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My Answer to A CloudCoin Investor Re Stability and Volatility of CloudCoin


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

I was recently asked for my predictions on the stability and volatility of CloudCoin by someone who had read my articles on CloudCoin and consequently made the decision to make a substantial investment in both the CloudCoin digital currency and RAIDAtech, the company which is the steward of the underlying technology.  

In connection thereof, the following is my belated detailed response to the original question and answer shown below: 


Question by [--------] on 10/7/20 at 3:22 PM PST

Hi Pierre.  I have read you articles with interest and note in your most recent posting  where you have accepted the exchange listing...  a reversal of your statements made in your article “CC as a global digital reserve currency”

May I ask what are your predictions on the stability/volatility of CC now it can be traded freely? Especially by those type of speculators who engage in pump and dump tactics and the resulting effect of market fears of insecurity of an unstable easily manipulated coin??

For instance, I have noted that there seems to be a considerable group of dissatisfied CC holders who have been “HODL’ing “ for a few years and are planning to sell as soon as it is listed.  

As well as some traders who have recently bought large amounts of CC with a strategy to sell as soon as it is listed at .05. 

As a business owner I find it difficult to consider taking payment for CC until I can rely on it for a stable exchange for goods and services.   

As you may be aware many of us crypto traders use stable coins to store our value. Only converting to crypto’s when speculating and then converting back to hold our profits.   

Has the consortium ever considered creating a linked currency to CC. That is   Stable/pegged?  Similar to how maker DAO works?

MY original ANSWER:  at 3:59 PM PST

Hello [-----], thank you for posing this question, however, it is too profound and therefore deserves an equally profound answer instead of just a couple of comments which may confuse our audience here on this platform and cause more harm than good.  

For the simple reason that your sentiments are shared by many here on this platform who have read my articles which have been, in more ways than one, an unqualified endorsement of “CloudCoin” as a digital global reserve currency.  

In fact, I was asked a similar question by someone close to me who was wondering how this move to cryptocurrency exchanges - a huge deviation from my recommendations - was going to have an impact on their acquisition of CloudCoin and its  future as a digital global reserve currency.  

Therefore, I am going to write a (shorter) article which addresses in detail your concerns and the points you have made.   

Upon completion, I will post the answer on my website and notify everyone here.   (Due to an extremely heavy agenda, this should take a few days for me to post my response.  So be patient.)    


First and Foremost

Thank you for your patience ......  I guess it took me a little bit longer than expected.  Better late than never.  In a way, the passage of time has proven to be a blessing in disguise since this has given me an opportunity to dissect subsequent events that took place after the October 12, 2020 launch of CloudCoin on the cryptocurrency exchange.   

The bottom line is this:  Needless to say, I take no comfort or great pleasure in stating that these events have indeed validated every single assumption and prediction I had made regarding why CloudCoin should NOT be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.   However, that being said, let us not dwell on the past. Rather, let us continue to move forward and remain focused on the original vision, mission and promise of CloudCoin.  

In connection thereof, let me clarify something with respect to your comment "... and note in your most recent posting  where you have accepted the exchange listing...  a reversal of your statements made in your article “CC as a global digital reserve currency”."    

Please note that I stand by every single statement I made in my articles.   I am not reversing any statement I made in that article.   I merely accepted CloudCoin Consortium's decision to list CloudCoin on the cryptocurrency exchange as a "fait  accompli"  since I am NOT an official of CloudCoin Consortium and have absolutely "no say" in any decision made by their officials.    As well, I do NOT  consult with anyone at CloudCoin Consortium regarding any anticipated, current or future decisions and actions regarding CloudCoin.   

Hence, I merely provided to all CloudCoin holders information on how to proceed once it becomes listed on or any other cryptocurrency exchange.  

The point being, I prefer to maintain my distance from the decision-makers at CloudCoin Consortium in order to ensure the objectivity, reliability, purity and integrity of the information I dispense in my articles about CloudCoin.  
In other words, CloudCoin Consortium officials get to find out about my position and statements at the same time that it is published and made available to the public at large.
Otherwise, I would become or risk to be seen or viewed as just another mouthpiece for CloudCoin - just another Pump-and-Dump promoter of cryptocurrencies, or merely a Clown or Carnival Barker for CloudCoin without an ounce of integrity. 

My Predictions On the Stability and Volatility of CloudCoin

To answer your question regarding my "predictions on the stability/volatility of CC,"  I firmly believe that EVERY SINGLE CLOUDCOIN HOLDER  holds the key to the stability and volatility of their  CloudCoins due to the very nature of its underlying technology.   

That means, the minute you became the Holder of One Single CloudCoin, you automatically became Master of the Fate of the CloudCoins that YOU own - and NOT the ones that are held by others or languishing on cryptocurrency exchanges.   In other words, not even CloudCoin Consortium itself has any control over the stability and volatility of YOUR CloudCoins.   

My reasons for this very powerful statement are amply demonstrated and amplified in the following articles about CloudCoin ::  Article #1  ::  Article #2 ::  and my most recent article of  November 23, 2020 titled CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population

Where CloudCoin Consortium Becomes Relevant

Although every single CloudCoin Holder has control over the stability and volatility of their very own CloudCoins,  CloudCoin Consortium becomes relevant only when it comes to "expediting the amount of time it will take" for the global population to realize the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin.  

In other words, no matter what happens from hereon, if the CloudCoin adoption strategies outlined in the foregoing articles are implemented by the respective CloudCoin stakeholders at large, then regardless of how long it takes, they will eventually get to determine the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin.   

Without a doubt, it goes without saying that, eventually,  such Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin will either equal or exceed today's value of Bitcoin :: USD $17,770.20 ::  by at least one order of magnitude.   You can mark my words on that.  
However, that being said, CloudCoin Consortium can really expedite that time frame in an exponential fashion.  

Thus, "the amount of time it will take" for the global population to realize the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin depends on whether or not  CloudCoin Consortium truly understands the Global Adoption Strategy for the Consortium itself to implement - and as set forth in chronological order in the foregoing Article #1.  Regrettably,  short of a miracle, I don't really see that happening anytime soon although deep down inside I fervently hope that they do understand what is really at stake.  

Disregard All The Hoopla

Henceforth, disregard any talk about CloudCoin getting listed on a bunch of cryptocurrency exchanges and all the hoopla, hype, hyperbole, hopeware, and vaporware you are currently hearing about CloudCoin and how all these other applications based on RAIDATech  technology will make CloudCoin so valuable that the price of a CloudCoin will go through the roof.     Take it all with a grain of saltNone of it is grounded in reality.  They are hoping that it will, and nothing else.  

Why is that, you might say?   Well, that's because the foregoing developments are totally and completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the trading value of CloudCoin itself.     That dog just won't hunt.

Don't get me wrong.  I am NOT souring on CloudCoin or the integrity of the members of CloudCoin Consortium.   More than anyone else, Sean Worthington and the other members of the CloudCoin Consortium Leadership Team want this CloudCoin adventure to succeed beyond their wildest dreams and they are indeed making an honest effort by pouring all their blood, sweat and tears toward such realization.  

It's just that I like transparency and honesty and prefer to call things as I see them instead of the way that I would like to see them - or others would want me to see them.      

RAIDATech Investors Are the Real Beneficiaries of New Applications

The Real Beneficiaries of all these other applications based on RAIDA technology are RAIDAtech Investors - those who have actually invested in RAIDAtech.   As I have previously stated, the technology behind CloudCoin will eventually lead to applications and other technologies that the inventor of CloudCoin Sean Worthington has yet to imagine.   

Therefore, think of CloudCoin as being currently in the same situation as Stage 1 of Apple's Evolution and RAIDAtech as being in Stage 2 of Apple's evolution.    In fact, I predict that RAIDAtech will eventually eclipse the combined value of Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, and Netflix  in terms of both dollar value and technological achievements for the simple reason that there are now 8 billion people ::: as well as an untold number of future generations (numbering in the order of hundreds of billion of people) ::: who will be using RAIDAtech technology in the years to come.    

The same cannot be said for any of the aforementioned companies.  Therefore, if you own a piece of RAIDAtech, you and your progeny will do extremely well in both the short and long run.  And if you get to live long enough, the next 45 years promise to be a euphoric and wild ride for RAIDAtech and its investors.   

Personal Disclaimer:  Please note that I am NOT a RAIDAtech investor.  Nor do I intend to become one in the near or distant future for the simple reason that 1) I am NOT motivated by personal financial gains,  and  2) the current scope of activities that I am engaged in dwarf all current and future RAIDAtech endeavors and activities for at least the next 100 years.   In fact,  I have already made an open invitation to Sean Worthington, by extension, RAIDAtech,  to Collaborate with my organizations  whenever the timing is auspicious.  

Well Pierre, What's The Problem?

The problem that I am now seeing is this:   
  • Issue #1.   The Consortium Leadership Team is completely stumped and befuddled by the challenges presented on how to develop a Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin - a formidable digital currency.   
  • Issue #2.   Since CloudCoin is the first revolutionary digital currency, thus requiring an equally revolutionary Global Adoption Strategy,  there is, in fact, no known database of Digital Currency Global Adoption Strategists that the Consortium could rely on in order to identify someone who can design and implement a Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin.    
Thus, they are left with no choice but to resort to a bevy and hodgepodge of Good Men and Women, Awesome Multi-Level-Marketers,  Sales Geniuses,  Brilliant Promoters of Cryptocurrencies,  Website Designers, User Interface Designers,  Software Developers,  Amateur Marketers conducting primitive SWOT test on social media groups,  and a host of crackpots ::: who don't have a clue about digital currencies and couldn't care less about the vision and mission of CloudCoin (i.e., everybody under the sun who offers some hope that they might be able to resolve this critical Adoption Strategy issue)  ::: in the hope that given enough time and money and resources they will eventually come up with the solution.

In other words, they are busy trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Thus the reason why I took it upon myself to develop the various aforementioned global adoption strategies since they fall within my domain of expertise and I have a vested interest in the success of CloudCoin due to the synergy which exists between CloudCoin Consortium and many VOMI-related entities.   
  • Issue #3.   They lack a sorely needed "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Team" which can set an Agenda and stick to it instead of a group of well-meaning people operating by the seat of their pants in a virtual environment.   Such agenda must include A Global Adoption Strategy which requires a group of (two or more) highly disciplined Virtual Organization Leadership Executives (not Virtual Leaders) who have been trained in the virtual organization management discipline  and learned how to operate within a Virtual Organization (not Virtual) environment.    
  • Issue #4.    In the interim, in the absence of Virtual Organization Leadership Executives who are able to implement such Global Adoption Strategy,  they are hedging their bets by going in other directions in the misguided belief that such routes may offer quicker rewards, and greater and much better opportunities.  
Hence the reason why we have been constantly hearing - and are now hearing - all this hoopla about these various RAIDAtech applications and solutions that are bound to be a game changer going forward.   
That is a huge mistake.  These RAIDAtech applications and solutions can wait for a few months to a year (at least 6 months) since that is the amount of time that the Consortium will need to begin a full implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy I have already outlined in Article #1  ::: which involves a total of three (3) months for the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training and another two to three (2-3) months to put in place the minimum virtual organization leadership infrastructure needed to be able to scale things up in an orderly and highly disciplined fashion.  (CloudCoin is accepted.)

Why wait for a few months?  The answer is very simple:  The market for these RAIDAtech applications is NOT going anywhere.  It is so huge that it will take hundreds to thousands of personnel as well as many years going at full throttle in order to even begin to make a serious dent.   The opportunities and possibilities are almost limitless.    

As well, without a sophisticated and highly disciplined Virtual Organization Leadership Force operating within a Virtual Organization Infrastructure Environment which can serve as a solid foundation for strategy implementation and expansion,  the Consortium and RAIDATech will be faced with the sort of nightmare that will make "Growing Pains" and Nightmare On Elm Street seem like a carousel ride at Disneyland. 

Moreover, a faithful implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy will generate revenues that will dwarf  any amount that could possibly be realized from either Mom-and-Pop to Silicon Valley Investors or from any premature launch of these RAIDAtech applications.    

In fact, such revenues will help to expedite the release and distribution of these RAIDAtech applications to the global population at large as well as to Enterprise clients worldwide.

In Conclusion

In summary, think of the implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin as the very first couple of steps at the bottom of the stairs.   It's counterproductive to try to jump over these first couple of steps in order to land on the third step.   
In fact, I am positive if you saw someone engaged in such attempt, you would be scratching your head and wondering why that person is going through all that trouble when it is so much simpler to take one step at a time.
In conclusion, CloudCoin Consortium needs to focus its efforts on perfecting all the CloudCoin digital currency solutions and tools that the global population and small-to-medium sized businesses need in order to transform CloudCoin into a de facto digital global reserve currency.  

And that, friends and colleagues, requires Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Principled Leadership. 

In parting, I hope I was able to answer your questions to the benefit of all CloudCoin stakeholders. 


Let Us Manifest!

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  Virtual Organization Leadership,  VOMI Global Think Tankand Virtual Organization Recruiter :: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Lead Architect of Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial SystemContact Online; or via CHAT.

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CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

What I am about to introduce you to requires some background information listed in my previous article ::::  CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for Small Online Businesses.

 Therefore, I strongly suggest that you read it now if that is your very first time hearing about it.   (By the way, it's a very long article, therefore, be sure to set aside plenty of time to read and digest the content.) 

As you proceed to read the aforementioned article, you will notice that I had strongly advised that CloudCoin Consortium should veer away from listing the CloudCoin digital currency on cryptocurrency exchanges (the old tried-and-true cryptocurrency implementation strategy) - and the reasons why - since CloudCoin is a pure digital currency.   

However, as stated in my previous article, my advice came three (3) years too late (a couple of months after the Consortium had already engaged a Cryptocurrency Launch and Promotion Group to launch CloudCoin on one or more cryptocurrency exchanges).   Thus, asking the Consortium to change horses in the middle of a stream was indeed too much to ask.
Therefore, as it stands this very minute, CloudCoin has now been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange since October 12, 2020 and, so far,  judging by the outcome of this launch to date,  although it is still very early in the game, every single advice and reason that I had given  as to why it should NOT be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange turned out to be prescient.
Notwithstanding, the following "Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population" is a reflection of that reality and how you as an individual and holder of CloudCoin can adapt to the facts on the ground and turn this negative to your advantage.   As previously stated, life is all about  learning how to adapt in order to survive and flourish. 

Alright, now that you had a chance to absorb the information provided in my previous article, let me go over in detail the following excerpt from another related article  under the header "PRECEPT #4.   Narratives Matter" at :: Example #9.    Global General Population (With a minimum HDI [Human Development Index]  ranking of 0.70 - a total of 112 countries) ::  which matters to you the most:

Example #9.      Global General Population (With a minimum HDI [Human Development Index]  ranking of 0.70 - a total of 112 countries

It is indeed a very big net which practically covers all demographics - from the lowest income to the highest income bracket.  Therefore, this example applies to anyone who is NOT acting in an official capacity.       

They are the Pioneers of this new CloudCoin Digital Currency  World Economy.   Ultimately,  each and every single holder of  CloudCoin gets to explicitly determine The Value of a CloudCoin  strictly to himself on a per transaction basis  (instead of  some implicit value listed by a merchant or service provider on their website or some artificial value listed on a "pump and dump" cryptocurrency exchange).  
Collectively,  they will get to determine The Average Value of a CloudCoin per transaction category - and The Ultimate Value of CloudCoin Worldwide.  
In other words, They Are the Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats.  The success of every member of the foregoing Universe of Potential Stakeholders depends on them.   Thus the reason why no effort should be spared in order to get as many CloudCoins as possible into their hands.    As well, CloudCoin Consortium must provide them with the initial support they will need in order to turn CloudCoin into a digital global reserve currency.  
Without them, CloudCoin would be no different than all these "pump and dump" cryptocurrencies and tokens out there in the blockchain space that are susceptible to "major whale activities" on cryptocurrency exchanges  and  market manipulation by nefarious actors, the financial markets,  and  governments.
Again, a more compelling reason why I previously stated that CloudCoin should NOT be listed on any cryptocurrency exchange. 

Time to Sort Out CloudCoin Purists and CloudCoin Investors From the Global General Population

The Global General Population consists of two (2) camps of CloudCoin holders with diametrically opposed objectives:  CloudCoin Purists and CloudCoin Investors 

Therefore, in light of the diversity of stakeholders referred to in the foregoing "PRECEPT #4.   Narratives Matter  :: Example #9. Global General Population," It's Now Time For Me 

  • To Sort Out the CloudCoin Purists  
(Those who bought into the original vision of CloudCoin as a real alternative digital currency which truly offers Privacy, Liberty and Prosperity; who hope that it will eventually be universally accepted for ordinary purchases due to its stability;  and who hold on to the belief that it has the potential to become a "digital global reserve currency") 
  • And CloudCoin Investors 
(Those who bought into the claim of CloudCoin as a superior "beyond blockchain technology"  cryptocurrency;  view it as a very lucrative alternative to existing investment in blockchain-based cryptocurrencies; and now hope to one day see its fiat value on cryptocurrency exchanges rival or exceed that of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies)
  • From the Universe of CloudCoin Stakeholders in the Global General Population.

Who Are The CloudCoin Purists

The CloudCoin Purists in the Global General Population fall into the following five (5) categories:   1) ALL Members, 2) The Intellectual Class, 3) The Vast and Quickly Vanishing Middle Class, 4) Residents of Poor Cities, Rural Communities and Remote Villages, 5)  The Battered and Downtrodden Worldwide 

Category #1.    CloudCoin Purists:   ALL Members 

Category #2.   CloudCoin Purists:   The Intellectual Class    

They are the Free Thinkers, Rationalists, Intellectuals, Academics,  Principled Individuals,  Philosophers, Libertarians (professed and de facto)Principled Leaders, Principled Geopolitical  Leaders, and Modern  Day Revolutionaries (e.g., writers, activists, feminists, social justice warriors, brilliant legal minds, former ambassadors, decorated and distinguished veterans, former leading intelligence professionals, maverick politicians) ::::  who are able to clearly see through all the machinations, lies, false flags,  false pretenses, ruses, deception, smoke and mirrors, and raw bullshit employed by a tiny group of people - a Criminal Class with insatiable greed and a rapacious,  voracious appetite and lust for power ::::  all acting under the veil of government and color of law ::  in order to dumb down and subdue an entire population and invade every single aspect of their lives.  

Such Intellectual Class refuses to be cowered, intimidated, or branded a Criminal by this Criminal Class merely for wanting to maintain and preserve what little amount of Privacy they have left and thus see CloudCoin as a welcome relief and step in the right direction.   

They are few in numbers and see CloudCoin merely as a catalyst for a broader movement toward Liberty, Privacy and Prosperity instead of a panacea.

Category #3.    CloudCoin Purists:  The Vast and Quickly Vanishing Middle Class

They are what used to be The Middle Class in countries where there used to be a thriving middle class.  They have witnessed the gradual erosion of the purchasing power of their country's official fiat currency unit and, by extension, their standard of living.  Their wages have remained nearly stagnant for decades while taxes and the cost of living have  gone through the roof.  

Yet, they are afraid to ask for an increase in compensation out of fear that they might be viewed as being discontent and thus be the first in line when the next wave of layoffs appears like a thief in the night.   In other words, they are just happy to have a job.  

For many others, seeking a better job is NOT an option out of fear that they might lose all the seniority and  "employee benefits" accumulated and accrued to date and thus dread the thought of having to start all over again.  A very undesirable prospect, to say the least.    Notwithstanding,  they have absolutely NO CONTROL over their defined benefits or defined contribution retirement plans and other so-called benefits.

For them, in terms of all the positive attributes of CloudCoin,  they view CloudCoin in pragmatic,  economic terms (i.e.,  as an opportunity of a lifetime to get on the ground floor of an exciting digital currency with a tremendous amount of upside potential that can help to somewhat level the playing field).   

Leveling the playing field means: 

  • A simple and stable digital currency which helps to address the erosion of the purchasing power of their official fiat currency unit;  
  • Gaining some measure of Control over the local and global adoption AND trading value of CloudCoin instead of the helpless feeling and constant state of anxiety that cryptocurrency holders experience in the current, highly charged, casino, ponzi scheme, pump-and-dump, and carnival atmosphere which exists on cryptocurrency exchanges; and  
  • Being able to play a part in the eventual emergence of a CloudCoin-based Economy or Financial Ecosystem wherein CloudCoin can be freely exchanged  and accepted for most, if not all, necessities, goods, services, and solutions without having to worry about its conversion to fiat currency.

Category #4.   CloudCoin Purists:  Residents of Poor Cities, Rural Communities and Remote Villages 

These residents live at or barely above the poverty line and most of them are UNBANKED.  The economy of these communities has been gradually decimated over a period of more than 30 years.  These communities  suffer from a high unemployment rate and a poverty rate as high as 40-70%.   In just the United States alone, there are thousands of these communities and many of them are within a 10-minute distance of very prosperous and affluent neighborhoods and cities.     

For these residents, investing in highly volatile cryptocurrencies and speculating on cryptocurrency exchanges is NOT an option.   Survival from day to day is the name of the game and the only game in town.  Anything which offers some kind of hope of being able to begin to rebuild their community is a welcome sign.  

Therefore, they view CloudCoin in a completely different light  than all other CloudCoin stakeholders.   They are NOT interested in the exchange rate of CloudCoin for fiat currency.  Rather, they would prefer seeing the emergence of a CloudCoin-based Economy or Financial Ecosystem  in their communities wherein CloudCoin can be freely exchanged  and accepted for most, if not all, necessities, goods, services, and solutions without having to worry about its conversion to fiat currency.   

In which case, CloudCoin Consortium should institute as soon as possible the new CloudCoin denominations I previously recommended :  CloudCoin Cent :: .01 CloudCoin ::::  CloudCoin MilliCent :: .001 CloudCoin :::: CloudCoin MicroCent :: .000001 CloudCoin  

For Example:

Once CloudCoin begins trading at USD $10,000 (today's average trading value of Bitcoin), then  

  • 1 CloudCoin MicroCent would have a value of  USD $.01 (1 cent) 
  • 100 CloudCoin MicroCents would have a value of USD $1
  • 1 CloudCoin MilliCent would have a value of USD $10 
  • 1 CloudCoin Cent would have a value of USD $100  
  • 10 CloudCoin Cents would have a value of USD $1000  

Moreover,  if the trading value of CloudCoin comes anywhere near the predicted value of Bitcoin within the next 5 years :::: such as Citibank's prediction of  $100,000 by 2021 all the way up to John McAfee and others' prediction of  $250,000$2 million  by the end of 2025 ::::  then you can understand  The Urgency of Now for CloudCoin Consortium to begin to implement these new  CloudCoin denominations. 

I guess the question now is, "How reliable are these wacky projections?"  Well, in 2009 if anyone were to even whisper that one Bitcoin would one day be trading at $20,000 :: I would have been the first one in line to recommend confinement of that person to an insane asylumThe point being, "never say, never."        

And just in case you are thinking, "Pierre, how dare you compare CloudCoin to Bitcoin?" my answer is simple:   Bitcoin is to the Cryptocurrency World what CloudCoin is to the Digital Currency World.   They both reign supreme in their respective world.  

The only difference which exists between the two of them is that CloudCoin's technology is vastly superior to that of Bitcoin - and is in a class all by itself. 

Therefore, anything that is possible for Bitcoin is also possible for CloudCoin.  (And you can tell everyone that Pierre said it and he stands by it.)

The point being,  stop shortchanging or betting against CloudCoin's success.   For the simple reason that "you can't achieve what you can't conceive."   

Moreover, as this adoption strategy clearly indicates, CloudCoin's success will be based on "real,  determined, and sustained action" from CloudCoin stakeholders instead of waiting for some cryptocurrency exchange activity or  "miraculous or unexpected event(s)" to occur in the financial markets or global economy. 

Category #5.   CloudCoin Purists:  The Battered and Downtrodden Worldwide

This category of CloudCoin stakeholders is currently non-existent in the United States, however, that being said, let me repeat "never say, never."   They are the dispossessed or displaced;  whose lives have been torn to pieces while seeing their country devastated and ravaged by years of wars, fomented insurrections, internal destabilization engineered by internal, external and proxy forces and foreign powers.   They have witnessed the bombing of their country's infrastructure and seen their cities reduced to rubble.   To add insult to injury, they are further victimized by punitive and devastating sanctions from these very same foreign powers which have resulted in widespread famine, debilitating diseases, hyper inflation, and the total debasement of their country's official currency.   

They live in places such as Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Libya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nagorno-Karabakh, Kashmir, and many other places throughout the world -  and they are also UNBANKED

To them, any simple and stable digital currency they can use for food and just the basic necessities of life is "manna from heaven." 

In which case, they couldn't care less about their country's fiat currency or being able to convert CloudCoin to any fiat currency.   CloudCoin would be the only currency they care to use.

Thus another compelling reason why CloudCoin Consortium should begin to implement these new  CloudCoin denominations.

Who Are The CloudCoin Investors

The CloudCoin Investors in the Global General Population fall into the following categories:  1) The Professional Class,  2) The Crypto Warriors,  3) The Ghost Investors

Category #1.   CloudCoin Investors:   The Professional Class    

They are business executives and other professionals from various fields and industries who have heard a lot of hoopla about cryptocurrencies over the years;  ignored or paid very little attention to them; and  missed out on the phenomenal financial opportunities presented with the rapid and meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum.   

This time around, they made sure to get on board the CloudCoin Train at the Crypto Train Station and view CloudCoin  as an opportunity to redeem themselves and make up for lost time and financial opportunities.   A Pure Investment Play.  

As such, they have NO ideological attachment to CloudCoin and its Liberty, Privacy and Prosperity motto.   They don't give a damn about the overreach of government and its onerous mandates and, in fact,  are more than willing to comply with whatever regulations their government mandates.  They don't really know the difference between a CloudCoin, a digital currency, a digital reserve currency, and a cryptocurrency and they couldn't care less.    They don't really give a shit about the specific attributes of the underlying technology of CloudCoin and they couldn't care less.   

Other than their financial investment in CloudCoin and being able to monitor its trading value on a cryptocurrency exchange,  they don't really give a damn about making any kind of individual effort to help Create a Global Trading Value for CloudCoin.  They view such effort as the job of CloudCoin Consortium.  

In fact, they would be extremely worried if they were told that CloudCoin will NOT be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.   The way they look at this unconventional approach is, "How in hell am I supposed to know what my original investment in CloudCoin is now worth?  How will I be able to liquidate my investment?  How will I be able to draw out some cash when I need to?  How will I be able to trade it for other cryptocurrencies?" 

Thus, they prefer the traditional "Invest, Wait and Let's See How It Goes" passive approach.   By  the way, I do not begrudge them for taking this traditional stance, there is nothing wrong with that.  As stated before, they are strictly interested in obtaining a Spectacular Return on Investment.

Category #2.    CloudCoin Investors:   The Crypto Warriors

They are, for the most part, young, ambitious, aggressive and pretty well-versed on cryptocurrencies and have already invested in quite a number of them.    They keep themselves up-to-date on the status and trading value of their cryptocurrency investments on nearly a minute-by-minute basis.  

They invade social media sites and groups that are crypto-oriented like a Swarm of the Light Brigade of Crypto Warriors, especially the ones related to cryptocurrencies they have invested in.    They are a Vocal Minority, but for the most part, they are Very Honest with their sentiments - something which should be admired instead of being a cause for getting banned.    

They will hold your feet to the fire for every single word or representation made to them about a  cryptocurrency.   If they believe that they were subjected to a lot of hype, hopeware, vaporware, implication, misrepresentation, misinformation, double-talk, or outright lie,  they will take the time to let the world know about it.   

Social Media Admins dread them and will immediately threaten to ban them for spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in a split second.  A big mistake.   I prefer to hear what they have to say instead of ignoring their issues.    It's the Scammers and Phishing Idiots I can do without.

They are active traders and will not hesitate to dump a cryptocurrency with lackluster performance and move on to better pasture.   They are NOT wealthy investors, therefore, they don't have any money to spare - or money they can afford to throw away in case things don't pan out.   The money they are investing in cryptocurrencies comes from their day job or second part-time job paying barely above minimum wage.   Thus the reason why they get so enraged when they feel that they got conned or bamboozled.    

The bottom line is this:  Like everybody else, they are just trying to get a piece of the pie and live the (American) dream.  Therefore, respect them and treat them with care (and honesty and transparency).   The founder of CloudCoin Sean Worthington does an excellent job at that.   

Category #3.     CloudCoin Investors:   The Ghost Investors

They belong to a class all by themselves.   They are totally indifferent to what is happening in the cryptocurrency world.  They are mostly middle management to senior level professionals earning a decent compensation with excellent benefits.  They have their 401K (403) plans and other pension benefit plans.    Many have invested in the Equity market and hold other alternate investments.  

Their exposure to cryptocurrencies comes from casual conversation with, and referral from, family members, friends,  and colleagues.   They really have NO affinity for cryptocurrencies and wouldn't know the difference between a cryptocurrency or digital currency - and they couldn't care less.  

With a little bit of handholding, they will go ahead and purchase a recommended cryptocurrency and then forget about it completely.   In many cases, unless you remind them, they won't even remember which cryptocurrency they bought, how many and how much they paid for it, and how much it is now trading for.     

In their mind, their investment in a cryptocurrency was just a simple Disappearing Act.  As far as they are concerned, CloudCoin could be trading on an exchange at USD $10,000 and they wouldn't have a clue unless someone called to remind them.   

Imagine becoming a multimillionaire and not even know anything about it.   Better yet, imagine being laid off from your well-paying executive position and filing for unemployment benefits of $450 a week,  not knowing that you are a multimillionaire due to your CloudCoin investment when it was trading for only USD $.01 (one cent).

Reason for Distinguishing Between CloudCoin Purists and CloudCoin Investors

I draw a distinction between CloudCoin Purists and CloudCoin Investors for the simple reasons outlined in my previous articles regarding the global adoption of CloudCoin as a digital global reserve currency. 

CloudCoin Purists.    They will treat their acquisition of CloudCoins as a pure exchange of fiat currency for a digital currency instead of as an investment or purchase of property.     

Therefore, as of the date of this publication, such acquisition is NOT subject to existing laws anywhere in the world which currently treat cryptocurrencies (aka virtual currencies) as investment securities or  property whose acquisition and disposition are subject to taxes on capital gains. 

Most importantly,  please pay special attention to this,  what this means is that the global adoption strategy for CloudCoin Purists will be markedly, in  fact, completely different than that of CloudCoin Investors.    

CloudCoin Investors.    Whereas CloudCoin Investors, by virtue of having and trading their CloudCoins on the Cryptocurrency Exchange :: or any other cryptocurrency exchange in the near or distant future ::  cannot possibly claim that existing laws relating to the treatment of cryptocurrencies (aka virtual currencies) as investment securities  or property do NOT apply to them.  

The point being, you can't claim that you are NOT a Catholic when you attend a Catholic church, participate in church services, and receive Holy Communion every Sunday.   

However, that  being said, they are always free to contest the validity of these arcane cryptocurrency laws if they have deep pockets and can afford to secure competent legal representation.    

The bottom line is this, since this is practically virgin legal territory, a young, aggressive and ambitious attorney looking to make a name for himself, could initiate an effective challenge against these draconian, ridiculous and untested laws.  

If requested, I could provide such attorney with the proper counsel free of charge if it only involves CloudCoin. 

Thus, for now, compliance with these laws is a necessity and any attempt to evade them will do more harm than good.   

As well, before I proceed, I highly recommend that you thoroughly review and understand the following articles in chronological order:

    Be sure to observe all recommendations I made in the "Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin ..." document insofar as they apply to you.

    So let us now proceed with the CloudCoin global adoption strategy for each CloudCoin camp.  

    Exclusive Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists 

    Alright, it's now time for me to go over your exclusive global adoption strategy for each of the following five (5) categories of CloudCoin Purists:       1) ALL Members, 2) The Intellectual Class, 3) The Vast and Quickly Vanishing Middle Class, 4) Residents of Poor Cities, Rural Communities and Remote Villages, 5)  The Battered and Downtrodden Worldwide

    Category #1.  Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists:   ALL  Members

    • If you currently have any CloudCoins on or any other cryptocurrency exchange, be sure to remove them immediately and transfer them back to your personal possession.
    • If you had purchased or sold any CloudCoins on, immediately cease and desist from such further activities on or any other cryptocurrency exchange in the near or distant future.  
    • As well, if applicable to your country, be sure to report these Year 2020 cryptocurrency exchange transactions on your 2020 Federal and/or State Personal Income Tax returns.   Otherwise, you can be charged with filing a fraudulent tax return as well as other related criminal charges.   Here in the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will ask you for such cryptocurrency transaction information.  
    • If you are currently a member of CloudCoin World or CloudCoin Global on Telegram, then initiate an individual request to CloudCoin Consortium President  Sean Worthington regarding the launch of a "new" CloudCoin Purists group on Telegram and withdraw your membership in the other groups on Telegram, excluding RAIDA Guardian,  IF  you are NOT currently an Admin on one or more of these groups.   There is an excellent reason for that.
    (In the interim,  I have created a new CloudCoin Purists group on LinkedIn that you can join in the event you do not receive a timely response from the Consortium.  Nonetheless, I would rather have such group on Telegram as well as have an active member of the Consortium take responsibility for such group since I have an extremely busy agenda which may keep me away from such group at any time for an indefinite length.  If you are a current member of any CloudCoin groups on Telegram or any other social media platform who meets the definition of CloudCoin Purist, I invite you to join me on LinkedIn for now.)

    • Please keep in mind that the purpose of your exclusive global adoption strategy is NOT intended to allow you to attempt to evade any potential tax liabilities; NOR is it intended to allow you to engage in any fraudulent or other criminal activities.   As its title clearly states, I am (not CloudCoin Consortium) merely recommending the sort of Individual Effort that Each CloudCoin Holder in the  CloudCoin Purist camp can make toward facilitating the adoption of CloudCoin by the Global General Population.   That is all there is to it!      

    • CloudCoin Purists have no need to play hide-and-seek or make any attempt to conceal their identity behind aliases, pseudonyms, icons and all other methods or means.   
    Leave that practice to dubious and other shady characters who want  to engage in the following:  scams; deceptive, fraudulent, and other criminal activities;  making low-class and trashy comments intended to incite others;  inflammatory and vulgar discourse intended to defame others or subject them to character assassination;  and any other childish, disgusting, amateurish activities one finds on current and defunct social networks where anonymity of social network and group members is allowed.  
    Therefore, ALL members of the new CloudCoin Purists group on Telegram  must  disclose their real identity and a link to their background which can be readily verified on the internet.  After all, basic courtesy dictates that people are entitled to know who in their midst they are talking to.  Cowards are NOT welcome.   If you are a weakling who is scared of your own shadow, then abstain from participation in this group.  
    LinkedIn is an excellent - in fact, the very best - example of a social network which does NOT allow riff-raffs to linger around and operate under the cover of anonymity for long and the only place where most professionals from all over the world feel free to join and disclose their identity and background. 

    Therefore, think of this proposed CloudCoin Purists group on Telegram as the LinkedIn version of all existing CloudCoin groups wherein all group members can freely converse and share ideas and solutions on how We Can All Collaborate with each other AND the CloudCoin Consortium Team in a Principled Leadership fashion in order to contribute what we can toward the realization of the vision and mission of CloudCoin as a Digital Global Reserve Currency.       

    To understand what I mean by that, I invite you to read "Discover The Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership."      

    • Last but not least, the most important thing to keep in mind is this:  Due to the very nature of CloudCoin and your status as a CloudCoin Purist, please note that  once you initiate an exchange of fiat currency for CloudCoins, under no circumstances should you ever allow CloudCoin  Consortium or any other entity to have any sort of control or impact on the trading value of CloudCoin.   

    From just about every single angle that you can think of or point to, the only person in the world who  should have control over its trading value is YOU.   Not some cryptocurrency exchange,  Not the CloudCoin Consortium, Not some vendor, Not some credit card company, Not some defi app, etc.  

    Thus the reason why I am about to go into details regarding the global adoption strategy that each of the following categories of CloudCoin Purists (Category #2, 3, 4, 5) should follow in order to have and maintain such control. 

    Alright, it's now time for  me to address the CloudCoin Global Adoption Strategy for The Intellectual Class of CloudCoin Purists

    Category #2.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists:  The  Intellectual Class

    • Being that we belong to a group of  Free Thinkers, Rationalists,  Intellectuals, Academics,  Principled Individuals,  Philosophers, Libertarians, Principled Leaders, Principled Geopolitical Leaders and Modern  Day Revolutionaries, We See The World for exactly what it is :::: A Modern Day Swamp Full of Monsters and Dangerous Creatures  ::::: instead of seeing it through rose-colored glasses while drinking the kool-aid of gangsterism operating under the guise of government and color of law. 
    As such, we are a cacophony of voices sounding the alarm bells about the reality of our existence on this planet; the urgent need to wake up from this global nightmare; and some practical steps and solutions that we can take or implement in order to wrest back some level of control over the future of mankind and thus avoid the fate of the boiling frog. 
    Though we are all committed to leaving a lasting legacy that all future generations can be proud of,  what we all share in common is that, we all know for a fact that this is a thankless job.  

    Our Number One (#1) Concern falls along these lines:   "Is anybody out there listening?  If they are listening, are they getting the message?  Do they really understand what's at stake?  Why aren't they doing anything about it?  Why aren't people rushing toward us in droves so they can rally around, organize and take control of their own destiny?  What are they waiting for?  Am I just wasting my time?  Am I too far ahead of my time?" 

    Well, although these are valid concerns, What WE All Fail To Realize is that our concerns are misplaced and that The Real Problem Lies With Us.    We know absolutely nothing about Collaboration.

    We tend to believe that if We Holler Out Our Message from our megaphone in the middle of the public square Loud Enough :::: or if We Shout It Out From The Rooftop :::: then people will naturally crawl out from their location,  give us a standing ovation,  ask how they can help, and then Follow Us to Hell and Back.    

    In other words, we associate a sure sign of our progress and success with some big movement which coalesces around our message :: spiced with a lot of personal recognition, adulation, noise and activity.     

    Why is that, you might say?  That's because Our Thinking Is Flawed.  Through our very own words and actions, we have failed to acknowledge our very own individual strength and power ::  The Power of One.    

    In other words, the power of just one individual to change the course of human history ::::  to effect through sheer willpower and the power of Collaboration and Principled Geopolitical Leadership the sort of change that thousands of generations hitherto thought impossible.      

    Our message always comes in the form of "WE should unite" and is always about How Powerful WE can be when we unite,  what WE can do,  what WE should do, and what WE can accomplish.    

    In other words, if WE don't unite, then there is no need for YOU to plan on doing anything because YOU yourself can't do shit,  and there is nothing that YOU can accomplish on your own. 

    The Subliminal Effect of this WE message and psychology is exactly what causes each individual member of our audience to feel impotent and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things  ::::  causes them to Sit On Their Ass, on the fence, or on the sidelines, waiting to see how much Momentum  YOUR  movement is gaining, and how Powerful WE are getting before they begin to do anything or invest any serious effort in YOUR movement.  

    After all, you have already implanted in their brain the message that, individually, each one of them is worthless and not worth a hill of beans

    Think About This For Just One Minute 

    My first exposure to philosophy came at the age of 12, the same age that my dad introduced me to politics.    While doing my weekly household chores, cleaning and polishing the bookcase in our living room, I started to flip through one of the encyclopedia volumes on philosophy and came across Plato's admonition:  "Those who refuse to participate in the conduct of their own government are condemned to be ruled by their inferiors."

    The point being, Plato had absolutely No Idea that his writings would have any influence on a 12-year old child over 2000 years later.  

    Of course, Plato was partly right in the sense that he believed that citizens could indeed play a constructive role in the conduct of their own government by informing themselves so they could select better leaders. 

    However, that being said, given what mankind has actually learned from experience about the nature and function of government over the past 2000 years, it is virtually impossible for citizens to be ruled by other than their inferiors. 

    Therefore, were Plato alive today, I am sure he would agree with my version of his previous admonition:   "Those who refuse to Lead themselves are condemned to be Led to the slaughterhouse by their inferiors."       

    Here Is A More Contemporaneous Example 

    Over the past 30 years, I have also learned a great deal about The Real World That We Live In from many of my contemporaries.  The very same individuals who are always expressing their concerns about the effectiveness of their message and effort.    The very same individuals I am now addressing and who currently comprise The Intellectual Class of the CloudCoin Purists camp.    

    (Yes, I am talking about YOU. To be successful in your efforts, all you need to do is Reach One Person - even if it takes more than 2000 years.)       

    The point being, without the philosophers dating back to the beginning of recorded history all the way to the present,  My Dad,  an untold number of social justice activists and warriors,  modern day revolutionaries, and the more recent  and sordid  history of mankind over the past 200 years, there would be no talk about Virtual Organization Management, Virtual Organization Leadership, A Virtual Organization Leadership Force, A World of Virtual Organizations:: The New Virtual Organization World, Principled Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, A New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings,  A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On A Civilized World Financial System, A New Civilized World Financial System, Human Evolution and One Day Being Able to Travel Side By Side With Our Creator Throughout the Cosmos as we marvel at the beauty of Creation.  

    Therefore, today as we speak, I can truly say that I stand on the shoulders of giants - that also includes YOU.  

    The Moral of The Story  

    Therefore, as a member of the Intellectual Class, the only person who really matters is YOU.  The only adoption strategy that really matters is YOURS.    YOU are the only person who knows best HOW to execute the adoption strategy I recommend.   YOU are the ultimate arbiter and judge of which adoption strategy to implement: mine or your very own.    

    The minute you became the owner of One Single CloudCoin, the fate of this CloudCoin rests in YOUR hands - instead of the CloudCoin Consortium,  any Cryptocurrency Exchange, any Cryptocurrency Promotion Group,  any government, or any other entity in the world.    

    Time to Get Into the Details of Your Adoption Strategy       

    I guess now is a perfect opportunity for me to segue into the things that YOU, as an individual, can do toward the Adoption of CloudCoin by the Global General Population.   

    • Forget about the size or relevance of your contribution.  No grand gesture is necessary or required.   Just stay focused on what YOU can do AND are willing to do - and nothing else.     
    • Forget about any potential risk to your so-called personal reputation by endorsing CloudCoin.    Why is that, you might say? 
    As you should know by now, the simplest answer to everything in life is always the best answer.  Therefore, I will give you both, the simplest answer and a comprehensive answer

    The Simplest Answer::   When you endorse CloudCoin, you are merely endorsing a "revolutionary digital currency" that YOU now own and its value and benefits to YOU.  

    Therefore, what the hell does your so-called personal reputation have anything to do with a currency that YOU own?  What does your personal reputation have anything to do with the superior technology behind CloudCoin?  What does your personal reputation have anything to do with the organization and people that invented the technology behind CloudCoin? What does your personal reputation have anything to do with the dollar value of CloudCoin on a cryptocurrency exchange? What does your personal reputation have anything to do with who is out there Promoting CloudCoin?

    The only thing that matters is the technology behind CloudCoin.  Does it work as described or not?   If it does, then since YOU now own one or more CloudCoins,  it is YOUR responsibility to use your best efforts to assign whatever value that it has to youPlain and simple.   

    A Comprehensive Answer::   Well, the best way to answer that question is to use myself as an example.  After all, being the founder of the virtual organization management (virtual organization leadership) and virtual organization recruitment disciplines ::::  as well as the world's most ardent advocate  of Collaboration, Principled Leadership,  Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, A Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings, and Human Evolution ::::  I am the world's biggest proponent of "Practice What You Preach."

    Therefore, prepare yourself for what I am about to say: 

    Point #1.   If a potential risk to my personal reputation were a determining factor in my association with, or support for,  any single human being, business, organization, or institution anywhere on planet Earth :: however direct, indirect or fleeting my involvement :: that means  a) I would never allow my name to be listed on LinkedIn or any other social network in the world;  b)  I would never do business with any business, organization, institution,  government agency, religious organization,  or university anywhere in the world nor would I ever carry a conversation with any of their members;  c)  I would never accept an invitation to appear before the United States Congress, United States Senate, Supreme Court of the United States, any Parliamentary body anywhere in the world, the United Nations, or any other world body;  d)  I would never accept an official or private dinner invitation to meet the president of the United States or any other world leader anywhere in the world;   e)   I would never allow my name to be affiliated with any religion, religious body or denomination anywhere in the world nor with any of their members;   f)  I would never take the chance to shake somebody's hand or give an embrace to a new acquaintance in public or private out of fear that someone could be filming it live, in order to expose that person's skeletons in the closet and then establish their nexus to me.    

    Think of how everyone who ever took a photograph, smiling from ear to ear, with the notorious Mossad spy and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and how they all became suspect and had their reputation ruined - either for, or without, good cause.

    The point being,   There Isn't One Single Organization, Institution, Government,  Educational Institution, Religious Body,  Prestigious Think Tank,  World Body, or so-called  Charitable Organization anywhere on planet Earth which is NOT a cesspool of filth, corruption, hypocrisy and cowardice or some labyrinth in hell.    

    For the simple reason that these entities are populated and run by a bunch of HUMANS who can easily be manipulated to do anything that you can possibly think of.     That's the honest to God truth unless you happen to live under a rock and are suffering from mental retardation.

    Point #2.    Now brace yourself for this:   The bottom line is this, I place such a high premium on principles, principled leadership, principled geopolitical leadership, a global civilization of intelligent beings, and Human Evolution that, in fact, today, I would NOT want to have anything to do with the unprincipled, all about success and fame, and money-and-power hungry Pierre Coupet of 30 years ago that my dad used to constantly warn me about.   My excuse for dealing with many unprincipled and unsavory characters and institutions was always:  "I am only providing a service that I am being paid for - or I am looking to land a very big account worth millions of dollars - so it's nothing personal, and this is strictly business."  

    I had a really tough time trying to convince him that what I was doing was The American Way,  Living the American Dream in the Land of Milk and Honey and Opportunity, and that is the reason Why We Are The Greatest, Very Best, and Most Powerful Nation in the history of mankind. 
    Although I've always known, and he had always made me feel,  that he loved me so dearly like no other,  I just couldn't understand why he was so hung up on principles (and remained so until his very last breath in this world),  and why I could never have a conversation with him about "business" and "making money" and "being successful" and that there was nothing wrong about getting "filthy rich." 
    I had to evolve in order to understand what he really meant by "principles."  It took 45 years of my existence to not only "finally get it" but to also expand on that concept in ways that he could have never imagined.  

    (Therefore, never lose hope about being able to get your "positive"  message across to anyone or to your own children.  Time has a strange way of reconciling things.  For now, just share this article with them.)  

    The irony of it all is this:   Today, this very day, minute and second :::: whenever I try to teach others or preach on the value, benefits, and unlimited power of   "Principles, Principled Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings, and Human Evolution"  ::::  I find myself in the very same unenviable position that my dad used to be in.     

    Without exception, every single human being  (in the business world) that I come across seems to be determined or focused on selling me something or coaching me on: 
    • how to be successful,  how to be rich and famous, how to generate wealth, how to preserve wealth 
    • how to be a good leader,  how to be a compassionate leader, 
    • how to generate more leads, how to build a good website that guarantees results,  
    • how to get cheap labor in certain parts of the world in order to increase my profits,  
    • how to get a lot of free publicity in traditional  media and social media,  how to get powerful endorsements from the powers-that-be,  how to be part of the in-crowd,  
    • how to close more deals, 
    • how to get a lot of Awards for being in the Top 10, Top 30, Top 50, Top 100 of anything that you can think of
    • how to take advantage of tax laws, how to die in peace knowing that my family is financially secure for the rest of their life and can live happily ever after,  
    • how to figure out the value of my businesses, how to promote my businesses, how to expand my businesses worldwide, how to sell my businesses, 
    • how to get investors, how to finance my businesses, how to finance my projects, how to devise an exit strategy for my businesses and retire comfortably,  
    • how to save the children, how to save the world, how to save the whales, how to save the environment, how to save my soul, how to alleviate or completely eliminate poverty throughout the world, 
    • how to save Christianity, how to save our democracy, how to protect the Constitution of the United States, how to restore the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution, How to Make America Great Again, 
    • how to reduce our real estate property taxes, how to reduce my income taxes, 
    • why I should join their cause, why I should join some freedom movement, and why I should join their secret societies.

    Now comes the real kicker:  They are not only shocked but totally  stunned with disbelief when I tell them that I don't really give a shit about any of this crap;  that this is all kindergarten stuff and child's play in comparison to what I am involved in ::: and then invite them to take the initiative to learn more - of course, knowing full well it's beyond their comprehension.      

    Thus the reason why I now have absolutely ZERO tolerance for this sort of nonsense from these ----- (I'll let you fill in the blanks).      Believe it or not, swamp creatures don't like the idea of former colleagues taking up residence in a crystal clear lake and will do just about anything to convince you to rejoin them in the swamp.       

    What I have never heard from One Single Soul on this planet (at a business level) is "Pierre, how can we Collaborate with each other?  I am financially wealthy and thus I am NOT looking for a paycheck nor am I motivated by money or an ownership share of your business.   I just love what you're doing and I would like to be of assistance in any way that I can."   As I am now doing on behalf of CloudCoin Consortium.

    Or "Pierre, while I am now unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits,  in the interim, is there anything that I can assist you with or anything that you would be willing to share with me while I am looking for gainful employment?" 

    I will tell you the reason why:  It's NOT because they are selfish or greedy or indifferent or stupid or a bunch of morons.   That's because none of them truly understand the meaning of the word CollaborationSlaves are only conditioned to sell something, to do something that they have been paid to do, to work for an organization or someone, or to cooperate with institutions that have power over them and can either coerce or, if necessary, compel them to do things by force.  In essence, none of them  know anything about Collaboration  or  have ever learned How To Collaborate, let alone being exposed to the concept of Principled Leadership.  
    The point being, unless I am ready to dole out 50 cents an hour or some measly paycheck or a certain amount of cash (what they proudly say "you got to have some skin in the game")  in order for them to take the time to just read AND understand exactly who I am, what I represent and what I am involved in, they would rather continue to live their mediocre life or pathetic existence,  wait till they get a job that pays them 50 cents an hour, or starve (of course, relatively speaking).   A pathetic mindset. 
    Point #3.    Therefore, instead of worrying about the potential ramifications of your association with, or support for, an organization or specific individual,  take time to inventory yourself.  And why is that, you might ask?  
    Well, that's because it's NOT someone else or some organization's conduct or record that YOU need to worry about,  it is your very own background  and YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL CONDUCT and actions that you need to pay attention to and concern yourself with for the simple reason that the world is full of too many "devils in disguise" and "wolves in sheep clothing."  
    A perfect example of that could most likely be someone that you now knowa friend, partner, business partner, family member, lover, neighbor, some outstanding member of your community, judge, police officer, politician, lawyer, local auto mechanic, dentist, boss, pastor, priest, doctor, counselor, colleague, co-worker, or associate.  

    In fact, I am absolutely positive that you've said to yourself on just too many occasions, "Man, I really feel sorry for these people,  if only they knew!" about one of the aforementioned.   

    The point being,  what others do or may have done in the past is none of your business.   Should their current actions or the tone of their discussion with you or their request be cause for concern, all you have to do is Sever Your Connection with them.   That's all! 

    • Take time to learn as much as you can about CloudCoin from my previous articles referenced herein, including specific and detailed information about the various potential  stakeholders who would greatly benefit from the acquisition of the CloudCoin digital currency and the reasons why.  That will help you to understand the magic behind your own individual effort.
    • Once you have completed the latter, if you'd like to explore more ideas on How YOU Can Collaborate with other members of  the Intellectual Class of CloudCoin Purists,  click here to schedule an On Demand Videoconference.     

    Category #3.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists:   The Vast and Quickly Vanishing Middle Class

    Every time I mention to a family member or acquaintance that CloudCoin is a real digital currency, no different than a US dollar bill or $100 bill, the One Question I am always asked is "Where can I spend it?"

    Therefore, the only place where you yourself can get an authoritative answer to this question is online from every single business (from the smallest to the largest), organization, educational institution, governmental entity  (branch, department, commission, or agency) ::::  that you either currently do business with or may consider doing so in the future  ::::  and which allows you to conduct  financial transactions online.
    Of course, since You and I already know the answer to that question, "Practically nowhere,"  I am sure you must be wondering "Why should I even bother to ask, and why online?"

    Well, the answer is very simple:  How in hell are these businesses and institutions supposed to know that their current and potential customers have CloudCoins that they want to spend? 
    With respect to "why ask the question online?" that is your way of leaving a paper trail for Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Customer Service, etc.
    Therefore, the simple act of asking them if they accept CloudCoin has the effect of not only introducing them to CloudCoin, but it also tells them that they have real, live, bona fide customers who are ready to spend their CloudCoins with them. 

    Moreover, you have just done something else that is very important to them.   You just got them wondering "Who else is out there accepting CloudCoin and are any of them my competitors?For the simple reason that they don't want to lose business to their competitors.

    And there is more!  This simple question is the sort of gift that just keeps on giving.    You have just placed CloudCoin on the agenda list for businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and even governments who had never heard of CloudCoin.
    They are going to want to go to the CloudCoin website in order to find out what this is all about.  However, YOU don't want that to happen just yet.  FIRST, you need to contact CloudCoin Support at :: ::  and request the link to a CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page on their website ::  so that your effort is not wasted.    

    That's because  you are going to use the link to that CloudCoin Merchant Support  landing page in every single  Message that you send at every single one of the following Touchpoints.  

    So, let's go over the various Touchpoints that you will use to communicate with these businesses and institutions worldwide.  Please DO NOT SPAM these organizations and there is NO NEED to give them a sales pitch about CloudCoin.  Doing so will hurt CloudCoin.  These touchpoints should be at organizations and institutions  you currently have a Bona Fide Relationship with or are currently considering to establish a relationship with as a potential client.     

    Touchpoint #1.   The appropriate contact medium on the Contact page of every single entity website that you've done business with or are considering to do business with.  For example, it could be via email, a form on the page, or both.

    Touchpoint #2.   The  FAQ page of a website.  Do NOT use fake or anonymous identities  or invalid and throw away email addresses.  Many websites will allow you to submit an original question in the FAQ section if the canned Questions and Answers do not apply.

    Touchpoint #3.   The  CHAT Window on a website.  Do NOT use fake or anonymous identities  or invalid and throw away email addresses.  Every single communication is documented and reviewed by Customer Service.   (For example, I automatically receive a transcript of every single chat inquiry that is made on our website.)  

    In many cases, a transcript of each chat from a particular department or business unit regarding a specific product on a specific landing page will automatically be sent to several recipients.   

    Therefore, the CHAT window can be a very powerful tool and way for CloudCoin to get immediate attention from the powers-that-be.  Even when no operator is available, you can still leave a message in the chat window.  

    Touchpoint #4.   The  General Feedback section of a website for all visitors.  

    Touchpoint #5.   The Customer or Client Feedback Survey request that you receive via email after making a purchase

    Touchpoint #6.   The Client Feedback section of a website.  Login will most likely be required. 

    Touchpoint #7.   Online Reviews  of  Businesses on Websites of Providers of Crowdsource Reviews  (e.g., Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie's List, Bing, Groupon, GrubHub, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, OpenTable,  Quora,  

    Touchpoint #8.   Political Candidate Websites.   Here in the United States, the term of service for all 435 members of the US House of Representatives is 2 years.  That means the minute they get elected to the House, they begin to raise campaign funds for the next election.  

    Moreover, the term of service for 100 members of the US Senate is 6 years, however, every 2 years, about 33 Senators face election or re-election.    That means every 2 years, you will have incumbent Senators  or candidates seeking to raise campaign funds for the next election.

    Last but not least, there are literally thousands of candidates running for election for Local, Municipal, County and State offices all over the country who are constantly raising campaign funds on nearly a 24-hour a day basis for the next election.           

    Touchpoint #9.   Cryptocurrency News Sites.   It's a place to keep informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world and to comment about CloudCoin as it relates to current news and events in the digital currency world.   Today on Chain  as of today's date is a good starting point.   So is CryptoNews.    As well, a simple Google search should reveal many others.  
    Touchpoint #10.   On Special Occasions as A Gift to Family Members and Friends.   Instead of giving away money and gift cards and clothes and toys that will soon be thrown away,  allocate 50% of such expenses toward the cost of CloudCoins.  
    For Example, Imagine yourself  giving your 8-year old niece 100 Bitcoins in July 2010 for her birthday when it was trading for only USD $0.08 (8 cents)  which comes to a total of  $8 and a cheap doll for about $25 :: which comes to a grand total of $33 :: instead of a $50 doll you originally planned to buy her. 
    Fast forward into the future,  today your niece would be 18 years old, the doll (the cheap one for $25 or the expensive one for $50 would have long ago been thrown into the garbage dump), however, the 100 Bitcoins today would be worth a total of  $1,352, 020 (One Million Three Hundred Fifty-Two Thousand Twenty dollars). 
    In either case, she would not have known the difference between a $25 or $50 doll and would have been happy playing with her doll.  
    However, 10 years later, she would praise your name for your wisdom and foresight.  But if Bitcoin had flopped and it was completely worthless 10 years later, she would have never even known or remembered that she had 100 Bitcoins.   In other words, you have nothing to lose.  She would still love her uncle. 
    Touchpoint #11.    Landing Page of Senders of  Bulk Email.   On average 40% of all email that you receive will be Unsolicited Email from Advertisers which are automatically sent to your Bulk Mail folder.  An average of  30% are actually SPAM Email  which are automatically sent to the SPAM folder and which you should avoid at all costs.   An average of 20% are Opt-In Email.   The remaining 10% consists of bona fide emails from contacts which land in your Inbox.  
    The Unsolicited Emails from Advertisers  which land in your Bulk Mail Folder represent a good source of potential vendors you may want to consider doing business with.   Should any of these vendors be of interest to you, then and only then,  you can place them on your list of touchpoints.   There is absolutely no need to play any games with them or engage in any sort of deceptive practices.  
    Touchpoint #12.    Free Classified Ads Sites.    I will venture to say that,  regardless of  economic status or financial condition,  every single one of us has something that we no longer have a need for and would like to either give away, throw away in the trash, donate or sell.  In which case, you can sell it for either Cash or CloudCoins on one or more of these Free Classified Ads sites.
    In which case, you would go to your favorite search engine and use the keywords "free online classified advertising sites" for a short list.   I highly recommend ClassifiedAds for USA and Canada residents due to their simplicity and ease of use. 

    Why even bother, you might ask?  Especially when you couldn't care less about the money or CloudCoin since you have better things to do.  

    The answer is simple:   That's your way of introducing people in your local neighborhood to CloudCoin.   Your way of contributing to the global adoption of CloudCoin.  You can sell it strictly for 1 CloudCoin if your original intention was to throw it away in the trash. 

    For example,  on a yearly basis, we literally give away, dump in the trash, or donate items with an approximate total value of  $3000-5000.   Therefore,  we could post each of these very items for sale on a Free Classified Ads site for only 1 CloudCoin  ::: OR :: For $100 or 1 CloudCoin ::: OR :: For $10  or 1 CloudCoin  ::: OR :: For $1 or 1 CloudCoin.    

    Be sure to always display  in your ad the reasonable market value of your item so that the potential buyer will be excited about getting a $100 item for only 1 CloudCoin which is now trading for .01 Cent  or other low value.    In such instance, that 1 CloudCoin is worth $100 to that buyer.   

    Now let's go over some examples of  Messages that you could send at each of the foregoing Touchpoints #1 - 12

    Message at Touchpoint #1.  The Contact page on the website of every single entity. 

    ||BEGIN||   I am one of your clients (or a potential client).  I have quite a number of CloudCoins and I would like to know if you accept the digital currency CloudCoin for payment.   If not, when do you expect to begin accepting CloudCoin?    

    I invite you to contact the CloudCoin Merchant Support Team at :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).

    Thank you for your assistance. 


    Message at Touchpoint #2.  The  FAQ page of a website. 

    ||BEGIN||   I am one of your clients (or a potential client).   I have quite a number of CloudCoins and would like to know when you'll begin to accept CloudCoin for payment? 

    Here is a link to CloudCoin for some info about the digital currency :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).  


    Message at Touchpoint #3.  The  CHAT Window on a website.
    ||BEGIN|| Do you accept CloudCoin for payment? 
    When do you think you'll begin to accept CloudCoin?
    Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).   
    Thanks and bye. 


    Message at Touchpoint #4.  The  General Feedback section of a website for all visitors.


    Many vendors are now beginning to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.  When do you think you'll begin to accept CloudCoin? 
    Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website). 
    Message at Touchpoint #5.   The Customer or Client Feedback Survey request  in the Additional Comment section


    I am very disappointed that I was unable to use my CloudCoins as a payment option.    Many vendors are now beginning to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.  When do you think you'll begin to accept CloudCoin? 
    Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website). 
    Message at Touchpoint #6.   The Client Feedback section of a website.  


    Many vendors are now beginning to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.  When do you think you'll begin to accept CloudCoin? 
    Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).  

      Message at Touchpoint #7.   Online Reviews  of  Businesses on Websites of Providers of Crowdsource Reviews  (e.g., Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie's List, Bing, Groupon, GrubHub, Healthgrades, HomeAdvisor, OpenTable,  Quora,  

      The primary issue I have with this merchant is that I was not able to use my CloudCoins for payment.   Many vendors are now beginning to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.  When will they begin to accept CloudCoin? 
      Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).  
      Message at Touchpoint #8.   Political Candidate Websites.   This message should be placed in the form on the Contact page. 
      The FEC allows Bitcoin contributions. Does your campaign accept CloudCoin  contributions? 
      Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for Candidates to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoin political contributions from their website).  

      Message at Touchpoint #9.   Cryptocurrency News Sites.   In the Comment section at the bottom of each relevant article, use that opportunity to compare and contrast a particular cryptocurrency or other blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) or DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology with CloudCoin for the simple reason that very few people in the cryptocurrency community are aware of CloudCoin.  
      In fact, that is how I came across CloudCoin in 2017.   That was  from a comment to an article about cryptocurrencies on ZEROHEDGE, specifically,  the superiority of CloudCoin's technology from a "Privacy" standpoint.  I then did a Google search for CloudCoin and came across Digital Frontier News which instantly offered me a free copy of an ebook along with 5 FREE CloudCoins
      PLEASE DO NOT SPAM the Comment section of a bunch of articles with stupid and irrelevant comments.   It will do more harm than good.  
      Message at Touchpoint #10.   On Special Occasions as A Gift to Family Members and Friends. 
      To my loving niece, Eunice! 

      Here is a special gift of 10 CloudCoins that you will always remember in the years to come. 

      Uncle Jack 


      Message at Touchpoint #11.    Landing Page of Senders of  Bulk Email.    If the sender's email address is available, the following reply message should be sent via email.  Otherwise, proceed to the sender's Landing Page to deliver such message.  
      Thank you for the introduction to your company and offer. 
      Though I have no immediate need for your products and services, I am certainly willing to keep an open mind, especially if you accept cryptocurrencies and digital currencies as a payment option. 
      When will your company begin to accept CloudCoin? 
      Here is the link to CloudCoin :: (the link to the CloudCoin Merchant Support landing page for merchants to contact CloudCoin in order to initiate discussions on how they can begin to accept CloudCoins on their website).  

      Message at Touchpoint #12.    Free Classified Ads Sites.    Here is an excellent example of an ad while CloudCoin is trading at USD $.01 - You'll notice that the item is being sold for $100 cash or 10 CloudCoins (a total trading value of  $0.10)     


      Tektronix by XEROX Phaser 860 color printer.  Originally bought in 2003 for $3495.   Now discontinued.    Needs maintenance - not working now.  Sales are final.   Sold As Is.  No Warranty.   Sales Price:  $100 Cash or 10 CloudCoins.     CloudCoin is a digital currency.   Click here to learn more about CloudCoin and here  to obtain CloudCoins. 
      Category #4.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists:   Residents of Poor Cities, Rural Communities and Remote Villages

      Be prepared for what I am about to propose,  for the simple reason that this Strategy is really more of a LOCAL Strategy unique to each specific community instead of a One-Size-Fits-All strategy.   

      Such LOCAL strategy entails a grassroots movement which requires a great deal of Individual Effort on the part of everyone.    Such effort must be sustained by a great deal of Personal Initiative,  a certain amount of Personal Sacrifice, an abundance of Selflessness, a sense of Nobility (strictly from a character standpoint), a Fighting Spirit, and a Warrior Spirit

      It's obvious that no one can expect all of the aforementioned attributes from every Single Individual,  therefore, what this means is that within each  group of CloudCoin Purists at the LOCAL level, at least One or More of them should be imbued with one or more of these personal attributes.   

      Why is that, you might say?   That's because they will all have to learn how to Collaborate - instead of  Cooperate -  with each other,  hence, it is the sum total of these personal attributes which will allow them to make it to the finish line. 

      For Example, 

      Personal Initiative.   When a particular task or activity requires someone who can Take The Initiative, then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.   

      Personal Sacrifice.   However, that being said, just because someone is willing to take the initiative doesn't mean that this person is willing to make any Personal Sacrifice.    Therefore, when a particular task or activity requires someone who is able and willing to make a great deal of  Personal Sacrifice,  then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.

      Selflessness.    However, that being said, just because someone is willing to make a great deal of Personal Sacrifice doesn't mean that this person is Selfless and will make such sacrifice  "when he can't clearly see what's in it for him or his family."   

      In other words, asking that person to make a Personal Sacrifice when there are a million other things that he could be doing and benefiting from can be quite a stretch and a bit too much to ask.    

      Therefore, when a particular task or activity requires someone who has an abundance of Selflessness,  then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.

      Nobility.    However, that being said, as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.   The history of mankind from time immemorial tells us that "human beings are very flawed";   they have a tendency to lose their way over time;  they never fail to lose sight of the big picture when confronted with the brutal realities of their existence, vision and mission;  and they can easily be compromised and manipulated in order to achieve their stated objectives.    

      (They seem to be predisposed and always willing to make a Faustian bargain on the primitive, barbaric, and morally bankrupt assumption that "the ends justify the means".)
      Thus the reason why,  from time immemorial to this very minute, great civilizations have arisen and fallen like dominoes and sand castles - and so many have suffered the fate of dinosaurs.  Hence the need for a sense of Nobility strictly from a character standpoint.   A sense of nobility based on "uncompromising principles" and principled leadership based on the highest a priori ethical code: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

      Therefore, whenever a particular task or activity requires someone with a strong sense of Nobility,  then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.

      Fighting Spirit.     However, that being said, what good is it to be part of a Collaborative effort which includes individuals imbued with all of the following attributes when such group of Collaborators does not include anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for their cause in order to achieve their mission and realize their vision?  

      Therefore, whenever a particular task or activity requires someone with a Fighting Spirit,  then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.

      Warrior Spirit.    However, as we all know, there is a world of difference between a Fighter and a Warrior.   A warrior is willing to fight against the odds, has a great deal of patience, persistence and perseverance, and is determined to fight until victory is achieved.     

      Therefore, whenever a particular task or activity requires someone with a Warrior Spirit,  then the one(s) among them who possess such attribute will automatically step up to the plate.

      In Summary

      With respect to each of the foregoing examples, you will notice that there is NO need for anyone 

      • to wait to obtain permission from anyone, 
      • to attempt to gain some sort of consensus (i.e., to go through a vote or election or selection process),   
      • to  request to be appointed, or to wait to be anointed,  by some authority in order to step up to the plate.   
      There is NO central or local authority.   There is NO hierarchical structure.  It's all about people stepping up to the plate when they see that a specific need exists.  The idea is to Step In, Contribute,  Train a Replacement, and Move On of their own accord.    The reason being, generally speaking, people are very insecure and turf-oriented (no different than animals) and no Collaborator wants to ever overstay their welcome.  (I am sure you all know what I mean by that.)  
      However, that being said, such Collaboration is only made possible because That Is Not What Collaborators Do For A Living.  
      No one is interested in  trying to carve out their own little piece of turf.  No one is interested in jockeying for a position within such group and ensuing politics and backstabbing.  When their usefulness is no longer critically needed,  they disappear like a Ghost in the night for the simple reason that there is a big world out there in need of their skills and assistance.          

      No one is interested in publicity or taking credit for anything.  They are all there to serve because they truly and honestly believe that they are fighting for a just cause.   It is the purest form of Collaboration that you could ever witness. 

      And just in case you doubt that such Collaborators do exist, I can certainly attest to the fact that I have personally met and worked with dozens of such individuals during my "primitive, barbaric and savage days" as a Collaborator - NOT as a Volunteer - working on a couple of US presidential campaigns.   Such fond memories of a previous life.   

      I am sure that some of my former colleagues on LinkedIn now reading this article can tell you what it felt like to be part of such Collaborative effort.  Such experience was part of my Human Evolution process and Search for Enlightenment  now best confined to the dustbin of history.  

      Beware of Wolves In Sheep Clothing

      I guess the main question is, "How can you tell which of the foregoing attributes your fellow  CloudCoin Purists possess?"   The answer is very simple:  Do NOT concern yourself with the attributes that others within your midst may claim or pretend to possess.   Strictly concern yourself with that over which you have absolute control of  and do your very best (i.e., the attributes that YOU yourself  possess).  And let the results speak for themselves.    

      The same applies to everyone else.  Let their results speak for themselves.

      For the simple reason that it is so easy for downright incompetents, unprofessionals, the utterly corrupt, charlatans, clowns,  bullshiters, liars, thieves, con artists, gangsters,  murderers, bought and paid for media shills,  internal destabilization operatives, human compromise operators, psyop (psychological operations) professionals, spies, intelligence agencies, government agencies, secret societies, and a host of other nefarious characters and organizations to infiltrate any movement or organization and destroy it from within.    

      (In fact, I have come across so many thousands of them on social networks, including LinkedIn and Twitter,  that I have given up on trying to keep count.)

      The Highest Level of Infiltration is to be able to "Control the Opposition" and, to paraphrase Vladimir Lenin,  The Best Way to Control the Opposition Is to Lead the Opposition.   

      Here is a quick hint:  Just think of the so-called  Middle East Peace Process  and the complicit role of the Palestinian leadership in the subjugation and enslavement of the Palestinian people.        

      For Example, Imagine This:

      • An Intelligence Operative of another country (Or Compromised Leader) being President of "Your Country." 
      • An Intelligence Operative of another country (Or Compromised Leader) being  Chief of  "Your Country's" Intelligence Agency
      • An Intelligence Operative of your country (Or Compromised Leader) becoming the Leader of a Revolutionary Movement in your country.
      • An Intelligence Operative of your country (Or Compromised Leader) becoming the Leader of a Political Movement (The Opposition) in your country.
      • An Intelligence Operative of your country (Or Compromised Leader) becoming the Leader  of  Human Rights Organization (The Opposition) in your country. 
      • An Intelligence Operative of your country (Or Compromised Leader) becoming the Leader  of  Civil Rights  Movement (The Opposition) in your country.
      • A Compromised  Leader becoming the Leader of a Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment Movement (The Opposition) in your country.     

      I gave you these examples because they are very common occurrences all over the world.  As tantalizing it would be, I will not share with you some of their names, nor do I care to,  because you couldn't care less and it really would not make an iota of difference in your life.  In fact, believe it or not,   80-90% of Leaders of ALL Political Parties and Revolutionary Movements anywhere in the world are "Controlled Opposition."     As well, 95% of ALL World Leaders are Compromised and Controlled.  Nationalism is an illusion.   In other words, it is Your Leaders who are most likely to betray your country, you and your cause.   They are The Wolves In Sheep Clothing.

      This Most Insidious Form of Infiltration is made possible through the ascendance of the modern-day Democracy Apparatus itself.   I say, modern day, for the simple reason that democracy has always existed in one form or another since time immemorial.   It's a natural order of things for all living things on this planet.   Apes, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, wolves, ants, bears, bees, birds, hyenas, lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles etc. all practice some form or version of democracy.   Democracy is overrated and just a fancy word for "Governance."   

      The Moral of The Story

      There is an excellent reason why I am spending so much time on this category of CloudCoin Purists:  Residents of Poor Cities, Rural Communities and Remote Villages

      The entire history of mankind  has proven over and over that the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful - and World Leaders - don't really give a damn about The Poor.    

      If they ever did, then poverty would have long been erased from the face of this earth thousands of years agoYou don't have to be a rocket scientist nor do you need any sort of education to figure that out.  That's just common sense.  

      Therefore, The Poor Should Never Depend on Their Leaders and the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful to help pull them out of poverty.      

      Why Is That, You Might Ask?   

      There are three (3) significant and overarching reasons why you should never depend on your Leaders to help pull you out of poverty:

      Reason #1.   Poverty is both a Mentality and a Disease

      That's because "Poverty is both a Mentality and a Disease" from the following standpoints:

      Poverty Is A Mentality.   It is a mentality from the standpoint that those who are born into poverty or become poor tend to believe that there is a material difference between Them and the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful - and Their Leaders.   They believe that somehow something must be wrong with Them ::: that they are somewhat lacking from an Intelligence and Mental Acuity standpoint  :::  that being poor is their lot in life  :::  that they or their parents are somehow responsible for their situation ::: and that they need to learn from the Elite, Rich,  Famous,  Wealthy and Powerful - and Their Leaders -  how to achieve financial success and live a better life.    Moreover, they have been led to believe that they need to rely on the Benevolence and Wisdom of their Saviors  ::: the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful - and Their Leaders  ::: in order to gain some relief from their substandard and horrible living conditions or to help lift them out of poverty.

      For example, here in the United States of America, nearly 40 million people live in absolute poverty.  Add to that number an additional 95 million people living near the poverty level. We are talking about an approximate number of 135 million Americans living at or near the poverty level  out of a total population of 330 million.    

      Furthermore, only about  30 million Americans earn an annual salary of $100K or more.  (After taxes and other deductions, that $100K translates to a take home pay of nearly $55K.)    That means approximately 300 million Americans earn less than $100K per year.   

      Hence,  we have a so-called middle class of nearly 165 million Americans (300 million - 135 million living at and near the poverty level) living from paycheck to paycheck who have very little savings, if any, and thus are only one to three (1-3) paychecks away from poverty in the event of any significant life-altering event (e.g., furlough or layoff due to a pandemic, unemployment, disability, major accident, and any force majeure event).

      Of course, whenever the unraveling of any life-altering event begins to take place,  the 99% of the population believe,  or have become indoctrinated to expect, that it is the duty and responsibility of that 1% of the population  ::: the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous,  Wealthy and Powerful - and Their Leaders ::: to come to their rescue in whatever form is needed in order to stave off or mitigate the effects of a disaster.   For example, through any of the following:    

      • stimulus checks, child tax credit,  
      • pandemic unemployment assistance, state unemployment benefit, payroll protection program,
      • deferral of utility bill payments, deferral of rent and mortgage payments, 
      • universal basic income, quantitative easing,  
      • quelling of insurrection, quelling of insurgencies, 
      • riot control, preserve law and order, 
      • war on terrorwar to preserve the rule of international law,  patriotic war,  war of liberation, war to save mankind, war to preserve the new world order, war to bring about a new world order.  

      Last but not least, while this is all happening in plain sight for all to see,  we find the so-called Elite,  Rich and Wealthy, and World Leaders continuing to garner social media followers,  principally those who are merely eking out a living,  elevating their numbers in the range of  a few millions all the way up to over 200 Million Followers for one single individual.  

      To add insult to injury, the Income Gap between the Top 1% of the population ::: the so-called  Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful ::: and the remaining 99% keeps getting wider and wider regardless of what happens in the global economy or the world at large.   As the old saying goes, "The Rich Get Richer, and The Poor Get Poorer."

      The question then becomes:  "Why is it that the 99% of the population is unable to understand the reasons for this Income Gap when it is so clear and obvious?"   

      I'll spare you the agony of having to guess the reasons for this income gap:  It is the Mentality of 99% of the population.    
      Please bear with me a while, I will further elaborate within a few minutes so that it all makes perfect sense to you.   Just be on the lookout for the upcoming heading "Reason #3.  Form Follows Function."   

      Poverty Is A Disease.    It is also a disease from the standpoint that everyone can readily see and understand the effects of Poverty on those who are afflicted by this Mentality.    This sort of disease leads to every imaginable mental and physical illness as well as every single horror and malevolence that you can think of.   Here is a very small sample:

      • Hunger,  Famine, Substandard Housing, Homelessness, Living in Filth
      • Living at Subsistence Level with nil to none access to Technology and the Modern World 
      • Illiteracy, Poor Education,  Substandard Education, or No Access to Higher Education     
      • Chronic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Preventable Illnesses, Substandard or No Access to Health Care, Shorter Lifespan, Mental Illnesses
      • Disproportionate Victims of Crime,   Abuse by Law Enforcement,  Abuse by a Dysfunctional Justice System, Substandard or No Access to Effective Legal Representation 
      • Predatory Behavior in order to survive in brutal environments
      • Predatory Behavior in order to enforce the dictates of the so-called Elite,  Rich and Wealthy, and World Leaders 
      • Innocent Victims of  Tactical Nuclear Strikes, Brutal and Devastating Economic Sanctions, Nuclear Wars, Biological Warfare, Total Devastation of a Country's Infrastructure, Internal Destabilization Efforts architected and engineered by both internal and external forces
      • Willing Participants in wars of aggression and the enforcement of totalitarian mandates by the Political Class
      • Total Manipulation of 99% of the population in order to divide them, pit them against each other,  and make them act against their own best interests

      Therefore, think of Poverty as the Perfect Host for every single parasite infestation from both a mental and physical aspect.

      The question then becomes:  "Why is it that the 99% of the population is unable to understand the reasons for all the Inequities and Horrors that mankind has been experiencing since time immemorial when the answer is so clear and obvious?"  
      I'll give you the answer in a minute.  Just be on the lookout for the upcoming heading "Reason #3.  Form Follows Function."   

      Reason #2.  Wealth, Privilege and Power Cannot Exist Without Poverty and The Global Financial System

      That's because the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful - and World Leaders    -  cannot exist and thrive without The Poor.   In other words, their status, wealth, power and privilege are directly derived from those who are afflicted with Poverty through the aforementioned Democracy Apparatus.   Thus the reason why the poorer The Poor, the richer The Rich.  

      Therefore, it is NOT in their best interests to eliminate Poverty.  That would be the equivalent of asking them to commit harakiri (aka seppuku).

      Imagine This for just a few seconds!

      • Think of the Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful - and World Leaders ::: AKA  The Rich and Powerful :::  as a bunch of Ticks who feed on The Poor
      • Think of the Democracy Apparatus as the system of governance which gives The Poor the illusion that they have willingly consented to have these Ticks feed on them in return for some perceived benefits such as: 
        • Ticks play a very important role in the Global Economy
        • Ticks play a critical role within the Global Financial System
        • Ticks play an important role in keeping many other parasites at bay
        • Ticks claim that they play a very important role within the Global Ecosystem:  Population Control.  Without them, The Poor would experience Famine on a global scale and would have no choice but to resort to Cannibalism in order to survive.  
        • Ticks claim that, unlike other parasites, they are really harmless and very inconspicuous.  They congregate in places where they make decisions on your behalf on a daily basis and where it is extremely difficult for you to even notice them or know their activities because they believe in Freedom,  Keeping You Safe and Secure,  Staying Out of Your Way, Giving You Peace of Mind, and Keeping You Out of the Loop about All the Dirty Work and Their Sacrifice through an Information  Classification System based on The Need To Know
        • Ticks also claim they are very privacy-oriented when it comes to the infestation of  The Poor.  They prefer to do it in places where you can barely notice (in your groin-through a bunch of laws, rules and regulations  ::: in your arm pits-through a bunch of taxes ::: in your hair-through a bunch of fines and penalties ::: inside your ears-through extensive propaganda in the media about the constitution, the rule of law, your freedom and prosperity, and the role that Ticks play in keeping you safe and secure  ::: inside your belly button-through a bunch of lies, ruses and excuses about fighting diseases, terrorism, terrorist financing, drug dealers, money launderers, human traffickers, tax evaders, and criminal organizations; and through mechanisms that you can't even imagine such as Real ID, social distancing, coerced or forced wearing of face masks, forced lockdowns, coerced or forced vaccinations, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer [ KYC ] procedures, Anti Money Laundering [ AML ] reporting requirements, FATCA, PATRIOT Act  :::  and behind your knees-through law enforcement and a judicial system designed to make you bend the knee and submit to the Elite and Powers-That-Be). 
        • Ticks also claim that, unlike other parasites,  they are very considerate and compassionate when it comes time for them to feed on The Poor.  They will only latch onto you when they need to feed.  After feeding on you,  they will then drop off of you and go into their corner until it's time for their next meal.
        • Moreover, Ticks claim that what makes them exceptional and puts them in a league all their own with respect to all other parasites is that their bite is painless (i.e., you can't feel a thing when they are feeding on you) and that it may take years for you to begin to feel the aftereffects of  their bites or to exhibit any serious symptoms.
      • Think of the Global Financial System as the ecosystem which makes it possible for all Ticks to live, survive and thrive.   This ecosystem consists of a very wooded and moist environment full of tall grass and weeds wherefore it is extremely difficult to notice the Ticks and their activities.  They can ill afford to be in plain sight in the dry dirt without any cover and with the sun shining bright on them.   Otherwise, they would have been extinct a long time ago.
      Reason #3.    Form Follows Function

      You will notice the symbiotic relationship and interdependence between the members of this Unholy Trinity:   The Rich and Powerful, The Poor, and the Global Financial  System.  

        It all has to do with an observation of Creation itself :: and as eloquently articulated by the American architect Louis Henry Sullivan (September 3, 1856 – April 14, 1924) ::  that "form forever follows function."

        Therefore, let us examine the Function and Form of all the members of this Unholy Trinity.

        Function of The Rich and Powerful

        As outlined earlier,  The Rich and Powerful is in fact a Two-Headed Beast consisting of  1) the so-called  Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful  and 2)  All World Leaders.

        • Function of Head #1.   Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful.    The sole purpose and "function" of the first head of this 2-headed beast is to Focus On Making Money and Wealth Creation through the organs of the Global Financial System.  
        • Function of Head #2.   All World Leaders.    Whereas the "function" of the second head  is to Focus On Protecting The Interests of  Head #1 ::   the Elite, Rich,  Famous, Wealthy and Powerful :: through the architecture, creation, and governance of a sophisticated 4D (Death, Dominion, Destabilization, Destruction) Infrastructure  (referred to as "Government"). 
        In summary, the Function of The Rich and Powerful is to Create and Preserve Wealth (for themselves).   
        Form of The Rich and Powerful.   Therefore, The Form of all institutions ::: in terms of structure, infrastructure, governance, policies and procedures :::  that we have in place today and the mindset of their stakeholders are specifically geared toward the functions of The Rich and Powerful instead of The Poor.
        Function of The Poor

        The "function" of The Poor is to Focus On Making A Living through the organs of  The Rich and Powerful in order to provide for their family.   Making A Living means to earn a minimum amount of compensation needed :: and to be given a sufficient amount of incentives :: in order to keep The Poor motivated to Make Money and Create Wealth for  The Rich and Powerful.

        Therefore, it is NOT by accident that The Poor live a hand-to-mouth existence.  Nor is there any economic justification for their meager compensation.  Their bare subsistence guarantees that they will never have an opportunity to set aside enough savings in order to take the time to explore better opportunities.  
        In summary, the Function of The Poor is to Create Wealth for The Rich and Powerful (not for themselves)  
        Form of The Poor.   Hence, The Poor come in The Form of a docile, gullible, dumbed down, easily manipulated for whatever ends, subservient, very cooperative, willfully ignorant, devoid of personal initiative, and fearful population who have been taught to believe since birth that it is their lot in life to Serve and Obey The Rich and Powerful for the greater good ::: and that they too stand a chance to also become rich and powerful if only they were willing to learn from The Rich and Powerful and commit to working very hard.   

        Such Form is further exhibited in the glaring disparity of their hand-to-mouth compensation and existence, neighborhood, housing, standard of living, education, healthcare, career opportunities, economic opportunities,  and safety and security relative to the rest of the general population.
        By the way, the aforementioned Form is NOT exclusive to The Poor.   In the grand scheme of things, on a philosophical level, it applies to 99.9999% of the global population relative to the .0001% of the global population (8000 people worldwide).     

        Function of The Global Financial System

        The "function" of the Global Financial System is to provide and maintain the optimum breeding ground and ideal environment required to support The Rich and Powerful and maintain the Master-Slave Status Quo.  
        Believe or not, our beautiful planet Earth is in fact a slave colony.   
        Therefore,  without the consent and support of the Global Financial System,  our entire Human Civilization would collapse and fall like dominoes and the 4D (Death,  Dominion, Destabilization, Destruction) Infrastructure of The Rich and Powerful would unravel faster than the Soviet Union  or a house of cards.

        Thus, it can be said that Whoever Controls the Global Financial System Controls the World.  And just in case you were wondering, "which country controls the Global Financial System?"  the answer is:  "No single country or group of countries controls the Global Financial System" although many countries throughout the history of  mankind have been deluded into thinking (including the United States of America) that they control the Global Financial System. 

        For Example, think of The Global Financial System as the very Air that We All Breathe in order to survive.  However, that being said, 
        • just because one person can subdue another person and choke him to death does NOT mean that he controls the Air that ALL humans need to breathe in order survive;  he was only able to restrict access to the Air for that one person. 
        • just because an organization or entity can poison the Air for a number of people living within a confined space or particular radius does NOT mean that it controls the Air that ALL humans need to breathe in order survive;  it was only able to poison the Air for that specific target.
        To wit, we are all born into the very Air that we all breathe; it is all part of our ecosystem,  and it does NOT belong to any single individual or entity.  The same principle applies to the Global Financial System; we are all born into the Global Financial System; it is the bedrock and foundation of our civilization and ecosystem; and it does NOT belong to any single individual or entity or country here on this planet.  Nor can it be controlled by our fellow human beings. 

        The Global Financial System is controlled by an Intelligent Entity which is totally independent of and exists outside of the Global Financial System since time immemorial.  Such Entity is responsible for the stewardship of all of mankind.     In other words, every single human being on planet Earth and,  by extension, every single organization and institution throughout the globe  is, to put it mildly, a Slave of the Global Financial System.  We are all inextricably tied to the Global Financial System from birth and there is absolutely no way to escape from it.  

        Thus, In The Great Game of Geopolitics, We are all Players and Pieces on the Global Financial System Chessboard.   In fact, I dare anyone anywhere on planet Earth to either imagine or think of anything which does NOT directly or indirectly involve the Global Financial System.

        Just as Without Air, Human Life Cannot Exist;  Without the Global Financial System, Human Civilization Will Collapse.    

        There is an excellent and justifiable reason for that:   Human Beings are too primitive, barbaric and savage to be left to their own devices;  thus, the Global Financial System provides the only effective means of controlling and modifying the behavior of humans from cradle to grave. 

        Form of the Global Financial System.   Hence, in its current Form, the Global Financial System is a fascia of  private international banks, central banks, government treasuries, and monetary authorities operating within a mezzanine framework of byzantine government regulations that are deeply invasive and interwoven into every single aspect of life of every single human being, organization and institution on our planet.  

        Thus the reason why,  throughout all incarnations of  the Global Financial System since time immemorial, such Intelligent Entity has never tolerated any attempt on the part of humans to subvert it.   

        It will, however, allow those who exhibit some sign of intelligence and have a strong potential to become Intelligent Beings to experiment with a novel global financial system strictly at a local level  and within a sandbox environment.    A financial system which is not slavery-oriented and which offers all human beings the potential to become Intelligent Beings  ::: so we can begin to chart a path toward Human Evolution.  

        In Summary

        Since you now understand the relationship between Function and Form ::: specifically the Function and Form of this Unholy Trinity:   The Rich and Powerful, The Poor, and the Global Financial System :::  you can better appreciate the reasons why, from time immemorial to this very day, minute and second,  it has been impossible to get rid of  Poverty, regardless of how much financial and other resources many "sincere, well-meaning but gullible" members of society, organizations and institutions are willing to throw at it. 

        Thus the reason why I stated under the foregoing heading Moral of The Story  the following:  

        Therefore, The Poor Should Never Depend on Their Leaders and the so-called Elite, Rich, Famous, Wealthy and Powerful to help pull them out of poverty.   

        Specific CloudCoin Adoption Strategy Steps For The Poor  

        Besides the LOCAL Strategy based on Collaboration outlined at the very beginning of this category, I highly recommend the following specific steps for each stakeholder:
        • Setup a Twitter account if you don't already have one.
        • Post a link to this article on Twitter
        • Go to @VOMIChairman on Twitter, locate the Tweet of this article, and Retweet it every 4 months (if you are continually gaining new followers).    Do NOT retweet this article if you have NOT gained any new followers over a 4-month period.  You don't want be seen as a pest.
        • Avoid trying to come across as a CloudCoin expert.   Any time the subject of "blockchain" and "cryptocurrency" comes up during a Live discussion with anyone, anywhere in the world,  just share the link to this article with that person and invite him to let you know, at his  convenience,  what he understands  (NOT what he thinks) about what he read regarding CloudCoin.
        • Avoid trying to come across as a Cryptocurrency expert.   Any time the subject of  "cryptocurrency" comes up during an Online discussion with anyone, anywhere in the world,  just share the link to this article with that person and invite him to let you know, at his  convenience,  what he understands  (NOT what he thinks) about what he read regarding CloudCoin.       
        • Launch a CloudCoin Purist local chapter on your very own residential city block  (no different than a local neighborhood watch) and then expand it throughout your entire neighborhood.   It only takes One Person to start a local chapter.  It has to be completely informal and voluntary.   No titles whatsoever.   No bosses whatsoever.  No coercion or persuasion of any kind is needed.  No paperwork or membership application of any kind is necessary.  
        Once the local chapter is put into motion, it takes a life all its own.  That means you can drop out at any time and it will continue to operate for the simple reason that nobody is there to be led by anyone.  Instead everybody is there to learn from and Collaborate with each other. 
        Start out with a friendly neighbor by sharing this link :: :: and invite him to do a search for  "cloudcoin" ::  and to read any article on CloudCoin (one or more - it doesn't matter which one) that he comes across ::  and to let you know, at his convenience,  what he understands (NOT what he thinks) about what he read regarding CloudCoin.  
        It is  extremely important that you make that very clear to him (what he understands and not what he thinks).   There are three (3) good reasons for that:

        Reason #1.   If he did NOT bother to take the time to read a CloudCoin article, then it will be impossible for him to tell you what he understands about CloudCoin.   Therefore, he will be inclined to tell you what he thinks as well as ask you a bunch of questions which will further indicate that he never took the time to read anything at length about CloudCoin.   Therefore, any conversation with him about CloudCoin will be nothing but a complete waste of time. 

        Reason #2.   The idea behind a CloudCoin Purist local chapter is to build a grassroots movement of  marginalized people at the neighborhood level who really care about the promise of CloudCoin ::: understand the potential opportunities and benefits they stand to gain ::: and want to learn from,  as well as share their knowledge and resources,  with each other in a real-time, live, one-on-one, or face-to-face environment.  This local chapter is NOT intended to be a social club or some investment club.

        Therefore, you don't really want to waste your time talking to and dealing with bullshiters or people who just don't care to be exposed to things they are not already familiar with;  need a lot of handholding; or want to be dragged kicking and screaming to the altar. 

        Reason #3.     Though a smart phone with mobile internet access is practically available to just about everyone in many parts of the world,  many of the objectives stated at Reason #2 cannot be achieved via a smart phone.   In which case, one cannot reasonably expect The Poor to dole out hundreds of dollars to purchase a laptop or desktop computer.  As well, unlike with the use of a smart phone, using a computer requires a certain amount of internet knowledge, technical expertise and resources as well as reliable internet access.   Thus the reason for the neighborhood level approach.     That way, those of you who are more fortunate than others will be able to share resources and Collaborate with the least among you.

        NEXT,  endeavor to meet every Saturday or Sunday at a set time which is convenient to YOU at your LOCAL RECREATION PARK or any other recreation park which offers Wi-Fi access within certain hotspots outside on park grounds.    With your laptop on hand, sitting on a park ground bench with one or more fellow CloudCoin Purists, you can share info and resources in a quasi-private, friendly and intimate setting.    Limit the time to no more than 90 minutes. 

        For those of you who live in more advanced countries where you can obtain Mobile Hotspot service from your cellular service provider,  you won't have to worry about which recreation park offers Wi-Fi.   Your Mobile Hotspot service will enable you to gain Wireless High-Speed Internet Access via your laptop, tablet, or smart phone anytime and anywhere. 

        If you are a homeowner and you have Wi-Fi internet access, the last, but least desirable, location  is to invite your fellow CloudCoin Purists to join you in your backyard - and have them enter through a side gate.   By all means, avoid having people trampling all over your house and invading your privacy.   Access to your house should be restricted to using the bathroom.  Otherwise, this can pose huge security risks to you and your family since you never know what evil lurks in the minds of men  (and women).  I won't go into any more details. 

        Keep in mind that the idea is to Share your knowledge and expertise with others.  In turn, the beneficiaries of your knowledge MUST Pay It Forward so that you are not the only one who is constantly helping out others.  Refrain from allowing anyone to become a parasite.  It should be a joint effort by all on a co-equal basis.  That's what Collaboration  is all about.

        AS TIME GOES BY,  you will become very sophisticated CloudCoin Purists, at which point, you can utilize your meeting time To Brainstorm on further CloudCoin Adoption Strategies at the LOCAL level which will dwarf  the information provided herein.   I believe in the power of the human brain.  I believe in YOU! 

        In other words, You Will Have An Opportunity To Evolve beyond my wildest dreams.  

        • Last but not least, being a Fellow CloudCoin Purist and Collaborator,  I believe in the power and wisdom of "Practice What You Preach."   Thus, I invite you to contact me at any time you have an urgent matter or idea relating to CloudCoin Adoption Strategy that you would like to discuss with me.  Please note it doesn't matter whether or not I consider it urgent.  If it is urgent to you, then that's all that matters!
        Category #5.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Purists:   The Battered and Downtrodden Worldwide

        Let me be the first to admit, I can only imagine, from viewing movies in the comfort of my living room and lounge area,  what it's like to be dispossessed; to have bombs dropped on your cities and obliterating your country's entire critical infrastructure; to have to suffer from hunger or famine or debilitating diseases due to devastating economic sanctions imposed on your country by the soulless children of Mephistopheles; to be exploited by just about everyone that you come across; to be living in a constant state of fear; and to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

        Hence, I will refrain from giving you any adoption strategy that is completely useless to you.   Instead, I prefer to know from YOU, based on your very own circumstances,  what sort of CloudCoin adoption strategy you believe would be beneficial to you and thus have a chance of success.

        In connection thereof,  for those of  you who might be able to secure internet access for any period of time,  I invite you to reach out and let me know how I can use my influence and resources here in the United States and throughout other parts of the globe in order to allow you to gain access to the CloudCoin digital currency.  

        Exclusive Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Investors 

        Alright, it's now time for me to go over your exclusive global adoption strategy for each of the following three (3) categories of CloudCoin Investors:       1) The Professional Class,  2) The Crypto Warriors,  3) The Ghost Investors

        Category #1.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Investors:   The Professional Class

        • IF you are a Forbes Global 2000 or Global 5000 Executive
        • IF you are a Small-to-Medium-Sized Business Executive
        • Whether you are a Forbes Global 2000 or SMB Executive
          • Go to LinkedIn and Feature this article you are now reading on your profile. (Sign up here if not a current member)
          • Join the LinkedIn group CloudCoin Investors.    A safe space for CloudCoin Investors to discuss the state of CloudCoin, to offer input on potential opportunities for CloudCoin in the global marketplace, and to remain updated on the latest developments at CloudCoin Consortium. 
          • Go to the Twitter profile @VOMIChairman to locate  this article you are now reading and Retweet to your followers. (Sign up here if not a current member.)
          • We all have a gift, what's yours?  Use it to advance the cause of CloudCoin.
          • I invite you to contact me  in order to request an On Demand Videoconference IF you need Clarification regarding any information I have provided in this document.
        Category #2.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Investors:   The Crypto Warriors

        • Ditto the strategy for the aforementioned The Professional Class
        • Become a Single Issue Voter.  Share the link to  this article you are now reading with local  political candidates and elected officials and express your interest in their support for the status  of CloudCoin as an official digital currency reserve and legal tender.    
        Category #3.    Global Adoption Strategy For CloudCoin Investors:   The Ghost Investors
        • We all have a gift, what's yours?  Use it to advance the cause of CloudCoin.

        In Summary

        I don't pretend to have all the answers.   This document is strictly a labor of love; a Majestic and Classical CloudCoin Reference Material  for those who bought into the CloudCoin proposition, want to see the big picture,  and are in need of A Starting Point.      You are welcome to share it with anyone you would like to introduce to the CloudCoin digital currency and anyone who would like to learn about CloudCoin and how it fits into the global scheme of things.  Hence, there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel.
        Think of it as The CloudCoin Bible for all CloudCoin Stakeholders
        You are also welcome to complement this strategy with your very own, keeping in mind that this is supposed to be your very own personal initiative and NOT an invitation to contact CloudCoin Consortium to offer your services to them.    Being a CloudCoin Purist and firm believer in "Practice What You Preach," please note that this document is a result of my own personal initiative.   I am NOT an official of CloudCoin Consortium. 

        We all have a gift, what's yours?  Use it to advance the cause of CloudCoin.

        Let Us Manifest!

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