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Response to Seth Bradford Wagenman On Artificial Intelligence

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The following is a comment by Seth Bradford Wagenman,  Deputy Chief, Mobility Force Structures Division,  Air Mobility Command Directorate of Analyses, Assessments, and Lessons Learned, United States Air Force,  in response to my posting in the Intern World group on Linkedin:  The Future Awaits You:   Artificial Intelligence with Human Level Intelligence   ::  https://tinyurl.com/ycrcsf23 ::  

Judgment is not something a machine can do. It has to be programmed by someone with judgment, and that person’s judgment is encoded in the machine. How far down this rabbit trail would you like to go? I have a 3-page paper I would love for you to read which explains that willingness to act cannot exist without a willingness to accept loss. That is the essence of judgment, where the call has to be made by someone with moral agency...if you disagree, would you be willing to read my paper before you rebut my thesis?
I don't normally respond to comments with an article, however, since Seth's response was motivated by his desire to pursue an internship with a non-profit organization in the Dayton, Ohio area during the period August 2019 through February 1, 2020, an educational requirement;  and it struck at the philosophical core of the article;  I thought I would make an exception this time around.     As well, I suspect the fact that I am a United States Air Force veteran also played a subliminal part in it. 

Here is my response to Seth:

Your statement implies that humans are not machines, that humans are not programmed by someone with judgment, and that person's judgment is not encoded in humans. That human actions are based on a willingness to accept loss, something that machines are incapable of.   And that a judgment call must be made by someone with "moral" agency.

Well, I was programmed by my dad, whose judgment is encoded in me, to learn how to make a point without the need or urge to defend it. Those who agree with my point are certainly welcome to give me some accolades. Those who disagree with my point or hold opposing viewpoints are also welcome to hold on to their beliefs for the simple reason that we are not all programmed and identically encoded by the same programmer.

My programmer's reasoning was very simple: L'idee d'un homme est son Dieu. (The literal translation: "A man's idea is his God".) Thus the reason why one should never attempt to pry a man or woman away from his God. No amount of discourse under the sun, however spirited and entertaining it may be, will do.  Live and let live.

That notwithstanding, thanks a million for giving me an opportunity to further expand my thoughts on that subject. You are a gentleman and a scholar. As well, you are always welcome to share your thoughts and ideas with anyone without permission.  My contact information is listed below.   As well,  we can be connected on Linkedin.   I am sufficiently programmed to discern information which may be intended to re-program me (and pry me away from my God).  

Best wishes in securing an internship in the Dayton area and in your upcoming retirement.  Take good care and stay in touch.

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