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My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World
by Pierre Coupet

So what exactly is “The New Virtual Organization World™” and how does it differ from the “virtual world,” “virtual reality world,” and the “brick-and-mortar world”? 

Well, the “virtual world” consists of all the applications, tools, services and technologies that are made available to us all from the internet. Whereas the “virtual reality world” is a digital simulation of one or more aspects of our real “brick-and-mortar world” environment. And for those of you who may not be familiar with the “brick- and-mortar” term, the “brick-and-mortar world” is the real and physical world that we live in. 

On the other hand, “The New Virtual Organization World" is a world that is primarily made up of “virtual organizations” that inhabit the “virtual world” and peacefully coexist with the “brick-and-mortar world.” These virtual organizations derive their resources from not only the virtual world and virtual reality world but also from the brick-and-mortar world. 

So, prior to going any further, let me define a virtual organization. “A virtual organization is an organization which strictly consists of the following: a virtual workforce, a virtual workspace, and adherence to a strict adoption of the virtual organization management discipline (i.e., best practices, policies and procedures for operating and managing in a 100% virtual environment in accordance with the founder of the discipline).” Absent any one of these three criteria, an organization shall not be deemed to be a virtual organization.

Now that you have a very slight sense of The New Virtual Organization World, let me share with you my vision of this new world and how it will have a transformative effect on human evolution in the centuries and millennia to come. 

Global and Widespread Adoption of Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment for All Personnel

Whether you work for a mom-and-pop organization, one of the largest corporations in the world, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or major nonprofit organization, a governmental entity, or an educational institution, advances in virtualization technologies and social and collaborative tools and services are forcing all organizations to consider how to become more efficient and productive in a virtual environment. 

However, as many human resource executives and hiring managers have already discovered, working in a virtual environment is fraught with a number of dangers and significant challenges and, therefore, is not suitable for everyone. The million-dollar question then becomes, “Besides using my gut feelings, flipping a coin, or giving someone a chance and seeing how things work out, how can I tell whether or not a person is suitable to work in a virtual environment and where can I get that answer?” 

The answer lies in Virtual Organization Recruiter, the only such service provider in the world and a company which I chair. Virtual Organization Recruiter provides, among many other virtual organization assessment solutions, a formal, standardized Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment solution for all employers worldwide. Henceforth, employers no longer have to take a shot in the dark, cross their fingers and hope for the best; play Russian roulette or guessing games; or utilize unreliable homegrown solutions from well-meaning employees that are tantamount to “having the blind leading the blind” or “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” For the most part, these homegrown solutions typically end up being an exercise in futility and throwing money down the drain. 

Global and Widespread Adoption of Employees Working in a Virtual Environment

Now that Virtual Organization Recruiter has taken the uncertainty and guessing game out of the virtual workforce hiring process and made it possible for employers worldwide to no longer be shackled with the fear of having an inefficient and unproductive virtual workforce (throwing money down the drain), I envision the day when all new hires will automatically be administered a Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment in order to determine their potential to adapt and thrive in a virtual or virtual organization environment. As well, all existing employees who can do their work in a virtual environment will also be tested. 

Consequently, I envision the day when successful candidates who are allowed to work in a virtual environment will vastly outnumber brick-and-mortar personnel. In fact, brick-and-mortar personnel who prefer to get on the freeway for the tortuous and torturous daily trek to the office will one day be relegated to a dinosaur- or legacy-type status within their organization. 

Rapid Spread of Virtual Organizations Worldwide 

Now that organizations worldwide are no longer shackled with the fear of having unproductive and unmanageable employees working in a virtual environment, and have seen and/or experienced the results for themselves, I see the day when they will begin to evolve to the next level - which is the formation of completely autonomous and self-sufficient virtual organizations within an existing brick- and-mortar organization

This means that these virtual organizations will operate in parallel with their brick-and-mortar counterpart instead of being just an extension or appendage of the brick-and-mortar enterprise. Think of these virtual organizations as being the equivalent of our United States Navy Seals; in the sense that, although the Navy Seals are part of the US Navy, they have a separate mission and command structure. 

Entire groups, departments, divisions - and even subsidiaries - will be converted to virtual organizations. As well, new virtual organizations will be formed on demand, thereby, completely bypassing the brick-and-mortar route and command structure. 

New hires and existing employees who are selected to become part of such virtual organizations will all undergo a formal virtual organization leadership executive training and certification process in order to insure a smooth transition from “working in a virtual environment” to “working in a virtual organization environment” -  since there is a big difference between the two. 

Virtual Organization Recruiter has teamed up with VOMI Virtual Organization Academy in order to offer a formal Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation to each individual who successfully completes the 90-day Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment & Certification program offered at Virtual Organization Recruiter. All program participants will receive a formal introduction to--and become well-versed in--the practical, day-to-day aspects of the modern virtual organization management discipline that I have founded and pioneered since 1997.

Prolific Adoption of a New C-Level and Board Member Executive Position: Chief Virtual Organization Architect 

Keeping in line with my comparison of the mission and command structure of virtual organizations to that of the Navy Seals within the US Navy, I envision that organizations worldwide will, as a natural course of evolution--and both as a matter of necessity and as a logical extension of the importance of the unique role played by virtual organizations under their brick-and-mortar umbrella--understand the need to have on board a "Chief Virtual Organization Architect,"  a new C-level and Board Member position. This is a non-IT position which is separate from the CIO’s organizational hierarchy and which reports directly to the CEO and Chairman of the Board.

All such chief virtual organization architects will be required to have successfully completed the similarly titled “Chief Virtual Organization Architect (CVOA)” 2-year designation program offered at Virtual Organization Management Institute - another company that I chair. 

Rapid Spread of Living Virtual Workspaces 

As brick-and-mortar organizations evolve to primarily become virtual organizations, they will be faced with either or both of the following options: 1) Dispose of any excess real estate owned and, in the case of real estate leases, just allow them to expire or, 2) Convert all excess real estate into “Living Virtual Worskpaces.” 

So, what are “living virtual workspaces”? They are office buildings that have been converted to temporary short- and long-term corporate housing for a company’s virtual workforce. These employees will live and work from their own condo or townhouse units. Back in 2011, I wrote a very long white paper titled “Vision of Professional Office Buildings in a Virtual Organization World” which goes into great detail on that subject.

The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Corporate Communities (“VCC”) 

What is a “Virtual Corporate Community”? A virtual corporate community is a high-rise or single-family residential community, the latter being preferred, that is strictly designed and built for corporate employees who will be working in a virtual organization environment. Spouses of employees and/or dependent children are not required to be working online in a virtual environment or to attend school online, respectively, however, that would be highly desired. 

With respect to standard accommodations, accessories and features automatically provided to all residents of that community, they are nearly identical to those provided to residents of a “Virtual Residential Community” described below. 

Why would an employer want to set up a “virtual corporate community”? Here are a few examples:

(a) for companies with large numbers of foreign employees who either live abroad or who will arrive here in their country, and who will be working in a virtual environment on a short- or long-term temporary or permanent basis; 

(b) as temporary housing for visiting or transferred corporate executives who will be working in a virtual environment -- which can result in a tremendous amount of savings on employee relocation costs; 

(c) as temporary or permanent housing for their full-time expatriate employees who will be working overseas in a virtual organization environment; 

(d) as an excellent corporate loyalty and employee retention tool, especially for singles, new college graduates, and younger employees; and 

(e) for 100’s of other reasons that are just too numerous to mention - use your own imagination! 

The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Residential Communities (“VRC”) Around the Globe

What is a Virtual Residential Community (“VRC”) and why would we want to have any?

A Virtual Residential Community is a high-rise or single-family residential community that is designed and built for residents who will be strictly working and/or operating in either a virtual or virtual organization environment. In the case of student residents, they must be attending school online. Standard accommodations, accessories and features automatically provided to all residents of that community include: (1) a gated 24-hour security community; (2) a sound-proof “Virtual Sanctuary Room” for studying and noise-free conferences when required; (3) an ultra-high definition videoconference user account for each resident; (4) a high-performance network box with super fast wi-fi capability; (5) high-speed access to the internet with a minimum upload and download speed of 1 Gigabit per second; (6) one Google Chromebook or other laptop computer for each resident; (7) a distributed free energy power generator able to power the entire high-rise community or, in the case of a single-family residential community, an individual unit to generate power for each single-family residence; (8) an iPad or Android tablet; (9) a smart phone (e.g., any iPhone, Windows Phone or Android-based device) for each resident; (10) a Phablet can be added or substituted for items #8 and 9; (11) an Online Cloud Storage account of 2TB or more for each resident; (12) a Personal Cloud Storage device of 4TB for each resident or of 12TB with automatic backup features for an entire single-family residence; (13) a digital content streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku with a complimentary Netflix, Hulu or other streaming content provider account; (14) an Ultra-High Definition TV with built-in ultra-high definition webcam and super fast Wi-Fi for each resident; and (15) a TV box for each room.

Why do we need Virtual Residential Communities? 

Virtual Residential Communities (“VRCs”) range from the most basic, as aforementioned, to the most luxurious, and the reasons for their existence vary as well. 

Some of these reasons are: (1) for residents at remote locations who lack access to quality transportation, economic and educational resources; (2) to transform ghost or blighted communities into modern and vibrant living oases with a strong tax revenue base; (3) to eliminate welfare as we know it; (4) to bridge the digital divide and provide equal access to 21st century resources for certain segments of the population; (5) to end the cycle of hopelessness, violence, incarceration and re-incarceration, welfare, drug dependency, welfare state dependency, and poverty for certain sectors of the urban or remote rural population; (6) environmental and ecological issues; (7) medical and accessibility issues; (8) certain life changing events which either prevent mobility or make it extremely burdensome; (9) quality of life issues; and last but not least, (10) as a status symbol for the global elite, the rich and the super-rich. 

These reasons represent just a small fraction of 100’s of reasons why we need virtual residential communities.

To illustrate how you can make a paradigm shift from crime-ridden, dilapidated and drug-infested housing projects and other “welfare as we know it” programs to oases of learning, self-empowerment, and prosperity, please indulge me a bit:

Imagine, for one minute, being the mayor of a small city with ghost and blighted communities in the Detroit metropolitan area - a city with a nearly non-existent tax revenue base. 

In partnership with your “social services” unit, your local county welfare unit, state government, the federal government, residential real estate developers, local and distant online education institutions, and other business and commercial stakeholders, you could plant a Virtual Residential Community right in the middle of a blighted community. This virtual residential community will serve as a catalyst for many more such virtual residential communities in the near and distant future. 

All virtual community residents would: (a) be provided with gated security and be insulated from their immediate surrounding, (b) have access to 21st century technology tools and resources, (c) obtain access to--as well as be required to participate in--free or heavily subsidized world-class training and education online--adults and children alike (part-time for adults and full-time for children), and (d) be required to work in a virtual environment on either a full-time or part-time basis, subject to their individual skill level and specialty field. 

Children who are at least 13 years old would be required to participate in paid or unpaid, part-time virtual internships during the school year; those who are at least 16 years old would be provided with paid, part-time virtual internships during the school year; and all students would be provided with “full-time paid internships” during the summer. 

With respect to all adult residents, their employers can be from anywhere in the world since all adults will automatically receive training and obtain certification in the virtual organization management discipline from VOMI Virtual Organization Academy. As for all children 13 years and older who are participating in these paid or unpaid virtual internships, these employers can also be from anywhere in the world since these students would, as part of their regular school curriculum, already be very well-versed in the virtual organization management discipline. 

For example, an adult resident of a Virtual Residential Community (“VRC”) in a Detroit suburb could be working in a virtual environment for a German company in Berlin while a 13-year-old student could be participating in a paid or unpaid virtual internship with either Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, the NSA, the FBI, Siemens, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, or any American company in Beijing, New Delhi, Moscow, etc. The adult resident and the paid intern are both taxed on their income by the Internal Revenue Service, the state, and the city (when applicable). 

Why the city income tax? The city income tax is actually called a VRC tax. It is only applicable when a city is a primary sponsor of a VRC. After all, nothing in life is free. So, instead of having all taxpayers pay for the benefits given to a few, only tax the recipients of such generous benefits through what I call a “targeted distributed tax.” That way, there will be no incentive for bureaucrats or taxpayers to champion the building of a monstrous, abusive, and out-of-control welfare state. Once the beneficiaries of a government’s largesse are on their feet and begin to enjoy the prosperity enjoyed by the more affluent members of a community, they will immediately want to leave the VRC in order to make room for others, and most importantly, to also get off the VRC tax roll and just pay their regular fair share of the tax burden. 

As for other possible illustrations, just let your imagination flow. Residential real estate developers catering to upper income professionals, the rich and the super-rich can take this basic concept to the nth level. 

Global Transformation of Public Schools (1-12) into Virtual Campus Dormitories (“VCD”)

Every single public school in the world will be converted into a “Virtual Campus Dormitory” whereby students from grade 1-12 will live on campus and attend classes online directly from a sound-proof Virtual Sanctuary Room in their dormitory room. I wrote an article in 2013 titled “A Paradigm Shift: From Public School to Virtual Campus Dormitory” which goes into great detail of my vision of such virtual campus dormitories. 

Each student will be taught the virtual organization management discipline from day one to graduation. As well, all teachers will be required to obtain certification from Virtual Organization Management Institute in order to teach the virtual organization management discipline to these students. 

Global Transformation of Publicly-Funded Community Colleges, Colleges and Universities into Virtual Community College Campuses (“VCCC”), Virtual College Campuses (“VCC”) and Virtual University Campuses (“VUC”) 

Just as public schools at the elementary and secondary levels will be converted into “virtual campus dormitories,” so will it be with respect to publicly-funded community colleges, colleges and universities. There is, however, one major exception: although all classes are conducted online in a 100% virtual environment, students and faculty will not be required to live on campus in order to attend school or teach classes online, respectively. 

Students and faculty will have the option to live on campus if they so prefer, subject to space availability.  However, that being said, neither instructors nor students will be able to come to campus strictly for the purpose of attending classes or teaching and then only to return to their respective residence. The basic virtual infrastructure architecture will be similar to virtual campus dormitories ("VCD") in the sense that students “who prefer” to come to the college or university campus will be required to live on campus and attend classes online directly from a sound-proof Virtual Sanctuary Room in their dormitory room. 

With respect to the curriculum, just as every educational institution of higher learning mandates the inclusion of general education courses in the curriculum for graduation, so will the virtual organization management discipline be included. 

Every publicly-funded college and university student who has neither previously graduated from a Virtual Campus Dormitory or Virtual Organization Management Institute nor received the “Virtual Organization Executive” designation from VOMI Virtual Organization Academy will be required to participate in a “90-day virtual organization sabbatical program” offered at their educational institution in partnership with VOMI Virtual Organization Academy

The Virtual Organization Management Discipline Will Be the Leading Alternative Education Worldwide

Regardless of where in the world you are located, people who are contemplating making a career change or learning a new discipline, but eschew traditional education and degrees, will be attracted to the modern virtual organization management discipline for one and very simple reason: its relevance from a practical, economic, and quality of life standpoint

From a Practical Standpoint. It’s practical in the sense that: (1) it’s a critical skill that is in high demand and which only a very few possess; (2) it’s a skill they will get an opportunity to use any or every second of the day on a daily basis while on the job or during their own leisure time; and (3) they don’t have to take courses that they will never use on the job or learn things that have no relevance to their daily life. 

From an Economic Standpoint. It is reasonable to state that, as we progress through the 21st century and well into the 22nd century, virtual collaboration tools and virtualization technologies will continue to put us on an inexorable march toward working in both a virtual and virtual organization environment. Consequently, we will need virtual organizations to accommodate such development. As well, we will all need the virtual organization management discipline which sets the standards on how to operate in that virtual organization environment. 

But as it currently stands, we have approximately 8 billion people on the planet--and by the year 2100 around 16 billion people--who will, at one point or another, be introduced to the virtual organization management discipline. Thus, in comparison to educators for other disciplines, only a handful of teachers will be available to teach the discipline. 

Therefore, the demand for both educators and practitioners of the discipline from around the world will be so huge that it will take, at the very least, 100 years to be able to meet the world’s demand. Thus, the law of supply and demand will insure that the compensation for these teachers and practitioners will be way above the norms for quite some time into the future - going well into the 22nd century. 

From a Quality of Life Standpoint. Let’s face it, very few of us want to get up in the morning at the same time, like a bunch of zombies, just so we can get in our cars and drive on a congested and polluted freeway “a la bumper-to-bumper,” breathing toxic fumes down our lungs. Plenty more can be said, however, I am sure that, for most of you, I would only be preaching to the choir. Hence, I will let you come up with your own quality of life reasons as they apply to you directly. 

Therefore, I envision that Virtual Organization Management Institute will be a very vibrant provider of the alternative virtual organization management education and that the virtual organization management discipline will continue to flourish well into the 22nd century and beyond.

The Virtual Organization Management Discipline Will Be Required Training for All Astronauts and Human Settlement Inhabitants on Other Planets

I envision the day when the virtual organization management discipline will be required training for all astronauts who are engaged in long interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space travel. So will it be for all human settlement inhabitants on other planets.

Hopefully, current and future major technological advances in the production of static and dynamic plasma reactors and other forms of gravitational and energy systems will one day allow mankind to drastically shorten the amount of time it would take for such interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic space travel.

There is a long list of pioneers in the space travel field who have either been silenced or marginalized by their governments for “national security reasons,” as well as to preserve the current “global economic interests” status quo. Hopefully, the benefit to mankind will one day trump all other considerations and the truth and persistence will eventually see the light of day.

As we speak, an exciting race is under way for the establishment of the first permanent human settlement on Mars and, according to one such contender, Mars One, a Dutch nonprofit foundation founded by Bas Lansdorp and Arnold Wielders, it expects to land the first group of permanent human settlers on Mars in the year 2025. Training for the first crew is scheduled to begin in 2015 and will continue all the way to 2024. A crowdfunding campaign began on December 10, 2013 at indiegogo for Mars One. Several other contenders include The Mars Homestead Project by The Mars Foundation, Develop Space, and Mars DirectThe future is here!

Retail Department Stores and Shopping Malls Will Be Converted into Entertainment and Social Experience Centers

In the New Virtual Organization World, visionary retailers will no longer use the current antiquated method of selling to their customers and will strictly focus on e-commerce. Instead of using their retail stores to store,  display and sell their inventory, they will vastly decrease their shopping mall real estate footprint and will instead focus on converting all remaining stores that are strategically located throughout a region into major "entertainment and social experience centers" that are designed to drive online sales and very tightly embed them in each local community they serve. With respect to existing employees (retail associates and managers) who are not working at the new entertainment and social experience centers, they will be trained to work online in a 100% virtual environment. 

Why is that, you might say? That’s because even in today’s day and age, as we speak, it’s really no longer necessary to get out of our house to make any kind of purchase. Fast forwarding 20 years into the future: 

With the advent and rapid proliferation of giant size “Ultra-High Definition TVs” worldwide; mobile devices and phablets which are really personal supercomputers (“PSC”) operating at unheard of computing processing speeds and with new parallel programming-based application software that today’s average person cannot even begin to fathom; the global adoption of virtualization tools; mind-boggling advances in virtual reality technologies; 3-D holographic display devices and software; and the full convergence of these Ultra-High Definition TVs with the internet, the computer, all these mobile devices, virtual reality tools, holographic display devices, video gaming, entertainment and e-commerce platforms -- surfing the internet at average speeds in the range of 100+ Gbps in the average home -- we will be able to not only replicate but greatly and positively enhance today’s brick-and-mortar shopping experience. 

(That’s right, this is not a typo error: In 1993, I was using a 9.6 Kbps modem to access the internet compared to today’s 100 Mbps which is 10417 times the 1993 speed - a speed which was back then almost unimaginable. Therefore, if broadband speed progress continues at that same pace, within the next 20 years, we could, theoretically speaking, be able to obtain broadband speed at the rate of 968 Gbps.)

We will be able to try on clothes, shoes, etc. right in the comfort of our home from our laptop or personal supercomputer (PSC) or supercomputer mobile devices. We will be able to even replicate any type of object or environment for any type of measurement. Just as today you can be in London and have your holographic representation make a live stage presentation to an audience in Beijing, so will this technology be available to us all someday, without the need for telepresence providers such as AV Concepts. In fact, unless you really enjoy going out to the mall just to get out of the house or to be around others, it can be very inconvenient for you to step outside to go shopping especially when there are dozens of other things you could very happily be doing. 

I wrote an article in January of 2011 titled “Visions of the Future in a Virtual Organization World: Vision of Retail Department Stores and Shopping Malls” that provides much more details of my vision. 

Invention and Rapid Proliferation of the HoloPhablet™ and Holographic Home Entertainment Center

What is a HoloPhablet? It’s the convergence of a hologram device, a smart phone, a supercomputer tablet, and a most advanced virtual reality device. Let’s explore some of its uses. 

How about having your hologram standing or sitting with your friends at a table in a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro while you are at home in Paris, London, Beijing or anyplace else in the world? Anyone in the nightclub would be able to see you, however, for privacy and security reasons, this technology would only allow you to see and talk to friends who have given you permission to do so. Imagine having your hologram listening and dancing to the music on the dance floor (while talking with and seeing your live dance partner). As well, for complete privacy, you can send out your holographic representation and conversation for viewing and hearing only through your friend’s Google Glass-type device. (In fact, it would not be that unusual. Back in my younger days, I can recall myself, along with many others, dancing alone on the dance floor on several occasions.) I can even envision your hologram being able to view and communicate with anyone whose HoloPhablet permission settings for “Hologram View” is set to “public.” 

The Hologram View settings would be as follows:  

1) Public - in this mode, any HoloPhablet owner can (a) be “physically seen” by a hologram, (b) receive a request for 2-way hologram-to-live person video communication, (c) receive a request for 2-way hologram-to-hologram live video communication; or (d) receive a request for a private Google Glass-type conversation wherein the hologram and conversation is private between the parties.

2) Private - in this mode, only a HoloPhablet owner’s personal contacts who have been explicitly granted permission to make contact and have been provided with the owner’s “Holograph Access ID” can submit the types of request available in the aforementioned “Public” mode. 

3) Private and Confidential - in this mode, in addition to all “Private” permissions available, both users can also send and receive requests for: (a) “encrypted” 2-way hologram-to-live person video communication, (b) “encrypted” 2-way hologram-to-hologram live video communication, (c) “encrypted” one-way hologram-to-live person video communication, (d) “encrypted” one-way live person-to-hologram video communication, and (e) “encrypted” one-way hologram-to-hologram live video communication. In encrypted mode, a hologram would look like a “ghost" to the general public. 

Entertainment “a la Star Trek holodeck style” will be prevalent and “holodeck” entertainment programmers will sprout around the world just the way we’ve experienced an explosion of web developers and programmers over the past 20 years. 

The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Military Units (“VMU”), Virtual Military Intelligence Units (“VMIU”) and Virtual Intelligence Agencies (“VIA”) Around the Globe

Virtual Military Units. Military units which do not specifically involve personnel on the battlefield will be housed in residential facilities which closely mirror their “Virtual Residential Community” civilian counterpart, with some notable exceptions to be mentioned later. 

Members of all the military branches, including all new recruits during basic training, whose “Specialty Code” involve assignment to virtual military units or working in a virtual organization environment, will automatically receive training and obtain certification in the virtual organization management discipline from VOMI Virtual Organization Academy

Members of these military units will all live and work online directly from their residence. As with their civilian counterpart, each service member’s residence will have a sound-proof “Virtual Sanctuary Room” for conducting official activities online during working hours; however, it will meet the demands of the military unit and be highly secure.

Each service member will be equipped with the aforementioned “HoloPhablet” - except that it would be highly secure, and all communication would be heavily encrypted. With respect to other aspects of the residential and logistical infrastructure of such virtual military units, I will, for security reasons, refrain from providing any further details. 

Virtual Military Intelligence Units. Depending on the nature of the intelligence being gathered and conflict location, “deep throat” or “invisible” virtual military intelligence units could be inserted deep inside a targeted country anywhere in the world. All unit members would receive training in the virtual organization management discipline. With respect to the length and type of training and infrastructure of such virtual military units, I will, for security reasons, refrain from providing any further details. 

Virtual Intelligence Agencies. As the U.S. intelligence community learned during the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, a central location -- no matter how well-fortified it is and regardless of how much redundancy is built into its system infrastructure -- can represent a very tempting target for a potential foe. At the very least, such attack to a heavily populated central location can be very disruptive, create a lot of chaos, and cause a lot of physical damage and human casualties. 

A virtual intelligence agency can function as an autonomous virtual organization unit within the parent brick-and-mortar intelligence agency. All such virtual intelligence agency members would receive training in the virtual organization management discipline. With respect to the length and type of training and infrastructure of such virtual intelligence agencies, I will, for security reasons, refrain from providing any further details. 

Very Smooth Flowing Freeway Traffic on a 24/7/365 Basis

Once we’ve learned how to adapt and thrive in a virtual and virtual organization environment and have completely overcome our fear of virtual organizations, our freeways will return back to normal and serve their original purpose instead of their current function as a toxic slow death trap. 

Imagine breathing fresh air on the streets of Beijing instead of choking, cancer-causing smog down your lungs. Whether you are in India, China, Russia, the UK, France, the USA, South Africa, or any other country in the world, traffic tie-ups and breathing deadly smog and fumes will be a thing of the past. 

A Complete Overhaul of Our Entire Legal System Which Reflects the Realities of The New Virtual Organization World

Over the next 200 years, there will be sweeping changes in the structure of our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. These changes will reflect the realities of life in “The New Virtual Organization World”; a new era which will bring about a global and most fundamental transformation of society as we now know it, and which will result in paradigm shifts on how we address the most important and pressing issues of our time. 

Abolition of Deprecated and Conflicting Laws. Some of these changes will include the wholesale abolishment of antiquated laws as well as laws that are in conflict with The New Virtual Organization World. 

For example: 
  • labor laws which are inconsistent with the realities of life in a virtual organization environment; 
  • labor laws which have nothing to do with workplace safety; 
  • immigration laws which have nothing to do with the security and safety of a country’s residents; 
  • 90% of federal, state and local internal revenue laws; 
  • federal, state and local laws which have nothing to do with protecting our environment; 
  • laws which have nothing to do with public safety; 
  • laws which govern personal behavior, religion, morality, etc.; 
  • laws which restrict any type of voluntary consumption of any kind, including recreational drugs; 
  • laws which restrict freedom of movement for individuals who haven’t been convicted of a crime; 
  • laws which restrict the freedom to travel; 
  • laws which restrict freedom of association; 
  • laws which restrict a person’s right to self-defense; 
  • laws which restrict a person’s right to own, purchase or sell goods that are not considered biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction; 
  • laws which restrict transparency in government irrespective of the reasons for secrecy; 
  • primitive laws which allow governments to interfere with the development, licensing, sale and sharing of intellectual property in the name of national security; 
  • primitive laws which allow governments to interfere with the development, production, distribution and sale of advanced technologies--for national security reasons; 
  • death penalty laws; 
  • laws which permit the incarceration of human beings behind bars; 
  • laws which permit the indefinite detention of human beings for national security reasons; 
  • laws which restrict freedom of the press; 
  • laws which restrict freedom of choice; 
  • laws which violate the sanctity of private residences and places of worship; 
  • laws which violate the sanctity of life; 
  • laws which restrict what a man or woman can do with their body; 
  • laws which regulate personal attire and cosmetic appearance; 
  • laws which restrict non-predatory sexual behavior; 
  • laws which discriminate against any segment of society; 
  • laws which restrict the freedom to engage in global commerce; 
  • all laws pertaining to sanctions imposed on individuals, governments, and countries; 
  • all laws which allow governments to seize private property without due process, regardless of how they were obtained. 

Virtual Organization Venue for Court and Legal Proceedings. I envision the day when all court and legal proceedings will be conducted online in a virtual organization environment. No more having to show up in a brick-and-mortar court.

Law Enforcement Operating in a 100% Virtual Organization Environment. All law enforcement personnel will operate in a 100% virtual organization environment. No more police officers on the street or in squad cars. Police officers will only be summoned in life and death cases where their actual physical presence is required, as is the case today with your local fire department. The “Internet of Things” will monitor all other types of activities and infractions. 

Online Worker Strikes, Public Protests and Demonstrations. With respect to worker strikes, labor protests, public protests and demonstrations, all such activities will be carried out online on an official multibillion dollar megasite and video conference platform able to accommodate millions of concurrent users; such platform to be specifically provided by each country for such activities. Poorer countries in a particular region of the world may pool their financial resources together in order to build and share such site and platform. That will eliminate the need for violent demonstrations resulting in personal injuries, loss of life, and property damage. As well, that will eliminate the need for violence from both sides, riot police, curfews, martial law, etc. 

Official Recognition of a Virtual Organization as a New Type of Corporation. Countries worldwide will allow individuals and organizations to register a “virtual organization” corporation as a new type of corporation and will recognize the rights of virtual organizations that are enshrined in “The New Virtual Organization World Constitution.”

Political Parties Will Become Irrelevant and Obsolete. Political parties have always been a resting place for people who are jockeying for power (politicians) and an outlet for special interests to exert their economic influence over these politicians in order to achieve their own objectives. Other than giving to the public the illusion that there exists a difference between the parties and that their vote makes a difference, there is indeed no fundamental difference between the parties, regardless of the number of parties that exist. These politicians are all patriots, share the same ideology, and basically have the same agenda for their country. 

The only difference that your vote makes is for the winner of the vote and the special interests that s/he will be beholden to from then on in order to keep winning elections. In essence, political parties really are (and have always been and will always be for as long as they exist) nothing but cesspools of corruption. However, that being said, there are a lot of honorable men and women who have initially chosen public service because they truly believe in their system of government and felt that they could make a real difference (until, of course, they finally came face-to-face with political reality and realized that they can’t change the system - and that the world is what it is). 

Fast forward 20-2000 years from now: As people become more “intelligent” (I do not mean “educated” since intelligence has very little to do with education) and more empowered due to the dizzying pace of advances in technology; and begin to take more and more control over their lives and economic destiny; they will no longer fall for the same old “placebo, smoke and mirrors, and dog-and-pony show” that has worked so well, in one form or another, throughout the ages - after all, politics has been around since the beginning of mankind. 

Except for President and Vice President, Voting for Public Officials Will Become Obsolete. We will continue to have mayors, governors, senators and congressmen and women, etc., however, except for the president and vice-president, they will no longer be elected positions. These will be appointed and unpaid “honorary” positions. The appointment process will be very transparent. The term of service will be for one year with a one-year term limit. No campaigning or political contributions will be allowed. Also, lobbying by special interest groups will not be allowed.

Instead of voting for individuals, voting will only be allowed for selection of crowd-sourced decisions and alternative decisions which have already been made after careful deliberation by competent professionals. 

Rotating Presidency Subject to a 1-Year Term Limit. With respect to the presidency, there will be a rotating presidency. Every 6 years voters will go to the polls online, a la caucus style, to select 6 presidents and vice-presidents who will each serve for a single term of 1 year over the next 6 years. 

All campaigning for the presidency, to be funded only by individual taxpayers and subject to a contribution limit, will be conducted online over a 90-day period on an official multibillion dollar election megasite and video conference platform able to accommodate millions of concurrent users; this election megasite will be specifically provided by each country for such activities. Poorer countries in a particular region of the world may also pool their financial resources together in order to build and share such site. 

I know I will never see that day in my lifetime (and perhaps for many other generations), however, as sure as I am that the sun will rise in the morning, so will that time come one day. 

A Paradigm Shift in Structural Thinking: From Human Being to Intelligent Being, From MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) to MAP (Mutually Assured Prosperity), From Democracy to Freedom, From War to Building Paradise on Earth, etc. 

I wanted to save the best for last. So how can virtual organization management, in conjunction with advances in parallel programming, computing processing power, virtual organization tools and virtualization technologies, as well as broadband speed over the next 20 to 100 to 1000+ years, help bring about this paradigm shift in our structural thinking and what exactly do I mean by “structural thinking”? 

“Structural Thinking” is an “instinctive or programmed" way of thinking that serves as a basis - or should I say, the basic foundation - for every single thought and idea which comes to our minds. This means that every time we think that we have come up with a new or novel idea or solution to a problem, all that we are really doing is expressing our instinctive way of thinking in a different form and that the essence of the new idea or solution remains practically unchanged from the previous idea or solution. As frightening and disconcerting as this may seem to some of us, what this means is that everything that we will say or do in our lifetime has already been pre-programmed into our minds. 

It’s like taking a vanilla cake; flattening it out with our hands; adding some more water, chocolate syrup, and some coconut flakes to it; putting the entire mixture in a metal container; and then putting the container in the oven. We then adjust the oven settings to 400 degrees and set the timer for a full 45 minutes. Once the timer alarm comes on, we spread some chocolate with coconut icing on the cake and then claim that we’ve invented a new cake. 

To paraphrase an old saying by the French novelist, Alfonse Karr, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Which explains why, in spite of all the technological advances we’ve made over the millions of years that we and our ancestors and human forebears have been on this planet, we still, for the most part, think and act like savage beasts and primitive humans - no matter what kind of fancy dressing or “icing on the cake” we use as attributes to portray and describe ourselves. The only difference between today’s humans and our forebears is that we humans have risen to the top of the food chain and technology has allowed us to become deadlier and much more ferocious by an astounding order of magnitude. Today’s world order is really no different than that of 1-7 million years ago - only the players and the technology have changed. Nothing of substance from a "structural thinking" standpoint has changed. 

The question then becomes, “Is it possible to change our structural thinking and, if so, how do we do that?” The answer is “yes”, however, that being said, it will take a tremendous amount of time and effort over a period of hundreds, if not thousands of years. Unfortunately, there is no instant gratification, waving the magic wand-type solution for this type of restructuring. But on the other hand, to paraphrase Confucius, a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. 

So let us explore some of these structural thinking changes we need to make:

From Human Being to Intelligent Being. We can start the process by asking ourselves this very simple question each and every time we are looking for a novel idea or solution to a vexing or perplexing problem and issue which seems to defy time: How is this new idea or solution substantially and structurally different from all previous ideas or solutions? I have written a soon-to-be-published e-book on this very subject titled “A Paradigm Shift in Structural Thinking: From Human Being to Intelligent Being,” which goes into great detail on what it means to be an “intelligent being” versus a “human being” and some of the techniques we can use to help us begin to make that transition. 

As well, I recently wrote in March of 2013 an article titled “Yesterday is Jealous of Today and Tomorrow” which provides some insights into why, to this date, but with minor exceptions, we haven’t been able to make the transition to “intelligent being,” and how virtual organizations and virtual organization management can help us make the transition to “The New Virtual Organization World.” 

From Mutually Assured Destruction (“MAD”) to Mutually Assured Prosperity (“MAP”). For nearly the past 60 years, a policy of “mutually assured destruction” has prevented the two major superpowers, the United States and Russia, from attacking each other (directly, of course) with either conventional or tactical nuclear weapons out of a reasonable and logical fear that such an attack could result in both of them unleashing on each other their huge arsenal of nuclear weapons that can annihilate the entire human race thousands of time over, all within the space of just a few hours. 

As well, a small number of other countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Israel, France, the UK and North Korea which have also joined the nuclear club have done so for the same reason: to deter potential and current adversaries from conducting a large-scale attack on them with either conventional or nuclear weapons. 

The only incentive that nations have for wanting to become a member of such a club is both their implicit and explicit recognition that, as I stated earlier, in spite of all the technological advances that we’ve made over the millennia, we humans are indeed nothing more than savage beasts who prey on each other in accordance with the law of the jungle and that nothing short of a policy of “mutually assured destruction” is sufficient to deter one nation from waging war on its weaker neighbors. And when you really think about it, the record speaks for itself. 

But what if we realized that we were all members of one race--the human race--and that, outside of our immediate family members (i.e., father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, etc.) the rest of us are in one way or another distant cousins whose ancestry can be traced back to one single ape-like father and mother. 

Since we are all, in effect, relatives of the same family, what if we humans were intelligent enough to adopt a policy of “mutually assured prosperity” instead of “mutually assured destruction.” How would that materially change our thinking, our motivation, our attitude and, by extension, our actions toward each other? After all, it’s not technology that we are lacking in order to make the entire world a better place. It is this illusion that we have of how disconnected we are from, or how superior or inferior that we are to, each other due to these imaginary and primitive constructs that have been embedded in our DNA and psyche---and whose burdens we have been shouldering---since the beginning of time. 

I am currently finishing an e-book on this very subject titled “A Paradigm Shift in Structural Thinking: From Mutually Assured Destruction to Mutually Assured Prosperity,” which goes into great detail on what it means to take such a giant leap in structural thinking and how virtual organizations and the virtual organization management discipline can help us begin to make that transition. 

From Democracy to Freedom. Democracy, as we know it, is really nothing more than a hologram which gives us humans the illusion of our institutions being a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Even in an ideal world, the best that democracy can ever produce is the tyranny of a majority or the manipulation of the majority by a few. 

To digress a bit, when I was a young college student, I heard similar views from my Political Science professor and just couldn’t believe this sort of blasphemy and political heresy I was hearing from him. I surely thought that my professor had gone mad and off the deep end. I am sure he’d be pleased to know that I remembered his words almost 40 years later. 

To continue on the subject of democracy, there are some who believe that freedom is a by-product of democracy. Again, that is completely wrong. There is no correlation between freedom and democracy (as we know it). 

Freedom has nothing to do with voting, what a majority thinks and is able to dictate, the number of political parties, and being able to demonstrate in the streets. Freedom is the (near) total absence of any kind or level of imposition of tyranny, oppression, unnecessary physical harm, coercion and mental duress, and undue restrictions on individual members of society. What constitutes tyranny, etc. is certainly up for exhaustive debate and will certainly require a change in structural thinking. After all, which tyrant, oppressor, or dictator truly believes that s/he deserves that label?

I have written a soon-to-be-published e-book on this very subject titled “A Paradigm Shift in Structural Thinking: From Democracy to Freedom,” which goes into great detail on what it means to take such a giant leap in structural thinking and how virtual organizations and the virtual organization management discipline can help us begin to make that transition. 

From War to Building Paradise On Earth. Oh, what a horrible mess we’ve made of Paradise Earth! We’ve been able to justify making such a mess of the earth because, as we always say when a loved one passes away, “‘s/he’s gone to a better place’ or ‘s/he’s gone to heaven’,” and we do not believe that what we now have is heaven or paradise. 

Thus, in our primitive minds, it stands to reason why we have the stomach for wars and genocides, torture and killings and untold sufferings in the name of religions and other primitive ideologies, bigotry, ignorance and stupidity, intolerance for each other, greed, famine, starvation and death due to conflict over natural resources. (After all, once we die, we are all going to heaven or a better place!)

But what if we all knew or realized that “Paradise” is here on earth and that we’ve all been given a chance at paradise for whatever little time that we have? Would our attitude and outlook change? Would we be kinder to each other? Would we look at each day as a precious gift? Would we do everything in the world that we can in order to make this life that we now have as wonderful, joyful and pleasurable as it can possibly be, for not only ourselves but for all of mankind? 

Would we finally admit that we all belong to one race-the human race-and that we are all members of one big, huge family? Would we get rid of national borders? Would we get rid of all weapons that are intended to annihilate the human race and pollute our environment for thousands of years? Would we stop believing, and reinforcing through our own actions, the stereotype that we humans are nothing but wild and primitive beasts, thus unable to live in relative peace and harmony with each other? Would we stop using religion as an excuse to divide and butcher each other? Would we stop trying to spread our religion while being free to believe whatever we want to believe that make us kind, happy, loving and caring human beings? 

Would we stop imposing on other nations sanctions that can only harm our innocent distant cousins? Would we finally admit that “war itself is a crime against humanity” and stop deluding ourselves with such nonsensical and idiotic words as “war crimes”? Would we forever renounce wars and make the idea of war so repugnant and primitive that just the mention of the word would send chills down our spines? Would we stop believing that “this is a fucked-up world that we live in,” that “might makes right” and that there is nothing we can do about it, and that anyone who believes otherwise is either naive, a fool, smoking too much dope, or living in “nirvana” or “la la land”? 

And last but not least, would we take time to rebuild Paradise here on earth? My answer to all of the foregoing questions is “yes.” In fact, it’s indeed time for us to help rebuild Paradise here on earth. This change in structural thinking is necessary in order for us to change the status quo and rebuild paradise or else we will continue to do what we've doing since we crawled out of the ocean.

A World Without Borders. The land we occupy belongs to us all. Mother Nature never intended for us to create artificial borders that serve to divide and isolate us (and our problems) from each other. Wherever there are open borders, prosperity abounds, and people learn to live in peace and harmony with each other (relatively speaking). 

For example, let’s take the European Union. Who would have thought in a million years that Europe would one day have open borders and passport-less travel between 28 independent countries of over 500+ million people, especially considering the fact that, not too long ago, two world wars originated from that continent due to lingering fratricidal rivalries and enmities going back thousands of years. 

Who would have ever believed that West Germany would one day reunite with East Germany, and that the leaders of France, England and Germany would one day sit next to each other in a European Parliament under the banner of a European Union flag? This just goes to show you that nothing is impossible, and no dream or idea is too far-fetched when we are willing to make history instead of being burdened by history. 

My favorite maxim is: Don’t be burdened by history, make history! 

I can imagine the nay-sayers and fear-soaked sponges who fear that the economically affluent and advanced countries would find themselves flooded with poor people from neighboring countries seeking a better life for their families. Some would object on the grounds that their country would lose its cultural heritage or religious identity, etc. Well, Europe has proven that not to be the case. These objections and fears are all indicative of the structural thinking of inherently primitive minds. 

Most people, even some of the poorest, only seek to provide for their families and are not really interested in uprooting their entire family in order to go to another country. The ones that do only do so out of practicality. Were it not the case, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the entire population of East Germany would have relocated to the more affluent West Germany. Here in the United States, our fellow brethren from the rural communities and Appalachian area would have flooded the more affluent communities and states in search of a better life. But as we all know here in the US, this is definitely not the case. 

When you combine “open borders” with off-the-grid distributed power generation technology, an exponential increase in broadband speed, and the introduction of Virtual Residential Communities (VRCs), Virtual Corporate Communities (VCCs), Virtual Campus Dormitories (VCDs), Virtual Community College Campuses (“VCCC”), Virtual College Campuses (“VCC”), Virtual University Campuses (“VUC”) deep inside every nook and cranny on the planet, corporations from all over the world will be scrambling for the nearest location they can find to set up shop in in order to bring opportunities to a highly educated and sophisticated workforce with 21st century skills. No longer will a first-class education and economic opportunities be confined to geography, the affluent and well-to-do. Of course, this can only be made possible with the proliferation of the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organizations. 

Equitable Compensation and Benefits Around the Globe. As well, workers at a remote Virtual Residential Community or Virtual Corporate Community in a remote picturesque area of the Amazon forest doing the same type of work as their counterparts at a high-rise in Manhattan, London, or Paris will earn the exact same compensation and benefits. Likewise, corporations from all over the world will have a new and sophisticated base of affluent and prosperous new buyers for their products and services. Everybody Wins! That is what I call “Mutually Assured Prosperity.” 

Economic exploitation and market manipulation which allow a few rich and super-rich to get richer at the expense of a stagnant or declining income workforce will become rarer and rarer. “Mutually Assured Prosperity” will be part of the new “structural thinking” for policy-makers, government and corporate leaders worldwide. 

Eventual Elimination of Juvenile Detention Facilities, County Jails, State Prisons, Federal Penitentiaries. When society--meaning all of us--fails, we’re left with no choice but to assign blame to the perpetrator of a very serious crime and prescribe to them lengthy sentences behind bars or capital punishment. The idea is, and has always been throughout the ages, to inflict punishment and not to rehabilitate criminals. This, in turn, results in a negative feedback loop which will never result in a positive outcome for either the individual, the aggrieved party(ies), or society at large. 

Although this structural thinking is extremely primitive and almost as old as time itself, and in spite of all the astounding technological advances we’ve made over the millennia since we crawled out of the ocean, mankind is nowhere near to coming up with a solution to the most perplexing question and puzzle in the entire history of mankind, which is, “How does society deal with its rejects and how does it protect itself from the most severe of offenders (the serial killers, murderers, psychopaths and sociopaths, etc.) who prey on others until they’re finally stopped?" 

The reason that the answer to this question continues to elude us is because there will never be an answer. It’s akin to asking the following question: “If the rain falls on a bucket I am unable to move and I have neither a way of diverting the rain nor any sort of cover to place on the bucket, how can I stop the rain from falling inside the bucket?” 

Well, rain falls and we have no way of stopping the rain. However, it is in our power to move the bucket, to divert the rain, and to make a cover for the bucket. Once society believes that it lacks such capabilities, then the only option that it is left with is to throw away the dirty water full of grime, algae, mosquito larvae, and tadpoles which have accumulated in the bucket over a period of time. In essence, this is what society has been doing over the ages and that is why we need to make a change in our structural thinking regarding crime and punishment. 

Once we make that change in our structural thinking, although this may take quite some time for society to eventually come to that realization, no less than a minimum of at least 100 years, I predict that, one day, “The New Virtual Organization World” will have no need for putting human beings behind bars like animals in cages. Our focus will be on harnessing our energies so we can move the bucket, divert the rain, and to make a cover for the bucket.

The virtual organization management discipline is the catalyst for this change in our structural thinking and I will be devoting more time on this subject through the activities of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board. 

To help make the new virtual organization world a reality, I welcome you to join me as a Board Member or Distinguished Global Ambassador on the VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board. 

In Conclusion 

This vision I have of “The New Virtual Organization World” is not about one man, one company, another social network, a business cycle, an investment opportunity with an IPO or exit strategy, or developing a personality cult following. 

Instead it’s all about you and I and the kind of world that we want, can and are willing to forge now and in the future, for our parents, spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the rest of our progeniture; for our friends, neighbors, colleagues and associates; for our government, organization, employer, employees, and business partners; and for our environment and all of mankind. 

The road we embark on today will be traveled by the rest of mankind long after we’ve left this earth and gone to the next life, and have become nothing but distant memories and footnotes in history. We will only be known “as a small band of pioneers who not only dared to dream about this new virtual organization world, but also decided to forge ahead to help make it happen, all because we knew that it was within our power to do so.” 

You will notice that my vision for The New Virtual Organization World covers a length of time which stretches anywhere from now to 20 years, 100 years, 200 years, all the way to about 2000+ years. In some cases, I am unable to even estimate a time period since our “structural thinking” (including that of human ancestors) hasn’t changed much over the past 7 million years. 

I am, however, a hopeless optimist who believes that “the new virtual organization world” era that I am so passionate about is truly within our reach. After all, it wasn’t that long ago during the 1800’s, when nearly all rulers and ordinary people really scoffed at this “insane and ludicrous concept” of a representative democracy. And yet today, within a very short span of 200+ years, most nations around the world, at the very least, go through the motion of paying lip service to that concept and pretend to have some semblance of representative democracy. Therefore, I can reasonably expect that, besides the true virtual organization believers, most organizations will, within a time span of 200+ years, at the very least, go through the motion and pretend to have a semblance of virtual organizations. 

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Request an invitation to Join The New Virtual Organization World Consortium so we can all actively begin to methodically and systematically shape the future of our new virtual organization world.  If you are a current or former head of state of any country in the world or Chairman or CEO of a Forbes Global 2000 organization and would like an opportunity to engage with me in a more personal and interactive discussion on other matters of global virtual organization world significance,  then I invite you to join me on the exclusive League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives. 

The bottom line:  It's a collaborative effort which requires all hands on deck.

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