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It's Official! CloudCoin Is Now Accepted At ...

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It's Official!  CloudCoin is now accepted at VOMI Executive-In-Residence and VOMI Global Think Tank.

Why?  Well, there are many reasons, three (3) of which are as follows:   

1.   Always Practice What You Preach.   After coming across a mention of CloudCoin  within a comment on an alt-right  financial news site, I decided, out of sheer curiosity, to see for myself why that coin,  which I mistakenly thought was just another cryptocurrency, was so special::  for the simple reason that its initial description and characteristics didn't quite jive with my extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies.  

The bottom line is this:   The information presented on that news site was "just too good to be true" and I wanted to make sure that it all made sense and that I wasn't missing out on anything.  And, lo and behold, after spending a reasonable amount of time on the internet going over the data (a much longer period than I originally anticipated)  I was shocked to find out that the initial information received was just "a small slice" of the good news about this coin.   

In fact, I realized that it was not at all a Cryptocurrency but the World's First Cloud Currency:: a big difference, I might add, however, I will elaborate on that in another article. 

Since then,  I have been telling everyone that I come across who is into cryptocurrencies about how great CloudCoin is;  the difference between cryptocurrency  and cloud currency;   and why it's a much better investment in the long run, etc.   In other words, the next best thing since slice bread.

Of course, the one question from my audience which always follows my advice is:   "Awesome, do you have any CloudCoins and where can I buy it?"   As well, some of them will ask me, "What can I do with them and where can I spend them?"   That's when my jaw usually drops and I become speechless.  

I was too embarrassed to tell them that I didn't have any, even though Digital Frontier News, the promoter of CloudCoin,  is literally giving away 5 FREE CloudCoins just for signing up for their newsletter and 10 CloudCoins every Thursday evening for listening to their weekly live webinar presentation along with a special drawing for one attendee to win 10,000 CloudCoins.    

But there is a more important reason:  How do I explain to my audience that I have been concentrating on the architecture and development of our own top secret black box digital currency project at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium?  A currency which has absolutely nothing to do with today's cryptocurrencies or this revolutionary CloudCoin and which is at least light years ahead of all of them;  hence no need to invest in anyone else's cryptocurrency.      

Needless to say, I had to make some adjustments in order to remain credible (i.e., subscribe to the newsletter and, whenever possible,  obtain the latest developments through the webinar presentation).  Now, my jaw doesn't have to drop anymore.  

2.    The Philosophy Behind CloudCoin Perfectly Aligns with My Principled Leadership and Free Spirit Philosophy.    There is nothing pie-in-the sky, vaporware, wishful thinking, deceptive or hypocritical about the purpose of the currency, what it does, etc.  It provides you with as much safeguard as you want against unwarranted intrusions in your regular and ordinary business or daily life regardless of current and future technologies.  It's also designed to be what hard currency used to be:  a non-volatile, safe, secure store of value and exchange mechanism - that's all!   

NO  crypto airdrop, coin mining, transaction fees, currency conversion fees, Pump and Dump schemes, wild and unpredictable price swings due to currency manipulation,  fraudulent transactions, currency fork, hacking, phony whitelisting, fake-stupid-idiotic-moronic invasion of privacy and very dangerous  security lapses due to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Companies trying to comply with  KYC and AML (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering)  requirements. 
Just imagine turning over all your private, personal and sensitive information to someone who just posts a white paper on a website and says "Give me your money and, by the way, your government not only wants me to take your money, they also want me to get from you every bit of private, personal, sensitive and important security information about you - so don't blame me, if you got a problem with that, you are free to go and talk to these morons who make these laws."    
The point being,  I can afford to lose a few dollars if that outfit turns out to be a bunch of scammers, however, I cannot afford to hand over and lose my identity to some scammer either next door to me or a million miles away somewhere out there in no-man's land.   Moreover, whether or not some organization is a scammer,  why in hell should I provide my private, personal and sensitive information to an organization just for the privilege of being able to BUY  something from them?   What kind of madness is that?   What is the logic behind that?        
There Is No Way in Hell I am going to turn over all my personal, sensitive and confidential information to just about anyone anywhere in the world just because of some fake, phony, bogus and bullshit anti-terrorism, drug trafficking and anti-money laundering excuse.  That makes no damn sense.   Why do common, average, ordinary folks go along with this kind of crap and these odorous mandates?  What are these idiotic regulators thinking of?         
Therefore, the founder of CloudCoin, Sean H. Worthington,  and his entire team deserve my support.  

3.    We Have Nothing to Lose.    Even though one (1) CloudCoin, as of today's date, is only trading around 3-10 Cents (in US currency),  however, from our standpoint, it doesn't matter if an organization pays us $10,000 US dollars or 10,000 CloudCoins.   

Why is that?    Well, since we have NO Cash Flow Issues,  we can afford to accept 10,000 CloudCoins today from those who otherwise would not have been able to afford to pay for our services based on our current rates (which are non-negotiable under any circumstances)::  because we are absolutely certain that once the general public becomes aware of all the positive attributes and intrinsic value of CloudCoin,  its value in US dollars will, in the very near to distant future,  be worth at least 100's of times more than its present value.  Therefore, we consider the CloudCoins received as some sort of installment payment toward the full rate for our services.  Thus, we get to kill 2 birds with one stone.  A Win-Win for All

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(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

Post Script on June 28, 2018.   The CloudCoin currency payment information will be obsolete effective July 11, 2018 - the date that CloudCoin is scheduled to be listed on the BitShares exchange;  at which point the price per CloudCoin is expected to dramatically increase beyond the current $1::1 CloudCoin conversion rate set by VOMI.      Therefore, effective July 11, 2018 we will accept payment in CloudCoin at the actual US dollar to CloudCoin conversion rate listed on Bitshares.

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