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Exclusive Strategy for Official Global Ambassadors of VOMI Global Think Tank

 The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

What is an Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank?

The best way to answer that question is to start out by telling you WHAT IT IS NOT:

It is NOT your typical Low Level Global Ambassador, Brand Ambassador, or Goodwill Ambassador position you find on the internet (a quick Google search for Global Ambassador reveals about 194,000,000 results).   It's NOT a Sales Executive Job ::  It's NOT a Part-Time or Full-Time Job :: It is NOT an Agent position ::  It is NOT a (window-dressing) Advisory Board position.   It is NOT a Board of Directors position.   It is NOT a Social Networking Opportunity that only requires an infantile and sophomoric response "Yes, I accept your invitation" so you can then go on about your business as usual :: It is NOT an opportunity for you to just park your name and this prestigious membership on our website, your website, your executive profile, your social media profile and your resume (or curriculum vitae) without any further effort on your part.

It  is NOT a position which requires any formal Virtual Organization Management training by VOMI :: It's NOT a position which imposes any sort of reporting requirements  ::  It is NOT a position which imposes a minimum number of work hours :: It is NOT a position with Key Performance Indicators:: It's NOT a Research position.    In other words, it does NOT interfere with your current position and activities.

Now I can tell you WHAT IT IS:

It is a very Prestigious position.  It is a position of Trust.  It is a position which requires Eligibility.   It is a Collaborator position.   It is a Mission-Specific position.   It is a Lucrative position.


It is the most prestigious position anywhere in the world  strictly by virtue of its importance to mankind and the cause of Human Evolution.   (You'll find out why as you read on - all the way to the end of this document.)

You are allowed, when appropriate and upon receipt of clearance from the Chairman of VOMI Global Think Tank, to officially represent the think tank in Your Country at MAJOR local events and at the highest levels of industry, academia and government. 

For example, if the Prime Minister of India would like to invite a representative of VOMI or VOMI Global Think Tank to speak or inform on the Potential Impact of Virtual Organizations on Indian Society and India's Economy, VOMI Global Think Tank would, in turn, provide clearance to an Official Global Ambassador, India to officially represent the Think Tank and speak on that subject.

Here is another example:   Let's say that a Local High School in India wanted a representative of VOMI to speak on that same subject.   In this case, VOMI would NOT refer such request to VOMI Global Think Tank.   Nor would VOMI Global Think Tank provide clearance to our Official Global Ambassador, India to officially represent the Think Tank at that function.

However, that being said, the Official Global Ambassador can, on his own initiative as a matter of public service and NOT in an official capacity, accept an invitation to speak on that subject at such Local High School.

Here is another example:  Let's say that the president of  China, Russia or Nigeria would like to invite a representative of VOMI or VOMI Global Think Tank to be their Official Guest of Honor at an appropriate summit whereby discussions about The New Virtual Organization World is expected to play center stage, then our Official Global Ambassador in such respective country would, if appropriate,  be provided clearance to officially represent the Think Tank at that event.

Here is another example:  If a Congressional Committee of the US Congress wanted VOMI to provide Subject Matter Expert testimony on the development of this world of virtual organizations I call "The New Virtual Organization World", VOMI would refer such request to an Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank here in the US.    


It is a position of Trust.   We TRUST that our Official Global Ambassador will NOT abuse or exploit this position and the privilege and prestige which attaches to it by engaging in any sort of nefarious or other activities that are inconsistent with the mandate of the Official Global Ambassador.   As well, we TRUST that our Official Global Ambassador will not, outside of VOMI Global Think Tank and in whatever capacity,  engage in any sort of personal, private, public, or business activities that will negatively reflect on all the members of VOMI Global Think Tank.

Moreover, We at VOMI Global Think Tank also TRUST that our Official Global  Ambassadors are acting in good faith and without any ulterior motives when they claim that they are eligible to serve as our Official Global Ambassador in their respective country (e.g.,  pretending to be an employee of VOMI or VOMI Global Think Tank in order to swindle or grossly mislead others).  


You are eligible to serve as our Official Global Ambassador in your country ONLY if your Circle of Influence in your country  ALREADY INCLUDES  Senior Executives at the highest levels of industry, government and academia.    If not, then you would be breaching the TRUST we place in you before you even assume this position.

But most importantly, We at VOMI Global Think Tank also TRUST that you will indeed notify your Circle of Influence about your new Official Global Ambassador appointment and that you will, in good faith, do your very best to carry out your mandate.

Being a Collaborator means your association with VOMI Global Think is based purely on your very own self-interest in order to advance your own personal, private or public agenda.  VOMI Global Think Tank assumes that the tremendous amount of prestige in having your name associated with the most prestigious name in the world of virtual organizations:: The New Virtual Organization World:: is part of such agenda.   As a Collaborator, there are no bosses for you to report to.  You're on the same level as the Chairman of VOMI Global Think Tank.   As well, VOMI Global Think Tank views its association with each ambassador to be in its own self-interest.

As a Collaborator, you agree that you will expose your Circle of Influence to VOMI's Internal Providers License solution however you deem fit.    You are ONLY expected to expose them to the solution (a link to the solution will suffice) and must also advise them to contact VOMI directly from its website if they have any questions or  need any additional information on how to proceed.   That is all!

You will NOT attempt to provide any sales or technical support nor will you try to sell the solution or engage in any sort of sales meetings, teleconferences, videoconferences, Powerpoint presentations,  business negotiations, passing out business cards, etc.    In turn, VOMI agrees to fulfill the terms of the VOMI Internal Providers License to all organizations who have been referred to VOMI by the members of your Circle of Influence.    That is all!    


In Our Quest for Human Evolutionyour sole mission is to Serve as a Catalyst for the introduction, acceleration and explosive growth of virtual organizations in your respective country as we chart a  course and path to The New Virtual Organization World: It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized. 

And how exactly do you that?   Simply contact your EXISTING Circle of Influence in your country strictly via the internet   in order to advise them of your current Official Global Ambassador status at VOMI Global Think Tank and expose them to VOMI's Internal Providers License solution however you deem fit.   THAT IS ALL!

However tempting it may be, You are NOT allowed to represent VOMI in a Sales Executive capacity (e.g.,  generate public email lists, create and pass out business cards, incur advertising expenses, field sales inquiries, create a sales pipeline, engage in light to extensive travel, make sales presentations, schedule business lunches, engage in business negotiations, etc.).  You are only authorized to Refer  your Circle of Influence to VOMI and VOMI will do the rest.   No need to complicate matters.  

I saved the best for last.   You will receive a 7-figure cash bonus for each organization referral to VOMI which results in such organization's purchase of the VOMI Internal Providers License solution.  (For those of you who are of ample means and prefer to have us donate your bonus to your favorite charitable organization, that can also be arranged.)  That Is All!

Time to Discuss Your Exclusive Strategy as an Official Global Ambassador

1.  Introduce your Circle of Influence to VOMI Global Think Tank, your appointment as Official Global Ambassador, and the VOMI Internal Providers License solution however you deem fit.  

2.   Invite Every Close Friend and Colleague of Yours Under the Sun who also has a Circle of Influence which ALREADY INCLUDES  Senior Executives at the highest levels of industry, government and academia to join you as Official Global Ambassador on VOMI Global Think Tank. 
Why?   Well, we realize that your Circle of Influence is very limited and that, in no time at all, it will quickly run out of high level executives in your country for you to introduce yourself to in your new Official Global Ambassador capacity.

Most importantly, this will give you an opportunity to engage in very uplifting, philosophical, theoretical and practical discussions with like-minded colleagues and kindred spirits on the topic of Human Evolution.     Otherwise,  you will feel like a lone voice in the wilderness; a world explorer who has landed in the middle of a tribe of headhunters and cannibals and is desperately trying to have a discussion with them about the sanctity of human life as well as the merits of a well-balanced vegetarian diet;  or a visitor to an insane asylum trying to use logic and reason in order to communicate with their inmates.
Time to Answer Some Crucial Questions You May Have About This Position 

Question #1.   "It is the most prestigious position anywhere in the world," is a very serious claim.   Do you have a credible or factual basis for this assertion? 

First and foremost,   there is no such thing as a prestigious "person."   The most that anyone could ever aspire to be is "faithful to the core principles, ideas, values and cause" attached to a specific prestigious "position."    The greatest, highest and most supreme attribute or accolade one could ever ascribe to any person is the word "principled."  In other words,  a person can be "principled" - not "prestigious."   

Second,  there is a humongous difference between "holding" a prestigious position and actually "fulfilling the responsibilities" of  such position as well as "living up"  to the "core principles, ideas, values and cause" that it represents.   For the simple reason that any Murderer, Low Life Creature, Psychopath or Cunning  Predator  can vie for such  prestigious position and effectively manipulate the actual selection process in order to hold such position.   The same applies to anyone else with the wherewithals, determination and support from nefarious forces.   

Third, the prestige level of a "position" can only be determined by the "Core Principles, Ideas, Values and Cause" that it represents and NOT by any sort of title of nobility;  or any  religious, business, government, public policy, think tank and academic  ranks  or  titles.   Nor can it be inferred by the receipt of any awards from any organization or institution anywhere in the world.

Thus, it can be said with absolute certainty and without a shadow of doubt that there can be no greater cause in the entire history of mankind and our planet than the cause of  Human Evolution :: a cause whose agenda is to advance and promote the well-being and evolution of every single human being on planet Earth as well as a harmonious existence with all of nature.  (See "Are You Ready for Human Evolution?" for details - not now, read it later.)                            

That said,  I am very pleased to state clearly and unequivocally that the Ultimate Cause of an Official Global Ambassador is Human Evolution.  ("The Role of Virtual Organization Management In Human Evolution," tells you all you need to know about that - not now, read it later.)

Therefore,  the Official Global Ambassador position  is the most prestigious position in the entire history of mankind.   

However, that being said, I am fully aware that, for many readers of this article,  the latter statement is akin to my previous remark about "a world explorer who has landed in the middle of a tribe of headhunters and cannibals and is desperately trying to have a discussion with them about the sanctity of human life as well as the merits of a well-balanced vegetarian diet."   To wit, it will be impossible to convince them in this lifetime that the Official Global Ambassador position deserves such rating. 

Question #2.   With respect to your Circle of Influence requirement, I am NOT a "Senior Executive at the highest levels of industry, government or academia."    Why did you send me an invitation to become an Official Global Ambassador?

First and foremost, please note this is only an invitation to explore a most prestigious position and NOT an official appointment.    Your acceptance of our invitation is only the beginning of a  lengthy, detailed and formal vetting and official appointment process.
Moreover, there are numerous obstacles on the road to the finish line that each candidate will have to overcome in order to be formally appointed  Official Global Ambassador.
This is NOT your typical, primitive and very infantile Social Network Contact or Friend Request Invitation whereby all one needs to do is say "I accept your invitation" and then go on about their business as usual.     VOMI Global Think Tank will never extend this invitation to you again nor will you ever be able to apply for it in the future.   This Is The Real Deal!
Second,  there is a big difference between "having" (access to) a Circle of Influence and "being a member" of such Circle of Influence.    You are only required to have access to such Circle of Influence.

For Example,  throughout my 46-year professional career, I have earned the respect and admiration of quite a number of friends, colleagues and associates.   As well, I have received a great deal of praise and acknowledgement from quite a number of potential and former clients I was privileged to interact with;  achieved name recognition in a number of fields and disciplines due to perseverance :: hard work :: a lot of blood, sweat and tears :: and plenty of social media exposure;  gained begrudging acceptance by millions of people for my being "too honest - in fact, brutally frank" when it comes to my favorite topic about an imperative need for mankind to evolve from our current primitive, barbaric and savage condition.

Moreover, with respect to my daily routine and regular interactions with everyone I come into contact with,  it can also be said that my stubbornness and inflexibility when it comes to matters of principles has become somewhat legendary.    

To put it mildly, it would be a massive understatement if I were to say that "everyone who knows me or has ever come into contact with me knows exactly where I stand."

Notwithstanding the aforementioned,  although I have access to this Circle of Influence, I am NOT a member of this Circle of Influence for the simple reason that we really no longer have anything in common due to the passage of time and the process of (my very own) human evolution.

Our mutual interests have long since diverged.  All they want to do is:  a) talk to me about circus-clown politics, a fake and infantile election process,  and a smoke-and-mirrors,  ponzi scheme economy;  b) request that I provide assistance to, or participate in,  a number of NGO's in order to  help alleviate poverty and illiteracy around the world;  c)  Show Me How to Make a Lot of Money;  d) teach me how to be successful;  e)  teach me something about business valuation;   f)  tell me how cashing out of one of my businesses (for so many millions of dollars)  would be a life-changing experience for me;   g)  show me how to design a "killer" exit strategy;  h)  give me a wonderful and exciting opportunity to pitch my ideas and initiatives to investors;  i)  show me how to get mentioned  free of charge in the mainstream media;  j)  show me how to invest and the best investments to make;  k)  coach me on how to be a great leader so I can inspire and motivate my teaml)  show me how to avoid paying too much taxes;  m) advise me on how to get a lot of business leads and a lot of traffic to my websites;  n) invite me to hundreds of useless Mickey Mouse conferences all over the world so I can have a chance to network as well as hear and learn something from all these experts and gurus with a mile of credentials after their name, etc.

Talking to most of them about human evolution; a new world based on a "civilized world financial system";  a world of "exceptional humans" instead of  one "exceptional nation";  the reality that all human beings on this planet are enslaved from cradle to grave;  the need for principled geopolitical leadership;  and the need for all to ascribe to the a priori ethical principle of  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the equivalent of the aforementioned:  "a visitor to an insane asylum trying to use logic and reason in order to communicate with their inmates."

Nonetheless, there is a very tiny number of them who will indeed pause for a few seconds or minutes  in order to learn more.   Since you are now reading this,  if you received a personal invitation from me, that means you fall into that "very tiny number" category.
Therefore, even if you were only a Low Level Volunteer, but were exposed to a considerable number of Senior Executives at the highest levels of industry, academia or government,  and you also conducted yourself in a dignified manner during your daily interaction with these executives,  that means you meet the Circle of Influence membership requirement.   
(Of course, you would still have to meet all other requirements.)  

Question #3.   Being that the Official Global Ambassador position is the most prestigious position in the entire history of mankind, how much does it cost to become an Official Global Ambassador?


First and foremost,  unlike ALL our other initiatives,  no one can buy their way into this position.  For the simple reason that, if it were possible for anyone with a boatload of money to become an Official Global Ambassador, that would make a mockery of our claim that it is the most prestigious position in the entire history of mankind.   
That means no matter how rich, famous, influential, and "powerful"  you may be, if you don't meet ALL the requirements of the Official Global Ambassador membership,  you have absolutely  ZERO chance of becoming an Official Global Ambassador.    That applies to Every Single millionaire, billionaire, president, prime minister, king, queen, prince, princess, and most famous celebrity that you can think of or search on Google.   There is NO EXCEPTION to that rule. 
Second, this position is NOT some sort of  Country Club, Secret Society or Deep State membership reserved for the super rich, powerful, and well-connected.   That means anyone who truly believes in  the Core Principles, Ideas, Values and Human Evolution Cause  that the Official Global Ambassador position represents is welcome to walk through our doors.

However, that being said, we know all too well,  from experience as well as the history of mankind from time immemorial to present,  that the number of people who actually fit that profile on the face of this entire planet range within no more than 500-600. 

Third, even if you were to offer a donation of millions or billions of dollars to the cause of Human Evolution  in order to obtain membership as an Official Global Ambassador,  VOMI Global Think Tank would turn down BOTH your donation offer and the membership.  As well, we would place a permanent ban on any future application from you for this specific position.  
You are, however,  free to join any of our other initiatives which all require a membership fee for admission:   1)  League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives,  2)  The New Virtual Organization World Consortium,  3) Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  4)  Virtual Residential Community Consortium. 

Now that I have made myself very clear about how much importance we place on this position, I can now give you the answer to your question:   It's ZERO dollars.

In Conclusion

I hope that the information just provided has enlightened you a great deal on what the Official Global Ambassador position at VOMI Global Think Tank is really all about. 


Request Additional Insights into the Official Global Ambassador opportunity in order to proceed.  

Now that you've had a chance to finish reading this document, if you are the recipient of a personal Official Global Ambassador invitation from me, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to respond to me by telephone ::  or via email with the following sophomoric, cretin or infantile statements:

  • "I accept your invitation" ||  Why not?   This answer is premature.  That's because it's impossible to make a serious and  intelligent decision about the invitation without obtaining Additional Insights into the position.    
  • "I accept your appointment, what do you want me to do?"  || Why not?    That's because there is no appointment for anyone to accept since VOMI Global Think Tank and I did NOT appoint anyone to any position.  Moreover, the notion that anyone could be appointed to the "most prestigious position in the world" strictly on the basis of being a social network contact sounds not only ludicrous, preposterous and a sick joke but also totally INSANE.    
  • "How can I help you?"  ||  Why not?    That's because this question implies that I am requesting help, assistance or favors from you.  It also implies that now it's only up to YOU to make a decision on whether or not you will provide such assistance.  In which case, You Are Wrong On Both Counts.  I don't need your help, assistance or favors.  As well, whether or not WE will have an opportunity to Collaborate with each other will be a Mutual Decision.  
I am only giving you an opportunity to Collaborate on a mutually beneficial basis.  Assuming you are supremely confident that you already meet our most basic requirements for this position, the only way WE can both make a decision on whether or not this opportunity can be of mutual benefit is by following our instructions on how to proceed.   Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing else for us to discuss. 
  • "What can I do for you?"  ||   Why not?   Ditto the answer for "How can I help you?"  Furthermore, don't do anything for us; do for yourself what you perceive to be in your own best interest.  
You've been invited to consider an historic challenge and stellar opportunity.  There is nothing wrong in being afraid of taking on such challenge and stellar opportunity.  Our experience over the past 10 years has shown that people who feel inferior or unworthy of such an invitation typically tend to mask their bewilderment, fear, incompetence and lack of self-esteem with the questions "How can I help you? What can I do for you?"   
It's just another way of saying, "Why did you select me?   I don't really understand how I fit into the scheme of things.  Didn't you look at my social network profile?  If my profile impressed you enough to induce you to extend such prestigious invitation to me, then your organization must be some sort of crappy operation that you are running, thus the reason why you need my help and approached me."  
  • "Let's schedule a 15-minute talk this coming Thursday or Friday - here is my number" || Why not?    Well, this is an automatic disqualification.   This tells me that this person lacks the intellectual sophistication, intelligence and maturity to understand both the enormity and significance of this historic challenge and opportunity he has been presented with by treating it like the typical Sales Pitch he's accustomed to getting from potential vendors.  
Don't get me wrong, I know he means well.  In his mind, he feels he's being very generous and accommodating by giving a potential vendor or business partner an excellent opportunity to make his case (i.e., he's doing the vendor a favor and thus gets to dictate to him the terms on how to proceed).    That is the sort of response that every single Sales Professional or Executive would not only welcome but also say "This is music to my ears!"   
Thus the reason why this person feels free to completely disregard our instructions on how to proceed.     
Therefore, let me be very clear and unambiguous.   The only way to proceed is as stated above.
  • "Call me on WhatsApp  - here is my number ...."  ||  But Pierre, what's wrong with that? Ditto the answer for "Let's schedule a 15-minute talk this coming Thursday or Friday - here is my number."     It's also a very primitive, crude, crass and low-class response to an invitation for such a prestigious position.  By the way, that response came from an Ambassador of a foreign country.              

The Ball is now in your court.  Just Grab It and Run With It!   


Let Us Manifest!
on The New Virtual Organization World Consortium

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

Full Disclosure ::   VOMI Global Think Tank is fully aware that a vast majority of viewers of this article may NOT qualify for this prestigious Collaborator opportunity.  Therefore, if you already know that you are not qualified but are aware of one or more individuals who may stand a better chance, then share this opportunity with them.   
You never know how this one thoughtful and generous act may eventually turn out for both you and that person.

Sequel of this Article: 

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