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Collaborate to Evolve and Prosper Or Cooperate to ...

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Collaborate to Evolve and Prosper

OR Cooperate with your Masters and other Powers-That-Be in order ...
(Take your pick from one or more of the following.) 
  • To Maintain a sense of freedom, safety and security 
  • To Please your masters and avoid their suspicion and wrath 
  • To Have Hope of a brighter future for yourself, your family, and your progeny.
  • To Gain Recognition for your devotion to your masters (plenty of praise, rewards, awards, medals, special occasions, and monuments) 
  • To Safeguard your assets and everything else that you've spent a lifetime building and accumulating. 
  • To Build or Preserve your own legacy 
  • To Build or Preserve some institution or someone else's legacy
  • To Preserve and maintain the Status Quo 
  • To Suffer in silence in order to abate your misery or prevent its aggravation. 
  • To Provide and Care for your family and loved ones  
  • To Keep your family safe and secure 
  • To Keep your People safe and secure 
  • To Keep your Country safe and secure  
  • To Be Part of something greater than yourself 
  • To Subordinate your individual needs to the needs of some institution or societal organ for The Common Good or Greater Good. 
Who Are These Masters and Other Powers-That-Be?

From the time we're born :: to this very millisecond and whatever amount of time we have left in this world ::  they come to us and appear in all shapes and forms and disguises as well as  through various means via an army of sycophants, intermediaries, subordinates, representatives, and ardent believers.

From our very own parents and other family members,  friends, colleagues and associates::  our religious and educational institutions (regardless as to whether or not you belong to any of them)::  our employers and financial institutions::  all the way to our local, city, state and federal governments as well as a slew of other local, national, international and supranational organizations and institutions.     

The Real Truth About Being a Cooperator

Since I have just described to you what it means to be a Cooperator,  the real truth is that A Cooperator Never Learns and, regardless of any overwhelming amount and strength of evidence, will continue to repeat the same actions, mistakes, stupidities, crimes and atrocities over and over again.     There is absolutely nothing of substance that you and/or your progeny can gain from being a cooperator. Every single benefit that you can imagine or envision from your cooperation is nothing but an illusion. 

The most likely outcome, or very best result that could possibly be gained,  under the most ideal of conditions and circumstances, is Perpetual Slavery, Intellectual Stagnation, and Intellectual Retardation.   In other words, You Will Never Be Able to Evolve :: which means, you are in effect  condemning yourself as well as future generations of your progeny to a life of perpetual ignorance, stupidity, slavery, servitude, and misery. 

Thus the reason why, despite all our technological achievements and marvels over the centuries, from an Intellectual Maturity standpoint,  today's world is in the same state that it has been in since time immemorial. 

What Is a Collaborator?

A collaborator is an individual who has absolutely no need for any institution or anyone to guarantee his freedom, safety and security - for the simple reason that "no one can."

He understands that this task is his primary responsibility::  that he cannot and must not allow his zest for life and the fear of both the unknown and the consequences of his actions,  to take precedence over reason and principles and to be used by others as a bargaining chip in order for him to secure such freedom, safety and security ::  and were he to give in to our natural impulses or temptation, he would indeed be faced with an oxymoron.  (In fact, giving in to such temptation accomplishes just the opposite.)

Has no need for masters (who are, in reality, nothing but slaves programmed to enslave other slaves),  thus has no need or reason to try to please them or gain recognition from them.

Strives for a better future for himself, his family, his progeny and mankind :: the hell with "hope of a better future" - that's a recipe for more indignities, suffering, misery and slavery! 

Understands that any legacy built on a foundation of fear, ignorance, stupidities,  compromises, injustices, indignities and cruelties is not worth building and preserving.

Wants to Evolve and Prosper and is generally interested in Human Evolution, thus has no need or interest in maintaining the Status Quo.

Understands that "to suffer in silence" only invites others to test the limits of how much pain and suffering someone can endure before that person starts to squeal like a stuck pig in a slaughterhouse. 

Understands that any sort of cooperation which creates a situation where you have to depend on the will of others (or their conscience, kindness, generosity and pity) so you can either (a) Provide and Care for your family and loved ones, (b) Keep your family safe and secure, (c) Keep your People safe and secure, or (d) Keep your Country safe and secure, then you are, in effect, pro-actively contributing  to your own enslavement and demise as well as that of those whom you seek to provide for and protect.

Is acutely aware that he is already part of something much bigger than himself (a part of this grand, majestic, and beautiful Universe we call "Creation"), thus has no need to neglect, set aside or  piss and shit on the Awesome Gift of Intelligence given to ALL human beings by our Creator just so he can subordinate himself to the whims, ignorance, stupidities, superstitions, carnal nature, primitive, barbaric and savage instincts of a bunch of bloodthirsty and murderous cannibals, gangsters, sociopaths, psychopaths, and morons suffering from Intellectual Stagnation and Retardation. 

Supremely Understands that the sole purpose of this Awesome Gift of Intelligence bestowed on ALL humans is to enable all of mankind - each and every single one of us - to put such intelligence to use in a Collaborative (instead of a slave-master-moron) environment toward a just and noble quest for Human Evolution and a More Prosperous Life for ALL instead of just a privileged few.   (A splendid opportunity for our progeny  to eventually travel side by side with our Creator throughout the Cosmos in order to marvel at and enjoy the beauty of its splendor.)

How Do We Become Collaborators?

Unfortunately, this is the most difficult question to answer for the simple reason that this is something that you can learn only by doing.    However,  that being said,  "in the process of doing," you are going to come across the following:   a bunch of charlatans - who don't know the difference between an asshole and a hole in the ground :: clowns with huge smiles and grins from ear to ear pretending to be your friends and fellow Collaborators - while trying to put you back in chains and handcuffs ::  roaches with large wings dressed up as butterflies - but unwilling to come out and be seen in the open in broad daylight and unable to fly :: plenty of moths pretending to be butterflies - but unwilling and unable to come out and fly in broad daylight.   

In other words,  prepare yourself for the variety of vile, jealous and resentful creatures that you will certainly come across during your "only by doing" journey.   In the process, you will learn how to put in place natural, effective and fool-proof barriers designed to automatically screen and repel these creatures and keep them at bay.

As well, be prepared to learn a whole lot about yourself (for the simple reason that you are going to see a lot of yourself in many of these vile creatures that you are bound to encounter)  during your journey to become a Bona Fide CollaboratorIn a strange, twisted and ironic way, these vile creatures will play a very critical and useful role in your education and quest to become a genuine and bona fide Collaborator.

Where You Can Begin Your Bona Fide Collaborator Journey 

Although my first tendency is to recommend that you read a good number of documents I have written on that subject,  however, the aggregate of my collaborator evangelist experience of  25+ years; my old age; my never ending search for wisdom; and my knowledge of human nature dictate otherwise. 

Why?   The answer is very simple:   It's just too heavy a burden and too taxing on the mind for the average person to take the time to read and  understand hundreds of documents and then try to immediately put into practice something that took over four decades to learn and refine.  Humans, as well as all of nature's creation and elements, are naturally conditioned to follow the path of least resistance.

In this particular instance, the path of least resistance for an aspiring bona fide Collaborator can be found in the following initiatives and organizations in order of ease of introduction:
The above list represents only a very small sample of initiatives that you can begin to collaborate on - just the tip of the iceberg.

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

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