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Rise of the Evolutionaries


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

What is an Evolutionary?   

An Evolutionary is an individual who believes in the critical need for human evolution and is willing to embark on The Road to Human Evolution.   Such march entails the following:  A clear understanding of the role of Principled Leadership, Virtual Organizations, a World of Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human to Intelligent Being, and Building a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings Based On a Civilized World Financial System.    

Who Are the Evolutionaries?

There are two (2) distinct groups of Evolutionaries: (1) The .00999 Percenters, and (2) The .00001 Percenters - both of whom consisting of a grand total of .01% of the global population, collectively referred to as "The .01 Percenters."    (Review 5/19/22 article Beneath...Lie Battered Souls for details.  NOT now - long article)

Why Such Lofty and Unattainable Goal?

If such pursuit were NOT perceived to be lofty and unattainable, then there would NOT be any need for Evolutionaries.   Instead, we would all be content with the status quo:  A constant drumbeat for Revolutionaries Who Want to Make the World a Better Place - the results of which have always turned out to be a Lofty and Unattainable Goal over the last 600+ million years :: A Supreme Irony.     

The only problem with the Revolutionary approach is that, "The World Is Already a Better Place  without human beings."   

The Road to Human Evolution Is a Lofty and Attainable Goal

Therefore, since the world is already a better place without human beings, what is truly needed is a Paradigm Shift from Trying to Make the World a Better Place to Making the Transition from Human Beings to Intelligent Beings.   

An approach which requires ALL Human Beings to understand that although they currently think and act like a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages (PABS), they are really Intelligent Beings-In-Progress and that they do indeed have the capacity to learn how to mine and use their intelligence.  

At which point, they would realize that embarking on The Road to Human Evolution is most assuredly a Lofty and Attainable Goal.  

However, that being said, I am fully aware that is easier said than done for 99.99% of the global population.  In which case, there exists somewhere on this planet an infinitesimal number of human beings scattered all over the globe :::: the remaining .01% of the global population (The .01 Percenters) :::: who have already reached a state of awareness regarding their capacity to mine and use their intelligence in order to make the transition from human beings to intelligent beings;  and thus are ready and willing to begin to chart a new course toward human evolution.

Invitation to All Evolutionaries

Thus, if you sincerely believe that you are an Evolutionary, a member of The .00999 Percenters or  The .00001 Percenters ::: collectively referred to as "The .01 Percenters" ::: then proceed to review the 5/19/22 article Beneath...Lie Battered Souls  for more details on The .01 Percenters and the following Next Step for Potential Collaborators.                               

Next Step for Potential Collaborators

The following entities are ideal for any individual, organization or government that wishes to become a Collaborator:

Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution

Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:

Let Us Manifest!

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