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TNVOW:: Battlespace for A New Global Civilization

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

The New Virtual Organization World ("TNVOW") is a world of "Virtual Organizations" operating in accordance with the "virtual organization management" discipline pioneered since 1997 by the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute ("VOMI")  and VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.

It is not only ideally suited but also the only battlespace where the Quest for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings will be fought and where such civilization can establish a firm foothold.   Otherwise,  we will be left to our own devices as we continue to perpetuate the same old primitive, barbaric and savage lifestyle that we have been accustomed to in the "brick and mortar" world since time immemorial.

Among hundreds of likely questions, I guess one or more of the most prominent questions which come to your mind are:

Question #1.   Why is there this sense of hopelessness and doom about our current "brick and mortar" civilization?
Answer:    If you can't understand the reason why, then this article will explain to you the sheer folly of trying to answer your question. 

Question #2.   I am intimately aware of, and have also learned about,  a great number of people whom I view as being, or who are widely considered to be,  "very intelligent," myself included,  hence, what do you mean by "Intelligent Beings"?

Answer:    The mere fact that you had to pose this question indicates beyond a shadow of doubt that you are indeed just like nearly everyone else here on this planet, a Primitive And Barbaric Savage (PABS).   The chances that you have  ever come across an "Intelligent Being" are nil to none - in fact, I can say with near absolute certainty, none.   This article   tells you all you need to know about the difference between a human being and an intelligent being.

Question #3.   Does a "New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings" mean a Technocratic Civilization? 

Answer:    Not at all.     It's a Brand New World full of Reimagineers who have been successful at learning about their real identity :: Intelligent Being-In-Progress :: and were able to shed all the vestiges of today's Narratives which had maintained such a deep stranglehold on mankind and had relegated us all to the status of PABS ("Primitive And Barbaric Savages") with absolutely NO redeeming values.   Follow the link to this article for details.   

Question #4.   By all indications, an overwhelming amount of evidence points to the fact that we are already a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings, so why do we need a new global civilization?  

Answer:   You are currently living in a Global Civilization of Primitive and Barbaric  Savages.  There is absolutely nothing intelligent about today's Global  Civilization unless you are living under a rock or are completely blind, deaf, dumb and afflicted with the most severe case of mental retardation.     For details, see the article :: Your Choice:  A Better World Or a Brand New World?

Question #5.   Why can't such struggle, battle or quest take place in the "brick and mortar" world? 

Answer:    Think of today's "Brick and Mortar" World as a muddy saltwater swamp populated with Crocodiles;  and The New Virtual Organization World as a freshwater lake; and  the Quest for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings as a freshwater bath.      

In which case, it would be ludicrous to ask a Crocodile living in a muddy  saltwater swamp to take a freshwater bath in that very same muddy saltwater swamp.  Such crocodile would have to travel to a freshwater lake in order to take this freshwater bath.  

As you can see, it's impossible for our struggle, battle or quest to take place in the brick and mortar world.

Thus the reason why Our Quest for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings can only take place in The New Virtual Organization World.  

Question #6.    What is it that is so unique about this world of virtual organizations :: The New Virtual Organization World :: which makes it not only "ideally suited" but also "the only battlespace" in the Quest for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings?

The New Virtual Organization World
The foundation of this world of virtual organizations :: The New Virtual Organization World :: is entirely based on Virtual Organization LeadershipPrincipled Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, and Human Evolution - the main pillars of the Virtual Organization Management  discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997.   The orthodoxies of these pillars are totally  ALIEN to our current global civilization and thus totally unassimilable in today's brick and mortar world.    
Unfortunately,  the rigors and uncompromising stance of the "virtual organization management" discipline do NOT lend themselves to any sort of incrementalism by today's PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savages) in the brick and mortar world who would seek to pervert, subvert, corrupt or bend the discipline a little bit more toward their zone of comfort.   And being the founder of the virtual organization management discipline, I can certainly attest to the fact that thousands of such attempts have been made over the past two decades; and, going forward, I expect the pace to pick up as others become more aware of the discipline.   
Question #7.    Instead of striving for such a "lofty and unattainable goal," why can't we instead focus on the real world that we currently live in and try to do the very best that we can today - this hour, minute, and second - in order to help the downtrodden, the aggrieved, the afflicted and the victims who are in dire need of our help and assistance NOW  - and thus try to make the world a better place for them? 

Answer:    It is indeed a misguided approach to a systemic global civilization issue  which has plagued mankind since time immemorial.  Today's global civilization is merely an assembly line which is constantly and rapidly churning out millions to billions of these downtrodden, aggrieved, afflicted and victims of the worst kind of atrocities on a daily basis - and with no end in sight.    

Trying to alleviate their plight now (poverty, misery, famine, uprooted and  displaced, abuse, persecution, injustice, murder, tyranny, slavery, internal destabilization, wars, genocide,  etc.) is self-serving from an immediate gratification standpoint.   It makes you feel good about yourself  as well as gives you a temporary sense of satisfaction from the standpoint that you can quantify the immediate results of your efforts - however fleeting it may be.   

However, that being said, these efforts are the equivalent of washing your hands and  dipping them right back in the mud.   For the simple reason that, absent the building of a new global civilization, instead of helping out, you are only helping to perpetuate a primitive, barbaric, savage, evil and grotesque system of governance.   Moreover, this mindset only guarantees that all future generations will be condemned to the same fate as their progenitors.   As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Question #8.    In light of the fact that I have to deal with today's realities in order to make a living and provide for myself and my family,  even if it were possible for mankind to one day inherit a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings on planet Earth,  we are talking about anywhere from hundreds to thousands and millions of years from now,  how can I justify to myself and my family the need to be a part of this effort?

Answer:    No one - not even your progeny - will ever remember you or even know your name simply because you made a living and provided for your immediate family.  However, your progeny will always wonder about the role you played in giving them the world that they have inherited from mankind.   

If the world they inherit is no different than today's primitive, barbaric, savage, evil and grotesque worldyour progeny will always wonder about how much of a coward you were as well as what sort of  stupid, selfish, apathetic, moronic and pathetic creature you must have been - and why you did nothing to leave behind a new world for them.  (In fact, that is the way I feel today about our ancestors.)

Whereas if the world they inherit is totally unlike today's primitive, barbaric, savage, evil and grotesque world,  your progeny will always wonder about the sort of  vision, courage, bravery, nobility, altruism, sacrifice, love, and selfless devotion it took for you to persevere against all odds in order to leave behind a  New Global  Civilization of Intelligent Beings for them.     They will proudly claim that "they stand on the shoulders of giants."

On the other hand, if you don't give a shit about your progeny and any talk of bravery, selflessness, "la noblesse oblige," and new global civilization,   then there is no need to be ashamed for the simple reason that you are in good company - in other words, you represent 99.9999999% of the world's population. 

Question #9.    Pierre, there is no need for you to preach to the choir.   I totally agree with you about the need for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings and have absolutely no compunction about being a part of this noble effort.   

Warrior for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings
However, that being said, the history of mankind from time immemorial indicates that every single endeavor toward such quest has always been doomed to fail  from the very start.   For the simple reason that the "Powers-That-Be" have always regarded such quest as both a mortal and existential threat to their hegemony on planet Earth.  

Therefore, what makes you think that this Quest will not suffer the same fate? 
Answer:    Don't be a moron!  The (Real) Powers-That-Be are YOU and every single other human being out there who believes that there is such a thing as the Powers-That-Be.   These Powers-That-Be are only a figment of your primitive imagination while you are being subjected to the most severe form of hypnosisThe people who do their bidding are YOU and all these other morons out there (i.e.,  just about every single human being on this planet)  who believe in the  omnipotence of these Powers-That-Be.   
This new global civilization is indeed possible once you are able to wake up from this hypnotic trance you have been under throughout your entire existence.   Click on this link in order to discover a very simple 3-minute imagination exercise which will allow you to do so. 
Next Step for All PABS

Like everyone else on this planet, I started out my life and career as a PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savage).   It took me over four decades of extensive learning and search for enlightenment in order to reach this particular point in my journey.   (No offense, I don't mean all the crap and garbage that is taught in schools and universities and other institutions all over the globe.)  The more knowledge I gained, the dumber I became, until it finally got to a point where I realized that I knew absolutely nothing at all and was in fact a complete MORON.   

However, that being said, you don't have to spend the next four decades in order to gain access to the information I gained in order to come to such realization.   It will, however, take months for you to really grasp and understand the significance of such information.  As you explore this information, be sure to share it with your friends, colleagues and associates - and the world at large.   

This article is the starting point for such discovery.   It contains links to a series of articles, treatises, documents and websites  wherein you will have the opportunity to come to such realization.

Once you have reached the end of that road, then and only then will you be prepared to join us in the Battle for this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings - assuming that is your objective.  At which point, I will be more than pleased to welcome you as a new Warrior in our quest for such global civilization.       

Next Step for Kindred Spirits for A New Global Civilization

During my more than four-decade search for enlightenment, I have come across quite a number of souls whom I consider Kindred Spirits.   From the standpoint that they too had come to realize that something was really amiss in the world we live in and thus embarked on their own journey in search of enlightenment.     

What they all have in common is that their individual knowledge and expertise tends to represent one small piece of the big puzzle.   At the same time, they tend to be mildly to deeply invested in the status quo and thus are not really ready or willing to jeopardize all that they have earned or accomplished throughout their career or lifetime.   As well, none of them are inclined to make any sort of sacrifices or  full break from their existing ties even though most of them tend to be financially secure for the rest of their life.   They are typically referred to as Sunshine Patriots and Weekend Warriors.  

In which case, I am more than pleased to invite you to contribute in whatever way that you can toward our Quest for this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.  
(Please note we do NOT accept donations or grants or financial contributions of any kind from any individual, organization or government.)
The ideal place to begin is either  at VOMI Global Think Tank as an Official Global Ambassador  or at League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives as a Distinguished Member.   

Next Step for All True Warriors for A New Global Civilization

Warrior for a new global civilization
If you truly believe that you have already made the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being or are determined to go down that pathand have the balls or chutzpah to go where no human being has ever gone before; and are ready to go into Battle for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings, then your journey begins here at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium  wherefore you can begin to participate directly in the HIGHLY CLASSIFIED project, Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On A Civilized World Financial System.    

Read What Is the Difference Between An Intelligent Being and A Human Being? in order to get a deep understanding of what I mean by "Intelligent Being."   In other words, we will NOT just take your word for it.  You Have to Be The Real Deal!   Otherwise, the field would be wide open for a bunch of clowns, hustlers, crackpots, con artists, charlatans, impostors, social network members, liars, thieves, and nefarious characters to claim the "Intelligent Being" mantle in order to try to infiltrate the consortium and participate in this project.        

A Cautionary Tale For All

Regardless of which "Next Step" category you fall under, please note that Our Quest for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings specifically forbids us  to be AGAINST anything,  anyone, any group, any organization, or any institution - no matter how bad, corrupt, evil, pernicious, antagonistic, adversarial, or completely opposed to the cause of human evolution they may be.

In other words, we are NOT against the so-called Powers-That-Be and all the other monsters of this world who specialize in inflicting mayhem, misery, carnage, death and destruction upon their fellow human beings.  We clearly understand how and why they are programmed to be the way they are.    Thus the reason why we seek to build a brand new world that they too can live in.    
And as much as it pains me to say it, the sad truth is that the people they use to do their bidding is YOU--yes, I mean you yourself--and just about every single other human being on this planet.   That means,  WE are all as guilty as they are and there is plenty of blame to go around.   Thus one primary reason why we cannot afford to be against anyone or anything. 
We are only allowed to be FOR a cause, something,  someone,  some group, some organization, or any institution which shares our values regardless as to whether or not they wish to collaborate with us.

In other words, we are for any person or organization or institution who is not in denial  and truly understands:  1)  the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being (a PABS) to Intelligent Being;  2)  the importance of the virtual organization management discipline as the foundation for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings;  and 3) the need for Human Evolution.

In Conclusion

If, by some miracle or providence,  you were able to read and understand the content of this article and would like to let me know in person that "you really get it,"   then  I invite you to introduce yourself   in order to begin a discussion on "Where Do We Go From Here?"   

Let Us Manifest!

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