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The Fictional Narrative of a Rules-Based International Order


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Careening blindly at lightning speed toward an inevitable Nuclear War with "clearly intended" consequences smacks of hubris and total insanity.  

In the event you are thinking, "But Pierre, if such nuclear war is inevitable, then is it logical for me to conclude that there is nothing that I can do about it and thus am helpless to affect the outcome in any way, shape or form," my answer is:  Yes, you are correct!   

However, that being said, this article is NOT intended to prevent this incoming nuclear war.   Rather, it seeks to address the choices and decisions ALL of mankind will have to consider and make in the immediate aftermath of such conflagration and how we can all move forward.

However, prior to going over these choices and decisions, I know that most of you are wondering why I am so sure that this nuclear war is inevitable.   

The answer is extremely simple:   This has absolutely nothing to do with prophecy, manifest destiny, access to some reliable insider sources, or some unique ability to predict the future.  

In other words, that is no different than stating that [2 + 2 = 4] or me making the following statement:  Tomorrow, the sun will rise in the east, and set in the west.   

Obviously, such statement is based strictly on observation over a period of millennia; and has nothing to do with mathematics, rocket science or any sort of supernatural powers.  

Thus, let me now proceed to explain why I am so sure that this coming nuclear war is inevitable:

Reason #1.  The History of Mankind Is Written In Blood    

We are a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages (PABS) who have never enjoyed for even one minute any uninterrupted era or relative period of calm, harmony, peace, Collaboration, and prosperity.

This permanent state of affairs has always been the result of a Rules-Based International Order since time immemorial. 

Reason #2.  A Constant and Perpetual Struggle for Hegemony

The history of mankind is rife with conflicts and wars of conquest based on the concept of Might Is Right and Manifest Destiny.   In fact, such concept lies at the core and foundation of every single Local, Regional and International Political, Military, Economic and Scientific Alliance; government; regional power; world power; empire and dynasty since time immemorial.  

To deny this concept is tantamount to the height of hypocrisy, ignorance, stupidity, moronicity and mental retardation.

Mankind inherited this concept from our ape ancestors, a bunch of PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savages) who had a need to govern on the basis of a Rules-Based International Order. 

Reason #3.  Slavery is the Only Form of Governance that Mankind Has Ever Been Exposed To

Slavery is all that the human race has ever known.  It is enshrined in the cloak of constitutions, executive orders, so-called laws and under color of law ::: and emanates from the following:

  • A smorgasbord of ideologies (e.g., democracy, communism, autocracy, dictatorship, theocracy, fascism, etc.) and dogmas ranging across every single imaginable spectrum and platform of human civilization.
  • A smorgasbord of religions and belief systems encompassing every single aspect of human existence.
  • An avalanche of legislations, mandates, restrictions, sanctions, fines, fees, taxes, extortions and coercion.
  • Government seizures, confiscations and thefts of personal property, financial and economic assets, and all other forms of possession.
  • All manners of deprivation, including the right to make a living in a chosen profession.
  • State restrictions to freedom of religion, association, movement, thought, speech and expression as well as freedom from invasive and unwanted bodily intrusions.
  • State violence in the form of psychological and mental abuse, sensory deprivation, physical abuse, rapes, physical confinement, beatings, unwanted and invasive bodily intrusions, rectal feeding, physical torture, death, physical restrictions to mobility, and geographic restrictions. 
Slavery which is further compounded, aided and abetted by all corporate entities and other institutions  operating under the jurisdiction or aegis of governments worldwide; in coordination with the complicity or acquiescence of the so-called powers-that-be and the general public, respectively, out of a need or natural instinct for self-interest, self-preservation, greed, fear, stupidity, ignorance and willful ignorance. 

The credit for mankind's permanent state of subjugation, barbarity, savagery and mental retardation belongs to none other than our obsession with the need for a Rules-Based International Order.   

Reason #4.  Mankind's Addiction to Misery and Violence Due to Sla-Mas-Moron Virus   

We are literally addicted to misery and violence for the simple reason that each and every single human being on this planet has the "Sla-Mas-Moron Virus" embedded in our DNA.  (See December 14, 2015 article A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders for details - NOT now, very long article.)  

That means, out of a total of 8 billion people on planet Earth, the slave-master-moron effect of the Sla-Mas-Moron virus guarantees that only a small number of people (about 800 self-anointed and appointed Masters) gets to decide the fate of all remaining human beings (over 7+ billion Slaves) on this planet who are entrusted with certain responsibilities or assigned to carry out their duties like a bunch of Morons.   

Hence the reason for the fitting name and description:  Sla-Mas-Moron Virus.  

Mankind's obsession with a Rules-Based International Order is based purely (100%) on the effect of the Sla-Mas-Moron Virus embedded in our DNA. 

Reason #5.   Throughout the Entire History of Mankind, We Have Never Learned How to Lead Ourselves

Why does that matter, you might ask?  The answer is as clear as daylight:  It matters a great deal for the simple reason that, your Masters :::  the World Leaders whom we rely on to decide the fate of mankind and whose actions have already led to the Beginning of World War 3 :::  are currently on an inexorable course toward the annihilation of the majority of the global population.

And since we have never learned how to lead ourselves, that means we have absolutely no way and no one to replace them at this critical juncture in the history of mankind.   

The bottom line is this:  The entire human race is on board a runaway train run by a conductor who has lost his mental faculties and there is no one on board who knows how to run a train.   Moreover, regardless of whom would want to step up to the plate and assume control of the train, that person would not be able to change the fate of all the train passengers.   The time to learn how to run a train has long come and gone.  The only thing that the passengers can do is to hold on to whatever it is that they can get their hands on, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. 

In the interim, we (i.e., the entire human race) are being purposely deluded into thinking that World War 3 has not yet begun while we are in fact right in the middle of World War 3.   

What has NOT yet begun is the launch of nuclear weapons by the parties to this conflict which would, in turn, precipitate a Full-Blown Nuclear War between NATO and Russia and their allies.  At which point, every single country in the world would have no choice but to choose sides.  

Thus, your leaders are hoping that you lack the intelligence to understand the nuances between the Beginning of World War 3 and a full-blown Nuclear War.  However, that being said, it's not a matter of if, but when.   And when such full-blown nuclear war erupts, YOU will NOT be able to claim or pretend that you did not know that your PABS leaders were so foolish and insane to ever allow things to get to this point.

Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, your Masters are invoking the need for a Rules-Based International Order as an excuse or smokescreen for the recent launch of World War 3 and the inevitable launch of a Full-Blown Nuclear War which will certainly engulf most of humanity.  

Reason #6.  If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will

We have all heard at one point in our lives something which has to do with "The Law of Unintended Consequences."  Every single religion teaches us something to the effect that "Man proposes, God disposes."  As well, we have all heard the expression, "If anything can go wrong, it will." 

The point being, no matter how smart, wise, brilliant, and experienced that you perceive your leaders sitting in their ivory towers to be; and how powerful and invincible and exceptional your country is; and how easy it is for your leaders and allies to wreak havoc on others; it is impossible for anyone to predict the outcome. 

In other words, this stupid and childish game and charade that YOUR leaders are playing or engaged in, respectively, about NOT wanting to get directly involved in a war that is certain to lead to World War 3 while they are directly involved in the middle of World War 3 ::: which is guaranteed to lead to a Nuclear War :::  is NOT going to turn out so well for the entire human race. 

Things will go wrong and pointing the blame after the facts ::  at whomever or whoever it is that we want to :: will not do any of us any good.  

It will NOT bring back to us our father, mother, brother, sister, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, spouse, children, infants, pregnant mothers, grandchildren, other family members, close friends, friends, and associates.  

It will NOT rebuild our homes, cities, highways, and other infrastructure.  It will NOT restore the infrastructure of our current global civilization.  It will NOT clean up the air and remove the contamination in our environment.

The saddest part of it all is that ::: as it stands this very day, minute and second while you are reading this document :::  the very same people who stand to be annihilated as a result of this World War 3 that we now find ourselves right in the middle of, and ensuing inevitable Nuclear War :::  are the very same people who are clamoring for the enforcement of this fake and phony Rules-Based International Order.

Reason #7.  Last Call for Alcohol Syndrome

For those of us back in our wild and younger days while we were having the time of our life ::: who lacked the usual restraint and moderation of most bar and nightclub patrons ::: the most dreaded part of the evening was the familiar "Last Call for Alcohol."   

Ask any bartender, he would tell you that "there would always be this one customer" that they had to absolutely boot out of the bar or nightclub so that they could finally close the establishment.   For the simple reason that he lacked the good judgment and mental faculties to leave on his own volition.    

Well, when a customer is so drunk to a point where he has lost all sense of reality and just wants the party to continue regardless of the circumstances, what else can you expect?  

In a sense, that is what happens to dynasties, empires, regimes, world powers, superpowers, hegemons, all forms of government, ideologies, political unions, military alliances, associations and, by extension, their leaders.   They get so drunk with power and arrogance to a point where they lose all sense of reality and lack the good judgment and mental faculties to walk away from a situation or leave a scene on their own volition when they get that Last Call.  

Hence, they want the party to continue regardless of the circumstances. That is, of course, until some external force(s) steps in and forces them to step aside or make room for others.      

In essence, this beginning of World War 3 that we are right in the middle of this very minute is the result of this Last Call for Alcohol notice to the NATO Alliance and European Union.   

To underscore the importance and gravity of this Last Call for Alcohol notice, the world's most influential geopolitical leader of the 21st century, the 99-year-old Henry Kissinger, was tasked to deliver this message at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.    

He stated in clear and unequivocal terms that the window of opportunity for a diplomatic solution and peaceful resolution to this NATO-Russia conflict is a matter of months, NOT years.  Or else, Nuclear War is a real possibility or foregone conclusion.

However, that being said, the NATO Alliance and European Union believe that they have no other option but total victory or else the Russian Bear will run roughshod over them and make them pay a very steep and dear price for daring to poke and insult him.  Specifically, the US knows (not believes) that its prestige and power will be completely diminished if Russia is not totally vanquished.

Whereas Russia believes that it is facing an existential crisis which requires victory at all costs.  Thus, it cannot afford to back down after all the harms and insults which have been inflicted and leveled, respectively, against their country and leadership.   

Hence the reason why a Nuclear War is inevitable once World War 3 began.   In fact, both NATO and Russia are fully aware that World War 3 has already begun and that there is no way to put the Nuclear War genie back in the bottle.     

The Supreme Irony is that both parties are invoking a Rules-Based International Order as the basis for their steadfast refusal to move an inch away from their current position.  None of the parties can afford to lose face and crawl back into their own hole for the simple reason that they know how the real world works.       

Reason #8.  No Interference in the Affairs of Human Beings (PABS)

Although there is a very clear and simple solution to this tragicomedy, WE are NOT allowed to interfere in the affairs of human beings across the globe.  WE have to let things run their course.  That means we cannot take sides whether we want to or not.  Nor are WE allowed to do anything that would lead others to believe that WE have become part of the conflict.  The only thing we are able to do is offer solutions on how to move forward after all events in motion have already run their due course.  

Just in case you are wondering what I mean by "WE," this term only signifies "those of us who have embarked on the Road to Human Evolution."   That's all! 
In other words, we are not in communication with some sort of alien civilization or secret society.  Nor are we suffering from any delusion of grandeur.      

What's Wrong in Having a Rules-Based International Order?

With respect to this oft-used term, Rules-Based International Order, it's finally time for me to now address, so to speak, "the elephant in the room."  So, what's wrong in having a Rules-Based International Order?  

The term "Rules-Based International Order" is, by design, inherently deceptive and insulting to people's intelligence.  Its advocates assume that we are all blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid beyond measure - nothing but a bunch of morons.  

For the simple reason that, when 99.99% of human beings hear that term, they have a tendency to automatically associate it with a Global Entity or International Order operating under One Set of Rules that:

  • Are Fair to Everyone.
  • Are designed for Everyone to Follow.
  • Are designed to Instill Discipline and Bring Order to chaos in our lives. 
  • Are designed to Bring Clarity to our life, purpose and mission.
  • Are designed to Instill Cohesion and a Sense of Responsibility in the accomplishment of our mission. 
  • Are designed to Make Everyone Accountable for their actions.
However, as we all know, unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, that is NOT How The Real World Works.   We all live in a world of predators and prey, bullies, pirates, liars, charlatans, thieves, psychopaths, sociopaths, extortionists, people and nations who want you to bend to their will, hegemons, sanctionnaires, sanction freaks, sanction addicts, lapdogs, patsies, vassals, slaves, thugs, nasty and evil creatures without an ounce of conscience and remorse - where Might Is Right, etc.   And if you need me to tell you more about how the real world works, then stop reading this paper.  

This "Rules-Based International Order" term is deceptive from the standpoint that it is intended to prey on the very worst instincts of human beings:  fear, ignorance, willful ignorance, stupidity, lack of personal initiative to come up with answers to their own questions;  a need for masters:::in order to be led, protected and punished by them whenever they (their slaves) go astray; a preference for slavery:::to satisfy their need to be cared for:::to conform to edicts, dictates, orders, rules, mandates, etc. for the greater good:::simply out of fear:::or due to the need for self-preservation;  and last but not least, our primitive, barbaric and savage mentality. 

It is also designed to prey on the very best instincts of human beings:  our kindness, innocence, loving and caring spirit, gullibility, willingness to rally for a good cause, willingness to sacrifice for a good cause, willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, and a constant search for clarity in our life and the world around us.

The formula is very simple:  Prey on the very best instincts of human beings in order to make them commit the most horrible atrocities which require the use of their very worst instincts.   

That includes Man's Inhumanity to Man, Conquests Based On Manifest Destiny, Conquests Based On Racial Superiority, Genocides, Fratricidal Wars, Wars to End All Wars, Wars for so-called Democracy and Human Rights, Crusades, Holy Wars, Global Wars On Terror, Color Revolutions, Perpetual Invasions, Covert Wars, Proxy Wars, Wars for A New World Order, Wars for a One World Order,  World Wars and Nuclear Wars  - all in order to uphold a fake and phony Rules-Based International Order.

Moving Forward

Notwithstanding the fact that there is nothing that we can do now to prevent this Nuclear War from happening, nonetheless, we can begin to prepare ourselves for the aftermath so that mankind will never again be caught unprepared or feel helpless in the face of certain disaster.  

That means, we can now begin to learn what we need to know in order to prepare for or prevent another Armageddon or Apocalypse event:   Principled Leadership, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, and Building a Global Civilization Based On a Civilized World Financial System in order to embark on the Road to Human Evolution.

Next Step for Potential Collaborators

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Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:

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