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I Don't Care to "Do Business" With You, Your Organization or Government


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

At first glance, to anyone on social media with just a cursory knowledge of my background and activities in the virtual organization management sphere 
over the past 30 years, not to mention my being the founder of the virtual organization management discipline and current founder and leader of nearly a dozen virtual organization leadership and human evolution-related entities, I am sure that the title of this article is a bit perplexing to you - especially if you have been going over our list of offerings and contemplating on using our services and solutions.   

The obvious question from anyone reading this would be:   
Pierre, since I know that you own several businesses, what do you mean by "doing business" and how do you intend to remain a going concern if you don't want to do business with me, my organization or government?  
Well, prior to going any further, let me clear this mystery or solve this puzzle for you.   

First and foremost,  since you already know what the phrase "doing business with you, your organization or government" means and all that this entails,  let me go directly to the heart of my message and reason for this article.

I spent nearly my entire life learning how to build businesses, marketing and sales, and all other aspects of business knowledge and expertise in order to:  1)  accumulate useless things that I thought I needed to have in order to be happy;   2) develop a solid business executive and entrepreneur reputation;  and 3) establish a long list of influential connections just so I could continue to generate wealth and gain this illusion of power,  all in order to be considered "successful" by others.    

However, that being said,  the more that I looked all around me at all these so-called brilliant,  successful and powerful  people :::: the more disillusioned I became at my pursuit of all these things in life that, in the grand scheme of things,  have very little value, if any.   And the more that I came to realize how idiotic, blind, deaf, dumb, stupid, ignorant, primitive, barbaric, and savage that I had been this entire time ::::  and that we all are -  THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.    

That's when I came to the realization that we are all living a life of slaves on planet Earth and that "Doing Business" :: as we have always known it to be since time immemorial :: plays a quintessential role in the enslavement of all of mankind.    

The point being, despite our biological evolution over millions of years and our technological evolution over the last couple of centuries,  from a Human Evolution standpoint, mankind has not evolved one iota since our ape ancestors began to crawl on their arms and hind legs over the past 600+ million  years.  Technology has only made us deadlier than we have ever been.   

Thenceforth,  I set about to apply what little amount of knowledge, skills, talent, intelligence, and wisdom I had accumulated throughout my lifetime ::: and whatever amount of time that I have left on this earth prior to crossing over into the next world :::   to learn as much as possible and do as much as I possibly can, in the here and now, in order to make it possible for mankind to eventually make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being - and thus finally embark on the Road to Human Evolution.

Such pursuit and application of  knowledge, wisdom and intelligence over the past 20 years led me to the discovery of Collaboration as the quintessential guiding force which will make it possible for mankind to shed the vestiges of slavery and our current primitive, barbaric and savage condition so we can make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being - and thus set the stage for all of us to finally embark on the Road to Human Evolution.  (I am NOT talking about Cooperation which is very instrumental in the enslavement of mankind.) 

Collaboration vs. Cooperation (aka Doing Business) 
Of course, I expect you to ask the following question:  How does Collaboration substantially differ  from Cooperation aka Doing Business?

The answer is simpler than you think:  Collaboration is NOT something that you learn by reading a book, an article, or a paragraph in an article.    As well, that is NOT something that you pay lip service to and then go on about your merry way.   

In a nutshell, Collaboration (within the context of our current civilization) is multifaceted and imbued with the following undertones:
  • deeply philosophical
  • socio-economic
  • Reimagineering (reimagining and reengineering) Process
  • virtual organization leadership 
  • principled geopolitical leadership
  • political evolution
  • making the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being
  • the development of a new global civilization based on a civilized world financial system
  • human evolution

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Collaboration is NOT synonymous with Cooperation.   In fact, it is the exact opposite of Cooperation.    Although human beings, from time immemorial to this very second that you are reading this, have never learned the meaning of Collaboration; have always been deprived of any opportunity to Collaborate;  and have always been taught to denigrate the power of Collaboration.   There are many reasons for that, however, they are beyond the scope of this discussion.  

Hence, Collaboration  is something that you can learn only by doing. 
In essence, Collaboration is truly what the Virtual Organization Management discipline, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, and Human Evolution are all about.  

To Illustrate, 

  • Your first introduction to Collaboration with us comes in the form of how we interact with you directly from our websites with respect to website content, transparency, and the introduction process in order to proceed.  
  • You are treated as a potential Collaborator instead of a prospective Client.  When it comes to the truth and our practices, we don't mince words and we have absolutely no qualms about offending the sensibilities of others.  What you see is what you get.  For the simple reason that we have NO monthly quotas and quarterly revenue projections that we have to meet and NO investors or shareholders that we have to answer to.  
  • We only want to share our knowledge and experience with those who want to learn something from us and truly stand to benefit from what we have to offer ::: To understand the Power of Collaboration and Learn How to Collaborate.      
  • If you're looking for a service or solution provider to make you feel special and appreciated, then we sincerely implore you to go find someone who wants to "Do Business" with you instead of  "Collaborate" with you.
  • That means, No Dog and Pony Show.   No PowerPoint presentations, flow charts, case studies,  recent business deals,  or major endorsements from the powers-that-be in order for us to "Do Business" with you, your organization or government.   For the simple reason that We Are Much More Important than the Powers-That-Be that you can imagine.  Hence, We have no need to convince you What Our Value Proposition is.  Likewise, You have no need to convince us What Your Value Proposition is.   For the simple reason that Collaboration is a 2-Way Street.   If we sense that your organization is not a good fit for what we have to offer, we will let you know instantly and end all discussions.  Likewise, we expect you to do the same if the power of Collaboration is antithetical to the culture of your organization.  End of story. 
  • If you refuse to read and take the time to understand any information we make available to you, and you need to be sold on what we are offering to you, then that means you, your organization, or government are NOT ready to Collaborate.   
  • We  will NOT handle you with kid gloves or lead you by the hand if you expect to be pampered.   In which case, we sincerely implore you to go find someone who wants to "Do Business" with you instead of  "Collaborate" with you.  
  • Most importantly, we are absolutely certain that the opportunities we are offering are NOT for everyone and that only those who truly have a need to understand the Power of Collaboration  and learn How to Collaborate  will immediately recognize their value and importance.   Thus, we have no need to evangelize or preach to the choir.  
  • Membership fees, licensing and pricing information and basic terms of engagement are all transparent and thus are not subject to any sort of discount, negotiation or discussion  regardless of the size of your organization, institution or government.    
  • And last but not least, even if there were an abundance of similar service providers out there, something which does not exist at this point in time,  we have absolutely no economic incentives for embarking on the road we have chosen for the simple reason that it will take hundreds to thousands and millions of years for mankind to finally evolve.   Your introduction to us and the power of Collaboration is only the first step on the road of a thousand miles to Human Evolution.   Thus, we have no need to suffer fools gladly.
Answers to Thoughts Running Through Your Mind

YOU:   But Pierre, why did you even bother writing this article?  You come across as being arrogant
and tone-deaf to our current civilization, how we do business and our business concerns.   How do you expect us to "do business" with you after reading this article?  

ANSWER:   Well, you just made my point.   The purpose of Human Evolution is to chart a different course and path away from our current civilizationWe don't want to fit in and we also don't want YOU to try to fit in with Human Evolution.  Trying to fit in is incompatible with Human Evolution.  

Thus the reason why I am NOT interested in "doing business" with anyone.  After 46 years of being in business, I know full well what "doing business" involves and its consequences.   Hence, we are only interested in organizations who want to learn the meaning of Collaboration, how to Collaborate and the power of Collaboration - and who share our ultimate cause:  Human Evolution  

The bottom line is this:  This isn't an opportunity to "do business" with anyone in order to make "more money" for shareholders, stakeholders, investors, and governments. 
YOU:   Pierre,  all I can tell you is this, in the real world that we live in, your approach is definitely NOT going to get you anywhere.  Perhaps a little bit of humility and a softer approach might get you through the doors of a Rich, Powerful and Leading Influencer with Global Reach  who can sponsor you and refer you to the right people who will be able to give your idea or concept the sort of global exposure it will surely need in order to take root.  Otherwise, you're just pissing in the wind.  What do you think?  

ANSWER:  Again, you just made my point!  If  this were a "business proposition" and I was interested in "doing business" with someone, some organization or government,  then your suggestion is very sensible and practical.  Going down the path you suggested would certainly require "Cooperation" from a horde of Slaves :::  people who are no different than what I used to be about 20 years ago :::   a bunch of  morons, idiots and savages who are blind, deaf, dumb, stupid, ignorant, primitive, and barbaric ::: and who have absolutely no concept of Collaboration and could care less about Human Evolution.      

As stated earlier, Cooperation is incompatible with Collaboration and Human Evolution.   You cannot use a process which is used to enslave mankind in order to free mankind.  That makes no sense at all.  You cannot expect slaves who are used to Cooperate to, all of a sudden, begin to Collaborate out of the blue in order to Evolve.   

Therefore, you would have to convince them to Collaborate or trick them into Collaborating  with you by pretending to Cooperate with them.  To attempt to do so would make YOU yourself nothing but another Slave.  There is, however, another downside to that sort of deception.   In no time at all, they would discover that YOU are not one of them and are playing them for fools.  Our fellow Slaves may be primitive and barbaric savages, however, they are very cunning and cannot be easily fooled into thinking that you are one of them.   

There is, however, another conundrum that you'd have to deal with.    For starters, they are not even aware that they are Slaves and a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages.  Second, they don't know what it means to Collaborate.   And, last but not least, they could care less about Human Evolution.  Thus the reason why mankind has not been able to evolve one iota after billions of years on this planet.  

Moreover, that's not the way the mind works. That's not the way the world works. That's not the way the universe works.  

The History of Mankind Is Irrefutable.   Please note I am well aware that I am NOT the first person on the planet to realize that we are a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages and nothing but a bunch of slaves with practically No Redeeming Values.  As well, I am NOT the first person on this planet to realize that there is a need for humans to evolve.   (In other words,  a critical need for Human Evolution.)  

In fact, I am positive that millions to billions of people over the past 600+ million years have tried to come up with a Human Evolution solution.   Thus, in light of the preponderance of the evidence of mankind's primitive, barbaric and savage condition that we now have before us today, this very minute and second, the real question that YOU have to ask yourself is this:  How far did our forebears ever get?  Why is it that they never succeeded?   Why is it that mankind has not been able to evolve one iota after billions of years on this planet?  

Is it because they failed to get a Rich, Powerful and Leading Influencer with Global Reach on board to help them spread the message about the need for Human Evolution?   What do you think?  Of course not!

Alright, I am sure that by now you have gotten the drift.  The point being, you can't continue to think the same way, do the same old shit, be afraid to offend the sensibilities of others, be afraid to ruffle feathers, or try to fit in :::  and then expect to get different results.         

YOU:    Well, Pierre, I must admit that you have made a very compelling and irrefutable case for Human Evolution.   However, that being said, let us assume that your solution for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to eventually embark on the Road to Human Evolution is practical and doable.  

It's obvious that this isn't something that is going to happen overnight or within a few years or even decades.  As well, correct me if I am wrong, I imagine this is the sort of endeavor that is going to cost hundreds of billion to trillions of dollars over the years, if not centuries and millennia.  And something which will require a tremendous amount of Collaboration from all over the planet.   

Therefore, I would like, if at all possible,  an answer to each of the following questions:  
  • Question #1.   Can you guesstimate the time frame for such a project?
  • Question #2.   Where and from whom do you expect to obtain the financial resources for this monumental endeavor? 
  • Question #3.   I am not what you would call, "influential, powerful, rich or famous."  Nor am I some corporate executive with decision-making authority and thus able to recommend your solutions and services.  I am just an average person trying to care for myself and my family, and trying to make ends meet.  Do you have a need for people like me and where do I fit into the grand scheme of things? 
ANSWER:    Believe it or not,  if you truly fell into that category of people who are genuinely interested in learning about Collaboration and Human Evolution, that would place you in a league of your own in whichever corner of the globe you happen to be in.     

Why is that, you might ask?   

Well, first and foremost, that's because, in terms of amount of information about Collaboration and Human Evolution that you need,  I haven't yet provided you with even one single grain of sand on a large beach.   
In other words, there is so much to learn about this topic and endeavor before anyone can  make a truly informed decision to learn how to Collaborate and eventually embark on the road to Human Evolution.   Nonetheless, I applaud your enthusiasm.  It's a start in the right direction.                 
Second, this isn't the sort of thing that you can try out for a while in order to see how things work out.  Once you make that decision,  it becomes an addiction and a lifetime commitment.  You will be on the road of no return from which there is no turning back.

With the exception of  perhaps a dozen people on this entire planet, if that many, you will have to accept the fact that you will never be able to carry an ordinary conversation with any ordinary human being without feeling "repulsed" at the amount of mediocrity you are exposed to as well as the primitive nature and aspect of such encounter.    

You will need a strong stomach and an almost unlimited amount of a priori ethics, inner strength, fortitude, endurance, perseverance, kindness, patience, forbearance, tolerance, wisdom and intelligence in order to understand and forgive your fellow human beings.   
In other words, this isn't a badge of honor that you get to carry around with you and display in order to let the world know how smart and special you are or to gain millions of followers on social media.  
For the simple reason that you are not really that smart and special.  The only difference between you and your fellow human beings is that you are aware that you've been living the life of a slave - a primitive, barbaric, and savage human being -  and you are willing to take the necessary steps needed to discover who you truly are so you can begin to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being - and finally embark on the road to Human Evolution.  (In other words, you've made the decision to evolve.)
Believe it or not, it's more of a curse that, sometimes, will make you wish that you were like everyone else.  In fact, you are going to have to shun publicity.   No moronic and clownish acts of rubbing elbows and picture taking with world leaders and the so-called celebrities, rich and famous, and powers-that-be.  No need for millions of social media followers.  No catfights on social media.  No investor roadshow presentations.  No dog and pony shows.  No interviews on CNN, MSNBC, Oprah, Fox News and the likes.  No interview with news and business publication reporters.  No Man or Woman of the Year on magazine covers.  No Nobel Prize nominations and awards.  No Congressional appearances.  No book writing and book publishing tours.  No participation at award ceremonies.  No acceptance of awards.  No public speaking engagements and shaking hands at live events in physical venues.  

The bottom line is this:  This is NOT a huge movement with millions of followers.  This is NOT about making money or getting rich.   You will need to learn how to work studiously, patiently and quietly in the background until it's time for you to cross over into the next world.    Your achievements may never be known to the public or acknowledged by future generations for hundreds, thousands and millions of years from now for the simple reason that the results of your efforts and achievements, Human Evolution,  will speak much more eloquently and loudly than words, awards and individual recognition from others could ever express.   

And when that time comes,  however long it takes,  even if that means another 600+ million years, YOU will be in the next world brimming with joy and satisfaction at the fact that the human race was finally able to evolve from its current primitive, barbaric and savage condition in order to join their  brethren and fellow Intelligent Beings in the universe and multiverse. 

Now that I have outlined to you in details what you would be getting into, let me answer your questions one by one:

Question #1.   Can you guesstimate the time frame for such a project?

Answer:   I wish I could give you an honest or scientific answer to this question.   All that I can say is that, the history of mankind can be traced back all the way to 600+ million years.   Therefore, it may take another 600 million years for mankind to finally make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and finally reach the stage of Human Evolution. 

Therefore, a very important question that everyone who has an interest in Human Evolution should ask is:   When can I get started,  how can I get started, and who can point me in the right direction?

Another equally important question is:   Has this project already begun; if so, when; and how can I get involved?  

It's obvious that these are all rhetorical questions since the answer to both questions is already provided throughout and at the end of this document.          


Question #2.   Where and from whom do you expect to obtain the financial resources for this monumental endeavor? 
Answer:   I can excuse the question since the following excerpt from the very beginning of this article illustrates the reason why:  "That's when I came to the realization that we are all living a life of slaves on planet Earth and that "Doing Business" :: as we have always known it to be since time immemorial :: plays a quintessential role in the enslavement of all of mankind." 
This question is obviously a formal and nicer way of saying, "Where the hell you're going to get the money from for this Human Evolution project?"    This question implies that,  whether we want to or not, in the real world that we live in, getting this money will require that we "Do Business" with somebody in order to get this project off the ground.   And that part of this process will require that we get off our Collaboration high horse and begin to work in Cooperation with some individual, organization or government.  
Since the title of this article states ::: I Don't Care to "Do Business" With You, Your Organization or Government ::: this question also implies that when it comes down to it, I'll have to eat the words in the title of  this article;  because, at the end of the day, after all has been said and done,  Money Talks and Bullshit Walks.     
However, prior to giving you an Intelligent response to this question, I need you to prepare yourself for the answer I am about to provide because you will most certainly believe that I am insane and some sort of lunatic who has lost all his marbles and is living in a fantasy world.

Now that you have been forewarned, here is the answer: 

We will NOT have a need for "financial resources" which do in fact play "a quintessential role in the enslavement of all of mankind."    

Being that "Slaves" have been conditioned to believe and accept that NOTHING at all can be accomplished without Money,  I can perfectly understand why this answer will definitely ring hollow in your ears as well as wipe out every single shred of credibility I may have had with you prior to this point or whatever amount of benefit of the doubt that you would have been inclined to give me.    

Instead we will focus on Collaboration in order to accomplish such monumental endeavor.   And once you get introduced to the concept of Collaboration and become immersed in its intricacies,  this answer will become crystal clear and make perfect sense to you.  You may even be a bit embarrassed at the fact that you ever asked this question since the answer was so simple, and that you used to be so primitive. 

In the near or distant future, in a world of Collaborators and Intelligent Beings, we will all long for a revised version of the aforementioned question, which is:  Where and from whom do you expect to obtain the Collaboration and Intelligence for this monumental  endeavor?

Notwithstanding the foregoing, since the art of Collaboration falls outside the scope of this article, I'll have to leave it at that.       

 Question #3.    I am not what you would call, "influential, powerful, rich or famous."  Nor am I some corporate executive with decision-making authority and thus able to recommend your solutions and services.  I am just an average person trying to care for myself and my family, trying to make ends meet.  Do you have a need for people like me and where do I fit into the grand scheme of things? 

Answer:   Regardless of your current stature in life, this very minute and second, you are much more intelligent, influential, powerful and rich than you'll ever know, however, that is something for you to discover on your own.   For the simple reason that this isn't something that somebody can make you believe.   Instead, this is something that you yourself must know without a shred of doubt.  Otherwise, coming from any other source, it will all sound like a bunch of horseshit to you.    

You are more than welcome to ponder on that statement for as long as you wish and one day, hopefully sooner than later, you will come to understand and realize what I meant by that.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, here is a direct answer to your question:   There are millions of ways to contribute to Human Evolution.  As well, there is no time limit.  As stated earlier, you have at least another 600 million years to contribute, assuming you get to live that long.   I invite you to read ::: Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level ::: in order to get a solid understanding of what I mean by that.                        

Next Step for Potential Collaborators

The following entities are ideal for any individual, organization or government who wishes to become a Collaborator:

Just share the link to this article with our fellow human beings in whatever way that you can regardless of your feelings regarding its content.  At the very least, you can be guaranteed that one of them will surely appreciate your gesture and thank you for it.   
Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership,  as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

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