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You Are NOT White, Black, Brown, Minority, Racist, Privileged or Disadvantaged

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

You are NOT White, Black, Brown, Minority, Racist, Privileged, Civilized, Superior or Inferior.  NOR are you Intelligent, Rich, Wealthy, SuccessfulStrong, Powerful, Royalty, a Criminal, a Terrorist, a Drug Lord, a Drug Trafficker, a Money Launderer, a Freedom Fighter,  a Patriot, a Hero, a Libertarian,  a Philanthropist, a Philosopher, a Master, a Slave, a Serf, a Servant, Poor, Dumb, Ignorant, Lower-Class, Underprivileged,  a Failure, Weak, Disadvantaged, Disenfranchised, Downtrodden, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transvestite, American, Russian, Chinese, Haitian, European, African, Asian, Latin American, Indigenous, a Native, an Atheist,  Religious,  a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu,  Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Liberal,  Conservative, Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Socialist, Communist, Globalist, Internationalist, Democrat, Republican, a Dictator, or Judge.
These are merely lines, routines and sub-routines of a set of Narratives which govern the conduct of  Human Beings wherever they may reside in the multiverse.  
Who You Really Are

You ARE a member of one of the 4 Domains of Organisms consisting the Tree of Life: 

  • Domain #1.  Archaea   ||  Single-Celled Organisms
  • Domain #2.   Bacteria  ||  Single-Celled Organisms 
  • Domain #3.   Eukarya  ||  Multicellular Organisms 
  • Domain #4.   Yet Undefined || Plasmatic  Organisms

This Tree of Life is an Intelligence governed by One Primary Operating System (its own Narrative) from which springs an infinite amount of  Open Source Operating Systems (endless amount of Sub-Narratives).

And as it stands today, this very minute and second, it's prudent to say that anyone reading this document belongs to the Eukarya domain of organisms and is governed by one of these Open Source Operating Systems (Sub-Narratives)  which dictate the conduct of ALL  Human Beings on planet Earth.
An Open Source Operating System (one of these Sub-Narratives) which is in dire need of a complete overhaul or replacement so that  Human Beings can make the transition to Intelligent Beings and thus bring about the dawn of Human Evolution.
It is indeed this Open Source Operating System (Sub-Narrative) which leads us to believe All These Things That We Are NOT.   Thus relegating ALL Human Beings, from time immemorial to this very second, to thinking, behaving and living like a bunch of PABS ("Primitive And Barbaric Savages").

What We Are

That being the case, with respect to humans, the question then becomes:   If we are NOT who or what we either think, or have been led to believe, that we are, then Who and What Are We?

A question I am more than pleased to answer:   We are leaves, branches and roots of the Tree of Life,  this Supreme Intelligence which consists of all known and unknown domains of organisms, including viruseswherever they may reside in the multiverse. 

Therefore, by extrapolation, we are indeed Intelligent Beings In-Progress who have yet to discover our roots as well as understand and believe in the true nature and power of our potential.   However, that being said,  when it comes to such realization,  the progress that we've made thus far in the pursuit of such discovery is NOT even equivalent to a single grain of sand on a large beach. 

I am clearly aware that some of you would beg to differ and point out the scientific and technological progress made by mankind over the last couple of centuries.   Ouch, as much as I hate to disappoint you or rain on your scientific and technological progress parade,  such advances do not even come close to meeting the "single grain of sand on a large beach" progress benchmark.

Meeting the "Single Grain of Sand On a Large Beach" Benchmark

As to what would even come close to meeting that "single grain of sand on a large beach" benchmark, let me spare you the agony of trying to figure it out.  That time will come about on the very day that you realize and truly understand that your entire existence, mankind's entire existence, has been based on this Open Source Operating System (Sub-Narrative) for ALL Human Beings. 
A Sub-Narrative designed to appeal to our very worst human instincts (e.g., envy, avarice, greed, fear, idiocy, apathy, willful ignorance, stupidity and superstition)  and which is based on lies, bedtime stories,  smoke and mirrors, deception, make believe, telltales, and figments of our very own primitive human imagination.    
A Sub-Narrative fashioned from an infinite number of iterations over the course of millions to billions of years - with each iteration being presented as either an innovation,  something completely brand new, or a great improvement over prior conventions, norms, designs, conditions and settings.  Although the end result always turns out to be The Same Old Shit. 
As the old saying goes, "Control the Narrative, Control the World."  And thus far, there has never been a shortage of volunteers (sociopaths, psychopaths, liars, thieves, con artists, and bloodthirsty murderers without an ounce of conscience or regard for human life) willing to step up to the plate in order to control the narrative.     They have done a pretty good job at keeping  not only the world in a state of turmoil and mayhem but also all human beings, including themselves,  in a state of perpetual slavery and servitude. 

Once we are able to come to such realization, then and only then will we be able to fashion a Brand New Sub-Narrative which will allow us to shed :: day by day, minute by minute, one by one, piece by piece, line by line, routine and sub-routine by routine and sub-routine ::  all the vestiges of our current Sub-Narrative which keeps such a deep stranglehold on mankind and has relegated us all to the following status: a bunch of PABS ("Primitive And Barbaric Savages") with absolutely NO redeeming values. 
To understand the merits behind such harsh condemnation of the entire human race, I invite you to explore Treatise On Political Evolution(Not now, read it later in your spare time - it's over 300 pages.)
Signal of The Dawn of Human Evolution

However, that being said, in order to Fashion a  Brand New Sub-Narrative, it is critical for each and every single one of us to know and understand in very concrete terms, the specific actions to be taken and by whom,  the sort of results we envision,  a realistic time frame and, most importantly, how the confluence and congruence of all these things and events will take us one step further in our drive toward making the transition from Human Beings to Intelligent Beings.
We don't have to be accurate in our assessments, however, we do have to be "honest" with ourselves as well as be willing to admit that although we don't have all the answers,  no amount of effort will be spared in order to find the answers that we need so we can accomplish our objectives.       

When that time comes, this will signal the Dawn of Human Evolution.  As to what this new world of Intelligent Beings will be like, Click Here for details. 

If you weren't able to understand what you just read, Click Here to find out why.

In Conclusion

If, by some miracle or providence,  you were able to read and understand the content of this article;  then  I invite you to introduce yourself   in order to begin this discussion on how we can begin to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being as well as chart a path on the road to Human Evolution.   

Let Us Manifest!

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