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Discover The Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership

 The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership

There is a time and place for everything, and everything has its time and place.  Thus, this COVID-19 global pandemic (or as many would say, plandemic or scamdemic) that we are witnessing today is a clarion call for ALL of us to heed a message I have been sending for quite some time over the past 23 years, and extensively over the last decade, about the imperative for all of us to discover both the meaning and power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership.            

As I have postulated and articulated in thousands of comments, articles, papers, treatises and other documents over these years, in the absence of such awakening, One Day We Will All Find Ourselves in the fatal situation of being in the final stages of a boiling frog.        

Of course, the reason that my calls went unheeded - back then and even today, this very minute and second - is because people are so busy slaving away in order to try to make ends meet so they can feed and care for themselves and their families that they have very little time left at the end of the day to understand and realize the urgency of it all.   

The smoke-and-mirrors appearance of  tranquility, safety and security, individual freedom, democratic governance,  success, full employment,  economic prosperity and false sense of climbing up the ladder of success and power;  combined with their naivete, apathy, blind obedience, ignorance, willful ignorance, and stupiditymade them prime candidates to believe that my messages were alarmist at best, and thus undeserving of any serious consideration. 

Well, with 

  • Tens of Million of employees out of work overnight without any sort of advance warning, and their lives completely shattered; 
  • A Roaring Stock Market which shows no signs of abating while millions are left homeless or unable to pay their rent or mortgage and relying on government assistance, subsistence,  largesse or edicts to forestall their eviction;  
  • Tens of Million of college students living under traumatizing conditions that no one could have ever predicted;  
  • Tens of Million of college graduates with nil to none opportunity of ever being able to obtain gainful employment in their chosen profession;  
  • Tens of Million of new college students (The Class of 2024) who are faced with the prospect of incurring college tuition debts and campus dormitory expenses for what can only amount to be a "Hellish" and "Insane Asylum" experience in a Dystopian Environment and Totalitarian State;
  • Hundreds of Million of pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, and high school students growing up to realize they are NOT the Only Ones who need a Mommy and Daddy to Provide for Them, Care for Them, Love Them, and Keep Them Safe - and who need to Do Their Part (listen to and obey Mommy and Daddy's advice and orders because it's good for them and only Mommy and Daddy know what's best for them)  or else Mommy and Daddy will have no choice but to Shame Them, Scold Them, Strip Them of their privileges,  Give Them some Time-Out,  Send Them to their room or Lock Them in a closet,  Whip Them if they get too belligerent,  Get Them Scared Straight, and push comes to shove, Send Them to a Juvenile Home.     
They just found out that Their Mommy and Daddy are Children of the State and thus in the very same situation that they are in; 
  • And nearly 7 Billion people subject to unnecessary lockdowns, a constant and never ending bombardment and stream of the most extreme and sophisticated form of psyops, mass hypnosis, and level of propaganda ever employed in the history of mankind against a global population :: the wearing of ineffective, clownish and ridiculous masks ::  and moronic social distancing without any Real scientific basis ::   along with hundreds of  other restrictions and mandates designed To Keep Us Safe, To Save Our Lives,  and To Help Us Do Our Part and Flatten the Curve! 
Clearly, it should be obvious to anyone who has a pulse, is breathing on their own, and who is not suffering from the most severe case of mental retardation, that we are now indeed in the final stages of a boiling frog.
In fact, strictly based on what we are witnessing today throughout every corner of the globe,  let me be the first to admit that I could not, even in my wildest dreams,  have possibly come up with a more plausible scenario or  persuasive and convincing argument or made a better case for each and every single one of us to understand the need to Discover The Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership.  

Collaboration In a Nutshell

Since I have already written quite a great deal of material on Collaboration,  I am NOT going to waste any more time here writing on this subject.  Instead,  for those who are not lazy and mentally challenged,  let me point you to four (4) awesome examples of Collaboration I can think of:  Example #1  ::  Example #2  ::  Example #3  ::  Example #4

The bottom line is this:   Collaboration is all about the following components:   1) Sharing A Cause2) Being Completely Independent3) Doing  What You Can Do,  4) Giving What You Can Afford to Give without being compelled or mandated to do so, and  5) Moving On.    

In the absence of any single one of these five (5) components, you have Cooperation - a  parasitic  or master-slave-moron relationship.    

In Other Words, with respect to 

  • Component #1.  If you join an organization, or associate with others, primarily or strictly on the basis of compensation and certain benefits to be derived, instead of a Cause that you have in common, then you are engaged in a parasitic relationship.
  • Component #2.  If you join an organization, or associate with others, without the Independence, freedom and ability to contribute as you see fit;  regardless as to whether or not your contribution is accepted,  welcomed, appreciated, or compensated;  then you are engaged in both a parasitic and master-slave-moron relationship.
  • Component #3.  If you join an organization, or associate with others, and You Are Unable to Do What You Claim That You Can Do -  Or your performance is based strictly or primarily on compensation instead of willingly doing What You Can Dothen you are engaged in both a parasitic and  master-slave-moron relationship.
  • Component #4.  If you join an organization, or associate with others, and You Are Unable to Give What You Claim That You Can Afford to Give - or  Refuse to Give What You Claim That You Can Afford to Give - or are Compelled or Mandated To Give in any way, shape or form, then you are engaged in a parasitic relationship.
  • Component #5.  If you join an organization, or associate with others,  and You Are Unable to Move On once  the usefulness of your talents and efforts is no longer an imperative (i.e., once there are now 100's to 1000's of others out there in the marketplace who can pick up where you leave off),  then you are engaged in a parasitic relationship.

Principled Leadership In a Nutshell

Since I have also written quite a great deal on Principled Leadership,  let me just point you to the three (3) best examples of Principled Leadership I can think of:  Example #1  ::  Example #2  ::  Example #3

The bottom line is this:   Principled Leadership is all about  Principled Leaders who: 1)  subscribe to the universal a priori ethical code of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,"  2) are only able to Lead themselves and have absolutely no desire to lead others,   3) are only willing to Collaborate with other Principled Leaders on a co-equal basis, and last but not least, 4)  eschew all forms of hierarchical (slave-master-moron) relationships.

In the absence of any single one of these four (4) components, what you have can only be properly described as the typical Employer-Employee, Leader-Mindless Follower, Slave-Master-Moron,  Influencer-Sycophant,  Royalty-Inferior Subject,  Strong-Weak, Bully-Coward, Cunning Psychopath-Truly  Gullible,  Demagogue-Moron, Cult Leader-Imbecile Follower, Ideologue-Mindless Zombie,  Predator-Prey, and Might Is Right  forms of  Leadership.

In fact, these are the only forms of Leadership that mankind has ever known or experienced.

That means, as it stands today, other than at a VOMI-related entity, you will NOT be able to find any organization or institution in the world which practices Principled Leadership. 

How Collaboration and Principled Leadership Makes a Difference

In a world or society where Collaboration and Principled Leadership are understood, adopted and practiced,  

  • We would no longer have  "employers" and "employees."  These terms would be considered "denigrating."   Instead we would only have "Collaborators" who do NOT depend on anyone or any organization or institution in order to satisfy their needs. 
  • No single individual would ever have to worry about being laid off or terminated by an "employer."
  • The idea of a very speculative and high-risk  Equity Market akin to a casino and ponzi scheme operation would become a very primitive and obsolete concept for the simple reason that Disproportionate Wealth for a few would no longer be generated from any Equity Market.   There would be much more lucrative opportunities for every single Collaborator to generate an immense amount of wealth which is not subject to the vagaries of the financial markets.   That means, the "wealth gap" and being homeless or unable to pay your rent or mortgage and relying on government assistance, subsistence,  largesse or edicts to forestall your eviction would be considered very primitive, archaic circumstances and relics of the past.  
  • The notion that Academics  ::::  who are supposed to be "Enlightened" and entrusted with the solemn responsibility of cultivating society's young and fertile minds ::::  would cower in fear like a bunch of frightened animals and go along with the mandates of a bunch of  Political Mobsters, Technocrats, Demagogues, Tyrants, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Fake Scientists, and PsyOps Professionals ::::  without even a whimper of  protest and discontent ::::  is not only unfathomable but also could never be a possibility.   That means we would never have to worry about the sort of trauma that today's college students are experiencing. 
  • Every single college graduate would be inundated with an avalanche of opportunities to Collaborate immediately upon graduation. 
  • New College Students (the incoming class) would never be faced with the sort of nightmarish, dystopian, and totalitarian world on a College Campus that today's Class of 2024 is faced with.   No College Administrator in their right mind and with an ounce of dignity would ever allow something like that to happen on their watch regardless of the dictates of the State or any local government.  No Parent would ever succumb to such idiociesNo Student would ever agree to such learning environment and living conditions. 
  • No Parent would ever allow the State to dictate to them when, where, how and by whom their minor children can be educated.   That means the sort of dystopian reality that today's children are confronted with would be nothing but a "nightmarish past" and "distant memory."
  • The idea that over 7 billion people across the globe could be subject to as well be coerced to go along with or voluntarily submit to "lockdown mandates, restrictions and orders" by the State or any other power or entity is not only an absolute impossibility but is also something that could never be uttered seriously or in jest,  in private or public,  to anyone by any responsible or  sane member of the executive, legislative and judicial branch of government anywhere in the world.   
In fact, prior to this so-called pandemic, I never thought even in my wildest dreams that the American people could be so gullible, easily manipulated, cowardly, and weak to go along with such diabolical scheme.  So much for the myth about Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

How You Can Make the Transition From Employee or Stakeholder to Collaborator

Regardless of your current station in life (e.g., Religious Leader, Royalty, Head of State, Military Leader, Political Leader,  Legislative Executive, Judicial Executive, Chairman, CEO, CXO, Member of Executive Leadership Team, Board Member, VP, Manager, Staff Member, Line Member)  the only way you can make the transition to Collaborator is to take the following steps in chronological order:

  • Do a great deal of soul searching in order to determine a Cause of great interest to you that you would willingly support or dedicate yourself to for the rest of your entire life without any sort of reservation.  A cause that requires no deliberation or justification and which has no need for anyone's permission or approval.  By all means, be sure to exclude any sort of financial compensation  or "how you are going to make a living" from your thought processes. 
  • Refrain from trying to locate individuals and organizations with worthy causes that you would like to support and contribute to.  You must strictly focus on your own cause or else you will quickly become disappointed with these other causes and continually embark on a "cause shopping spree."  
  • Once you are at peace with that decision, then go ahead and seek others  who share the same Cause via social media and any other medium. 
  • Once you have identified these individuals and organizations, contact only  The Head of these organizations in order to offer to Collaborate based on the foregoing definition of Collaboration.  There is a good reason for that:  If "The Head" of such organization is too damn busy or feels too  important to respond directly to your offer to collaborate, then that means they know nothing at all about Collaboration and you'll be better off on your own or someplace else. 
  • By all means, being a Collaborator does NOT mean that you have to quit Your Current Day Job  since they are not mutually exclusive.   Becoming a Collaborator is strictly the fastest and most reliable way to lessen your dependence on - and to Quit - Your Day Job.  
 Making the Transition From Leadership to Principled Leadership 

Since Virtual Organization Management Institute and affiliated or related entities are the only organizations in the world which practice Principled Leadership, that means it would be a quixotic effort to try to identify a Principled Leadership entity anywhere in the world.   Therefore, throughout the introduction process with non-VOMI related entities,  your task is to introduce them to the foregoing Principled Leadership concept.   

The point being, it is NOT their actions that you need to monitor and regulate.  It is YOUR VERY OWN ACTIONS which must adhere to the "Principled Leadership" concept.   You get to Lead Yourself instead of trying to lead others.   You get to Lead by example.  

Turning A Nightmare Into A Dream Come True

In conclusion, the COVID-19 episode has been a blessing in disguise for many in the sense that it has been A Time to Pause and Reflect for:  
  • Anyone who has ever felt trapped in a dead-end job for the simple reason that they need to make a living and care for their loved ones.
  • Anyone who had given up on their dreams and aspirations simply because they were told in more ways than one that they had to be pragmatic because ''a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
  • Anyone who is afraid of "aiming too high" because others around them led them to believe  that what they sought to achieve was nothing but "a pie in the sky" or they need to pay their dues first prior to aspiring to such high position. 
  • Anyone who has been "dumbed down" for so long that they've lost all sense of self-worth and dignity  and thus believe that they themselves are not entitled to live a free, dignified, and prosperous life.
  • Anyone who has ever been told "it's not what you know, it's all about who you know" and felt left out because they weren't a member of  the Good Ole Boys Club.
  • Anyone who now lives in a country with a "caste system" that determines how far you can go and how high you can ever rise in life. 
  • Anyone who now lives in a country where your "family name" determines how many doors will open for you and how much you can ever hope to achieve in this life.
  • Any woman who has ever felt that they needed to be part of the Good Ole Boys Club in order to succeed (i.e., they needed a man to help them succeed or rise to the top).
  • Anyone who has ever felt that they Needed to Be Sponsored or Validated by the Powers-That-Be in order to succeed or rise to the top. 
  • Anyone who is just downright sick and tired of blaming others or constantly coming up with pathetic excuses as to why they are living a shitty life
  • Anyone who is just downright sick and tired of constantly getting manipulated by all the forces arrayed against them;  have made a decision to no longer take any kind of shit from anyone; and have opted to be responsible for their own life and put their life in their own hands.  
  • Anyone who has ever been told that they are either too young and naive, too arrogant, too dark-skinned, too light-skinned, too ethnic, too old and have too much experience, too inexperienced, too dumb, too stupid, too fat, too skinny, too tall, and too short to ever hope to accomplish something that they aspire to.
  • Anyone who believes that their nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation is a contributing factor to their current lot in life.
Now that I have introduced you to the Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadershipthe only person who can ever get in your way is YOU and no one else.   The only name that you need in order to open doors for you is Your Own Name.   The only person who needs to Validate you is YOU.  You are NOT too young, too old, too dumb, etc., to aspire to accomplish anything in this world.  You can now say "Fuck the Good Ole Boys Club and Powers-That-Be" and focus on becoming a Collaborator  and  Principled Leader.    All you need is a Cause!  (And it does NOT have to be Our Cause.)

Hold On to Your Precious Gift of Collaboration and Principled Leadership

There is no greater power on earth than Collaboration"being able to do what you can do" strictly because you want to and for no other reason; and Principled Leadership:  "being able to Lead Yourself" in accordance with the highest a priori ethical code of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" strictly because that is the right thing to do.

They are the world's most powerful Weapon, Armor and Shield that anyone could ever possess and the world's most valuable and priceless gift.  Therefore, hold on to your priceless gift as if your life depends on it - because it does.

Make no mistake about it, many will question your actions and motives, and silently ponder, "What's your angle?  You've just provided me with advice or services worth millions of dollars and yet you did not charge me one dollar, is it because you don't understand the value of what you just did for me or are you downright stupid?"  

Indeed, in my case, some will outright protest and demand that I accept some form of compensation.  And some will repay my gesture with a gift or token of appreciation.  

But what most of them fail to realize is that I haven't really done anything for them,  I did what I did for my own soul and they just happen to be around at the right time and place to be the beneficiary of my deeds.  The benefits that I derive from such deeds are innumerable and I am really and truly thankful to be blessed with the skills and talent I was able to share with others when they needed it the most.   That's all!    
Therefore, if you happen to be a beneficiary of my deeds, I only expect you to do one thing:  Just pay it forward! 
Moreover, I don't want to get mystical, but let me state this as clearly as I can without sounding superstitious or religious.  The point being, there have been many times in my life when "doors opened for me" unexpectedly and out of nowhere; when I wondered how it was humanly possible for me to overcome normally insurmountable disasters and tragic experiences; and many other events and stories that are so mind-bending that they make you wonder if there is some sort of intelligence out there (from a scientific standpoint we have yet to discover) watching over us, keeping count and taking notes of our actions, and being of assistance to those who are deserving.  
As the old saying goes, when you learn to do the right thing, you have nothing to worry about; but when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.        

Where Do We Go From Here?

Although this is a very brief document (don't laugh), please note that all the links contained herein lead to a grand total of nearly 800 pages of content.   Thus the reason I stated earlier that learning how to Collaborate is NOT for the lazy or mentally-challenged.   

In the event you are able to meet that challenge, then I invite you to review the following VOMI-related initiatives in order to determine if there is any sort of  synergy between any of them and YOUR (new) Cause:

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell,  here is what we are all about in chronological order:  

  • Agenda Item #1.    Internal Providers License.   Being the founder of both the Virtual Organization Management discipline pioneered since 1997 and Virtual Organization Management Institute, my primary focus is on offering  to Global 5000 organizations and governments worldwide an Internal Providers License which will allow them to offer the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment  and Certification and the formal Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation  to 1000 Mid-Level Management to Senior Level Executives within their own organization.  

Such training includes the aforementioned art of  Collaboration and Principled Leadership.

  • Agenda Item #2.    Virtual Organization Leadership Force.   The training offered at Agenda Item #1 will set the stage for these organizations to develop their very own internal Virtual Organization Leadership Force  spread out across  the globe.   For example,
    • Microsoft Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Google Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • JP Morgan Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • AT&T Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Apple Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Netflix Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Disney World Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Amazon Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • US Congress Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Department of Defense (DOD) Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • NASA Virtual Organization Leadership Force   
    • NSA Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • FEMA Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Cyber Command Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Yale Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Harvard Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • MIT Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • South Africa Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Belarus Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • African Union Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • NATO Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • European Union Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
Disclaimer:   Please note the aforementioned entities are strictly listed for illustrative purposes and are NOT existing clients of VOMI and affiliated entities as of the publication date of this article. 
  • Agenda Item #3.   Consortium Membership.   The implementation of Agenda Item #2 will set the stage for these organizations, institutions, governments, and academia  to join the aforementioned consortia shown below:  
  • Agenda Item #4.   New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.   The implementation of Agenda Item #3 will set the stage for Political Evolution,  the development of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings and prosperity worldwide.
  • Agenda Item #5.   Human Evolution.   The implementation of Agenda Item #4 will set the stage for the beginning of HUMAN EVOLUTION. 
The bottom line is this:   We are all about Human Evolution.   However, that being said, and as clearly outlined throughout Agenda Items #1-5, it all begins with the Virtual Organization Management discipline. 

In Conclusion

Therefore, our first priority is a focus on Collaborators, by extension,  Official Global Ambassadors  in every single country in the world.  Real Deal Collaborators  who truly share the Cause of Human Evolution ::  who are  Completely Independent :: "Who Will Do What They Say They Can Do," and "Who Will Give What They Say They Can Afford to Give."    

We are also focused on another group of Collaborators, by extension, Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.     

If you believe you are a good fit for either of these two Collaborator opportunities, then proceed in accordance with the information provided within the referenced documents.  Otherwise,  I am not prepared to engage in discussions that fall short of Collaboration with anyone and thus lead to nowhere.  

On the other hand, even if you are NOT a fit,  if you know of anyone who may be a good fit, then share this document with them.

Let Us Manifest!

About Author:  Pierre Coupet, Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, Virtual Organization Leadership, VOMI Global Think Tank, and Virtual Organization Recruiter :: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Lead Architect of Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System. Contact Online; or via CHAT.

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