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Sanity Is the Conformity to Insanity and Absurdities


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What makes a person, thought, idea, event or occurrence (i.e., any proposition) sane?   

The answer is very simple:  A proposition is deemed to be sane whenever when we have been conditioned and programmed over a relative period of time to accept it as such and conform to it.   

Thus, any proposition that we have not been conditioned and programmed to accept over a relative period of time and conform to is judged to be insane.  

In turn, the resulting contradictions between our understanding of what is sane and insane give rise to what we call "the absurdities of life."   

Therefore, sanity, insanity, and the absurdities of life are inextricably tied together and form the basis of what we call our "worldview of human existence."

Thus, it can be said that the absurdities of life are the ingredients which lie between the two slices of sanity and insanity in order to form our "worldview of human existence" sandwich.  

Therefore, it can be said that our worldview of human existence sandwich consists of  the absurdities of life ingredients wedged between the two slices of sanity and insanity. 

What Difference Does It Make?

Once you understand the difference between Sanity and Insanity, 
  • Then and only then, can you begin to make sense of the world around you and the world that you live in.    
  • Then and only then, can you begin to understand the role that Conditioning and Programming for Acceptance and Conformity to any Proposition play in your current worldview of human existence.   
  • Then and only then, will you be able to observe in living color the process by, and the extent to,  which you are being conditioned and programmed to accept and conform to any proposition - like a conscious patient undergoing brain surgery without any sort of anesthesia. 
  • Then and only then, will you be able to begin to question every single narrative that was used to condition and program you.
  • Then and only then, can you begin to rid your mind of all the shackles as well as shed all the vestiges of human slavery.   
  • Then and only then, you can begin to use your own intelligence in order to make the transition from Human Being (i.e., a slave, biological machine, infantile, primitive, barbaric and savage) to Intelligent Being. 
  • Then and only then, can you begin to understand the difference between Cooperation and Collaboration.     
At which point, you can begin to embark on the road to Human Evolution.  

What Is the Big Deal About Human Evolution?

That is the only way for human beings to get off  The Hamster Wheel of Human History.  The article Let Us Manifest! provides a great deal of insight into the reasons why.   

Let Us Manifest!

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