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Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level


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What is a Member-In-Principle and why is it "The Ultimate Membership Level"?


A Member-In-Principle is merely someone who takes the time to understand a particular cause  espoused by one or more individuals or entities, its corresponding set of issues, as well as its core values and principles;  and who resolves to support such cause in whatever way s/he deems appropriate under the circumstances.   

Examples of such support include, however, are not limited to, the following:

  • Just Say a Good Word.   If circumstances so warrant, and you don't see or anticipate any immediate blowback or potential risks to your career or livelihood, then just say a good word.
  • Help When You Can.   There is no need to make huge sacrifices on behalf of the cause, just help in whatever capacity that you can.  I can think of a million ways.  The choice is yours!  
  • Express an Interest in the Facts.   Whenever you are in a hostile environment and your opinion, advice or counsel is being sought, only express an interest in getting all the facts - which may take a lifetime.   Just keep moving the goal posts.
  • Express an Interest in Getting More Information.   Whenever you are in a hostile environment whereby imminent action against a specific individual or entity is on the agenda, and such action  requires your approval or some sort of consensus on your part,  then express the need for more information - which may require an unlimited amount of information.   Just keep moving the goal posts.  
  • In Complete Silence.    That means, you don't want to say or do anything that will draw attention to yourself as a supporter of the cause and thus cause others to refrain from freely expressing themselves, their biases and  prejudices and bad intentions, or any contemplated malevolent acts in your presence.  Silence is golden.  It's always good to be aware of your surroundings and to know where you stand. 
  • Become an Uninterested Observer.    When asked to support or participate in any detrimental action against the cause, and you are in a position whereby you can afford to remain above the fray, simply express your lack of interest and steer the maleficent in a different direction.  This can be accomplished with this simple statement:   "I don't have any time for shit like that.  This is a complete waste of my time.  We got better fish to fry.  Let's move on."
  • Sabotage Your Own Malevolent Effort.   Use your very own and best judgment in order to sabotage in a very subtle, innocent and non-incriminating way any malevolent effort you are assigned to undertake by your superiors.  I can think of a million ways.
  • Become Inspector Clouseau.   When assigned by your superiors or other powers-that-be to lead or participate in a malevolent effort, become a self-sabotage and bungling Inspector Clouseau at every turn and opportunity.  There is no need to risk your career and livelihood or become a sacrificial lamb at the altar of evil and malfeasance.  The worst thing that could happen is that your case gets reassigned to a more efficient executioner.           
  • Take a Private Stand.   If you are in a position to do so without fear of repercussions, simply let others know where you stand.  In turn, that may encourage others to grow a spine - although that is highly unlikely. 
  • Take a Public Stand.  If you are in a position to do so without fear of repercussions, simply take a public stand.   
  • Just Say No.  Not On My Watch.   If you are a Real Decision-Maker with Ultimate Authority who has earned the respect of your peers and colleagues :: as well as all current and potential adversaries and enemies :: and deem any current or contemplated actions to be hostile or averse to the cause,  then Just Say "No.  Not On My Watch. I Better Not Hear Anymore of This or the Consequences Will Be Severe."
  • Nip It in the Bud.   There are literally millions of ways to compromise any living human being.  The key is to know when you are the target of a human compromise operation that is designed to harm a cause that you support although that is easier said than done.   Therefore, whenever you suspect - or it becomes apparent to you - that you are being used as a pawn or useful idiot, regardless of how long it took you to discover that, then you need to immediately Nip It in the Bud  There is no need to alert anyone if doing so would run the risk of putting your life, career, and livelihood in jeopardy.   The key is to say in clear and unequivocal terms "No, I will NOT cooperate."  Any professional human compromise operator will know that any attempt to go beyond that point will be counterproductive and thus seriously jeopardize their sinister activities. 
  • Shun Any Publicity and Recognition.   Stay out of the limelight and shun any public recognition in order to avoid becoming the poster boy or gal for everything negative that could be fairly attributed to, or unduly associated with,  the cause. 
The Ultimate Membership Level

What makes a Member-In-Principle the ultimate membership level?  Let me just highlight a few reasons since they are too numerous to mention in this article:
  • 100% Anonymity.   You have the option of Real 100% Anonymity.   That means, other than between you and the lamp post, no single human being or entity could ever become aware that you support a particular cause or entity - not even the organization and its members.  Not even your spouse, children, parents or siblings could ever know unless you're itching to reveal your secrets by leaving behind a trail of clues. 
  • 100% Independence.   There is no one for you to report to in order to be kept abreast of any current or pending events or to receive any instructions or assignments.  Furthermore, there is no one to report to you for any reason whatsoever.   You are only responsible for yourself as well as your own thoughts, decisions and actions.
  • 100% Risk-Proof.   Being a Member-In-Principle means that there is absolutely ZERO chance that your support for a cause may jeopardize your current or future career, prestige and social status.  Therefore, in the absence of your very own disclosure, you could be the Pope, President of the United States, United States Senator, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, US Attorney General, FBI Director, CIA Director, NSA Director, Head of Homeland Security,  President of an Ivy League University,  United Nations Secretary-General, President of the European Commission,  President of a Major Defense Contractor,  Chairman of a Global Investment Bank - and no one in the world would ever suspect your sympathies and support.   That is, of course, unless you're itching to reveal your secrets by leaving behind a trail of clues. 
  • 100% Safety and Security.   The only time you have to be concerned about your safety and security is when you either consciously or subliminally choose to go to the public square and become visible.   Therefore, in the absence of any deliberate efforts on your part or your own negligence, you can enjoy 100% safety and security with respect to your support for a cause. 
  • You Become a Ghost.   In essence, this membership level allows you to become a ghost among the living.  You can travel any place or walk into any room unimpeded without generating any hint of your support of any cause or agenda.
  • You Become A Fly On the Wall.   There is no need for you to seek information from malevolent forces who are opposed to your cause.  They will cheerfully volunteer every bit of information about their activities to you without noticing your presence or any effort on your part.   
  • It Opens the Floodgates of Hell.   Moreover, this membership level opens the floodgates of hell and releases all those who are held in bondage through fear, fear of association, intimidation, and death threats.  Their numbers are in the billions (7+).   
  • An Exigence-Free Relationship.   The most powerful and meaningful relationship is one which places no demands - and does not impose any exigencies - on any of the parties.  Just let the Symphony of Nature and Goodwill take its course and marvel at the results. 
  • You Become A Real Guardian Angel.    Since it is all about the cause and you have no need for praise, publicity and official recognition, your every action becomes that of a bona fide Guardian Angel. (This has nothing to do with religion or the fairy tale version of guardian angels.)     
In Conclusion

Although, at first glance, one may have a tendency to recoil at the lack of structure of this membership level, the reality is that, for all of the aforementioned reasons, it is indeed the most powerful and effective level of membership that one could possibly imagine.   

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and become a Member-In-Principle.   The New Virtual Organization World and today's Legacy World have plenty of organizations and causes for you to choose from.  No authorization is required from any individual or entity.  You are the Master of Your Own Decision and Destiny.   

From Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Perfect Bona Fide Digital Currency, and A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System all the way to making the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, Political Evolution and  Human Evolution - the sky is the limit.    

Let Us Manifest!

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