’t make much sense for me to tell you about something that you already know (which would be equivalent to me preaching to the choir).    

Therefore, instead of just preaching to the choir,  I would rather use this opportunity to pen the following Open Letter to our offspring in the year 2,002,015 as well as to all other inhabitants of this vast cosmos in order that they may know about the dreaded effects of this virus, how to recognize it in case it ever tries to rear its ugly head again, and how to extinguish it, should that ever become necessary.   So, here I go:  

Open Letter to All Inhabitants of the Cosmos

Greetings to all throughout the cosmos in the year 2,002,015!

Whether or not humankind has managed to free itself from the iron grip of the dreaded sla-mas-moron virus two million years from the date of this message; for the sake of posterity, I would like to give you a glimpse of what life was like on planet Earth in the year 2015.    Hopefully, the text or video version of this message is embedded inside indestructible crystal which can be preserved for eternity, in the event the human race has managed to become extinct by the time you’re getting this message.  

It is my fervent hope that humankind is still around by the time you’re reading this document, and that we humans and other affected galactic beings were finally able to free ourselves from the dreaded sla-mas-moron virus which has,  for so very long,  not only impeded but also retarded or set back whatever little progress humans had managed to make.  

But prior to reading the full text of my message,  there are a couple of things that I would like for you to take away from this message:  
  1. Although today’s technology in the year 2015 is so crude by your current standards that it doesn’t even deserve to be called ‘technology’, I do want you to know that we’ve always possessed the seeds of that same ‘superintelligence’ you currently possess.   The only difference being that a tremendous amount of effort was made over millions and billions of years to suppress  the knowledge that we are, and had always  been, Superintelligent Artificial Intelligence beings created in the image of our Creator - as hard as it is sometimes, even for me, to believe.
  2. And that, although the human race, as a whole, and even this very minute as I write,  is so primitive, ignorant, destructive, tyrannical and evil that the word ‘civilized’ should not even be uttered in the same breath as the word ‘humans’, notwithstanding this fact, some of us were actually aware of our overall condition and related reasons, and took the sort of action that this document reflects;  and, which I hope,  has succeeded in serving as a catalyst for the success you have achieved in freeing yourselves from the grip of the sla-mas-moron virus. Hence the reason for the progress that you, our progeniture, have been able to make over subsequent millennia.      

So let me now proceed with the non-sugarcoated version of what life is like in 2015 on planet Earth:

Earth has an approximate population of 8 billion humans scattered all over the globe - no one really knows for sure at any given point in time (although I am sure that your current technology gives you that sort of information in real-time).   

Just about every single human being on the planet is infected with the sla-mas-moron virus and we, more or less, function in a zombie or moronic state. (In other words, we are the instruments of our so-called leaders’ will and do as we are told, lest we are willing to risk death or imprisonment at the hands of our fellow human zombies and morons).    

This virus has made us the most ferocious, deadly, primitive, stupid, greedy, tyrannical and evil beasts on the face of the earth and placed us at the very top of the food chain.   In a strange twist of irony, this virus has also turned us into the most cunning, deceitful, intelligent (only from a technology standpoint), and moronic species of life on the planet.   

We segregate ourselves on this planet as follows:  
  1. By territory (meaning, we wake up and look around us,  view a piece of land that we currently inhabit or wish to have for whatever reasons, and proceed to attack and maim and kill others who are currently living on that land, place an artificial border around it, give it a name that we call  a ‘country’  ::: e.g., France, England, etc.::: and claim its ownership) and, from then on,  proceed to hurt and kill fellow humans who dare trespass over that piece of land.  
  2. By biological features (meaning, we take a look at those around us and seek to identify distinguishing features such as skin color, facial features, eye color, hair color, height, weight, etc.) and mental or physical aptitude and further separate ourselves within the confines of such territory.  
  3. By language (meaning, we make up our method of communication and develop our own unique accent in order to differentiate ourselves from outsiders) and require others who come into contact ::: and want to co-exist ::: with us to learn our language.  
  4. By religion (meaning, we acknowledge a superior being or supreme being or deity with much greater power than we humans possess and worship it through various forms of ritual or sacrifice)  and will persecute, hurt and kill fellow humans who are not members of the same religion or are either non-believers, blasphemers or desecrators of our religion.  
  5. By ideology (meaning, by certain belief systems or ideals such as environmentalism, manifest destiny, zionism, libertarianism, conservatism, republicanism, bolivarianism, communism, stalinism, bolshevism, leninism, marxism, democracy, freedom, nazism, nordicism, racial superiority, illuminism, etc.) and will persecute, hurt and kill fellow humans who either resist the imposition of such ideology on them or  have allegiance to competing ideologies.
  6. By affiliation or political party (meaning,  organizations espousing different ideologies such as Democratic Party, Republican Party, Communist Party, National Socialist German Worker’s Party, Mouvement Revolutionnaire Haitien En Exil “MRHE”, etc.) and will attempt to maintain primacy or dominion over those who belong to competing affiliations or political parties; and,  in many cases, will persecute, hurt and kill such fellow humans.        

However, regardless of our segregated status, we have a system of governance that is based on a slave-master relationship dictated by the infestation of the sla-mas-moron virus.  No one is exempt from the supreme and overarching influence of the sla-mas-moron virus.  

As well, the production of labor for all goods and services across all formal and informal institutions and interconnected relationships throughout the planet is based on a very antiquated, primitive, barbaric and savage currency-for-labor financial and economic system.  In other words, you need a financial currency for everything that is produced and consumed on this planet.      

The currency itself is produced and tightly controlled through a global banking and financial system led by a small group of extremely intelligent, clever, and ruthless people whose ancestors taught them about the existence of the sla-mas-moron virus; its almost infinite power potential; how to master the art of human manipulation and, by extension, control the world through the understanding of such virus.   

Although I know it’s really hard for you to even conceive the possibility that such a group of people ever existed back then, I can assure you that this is now the case and not some fairy tale or folklore; that such institutions do indeed exist today in the form of a “Central Bank” in nearly every country in the world.   

Here in the United States of America,  our central bank is called the “Federal Reserve.”   We are today considered the most powerful country in the world in terms of both military and economic power, however, this status does not really have much meaning in today’s day and age since our two closest competitors, at times rivals,  the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China, also have the capability to destroy the entire world many times over - if they haven’t already done so by the time you’re reading or hearing this message.    Russia has more territory than any other country in the world.   China has more population than any other country in the world.

Although I am almost certain that you’ve never heard of these countries before now;  and that you have, in all likelihood, already evolved to a higher life form than us humans, perhaps some eternal  plasmatic life form;  and that, probably, you are now traveling throughout the vast cosmos  and that our Earth is but a grain of sand on this cosmic beach;  nonetheless, I thought I’d let you know, on behalf of all of us humans who saw our potential,  that we weren’t all savages and that I am personally excited at the possibility that, through you, we humans today have finally achieved our full potential and are no longer the ferocious beasts, savages, and morons who roam the earth today.      

And if you have indeed evolved to a higher life form, that can only mean that you have been freed from the iron grip of the sla-mas-moron virus and that the efforts of a small band of people who first discovered that virus and began to chart “The New Virtual Organization World Initiative” in 2015 have finally paid off.   

And so, without any further ado,  here is the way we’ve lived under the control of the sla-mas-moron virus from time immemorial to 2015:
We currently live in a totalitarian world unlike anything you could ever imagine - not even in your wildest dreams.   We are all told who and what is “good, bad, naughty, and nice”; what we can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell (I know how primitive that sounds, but, really, I am not making this stuff up); what we can buy, what we can eat; what we can drink; where we can drink; how much we can drink; what we can smoke; what we can have; what we must give; what we must pay; how much money we can carry with us; how much money we can withdraw;  what kind of currency we can use;  who we can’t sell to; who we can’t buy from; what we can do; where we can or can’t go;  what kind of permission and papers we need in order to travel or cross an artificial boundary we call “borders”;  where we can live;  what we can own, how much our children can inherit from us and how much of our inheritance has to go to the government;  what kind of gift we can give, to whom, and how much;  how much tax (it’s a form of extortion from a group of murderous thugs, liars, thieves, criminals, monsters, psychopaths and sociapaths operating under the banner of "government" ) we have to pay on anything of value that we have earned or own;   how much tax we have to pay on the value of gifts we give; how much charitable contribution we can make; who we can donate to;  who can decide if somebody is an employee or an independent consultant; how much salary we have to take;  how much salary we have to pay; how many hours we can work;  who we can, can’t or shouldn’t  work for; what we can learn; how much we can learn; what we can know; what we are supposed to know;  what we shouldn’t know; what we are forbidden to know; what we can’t say; what we can’t think; what we can’t feel; what we can or can’t do with our own body; what medicine or prescription drugs or mood-enhancing drugs we can or cannot take; who we can have sex with; where we can have sex; how many children we can have; how we can raise our children;  how people should be executed; what kind of lethal injection can be administered; who we can help; who we must help; who we are not allowed to  help; who we can sympathize or empathize with; who we can’t sympathize or empathize with;  what we can or can’t invent; who we can talk to or converse with about our inventions;  who we can or can’t sell our invention to; whom we should fight; how we should fight;  when we should fight; when we can stop fighting; whom we should kill; how we should kill; how many we can kill;  what we can kill with; what’s torture; what’s good torture (enhanced interrogation);  what’s bad torture;  what’s a good crime or collateral damage; what’s a bad crime; what’s a war crime (don’t laugh, I am serious, there is such a thing); what’s a good war; what’s a bad war; who can own a weapon, what kind of weapon you can own; how many weapons you can own;  how fast the weapon can fire; how many bullets the weapon can have in its cartridge; what’s a good weapon; what’s a bad weapon; what’s a dangerous weapon (I am not making this up); what’s a (good) weapon of major destruction;  who can or can’t have a (good) weapon of  major destruction; what’s a (bad) weapon of mass destruction; who can have a (bad) weapon of mass destruction;  what’s a good chemical weapon; what’s a bad chemical weapon; when we can’t stay in our homes; when we can’t leave our homes; when we can protest; when we can’t protest; when we can defend ourselves; when we can’t defend ourselves; when we should give up; how we should give up; when we can talk back; when we can’t talk back; when we should vote; when we can’t vote; who we can vote for; what kind of ideology we can have; what kind of ideology we can’t have;  whether or not we can end our lives; when we can exercise; when we can’t exercise; when we can have contact with other humans; when we must remain isolated from others; what we can write and record; what we can’t write and record; who we can’t write about; what we can or can’t film and record; who we can or can’t film and record;  where we can or can’t film and record; what kind of transportation we can or can’t use; and thousands, if not millions, of other activities that I don’t have time to mention; and every single day, (don’t laugh or scratch your head at what I am about to tell you) us morons AND our political leaders are asking for more restrictions on what we can or can’t do or have.
All these Do’s and Don’ts are represented in the form of “laws” that are codified in digital and manual legal archives, and enforced through a legal and justice system (don’t laugh) that relies on the blind obedience and willing or coerced participation of all humans.

The ultimate purpose of all these laws is to slowly constrict our will and ability to think and do for ourselves,  to a point where we will no longer have a need to think on our own or rely on ourselves;  since the moron component of the virus in each and every one of us makes sure that we conform to all decisions regarding the totality of our existence taken at the slave-master component level of the sla-mas-moron virus.   

And that, fellow human descendants and cosmic beings, is what life was like in the year 2015.   Rejoice on how lucky you are wherever you are!
It’s Now Time to Turn a New Leaf

Obviously, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the way humans have been doing things over the past 600+ million years is in desperate need of an overhaul.   Regrettably, all human efforts to date at improving the human condition have always resulted in giving us more of the same - like a dog chasing his tail or anyone trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.    

This time around, the only difference being that now you know why we keep getting the same results:   We are genetically programmed to keep doing the same things over and over and get the same results for as long as we try to do it within the matrix (virtual sandbox) that the sla-mas-moron virus has activated within a “portion” of our brain.   

Therefore, the question for the ages is:  How can each and every single one of us get the hell out of the virtual sandbox created by the sla-mas-moron virus and begin to use the rest of our brain?  That part of our brain which possesses the seeds of our Creator’s  “pure intelligence” so that we can eventually fulfill our destiny: Evolve to a higher life form in order to travel side by side with our Creator throughout the cosmos.  

Here is the answer:   

If you patiently took the time to read everything on this paper to this point, this means that you have already made it out of the virtual sandbox created by the sla-mas-moron virus.  It no longer holds you captive.    The question that is now in your mind is:   Where do I go from here?  

Just think for one second:  If you were a slave all your life living on a plantation and you were suddenly granted your freedom, what would you do?  Where would you go?  How would you make a brand new start with your life?  Who would you seek advice from on how to do so?  

For the first time in your life, you’re going to have to make decisions about your own future.  I know it’s a scary thought, but it’s only a matter of using your brain and the intelligence that it comes with that you’ve never had a chance to explore.   I can, however, give you some advice on some of the pitfalls to avoid as you begin to fire up your brain and summon your “pure intelligence” for the very first time:

Thinking That You’re Now Completely Free From the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus.   Just because you realized the existence of the virus, and was able to make it out of the virtual sandbox you were imprisoned in all your life, does not mean that you are free of the virus.   You can never be free of the virus because it’s embedded in your DNA - it’s part of you for life.   It will always be bidding its time and waiting for you to come back to the virtual sandbox on your own volition -  once you find out how difficult and challenging it is to live out there in a completely brand new world, where you have to be in charge of your own life and make your own decisions.

The bottom line is this:   You should, at all times, avoid the temptation of choosing the path of least resistance when faced with difficult decisions.  By that, I mean, having to resort to the old ways of the slave-master social order.    You must first believe that you are a superintelligent being before your “pure intelligence” can kick in and provide you with the answers you need.   
Imitating Your Former Masters.    Slaves, once freed, are never really free.   They have a tendency to imitate their masters.   Why?   That’s because it takes a great deal of thinking, hard work, serious effort and sacrifice in order to chart a new path.   What makes this such a daunting task for former slaves is that,  all of a sudden, they are faced with the task of having to use certain parts of their brain that they never had to use before in order to make life-changing decisions that will affect not only their future but also that of future generations.   

For example, it’s like asking a preschool student to solve a calculus equation.    Imagine for one second the preschooler’s dilemma:  1)  He has no clue as to what the hell you’re talking about and you’ll need to spend a great deal of time trying to explain and make him understand that it has to do with these little number blocks that he’s been playing with.  2)  There is no second, because regardless of what you tell him and how simple you try to make it for him, it is absolutely impossible for him to ever understand and make sense of what the hell you’re talking about.   The only thing he can do is, choose the path of least resistance and  go back to playing with his number blocks (which is what he is familiar with).    

That is why, without any exception, there isn’t a country in the entire history of mankind which once fought for its freedom,  including the United States of America, that did not either remain or eventually become the tyranny that it fought against.    The only real change that ever took place was in the names of the tyrants.    And I dare anyone alive on this planet to prove me wrong.  
In fact, name me just one truly free nation anywhere on the face of the earth, and I’ll want to know the name of the drug dealer where you’re getting your “powerful hallucinatory drugs” from.   

The bottom line is this:   In order to truly be free, you must not only pay the price to be free but, most importantly, also be willing to pay the price for charting a new course and direction.  Take your time, be patient and persevere.   Or else, you will fall right back into the hands of the sla-mas-moron virus.

Allowing Yourself to Be Against Something.     We all have a natural tendency to be “against something” for whatever reasons.   For the most part, we are against people or things which cause us harm or pain.  As well, we are taught or indoctrinated to be against people or things for reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with someone or something causing us harm or pain.  This is fertile ground for the sla-mas-moron virus and it thrives on this sort of negative energy.     Why is that, you might say?   

That’s because when you are against someone or something,  then that someone or something is left with no choice but to also be against you.  Now you’ve just created an “us against them” environment; it’s either you or them -  in which case, somebody has to win and somebody has to lose.    And when that happens, two things  naturally take place:   1) fear and paranoia sets in; and  2)  the potential for conflict and violence becomes real and highly likely.   Once these two things occur,  it’s not only a question of if but when the gates of hell will open and engulf everyone in its flames.  

The bottom line is this:   In order to truly be free,  “Only allow yourself to be ‘for’ something positive.”  When you are ‘for’ something positive, you will want to do positive things in order to realize your dreams and objectives which can only generate positive energy - something that the sla-mas-moron virus is allergic to.   As well, when you are for something positive, all you need to do is,  go in your own direction and leave others to their own devices.   You represent no threat to them - and you shouldn’t; because you must learn how to co-exist with those whom you do not necessarily share the same values.   Please note that “co-exist” does not mean “partner with.” Co-exist means to go your separate way and refrain from  trying to destroy others who do not share your values.

But, most importantly,  I want you to keep this in mind:   There isn’t a snowball chance in hell that we can completely wipe out the sla-mas-moron virus  from planet Earth since it is embedded in everyone’s DNA.   That would require wiping out every single human being on this planet (including you and I) and start anew with a new Superintelligent Artificial Intelligence species with a clean DNA.   I am not really sure if this solution would sound appealing to all existing humans.      

Allowing Yourself to Feel Impotent.    We all have a tendency to underestimate our own intelligence, knowledge, and strength - and that is by design; otherwise, the slave-master social order would crumble.    

For example, we’ve been taught from the day we’re born that, if you don’t go to elementary school for 12 years, get good grades and a high grade point average,  and get the high school diploma from Joe Blow High, that means you are a dumb ass;  and you won’t even be able to get a job in a mail room sorting envelopes, let alone become a postman, driving around in that nice little mail truck distributing mail in people’s mailboxes.    

It doesn’t matter if, while your contemporaries were in class learning nothing but a bunch of crap and lies, you were instead in a library reading books on astronomy, calculus, ancient philosophers, political theories;  or better yet, spending a lot of time on your own observing human behavior; making sense of the world around you; thinking, planning, and developing new business concepts and strategies as well as different models of governance;  understanding today’s concepts of war and peace;  learning how to master your own mind; and developing your own philosophy of what it means to be human and the purpose of our existence.  

None of the aforementioned means diddly squat because you would have never even gotten a chance for an interview because “you didn’t graduate from high school.”    And even if somebody did make a mistake and brought you in for an interview with a hiring manager - guess what?  Once he would have discovered that you are a high school dropout, even if he wanted to hire you after talking to you for a few minutes, he would not have been able to, because the job calls for a “high school graduate.”
The bottom line is this:   I only wanted to make a point that slaves always want to be validated by their masters - even our fellow slaves  who are so-called Masters of the New World Order.   But you don’t need to be validated by anyone or anything.    We are ALL born, from Day One, extremely intelligent galactic beings with an almost infinite amount of intelligence and a huge capacity for love and kindness.   

As you already know by now, our being dumb, stupid, ignorant and evil beyond measure is only possible while we are under the influence of the sla-mas-moron virus within the virtual sandbox.   So, now that you are out of the virtual sandbox, Learn to Trust Your Pure Intelligence.  You are a Power of One!

Falling for the Power of One vs. the Power of Many Trick.    Throughout the entire history of mankind, there isn’t a society anywhere in the world which does not promote the ‘Power of One versus Power of Many’ concept which essentially states that,  “Our strength and power comes from our banding together as one unit;  and failing such accomplishment, we are--and are bound to remain--weak and powerless.”    Obviously, the ‘banding together as one unit’ will require some sort of hierarchical structure (which, of course, has already been so conveniently provided to us by the sla-mas-moron virus).    

(Of course, when framed within this context,  who would want to be ‘weak and powerless’?   Therefore, I guess I have no choice but to contribute what little strength I have, and surrender what little power I possess, in order for all of us, as a unit,  to become ‘strong and powerful’.)   

And being the morons that we are, we easily fall for that trick each and every time.

But now that you are out of the virtual sandbox and are able to use your actual brain,  you now realize that what you were told is, in fact, just the opposite of the following realities:     

Reality #1. You, as an individual, are a superintelligent being with seeds of “pure intelligence” and with almost unlimited power potential.   (Tesla, Keshe, Rossi, and Einstein are not anomalies but rather the rule.  They are only anomalies in the sense that they had a chance to bloom in a jungle of primitive apes and a vast desert of fear and ignorance.)   If left unchecked and to your own devices, you will soon begin to realize your own power potential AND your individual strength.  And once that genie is out of the bottle, there is no way that anyone could ever instill fear in you in order to enslave you; manipulate you; and cause you to commit unspeakable crimes and other evil deeds.    

Potential ‘masters’ or ‘slave owners’ would have a lot to contend with in their hand the minute they get out of line and step over the boundaries of common sense and decency.   They would be scared to death and terrified of you whenever you, on your own as an individual, turn your sight toward them and make eye contact.   The ‘slave-master social order’ would not have a leg to stand on and would have never gotten a chance to take hold.   In fact, you would never have any reason to be in their company. Nor would they want to be in your company, since you both have nothing in common.  

But the minute you band with others as a unit, you lose your individual strength as well as both your current and future power potential.   You become weak and powerless.   You become nothing but a slave - just another moron and zombie.   You either do what you’re told or pay the consequences. The only people who become strong and powerful, relatively speaking, are the leaders (or masters) of that unit.   

For example, let’s say that you are the head of a  Powerful Top 100  ‘legal’  criminal organization called “The Good Guys of the World,” whose tentacles are spread all over the globe.   (For the record, every single governmental entity is a legal criminal organization.)  You then accept an invitation to join another “legal’ criminal organization named “Council of Benevolent Earth Leaders,” which consists of the heads of all such Powerful Top 100 legal criminal organizations on earth.   

To further illustrate things for you, let’s say that you are appointed to a Supreme Commission of only 10 panel members (made up of the Chairman of the Council of Benevolent Earth Leaders and 9 other Powerful Top 100 members) with supreme authority over all life-and-death decisions for the membership.   

Let’s say that one of the Supreme Commission members - someone that you’ve gotten to become very fond of and have become the best of friends - has been found to be in egregious violation of the council’s rules and his crime is punishable by death.   For security reasons, you are then personally assigned to carry out the assassination.   You cannot delegate that task to anyone else or use a contractor out of fear of leaving loose ends that might eventually expose all the other members of the commission.

Now, let’s do a quick analysis of the “order to kill your best friend” and the situation that you would be in “before” and “after” joining this council:

Your Situation Before Joining the Council
  1. Prior to your becoming a member of this powerful Council of Benevolent Earth Leaders, and your being placed on this super powerful commission with the powers of life and death over ostensibly millions of people,  no one would have dared to approach you and ask you to kill one of your best friends (because you’re not one of their flunkies). 
  2.  Even if they (the powerful commission) did, they would have been risking their own life.   And, just in case you decided to spare their life,  you wouldn’t have had to fear for your own life.   That’s because everybody in the top leadership of your own organization (The Good Guys of the World) would know about the request to kill your friend made by this powerful commission,  since you are not a part of the council and thus wouldn’t have been bound by any secrecy or loyalty oath (i.e., since they have no control over you and your organization).  
  3. And in the event the council  was thinking about giving you the experience of a strange suicide (by drowning in your own bathtub or jumping off the top of a 100-story building) or accidental death,  calmer minds would prevail since the council knows that all hell would break loose between your own legal criminal organization and the council; and the council members would be scurrying like rats fleeing a sinking ship, or fleeing underground to live like rats in a sewer.   This is definitely not good for business and, most certainly, a war that no one wants or can afford.
  4. At the end of the day, after all has been said and done, your power as the head of Good Guys of the World remains intact.  In fact, you can even say that your stature in the legal criminal world has increased as a result of this confrontation since you didn’t back down and instead put the fear of God in the council.   They not only fear you, but now,  they also  respect you.             
Your Situation After Joining the Council

  1. Once the decision for you to kill your friend has been made by the members of the powerful commission you sit on,  your membership on the powerful commission alone requires that you fulfill your mandate without questions or hesitation, or else the other members will begin to question your position, commitment, and loyalty.   You cannot say, no.
  2. If you refuse this order, you’ll lose your position on the commission and as the head of your own legal criminal organization, Good Guys of the World (because once they control you, they also automatically control your organization by proxy);   and you’ll either be killed or have to go on the run for the rest of your life.   The heads of the other 99 legal criminal organizations will be placed on alert about your current status; you’ll be made a pariah and outcast, and branded a traitor;  and you’ll have no one to fight for you.
  3. But most importantly, you will be left weak, scared to death, physically and ‘psychologically’ unable to fight them on your own, since your idea of strength comes from “unity” instead of the “Power of One.”   Never in your wildest dreams would you ever think about you, on your own, going directly after the other 8 members of the commission who want to have you killed.   
Reality #2.   Furthermore, you’ve also realized that when you band together only to participate in ‘a joint effort’ where you get to ‘collaborate as equals’---and not to be part of a unit because you feel weak, powerless and need to be cared for within such unit---you magnify your already vast power and  exponentially increase the ‘speed of progress’.   The idea is to build upon what you already possess and speed up your achievement rate instead of losing what you’ve already accumulated.

For example, if you put 1 billion of the finest scientific minds -- the likes of Tesla,  Einstein, Keshe, etc. -- working together, all at once, and  “collaborating as equals” on a galactic project, common sense says that the speed of this project’s achievement would be exponentially increased in comparison to having only 10 or 100 such scientists working on this project.  

They would have a need for “collaboration as equals” based on mutual need and respect - which I refer to as an elastic collaboration.   Important discoveries and achievements would be shared and celebrated among all collaborators; and progress would expand exponentially in a much shorter period of time.    

Thus, it is not necessary to strip Tesla of his knowledge and intellect, or to put it on ice, so to speak, for the greater good.  Neither is it necessary to curtail his individual power.   This so-called "subordination of one's needs to the needs of many" is the root cause of--and primary instrument used--for our subjugation and slavery.

We have perverted the concept of cooperation and collaboration with that of servitude and falsely led others to believe that there is no difference between the two and that our progress and security depends on such servitude.  

Therefore, the next time someone comes to you and says that you have to lose your individual power for a greater cause (in the form of losing your individuality for the good of many, or losing your liberty for everyone’s security, or to submit to a force greater than you,  or to set aside your ambitions for the greater good, etc.),  just ask them - point blank - if you have any of these words, ‘slave, zombie, or moron’, written across your forehead - end of story.     
Continuing to Play the Game and Trying to Have It Both Ways.   By now, you should know that everything we see, hear and do are all based on illusions, smoke and mirrors, pure bullshit, outright lies and omissions, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and primitive cultures and customs spoon-fed to us beginning day one of our existence on this planet - all with only one purpose in mind:   to enslave us all and maintain this slave-master social order.

Therefore, there is no reason for you to continue to play that same game if you prefer to be--and want to remain--free.   Why is that, you might say?   That’s because it’s a game that you can never win:  you cannot outwit the inventor of a sophisticated game whereby the rules are so dynamic--generated on the fly and in real-time--that they are guaranteed to always lead to only one outcome:  Inventor (1) - Challenger (0).   No matter how good you get, he’ll always be 10 steps ahead of you since he gets to make up the rules on the fly.     

There is, however, one other game from this inventor, which is very simple, that we all play, without exception,  every single day, hour, minute and second of our lives:  it’s called  “heads I win, tails you lose” as he flips a coin in the air.   Obviously, I don’t need to tell you the winner of this game.        

The bottom line is this:   REFUSE TO PLAY THE GAME in order to reassert control over your own destiny. There is absolutely NO NEED for us to have Leaders or Masters.   WE ARE our own Leaders and the Masters of Our Own Destiny.   Even those who think or believe or delude themselves into thinking that they are our leaders and masters are, in fact, nothing but slaves themselves who are either consciously or subconsciously imitating their masters.  It is no different than having slaves in position of authority over other slaves regardless of their status or position within the hierarchy of slaves.

You have to walk away from the game and go ahead and create your own game.  At which point, you can invite like-minded humans who are interested in playing this new game - a game whereby everybody who gets a chance to play, wins.   

Moreover, now that you’ve become aware of how the old game is played, it’s important that you resist the temptation to use such knowledge in order to manipulate others, period - you cannot have it both ways.   

It’s Now Time for ALL of  Us to Become “Principled” Geopolitical Leaders

Now that we understand who we really are; why we do what we do;  and the driving force behind our enslavement and powerlessness;  it is critical that, going forward,  we ALL proceed as follows:

No more involvement in pyramid-based hierarchies.    We must replace the slave-master hierarchical structure that we are accustomed to with a “collaborative” structure with respect to all future undertakings and interactions.  

What this means is that, from now on, you must seek to divest yourself of all slave-master relationships and alliances and begin to enter into “collaborate as equals” relationships in order to make the transition from “slave” to “collaborator.”  

Learn how to lead yourself.    You now have to learn how to Lead Yourself, no matter how difficult this task will be, and how to collaborate with others as equals;  and believe me, it will be one of the hardest things in the world for you to do.   But I can guarantee you one thing:  You can make it to the finish line if you refuse to succumb to the allure and temptation of the sla-mas-moron virus, always there trying to entice you to return back to the comfort of having a master or leader making decisions on your behalf.   

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.    We must immediately walk away from all these damn primitive customs and cultures (they all are); remove all labels from our consciousness and look at other humans as “human beings” instead of “Russians, British, Americans, Nigerians, Native Americans, Mexicans, Haitians, Indians, Germans, Chinese, Tibetans, Mongolians, Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, Muslims, Buddhists, Sunni Muslims, Alawite Muslims, Shia Muslims, Wahhabis, Orthodox Christians, Evangelical Christians, Hindus, Illegal Aliens, Refugees,  Communists, Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Libertarians, Nationalist Socialists, Conservatives, Liberals, Terrorists, Moderate Opposition, Jews, Orthodox Jews, Illuminati, Masons, Nazis, Aryans, Neoconservatives, Zionists, Gays, Straight, Lesbian, Transgender, Men, Women, etc.”

So that we can begin to understand, adopt and put into practice this very simple concept:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is just amazing how primitive and moronic we are!   We can’t even begin to understand the meaning of this simple concept;  because if we ever did at any point in the entire history of humankind, we would now be living in Paradise.   

The moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus has done a magnificent job at turning us into such a bunch of forking morons, to a point where such a simple concept rings hollow in our ears.  

Absent the adoption of this very simple concept, we can never become “principled” and thus are doomed to remain a bunch of primitive beasts and barbaric savages, and morons, roaming the earth - a terrible plague not only upon the earth but also the entire universe.

Develop a reverence for every human life.   Ideally speaking, I would implore each and every one of us to have a reverence for all living things on this planet.  However, from a realistic standpoint, I know it’s much more practical to instead ask each and every one of you to have, at the very least,  a reverence for every human life.     

I know if I were to ask everyone in a room full of people how many of them have a reverence for every human life, just about every single person in the room would raise their hand.   The problem is this: just about every single one of them would be lying through their teeth without even knowing it.  Why is that, you might say?   That’s because the response I would get from them would really be coming from the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus in them.

I know I need to elaborate on that answer, so here it is:   That’s because 1) very few of us know the definition of “reverence for human life” and 2) for those of us who do, contrary to what we may honestly believe, the only true reverence for human life that we have is really for our own life.

I know that’s a very shocking and, for some, very insulting statement to make, to say the least,  however, that being said, the facts from time immemorial to the very second that you are reading this  speak for themselves.   

Therefore, let me define “reverence for human life”:    A deep appreciation and understanding of the totality of human life as it applies to both, the sacredness of quality of life and the preservation of life itself.

For example, just look around you and thereabouts and everywhere else in the world.   Do you care to know what is happening next door to you; in your local neighborhood, city, state or province, as well as in all other states and provinces in your country;  in neighboring countries on your continent as well as in all other countries around the globe?    

How offended are you at the total amount of poverty, mayhem, death, destruction, and suffering occurring right now, this very second,  that all governments - including your very own - are both directly and indirectly responsible for in your own community, country, and around the world?  How incensed are you at what all these governments around the world are doing?  What have you done about it?   What would you have done if the action of such government--as a matter of fact, any other entities or individuals ---represented an imminent threat to your very own life?  In order to save the lives of others, would you have taken the same measures that you took to try to save your own life?   When was the last time you lost any sleep over the amount of death and destruction that governments around the world are responsible for?

Would you have been willing to risk losing your own life in order to save the lives of good, decent and innocent human beings?   Would you knowingly be willing to lose your own life in order that others may live in dignity?   

That’s not to say that we don’t care about the lives of others or that we lack any sympathy or empathy for others.  It’s just that, by design, we are not engineered to have any reverence for human life because, if we did, there would be a total breakdown of the slave-master social order.    

To Illustrate My Point:

Imagine this planet called Home.  Its inhabitants are called Homies and, unfortunately for them,  they happen to be just like humans on planet Earth.

Imagine the entire planet as a fully furnished, two-story home consisting of 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a loft, a family room,  a living room, a dining room, a large kitchen, a home office, a 5-flying car garage - all sitting on 1000 acres of land.  On that 1000-acre land, there is a river with plenty of fish, a freshwater lake, plenty of  plants and fruit trees, plenty of birds and insects, and, last but not least, the air that they all breathe.         

As well, it turns out to be, either by accident or sheer design, that this entire planet has a total population of 5 - Jack, Mark, Paul, Suzie, and Joanne - just the right amount of people for the number of rooms in that house on the planet.   Everyone has their own flying car for interplanetary travel in order to indulge in life’s pleasures.        

Based on that scenario, to an outside observer with no prior experience with humans or homies, this seems like Paradise and he cannot possibly imagine that the homies would turn this beautiful planet into a living hell for some of its inhabitants.  It just would not make any sense at all.  They would literally have to be insane.   

Well, as you and I know, if these homies are anywhere close to being the way humans are, then nothing at all is going to surprise us about their behavior and the pitiful condition that planet Home is in,  based on Homie Situations #1-11 that I am about to go over.      Once I am done going over these situations, I’ll then  go over the alternative situation that the homies would have been in if they had any reverence for human (homies)  life.   

So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy Homie Situations #1-11:

Homie Situation #1.
Homie Jack living in room #1 of the house decided that he didn’t want to be just another homie and decided to give his room a name, and called it “Destiny.”  As well, he wanted everyone else to officially recognize that new name as the name of his room; and, thenceforth, he wanted to be referred to as a Destinian.    

(At first, everybody ignored him, and even humored him somewhat,  because they figured he was just having an identity crisis and that this was his way of getting some attention.)    

Homie Situation #2

But Homie Jack wasn’t satisfied with just changing his room name and his identity within the homie race, he decided to take it one step further by stating that 1) no one can come closer than 1 foot from the area around his room;  2) his room was off-limits to anyone whom he did not specifically give permission to enter; and 3) he reserved the right to either chain any trespasser in his room, lock them up in a closet in his room,  or hurt, maim, and kill them if his new rules were ignored.

(Now, everybody is getting very concerned about Jack’s sanity and trying to figure out what to do with him.  One thing for sure, they know he’s sick  and something needs to be done right away before this gets out of hand.  So, instead of confronting that sick puppy Jack,  the other homies  Mark, Paul, Suzie, and Joanne made a fatal error in judgment, thinking that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  Thus, in order to appease him, they decided to follow suit and adopt the same rules that Jack  had implemented.  They allowed “insanity” to prevail.  But little did they know what they had truly put into motion:  they had in effect opened up Pandora’s box and, thenceforth,  there was absolutely no way to rein in the evil that would soon befall them.)    

Homie Situation #3

So the rest of the homies renamed their rooms and obtained new identities:  Mark - went from room #2 to “BlueOcean” and became a BlueOceanian;  Paul - went from room #3 to “GreatTemple” and became a GreatTemplar; Suzie - went from room #4 to “BlueVelvet” and became a BlueVelvetian; and Joanne - went from room #5 to “ArkCovenant” and became an ArkCovener.      

(So now,  the rest of the homies who went along with Jack because they thought he was insane, to say the least, figured that this alternative was better than confronting Jack which would have  disturbed the peace that had always existed in the house; and so thought this was a wise move to make.  How wrong they were!)  

Homie Situation #4

Jack, seeing how weak, spineless, and “unprincipled” his fellow homies are, decided to enlarge his territory in the house through fear and various forms of deceit and mind manipulation.  

Seeing that Paul was very kind, gentle, and the most fearful of them all, he decided to begin with him.  He started out by inviting only Paul to the woods with him in order to watch him engage in strange animal killing rituals; and ordered him to keep that a secret, under penalty of death.  He then begins to dress in all-black clothing under a long black trailing robe with a hood, and started to wear black and red and white mascara on his face.  He began to practice on how to use a knife with swift and deadly accuracy in order to sow terror in the minds of all his homies.    

Now that Jack had everybody near the point of shitting in their pants, he makes his move on Paul.  Jack told Paul that he too can be strong and powerful if he teams up with him and that he (Paul) will no longer have anything to fear from anyone.   Paul being terrified, weak, a real dumb ass, and afraid of what Jack might do to him if he turned down Jack’s offer, decided to team up with Jack - which meant turning over his GreatTemple room to Jack and assuming Jack’s Destinian identity.   

So now, Paul is no longer a GreatTemplar; he is now a Destinian and his room GreatTemple is now called Destiny.   

Now that Jack has doubled his territory in the house and has Paul under his total control, he now requires the following from Paul:  1) to wear the same damn silly outfit, and put the same mascara on his face; 2) to start learning how to use a knife; and 3) to do as ordered by Jack, under penalty of death.  Of course, Paul, fearful for his life, readily complies.  

(By making effective use of fear, cowards, and the “strength through unity” bullshit, Jack was able to form a permanent schism in the Homie family, and use that to form an army that would go on to spread terror and destruction throughout planet Home.    They would  no longer view themselves as homies - members of one family, one race, one planet.  Instead they have become Destinians  and whatever other labels their imagination will conjure throughout the passage of time.

Although, at first glance, one would have the tendency to blame Jack for all the horrors inflicted on the homies throughout the history of homies-kind, in reality, the real culprits are the other 4 homies:  Mark,  Paul, Suzie, and Joanne.   If any of these 4 homies were  “principled,” they would have insisted that Jack leave the premises immediately, without delay,  the minute he came up with the idea about renaming the rooms, the new rules, and all that new identity crap.  

All that any one of them had to do was  to remind Jack that they were all one family; that this house belonged to all of them; that none of them were going to put up with this bullshit; and that, should this ever come up again, he would be sent packing out of the house, to go out there and live in the woods with all these insects and the elements,  or to get in his flying car and go live on another planet.  That would have been the end of it!   That’s the power of “principles”.)

Homie Situation #5

Jack now decides that it’s time to further differentiate the Destinians from the rest of the homies and develops a special language called ‘Destino’, a sort of slang,  for all Destinians and requires Paul to learn how to speak it.    Of course, as always,  Paul readily complies.

(Jack realized that it was important to strip his homies of their real identity before he could order them to go against their own family members; and that this new language would create a  sort of “psychological” bond among them that could allow them to view others as outsiders or enemies, whose lives had less value than theirs, and thus could be eradicated or subjugated whenever ordered to do so.)  

Homie Situation #6

Jack now decides to make his next move before he can announce a full takeover of the house and planet Home.   But this time around, instead of using fear, he decides to engage in a little bit of “human compromise” operation.  He starts to shower Joanne (who always had a low amount of self-esteem and envied Suzie whom she felt was more attractive than her)  with beautiful gifts and told her that his dream was to one day have her by his side ruling over the entire house and planet Home.   And that if she were to unite with him,  the realization of that dream would come that much sooner than anticipated.  

Of course, to “unite with him” would mean, renaming her ArkCovenant room to Destiny; she would no longer be an ArkCovener; and she would thereupon become a Destinian.    As well, she would need to undergo the rituals for becoming a new Destinian, under penalty of death; wear the long black robe with a hood and put on the black, red and white mascara on her face; learn how to be proficient with a knife;  and learn how to speak Destino.  

With such a tempting offer,  Joanne happily accepts that offer and now becomes the new Destinian.

(As you can see, Jack’s army really consists of a bunch of “cowards” and those of “dubious character” who can be coerced or manipulated into doing someone else’s bidding and evil deeds.  Without them, Jack is nothing but another scared chihuahua dog whose bark is bigger than his bite.   You will notice that Jack’s power is really derived from the promise of  power and wealth to cowards and weaklings who will go on to commit some of the worst atrocities in the history of homies-kind.)       

Homie Situation #7

Now that Jack has an army of 3 out of a total of 5 people in the house, he decides to make one final move in order to fully consolidate his position throughout the house.   Of the two remaining people -- Suzie (a bit strong-willed, very independent, and with a fierce temperament)  and Mark (an intellectual and pacifist) -- Jack decided to go after Mark for the simple reason that, even though  Mark, in all likelihood, would not join him and become a new Destinian, he also knew that Mark would not put up any physical resistance to his attempt to take over the whole house.  

So Jack, accompanied by Paul and Joanne, all dressed up in their scary black robes with hoodies,  mascara on their faces, and sharp knives in hand,  went directly to Mark and gave  him the following ultimatum:  join the Destinians  or lose your BlueOcean room and BlueOceanian identity, and forever be banished to live outside on the grounds of the premises; or hop in your flying car to another planet.

As expected,  Mark looked around him and seeing that, outside of Suzie,  he had no one left to fight for him,  he demurred a bit, and then asked Suzie if she wanted to come with him, to which she gave a negative reply.   He then packed up his bags, loaded them in his flying car,  and went out into the woods to find new shelter and begin a new life.   

Jack then took over the BlueOcean room from Mark and renamed it Destiny.   

And now he is ready for his final conquest and really first serious battle.  So far, he’s been very effective at using fear, human compromise, and weakness of pacifism as powerful weapons to conquer his fellow homies.  However, in Suzie, he knows without a doubt that she’s not going down without a fight.  

However, being very cunning, Jack figures that there is more than one way to skin a cat.  If at all possible, he would like as little actual violence as possible, however, if need be, he will resort to the ultimate weapon in order to accomplish his objectives.    

But Suzie also understands what’s at stake;  has figured out all the possible ways she could be eliminated;  now realizes that she had made a huge mistake by being complacent and accommodating in the very first place when Jack was beginning to manifest his insanity;  and that, if she had then stood up to Jack “as a matter of principles,”  she would not be currently facing this do-or-die situation.    After giving it more thought, she decided that it was never too late to act in a principled manner;  and chose to fight to the end in spite of what she clearly knows will be the outcome.  

Homie Situation #8

As expected, Jack, accompanied by Paul and Joanne, approaches Suzie and asks her to become a Destinian.  She tells him to go fork himself.   He gives her 30 minutes to think about it or else he will have no choice but to forcibly remove her from her BlueVelvet room - dead or alive.  

Once the deadline has passed,  Jack orders Paul and Joanne, under penalty of death, to go in the house and remove Suzie from the premises, dead or alive.  Afraid of what Jack might do to them with his knife for disobeying orders, Paul and Joanne reluctantly go in and engage in an epic battle to the death with Suzie.   Suzie died in battle.   Her BlueVelvet room was renamed Destiny  and now all the rooms in the house had only one name:  Destiny
Out of the total of 5 rooms, now Jack had a total of 3 rooms for himself and the other 2 rooms were occupied by Paul and Joanne.

(That’s what happens when you band with others to form one unit:  you lose all your strength and power; become weak, fearful, and nothing but an instrument of someone else’s will.)  

Homie Situation #9

True to his words, Jack then went ahead and had Joanne move in with him, showered her with gifts,  and had children by her.

(Jack is not doing that out of love or honor.  He only wants to establish his own dynasty and preserve his own bloodline.  People like Jack don’t know anything at all about ‘honor’.)

Homie Situation #10

Jack then told Paul to move out of the house completely and had him build a small brick home right next to the big 5-bedroom house for him to live in.   From then on, Jack then reserved the entire 5-bedroom house for only himself and his family.  
(That’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Loyalty and honor are like garlic to a vampire like Jack.)

Homie Situation #11

As the children grew up, the same pattern that Jack started in order to break up the entire family of homies started to repeat itself  and continued for millions and billions of years.  

(As you can see, Jack’s descendants are all caught in a vicious cycle that he initiated and there is only one cure for that:  something which should have been done at the very beginning of this cycle - taking a principled stand.   Since it’s never too late to “take a principled stand,” then let us next go over what that principled stand  should have been on day one of Homie Situation #1.)

Principled Stand to Homie Situation #1.
For your reference, here is the original Homie Situation #1:     Homie Jack living in room #1 of the house decided that he didn’t want to be just another homie and decided to give his room a name, and called it “Destiny.”  As well, he wanted everyone else to officially recognize that new name as the name of his room; and, thenceforth, he wanted to be referred to as a Destinian.    

As well, here is the original reaction to Homie Jack:   (At first, everybody ignored him, and even humored him somewhat,  because they figured he was just having an identity crisis and that this was his way of getting some attention.)    

Here is the “Principled Stand” that all the homies residing in that 5-bedroom house should have taken:   

Instead of just brushing it off as they did, they should have approached it as follows:  1) They should have first convened a meeting among themselves in order to decide what a “principled”  response to Jack should be.  2) That response should have been based on:   a) having a reverence for human life (meaning a deep appreciation for the sacredness of quality of life and life itself);  b) the following a priori universal ethical code which states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; c) the avoidance of any sort of involvement in any pyramid-based hierarchies; and d) the Power of One concept which stipulates that you must learn how to lead yourself.        

Therefore, simply on the basis of the foregoing item 2(a), everyone should have sensed that Jack’s request for them to formally acknowledge his break and comply with his demand to now be called a Destinian was going to eventually create some sort of schism within the 5 members of the  family; the sort of schism which would in turn affect the sacredness of quality of life of the household members.   He seemed to be introducing into the household atmosphere a possibility for unnecessary tension to develop down the road if they were to comply with his demands.   

Therefore, here is the response Jack should have received from the other homies:

Jack, you are free to call yourself and the room that you live in whatever you want to.   To demand otherwise from you would be an infringement upon your liberty.   We cannot tell you what to think or feel.  However,  that being said, this entire house is OUR HOUSE and we only have one name for our house, it’s called Home, and we recognize all the people who live in this house as Homies and nothing else.   

Therefore, just as we will not--and do not--want to compel you NOT to call your room and yourself whatever you prefer, so is the case for us.   We will not accept any dictates from you in terms of what we should call OUR HOUSE.    As far as we are concerned, we will not officially recognize your room as a separate and distinct entity from OUR HOUSE for the simple reason that it is NOT.   The same goes for our people who occupy this planet.  We will not officially recognize you as a separate and distinct race from OUR PEOPLE for the simple reason that you are NOT.   

If you do not like our official response, you are welcome to leave OUR HOUSE and OUR PEOPLE and go someplace else in this galaxy which may be more receptive to your concept.    
Should you continue in your efforts and begin to sow any sort of discord in OUR HOUSE, you will no longer be given an option to leave OUR HOUSE and OUR PEOPLE.   We will instead require you to leave - by force if necessary - and forever banish you from OUR HOUSE, PEOPLE, and PLANET.   That is our official finding and this matter is forever closed to further discussions.   

You can just imagine the shock in Jack’s mind.  This response would have nipped in the bud all further efforts at sowing discord and division in the house.  Therefore, Homie Situations #2-11 would have never gotten a chance to take root.   Everyone would have continued  to live in peace and harmony in the house and in their room; and Suzie would still be alive and well.   

When It Comes to Principles, There Is No Room for Compromise  

When it comes to principles, you cannot be:  a) a pragmatist,  b) a compromiser, c) a split-the-difference kind of guy,  d) a believer in “can’t make the perfect an enemy of the good,” e)   a-want-to-be member of the good old boy’s club, f) worried about the consequences of your actions, g) afraid for your life and those of your loved ones,  h) worried about public opinion, i) bought and sold, j) willing to march into hell for a wrong cause or to save your own hide, k) part of the problem, and, last but not least, l) subservient to realpolitik.

That is WHY you cannot rely on political leaders to be principled.  Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to be such principled geopolitical leaders.  We are no longer slaves and, therefore, have no further need for masters.  

How Anyone Can Become a Principled Geopolitical Leader in Practice

  1. Universal Citizenship.   Become a universal citizen and look at all of us as being humans on planet Earth and nothing else (get rid of all these damn labels that masters use to control slaves and which help to perpetuate the slave-master social order).
  1. Adopt the 4 Basic Standards for Taking a Principled Stand.  From hereon, make sure that all your thoughts and actions are guided on a daily basis by these four basic standards for taking a “principled stand”:   a) always have a reverence for human life (meaning a deep appreciation for the sacredness of ‘quality of life’ and life itself);  b)  observe the following a priori universal ethical code which states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; c)  avoid any sort of involvement in any pyramid-based hierarchies (or gradually and faithfully begin to make a transition); and d)  observe the Power of One concept which stipulates that you must learn how to lead yourself.

  1. Adopt a Contrarian Philosophy.    Keep in mind that everything that has ever been, or  will ever be, represented to you to be the truth is either contrary to the truth (an outright lie), an omission, twisted truth, exaggeration, illusion, smoke and mirrors, outright bullshit, propaganda, false flag operation, misinformation, disinformation or  mind control and mind manipulation exercise designed to keep you within the confines and deadly grips of the slave-master social order.    

With respect to all other aspects of life, when you’re contemplating on making a decision regarding any important issues, or just looking for the right solution to any challenge, first seek the wisdom of the crowd.    Once you have obtained the wisdom of the crowd, then proceed with a solution that is the exact opposite of the wisdom of the crowd.   (That’s because the wisdom of the crowd will always be tainted by the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus.)

  1. Truth is a Square Peg in the Round Hole of the Slave-Master Social Order.   Never attempt to discover the truth from any of the organs of the slave-master social order.   There is one simple reason for that:  Whatever information that comes out of the round hole of the slave-master social order must-and will-always be a perfect fit; but the truth is a square peg and, therefore, can never come out of that round hole (which is why you should never rely on committee hearings, investigations, trials, court decisions, new leadership appointments, government documents, etc. - they are all “smoke and mirrors”).
  1. Submit an “SUI Advisory” at Every Opportunity.    Every time you come across an opportunity, be sure to give out the following verbal or written SUI (“slave under the influence” of the sla-mas-moron virus) advisory to whomever you deem appropriate:  “There is a possibility that you may be under the influence of the sla-mas-moron virus. You can google the  article ‘A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders’ for more info.” It is an excellent way for you to share your newfound knowledge.

  1. Stop Voting.   Stop voting completely (it’s useless and counterproductive - you are only consenting to be slaves when you vote).

  1. No More Polls.  Stop participating in any kind of polls (they are nothing but misinformation, disinformation, mind control and mind manipulation tools used to control slaves).

  1. No New Laws.   Never advocate for a new “law,” no matter how noble it sounds.   Instead, continually advocate for the removal of all existing laws on the books - no matter what purpose it seems to serve on the surface (because all laws--as designed from time immemorial to this very minute--are intended to enslave you - hopefully, upon request or with your consent).   

(Much more effective “intelligent laws”  with  “absolute reverence for human life” can be crafted and  implemented on demand at a fraction of current costs.)

There is a humongous difference between “law” and “intelligent law.”  One is based on “tyranny” and the other on “reverence for human life.”

  1. No More Viewing of Political Debates.   Stop paying any kind of attention to any sort of political debates on television and cable TV (and they will begin to get the message that you are no longer interested in this farcical circus-clown show and start to respect your intelligence).

  1. No More Viewing of Mainstream Media News.   Stop watching all mainstream media news (you need to stop feeding the beast that controls you directly, indirectly, and subliminally).  Once they realize you are no longer a gullible moron, they will begin to treat you with respect and beg for you to come back.    

  1. No More Viewing of TV and Cable Shows.   Stop watching television and cable shows altogether for entertainment (since it’s your masters’ primary method of slaves indoctrination).   Only subscribe to streaming service providers whereby you get to select on demand what you want to see.   Or go to the theatre when there is something that you’d like to see (even though all entertainment involves some form of indoctrination).
  1. Learn About Alternative Media.    Devote some of your newly found spare time on the internet in order to learn what alternative media is all about.   Read and view as much information as possible, and begin to learn how to read between the lines from various alternative media sources all over the globe (since alternative media can also be co-opted and used as controlled opposition).

  1. Learn Something New.   Devote any spare time that you have into learning something new -  preferably mathematical knowledge and technology since “technological superiority is the essence of godliness.”   In fact, creation itself is a manifestation of that technological superiority.    (Think about that for as long as you want, even if it means for the rest of your life, and I am absolutely positive, beyond the shadow of doubt, that you’ll eventually come to the same conclusion.)     

  1. Learn How to Collaborate “As Equals”.    Devote any spare time that you have into learning how to collaborate with others “as equals” in non-pyramid-based structures.   Contact me if you need some assistance.   
  1. Generate Alternate Sources of Income.  Begin to generate alternate sources of income from existing and new skills learned on the internet for self-sufficiency reasons (in order to gradually disconnect yourself from the umbilical cord of the slave-master social order).
  1. Gradually Disconnect from Current Banking and Economic System.    Begin to gradually take all necessary measures to disconnect yourself from the current banking and economic system (which is the umbilical cord--and most powerful of the three pillars--of the slave-master social order).  Whoever controls the current banking and economic system in place around the world, effectively controls every single human being on this planet.  Contact me if you want to share ideas.
  1. Gradually Disconnect from Current Legal System.   Begin to gradually take all necessary measures to disconnect yourself from the current legal system (which is the most lethal and criminal pillar of the three pillars of the slave-master social order).   All existing legal systems in place around the world are established and run by slaves; are a manifestation of the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus; and have one primary and ultimate  function:  to preserve the slave-master social order by whatever means are necessary.  I dare anyone anywhere in the world to prove otherwise.  Contact me if you want to share ideas.  

  1. Gradually Disconnect from Current Defense-Intelligence-Military Apparatus.   If applicable, begin to gradually take all necessary measures to disconnect yourself from the current defense-intelligence-military apparatus in place everywhere (which is the most evil, crude and barbaric of the three pillars of the slave-master social order).   

Much more ‘effective and powerful’  defense-intelligence-military systems based on “intelligent design” and “absolute reverence for human life” can be devised and implemented on demand at a very small fraction of existing expenditures.  Humankind deserves a break from these forking barbarians.    

Contact me if you genuinely want to learn about “intelligent design” of defense-intelligence-military systems and “absolute reverence for human life.”

  1. Make Gradual Transition to “Collaborate With Others As Equals” Organizations.  Begin making the transition from pyramid-based organizations to “collaborate with others as equals” organizations even if it means starting your very own such organization.  Contact me if you need help on how to do that.
  1. Build Cash War Chest  to Become Self-Sufficient.   Begin saving every nickel and dime that you have, or can scrounge through the sale of unproductive assets, so you can eventually become self-sufficient when you’re ready to start your own “collaborate as equals” business or when it’s time to retire.   
  1. No More Borrowing Or Credit Purchases.   Never borrow any money, or purchase anything on credit again - ever.  If you can’t pay cash for something, this means you can’t afford it.   Otherwise, you will never become self-sufficient and getting into more debt can only serve to perpetuate the current slave-master social order.  

How  World Leaders Can Make the Transition to  Principled Geopolitical Leaders

By now, it should be very clear to you, if you happen to be a current world leader or other geopolitical leader, that, under the current (and very filthy) global system we now have in place,  it is damn near impossible for you to ever become a “principled” geopolitical leader while you are in office.   

In fact, 99% of you would even say, “That is all poppycock and bullshit.  This is pure fantasy a la Alice in Wonderland, and definitely not the way it works in the real world.”   As I stated at the very beginning of this discourse, that is the sort of natural reaction I expect from the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus in each one of us, hence the reason why we are having this discussion in the first place.   Moreover,  I am too damn old to hear some young pup or old fart my age tell me how things are in the real world.  I am only interested in sharing constructive ideas on how we can make things better - not just for a few of us, but for all of mankind - with people who want a better world for them and their progeniture.  

As a current world leader or other geopolitical leader,  what is important is that, as opposed to when you first started reading this document, you now know the difference between a “geopolitical leader” and a “principled geopolitical leader.”    And since knowledge is power,  this means that you are now in a position to understand why it’s really up to the governed themselves to become “principled geopolitical leaders” since the current global system has no room for such political leaders.  

We both know that, asking our current geopolitical leaders to become “principled,”  is the equivalent of inviting either devoted nuns to a whorehouse or Dracula to meet you in broad daylight in the middle of New York Times Square.   

But nonetheless, you are in a position to help the governed speed up the process of becoming geopolitical leaders--instead of your getting in their way--since their individual efforts will benefit all of mankind now and in the distant horizon.   Your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and progeny,  other family members,  friends, colleagues, and associates will all inherit a much better world whose course and direction you would have had a part in charting and shaping.   

Moreover, this will allow you yourself to begin to make the transition to a “principled geopolitical leader” albeit in a very slow, methodical, careful, and surreptitious fashion since you are standing directly in the middle of a den of vipers and scorpions with some of the deadliest venom known to man.   

Initial Practical Transition Steps You Can Take As You Begin to Make Your Transition to Principled Geopolitical Leader

Practical Transition Step #1.    Take Time Out for a Complete Introspection.  Stop all political and governance activities dead cold.    Take some time to become consciously aware of, and relive in your mind,  all your prior transgressions, weaknesses, rationales;  and the consequences of all your actions.  If, upon so doing, you were to come to the conclusion that, despite what you now know, if you were to do it all over again, you wouldn’t do things differently, then there is absolutely no hope for you, and you can now go back to doing business as usual and not bother reading anything else that I have to say.  Go back to your masters and help them continue to perpetuate the slave-master social order.

If, on the other hand, you were to realize that you do indeed have a conscience and a soul;  and  that your conscience demands that you have an obligation to do better by your fellow human beings and “make things right” to the best of your ability, then welcome on board and proceed to the next step.

Practical Transition Step #2.   If You Don’t Stand On the Vines of Principles, You’ll Fall on the Sword of Deceit.     Talk to any politician, he will tell you that you have to be willing to make compromises, learn how to split the difference, abide by the will of the people (more like the will of those who shout the loudest),  submit to the will of the majority of your colleagues, be pragmatic, and, most of all, learn how to play the game (it’s like playing chess and you have to learn how to outmaneuver your opponent).     

Well, I am about to expose this conventional wisdom for exactly what it is:  It is nothing but a dance of scorpions in a jar that is based solely on deceit and self-interest.  If they remain in the jar together long enough, they will eventually wind up stinging each other to death.   There is nothing honorable about this game because the way it has been played for hundreds of million of years  requires that all the players be “unprincipled” as well as masters of the art of deception.   

Thus the reason why most politicians who initially enter politics out of a sense of civic duty and  a need to truly serve the people, and are of good moral character,  eventually lose their innocence and soul, drown into a sea of deception and corruption, and eternally wander into a vast and dark labyrinth of soulless monsters.

However, that being said, just because you are into hell doesn’t necessarily mean that you are forever doomed to confinement within the gates of hell (although that’s what the devil wants you to believe). You can indeed make a herculean effort to find your way back outside the gates of hell, but you can no longer use deceit in your repertoire of governance.   And the only way to do that is to crawl your way out on the strong and sturdy vines of “principles.”           

I must however caution you:   Once you are able to crawl your way out, you will most certainly need to get out of politics and find other alternatives to making a positive contribution to society since it will be impossible for you to continue living for any serious length of time in that jar of scorpions.  

Practical Transition Step #3.    Prepare a Strategic Plan for Life After Politics.  You cannot expect to remain in politics if you intend to make the transition to “principled” geopolitical leader. You have to let go of the allure of, and addiction to, public recognition and the feeling of power that all politicians crave.   

As well, do NOT, for one second, delude yourself into thinking or believing that you are going to “clean up the swamp.”   All politicians say the same thing and all these “moron voters,” without fail, believe them, hoping that, this time around, this one politician is telling the truth - or really can.   

You are either a fool or ‘moron’  if you think that the crocodiles, hippos, bobcats, water moccasins, deadly venomous snakes, mosquitoes, woodpeckers, squirrels, snails, and other life forms which inhabit the swamp are going to allow you to clean it up.  They don’t need your help.  The swamp has its own ecosystem and it is their natural habitat.   Therefore, even if you tried for the next million years, you would never be able to clean up the swamp (because it doesn’t need to be cleaned up and that’s what a swamp is supposed to be like).     

That being the case, if you don’t like living in the swamp, then go find yourself a nice freshwater lake.  There is absolutely no need for you to want to make everyone else conform to your worldview - in which case, you need to start making plans for getting the hell out of politics when your term of office ends.   There is no need for you to quit right away.      

This step is critical (and must be kept secret from everyone, including close friends, colleagues  and associates) since it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom and leverage over the opposition and the fury you are bound to encounter when your colleagues find out that you are no longer a team player.

Practical Transition Step #4.    Steel Yourself for Battle.   There is no one in politics who can say, with a straight face,  that they haven’t been compromised in one way or another or “cannot be bought and sold.”  A politician is nothing but a puppet on strings, with a puppeteer pulling the  strings.  The mere fact that you are a politician means just that, otherwise, the powers-that-be would not have allowed you to occupy your current position.    

However, that being said, there is a silver lining in all of this:  you are all in the same boat; which means that, just as the powers-that-be have something on you, so do you on them:  it’s a double-edged sword.   Therefore, you need to immediately make sure that this information is so reliable, secure and tamper-proof that, even if you were caught unawares with your pants down, even you yourself would not be able to stop its release in the event you were being tortured or the lives of your loved ones were being used as a bargaining chip in order to make you part with that information.  

(If you ask me to advise you on how to implement such security measures, I’ll know for sure that you are part of that diabolical den of unrepentant vipers and scorpions, therefore, don’t bother asking.)  

Because, one thing for sure, the minute that your partners-in-crime notice that you’re not the same old enthusiastic member of the “good old boy’s network,” they will begin to suspect and come after you.    

That means, push come to shove,  you need to grow some balls, if you don’t already have any, and steel your nerves in order to be able to play hardball with these soulless monsters in the event they dare to threaten you, using their standard modus operandi.

Practical Transition Step #5.   What If It Were Me?    Always ask yourself:  Would I have made the same decision if it were me, my wife, my son, my daughter, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my cousin, my nephews and nieces, my grandfather and grandmother, other close and distant family members, my best friends, my colleagues, and my associates who would be directly or indirectly affected by the decision I am about to make?

If you were the one who was going to be at the end of the stick of the decision that “someone in your current geopolitical leadership position” was about to make,  would you be perfectly fine with that decision, and would you say, in all honesty, that this is the moral thing to do?   

And after you have answered that question, repeat that same question over and over again, except that this time around, just substitute your name with that of your wife, your son, your daughter, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your nephews and nieces, your grandfather and grandmother, other close and distant family members, your best friends, your colleagues and associates.        

If it would not have been “the moral thing” for someone to do TO YOU, then it also would NOT be the moral thing for you to cause to happen to someone else - regardless of their affiliation to you.  

And if it would not have been “the moral thing” for someone to do to your wife, your son, your daughter, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your nephews and nieces, your grandfather and grandmother, your other close and distant family members, your best friends, your colleagues and associates, then it also would NOT be the moral thing for you to cause to happen to someone else.  

After all, what makes you believe that your life as well as that of your wife, your son, your daughter, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your nephews and nieces, your other close and distant family members, your best friends, and your colleagues and associates are more precious and valuable than anyone else’s?    

Contrary to what you may believe, THEY ARE NOT!   Because if  you believe that your life and theirs are more valuable and,  therefore,  the life of others is expendable, then others should automatically be entitled to think the same way that you do.

The bottom line is this:  Once you cheapen somebody else’s life, you automatically cheapen yours. Then it becomes only a matter of time before the mighty hand of  La Justice Immanente takes its course.   

This is something that a 3-year old can readily understand.  So, as world leaders or other  geopolitical leaders,  what have we done to ourselves and to our soul,  what have we become, how can we be such morons, and how can we be so blind to such a simple concept?  Regrettably, THAT IS THE POWER of the sla-mas-moron virus!  

That’s why you should reject all forms of “isms.”  Because, in the end, it’s only these “isms” which give us the basis to look beyond our humanity and cause us to lose our soul and commit some of the most unspeakable and horrific crimes in the history of mankind.  

For instance,  if you believe that there is a difference between “communism, marxism, leninism, stalinism, socialism, capitalism, zionism, nazism, fascism, racism, democratism, republicanism, bolivarianism, nordicism, liberalism, radicalism, anarchism, christianism, islamism, catholicism, protestantism, lutheranism, hinduism, buddhism, confucianism, taoism, theocratism,  militarism, terrorism, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism, gangsterism, hooliganism, (even pacifism), centrism, conservatism, neoconservatism, etc.,” then you are a damn fool who is under the spell of the ‘moron component’ of the sla-mas-moron virus.    

These ‘isms’ are only “weapons of mass distraction” which serve to divide us and pit us against each other--and nothing else.  Underneath these labels, we are all the same,  separated only by time and place and circumstances.    And I dare anyone ‘in their right mind’ anywhere in the world to prove otherwise.

Therefore, next time you see another human being,  think of yourself as being that person and think of that person as being you, regardless of what that person pretends to be or what sort of costume that person is wearing in order to either impress you or instill fear and trepidation in you.  

Always remember that, beneath whatever veneer of  strength and power that humans love to display or project, there is a human being with a head made up of a (thick) skull, brain, eyeballs, ears, nose, mouth; a neck connecting that head to a body with quite a number of internal organs and 4 major limbs consisting of 2 arms and 2 legs; and this creature has a limited life span (in other words, it lives and dies just like everybody else). That is all!   And everything else is really all superficial - nothing but bullshit, props, special effects for public consumption or entertainment, and strictly a figment of our imagination.   

This very simple mental exercise will cause you to think twice before you write them off, send them into oblivion, or turn their life into a living hell - or become terrified to death of them.   They are  just like you and you are just like them, so get a grip and chill out.

Practical Transition Step #6.    Time to Turn Over a New Leaf.     Once you make the decision to grow some balls,  you can no longer be bought and sold and you can no longer allow yourself to be “further compromised.”  In other words, the “human compromise” and “blatant corruption” train that you were on has run out of steam and come to a screeching halt - and you can now get off that damn train and let it go its own way - minus one passenger.  It’s now time to turn over a new leaf.      

So how do you do that?   

Action #1. Stop dead in your tracks.  Playtime is over.  You cannot continue to play the same game and try to have it both ways.   You can, however, be very circumspect in all future dealings with others and try as much as possible not to raise too many warning flags about your newfound change in philosophy.  However, that being said, if need be, you must always be ready to stand your ground and tell these cowards to go “fork off.”  

Death only comes once and spares no one (including these cowards and soulless monsters) - but living a disgusting and shameful life is something that you have to live with every single day, minute, and second of your life (and something which can be avoided).  

Keep in mind that there are many others like you who want to do the right thing - you are not alone. And even if you were the only one on the planet, it should not matter because each and every one of us is a POWER OF ONE.
If you have the stomach for Action #1, then proceed to the next action.

Action #2. Do not advocate, sponsor or vote for or against any new piece of legislation.  As you are already aware of by now, all laws, regardless of how noble the cause,  are only intended to further enslave us and maintain the slave-master social order; it doesn’t matter if you are the king of Siam or the president of the United States, these laws are also intended to enslave you too.    (That’s how you stop contributing to feeding the beast that enslaves us all.)

Action #3. Begin to advocate for the formal removal of archaic laws on the books.  During whatever period of time that you have left in power, establish a commission to start looking into laws that have little to no redeeming value and which only serve to further consolidate the slave-master social order and maintain an iron grip on your people.  Advocate for the removal of such existing laws either by executive order or through the legislative process.    (That’s how you start taking food away from the beast that enslaves us all.)

Action #4. Publicly articulate a set of sacrosanct principles and be willing to stand by them. Using the bully pulpit (and every other opportunity that your position affords), begin to forcefully and convincingly articulate a set of sacrosanct principles based on “Practical Transition Step #5. What If It Were Me?” that you will not deviate from regardless of the consequences.  (It’s only fair that you let others know where you now stand even though they may not take you seriously;  and may believe that it’s all politics and that your new stance is nothing more than smoke and mirrors;  and that, just like them, you probably got something up your sleeves.)

You cannot afford to be perceived as being wishy-washy, ambivalent, posturing, or willing to negotiate when it comes to these principles.   There is nothing more dangerous than that.   (That is the sort of mentality which starts conflicts, causes unnecessary misery and loss of life,  and eventually causes world wars.)

Action #5. Publicly announce your adoption of the “What If It Were Me?” decision-making criteria.   Hypocrisy, lies, obfuscation, opprobrium, platitudes, grandstanding, grand scale corruption ::: theft through taxation, various other assessments, asset forfeiture, confiscation, sanctions, ‘legal’ fines,  threats of prosecution,  prosecution, and hundreds of other means ::: and murder incorporated are the hallmark of politics.  (And I dare anyone anywhere in  the world to even suggest otherwise.)
Therefore, the purpose of government since time immemorial "and as we now know it” is strictly to “establish and preserve the slave-master social order.”   There is no exception to this rule.
The point I am making is that every single government everywhere in the world is nothing but a “most lethal” and “legal” criminal organization.  And it is the function of the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus to dwarf everyone’s vision and prevent the majority of the public from ever realizing the extent and scope of the deception employed  in order to preserve the slave-master social order.    

Therefore, it is critical that the world at large understands, from this point forward, your new decision-making criteria outlined in the foregoing “Practical Transition Step #5.   What If It Were Me?”        

I know for a fact that no one in politics will take you seriously and will chastise you for “being naive” and trying to rewrite the rules of the game with this new decision-making criteria.  They will do their very best to convince you that this “What If It Were Me?” criteria is a consideration that has never been used before in politics throughout the entire history of mankind; and that you are basically expecting politicians and decision-makers to become “Mother Theresa” instead of the legal thugs and gangsters that they are.  

Depending on what’s at stake for the powers-that-be that all your fellow colleagues (fellow slaves) are subservient to,  your fellow slaves, under the direction of their masters,  may find it necessary to engage in one or more of the following toward you:  1)  gentle pressure, 2) hardball pressure,  3) blackmail,  4) extortion, 5) human compromise, 6) character assassination, 7) impeachment,  8) legal prosecution for “corruption” (don’t laugh) or some other violation of law, 9) incarceration,  and, should all else fail to persuade you to change your tune, 10) outright murder.  

And if you are a world leader or geopolitical leader, I am sure that is something that you already know and have experienced first-hand.

Therefore, you need to brace yourself for the avalanche and storm of criticism and outrage that your new decision-making criteria is going to generate from your fellow slaves acting under the control of the moron component of the sla-mas-moron virus.   They will be crying “foul” all the way to their graves.

Action #6.   Speak and act publicly and loudly for the weak and voiceless even when it seems to be against your best interests.    My observation of humans since I was two years old has led me to conclude that, “We all act in our own self-interest, perceived or real.”  Anyone who tells you any different is either a damn liar or plainly just doesn’t understand what I mean by that.  

So let me explain:    
Anytime you derive a personal satisfaction or benefit from the commission or omission of an act, this means you have acted in your own self-interest, perceived or real.   
For example, when I was 17 years old and full of patriotic fervor, I volunteered to join the United States Air Force upon graduation from high school in order to go fight (and die) for my country.  I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps and become an Air Force pilot.  I was brainwashed into thinking,  like every young man during the Vietnam era, that it was my duty to go out there and defend my country against these ‘evil’ communists; and that,  if we didn’t stop them in Vietnam, they would eventually reach our shores  here in the United States - you know, that domino effect theory.   

Back then, I thought that all I had to do was join the Air Force and get all the necessary training to become a pilot.   Of course, after I joined the Air Force as an enlisted man, that’s when I found out that the recruitment and training process for becoming a pilot was not at all what I had anticipated and my chances of becoming a pilot were nil to none.   

In this particular instance,  although I thought I was acting in my own self-interest (even if I were to die in the process), it was really a “perceived” self-interest instead of a “real” self-interest.   I just didn’t know any better.   But now that I am an old man and know better,  I can tell you that, then,   I was “in fact” acting “against” my own self-interest.    I would have died in vain.   And these bastards who concocted this war, using Americans and Vietnamese as pawns on a chessboard, many of whom are still alive today, would have also had a good laugh at me (besides all these other poor, brave and patriotic American kids and millions of Vietnamese they led to their death for nothing).

The point I am making is this:   Just because you believe (or perceive) you are acting in your own self-interest does not necessarily mean that you are indeed acting in your “real” self-interest.  You could be doing just the opposite.  

So why am I asking you to speak and act for the voiceless even when you’ve determined that it’s not in your best interests to do so or that you don’t have a dog in this fight?

That’s because the Mighty Hand of La Justice Immanente will not be so kind to you when the pendulum swings the other way.  And whether you want to believe it or not, THE PENDULUM ALWAYS SWINGS THE OTHER WAY.   

Sooner or later, there will be barbarians at your gates and, when they come, there will be no one to speak for you.   Why?  Because, just like you, those who could have stood up for you have determined that it wasn’t in their best interests to do so or they just didn’t have a dog in this fight.   

And if you believe that since you are powerful today, or even the most powerful country in the world today, that you will always remain strong and powerful, then you must have the mind of a moron or that of a 2-year old kid.    History is replete with the remnants of former empires and dynasties. All you need to do is just look around you.   In fact, you don’t even need to go that far back in history.    

For Example:   Not too long ago, many Jews who were fleeing from Nazi Germany and other European countries during World War II in order to seek safe refuge wherever it could be found,  were denied entry in the United States and not allowed to disembark from the ship.   Some were even returned back to Germany, and a number of them perished during the so-called Holocaust.   You see, back then, many of our leaders didn’t think that it was in our best interests to offend Hitler by giving shelter to persecuted Jews, and thought that America didn’t really have a dog in this fight.   Shame on us!   

Well, today, some of these same refugees as well as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren literally and practically control all members of the United States Senate, the House of Representatives, our entire Military-Defense-Intelligence apparatus, and the entire executive branch of the United States government, including the president of the United States.

The Prime Minister of the State of Israel can come to the United States any damn time he pleases, over the objections of the President of the United States, make an address to a joint session of Congress in order to lecture our president on matters of foreign policy--as well as receive a standing ovation--and there isn’t a damn thing that anyone in the US government or the American people can do about it.   Every single senator or congressman trembles with fear and pisses or shits in their pants whenever the powerful Jewish lobby determines that they are not loyal enough to the State of Israel.  

In fact, you cannot become the president of the United States if you dare refuse to make a pilgrimage to Israel in order to show your loyalty to the state of Israel and get the blessings of your masters. This isn’t conspiracy theory or anti-Semitic ranting and raving from so-called right-wing lunatics (my wife, children and grandchildren who are themselves Jews, according to traditional Judaism, wouldn’t hesitate to call me to task on such ignorance and stupidity).  That’s a fact.  Absent being denied such opportunity, every serious candidate for the presidency MUST AND WILL make a trip to Israel if they want to remain viable candidates.  Again, I dare anyone anywhere in the world to prove otherwise.    This is a classic case of David slaying the giant Goliath.   Washington now takes its orders directly from Israel and everybody in the world knows it - all without one shot being fired.

That’s exactly what I mean by the Mighty Hand of La Justice Immanente (Immanent Justice).

Therefore, regardless of your nation’s status on the global power index and whether or not it is in your country’s best interests to do so,  YOU MUST SCREAM OUT LOUD, openly and publicly ::: and take meaningful action ::: in order to castigate any nation which preys on and torments a much weaker and vulnerable nation or its own weak and vulnerable citizens.   Do not be a slave to Washington or any other power in the world.   

Action #7.   If you have the power,  be willing to march into hell to protect the weak even when it seems to be against your best interests.    What good is it to be called a superpower, a world power, or a regional power, when all you can do is stand by and only offer covert assistance or do nothing but watch innocent lives being torn and shred to pieces by bombs, explosives and artillery shells, and witness the displacement of millions of fellow human beings living in deplorable conditions?    

Better yet, you don’t even need to be a superpower, world power, or regional power in order to do something about such monstrosity.  

All that is needed are men and women of conscience and goodwill to stand up and say, openly and publicly, “This will not stand.  If you can do this to one of our family members, then, as sure as I am that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,  so am I sure that, should I ever displease you in any way, shape or form,  it would only be a matter of time before you eventually target me with the same amount of fury and destruction.”   

But you must do more than just pay lip service and provide moral support,  you must take a significant action designed to have a lasting effect on your relationship with such monstrous government and  leader.   This is something that a 5-year old child can understand.    

So, let’s take a quick look at a couple of illustrative examples:

Example #1::   Indiscriminate Shelling of Eastern Ukrainians

For purposes of this example, I will not go into the details as to why the Ukrainians from the eastern part of the country 1) revolted against the unconstitutional overthrow of the country’s leader and the murderous rampage engineered by the coup plotters and Western powers; and 2) broke away from the central government of Ukraine and formed their own government.    

But what concerns me the most is the ensuing reaction by the central government in Kiev:   the indiscriminate shelling of the eastern Ukrainians which resulted in a bloody civil war and casualties of over 50,000 civilians, separatists and central government forces, and the displacement of millions of eastern Ukrainians.

And what makes this particular situation so urgent is the fact that this is an ongoing situation with no end in sight.

So, let’s talk about Russia’s response to this conflict:   

Russian Federation (with current geopolitical leaders).    Russia looked the other way and allowed fellow Russians to go help their brethren in eastern Ukraine as well as offered covert support.   Russia refused to be officially drawn into the conflict because it knew full well that the West’s propaganda machine would go into full-blown overdrive,  trying to hide its complicity and active involvement in the overthrow of a legitimate government, and would attempt to portray the rebellion as a Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to revive Cold War tensions.    As well, Russia took in all refugees who fled to Russia and provided humanitarian assistance to those left behind in Ukraine.   

There was also another important geopolitical consideration for Russia’s response:  1) Russia had invested a tremendous amount of social, political and economic capital in creating this brand new image of a vibrant, modern and prosperous Russia;  2) it had become (almost) fully integrated within the European orbit,  and 3) it did not want to do anything that would seriously aggravate the situation and jeopardize or roll back all the progress that it had made over the past 20 years.  

On the surface, in an ideal world where:   a) there are men and women of goodwill,  b) logic and reason prevail,  c) there is a  genuine respect for the rule of law,  d) everyone understands the rules of the game and plays by the same rules,   and e) everyone is striving to live in peace and harmony,  this sort of realpolitik consideration seems to be very reasonable, if not vital (however, we do not live in such world and this turned out to be a very grave miscalculation).   

As well, Russia wanted to operate within the norms of international law while trying to prevent their brethren in eastern Ukraine from being slaughtered by the central government of Ukraine (acting under the direction of Western powers).  

Russian Federation (with “principled” geopolitical leaders). From a “principled” geopolitical leadership standpoint, this is what should have occurred immediately and decisively once Kiev began contemplating the use of force to quash the rebellion in the southeast:

A meeting in the Kremlin should have been convened in order to take a “principled stand” based on these 3 basic standards :   a) always have a reverence for human life (meaning a deep appreciation for the sacredness of ‘quality of life’ and life itself);  b)  observe the following a priori universal ethical code which states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; and c)  observe the Power of One concept which stipulates that you must learn how to lead yourself.    

Since the rebellion in the southeast and move to separate the region from the central government in Kiev was a direct response to the sinister and evil coup plotters and their masters in the West, their murderous rampage and total disregard for human life, and their introduction of repressive legislative measures designed to marginalize the eastern Ukrainians, most of whom share a deep cultural bond with Russia and consider fellow Russians their brethren,  then their yearning for separation from the central government in Kiev is “morally” justifiable and, therefore, they are entitled to receive whatever necessary protection can be provided by Russia.  

With respect to the three (3) aforementioned basic standards for taking a “principled stand,” let us explore each one as a meeting agenda item:

Meeting Agenda Item #1 - Reverence for Human Life.   In the current situation, is Russia morally obligated to have a reverence (meaning a deep appreciation for the sacredness of ‘quality of life’ and life itself) for the life of each and every eastern Ukrainian within the borders of separation?   The answer is, yes.  

If the answer is, yes, then Russia should have proceeded as follows:   

  1. Immediately and fully recognize the new government in eastern Ukraine. (After all, that is exactly what the West did.  Washington and its minions in the West, not only were actively behind the coup and had spent billions of dollars to pull it off,  but also immediately recognized the new illegal government and coup plotters - in less than 30 seconds - while Ukrainian blood was still fresh and flowing in the streets of Kiev).

  1. Immediately enter into a defense treaty with the new government.  (After all, isn’t it what the West does to offer cover to their surrogates.  Join NATO and the alliance will protect you because an attack on one is an attack on all - in theory, of course.)

  1. Advise THE WORLD of  the Kremlin’s decision; the specific moral reasons for that decision; and the “principled” reasons for such a stance.  (Only the world, excluding the West,  would be interested in such proclamation and be satisfied with such explanation.    The West doesn’t give a damn about  “reverence for human life,” “morality,”  “principles,” or “rule of law” - except when it suits us for false flag operations, propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation purposes.   We in the West only care about “being exceptional,” “mastering the art of deception” and “might makes right.”)
  1. Simultaneously advise Kiev of the decision made by the Kremlin and tell them not to fire even a single bullet in the direction of eastern Ukraine or else Russia will turn their central government building into ashes (of course, after giving everyone reasonable notice to evacuate).

  1. Formally declare to THE WORLD, as well as put the WEST on notice, that any escalation of this conflict (directly or indirectly via proxy forces or invented terrorist groups or color revolutions) will not be tolerated and will certainly result in nuclear war and the potential destruction of all of Europe,  and that the choice is clear:  We can all live in Peace or the whole of Europe will not be spared the devastation and havoc that the West seeks to wreak (directly or indirectly or via proxy forces and state-sponsored terror) on others who do not toe their line.  Plain and simple.    

  1. Temporary suspension of all military cooperation and all defense-related treaties (which don’t mean diddly squat anyway since these treaties only serve the West and would have never been ratified by anyone in the West if Russia stood to benefit from such treaty in any way, shape or form).

These so-called treaties and military-to-military cooperation only serve to keep Russia off guard while the West slowly and methodically encircles Russia and ties the noose around its neck.    If you believe otherwise, then you are a damn fool and know absolutely nothing about geopolitics.

  1. And should the West dare to impose any sort of sanctions on Russia AND its allies, it will consider that a declaration of war, and will automatically and permanently withdraw from all existing military cooperation and defense treaties.  

As well, all sanctions, once imposed by the West on Russia will not be allowed to expire and, if necessary, Russia will reinstate them on its own.  And consequently,  Russia will develop alternatives and remedies to such sanctions.   

(Russia should not allow any country or alliance to treat it as some little misbehaving kid getting his candy taken away from him and being sent to his room until he learns how to behave.  It is insulting, not just to Russia’s leader but also to the entire Russian people,  every time you hear about a bunch of cowards and nitwits who are scheduled to meet in order to decide whether or not to renew sanctions scheduled to expire.   Therefore, this warning to all nations is designed to let the West know that there is a severe price to pay for thinking about insulting a great power and its people in this demeaning fashion.)   

Moreover, Russia will in turn impose its own set of retaliatory  “doomsday scenario” sanctions.      

I know that requires a lot of balls and principles.   But you cannot allow yourself to be perceived (by your enemies disguised as friends and business partners) as a team player or someone who plays by the rules.  That’s a fatal flaw because the West sure in the hell does not play by the rules and will cripple and destroy your entire country, infrastructure, and people,  a la Palestine-Iraq-Syria-Libya-Afghanistan,  without an ounce of remorse.  They’ve tried to do it before in Chechnya.   So, fork the hypocrisy!    

But  leaders without balls and principles who care too much about wanting to be accepted by a bunch of snakes, cowards and hypocrites and be a member of their club; and want to show how reasonable and fair they are to the rest of the world -  and how well they play by the rules and international laws (laws that nobody in the West follows except when it suits them and it’s to their advantage);  only invite nothing but probing attacks designed to study their reaction and assess their strengths and weaknesses,  constant provocations, fake alliances and bullshit memoranda of understandings, false flag operations, blown up airliners full of innocent human beings, death by a thousand cuts, color revolutions, human rights condemnations, sanctions, personal humiliation, national humiliation, and anything else that their imagination and sick and perverted minds can conjure.    

Eventually, after these leaders have had enough or suffered enough, they then declare war or are too damn weak and scared to declare war, that is assuming, of course, that the West did not already declare war on them and cause an untold amount of damage.  

With leaders  without balls and principles, that’s how you get to receive the following orders or notifications from a bunch of clowns sitting in some ivory tower with god-like complex:   1) to step down from power in your own damn country or else your country will be totally destroyed a la Armageddon;  2) not to acquire or produce certain types of weapons to defend your own country (and these clowns also get other “flunky and unprincipled” leaders from other countries to go along with that kind of bullshit and absurdity);  3) not to expect to receive anything that your country legally purchased from certain countries nor to receive your money back or any other compensation for such purchases because your country is now under sanctions - or to negotiate to get your money back;  4)  that billions of dollars sitting in your bank accounts have been confiscated (frozen) and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it;  5) that there are now no-fly zones in your own damn country that you can’t fly over, and if you do, your planes in your own airspace will be shot down (you really can’t make this stuff up!);  6) that there are now safe zones in your own country that your  own government can’t go to;  7) that there are now humanitarian zones in your own country that your own government can’t go to;   8) that they will be making an endless amount of territorial incursions in your country and there is nothing you can do about it - so stay the hell out of the way;  9)  that they will be constantly violating your airspace and for you to keep your own damn planes out of the way or else they will be shot down; 10)  that they will be conducting air strikes in your country on your own military - and to sit back and enjoy the show;  11) that they will make an illegal invasion of your country - and to sit back and watch it happen on television, live and in color;  12) that they are sending you some  take-it-or-leave-it uninvited military advisors for your own good - and you better not refuse; 13)  that the people with guns and tanks and artillery and missiles who are blowing up your government buildings,  taking over your towns, and killing your soldiers are “moderate opposition” and that you can’t even negotiate with them unless you first agree to step down from power before you start negotiation (these people must be smoking the most powerful and effective dope known to mankind - this is insanity to the millionth degree!);  14)  that they are coming to your country to bomb the hell out of a bunch of “really bad terrorists” that they themselves had created, recruited, trained, armed, funded (and still continue to provide weapons and funding to, and that you are not supposed to know anything about) and to provide you with training on how to combat terrorism in your country (I am sure that the devil himself must really be impressed and ready to give them an Academy Award for best performance in the art of deception and skillful manipulation);  15)  that they just conducted some surgical “strategic nuclear strikes” on your nuclear facilities because you are not  supposed to be doing any sort of nuclear research or build any kind of nuclear weapons (because you just might use your research information to build nuclear weapons, and if you build such nuclear weapons, then they will not be able to threaten you with their own nuclear weapons or be able to conduct any more “strategic nuclear strikes” on your country’s government facilities);  16)  that there is a regional war going on and you need to join them or else they will destabilize your entire country and shred it to pieces;  17)  that there is a world war going on and you need to join them or else they will destabilize and destroy your entire country;  18)  that you need to play your role as a good old patsy in order to trap another country into taking the blame for starting a world war or full-scale nuclear war; 19) that you are ordered to arrest and turn over to the International Criminal Court at The Hague  certain world leaders who are on their “shit list” and accused of  war crimes when these leaders travel to your country, so that these world leaders can be tried by judges who answer directly to leaders of countries who are themselves directly or indirectly responsible for some of the most horrific violations of human rights,  torture, and war crimes that the world has ever known.   

(Every single leader of every country who has or had a hand in fomenting the violence in, and the total disintegration of, Syria is directly responsible for the hundreds of thousand of innocent lives lost, the carnage, and the misery inflicted upon our family members in that country and cannot possibly have a soul.  We are all members of one planet, one race, and one people.)

That is what happens when you have leaders without balls and principles who care too damn much about realpolitik and diplomacy and playing the game itself.  Fork diplomacy!  Focus instead on “publicly” and “clearly” articulating your “principles” -- which are not subject to negotiation -- and the consequences “that will be paid” when someone ignores them and want to test your resolve.   That’s one of the things which makes a “principled” leader!   A principled leader rules with an “iron set of principles” instead of an “iron fist.”

Diplomacy does not work with the West.  The West views diplomacy as “weakness” on your part - somebody who is scared and trying to talk their way out of some punishment they’ve got coming to them (like some kid who has done something bad, knows he is about to get punished by mommy or daddy, and is trying to talk his way out of it).  

Saddam Hussein and Tariq Aziz,  Muammar Gaddafi,  Viktor Yanukovych, Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin and hundreds of other leaders around the world can tell you everything you need to know about the effectiveness of diplomacy with the West.  So can North Korea’s leaders.  And pretty soon, so will China’s leaders since the West has now made a pivot toward Asia.   The leaders of Iran can also tell you a great deal about the effectiveness of diplomacy in trying to prevent sanctions on Iran.   Furthermore, they have a real big surprise coming about the effectiveness of diplomacy in getting these sanctions removed.          

When you play the “geopolitical leadership” game, it doesn’t matter how great you think you are, you will lose each and every time (because you will always be playing a game whereby the rules are constantly changing without notice).  So fork this game!  

Instead, play the “principled geopolitical leadership” game and you will win each and every time.   Better yet, everybody who plays it, wins!      

Of course, the West’s propaganda machine would have had a field day with that and would have started to demonize Russia from here to kingdom come.   (In fact, that’s exactly what the West has done from Day One, even though the Kremlin has not taken any of the “principled” stands I just outlined.)

But this “principled” stand would have saved over 50,000 Ukrainian civilian and servicemen lives and millions of eastern Ukrainians would not have known the devastation of their communities and region’s infrastructure.    There would have been no need for OSCE, Minsk I and Minsk II agreements, a bunch of sanctions and humiliations, and all that other crap and silly games that the West loves to play.

Meeting Agenda Item #2 - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”    So how does that principle apply to the current situation in eastern Ukraine?  The answer is very clear:  

For all intents and purposes, the people in that region are Russians with a strong cultural bond and deep connection to Russia who happen to be on the wrong side of the border through an historic geopolitical blunder, an “unfortunate set of political circumstances,” and realignment of borders.  

They were content to live where they are under the central government in Kiev and then-present regime until the West initiated its bloody coup and overthrew their legitimate leader (corruption is only used as a diversion and for smoke-and-mirrors purposes since the current central government in Kiev is also corrupt to the core and even admits it).   

This reckless and dangerous blunder by the West placed them in uncharted waters with a very uncertain future.   Therefore, opting to break away from such bunch in Kiev and wanting to maintain their cultural ties to Mother Russia (instead of France, Britain, Germany, etc.) is a moral, legitimate and natural response which can stand the test of time.     

Consequently, Russia has a moral obligation to understand their fears (regardless as to whether or not they are unfounded) as well as to recognize their dreams and aspirations to gain their independence from Kiev.   

But a greater and more compelling argument can be made within the framework of a priori constitutional law.  Once Kiev overthrew the legitimate government, it lost the moral and legal authority to complain about its brethren in eastern Ukraine (who essentially took away from Kiev the authority to rule illegally over the eastern region).    Kiev had lost the moral and legal authority to complain about the violation of Ukraine’s constitution when they themselves  violated the constitution and overthrew a legitimate government.   

There is only one way for Kiev to redress the wrong it had committed:  And that is, to annul all laws which have been passed since the overthrow of President Yanukovych;  formally apologize to the people of Ukraine for the overthrow of his government;  make financial restitution to all Ukrainians whose families have lost their loved ones as well as those whose properties were damaged and destroyed, and for the loss of income to the millions who have been displaced;   and then pass a formal resolution to restore President Yanukovych and the status quo ante bellum.   

Once that wrong has been redressed in that order, then the eastern territory can rejoin the fold and apply for confederated status.

Well, as we all know, there isn’t a snowball chance in hell that this will happen - perhaps in an alternate universe and another lifetime.   

Therefore,  Russia is morally compelled to ask this question:   If Russia were on the other foot and Ukraine was the big brother next door, how would Russians with a deep cultural and historic connection to Ukraine feel if their big brother next door in Ukraine just stood there, scared and shaking in its boots because it’s afraid to piss off the West too much, out of fear of sanctions and other business considerations,  and allowed the central government in Moscow to just bomb the hell out of them, destroy their homes and businesses, and send them packing as refugees to Ukraine.  
Well, we all know that those Russians with a deep connection to their big brother in Ukraine would hope that their big brother would step in and say to the Moscow central government, “I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks or does, and what price we have to pay, but you are not going to harm any of my brothers in Russia--not even one strand of their hair.  If you dare send your tanks and planes and soldiers, I will destroy them all and I will bomb the Kremlin, after giving you proper notice to evacuate, so you will know how it feels to have artillery shells and bombs dropped on you.  And if you think I am bluffing, you’re now welcome to call my bluff."
The bottom line is this:  If, when you know that your cause is just and right and noble, you would want your brother to stand up for you and prevent you from being harmed when a bully comes knocking,  then so should you stand for your brother and prevent him from being harmed when a bully comes knocking and you know that his cause is right.   And in the case just presented, the eastern Ukrainians deserved to have been protected by Russia from any sort of harm.     

Meeting Agenda Item #3 - “Observe the Power of One concept which stipulates that you must learn how to lead yourself..”    So how does that principle apply to the current situation in eastern Ukraine?  

Well, although the Power of One concept is primarily designed for individuals, it can also apply to an entity within a universe of entities.  In this case, Russia within the greater community of nations.

Russia should not be concerned about forming an alliance similar to or resembling NATO for the simple reason being that, contrary to public perception or popular belief,  such alliances are, in fact, very weak.   They typically consist of one big dog and a bunch of scared chihuahuas who are happy to go along and bark whenever given such orders.   When push comes to shove, they typically stick their tails between their legs, fold and run for cover.   The only time they will fight to the death is when they’re backed into a corner and have no choice but to fight for their lives or perish.

Other than the United States, all the other NATO countries are run by a bunch of  “unprincipled leaders” and “cowards.”    I am only referring to these leaders and NOT their peoples who are all our family members, as far as I am concerned.   If any of these leaders had any sort of “principles” and “dignity,”  none of them would have participated in these sanctions that were imposed on Russia.   

In fact, unless one of them happens to read this document and just learned something new, as I stated at the very beginning of this document, they don’t have a clue as to what the word “principled” means.  Instead of displaying solidarity and putting up a show of strength, all they’ve really done is humiliate themselves by acting like a bunch of lapdogs and well-trained circus animals who are trained to obey and follow orders on command.    

None of them showed any sort of courage,  leadership, freedom of thought or independence.   Master USA says, “jump,” and these slaves ask, “how high?”   They are afraid to question the U.S. out of fear that, if the Russian Bear ever comes charging toward them, they will be all alone and unable to fend for themselves.    They are showing nothing but fear and cowardice.  That’s not the sort of world leader I would ever want to depend on to defend my country.  

The point I am making is this:  Russia is strong enough on her own to defend herself against all external enemies.   All it needs is a continuous supply of “principled geopolitical leaders” in order to continue to prosper and provide for its people.   

The only true enemy that Russia has is the “enemy from within.”    The good news is that the “enemy from within”  normally disintegrates on its own and without any effort from the state when the entire people is exposed to the “principled geopolitical leaders” concept outlined in this document (i.e., every single Russian should be taught how to become a “principled geopolitical leader” starting at the kindergarten level so  that its people cannot be so easily manipulated and  used to destroy each other, as is currently the case in Syria).    Contact me if you need to know how to implement such training.

Therefore, the people of Russia and the rest of my entire human family around the world are welcome to share this very long document.    

In conclusion.   In conclusion, with respect to the current situation in Ukraine, it’s not too late for the Kremlin to finally take the “principled stand” I just outlined, to stop playing games with the West,  and to bid them all “Goodnight, it’s time for all children to go to bed.”  

Example #2::   The Disembowelment of Syria

For purposes of this example, I will not go into the details as to why Syria is being disemboweled, in order to avoid putting salt over wounds.   But, suffice it to say, being an observer of Middle East (including Syria) politics over the past 48 years, what is currently in motion in Syria was very predictable, and it was only a matter of time before it got to this point.     

In fact, I can also predict, with a very high degree of accuracy, that the disintegration model used for Syria will one day be considered very crude in comparison to future and very sophisticated models of total chaos and destruction that are now being designed and perfected in the dark labyrinths of power in certain corners of the world.   These futuristic models will be used against all the other countries in the Middle East - and specifically the ones who are currently aiding and abetting in the carnage going on in Syria.      

The only countries in the Middle East who will be exempted from this new carnage will be Syria (it has already paid its dues and learned its lessons), Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon.  

So, what does that have to do with  “Action #7.  If you have the power,  be willing to march into hell to protect the weak even when it seems to be against your best interests”?  

That has everything to do with it!   However, I will go over that later.  For now, let’s talk about what the world has done with respect to giving a helping hand to Syria  and what it should have done in a world of “principled geopolitical leaders.”

Today’s situation with respect to Syria:  

Russia has belatedly decided to prevent the total and then-very imminent collapse of Syria.  Luckily for Syria, the tables have been turned and it’s now on the offensive, trying to regain lost territories (about 70% of its territory) to the rebels and all the other dark and malevolent forces helping them.

So what should have happened in a world of “principled geopolitical leaders”?

Every single nation’s leader in the world, with the exception of the soulless monsters who planned and are still orchestrating the slow and methodical dismemberment of Syria,   would have spoken out LOUDLY and CLEARLY against the evil machinations of the sons of Mephistopheles instead of just standing by, watching this horror show, and feeling helpless and powerless to do something about it.   (Although I do understand their fears and trepidation about not wanting to get involved:   They all know that this has to be the work of the Devil himself and figured that they couldn’t afford to get themselves into the devil’s crosshairs.)    

They would have formed a fact-finding committee in order to obtain evidence regarding the activities of Satan’s disciples, and publicly revealed all threats (or bribes and other inducements) to cease and desist their activities, that they would have received from these soulless monsters.

They would have contributed whatever military assistance they could provide, of course, within their means, to Syria in order to purge this cancer from their midst.

They would have all understood the POWER OF ONE concept and would not have felt powerless to do something about this carnage and crimes against humanity because of their individual ranking on the Global Power Index.  That’s the power of principles and “principled geopolitical leadership.” The peoples of all these countries would also rise up and demand that the carnage stops and forbid their leaders to refuse to dance to the tune of the devil’s orchestra.
And that is why the world has a global need for “ALL OF US” (instead of just our appointed and elected leaders) to become “Principled Geopolitical Leaders.”   

Mephistopheles and his horde of soulless monsters can scare, blackmail, do backroom deals, negotiate, extort, human compromise, and even murder our “elected and appointed” geopolitical leaders in order to keep them quiet, have them quake in their boots and piss or shit in their pants,  so they can just stand on the sidelines and do nothing.   However, that being said,  they cannot do that to eight (8) billion “principled geopolitical leaders.”   

I hope that, by NOW, you truly understand THE POWER OF ONE concept.    Do not depend on--or look around to see--who else is around to help you and give you strength in order to do the right thing.  LEAD YOURSELF.   Do what must be done because it is the “principled” thing to do, and let the chips fall where they may (even if it means the loss of your life - everybody has to die and will die sooner or later).   

I repeat, there is no strength in UNITY.  Your strength lies within you -  YOU ARE A POWER OF ONE and don’t let anybody tell you any different.   

Thus the reason why, learning how to become a “principled geopolitical leader” is something that we should start teaching our children, and make sure that they understand, starting at “kindergarten” level all the way up to a Ph.D.   

That way, Satan’s disciples who are lurking around in the dark labyrinths of the netherworld  will never be able to manipulate and turn your people into a horde of soulless monsters tearing at each other’s flesh.         

Contact me directly if you want to learn how to introduce the “principled geopolitical leader” concept to your people.   A nation of principled geopolitical leaders is invincible.

Action #8.   Withdraw from the United Nations and all other international non-scientific institutions and treaties. Immediately withdraw your country from the United Nations under the principle of rebus sic stantibus, or "things standing thus," if you are not one of the 5 members of the National Security Council with veto powers - on the basis that there has been a major breach of the treaty by many of the major powers:  principally, persistent violation of national sovereignty of many of the members.  (The United Nations is, in fact, the headquarters of all masters of the slave-master social order.)

As well, withdraw your country from all treaties and foreign entanglements since they only serve to dilute your strength and make your nation weak, powerless, and defenseless.   

NATO is a good case in point: their members are being dragged, arm-twisted, coerced, and blackmailed into 1)  hurting their own economies;  2) surrounding and provoking a superpower neighbor; 3)  suffering a possible devastating military response on their own country;  or 4) causing a nuclear war.

It’s as if they have no will of their own, can’t stop the train wreck about to take place,  and are unable to say, “Enough is enough, this insanity needs to stop, once and for all.”   The reason being:  The NATO alliance, instead of making them strong,  has made them weak, powerless, and unable to stand up and question the judgment of their masters in Washington D.C.  

Action #9.    Declassify all classified information.    Roaches prefer to hide inside walls and in crevasses, abhor light and sunlight, and prefer to come out at night where there is plenty of garbage and scrap food to scavenge on.   Well, so do politicians.  They hate to operate in sunlight and plain open view because,  if they did, the people would know what they are up to and rise up in arms.  

Therefore, from now on and to the extent you have such power or influence, declassify all non-defense information and make it available to the public.   Let the people know what their elected representatives are doing on their so-called behalf.   I know that’s easier said than done, but, at least, you can try.

Action #10.    Make public all meetings and conferences via videoconference on the internet. There should not be any secrets held from the people.   Only war plans and battle strategies are exempt from this requirement.

Action #11.   Develop a blueprint for the creation and implementation of an interim “national self-subsistence” program.    At the very least, your country needs to be able to feed its people without help from other countries in the event of sanctions.   A lot of countries who may want to ignore these sanctions may be bullied into enforcing sanctions against your country.   

Action #12.  Develop a blueprint for the creation and implementation of a “national digital currency” program.    You cannot be an  elected or appointed  “principled geopolitical leader” if somebody else controls your currency or the value of your currency is “market-based or subject to global economic conditions” which can be easily manipulated by external forces.   

In fact, your country itself is nothing but a slave if you don’t have absolute control over your own local currency.   Your national security depends on it.   This should not be like another bitcoin or other digital currency out there.  Contact me directly if you want to learn more.  

Action #13.   Develop a blueprint for “intelligent” design and implementation of a  “principled” government.    I know that  sounds like an oxymoron, but this can be done over a “long period of time.” Every single nation in the world deserves that and, most of all, your people deserves it. Contact me directly if you want to learn more.         

In Conclusion

If you were able to read this entire document all at once, congratulations!  You deserve an Academy Award for patience and wisdom,  and this means that you do indeed have what it takes to become a “principled geopolitical leader,” regardless as to whether or not you are just an ordinary individual or “an appointed or elected” geopolitical leader.   I would also like to thank you for taking the time to do so.  

I also want to state that I have written many documents on a variety of topics and subjects, and during whatever additional amount of time that providence is willing to bestow upon me, I intend to write many more documents.  However, that being said, no document, past or future, will ever attain the sort of significance that I attach to this one.   In writing this document, I wanted it to encapsulate and capture the essence and measure of one man;  my vision of who and what we can all be;   my hopes--as well as the solutions--for a better future for all of humankind;  my aspiration that one day we will eventually fulfill our destiny:  evolve to a higher life form and travel side by side with our Creator throughout the cosmos;  and, last but not least, for it to be my legacy to mankind and those who have yet to watch the sunrise millions to billions of years from now.       

If you received this document along with my video presentation in connection with my invitation to world leaders and corporate executives of leading global organizations to join me on the exclusive League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives,  this document will hopefully answer the question which many of you are bound to ask, “Who is this man?” and the central and defining role that  “Principled Geopolitical Leaders” will play in the development  and implementation of  the architecture and infrastructure of The New Virtual Organization World.      

For all others who have received an invitation to join one or more global virtual organization world consortiums and initiatives,  let me simply say that “The New Virtual Organization World” that you will play an active role in building for today’s and future generations,  will be the breeding ground and playground for all future “Principled Geopolitical Leaders” throughout the millennia.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge each and every single human being that I have ever come across throughout my entire lifetime and to express my gratitude for all that I have been able and privileged to learn from them.   The making of this document would not have been made possible without them.                   

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

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About This Document:  Final paper of a 3-part series of  documents on principled leadership:  1) A Global Need for Principled Leadership, 2) A Global Need for Principled Leaders.

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