Friday, January 26, 2018

I Don't Care About Growing Sales and Scaling the Business Nor Do I Have a Need ...

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

I don't care about Growing Sales and Scaling the Business 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Lenders, Investors and Joint Venture (JV) Partners or Third Parties Acting on their Behalf   
:::: Instead  you may join any of our consortia in order to view the range of projects that our consortia members ("Collaborators") have access to and directly offer your services to them.  
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Go on a Roadshow or Conduct Any Sort of "Dog-and-Pony Show" Presentation About Our Activities
:::: There is an excellent reason for that:  A 30-minute to 1-hour presentation to anyone via any sort of medium is an exercise in futility.    Why is that, you might say?  
Well, The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual and It's Organized::  that we are architecting is based on "Otherworldly" Futuristic Concepts and Ideas which are currently beyond today's human comprehension and imagination.  Thus requiring all who have been exposed to such concepts and ideas to expend a great deal of time and effort in order to grasp the significance of the opportunity presented before them.     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Silent Partners
:::: Instead we seek active Collaborators who have a genuine and deep interest in The New Virtual Organization World and are ready, willing and able to expend (or assign someone to devote) the required amount of time and effort needed to Architect and Build this new world through their active participation in one or more of our consortia.  Absent that level of commitment,  Your Money is really of no significance to us.     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Recruit "Virtual Executives" for Our Executive Leadership Team
:::: Instead we invite "Otherworldly" Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators  who have a genuine and deep interest in The New Virtual Organization World and are ready, willing and able to expend the required amount of time and effort needed ::at least a full year:: in order to become full-fledged "Virtual Organization Leadership Executives" AND  Collaborators who  will Architect and Build this new world.
To give you a brief idea of the scope of the challenge we face:   At the very most,  there are probably 100 people on this entire planet who could possibly meet our definition of both "Otherworldly" Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators  AND Collaborators.   Hence the reason why We Are In No Hurry to bring on board such individuals and are proceeding on a parallel track. 
For Example: 
If you don't know what I mean by the term "Otherworldly," then you certainly don't fall within that category of about 100 such people on the entire planet.    There is no IQ test, Mensa membership, or any other form of  validation or approval from anyone that is required to be "otherworldly."   You are "otherworldly" only when your vision, concepts, thoughts, and ideas are so incomprehensible and out of this world that they fall way beyond the limits of human comprehension and imagination. 
As well, it is impossible for anyone to be a bona fide Collaborator if that person's safety and security, subsistence, livelihood,  and well-being (e.g., financial, social, emotional, psychological, physical, etc.) depends on the dictates, whims, generosity or largesse of others; thus rendering their continued collaboration  vulnerable and subject to others' machinations. 
Therefore, if you want to Collaborate, subject to the receipt of  any sort of minimum monthly or yearly income requirements or financial assistance in order to provide for your family and make ends meet, then you do NOT meet the definition of "bona fide Collaborator."     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Recruit Any Leadership Executive Who Thinks Outside the Box
:::: Instead we seek Collaborators who "Can Get Out of the Damn Box" first so that They Can Really Begin to Learn How to Think outside the box. 
Why is that, you might say?  That's because it's impossible to think outside the box while you are stuck in the damn box.     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Lead Anyone and Have Their Livelihood and Future Depend on Me
:::: That's because a True Leader Can Only Lead Himself.   
Why is that?  For the simple reason that "Learning How to Lead Yourself on a daily basis is the hardest challenge that you will ever face throughout your entire existence." 
Thus making it virtually impossible for anyone to be able to "truly lead" others.  One person is enough!   So Lead Yourself and take responsibility for your own damn life.  
As well, since I only seek to be surrounded by the aforementioned bona fide Collaborators,  that automatically rules out individuals who need to depend on me for their livelihood.  
See::  A Global Need for Principled Leaders   (not now, read it later)  
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Be Validated or Endorsed by Any Organization or Individual
:::: That's because it is damn near impossible for anyone to validate or endorse someone or something that is characterized as being "otherworldly":: since, by definition, being otherworldly  means that a certain individual's action or a particular concept  falls way beyond the limits of human comprehension and imagination    
Hence the reason why I eventually made the decision to no longer prominently feature the names of our supporting colleagues and, with one exception, our Collaborators from the About section of our websites and other platforms.   However, they are provided with a link to their own brief bio page on the appropriate VOMI-related platform which can be shared with whomever they see fit.   
That is my way of ensuring that I am NOT dealing with the primitive mentality of a bunch of Monkey See, Monkey Do Executives with no mind of their own::  Individuals who are only motivated to join us on the basis of "Who else has joined?" and "How many?"  and "Who is backing the venture?"
See::   Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd   (not now, read it later)
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Meet with Celebrities or Get Celebrity Endorsements
:::: Can't have it both ways.  I have to practice what I preach.  I am only interested in working with Otherworldly Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators and Collaborators. 
To illustrate, even if the entire A-List of Hollywood celebrities:: Oprah including::  as well as others from around the globe were to BEG ME to either meet with them or to offer their endorsements FREE OF CHARGE,  I would respectfully thank them but decline such offers for the following reasons:    
  • Their followers are NOT our targeted audience: the aforementioned bona fide Collaborators. 
  • The "Otherworldly" Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators we seek to attract do not need Oprah's (or any other celebrity) endorsement in order to join us and, in all likelihood, would not be glued to a television set watching their program.  They have a mind of their own.
If, by some sort of miracle or divine intervention,  a so-called Celebrity (Oprah including) were genuinely interested in contributing to the arrival of The New Virtual Organization World,  I would advise that person to proceed through the proper channels and procedures we have made available to ALL:  League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives :: The New Virtual Organization World Consortium ::  Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium :: VOMI Global Think Tank   :: (not now, view them later)  
I have already turned down direct approaches from some of these Celebrities as well as from representatives of former heads of state who felt that they were exempt from using these channels and procedures.   (Although I do understand that sort of primitive master-slave-moron mentality.)     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Talk to Anyone Who Requests a 15-Minute Phone Call so They Can Learn About OUR  Services or What We Are Doing
:::: This is such a sophomoric and amateurish approach.  I am sure you understand the psychology behind this move.   Being in business and sales  for over 40 years,  I must admit that I have quite effectively used this sales approach back in my early days when dealing with unsophisticated, run-of-the-mill small business owners and mid-level gatekeepers and management personnel at larger organizations in order to get my foot through the door, so to speak, so I could try to qualify a prospective client. 
However, that being said, when someone contacts me using this approach, this tells me two (2) things:    
1.   This person doesn't know a damn thing about me, what our organization is about,  is just lazy and hasn't really bothered to do their homework prior to contacting me :: in spite of the volume (more like a treasure trove) of information I have made available on our websites and other content platforms.  
2.   What a Wasted Opportunity!  Why use a "shotgun approach" with a very important  social network contact that you have direct one-on-one access to?    
This tells me that I am dealing with someone who is either working in a cookie-cutter, mechanical or robotic mode;  or some amateur who doesn't really take me seriously.    
In either case,  this person has tarnished their reputation and credibility with me.   In my mind, I can't help but think that I am dealing with an amateur, someone who can't be taken seriously going forward.
So you may ask, "Pierre, what are the alternatives?"    
Well, why not take the time to thoroughly research your network contact, the organization and the full scope of its activities, if made available online  (even if it means taking a full day or, at most, a week to complete your fact-finding)  prior to contacting that person?   And once you have done so, take the time to write a detailed paper on the intelligence you have gathered; how your organization fits into the overall scheme of things;  and then leave it up to them to "admire your initiative and fact-finding mission and to contact you at their own convenience."
There is no need to follow-up with numerous emails, phone calls, etc., since such efforts are "counterproductive" when you are dealing with corporate executives at such high level.  If  your contact does not respond, that can only mean one or more of the following:  1)  The prospective client does NOT agree with most of the key points of your findings.    2)  Though your assessment may be  correct, the powers-that-be may have a different view with respect to its priority level (i.e., it can wait due to a number of internal factors such as managerial inertia, organizational inertia, structural inertia, internal company politics, inmates are running the asylum, financial and economic reasons, too many irons in the fire, etc.).  3)  Your network contact is NOT a decision-maker, thus unable to push things through in the queue line any faster.
In which case, there is really nothing more that you can do.  
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Talk to Anyone Who Requests a 15-Minute Phone Call so I Can Learn About THEIR  Services or What They Are Doing 
:::: Again, this is another sophomoric and amateurish approach.  Ditto my comments on the previous topic.  Why is that, you might say?   That's because, if they had done their homework, they would know well in advance that I am the very last person in the world that they want to talk to about Their Services and What They Are Doing.   
Why is that, you might say?   That's due to the nature and scope of the activities we are engaged in via our consortia and other platforms:    League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives :: The New Virtual Organization World Consortium :: Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium :: VOMI Global Think Tank :: etc. ::  (not now, view them later)
What this means is that, if you are looking to expose and sell your products and services, you need to take off your blinders for a few minutes so you can realize the Himalayan Mountain of Opportunities that are being made available to "very astute, visionary and high-caliber sales executives" and their employers through the aforementioned Consortia. 

For Example, Imagine This: 

The year is 1820.   You, Jack Tripper, are a Steel Salesman traveling from town to town throughout Midwest USA, selling steel to town Blacksmiths.  One day, you come across  Joe the Blacksmith  who tells you that he really has no more need for your steel and that,  due to certain connections that he's made and some confidential knowledge that he has become privy to about the importance and future of steel in the development of this country, he is now winding up his blacksmith business and moving on to greener pastures.   He then adds that he has now formed a Make America Great Consortium and invites you to join. 
What follows is the transcript of your conversation with Joe the Blacksmith upon receipt of the invitation to join the Make America Great Consortium: 
You - Jack Tripper:   Thanks for the invitation, Joe!  But I don't quite see the connection between me selling steel to Blacksmiths and my membership in this Consortium.  Can you enlighten me a bit? 
Joe the Blacksmith:  Well, Jack, as things now stand today, you're right:  there is no connection between the two.  However, let me share with you my vision of the future of America and how steel will play a leading role in the development of this country.   You see.... 
You - Jack Tripper:  Joe,  I am sorry to interrupt you, but I don't really have much time to chat because I am on a schedule and I absolutely have to get out of here within the next 5-10 minutes in order for me to reach the next town before sunset.    Can you make it short? 
Joe the Blacksmith:   Not a problem, Jack.  In fact, it will only take about a couple of minutes.  You can always follow up with me later if you have any questions or want to know more. 
You - Jack Tripper:  Thanks, I appreciate it.  
Joe the Blacksmith:  Jack,  based on what I've learned recently, I have this vision of America in the not so distant future.   Steel will play a much bigger role in the future of this country.  Right now, as you already know, with steel being so expensive, we can only produce it in small quantities for making horseshoes, shields, plate armor, swords, small tools, cutlery, etc. 
However, I foresee that this is all about to change very soon.  Based on what I have heard, the latest advances in technology will make it possible for steel to be produced in mass quantities at a  much lower cost.   We will have railroad tracks made of steel stretching from one end of the country to the next.  Within the next 50-150 years, there will be 1000s to millions of office buildings in large cities dotting the entire landscape of this country that will be constructed out of steel.   Steel will be used in just about everything:  freight containers on trains,  large ships, automobiles, cannons, home construction,  water pipes, drainage pipes, wastewater pipes, building materials, large construction tools, etc.  
Just imagine how big the market will be.  It's like being a kid in a candy store.   And since you are in the business of selling steel, why don't you join us on the Consortium and begin to prepare for that future?  Your membership in the Consortium will give you a HUMONGOUS  advantage over all your competitors out there who are totally clueless about this future that I speak of.   While they are out there doing what you're now doing,  you will have an opportunity to be in contact with the titans of industry who will be building these railroads, office buildings, homes, etc. 
In short, you will be directly exposed to the builders of this country's new infrastructure.  That's a whole lot of steel to sell.  But not only that,  just imagine all these other countries across the globe.   Can you wrap your mind around that?   Or do you want me to provide you with "proof" or "evidence" that this future that I speak of will come to fruition before you can go talk to your boss about this opportunity? 
As promised, I kept it all within just a couple of minutes. So, the ball is now in your court!  
You - Jack Tripper:   Honestly, Joe, do you really want to know what I think!
Joe the Blacksmith:   Of course, Jack! Go right ahead. 
You - Jack Tripper:   Well, honestly, it sounds like you just went off the deep end - I don't know what brought about this sudden change in you and this sort of fantasy world that you're living in,  but it seems to me like you've completely lost your mind.   
Nonetheless, I got a family to provide for and bills to pay, and there is no way on God's green earth that I am going to walk up to my boss and repeat to him, with a straight face, what you've just told me.   He will either think that I am joking around or I belong in an insane asylum.  
I am sorry about that, old friend, but I just can't afford to jeopardize my career and livelihood.   So, best of  luck in your new endeavor and take good care. 
Joe the Blacksmith:   Not a problem, Jack.  Take good care and have a safe trip.               
You - Jack Tripper By the way, Joe, just out of curiosity and just in case I come across someone that I feel comfortable sharing this information with,  do you charge some sort of consortium  membership fee? 
Joe the Blacksmith:   Of course, Jack?  This ain't a social club or fun and games, it's serious business.  I'll go ahead and mail you all the details.                  
You - Jack Tripper:  Great!  Thanks again.  Bye!

The bottom line is this:  What you've just imagined  is, in essence, what I am offering to you and your organization (or government) through these various consortia.   And if you had indeed done your homework prior to contacting me,  assuming you are astute enough to understand the size and scope of the Himalayan Mountain of Opportunities I am making available to you and your organization through these various Consortia,  I am indeed confident you would not have approached me for a 15-minute sales call.  
Instead, you would first engage in preliminary discussions with the powers-that-be in your organization, or make a serious effort to identify a number of potential corporate and government sponsors within your Circle of Influence,  and then request permission or invite them, respectively,  to proceed in accordance with the appropriate Consortium application submission process described on each website.        
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For a One-On-One Chat with Anyone Over a Cup of Coffee While They Are in Town
:::: This is a very primitive and opaque (brick and mortar) way of doing business.    I remember those days so well during the late 70's to the 90's.   This practice  goes against every single strand and fiber of the Virtual Organization Management discipline.   It is very archaic, inefficient, totally unproductive, and insulting. 
 I can just imagine what's racing through your mind right now:  "Wow, Pierre, this is just a friendly, informal and customary way of doing business.   You're just reading too much into it."
Well, since I have engaged in that practice myself in the past, hundreds of times over a period of 25 years,  all I can tell you is that, "Yes, back in those days, that was an excellent informal way to get to know a current or potential client in a relaxed environment - without having to summon them to your office." 
However, in today's day and age, given our current state of technology, there is absolutely no need to continue with that archaic practice.   Just schedule a video conference at anytime, anywhere.  You can see each other, smile, chit chat, etc., and 15 minutes later, you close the video conference session, and You're Done!  No need to even get up or walk away from your desk. 
Therefore, in this day and age, when someone requests a chat over a cup of coffee, it has a different connotation and it is viewed in a completely different dimension.    
All I see is a Neanderthal living in a completely different world who wants to mildly, discreetly and surreptitiously Interrogate Me prior to making a decision to do business with us for one or more of the following reasons:  1)  to interview me on the sly;  2) to pick my brains (get something for nothing),    3) to see if there is any chemistry between the two of us (i.e.,  to see if he likes me for whatever reasons or ulterior motives), 4) to assess my strengths and weaknesses (i.e., do a psychological profile for future reference)
A Neanderthal who "erroneously" believes that his objectives can best be achieved in a One-On-One, Face-to-Face, Eyeballs-to-Eyeballs setting while looking at the whites of my eyes and pounding flesh. 
Although the reality is just the opposite.  I know this sounds counterintuitive.  However, in fact, You Can Learn A Hell Lot More about someone via a video conference than you could ever learn about that person in a brick and mortar setting.  (That's an essential part of the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification that is offered at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.)          
There is no need to:  get on a damn congested freeway driving at snail's pace, ride bumper to bumper,  pollute the air with toxic auto emissions,  destroy your lungs,  find parking space, wait to be seated,  place your order and wait to be served, eat and drink, checkout, tip the waiter or waitress, get back to the parking lot, get back on that damn congested freeway driving at a snail's pace going bumper to bumper,  pollute the air again with toxic emissions,  destroy your lungs, get back home or to your office building, park your car, get back to your desk. 
Even if there were no ulterior motives, why go through all of that, just to accommodate a Neanderthal?  
To quickly buttress my stance and move on, IMAGINE, right now this very second,  having to send a very important package from California  to a client in New York:: which must be delivered the next day. 
This is the year 2018.  Your first tendency is to call FedEx to request a package pickup and Next Day delivery.   End of story.   
You wouldn't go to a local Pony Express office to drop off your package; have it relayed on horseback across more than 1000 relief stations across a number of states by more than 600 lone Pony Express riders galloping at breakneck speed, trying to make it there on time; just because your client told you to (or preferred that you do) send him the package via his favorite shipping carrier, Pony Express.   Would you?        
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Have Lunch with Anyone While They Are in Town
Ditto my comments on the previous topic (if it is in any way business-related; it is NOT a social call from a friend or existing client; and lunch time falls within business hours).
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Close any Business Deals or Meet and Discuss Important Business with Anyone While They Are in Town 
Being the founder of the Virtual Organization Management discipline, I have to practice what I preach.   This standard "brick and mortar" practice goes against everything that the virtual organization management discipline stands for and there is no exception to the rule. 
Therefore, I don't care if  that person is the President of either The United States,  Russian Federation, or China;  the Queen of England;  the legendary Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, the greatest visionary and founder of the new retail world Jeff Bezos, etc.,  my answer is the same:   "NO.   I am more than pleased to schedule a video conference in accordance with our standard procedures." 
I don't care if it is an opportunity of a lifetime, a deal worth billions to trillions of dollars, my answer is still the same:  "NO.   I am more than pleased to schedule a video conference in accordance with our standard procedures."    
I am very cognizant of the fact that you may find this (and me) weird, crazy, insane, illogical and even wonder what sort of world  that I am living in and the name of the planet that I come from, but were you to have an opportunity to get to know us and Collaborate with us, you will find out that there is indeed a "method to the madness."   
That's what I call "Principled Geopolitical Leadership" ::  which is taught at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and is required knowledge and practice in order to be awarded the official "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive" designation.    
You can't build The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual and It's Organized  :: without being Principled Geopolitical Leaders.
(That should give you an idea of what the "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification" is all about and the immense prestige which comes attached to the official "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive" designation awarded to all successful candidates.)     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Get Exposure in the Mainstream Media
:::: If our success depends on mainstream media, then our downfall can easily be engineered overnight by mainstream media.  The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh it away.    
Building The New Virtual Organization World :: this New Principled World :: should not be dependent on the Old Primitive, Barbaric and Savage World Order.  Therefore, I'll pass on that mainstream media exposure opportunity.  Instead, we prefer to remain focused on:  1) our vision, hard work, perseverance, the strength of our uncompromising principles, as well as winning hearts and minds::  2) partnering with bona fide Collaborators and Otherworldly Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators::  and  3) winning small battles one person and one day at a time.  
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Social Media Exposure and Digital Marketing Strategy Advice
:::: Being one of the earliest pioneers of social media marketing going all the way back to the dawn of the Web, we're very confident in our current approach.   But thanks, anyway!
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Reciprocal Endorsement from Any Organization I Have Never Worked With
:::: I am indeed humbled and honored by your request.   However, we accept official endorsements only from individuals and organizations that we actively Collaborate with:: and even then, as a matter of policy, we will NOT post those endorsements on our own websites and other platforms.   With respect to providing an official endorsement of an individual or organization, we also have the same policy. 
Nonetheless, we are always very thankful and humbled by your expression of support and would like to suggest the best way we can informally support each other:  Just share whatever information we have about each other with friends, colleagues and associates whom we believe would be most receptive to what we both have to offer.  It's as simple as it gets!     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Network with (Other) Startups
:::: There is a time and place for everything and everything has its time and place.  At this stage of the game, we've reached a point wherein "Networking" is more of a distraction than anything else and becomes counterproductive.   Instead, our focus is on actively working with bona fide Collaborators and  Otherworldly Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators through the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, VOMI Global Think Tank, and the following consortia: The New Virtual Organization World Consortium :: Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium
Nonetheless, I am always more than pleased to share whatever information I have about other startups with friends, colleagues and associates whom we believe would be most receptive to what these startups have to offer.  It's as simple as it gets! 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Network with (Other) Corporate Executives and Government Officials
:::: Ditto my response in the first paragraph of the previous topic.   Nonetheless, I would be eternally grateful and honored if my colleagues in the corporate, government and public policy sectors were willing to share with their friends, colleagues and associates whatever information they have about our vision of The New Virtual Organization World and current initiatives.     
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Travel Across the Globe (or Just a Few Miles Away) to Either Attend or Be a Speaker at Any Event
:::: Why not?  Because that would send the wrong message and destroy the following:   My Credibility,  VOMI's,  and the value of the virtual organization management  discipline.   Moreover,  that would obscure the need for an explosion of  Virtual Organizations around the world.  I am sure that, regardless of where in the world we live, we have all heard these expressions at one point or another during our lifetime:  Action Speaks Louder Than Words :: Practice What You Preach :: and :: Leaders Lead by Example.
Think about this for a few seconds:   Why would anyone invite me to speak at their event?   And why would I accept such invitation? 
It can only be to provide their audience with some insight into the "Virtual Organization Management" discipline and the need for an explosion of virtual organizations around the globe;  an event which will help usher in the arrival of The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized  - as well as put humankind on a path toward "human evolution"::  since I am recognized worldwide as the founder of  the modern "virtual organization management" discipline pioneered since 1997;  as well as the founder or Architect of the following:  
The point being, I am the world's leading advocate for  "Operating in a Virtual Organization Environment" and living in a world of virtual organizations I call "The New Virtual Organization World."   That means using the Internet and related technologies, platforms, tools and accessories FOR ALL ACTIVITIES which do NOT require a physical ("brick and mortar")  presence.   
Therefore,  being a Guest Speaker or Keynote Speaker at any event anywhere in the world where there exists a modern and reliable 24-Hour HIGH SPEED Broadband Internet infrastructure does NOT require my physical presence  and can be easily and seamlessly accomplished via videoconference.        
In fact, the infamous Edward Snowden does it all the time from his Russia location since he is unable to travel outside of Russia :: Yet Snowden doesn't claim to know anything at all  about the "virtual organization management" discipline. 
Can you just imagine yourself being part of an audience at a physical location  listening to ME  in a room standing on a podium behind a lectern,  talking about the wisdom and benefits of operating in a virtual and virtual organization environment whenever an activity does NOT require a physical presence.    What would be going through your mind?    
Would you pay a $15 million dollars (USD)  annual licensing fee in order for ME to teach 1000 of your Corporate Executives and Middle Management Personnel how to operate in a 100% virtual organization environment?    Would you join The League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, etc.?    I guess I've made my point! 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Visit Your Country to Meet with the Powers-That-Be and Other Influential Business Leaders and Government Officials
:::: Ditto my response to the previous topic.    Think about this for one quick second:  The only thing I would not be able to do via a videoconference would be:  shaking hands and giving warm embraces to a bunch of curious and skeptical Neanderthals, to say the least.    
Is that reason enough to travel millions of miles around the world in order to impart  my "Otherworldly and Futuristic" message about The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized:: and the need to operate in a "100% virtual or virtual organization environment":: to a bunch of Neanderthals who prefer that I make a "physical appearance"? 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Promote or Make Foreign Direct Investment in Your Country
:::: We offer a much better alternative regardless of your country's geography and location. However, that being said, I am clearly aware that, regardless of who you are and where in the world you are located,  you lack the intellectual maturity to understand the opportunities that I am making available to your country since the solution I offer is NOT structured around the current archaic and very primitive Debt-Based financial system. 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Represent Your Company in the United States or Find You Buyers for Precious Metals, etc.
:::: Totally out of the question!   Instead I'd rather give you an opportunity to join The New Virtual Organization World Consortium in order to participate in the Futuristic Civilized City-State Enclave project.     Once the Civilized City-State Enclave is formally established, you should not have any problems at all finding buyers for your precious metals.   
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Outsourcing Our Activities to Countries Providing Cheap Labor, Products and Services
:::: That goes against everything that we stand for.   Global Equitable Compensation is a cornerstone of The New Virtual Organization World.   That means, should we ever have a need for your services, we're more than willing to pay your organization a competitive fee based on what it would cost us if we were to hire highly competent Americans to do the job.      
In other words, if it would cost us USD $100 per hour for a software development project in the United States, then we are more than willing to pay the US going rate for the same quality of work performed anywhere else in the world. (For example,  India, Philippines, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, France, Greece,  United Kingdom, Italy, Libya, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, etc.)  
As well, throughout the life of the project, we would insist that all your workers who are assigned to our project be paid wages  that are commensurate to what they would earn if they were based in the US.    
No One should be financially penalized due to their location or place of birth.   
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For E-mail Lists,  Sales Calls Generation and Appointment Providers
:::: We have absolutely NO need for such PRIMITIVE services.   We use much more sophisticated practices, tools and services. 
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Web Design and Hosting Services
:::: We have absolutely NO need for SEO services.  With respect to Web Design services,  you are always welcome to share the link to your website ONLY if you are a social network contact, however, do NOT request to schedule meetings or share pricing info:: and I'll contact you whenever we have a need for your services (i.e., Don't call us, We'll call you).   With respect to Hosting services, we have an exclusive lifetime arrangement with a reliable provider - thus no need to contact me.        
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Obtain Leadership Training and Executive Coaching Services
:::: We are the pioneer of the world's most advanced form of leadership training which is based on the modern "Virtual Organization Management" discipline and "Principled Geopolitical Leadership." 
See::  A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders  (definitely not now - read it later - it's a 271-page document)
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Learn How to Innovate and Inspire Others
:::: With respect to Innovation, I believe in "Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk."   The New Virtual Organization World Consortium is now working on "the most innovative project" in the entire history of mankind ::A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System":: and invites you to join us  so you can get a chance to "Walk the Walk."    
If your organization is unable to afford the consortium membership fee :: you have a strong urge and genuine desire to participate in this monumental and historic  project without precedent :: and you can ill afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity :: then I invite you to contact leading executives in your very own Circle of Influence who belong to leading organizations and governments around the globe in order to share with them some information about The New Virtual Organization World Consortium and this specific project.
With respect to "How to Inspire Others,"  that is a very archaic and primitive concept that Principled Geopolitical Leaders shun altogether.  Instead we should all strive to learn How to Inspire Ourselves (i.e., draw inspiration from within - from our very own thoughts, ideas, concepts and actions).  
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Learn How to Be Wealthy and Successful
:::: There is a time and place for everything and everything has its time and place.    In a nutshell:   This is a very Primitive Quest.  Being "wealthy" and "successful" is nothing but an illusion.   
Every single thing of material value that you possess can be taken away from you overnight.  (I am 1000% sure that many Saudi princes who were recently guests of honor  at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia as well as oligarchs from all over the world can attest to that.)   Strive instead to become "Principled" since that is the only thing of value:: it's priceless:: that no one can ever take away from you and the only true and eternal legacy that you can leave behind for future generations.  
See::  A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders  (definitely not now - read it later - it's a 271-page document)
  • Nor Do I Have a Need .... For Tax Shelters and Financial and Tax Planning Advice
:::: There is a time and place for everything and everything has its time and place.    In a nutshell:  I have come to recognize and accept that these activities only give you an Illusion of Financial Security. 
I am more focused on building a new world:: The New Virtual Organization World: It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized:: having at its core a Civilized World Financial System::  wherefore there will be no need for anyone to have to resort to such measures in order to shield or protect their assets and hard-earned income from Legalized Theft, Involuntary Asset Seizures  and Blatant Extortion by a monopolistic group of  Modern-Day Thieves and Bandits. 
      • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Know How to Preserve Wealth during Retirement
      :::: Ditto my response to the previous topic.
      • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Earn Extra Income by Placing Affiliate Links on our Websites and Other Platforms
      :::: Thank you for the offer.  However, we are focused on more relevant and pressing matters.  
      • Nor Do I Have a Need .... To Alleviate Poverty Around the Globe or Help Underprivileged Kids 
      :::: I am more focused on building a new world:  The New Virtual Organization World :: It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized  ::  having at its core a Civilized World Financial System :: wherefore there will never be a need for anyone to live in poverty.    
      Instead I invite you to contact leading executives in your very own Circle of Influence who belong to leading organizations and governments around the globe in order to share with them information about The New Virtual Organization World and its initiatives. 
      Perhaps, however remote the possibility, one or more of your colleagues may be willing to sponsor your participation in one of our aforementioned consortia.
      • Nor Do I Have a Need ....  For (More) Sex, Dating and Matchmaking Services
      :::: That sounds like an excellent idea if I ever got to be 100 years old, and wound up being a widower in a nursing home or assisted-living facility, and were unable to stand up and walk on my own two feet.  Check back with me then.  I guarantee you I will be delighted!    

      About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVOMI Global Think Tankand Virtual Organization Recruiter:: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly via CHAT.

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      Monday, January 15, 2018

      Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

      The New Virtual Organization World

      It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

      Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System

      This article represents Part 1 of a 2-Part Series of articles on the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System.  The link to Part 2 is at the end of this document.   

      The New Virtual Organization World Consortium is currently accepting application submissions from member governments who seek the historic opportunity to have their country host a  Futuristic City-State Enclave  based on a "Civilized World Financial System" as articulated in :: Are You Ready for Human Evolution?  :: All Roads Lead to Damascus: Where All Dreams of a Better World Meet a Fateful End  :: A Global Debt Crisis of $217 Trillion Dollars:: The Solution Is Within YOUR Reach Now!  ::  Principled Digital Marketing Strategy for "Otherworldly" Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators :: How Much Would It Cost to Create a Superintelligent AI with 100% Human Capabilities?  :: and  Collaborate to Evolve and Prosper Or  Cooperate To ... 

      (No need to read them now - you may do so later.)

      Ideal Host Country Profile For  The "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System":
      • A severely economic system, infrastructure and technology-challenged nation - or territory - anywhere in the world.
      • The City-State Enclave region must be in a very remote and extremely underdeveloped part of the country with  a practically nil-to-none 21st century technology infrastructure.
      • The region must have a good agricultural and livestock base.
      • The region must be rich in mineral resources.
      • Must have a population ranging anywhere from nearly 1 million up to a maximum of 8 million inhabitants.
      • A topography similar to that of::  Russian Far East, Tibetan Autonomous Region of China,  Cap-Haitien of Haiti,  South Cameroon, the entire Bakassi Peninsula of Cameroon (excluding the Nigeria portion)Ambazonia, Biafra, Niger Delta,  and certain regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Amazon Rainforest::  is ideal, however, is not required.
      • Upon official selection of a location which will host the world's very first Futuristic Civilized  City-State Enclave, the Host Country's government MUST be officially represented on The New Virtual Organization World Consortium by a minimum of  3 Distinguished Member representatives  who are exclusively assigned to such project on a permanent, full-time basis.
      • Only member governments in The New Virtual Organization World Consortium are eligible to apply for Host Country consideration.  
      For immediate consideration, Join The New Virtual Organization World Consortium ::  Only 1 Distinguished Member is required for membership.    Upon membership approval and ratification, your government will then be provided with detailed instructions on the Host Country City-State Enclave Application and Selection process.

      Please Note:  The Futuristic City-State Enclave project is open to ALL members of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium (i.e., you do not have to be sponsored by a government or be a government official in order to participate in that project).    Moreover, whether or not your country is selected as the Host Country, your government's Distinguished Member representative on the consortium will still be able to participate in the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based  on a Civilized World Financial System project during their tenure on the consortium.      

      Request Personal Contact Info:: Online

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