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Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

What Is A Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives?  (Read it now if that is your very first time hearing about it.)

Now that you've had a chance to obtain a deep insight into the mission of a Distinguished Member of the League,  indulge me a bit as I digress for a brief (well, not so brief) moment in order to share with you a little fairy tale that will require some assistance from your own imagination.

Once I am done with the fairy tale,  I will proceed to go over some strategies that you can devise or implement in order to gain maximum benefit from your League membership.  

A Beautiful Fairy Tale

Imagine This For Just a Few Minutes:

YOU are a Galactic Spacefarer from a very advanced civilization.

During your travels,  you have just come across a very small planet out there in the universe called Hellish which is about the size of 10 American football fields -  with an approximate length and width of 3600 feet x 1600 feet.

All the inhabitants of  Hellish (the Hellishians) live in one huge mixed residential project and commercial Building which has 200 floors and an approximate height of 3000 feet.

From a distance out there in the solar system,  Hellish looks like a very beautiful and interesting place to visit.   However, as you land on the planet, the very first thing that you notice is a very strong and repugnant odor which smells like Stench.   The sort of stench whose source you just can't really identify and pinpoint.  It smells like a combination of fecal matter, rotten food, dead animals, swamp, and garbage from a public sewer.       

Each Floor has its own name and identity and is run by a separate Gang (i.e., government).    In order to go from one floor to the next, you need special permission (some sort of visa or passport) from each floor's Gang Leader whose minions are constantly patrolling their floor.   Such permission requires the payment of a fee.

Within each Floor, there are different ethnic groups residing in each of the following Quadrants:  1) Northeast-Northwest, 2) Southeast-Southwest,   3) Eastern,  and  4) Western.  Moreover, although all Quadrant Residents live on the same Floor, many of them have lived their entire life within their Quadrant and have never visited a neighboring Quadrant. 

What is even more puzzling is that nearly 80% of Floor residents have never visited another Floor even though they all live in the same Building.

Since YOU are from a much more advanced civilization and the Hellishians do not represent an  existential threat to you - and can be squashed instantly should they become aggressive,  a fact they are clearly aware of - you are greeted with warm smiles and absolute deference by ALL these Floor Gang Leaders;  and are given unrestricted and unlimited pass throughout the entire Building

As you begin to roam the hallways of each Floor, you begin to notice that the awful Stench in the atmosphere which initially greeted you upon landing on the planet is really coming from behind the doors of each apartment and suite in the building.   As well,  you notice a bunch of giant size cockroaches scurrying about in the hallways;  gangsters patrolling each floor, collecting payments from the residents and meting out various  forms of punishment;  poverty on a rampant scale;  obvious signs of diseases; and many residents wearing air masks. 

So, out of curiosity, you decide to visit one of the apartment units in order to figure out why the stench is coming from these units; since this is a Hellish-wide issue instead of just a problem that is confined to a local Floor or apartment/suite;  and, hopefully,  help solve the stench issue.

Lo and Behold,  to your amazement, you found the answer on the spot with barely any effort.   It's a simple "PLUMBING ISSUE!"   

The kitchen sink and garbage disposal unit is backed up with filthy and stinking water.   The dishwasher is also backed up.   The bathroom sink is also backed up.   The toilet bowl is also backed up.  The shower stall is also backed up.  The bathroom tub is also backed up.  In fact, the entire building plumbing system, which leads to the Street Sewers and the  SEWER SYSTEM itself,  is clogged up.   

Although you are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of other planets, you figured that, this time around, you could make an exception to the rule in order to provide some counsel on how to resolve this issue since the solution is so simple.

Well, when you mentioned to some of the building occupants what the problem is and how to resolve it, they looked at you as if  YOU were stupid.    They readily acknowledged that it is indeed a PLUMBING ISSUE,  something that they have long been aware of and which they have trying to resolve since time immemorial

And to really rub it in, they begin to lecture you on how hundreds of  Hellish's  Most Famous and Distinguished Nobelison Prize Winners - with a long list of impressive credentials and accomplishments to their name - have tried in vain to solve this plumbing issue; although they have been able to make some significant strides and breakthroughs  in terms of identifying some of the causes and related solutions. 

However, as you begin to dig more and more into their so-called breakthroughs and solutions, you begin to notice one characteristic these Distinguished Nobelison Prize Winners all share in common:
They Are All Plumbers - and very rich ones, I might add.  They are making a fortune providing their plumbing services to the entire Hellish population.   As you visit their apartment or suite,  you discover that they are living a very opulent lifestyle and there does not seem to be any overt sign of any plumbing issue.    
How can that be?  Well, it seems that they are not using the same plumbing and sewer system for themselves.  All the plumbing pipes seem to be sealed tight in order to prevent the stench from being released into their apartment or suite.   There is the smell of perfume in the air.   And they have many servants scurrying about on a 24-hour-a-day basis keeping their unit in immaculate condition.    As well, these servants are  busy killing cockroaches in the hallway leading to their unit in order to keep these pests at bay. 
So you decide to go directly to each Floor Leader in order to discover the source of the PLUMBING ISSUE and offer some solutions. 

Your Findings:
  • As long as every single Hellishian can remember,  their plumbing system has always been used more or less as a Trash Can.   Just about every bit of refuse or waste got sent down the drain.  That includes bulk food and vegetables and raw grains, small bones, small clothing items  and other items made of fabric,  paper, hair, hair pins, plastic, etc.  In short, anything which could be flushed or sent down the drain.   The kitchen garbage disposal machine was used to grind down items which could not be easily flushed. 
  • Floor Gangs have repeatedly gone to war with each other over the PLUMBING ISSUE and the amount of Stench being emitted from adjacent Floors. 
  • Floor Gang Leaders have passed numerous Laws and Regulations regarding the Allowable Level of Stench Emissions which could be generated by any residential or commercial unit on their Floor.  
  • A Department of Air Quality and Stench Emissions Level Monitoring has been setup by a number of Floor Gang Leaders in order to measure the level of a Floor's Stench Emissions and to send out Stench Alerts to all Floor residents. 
  • Manufacturers were busy advertising their products as being bio-degradable and requiring very little flushing water.  
  • People were advised by the Experts to conserve water and that too much water was not good for the pipes and could cause them to rustDon't laugh!   Thus, the plumbing pipes were not being properly flushed and garbage was just accumulating throughout the pipes.
  • The SEWER SYSTEM itself for The Entire Planet was poorly designed and built and thus was also causing a lot of the backup issues.   In other words, even if the building residents had used the Plumbing System the way it was intended to be used, eventually the entire Sewer  System itself would have clogged up on its own and would eventually result in the PLUMBING ISSUE and resulting STENCH  which currently affects all the inhabitants of planet Hellish.       
  • Roaches were getting attracted to the smell of Stench coming from the pipes and infested every single part of the building. 
  • Chemical companies were busy making a fortune selling roach-killing chemicals and other pest control products.   
  • Chemical companies were also busy advertising their deadly and toxic drain cleaning products and, instead of using water,  the population relied more on these products to dissolve all the crap they were flushing down these pipes. 
  • Chemical companies were also making a fortune  selling air fresheners and a whole slew of products to either filter, reduce or completely eliminate air contaminants.
  • Plumbing product manufacturers were making a fortune.
  • Plumbers were making a fortune. 
  • Scientists, Researchers, and Universities were getting tons of grants from all these Floor Gangs (i.e., governments) in order to come up with practical tools and solutions for a never-ending  Global War On Stench.
  • Politicians from every single Floor Gang were running for office on a platform of Fighting Stench and clearing their Floor of cockroaches.   

Your Recommended Solutions
Solution #1.  Basic Plumbing System Education 
Require every single building resident to undergo a basic plumbing system education covering the following topics:
  • Key Components of a Basic Plumbing  System
  • Key Components of a Basic SEWER SYSTEM
  • Best Practices on Proper Installation and Efficient Use of a Plumbing System
  • Basic Plumbing Maintenance and Repair 
  • Basic Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Tools
  • SEWER SYSTEM Best Practices, Policies and Procedures 
  • SEWER SYSTEM Maintenance
Solution #2.  Basic Personal Hygiene Education for Every Floor Resident
Solution #3.  In the Interim, Conduct Major SEWER SYSTEM Maintenance and Upgrade for the Entire Building (which cannot be co-opted by any Floor Gang).  
Solution #4.  In the Interim, Begin Methodical Repair and Scheduled Maintenance of Every Single Unit's Plumbing System. 
Solution #5.  Build a Modern SEWER SYSTEM for the Entire Building (which cannot be co-opted by any Floor Gang).    
Solution #6.  OPTIONAL:   Build a Modern SEWER SYSTEM for Each Floor which wants to opt out of the proposed Modern Sewer System for the Entire Building.  
(Since the implementation of Solutions #3 and #5 require global consensus,  if a Floor Gang  finds the proposed  NEW SEWER SYSTEM unacceptable, this option remains available in order to prevent its Floor from being sanctioned by other Floors.)

Your Next Steps
  • You wisely decided not to wait to find out whether the Hellishians will follow your recommendations.  Most likely they are probably trying to figure out a way to Kill You or Get You Off Their Planet.
  • So you decided to Hop on your Spaceship and Get The Hell Out of There!

The Moral to This Fairy Tale

Well, I am sure that many of you have already figured it out, but I'll cut through the chase and say it regardless.   The PLUMBING ISSUE on planet Hellish is our current Economic System.    The current SEWER SYSTEM on planet Hellish is our current Global Financial System. 

The solution to just about every single problem in this world is so damn simple and right before our very own eyes that we refuse to believe or admit it,  since that would make YOU (and millions to billions of others) feel dumb, stupid and inadequate.  
Thus the need to bring in the renowned experts, with credentials up the yin yang,  who can only compound a simple problem with solutions that have absolutely nothing to do with the source of the problem.
Sometimes, all it takes is just 5 minutes for an uninterested and impartial Intelligent Observer who is not vested in the status quo; and whose interests will not be affected by the outcome of any proposed solution; to see the things that you  refuse to see and to come up with a simple solution that you  (and millions to billions of others) refuse to believe could be that simple.

Back to The League

Alright, story time is over.   So, let us get back on track regarding the League and go over some strategies that you can devise or implement in order to gain maximum benefit from your League membership.

In essence,  this fairy tale illustrates the sort of strategies that ALL Distinguished Members of the League can adopt in order to make a painless, seamless and successful transition to the League.    

Strategy #1.    Become a Galactic Spacefarer from a More Advanced Civilization

That is a One-Day-A-Month opportunity that the League provides you.   As in the fairy tale, Approach your Membership in the League and Your Mission with the mindset of an Independent,  Uninterested, Impartial and Intelligent Observer for only that one day;  that's when you get a chance to meet face-to-face with one or more of your distinguished colleagues.   

An Intelligent Observer who is not beholden to anyone and has absolutely no vested interest in the outcome of his observation, conclusions and recommendations.
For the simple reason that it's nearly impossible to solve a problem that you are a part of and which is part of your experience.  It's literally impossible to detach yourself from all your preconceived notions for the simple reason that your worldview will always be shaped by your own personal experience.
Strategy #2.   Fuck the Experts

Avoid trying to come across as an Expert. The League has no need for Experts in any field or industry since being an Expert has absolutely nothing to do with Intelligence, being Extraordinary and our Extraordinary Task.
You will recall that "Our Task is to go off-the-beaten-path in order to Reimagine Human Existence on this planet - and beyond - and to Reengineer Human Reality for all future generations."
An Expert is someone who carries the burden of what is expected of him and whose judgment is clouded by such expectations - and Simplicity is not one of them.
After all, who goes to an Expert for a simple solution?
Experts are superb at navigating through the maze. They are, without a doubt, Architects, Engineers and Masters of Chaos and Complexity - and Destruction. Their role is to help you deal with chaos and complexity as well as to Coach you on how to operate in chaotic and complex environments.

However, that being said, they are NOT there to provide you with simple solutions to perennial and intractable pressing issues. (You will recall that planet Hellish had no shortage of Experts to deal with the Stench.) The world has NEVER had a shortage of so-called Experts and yet mankind is still contending with the same issues, problems, horrors and calamities we've had to deal with - and continue to experience - since time immemorial.

Here Is A Simple Proof:
  • Think of just One Single, Most Pressing and Intractable Issue that your organization currently faces.
  • Invite every single so-called Subject Matter Expert on that issue to meet with you and request that they provide you with a "Simple Solution" within a certain period of time.
  • Be prepared to be "Amused" and "Amazed" at the sort of responses - and proposed simple solutions - that you will receive from your most brilliant experts. Case closed.
Here Is More Proof:

The long, agonizing and perilous downfall of Sears which took place over a period of more than 50 years. Yet, Sears and its chairman, Eddie Lampert, never had a shortage of Money or Experts to draw upon in order to stave off its filing for bankruptcy in October 2018.

Although I have proposed in several articles published on our Blog since January 2011, a very simple solution for ALL major retailers who wanted to avoid becoming extinct, the silence from them has been deafening. A simple solution which was also sent directly to the Chairman or CEO of each and every single one of them, including Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert. Why the silence, you might ask? The reason is simple: I am NOT a Retail Expert.
A simple solution which can still be accessed directly from our blog and is still available to any retail Chairman and/or CEO who is now struggling to survive the current Retail Apocalypse.
In fact, a very strong case can be made that Sears' Road to Ruin is the result of getting too much advice from too many Retail Experts. The updated July 1, 2019 article "Who Killed Sears? Fifty Years on the Road to Ruin" makes my case.

Of course, my prediction about an upcoming retailer extinction period indeed came to pass for many of them and there does not seem to be any end in sight to the ongoing retail carnage.

Strategy #3. Trust Your Intelligence and Common Sense

Prepare yourself for what I am about to say: Only Idiots seek Advice and there is no shortage of Experts and Coaches out there who are more than ready and willing to oblige them. Whereas Intelligent People seek Simple Solutions which can only be obtained from Intelligent Observers and Collaborators who have nothing to prove.

When we all meet once a month, there is no pressure to impress your fellow Distinguished Members with your knowledge or to pretend to be something that you are not. We are there strictly as Thinkers, Intelligent Observers and Collaborators seeking Simple Solutions with respect to our extraordinary mandate. Nothing more, nothing less.   

Next Step

It's very simple.
  • Go to League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives  in order to 1) obtain additional insights into virtual organizations and 2) the Distinguished Member opportunity.   
  • Upon successful completion of these two (2) steps, your name will automatically be placed on a Waiting List if we have already reached the global membership limit of 20 Distinguished  Members.  
  • Upon having a vacancy, you will receive a personal invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives as our newest Distinguished Member along with detailed information on how to proceed.  
  • The Ball Is Now in Your Court.  Run With It! 

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