Thursday, April 15, 2021

A 9:51 To 11:14 Talk With Rebecca Warfield On Human Evolution


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Just in case you are wondering about the significance of the time frame in the title of this article, there is  a good reason for that:  it's a very big deal and stay tuned as I tell you why!

That's because, outside of a very tight-knit circle of close family members and friends who can be counted on one hand,  this is the very first time throughout my entire life, and specifically since I have been advocating for Human Evolution over the last 14 years, that I have been able to mention the term Human Evolution to another human being on planet Earth without seeing a bewildered look on their face.    

Not only that, this is the very first time that I was able to engage in a live conversation with another human being on planet Earth about Human Evolution for more than 30 seconds and still be able to grasp and retain their attention.     Moreover, Rebecca understood the definition of the term without the need for me to go into excruciating details. 

And last but not least, as I sought to acknowledge during our conversation that I am clearly aware it may take another 2000 years for Human Evolution to finally take place on planet Earth and that, nonetheless, we have to start somewhere, instead of seeing her dashing for the nearest virtual exit during our videoconference, her curiosity and enthusiasm grew by the minute to the point where we lost track of time and our discussion wound up going 23 minutes over the initial 1-hour time allotment.   

Imagine That, a world record of 83 minutes talking primarily about Human Evolution - a quixotic adventure which may bear fruit 2000 - if not 2 million - years from now.   Thus the reason why I sought to write this article about my recent videoconference with Rebecca on Saturday, April 10, 2021. 

What Happens Next With Rebecca?

As to "What happens next with Rebecca?" my answer is very simple:   I have already done my part and thus my job is done.  What she does with the information I shared with her is totally out of my control and, therefore,  completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. 

In the grand scheme of things,  our meeting was not due to sheer coincidence.  It had already taken place hundreds or thousands or millions of years ago and the outcome of our meeting has already manifested itself in a universe which transcends time and space.  In other words, in a universe where there is NO past,  present and future.  Our sense of identity, time and space and decision-making is strictly an illusion.   As human beings, we only get to experience what has already occurred.   

That means, not even Rebecca knows what role she is destined to play, if any, in the march of humankind toward Human Evolution and whatever decision she makes will be in line with what has already been decided hundreds or thousands or millions of years ago.

Although the foregoing is mind-bending, please note that this has absolutely nothing to do with religion, superstition, astrology, any sect or secret society, or mysticism.   That's pure science.        

The Original Impetus for the Videoconference

However, that being said, there is more to this story than meets the eye.   This encounter with Rebecca is the outcome of my previous outreach efforts to ALL LinkedIn and XING social network members who sent me a connection request over the last two (2) years.  For each connection request - regardless of that person's age, experience, rank, corporate or social status - I automatically sent such individual a custom Thank You For Your Invitation email  which contains a link to schedule an On Demand 1-Hour Videoconference With Founder of VOMI  on a Saturday of their own choosing at exactly 10 AM (PST USA)  for the express purpose of making a personal introduction - and NOT to give me a sales pitch.     

That means there is no set agenda and I myself have absolutely no idea what we will be talking about or discussing during that one (1) hour time frame. 

End of  A Successful 10-Year Virtual Organization Research Experiment

Regretfully, that videoconference with Rebecca on Saturday, April 10, 2021 marked the end of a wildly successful 10-Year Virtual Organization Research Experiment which began in April of 2011.   

In other words, the tremendous amount of opportunities that I previously made available to thousands of social media contacts is now gone for good as I now switch my focus from the asinine distractions of social networks, the herculean efforts of building bona fide virtual organization infrastructures,  and the  persistence of global advocacy for the introduction of the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organizations to the world at large  :::  to the frontoparietal activities that I need to pursue in order to pass the baton to a new breed of successive generations of virtual organization leaders.  

The bottom line is this:   The Human Evolution soil has been tilled.  The seeds have been planted and watered.   We have reaped a bountiful crop all over the globe.  It's now time to pass the baton to those who will harvest the crop and distribute it to those in need.       

Tasks For New Breed of Virtual Organization Leaders

This new breed of successive generations of virtual organization leaders will focus on the following:  accelerating the explosion of virtual organizations across the globe :::  spreading the gospel of principled geopolitical leadership and political evolution :::  helping mankind make the transition from Human Beings to Intelligent Beings :::  the building of a new global civilization of Intelligent Beings based on a Civilized World Financial System  ::: and helping to bring about Human Evolution.   

Let Us Manifest!

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