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What Is A Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives?

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

What is a Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives?

The best way to answer that question is to start out by telling you WHAT IT IS NOT:

It's NOT a Country Club membership::  It's NOT a Secret Society membership ::  It's NOT a Social Network membership ::  It's NOT a Social Media  membership :: It is NOT an Advisory Board position.   It is NOT a Board of Directors position.

It is NOT an opportunity to associate your name with a very prestigious membership on either your website, our website, your social media profile, or your Executive Summary ::  It  is NOT a membership which requires any sort of Virtual Organization Management knowledge, experience  or training ::  It's NOT a position which imposes any sort of reporting requirements  ::  It is NOT a position which requires a minimum amount of effort :: It is NOT a position with Key Performance Indicators :: It's NOT a Research position.    In other words, it does NOT interfere with your current daily activities.

Now I can tell you What The League Is All About:

We are the Most Prestigious and Exclusive Society of Executives anywhere in the world :: We are Reimagineers :: We are a Catalyst for Building a New Global Civilization ::  Our Ultimate Goal is Human Evolution ::  YOU will become the Quintessential Collaborator ::  You are guaranteed 100% Anonymity ::  You are guaranteed 100% Confidentiality ::  The Ultimate Reward  awaits you.    

Most Prestigious

You belong to a very small and exclusive society of no more than  20 Executives worldwide.   The membership is limited to the following:  1) Chairman, CEO or President of a Forbes Global 2000 (or Equivalent Enterprise Level) organization; 2)  Leading Visionaries, Futurists, Scientists, Pioneers and Innovators in any field or industry;  3)  President of a Leading University anywhere in the world;  4)  Founder, Chairman, CEO, President or Managing Director of any Leading Investment Bank or Venture Capital Firm anywhere in the world;  and  5)  Former Head of State of any country in the world.     


We Are Reimagineers.   As such, we don't really care to dwell in the midst of those who believe in "that's the way of the world and there is nothing we can do about it" or "this is the real world and the reality that we have to live with."  Nor do we intend to travel down the beaten path laid before us. 

Our Task is to go off-the-beaten-path in order to Reimagine Human Existence on this planet - and beyond - and to Reengineer  Human Reality for all future generations

Be prepared to discover that Our Task is not intended to be undertaken by mere mortals, charlatans, dreamers only, doubters, mediocre talent and those who prefer to cling to the crutches of realism and hide behind the wall of pragmatism; or tremble in the tower dungeons of realpolitik.   It is an Extraordinary Task intended to be undertaken by Extraordinary Individuals.   If you fit that profile, read on.

Catalyst for a New Global Civilization

We are the Catalyst for Building a New Global Civilization which is unencumbered and no longer constrained by today's Human Reality forged over millions of years out of an infinite number of primitive, barbaric and savage customs, traditions and norms passed down to each and every single one of us by our ape ancestors and rigorously enforced (through each and every single one of us) by today's Established World Order

The pillars of this New Global Civilization will rest on the foundation of Virtual Organization Management, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, and Political Evolution :: and will be governed by only one (1) Code of Conduct:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   

However, the Architecture of this New Global Civilization can only be designed by Intelligent Beings instead of today's crop of primitive, barbaric and savage Human Beings.  Thus the reason why, from time immemorial, every single attempt to build such new global civilization has always resulted in dismal and abysmal failure. 

Hence the need for League members to make a conscious decision to travel off-the-beaten-path in order to make the eventual transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.   Although easier said than done, where there is a will, there is a way.   Together, we can learn from and support each other in our quest to make such transition.   It will be a marathon instead of a sprint.  Are you up to this challenge?

Human Evolution 

Our Ultimate Goal is Human Evolution.   Again,  I must admit that is easier said than done.  Human Evolution requires that we first make the transition from Human Being  to Intelligent Being.  And in order to become an Intelligent Being, we must first learn How to Become a Collaborator - instead of Cooperator.   

The Quintessential Collaborator  

YOU will become the Quintessential Collaborator.    Once a Month, you will have an opportunity to set aside a full day in order to enter an Invisible Evolution Stargate designed to transport you to a Brand New Dimension wherein our minds are no longer constrained by today's Human Reality. 

It's an opportunity for all of us to shed all our baggage (fears, flaws, idiocies, imbecilities, idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, insecurities, bad intentions) - and current identity - in order to assume a new persona; so we can look at our current world and human existence from an Intelligent Observer and Spectator standpoint.

Within That Brand New Dimension,  No Thought, Comment, Idea or Observation and proposed solution can ever be too dumb, stupid, impractical, preposterous, outlandish, unbelievable, incredulous, unreal or ridiculous to utter or express.  We are there to challenge all assumptions and defy all conventions.   There will be no sacred cow that we can't touch or any elephant in the room that we can't discuss.   IT Is The Only Safe Space that you will ever find.   WE will all be in good company.   
For Example, How About A New World Without a New World Order?           
100% Anonymity

The League guarantees Iron-Clad 100% Anonymity to every single member.  That means our leadership team and support staff will never acknowledge, confirm or deny your membership status to any individual, entity or government agency anywhere in the world.   

As well, each member is expressly prohibited from disclosing the identity of any fellow League member they have become privy to. 

Upon becoming a member, fool-proof security measures designed to ward off potential hackers and other nefarious forces are put in place in order to implement our 100% anonymity policy.  That means no staff member at the league, including the founder, will have access to or be able to produce any personally-identifiable documents pertaining to your membership in the league.
You will be the only person in the world to have access to your own encrypted membership records.   
However, that being said, you are free to disclose your own membership in the league to whomever and however you see fit (although we strongly discourage and advise against such practice).

This policy is designed for the benefit of all League members and there are hundreds of reasons why this policy is critical for the safety, security and peace of mind of each and every single member. 

100% Confidentiality

The League also guarantees Iron-Clad 100% Confidentiality to each and every single member.   Strict security procedures are implemented in order to ensure that no single member will ever have the opportunity to divulge third-party proprietary information to the League during any of our monthly outings. 
We have absolutely no interest in knowing or gaining access to proprietary information that a member is privy to or has obtained  from any third-party regardless as to whether or not such information is covered under any confidentiality agreement between such member and third party.       
With respect to the confidentiality of League proprietary information (i.e., member conversation or discussions) ::   even if it were humanly possible to infiltrate our inner circle in order to breach our security and meeting protocols for electronic eavesdropping purposes :: I can personally assure you that after viewing and/or listening to the first 60-second clip of our conversation, no one on planet Earth will have a clue as to what the hell we are talking about.     
The minute such eavesdropper or analyst hears that "Our Task is to go off-the-beaten-path in order to Reimagine  Human Existence on this planet - and beyond - and to Reengineer Human Reality for all future generations,"  that's the equivalent of  being disabled by a dose of chloroform.   That person will immediately fall asleep and begin to snore.  For the simple reason that this sort of topic is beyond human  comprehension.
In order for anyone to understand what we are about and what we are doing, it cannot be achieved through eavesdropping or other surreptitious means.  They would have to join us.  Upon joining us, I can also guarantee you that, regardless of their original motives, they would become one of the League's biggest fans and would try to invite their peers and colleagues to join them.   The League's only dilemma would be our inability to absorb new members within our ranks.   We have valid reasons for imposing a limit of 20 Distinguished Members.

The Ultimate Reward

It is damn near impossible to quantify the value of these monthly outings from both a personal and professional standpoint, for the simple reason that it is priceless.  That's because each outing gives us an ideal opportunity to Learn How to Reimagine Our Very Own Existence and How to Reengineer  Our Very Own Reality.   
To wit, we first have to learn how to accomplish these things for ourselves before we can undertake the task to do it for others.   We have to rewire our own minds so that we can reimagine our very own existence and reengineer our very own human reality.   Short of getting a lobotomy, the only practical way to accomplish that is through this  series of monthly outings.     
After each monthly outing, when we get back to our regular environment,  it's an opportunity for each and every single one of you to look at things - your current agendas and activities and the future - with a fresh set of eyesa clearer mind and from a completely different perspective.

In Conclusion

I hope that the information just provided to you has enlightened you a great deal on what the Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives is all about.   

Next Steps 
  • More Information About The League.   Go to League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives for  more information.
  • Obtain Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations.   Submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations at Virtual Organization Advisors
  • Obtain Additional Insights Into The League.  Upon successful completion of the foregoing steps, you will be provided with information on how to submit a request for a League Founder & VIP Videoconference  in order to obtain additional insights into the Distinguished Member opportunity as well as for a personal introduction.
  • Placement On Membership Waiting List.  Upon the conclusion of a successful videoconference, if we have already reached the global membership limit of 20 Distinguished  Members, then your name will automatically be placed on a Waiting List.
  • Personal Invitation to Join The League.   Upon having a vacancy, you will receive a personal invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives as our newest  Distinguished Member along with detailed information on how to proceed.    
  • In the interim, I invite you to read "Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives." 
  • The Ball Is Now in Your Court.  Run With It! 

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