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Principled Digital Marketing Strategy for "Otherworldly" Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

According to conventional wisdom, if you have an idea, product, service or vision which is "way ahead of the curve" that you want to bring to market,  you first need to focus on "early stage adopters" in order to gain any sort of  traction which will eventually result in its widespread use or global adoption.

Traction in the form of psychological and market validation of your idea; ability to attract potential investors; recognition from (or being able to associate such idea, product, service or vision to) blue chip companies, "notable and influential figures" in your current (or future) industry, or governments; ability to recruit business partners and collaborators; and, last but not least, recruiting the necessary talent needed to evangelize (market) your organization to the public at large.

But how do you gain any sort of traction when you have an "Otherworldly" Idea, Product, Service or Vision? 

First, let me define the term "Otherworldly" within the context of this conversation:   It is something which goes way beyond today's human comprehension and imagination:: irrespective of ethnicity, religion, culture, education and social strata.    (You will notice that I did not include "race" on that list since there is only one human race.) 

In which case, it's no longer a matter of  what sort of sales and marketing tactics or strategies you need to employ in order to deal with issues pertaining to the level of "resistance to change" and  the "adoption rate" that your Otherworldly Idea, Product, Service or Vision is bound to encounter. 

Rather, the challenge that you're really facing is the current state of human evolution:: it's a biological and scientific challenge of monumental proportions - a Time, Space and DNA challenge::  something that no amount of  sales experience, "slick" marketing and public relations campaigns,  or other psychological maneuvers and stratagems can overcome and resolve instantly or in the near to distant future:: and that no amount of TEDx events and conferences, training and education can immediately address. 

The bottom line is this:  Plainly speaking,  today's humans are just too damn primitive and barbaric to immediately grasp otherworldly ideas and principles and, therefore,  we have absolutely no choice but to let Mother Nature take its course.

This means that,  as an Otherworldly Futurist, Pioneer or Innovator,  you should disabuse yourself of the following notions:  1) a need to put in place a timetable for achieving some clearly defined otherworldly goals and objectives, 2) a need to actively court or engage with your fellow brethren in their current mental state and at their current level of human evolution in order to impart your knowledge and message in a convincing fashion and gain some traction - It's a complete waste of time, 3) that you are some sort of Messiah or prophet sent to deliver humans from themselves - the simple fact is that You Are Not,  4) the need to gain recognition, fame and material wealth for your efforts - in all likelihood, Not In This Lifetime,   and, last but not least, 5) that your fellow humans want or need your help - the simple fact is that They Really Don't!

I am clearly aware that, by now, you are really confused about the role of  an Otherworldly Futurist, Pioneer or Innovator and wondering what the hell this is all about.   Well, the suspense is over and I can now tell you about your very important role.

You are just One of Many Seeds that Mother Nature sprinkles in the vast forest of the universe,  knowing full well that ONLY A TINY FEW of them will sprout to maturity and, in due time,  will bloom and radiate throughout the Cosmos.   Whether or not you will be one of that tiny few which will eventually sprout to maturity is NOT UP TO YOU. 

Role of an Otherworldly Futurist, Pioneer or Innovator

Therefore, your role as an Otherworldly Futurist, Pioneer or Innovator is strictly limited to landing in that forest,  hoping that you don't fall in a spot heavily trafficked by other creatures who may eventually wind up trampling all over you, thus preventing you, this seed, from germinating.  Worse comes to worst, you could fall in an area where birds and other animals in the forest find you, Mother Nature's seed, to be a very tasty meal, caviar or other delicatessen. 

There is no need to engage in any major blitz advertising and publicity campaign to announce your arrival, landing or presence in the forest.   Why is that, you might say?   That's because it will all fall on deaf ears.   As well, no tree, plant or animal in that forest cares about the landing of another seed :: to them, you are just one out of trillions of seeds that fall on the forest's grounds. 

Therefore, just do your best at making an attempt to germinate in a hospitable environment.   That means, try to burrow yourself deep enough under the soil at your location and let fate or nature take its course.

Create Your Own Space, Embrace the Solitude and Begin to Disseminate

Within the context of human behavior for an Otherworldly person, germinating means: Create your very own space, Embrace the solitude you are bound to be in, Begin the process of disseminating the information about your "Otherworldly" Idea, Product, Service or Vision which goes way beyond today's human comprehension and imagination,  in a manner that is completely free of today's normal business constraints.   

To wit, Refuse to Play the Game and don't be concerned about:  being validated by others;  the speed of your progress or rate of adoption, if any; and adhering to business protocols which are incompatible and inconsistent with your message and vision.   Thus, you become immune to the whims, vagaries and actions of others and have absolutely nothing to fear or lose.

And since you have nothing to lose, you are now empowered to conduct yourself at all times in a Principled manner and your digital marketing strategy must reflect this new outlook.       This means you will have to be 100% direct in your communication and messages at all times. You cannot push yourself onto others and attempt to invade their space.   There is no need to obfuscate or prevaricate in any way, shape or form.     You cannot attempt to manipulate others in any way, shape or form. You cannot make promises on which You Know Full Well You Cannot Deliver.  As a matter of fact, you are expressly forbidden from making any promises to anyone regarding the future.   You must NOT present yourself as some sort of  Messiah, a deliverer of souls from bondage to freedom and some other destination.   

Refrain from playing the "number of followers" game.   This is NOT a popularity contest.   Refrain from playing the "number of members" game because One True Believer is worth a hell lot more than a Million empty suits or bench warmers who are out there sitting on the fences or standing on the sidelines trying to figure out what the hell you are doing and waiting to board the train when they see you are about to take off - You Don't Need Them!     

Most importantly, Refrain from trying to sell your otherworldly idea, product, service or vision to others.  Why is that, you might ask?  That's because if your idea is truly "otherworldly," then it will be damn near impossible for others to fully grasp and understand what exactly it's all about without them  actually taking the time to get fully immersed into it.  Thus making it impossible for you to try to sell anyone through the standard "dog-and-pony show" or roadshow presentation.
Instead, those who hear or are exposed to your message and vision Have to Sell YOU  on the following:   that they have taken the time to absorb AND fully understand every bit of information that you have already made available to them through whatever medium::  and that they have a great deal to contribute and are sincerely willing to join you on this journey.  The Hell with the Membership Dues if that's all that they are willing to contribute.      

Otherwise, you will be plagued with a bunch of infiltrators,  imbeciles, morons and all other sorts of detractors and masters of the art of mass distraction who have nothing but plenty of time to kill on their hands and would love to do nothing less than wreak havoc in your midst.

Therefore, if a potential member asks you one of the following questions:  "What is your value proposition?" or "Do you have any objective evidence for your idea, product, service or vision?" the appropriate response should be:  "There is no need for me to respond. This question has just automatically disqualified you from any sort of further consideration." 

The point being, it's not really "evidence," be it objective or subjective, that this person is looking for.  This is really just another way of saying, "I don't really understand what this is all about nor do I really care to take the time to find out.  So just give me something very convincing that I can quickly absorb in order to make a decision." 

Now my question to you is this:  Regardless of how much money this person has and is willing to dole out to you, do you really want to have this person in your Circle, discussing and trying to build "anything" from scratch or looking at implementing  any sort of ideas or vision, let alone "otherworldly" ideas?   I am sure that you get my drift.           

The only thing that you can offer to others is your "Otherworldly" Idea, Product, Service or Vision of the future.   You can invite the ones who are curious enough and want to know more about it to Come and Join You on this journey in a purely Collaborative effort in a Consortium environment.  You can only present yourself as a Spiritual Guide:: only in terms of communicating the true meaning, essence and spirit of your "Otherworldly" Idea, Product, Service or Vision, and NOT from a religion standpoint.   

And everyone who joins you will be required to Lead themselves.  You cannot and must not offer to Lead anyone nor can you accept any request to become someone else's Leader.   You can only Lead yourself.

If the journey that you invite others to embark on will take you to unknown destinations (pleasant, memorable, dangerous or life-threatening) you have a solemn and fiduciary obligation to make that clear to all who express an interest in joining you.   If the length of the journey is unknown or cannot be accurately or reasonably predicted in any way, shape or form, then you must also state that to all parties involved. 

Example of an Otherworldly Vision:  The New Virtual Organization World

For example,  my "Otherworldly" Vision of  The New Virtual Organization World ::It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized:: will take anywhere from 1000's to, perhaps, millions of years to fully realize.   Why is that, you might say?

That's because it's really impossible for anyone to know how long it will take for humankind to evolve from our current archaic, primitive, moronic and barbaric condition; a legacy of our ape forefathers. After billions of years on planet Earth, although, from a technological standpoint, we have made a great deal of progress, nonetheless, from a human evolution standpoint, we haven't evolved one iota.

We still have the same old archaic, primitive and barbaric system of governance passed on down to us by our ape ancestors who lived millions to billions of years ago.  Nothing has really changed.   All humans, without exception, are still a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages living in bondage - yet  99.999999% of us are not even remotely aware of this fact.

The only thing which has changed is that, technology has made it possible for humans to wreak havoc, carnage, misery, destruction and murder on such a large scale that not even our ape ancestors and most ferocious beasts who have ever walked the face of the earth could ever contemplate or imagine.

Hence the reason why I am fairly certain that those who embark on this journey with us will NEVER get to see the full realization of that dream.   The only thing that we can all be assured of is that The New Virtual Organization World course that we have undertaken is all for a just cause;  that we and many other generations of human beings will be able to see some tiny specks of progress during our lifetime;  and that, no matter how long it takes, be it thousands or millions of years from now,  some members of our progeny will eventually get to experience the full realization of our vision of The New Virtual Organization World.

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