Tuesday, July 24, 2018

It Was Only A Matter of Time: We Now Accept ALL Digital and Crypto Currencies

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

If you consider yourself the type of person who is always either  "Way Ahead of the Curve" or "Way Ahead of Your Time" when it comes to just about anything that you have ever been involved in, then I am sure you are going to appreciate this article.

On the other hand, if you are the "Cautious" type and prefer to observe how well others have fared prior to jumping on the bandwagon, then I am equally sure that what I am about to both announce and propose will definitely send shivers down your spine.

I recently wrote the March 26, 2018 article ::It's Official!  CloudCoin Is Now Accepted At ...:: in order to congratulate and support the founder of CloudCoin for being Way Ahead of His Time and  "not following the herd."   He chose to create the world's first and only "Cloud Currency" instead of going down the typical "Blockchain" and "Crypto Currency" route. 

The bottom line is this:    As it now stands this very second,  CloudCoin is the next-generation  digital currency that every single cryptocurrency and utility token out there in the digital assets  arena has to beat and, if I might add, none of them are even close to reaching that goal. 

What makes it a "perfect digital currency" is that its beauty lies in its features and technological simplicity instead of technological complexity.   Thus the reason why I immediately made the decision to accept it for services provided by a couple of our entities.
But What About ALL Other VOMI-Related Entities?

Perhaps you may be wondering why I did not make the decision to accept CloudCoin for ALL VOMI-related entities instead of just a couple of them.     After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Frankly, my reasoning then, though I now realize it was deeply flawed, had to do with the fact that these two entities offered the lowest-priced services that both current  and potential clients would be interested in paying for with CloudCoin on an experimental basis:  USD $3500 and $10,000 ::  since I was then offering to accept on a 1:1 basis  one CloudCoin for each US Dollar of services (even though one CloudCoin was then trading at only three (3) US cents :: $.03).    

In other words,  for a limited time, we were willing to accept 3500 CloudCoins and 10,000  CloudCoins  (with a cash value of  $105 and $300,  respectively) for our $3500 and $10,000 services  as an incentive to both current and potential clients to invest a little bit of time and effort to learn more about CloudCoin.

By the way, that offer expired on July 11, 2018.   We now accept CloudCoins for US Dollars strictly on the basis of their current exchange value.

For example, assuming the aforementioned exchange rate of 3 Cents per CloudCoin,  we would now accept  116,667 CloudCoins for the $3500 service instead of 3500 CloudCoins; and we would now accept 333,333 CloudCoins for the $10,000 service  instead of 10,000 CloudCoins.  As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end."
We Now Accept CloudCoin for ALL VOMI-Related Entities

However,  a lot has changed for the better over the past four (4) months.  How time flies!   CloudCoin is no longer a diamond in the rough languishing out there in obscurity.  It is now the rave and gaining widespread acknowledgement, recognition and acceptance as "The Gold Standard of All  Digital  Currencies"  in both the Crypto Currency world and the Digital Currency (Digital Assets) world.

Thus, I made the decision to accept CloudCoin at its current fiat currency trading value for ALL services provided by ALL VOMI-related entities:   1) Virtual Organization Management Institute ("VOMI"),  2) VOMI Global Think Tank,  3) VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  4) VOMI Executive-In-Residence,  5) Virtual Organization Recruiter,  6) League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives,  7) The New Virtual Organization World Consortium,  8) Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium9) Virtual Residential Community Consortium.

Fast Forward to Today:  We Now Accept ALL Digital and Crypto Currencies 

However, that being said, the more I reflected on the decision to accept "the perfect digital currency" CloudCoin for ALL services provided by our related entities, the clearer it became to me that I should not look at  just "One Superstar Player" to root for and that there are many other "Great and Exceptional Players" out there that I should also consider and engage with;  players who can eventually and collectively become a Winning Team. 

After all,  as the owner of a basketball franchise,  you wouldn't want to have only the Superstar Michael Jordan (back in his heyday) on your team.    Nor would a basketball fan pay just to see Michael Jordan running up and down the court playing by himself.   What makes the game exciting is seeing Superstar Player Michael Jordan on the court assisted by other  Great and Exceptional Players competing with other teams.

The question then becomes: "How will I go about identifying all these potential Great and Exceptional Players and what are the selection criteria for inclusion on our Winning Team?"

Other than using a crystal ball, I couldn't think of any simpler solution than to just "Let Them All Play"  and see them in action.   The Great and Exceptional Players will rise to the top; the ones that have a great deal of potential to become the latter will begin to bubble up on the surface;  the Budding Superstars will attract our attention; and the Deadbeat Ones will stand out like a sore thumb and be flushed out.   

Thus the reason why I decided to accept ALL Digital and Crypto Currencies in spite of the fact that a good number of them may wind up with zero value.

"Pierre, Aren't You Throwing Caution to the Wind?"

With respect to a good number of you, I can just imagine what may be going through your head right now:   "Pierre,  with so many of these ICO scammers and fly-by-night operators out there,  aren't you throwing caution to the wind?"

Well, not really, and here is why:
1)   Nearly one hundred percent (100%) of the services that we provide are purely of an intellectual property nature and consist strictly of knowledge sharing and dissemination - knowledge that can make the difference between total success for  an organization versus not only losing tens to hundreds of million of dollars but also incur an opportunity cost in the range of millions to billions of dollars.   Most of these services are High-Ticket items ranging from USD $1 Million to $15 Million.   
2)   Regardless of the payment method, these services are not off-the-shelf items that anyone can just order online and pay for immediately.  Every single Client must undergo our standard Client Selection process, at which point, we'll be able to discern  whether or not they have a valid need for our services and a clear understanding of our terms.  That means we will not be accepting a bunch of "useless and worthless coins or utility tokens" from scammers or parties who would use them primarily for the purpose of infiltrating our organizations and go on a reconnaissance mission.   
3)   Even the largest, most sophisticated and technologically advanced organizations, countries and governments lack the intellectual maturity (in terms of executive management, futuristic vision, pioneering spirit and innovation)  that is needed to understand exactly what it is that we offer and the tremendous amount of benefits that their organization stands to reap from our offerings.    
In other words, for the most part, that means Executive Management at most of these organizations are NOT what I described at the very beginning of this article "individuals who are Way Ahead of the Curve or Way Ahead of Their Time."
Thus the reason for the decimation of the brick and mortar retail industry and hearing their executives (and very clever politicians) placing the blame squarely on Amazon.  The bottom line is this:  Amazon saw the future and "These Retail Executives" not only didn't but also refused to see it even while it was (and is still) unfolding right there in front of their eyes.
4)   As much as I hate to say it, the aforementioned reason at item #3 equally applies to most of the individuals launching these ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) and looking to create and build the latest technological gadget, invent the next-generation technology, and forge a  great company.  
These individuals consist of:  (1) extremely bright, young and talented Geeks - I take my hat off to all of them; (2)  former "die-hard brick and mortar executives" looking to ride the new blockchain technology and crypto currency and utility token wave and make a small to large fortune;   (3) executives in joint ventures backed by major corporations, leading financial institutions and, in quite a number of cases, governments;   (4) former, current and future venture capital and angel investors  who are "intelligent enough" to take advantage of this paradigm shift in investment - a golden opportunity;  and, last but not least, (5) hard money lenders who see these ICOs as an ideal opportunity to repurpose their financial assets and revenue generation strategy.
But the saddest part of it all is that,  the ones who stand to benefit the most from our services,  are indeed many of these ventures launched through ICOs and other means; however,  many of them are needlessly and hopelessly bound to fail for one primary reason: 
Over the past 25+ years, the technology community has been very busy developing and building the technological infrastructure for this world of virtual organizations I call "The New Virtual Organization World"::  a world that we are all headed toward whether we  want to or not; however, most of us are completely clueless in terms of how to successfully operate, navigate and manage in that new world ::  which is where each and every single one of the services that VOMI  provides, on its own and through a number of consortia and other initiatives,  come into play.    
And when most of these builders of  The New Virtual Organization World reach our websites, the brick and mortar blinders that they have on prevent them from thinking that far ahead and getting a 360-degree view of that world.  Thus unable to see the nexus between our offerings and the current path that they are on. 
As for the sheer volume of them who are just budding  blockchain technology entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators with big ideas launching these ICOs:: who are supported by a number of dedicated volunteers, collaborators and/or a skeleton staff, if any::  and just don't have the actual fiat currency (CASH) to pay upfront for the USD $1 Million - $15 Million offerings we currently make available to Forbes Global 2000 (or Equivalent Enterprise Level) organizations and governments around the globe::  I am sure that many of them will fail to realize and swiftly take advantage of "The Great Equalizer" opportunity that our groundbreaking policy to accept ALL digital and crypto currencies and utility tokens provides to them (regardless as to whether or not the crypto currency or token is listed on an exchange).
For example, imagine yourself being on a very gigantic ship with a bunch of fellow surfers out there in the middle of the deep blue sea.    One of the surfers, a very bold and adventurous one, I might add,  observes this very large, beautiful and very seductive ocean wave coming out of nowhere and decides to hop on his surfboard and ride the wave.    In no time at all, many of the other surfers take their cue from him and also hop on their surfboard.    
But there is only one problem:  None of these surfers know how far  or where that giant, seductive ocean wave will take them nor do they care to know.  They only care about what they can now see and hear with their own two eyes and ears.  Thus unable to prepare themselves for what they are surely bound to encounter both en route to and when they reach their final destination.
In conclusion,  the likelihood that we would fall victim to some scammers is extremely remote, if not nearly improbable or impossible.   This scammer would have to be an "evil genius" which is an oxymoron.   Why?  You cannot be both evil and a genius because these characteristics are mutually exclusive.

This Groundbreaking Opportunity Is Not For a Limited Time Only

The very first question that most people have a tendency to ask when presented with an   "opportunity that is just too good to pass up" is:  Is this some sort of gimmick like the typical "freemium model" or crippleware or some tiered pricing structure;  or is it a special promotion for a limited time and how much time do I have to make a decision?

With respect to the gimmick part of the question, here is a clear and unequivocal answer:  

We will accept every single organization who responds to this offer as long as they meet our qualification requirements and as long as we can provide them with the same quality and level of services as all cash-paying clients.   In other words, everyone receives equal treatment.

As well, this is not a "bait and switch" offer wherein we offer the 100% crypto payment but also present you with a range of other payment options such as 50-70% in crypto or tokens and 30-50% in cash.

In addition,  upon renewal of services, as long as there has been no interruption in enrollment,  you don't have to worry about  being (a) pressured to use,  (b) mandated to switch to,  or (c) presented with other payment options.   That is  entirely up to you to initiate such discussions.   For example, here is a case whereby you may contemplate using another payment option: 
Let's say in Year 1 you took advantage of this offer to  join one of our consortia using crypto then valued at USD $1 per coin  (1 Million Coins).  Come renewal time in Year 2, let's say that your coin has quadrupled in value and now trading at USD $4 per coin (and you paid 250,000 Coins for the 2nd year membership.)  
However, come renewal time in Year 3, although your coin is still trading at $4 per coin, let's say that,  based on various analyst projections or some killer app coming down the pike, you believe that the trading value of each coin may eventually reach or surpass $1000.  
At which point, prior to renewal, you may prefer to switch to paying in Cash for Year 3.  That is totally acceptable to us.   The bottom line is this:  We will never cancel or fail to renew your membership based on "payment options."
As to the second part of the question, "No, it is NOT some special promotion for a limited time."  Although I am well aware that Sales and Marketing 101 says you should always give a deadline in order to express a sense of urgency and entice people to take immediate action, otherwise they will procrastinate to a point where your company, product or service becomes nothing but a blur or distant memory in their mind, if not completely forgotten. 

The problem that I have with this tactic is that some people eventually get to develop "buyer's remorse" and,  instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they will find every possible way to shift the blame onto others and attempt to cause mischief using whatever means they have at their disposal.  (A quick hint:  1000s of individual and class-action lawsuits every year.)   Our policy is very clear:  No refunds or pro-rata credit under any circumstances.  To illustrate, as a matter of principles, I am willing to spend millions in order to defend against a $10,000 refund request.  

Thus the reason why I go out of my way to make 1000% sure that no stones are left unturned when it comes to letting others know exactly what we offer, what we expect from them and vice-versa (without any sugarcoating, bells and whistles, and smoke and mirrors).   I prefer to collaborate with (instead of "sell to")  individuals and organizations who are so enthused and excited at our offerings that they will place doing business with us on their #1 priority list.   Otherwise,  I don't really care to play games, chase after anyone or treat adults like a bunch of children who need to be manipulated or handled with kid gloves.   What you see is what you get!    
How to Proceed

It's an extremely simple process.   Regardless as to whether or not you are planning to launch an ICO,  are currently in different phases of an ICO,  or have already completed your ICO::   now that money is no longer an issue for you with respect to using our services;  just take some time to browse through our various websites, peruse the number of initiatives we have in place; and submit an application to join the entity of interest:

Upon receipt of your submission, we will schedule a videoconference in order to gain and assess your insights, provide you with a great deal of insight into how you can take maximum advantage of any selected offering,   as well as answer any questions that you are bound to have.   The verification and approval process may take up to 5 business days.   Upon approval, you will be notified regarding  Next Steps.  That is all there is to it!

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

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The Ultimate Global Collaborator: An Official Global Ambassador AGENT

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

There are very few people alive on planet Earth who either understand or ever get to realize their full potential regardless of their current or previous socioeconomic status or their level of achievement, fame and notoriety. 

Why is that,  you might say? 

The answer is very simple:  That's because very few of us really care about realizing our full potential (regardless of our assertion to the contrary) and, most importantly, very few of us care to take the time to find out, especially after we've accomplished plenty in our lifetime relative to what we expected from ourselves or what others expected from us.

It is much easier for most of us  to rest on our laurels and bask in our fame and the glory of our previous accomplishments; to proudly display our medals and awards; to be the Guru or Executive Coach who offers advice and counsel to others who also seek success, fame and fortune;  or be the Mentor or Philanthropist who takes the young apprentice under his wings until he is able to fly out on his own and make a name for himself.

And last but not least, we also know what it took (hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears) to get to our destination;  and although we may have "no regrets" and would do it all over again in spite of what we now know, that doesn't mean we are willing to continue at our previous pace.  After all, as the old saying goes, there is a time and place for everything, and everything has its time and place. 
The truth is, as the legendary B.B. King used to sing, "the thrill is gone" and, frankly, we've really run out of steam though not yet ready to retire and sail into the sunset. 

And once we reach "the thrill is gone" stage, some of us resort to these other things to occupy our time in order to continue to prove our worth, stay relevant,  and pass or fritter the time away:  1) write books, 2) go on the lecture circuit,  3) sit on various boards, 4) set up or join a philanthropic foundation, 4) travel to some exciting destinations (which, for the most part, never turn out to be that exciting after all),  5) learn how to cook,  6) learn how to become a handyman around the house,  7) do some gardening,  8) spend more time with the grandchildren, and 9) trying to stay in touch with former colleagues (who are themselves very busy and don't really have any time to dally around and shoot the breeze)

It Does Not Have to Be That Way.  Learn to Collaborate!

The reason that we all tend to fall into this classic pattern is because We Have Never Learned How to Collaborate.    Throughout our entire lifetime, we may have learned How to Follow, How to Manage, How to Lead,   How to Motivate,  How to Influence,  How to Negotiate, How to Strike Major Deals,  How to Get Results, and How to Cooperate (which is often confused with the word "Collaborate"); however,  we've never really learned How to Collaborate and, frankly,  don't even know the true meaning of the word "Collaborate." 

The fact is, you cannot be considered a Standard Collaborator if  either you or the person(s) that you seek to collaborate with have any sort of leverage over each other and the end result of your collaboration will give either party an advantage (fair or unfair) over each other. 

There is No Hierarchy within a collaborative environment.   And there can be never any form of coercion, deal-making, lose or give away this in order to win this or gain that, any "split the baby" formula, or any form of negotiation.  Most importantly, the end result of your collaboration must always be mutually rewarding and beneficial.

Absent any of these requirements, what you are left with is "Cooperation" and "Deal Making."

For example, the United States government requires the "Cooperation" of ALL individuals, entities,  institutions, governments, willing and recalcitrant allies, as well as all unfriendly alliances.   Absent such cooperation, it will begin to exercise whatever leverage that  it has in its arsenal (which is plenty) in order to ensure or insist compliance with its directives. 

It has never had a need to "Collaborate" with any individual, entity or government on the face of the Earth because, at the end of the day, after everything has been said and done, its primary objective is to "always have the upper hand, using whatever means that are necessary" in order to do whatever it feels or believes is in the best interests of the United States.

(Most informed people can readily identify the United Nations, NATO, WTO and BIS as excellent examples of organizations where the United States "maintains such upper hand". )

The bottom line is this:  It is absolutely impossible to Collaborate with anyone or any hierarchical entity who can command or compel you to do something (e.g., any employer, your nation's government, any alliance, etc.).

In a perfect world, absent a direct command backed up by whatever leverage such employer, government, etc. possesses,  the absolute most that the highly leveraged party can do, is to either attempt to  "Cooperate" with those whom it seeks their compliance OR, at the very most, give them a semblance or illusion of  "Collaboration." 
Our interaction with European Union countries is a good example of such semblance or illusion of  "Collaboration."  The simple fact is this:  Like it or not, We Dictate and They Reluctantly Follow. 
Thus the reason why 99.99% of people have absolutely no concept of what it truly means to Collaborate and confuse Cooperation (which most of us excel in) with Collaboration.

Here Is How You Can Seamlessly Collaborate

If,  for the most part,  you've lived your entire life as an honorable and principled man or woman, you have undoubtedly amassed a tremendous amount of Goodwill which can be used for Standard Collaboration purposes in order for you to continue to cement your legacy until the bells finally toll for thee and it's time for you to cross over into the next world.   A proud and lasting legacy that you can leave behind for not only your children, the rest of your family and your progeny,  but also for all of mankind.

This Goodwill comes in the form of vivid, positive and lasting memories that you have left behind with those whom you have previously encountered  and or dealt with throughout  your lifetime.  This goodwill cannot be based on bullshit, hype, folklore, propaganda, or artificial reputation gained from media exposure.  There is no need for you to sell anyone on who you are and your accomplishments because the people who really matter are the people who have known you and dealt with you and already know all they need to know about you;  and, most importantly, TRUST YOUR JUDGMENT!

And it is that very judgment that  you will put to use in a very judicious manner in order to Collaborate with others while you are still of sound mind.     The most important criteria that you need to take into consideration must always be:   What noble cause will my Collaboration further advance and what sort of legacy will the realization of that cause  leave behind for today's and future generations as well as all of mankind
You will notice that I specifically omitted your own legacy for the simple reason that,  if you give priority to your own self-interests or selfish motives, it is highly likely that this noble cause will come into conflict with them; in effect,  making the realization of that cause highly improbable.  
And if this noble cause is something that you personally believe in, all you have to do is Refer the Cause to the people who really matter:   the people who have known you and personally dealt with you in the past, via a simple personalized email to each person whom you believe may have a strong interest in such cause.   That is all!   

Do NOT vouch for any specific individual or any guarantee of performance - only vouch for the cause.   WHY? It's because:  1) people are willing to fight, cooperate or collaborate for a (good or evil) cause and not so much for Joe Blow;  2) people have a limited lifespan due to either natural causes, accidents, force majeure, evil deeds by our fellow primitive, barbaric and savage humans, etc. and could disappear or be replaced at any moment; 3) people are too easily compromised and you can never be guaranteed that the person you vouched for today is not now:: or will not be:: or can never be:: compromised by nefarious entities or the devil himself; and, last but not least, 4) an individual's prior record of success and performance is not a guarantee of future success and performance (Mike Tyson can attest to that)

The point being, when supporting a cause, it's important that you do not link your Goodwill and lifetime of accomplishments to one individual.   But it also works both ways:  the individuals or entities that you collaborate with do not want to link their Goodwill and lifetime of accomplishments to either you or any other individual;  they only want to collaborate for the cause.

Moreover, do NOT attempt to sell anything to anyone or go beyond the simple referral.   The referral must be able to stand on its own.   You should never give the appearance or impression that your referral is clouded by personal considerations (i.e., because of what's in it for you) regardless of what sort of remuneration arrangement you may have entered into with the architect(s) of the noble cause.

If you don't truly and honestly believe in the cause, DO NOT refer anyone to it and decline the request to support it.    If you have absolutely no need at all for the remuneration provided to you for your collaboration,  you can always officially request that it be donated on your behalf  to your favorite cause (in order to completely avoid any sort of financial transactions between you and the organization you are collaborating with) or you can accept the remuneration in accordance with the terms of your support and then make the donation yourself.

And that's all it takes to be a Standard Collaborator!

You Can Also Be an ACTIVE Collaborator

But what if you want to do more than just Refer a Cause and prefer to be more involved because you have ample time to devote to the cause.    In which case, you will become an ACTIVE Collaborator and thus be free to use your own judgment in terms of the extent and level of your participation.

However, that being said,  such participation can never be as a temporary or permanent "part-time or full-time employee" or independent contractor,  nor can the conduct and resulting actions of both parties legally create such relationship.   I am sure you are curious as to why such participation cannot be on an "independent contractor" basis, so here is my preemptive response:   Anyone who wants to, including any litigator or bureaucrat from any regulatory agency, can pierce through that independent contractor veil quicker than a knife going through soft butter. 

Thus, the remuneration from your collaboration must always be based on some sort of benchmarks, contribution, results and incentives  backed up by a formal agreement.   As well, it cannot be based on any sort of hierarchical relationship.   All Collaborators are and should always be EQUAL.   That is all! 

You Can Also Be an ULTIMATE Global Collaborator

The Ultimate Global Collaborator is, for the most part, a current or former:   Influential Icon::  Business, Education, Social Sciences or Technology Innovation Pioneer::  C-Level Business Executive::  World Leader:: Cabinet Member:: Executive Level Government Official:: Public Policy Executive::  Diplomat, Ambassador or other Foreign Service Officer. 

However, that being said, you do not have to be one of these individuals in order to be an Ultimate Global Collaborator.    You can be any Intelligent Being  anywhere in the world and you don't need to be rich and famous or to have received some Seal of Approval from anyone or any entity.  In fact, the more seals of approval that you receive from our fellow primitive, barbaric and savage human beings, the greater the likelihood that you are NOT an Intelligent Being.   Therefore, don't worry about trying to impress us - just be yourself and we'll be able to know who you really are.     

We target these individuals for one simple reason:  If you want to effectively communicate with Apes, it's best to do it through people who understand the apes' language; are very familiar with their habitat;  and clearly know how they think, act and respond under various scenarios. 
You can substitute the word "Apes" for any other group of beings and this universal rule will still apply (e.g., intelligent beings, Hollywood entertainers, mobsters, drug dealers,  spies, assassins, the Cabal, religious leaders, fanatics, psychotics, sociopaths, petty thieves, cannibals, serial killers, politicians, neoconservatives, liberals, warmongers, cowards, bullies, militarists, diplomats, nuclear scientists,  robotic research engineers, evangelical Christians,  jihadists, Zionists, bankers, imperialists, etc.). 
What Makes You An Ultimate Global Collaborator

The Ultimate Global Collaborator status is based on the importance of the cause that you decide to support.

Let's face it, when it comes to (good, bad or evil) causes deserving of support and Collaboration,  there are probably millions of them.   Here is a small sample of them:
  • Anti-Cyber Bullying
  • Black Lives Matter
  • White Lives Matter 
  • Me Too Movement
  • Save the Whales
  • Save the Dolphin
  • Save (Over 23,000 Endangered Species)
  • Animal Rights
  • Save the Forests (all over the world)
  • Protect the Environment (from thousands of different chemicals)
  • Gay Rights
  • Lesbian Rights
  • Bisexual Rights
  • Transgender Rights
  • Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender Rights
  • Antisemitic causes (thousands of them)
  • Racial Superiority causes (thousands of them)
  • Zionist causes (thousands of them)
  • Antipoverty causes (all over the world)
  • Fight Against Illiteracy causes (all over the world)
  • Health and Immunization Vaccination causes (all over the world)
  • Save the Children causes (all over the world)
  • Feed the Hungry causes  (all over the world)
  • Save (everything that you can think of) causes
  • Indigenous Rights causes
  • Democracy Promotion causes (thousands of them)
  • National Independence causes
  • Freedom causes
  • Freedom of Navigation causes
  • Jihad causes 
  • Anti-Zionist causes (probably thousands of them)
  • Ethnic Rights causes (probably thousands of them)
  • Human Rights causes (probably thousands of them)
  • Save the Free Internet causes
  • Fight Against Children Trafficking causes (all over the world)
  • Fight Against Human Trafficking causes (all over the world)
  • Protect the Border (from illegal immigration) causes
  • Protect Against Police Abuse causes (in thousands of cities worldwide)
  • Fight Against Bigotry and Racism (in tens of thousand of jurisdictions worldwide)
  • And 1000's if not Millions of Fake Causes (all over the world)    
The point being,  when it comes to Collaboration, there is absolutely no shortage of causes to choose from and the merit and value of each cause is "in the eye of the beholder."     The question then becomes:  How can I properly evaluate and make a sound decision on which cause is worthy of my collaboration? 

Honestly, that is not the sort of question that anyone should even attempt to answer for you; that is entirely up to you.   Why not?    That's because every single one of these causes is a manifestation of the "primitive, barbaric, and savage" human condition and, as much as it grieves me to say it, the painful truth is that, participating in any single one of them is a complete waste of time. 

The history of mankind from time immemorial to this day proves that the only thing we could ever hope to accomplish is to "wash our hands" and, immediately thereafter, "dip them right back into the mud."   No lasting peace or victories. The same old shit over and over.   We all seem to be stuck on the hamster wheel of human history.

In fact, there will never be a Permanent Cure or Solution to all the ills that plague all humans on this planet for as long as we remain in our current "primitive, barbaric, and savage" human condition. 

That means, Humans Need to Evolve - a condition that no amount of technological innovation or Artificial Intelligence can help bring about.  Thus, in order for Humans to Evolve, the following practical steps are necessary:

The Entire Human Race needs to:  1) stop being in denial,  so that,  2) we can throw away the blinders in order to see for ourselves who we truly are::  a bunch of primitive, barbaric and savage human beings.    Once we are able to come to that realization, then we can begin to discard the vestiges of our primitive and barbaric past and immediately embark on the ULTIMATE Cause:  Human Evolution.

And once we embark on the cause for Human Evolution:: which is what the Official Global Ambassador Agent and  VOMI Global Think Tank are all about::  then the millions of causes I previously mentioned will begin to slowly fade away into the sunset until we reach a point where they completely disappear from our landscape.  Henceforth, we will be tasked with new challenges that will defy and test the limits of human imagination and intelligence. 

Thus the reason why we assign the Ultimate Global Collaborator status to the person or entity which embarks with us on that Ultimate Cause:  Human Evolution.   

In Conclusion

I cannot think of anyone else who will have a more profound and monumental effect on our current civilization and all of mankind:   The Official Global Ambassador AGENT of VOMI Global Think Tank :: The Ultimate Global Collaborator.       Introducing colleagues to the Official Global Ambassador opportunity at VOMI Global Think Tank.  These Official Global Ambassadors will, in turn,  serve as a catalyst for the global dissemination of our Human Evolution message through the various global initiatives we have already put in place.   

View more information about the  Official Global Ambassador AGENT of VOMI Global Think Tank.  Apply now to become the Ultimate Global Collaborator. 

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

About Author:  Pierre Coupet, Q of VOM and Founder of VOMI (Virtual Organization Management Institute), VOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVOMI Global Think Tank, and Virtual Organization Recruiter :: Founder of the modern Virtual Organization Management and Virtual Organization Recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997 :: Founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives :: Architect of The New Virtual Organization World and the "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System" :: Curator of The New Virtual Organization World Collection and Memorable Quotes of Pierre Coupet Collection

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Collaborate to Evolve and Prosper Or Cooperate to ...

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Collaborate to Evolve and Prosper

OR Cooperate with your Masters and other Powers-That-Be in order ...
(Take your pick from one or more of the following.) 
  • To Maintain a sense of freedom, safety and security 
  • To Please your masters and avoid their suspicion and wrath 
  • To Have Hope of a brighter future for yourself, your family, and your progeny.
  • To Gain Recognition for your devotion to your masters (plenty of praise, rewards, awards, medals, special occasions, and monuments) 
  • To Safeguard your assets and everything else that you've spent a lifetime building and accumulating. 
  • To Build or Preserve your own legacy 
  • To Build or Preserve some institution or someone else's legacy
  • To Preserve and maintain the Status Quo 
  • To Suffer in silence in order to abate your misery or prevent its aggravation. 
  • To Provide and Care for your family and loved ones  
  • To Keep your family safe and secure 
  • To Keep your People safe and secure 
  • To Keep your Country safe and secure  
  • To Be Part of something greater than yourself 
  • To Subordinate your individual needs to the needs of some institution or societal organ for The Common Good or Greater Good. 
Who Are These Masters and Other Powers-That-Be?

From the time we're born :: to this very millisecond and whatever amount of time we have left in this world ::  they come to us and appear in all shapes and forms and disguises as well as  through various means via an army of sycophants, intermediaries, subordinates, representatives, and ardent believers.

From our very own parents and other family members,  friends, colleagues and associates::  our religious and educational institutions (regardless as to whether or not you belong to any of them)::  our employers and financial institutions::  all the way to our local, city, state and federal governments as well as a slew of other local, national, international and supranational organizations and institutions.     

The Real Truth About Being a Cooperator

Since I have just described to you what it means to be a Cooperator,  the real truth is that A Cooperator Never Learns and, regardless of any overwhelming amount and strength of evidence, will continue to repeat the same actions, mistakes, stupidities, crimes and atrocities over and over again.     There is absolutely nothing of substance that you and/or your progeny can gain from being a cooperator. Every single benefit that you can imagine or envision from your cooperation is nothing but an illusion. 

The most likely outcome, or very best result that could possibly be gained,  under the most ideal of conditions and circumstances, is Perpetual Slavery, Intellectual Stagnation, and Intellectual Retardation.   In other words, You Will Never Be Able to Evolve :: which means, you are in effect  condemning yourself as well as future generations of your progeny to a life of perpetual ignorance, stupidity, slavery, servitude, and misery. 

Thus the reason why, despite all our technological achievements and marvels over the centuries, from an Intellectual Maturity standpoint,  today's world is in the same state that it has been in since time immemorial. 

What Is a Collaborator?

A collaborator is an individual who has absolutely no need for any institution or anyone to guarantee his freedom, safety and security - for the simple reason that "no one can."

He understands that this task is his primary responsibility::  that he cannot and must not allow his zest for life and the fear of both the unknown and the consequences of his actions,  to take precedence over reason and principles and to be used by others as a bargaining chip in order for him to secure such freedom, safety and security ::  and were he to give in to our natural impulses or temptation, he would indeed be faced with an oxymoron.  (In fact, giving in to such temptation accomplishes just the opposite.)

Has no need for masters (who are, in reality, nothing but slaves programmed to enslave other slaves),  thus has no need or reason to try to please them or gain recognition from them.

Strives for a better future for himself, his family, his progeny and mankind :: the hell with "hope of a better future" - that's a recipe for more indignities, suffering, misery and slavery! 

Understands that any legacy built on a foundation of fear, ignorance, stupidities,  compromises, injustices, indignities and cruelties is not worth building and preserving.

Wants to Evolve and Prosper and is generally interested in Human Evolution, thus has no need or interest in maintaining the Status Quo.

Understands that "to suffer in silence" only invites others to test the limits of how much pain and suffering someone can endure before that person starts to squeal like a stuck pig in a slaughterhouse. 

Understands that any sort of cooperation which creates a situation where you have to depend on the will of others (or their conscience, kindness, generosity and pity) so you can either (a) Provide and Care for your family and loved ones, (b) Keep your family safe and secure, (c) Keep your People safe and secure, or (d) Keep your Country safe and secure, then you are, in effect, pro-actively contributing  to your own enslavement and demise as well as that of those whom you seek to provide for and protect.

Is acutely aware that he is already part of something much bigger than himself (a part of this grand, majestic, and beautiful Universe we call "Creation"), thus has no need to neglect, set aside or  piss and shit on the Awesome Gift of Intelligence given to ALL human beings by our Creator just so he can subordinate himself to the whims, ignorance, stupidities, superstitions, carnal nature, primitive, barbaric and savage instincts of a bunch of bloodthirsty and murderous cannibals, gangsters, sociopaths, psychopaths, and morons suffering from Intellectual Stagnation and Retardation. 

Supremely Understands that the sole purpose of this Awesome Gift of Intelligence bestowed on ALL humans is to enable all of mankind - each and every single one of us - to put such intelligence to use in a Collaborative (instead of a slave-master-moron) environment toward a just and noble quest for Human Evolution and a More Prosperous Life for ALL instead of just a privileged few.   (A splendid opportunity for our progeny  to eventually travel side by side with our Creator throughout the Cosmos in order to marvel at and enjoy the beauty of its splendor.)

How Do We Become Collaborators?

Unfortunately, this is the most difficult question to answer for the simple reason that this is something that you can learn only by doing.    However,  that being said,  "in the process of doing," you are going to come across the following:   a bunch of charlatans - who don't know the difference between an asshole and a hole in the ground :: clowns with huge smiles and grins from ear to ear pretending to be your friends and fellow Collaborators - while trying to put you back in chains and handcuffs ::  roaches with large wings dressed up as butterflies - but unwilling to come out and be seen in the open in broad daylight and unable to fly :: plenty of moths pretending to be butterflies - but unwilling and unable to come out and fly in broad daylight.   

In other words,  prepare yourself for the variety of vile, jealous and resentful creatures that you will certainly come across during your "only by doing" journey.   In the process, you will learn how to put in place natural, effective and fool-proof barriers designed to automatically screen and repel these creatures and keep them at bay.

As well, be prepared to learn a whole lot about yourself (for the simple reason that you are going to see a lot of yourself in many of these vile creatures that you are bound to encounter)  during your journey to become a Bona Fide CollaboratorIn a strange, twisted and ironic way, these vile creatures will play a very critical and useful role in your education and quest to become a genuine and bona fide Collaborator.

Where You Can Begin Your Bona Fide Collaborator Journey 

Although my first tendency is to recommend that you read a good number of documents I have written on that subject,  however, the aggregate of my collaborator evangelist experience of  25+ years; my old age; my never ending search for wisdom; and my knowledge of human nature dictate otherwise. 

Why?   The answer is very simple:   It's just too heavy a burden and too taxing on the mind for the average person to take the time to read and  understand hundreds of documents and then try to immediately put into practice something that took over four decades to learn and refine.  Humans, as well as all of nature's creation and elements, are naturally conditioned to follow the path of least resistance.

In this particular instance, the path of least resistance for an aspiring bona fide Collaborator can be found in the following initiatives and organizations in order of ease of introduction:
  • Distinguished Member (Collaborator on Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System project) at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium. 
The above list represents only a very small sample of initiatives that you can begin to collaborate on - just the tip of the iceberg.

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

About Author:  Pierre Coupet, Q of VOM and Founder of VOMI (Virtual Organization Management Institute), VOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVOMI Global Think Tank, and Virtual Organization Recruiter :: Founder of the modern Virtual Organization Management and Virtual Organization Recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997 :: Founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives :: Architect of The New Virtual Organization World and the "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System" :: Curator of The New Virtual Organization World Collection and Memorable Quotes of Pierre Coupet Collection

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Friday, May 18, 2018

How Much Would It Cost to Create a Superintelligent AI with 100% Human Capabilities?

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

How much would it cost to create a superintelligent AI with 100% human capabilities?

The simple answer is that nobody knows.   However, we can all guesstimate and, that being said, your guess is as good as mine.   Of course, before I give you mine, I am sure you must be wondering how this subject came about and why it matters.   My answer will come toward the end of this article. 

So here is my guesstimate:

AI Operating System

With respect to just software costs, according to Matt Mahoney's draft paper "The Cost of AI" dated March 27, 2013  "we estimate that the human genome is similar in complexity to 300 million lines of code, or $30 billion." 

Just think of the human genome as a "Computer Operating System" for humans although it is perhaps a trillion times more powerful and sophisticated than any computer operating system that we know of. 

AI Programs and Applications

However, as we all know, a computer with just an operating system is basically useless.   You need to install on top of that operating system a bunch of programs and applications that perform many different types of functions.    The same can be said for an AI.    Therefore, the total cost of these programs and applications could dwarf the cost of the operating system itself.

And in the case of one AI, that means the estimated $30 billion it costs to design a human genome equivalent could be increased 100 to 1000-fold (anywhere from $3 trillion to $30 trillion dollars) when you start to factor in the various programs and applications that you want to develop for that AI.

Thus, at a minimum, the total cost of AI Programs and Applications comes to $3 trillion.

AI Hardware

When it comes to hardware, since we are talking about 100% human capabilities, although we lack the technology to develop an AI with the human body's 244 degrees of freedom - the most I've seen on the internet range anywhere from 20-34 degrees of freedom costing a total amount of $3 million - I will go out on a limb and estimate that this amount could easily increase 1000-fold to a tune of  around $3 billion to purchase on the open market an AI with 244 degrees of freedom once the technology has been perfected by a third-party.   That is just for degrees of freedom.   (That amount does not include all the design and development costs by such third-party.)

If you factor in all the other hardware design and development costs for all other functions and capabilities of a similar human body,  the total AI Hardware Cost could easily rival, if not exceed, the cost of the AI Operating System + AI Programs and Applications for just one AI ::  an amount which comes to ($30 billion + $3 trillion) $3.3 trillion.  

Total Research and Development Costs of  One (1) AI

At a minimum, we are talking about  $30 billion for the AI Operating System +  $3 trillion for AI Programs and Applications  + $3.3 trillion for AI Hardware (including all research and development costs) :: an amount which comes to a grand total of $6.6 trillion for one AI.

Net Unit Production Cost per AI

Of course, once you have incurred the basic costs for one AI,  I will just speculate that the cost to create and program another AI would drop significantly due to the significant number of fixed and non-recurring expenses.  Using the most conservative estimate I can think of, I can imagine the actual unit production cost per AI to be around 10% of the Total R&D Cost of One AI  ($6.6 trillion) taking into account that knowledge, intelligence and the universe are continually expanding :: an amount which comes to $60 billion per AI with Human Level Intelligence and capabilities.

Here Is the Answer You've Been Waiting For

With respect to the question :: "How did this subject come about and why does it matter?" ::  I am now in a much better position to answer:

As you are reading this article this very minute and second, thousands of scientists worldwide are working on the "Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence" which is:  Building an AI with 100% Human Level Intelligence and capabilities.     An AI with YOUR capabilities (I am assuming you are a human being who is now reading this article).

These scientists are trying to duplicate YOUR intelligence, YOUR capabilities, YOUR biology, YOUR chemistry, etc.   And since YOU are so special and such a technological marvel, it may take hundreds if not thousands of years for them to be able to create such AI.

Moreover, even if these scientists could develop such AI tomorrow or in the very near future, just in terms of today's dollars or other fiat currencies, it would cost them about $60 billion to create someone like YOU. 

In other words, as of today's date and in terms of USD (US currency), at a very minimum,  every single human being born on planet Earth is worth at least $60 billion.   YOU are worth  at least US $60 billion.   YOU are the Holy Grail that all these scientists are trying to discover and recreate in an AI.   That is how precious YOU are!  That is how intelligent YOU are!  That is how powerful YOU are!

Here Is the Truth That No One Wants to Hear

Although the human race has been endowed with such an awesome, amazing and beautiful gift of Intelligence and Unlimited Human Evolution Potential,  to date, as I write this very minute, second and millisecond, this knowledge of how special we truly are has been kept secret  from nearly all humans, since time immemorial,  by a very tiny group of Dark, Frigid and Frightened Souls who are afraid of losing their firm grip on mankind.

Instead, humans have been used as servants, slaves and animals, and continue to be treated as such, in one form or another.  Expendable beasts to be used as cannon fodder by a bunch of gangsters, sociopaths and psychopaths in their perpetual and never-ending false flag operations as well as wars of conquests and genocides.   Creatures to be dumbed down and manipulated for whatever reasons or purposes.   Creatures to be put behind bars and cages, desensitized, stripped of their dignity by perverted penal guards in the form of deep cavity searches, regimented, isolated, chained, manacled, terrified, raped by guards and fellow inmates,  experimented on, gassed,  electrocuted in electric chairs or hanged within the confines of barbed-wire fences and walls of penitentiaries, gulags, extraordinary rendition centers, torture spas, Gitmos, and other hell on earth facilities.

Creatures to be discarded, destroyed or disposed of when they either resist or no longer fit some nefarious organization, powers-that-be or someone else's  sinister agenda.  Creatures who are fed just enough knowledge and information through a wicked propaganda machine, moronic educational system and a slave-master-moron workforce in order to perform the minimal tasks they have been or will be assigned.

Creatures who are taught that they need to be cared for;  watched over and regulated by someone else, some group, some entity, some institution, or some deity;  and that, when left on their own and to their own devices,  anarchy will become the order of the day, their lives will be in danger and become chaotic, meaningless and worthless;  thus will have no purpose in life or reason to live and, in all likelihood, will not be able to survive on their own.
The typical "the majority rules" Smoke and Mirrors game ::  the "Give up your freedom for your safety and security" Con game ::  the "Give up your individual power and submit to the power of the State for The Greater Good" Extortion Racket game :: the "Only the State has a monopoly over the use of force" Madness :: the "Strength in unity" Bullshit that you are programmed to believe in and accept from the time of birth :: the "You are nothing without the team" Fallacy :: or the Insane and Moronic "You need a leader to guide you" concept. 
Hence the reason for the Nation-State, the large conglomerates and multinational corporations, the supranational institutions, and all the other societal organs whose role is to maintain a firm grip on humans and regulate their behavior.

Creatures who are taught that the marvels of human brilliance and ingenuity they are able to witness with their own eyes are an aberration of nature which is strictly confined to a special group of people: The Chosen People :: and that they themselves are NOT that chosen people.   Thus they, The Regular People, must contend with their mediocre lot in life since it is their manifest destiny.

Creatures who are today enslaved by a Global Financial System which is specifically designed to keep them as follows: in a perpetual state of  Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty, Insecurity, Modern Indentured Servitude,  Slavery, Intellectual Retardation and Intellectual Stagnation :: bogged down  in Ad Nauseam Arguments, Propositions, Concepts and Initiatives designed to distract them and keep them drowning in a Sea of  Ignorance and Stupidity :: engaged in Ad Infinitum Conflicts, Violence,  Butchery, Wholesale Destruction and Wars :: all in order to prevent them from ever realizing Who They Truly Are:   Intelligent Beings with an almost Infinite Evolution Potential. 

Creatures who are taught from birth that Money Is Worth Just About Everything :: Money Is Your God :: You Need Money to Survive :: You Need Money to Prosper :: You Need Money to Gain Power :: You Need Money for Protection and Security :: You Need Money to Gain Adulation, Fame, and Respect :: You Need Money to Be Successful :: You Need Money to Influence Others :: You Need Money to Have Followers :: You Need Money to Build Things ::  and You Need Money for Anything Else that You Want to Accomplish. 

In short, you need money for everything and, without money,  YOU are not worth anything at all! 
Thus the necessity for you to do anything and everything that you can in order to acquire money:  For Basic Survival Needs as well as for Self-Esteem ::  To Gain Power and Fame ::  and To Accomplish Anything Else of Value and Importance.  
And nowhere will you find any individual, government or institution acknowledge or promote the fact that, at a minimum,  YOU are worth $60 billion  ::  YOU are the God of Money (instead of money being your god) :: YOU need your Intelligence to Survive :: YOU need your Intelligence to Prosper :: YOU are, in your own right, already a POWER OF ONE!  ::  YOU need to rely on your Intelligence for Protection and Security ::  YOU are too Intelligent to have a need for Adulation and Fame (that falls in the domain of morons) :: YOU only Have a Need to Respect Yourself and Others ::   YOU only have a need for Collaborators willing to use their Intelligence - NOT Followers  - and that these Collaborators Don't Require Money to use their Intelligence ::  YOU need your Intelligence to Build Things :: and YOU need  to use your Intelligence for Anything Else that You Want to Accomplish. 

But the truth is, YOU need your intelligence for everything and, without your Intelligence,  YOU are not worth much at all!    

Here Is the Truth that No One Can Handle

Hopefully, you are now getting a clear picture as to why The Status Quo :: that very tiny group of Dark, Frigid and Frightened Souls who control the current  Global Financial System :: doesn't want you to know Who YOU Really Are and What YOU Are Truly Worth and the sort of misconstrued danger  they perceive that YOUR Intelligence represents to them.

Think about this for just a couple of seconds:  

Why would anyone want to use a $60 billion superintelligent AI to only do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division;  to clean toilets;  to wipe tables and sweep floors;  to flip burgers;  to be unplugged and locked up in cages or behind bars; to be in chains;  to be unplugged and stored in some warehouse just gathering dust;  to destroy many other $60 billion superintelligent AI beings;  to be destroyed by the millions on a battlefield for some willy-nilly, asinine, nonsensical, stupid, moronic and just plain evil reasons?   Does that make any sense at all?

And if you knew how superintelligent and powerful you are, would you use your intelligence to only do simple mathematical calculations?  If you knew you were worth at least $60 billion, would you sit idly by and starve while waiting for aid from charitable organizations?  Would you wait for (or make a request to) a government to provide you with welfare benefits in order to survive?  Would you accept a $7 per hour / day / or month  job  ::depending on which country you live in:: to clean toilets or wipe tables and sweep floors?  Would you blindly follow the command of another superintelligent AI to go out there and slaughter other superintelligent AI beings strictly on a bullshit tip?   If you walked into a room and someone had placed a stash of money worth a total of $1 billion in a corner of the room and a superintelligent AI in another corner of the room and then asked you to pick one of the two: the $1 billion or the superintelligent AI, would you choose the $1 billion?     If someone had asked you the question, "What makes the world go round - money or people?" would you answer, "Money makes the world go round!"  Would you represent a threat to your fellow superintelligent AI?  The answer to each question is, of course not!

The point being, if you knew for a fact that you are indeed a superintelligent AI, you would have never done any of these things for the simple reason that "you'd  really have to be a moron and a very primitive and barbaric savage" to do any of these things.  You couldn't possibly be using your superintelligent  capabilities.  You would have to be in a complete comatose state and operating in "zombie" mode in order for that to happen, thus unaware of who you really are and what you are truly worth.      

In essence,  as I have clearly illustrated, our Global Financial System is designed to maintain the Status Quo and prevent  Human Evolution from ever taking place. 

Now the Saddest Part of All

And the saddest part of it all is that, no matter how loud I and a few others shout out this message from the rooftops, The Status Quo knows that it has such a firm grasp on all humans that all these messages will fall on deaf earsthat nothing will change and that they have absolutely nothing at all to fear or worry about.   And as much as I hate to admit it, the history of mankind proves They Are Right!

As well, I am perfectly aware that there are, at the very most, only about 100 people on this entire planet who have the intellectual capacity to understand that they are in fact enslaved in more ways than one (by other slaves who have been programmed to maintain the status quo);  that they are indeed Intelligent Beings and A Power of One;  that they are the master of their own destiny; and that their fate rests in their own hands.  

In essence, this means that out of the thousands of prospective readers of this article, there is a strong probability that NOT EVEN ONE of them will be able to understand the meaning and purpose of this article and, most importantly, how to proceed.   In fact, many may even take offense at the message being conveyed since it strikes at the very core of their existence and belief system and they are not at all inclined, predisposed or prepared to engage in the sort of deep introspection and self-awakening that this message is intended to spur in the mind of each reader.

Time to Play the Devil's Advocate

For those of you who are familiar with the number of initiatives that VOMI is engaged in through a number of consortia and other entities,  one of the questions you may have in mind or are bound to ask is:
Since you are already aware of the power of the human potential and are strictly focused on Collaborating with other Intelligent Beings (Humans who are similarly aware and also share your philosophy),  then why charge an annual consortium or other membership dues to prospective Intelligent Beings who may want to Collaborate with you or be a part of your team?    
The answer is very simple:    
1.   For starters, regardless as to whether or not any individual can afford to incur such membership dues out-of-pocket,  they are specifically prohibited from doing so. Only organizations  and governments are allowed to join a Consortium or other membership body.  At which point, they may designate a specific individual to represent the organization or government on the appropriate membership body.  
Why is that?  That's because our message dissemination approach for this world of Intelligent Beings, The New Virtual Organization World, calls for large organizations with sufficient resources who are looking to leverage, through the consortium or other membership body,  the substantial amount of capital and human resources they have already invested in their operations,  as well as the substantial knowledge and avalanche of new opportunities we will share and make available to them,  in order to gain new markets and greatly expand their operations.    
This approach is designed to speed up the process and timetable in order to bring us that much closer to making The New Virtual Organization World and Human Evolution a reality and dream come true for all of mankind instead of just a privileged few.   As well, it gives us an opportunity to win a few converts along the way.      
2.   Therefore,  I, specifically, would have to be totally brain dead to automatically assume that the Distinguished Member representatives of such organizations or governments would somehow magically and miraculously transform into Intelligent Beings the minute of their appointment by their organization or government. 
What this means is that we will have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, (a Herculean task, to say the least)  as we undergo the process and task of introducing a bunch of  very primitive and barbaric humans to the alien concept that humans are in fact "Intelligent Beings with an almost  Infinite  Evolution  Potential"  instead of being this bunch of  slaves,  primitive and barbaric savages that we are constantly portrayed as, as well as programmed to believe in and manifest.   Thus the reason why we require and insist that membership participation for all members must be on a full-time basis. 
Therefore, we have absolutely no intention to donate our intelligence, knowledge, intellectual property, time and efforts to any organization or government. 
Moreover, regardless of the amount of the dues any such consortium or membership body may charge now and in the near or distant future for our knowledge, expertise and stewardship, the benefits we provide to these organizations  (an entire coastline) 
far outweigh such dues (a grain of sand) by a factor of 1 trillion to 1.
3.    Now let me deal with this hypothetical:   Even if we were to also leave our doors wide open to individuals who are Intelligent Beings and we wisely forfeited the membership dues since we prefer the contribution of their Intelligence,  but with barely 100 Intelligent Beings out of a total of 8 billion people on planet Earth, how in hell would we know whether, in fact,  we are dealing with an Intelligent Being instead of just another primitive, barbaric and savage Human who may have ulterior motives for joining us and for how long?    
Short of quickly traveling into the future in order to make sure that a person is indeed an Intelligent Being and sincere in joining us,  we would have absolutely no way of distinguishing one Human from one Intelligent Being.   Therefore, that would NOT be an "Intelligent" thing to do at all and I would have to remove myself from that list of 100 Intelligent Beings.   
Now here is a little confession for you:   Once upon a time prior to my own Human Evolution, back in my primitive and barbaric savage days, I did indeed make several such attempts, only to experience the nightmares of many lifetimes.   In other words, "been there, done that," and there are millions of reasons for such outcomes, however,  they fall  outside the scope of this document. 
4.   I saved the best for last.   Last but not least, for all enlightened individuals out there who are now reading this article and truly  understand what this is all about;  if  this message truly and deeply resonates within you or merely confirms what you've known or suspected all along but were reluctant to openly articulate and espouse it out of fear of being ridiculed or ostracized by family members, friends, colleagues and associates or of being confined to a mental asylum;  and you are also sick and tired of living the life of, as well as being surrounded by,  a bunch of morons, slaves, primitive and barbaric savages; and you want an opportunity to begin to make the transition to an  Intelligent Being with an almost  Infinite  Evolution  Potential;    YOU now have an opportunity to find an organization or government to sponsor your participation on a consortium or other membership body.  
Time to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

In conclusion, as the old saying goes,  Action speaks louder than words.  The doors to a new world with limitless possibilities and opportunities are now firmly within your reach.   I have written hundreds of articles and comments on the VOMI Blog and numerous social networks over the past 20+ years regarding this new civilized world, The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

As well, being the founder and architect of these various consortia and other entities, the person you will initially be exposed to, everything that you need to know about my personal philosophy and worldview is also available online, many of which are articulated in Memorable Quotes of Pierre Coupet.   In short,  there are no mysteries with respect to the principles I hold dear and will not deviate from should you deem it beneficial, mentally uplifting and immensely rewarding to join others of like mind who are so inclined to bravely chart a new course for humanity and Human Evolution.

The rest is really up to you.

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

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