Thursday, March 15, 2018

All Roads Lead to Damascus:: Where All Dreams of a Better World Meet a Fateful End

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

If you're already familiar with my cryptic and metaphorical writing style, then do not despair at how long it's going to take me to tell you what this is all about. 

"Damascus" is the current global financial system that mankind has inherited from our Ape-Troglodyte-Neanderthal Ancestors since time immemorial.  Although it has undergone thousands of iterations and transformations throughout the ages over the past millions to billions of years,  its basic structure and underlying essence has remained the same:   The primary and ultimate Tool to Gain, Assert and Maintain Power and Control.

This global financial system is perpetual in nature::  knows no borders:: has no allegiance to any single individual, group, organization, institution or country:: and operates in a totally unfettered environment.

In essence, this means that regardless of what each and every single human being, organization, institution, or nation seeks to accomplish, and regardless of which means they intend to use in order to accomplish their objectives, the road they take will eventually lead them to Damascus:  our current global financial system.    

It does not matter what sort of event or undertaking you intend to embark on and how pure, noble or evil the goals and objectives, it must always pass muster with the current global financial system or else it is highly unlikely that it will ever have a chance to get off the drawing board. 

I can imagine what you are thinking right now this very second:  "Pierre, what do you mean by 'pass muster'?"  To "pass muster" simply means that such undertaking does NOT represent a fundamental or mortal threat to the current global financial system.   

And since nothing is impossible in this world,  in the unlikely event that a particular event or undertaking slips through the cracks of the current financial system and manages to leave the drawing board and get some traction in the real world, don't bother popping up the cork on the champagne bottle yet because your celebration will definitely be short-lived.   (A good example of that is today's new blockchain, distributed ledger, and directed acyclic graph technologies as well as utility tokens and cryptocurrencies  which will certainly be dealt with in the near future.)

Even if,  by all external appearances, you seem to have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams and accomplished what many had thought to be an impossible mission; don't bother to celebrate yet because, as the old saying goes, "it ain't over till the fat lady sings."

Even if you had fought the good fight:: vanquished your opponent::  and your opponent conceded defeat and acknowledged you as the victor and undisputed winner; don't bother to celebrate.
Why is that, you might say?

That's because Damascus doesn't really give a damn about what you want to do - good, bad, evil or indifferent; animosities, conflicts and wars between fellow humans and resulting casualties;  winners, victors and losers; or anybody escaping and running off the reservation -  due to this One Immutable Truth: 
The world that we all live in is a direct offspring of the Global Financial System.   The endless amount of pain and suffering due to mental and physical abuse, obscene violence, brutality, torture, oppression, repression, poverty, blatant corruption, crime, hopelessness, insurrections and devastating world wars resulting in millions of dead is a direct outcome of the current global financial system.  
It doesn't matter how far you go and how long or  how much you try to live or operate outside the confines of the current global financial system, eventually you will have to square the circle and resort to that very financial system in order to survive and prosper.
And since the global financial system is nothing but a primary and ultimate Tool to Gain, Assert and Maintain Power and Control (over all humans on planet Earth),  this means that, eventually, you will have no choice but to submit to the hegemony of the global financial system.    
Hence the Reason Why:
  • Although it's possible to sidestep the Global Financial System during the nascent stage of an endeavor through sheer dedication, resourcefulness, donations, volunteerism and other avenues, nonetheless, in order to gain significant traction and maintain some momentum,  you will ultimately have to resort to the global financial system in order to finance or facilitate such endeavor.
For Example,  a group of revolutionaries or insurgents lacking any sort of financial backing may take it upon themselves to steal some light weapons in order to launch guerrilla-style ambushes at poorly defended police stations and military checkpoints in order to accumulate more weapons, increase the number of fighters within their ranks,  and launch bolder attacks.  
However, that being said, this particular method and strategy cannot go on forever and, eventually, they will have no choice but to resort to the global financial system in order to finance their insurrection.     
  • The Global Financial System is used to finance all parties involved in any sort of disputes, animosities, as well as all local and global conflicts and wars.    At the end of the day, the global financial system ensures that both winners and losers settle their debts regardless of how long it might take them to satisfy their obligations.        
Example #1 
The Treaty of Paris (1783) officially ended the Revolutionary War between the former American colonies and Great Britain.    
Article 4 of the treaty specifically states:   "It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted."
However, by virtue of the propensity of the US government to renege on every treaty it has ever signed,  Great Britain was not at all happy about the failure of the US government to abide by Article 4 of the treaty and declared to the First Nations (the Indians within both sides of the US-Canada border) in late 1793 that the Treaty of Paris was now null and void, thereby freeing the First Nations from their obligations to cease and desist from engaging in all hostile activities under that treaty.   
Of course, such unwelcome news resulted in a new treaty in late 1794 between Great Britain and the US:: The Jay Treaty,  formally known as The Treaty of Amity,  Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America:: which was formally ratified on June 24, 1795.     
(To those of you who are well-versed in US history, I am sure you are keenly aware that this is a very simplistic view of what really happened and that there is much more to it than that. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, after everything had been said and done, the resumption of hostilities between the two nations was about unfulfilled economic obligations by both parties under the original terms of  the Treaty of Paris.  However, since this article is not designed to be a treatise on the American Revolution, I will stop right here with respect to this treaty as well as subsequent treaties between Great Britain and the US.)
Example #2 
Since there are possibly millions of similar examples throughout the entire history of mankind, I will leave it up to you to come up with One Single Instance in the entire recorded history of mankind whereby the terms and conditions of Any Peace Treaty did NOT involve the settlement of debts incurred within the global financial system by ALL the parties. 
  • The Global Financial System is the Mother of All Social and Cultural (Sociocultural) Systems on planet Earth starting with the following systems in descending order of importance and manifestation:  The Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System, Political System,  Religious System, Legal System, Judicial  System,  Cultural  System, Educational System, Technological System, Military System, Belief System (e.g., belief in Antichrist-Armageddon-Resurrection, Manifest Destiny, Exceptionalism, Racial Superiority, Zionism, Monolithic Ideological System, International Community,  New World Order, Deep State, Secret Societies,  Chosen People, The Promised Land, etc.),  Ecological  System,  and all related subsystems.    
Therefore, if the Book of Sociocultural Systems Genesis were to be written, it would read as follows:
  • Global Financial System.  In The Beginning,  our Ape-Troglodyte-Neanderthal Ancestors  gave us a revolutionary Global Financial System designed to facilitate transactions among each other as well as lead to the eventual development of a civilization based on DEBT.  
  • Economic System.  The Global Financial System then gave birth to an Economic System which facilitated commerce between our ancestors and provided for their well-being and sustenance.
  • Healthcare System.   The Economic System then gave birth to the Healthcare System initially represented by a shaman.   The quality of healthcare provided was directly proportional to the importance attached to healthcare by the leaders of the Economic System.      
  • Governance System.  The Economic System and Healthcare System, in turn, gave birth to a Governance System for the purpose of delegating formal responsibilities to fellow apes who were intimately aware of the intricacies, or actively involved in the development,  of the Global Financial System, Economic System and Healthcare System.
  • Ethical System.  The Governance System then gave birth to the Ethical System for the purpose of resolving moral dilemmas.   The strength of ethical values developed and practiced is directly proportional to the importance attached to a strong set of ethical values by the leaders of the Governance System.            
  • Political System.  The Governance System and Ethical System then gave birth to a Political System since a small minority of our ancestors wanted to have an opportunity to one day be part of the Governance System due to the prestige, power and privilege derived from being a member of that system.  Greed and Lust for Power also played an important factor in the decision of these fellow apes.  
  • Religious System.  Then a meeting was called by the leaders of the Global Financial System, Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System and Political System in order to develop a system which does not require brute force for compliance by fellow apes on a daily basis.    
Thus, a Religious System was developed in order to affix a stamp of legitimacy to all affairs and edicts of the Global Financial System, Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System and Political System.  Thus the imprimatur of the Religious System became the moral basis for compliance with the edicts of  all existing systems.
  • Legal System.   As time went by, the legitimacy of the Religious System itself came under scrutiny as a number of  fellow apes "with above average intelligence" began to question the idea of their leaders being appointed by "divine right" and began to instigate rebellion and revolution within their ranks. 
As a result, the leaders of the Global Financial System, Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System, Political System and Religious System quickly convened and gave birth to a Legal System based on an ingenious and novel concept, "For The Greater Good," and instituted a series of laws which covered every important aspect of the lives of all fellow ape ancestors, and made it illegal for apes to attempt to either circumvent, dissent or rebel against the edicts of all existing systems in place.    
Thus, even if some fellow apes did not believe in the "divine right" of their rulers,  nonetheless, they were  compelled to abide by these edicts since they are "For The Greater Good."   As such, any failure to comply would be considered an "affront by One Individual Ape against ALL other fellow apes."    
  • Justice System.     As time went by, many of these laws became meaningless since there were no formal enforcement mechanisms designed to ensure actual consequences for failing to obey these laws.    Enforcement was carried out individually or by an irate mob on an arbitrary basis based on individual strength or capability and, without warning, even the leaders of these systems began to find themselves in the cross-hairs of some of their fellow unruly, discontented  apes, since practically none of these leaders were observing these laws that they themselves had instituted.    
As well, the prevailing "Law of the Jungle" and "Might Is Right" mentality which is embedded in the DNA of all our Ape-Troglodyte-Neanderthal Ancestors made it extremely difficult for them to comply.  
Thus, the leaders of the Global Financial System,  Economic   System,  Healthcare System,  Governance System, Ethical System,  Political  System, Religious System and Legal  System convened and gave birth to the Justice System which relies on fear, assets forfeiture, brute force, incarceration and, whenever necessary for the preservation of the status quo,  capital punishment.              
  • Cultural System.    The aggregation of the dynamics of the Global Financial System, Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System, Political System, Religious System, Legal System and Justice System and their interrelationship gave birth to the Cultural System which is represented by the leaders of these various systems.  
  • Educational System.   The Educational System is a direct offspring of the Cultural System.  It is tasked by the Leaders of the Cultural System to determine everything that must be taught  - and is allowed to be taught - to fellow apes about ALL these other systems:  Global Financial System, Economic System, Healthcare System, Governance System, Ethical System, Political System, Religious System, Legal System, Justice System, and Cultural System.   
This is where the indoctrination process begins from cradle to grave.  Of ALL the systems, the Educational System is the most critical of them all.
  • Technological System.    The Educational System then gave birth to the Technological System.  The sophistication of the technology developed is directly proportional to the importance attached to technology  by the leaders of the Cultural System and the Educational System.  
  • Military System.   The Cultural System, Educational System and Technological System then gave birth to the Military System.   The strength and sophistication of the Military System is directly proportional to the importance attached to the military by the leaders of the Cultural System, Educational System, and Technological System.
  • Belief System.   The Belief System is a melting pot of beliefs that our ape ancestors and their progeny acquired through both personal observation and experience gained as a result of their interactions with all the aforementioned systems and subsystems over a period of millions to billions of years.
  • Ecological System.   The cascading effect of all aforementioned systems and their interrelationship within the global environment gave birth to the Ecological System.   
Pervasive Reach and Influence of Global Financial System
And since, at its very core, the Global Financial System  is nothing but the ultimate Tool to Gain, Assert and  Maintain Power and Control (over all humans on planet Earth),  therefore, it's a foregone conclusion that its relationship and interaction with all these other systems  is purposely designed to keep all of us in a permanent  state of Intellectual Retardation or, at best, Intellectual Stagnation - instead of a perpetual state of  Intellectual  Evolution, something that mankind desperately needs in order to evolve from our current primitive, barbaric and savage mentality.      
(The proof is there.  Just look all around you, it's right here before our very own eyes. We are all trapped within the tentacles of the Global Financial System.)    
So, let us take some time to explore the current state of Intellectual Retardation and Intellectual Stagnation that mankind has been locked into since time immemorial.

Anatomy of Current State of Mankind's Intellectual Retardation and Stagnation

As it stands today, this very minute and second:
  • If You Want to Develop Sustainable Agriculture to Feed Your Entire Population ......  
Oops, Sorry!   You must go through the Global Financial System in order to purchase the machinery or equipment needed (if you already have the funds sitting in your bank account and your country or some other entity is NOT under Economic Sanctions by a monopolistic group of primitive and barbaric savages).    
If your country is under sanctions, then the money that you have in your bank account to purchase that machinery can also be "frozen" - more like "held hostage or stolen" from your country for your own good.  And if you don't already have the money, you will not be able to gain access to the financial markets in order to finance such purchase. 
And if your country has valuable minerals and resources that you want to barter with in exchange for such machinery, no business or country will take the chance to "openly" break these sanctions because they themselves will be subject to financial sanctions.  
The bottom line is this:  Using food as a weapon in order to starve a population which has absolutely nothing to do with existing quarrels between a bunch of gangsters and psychopaths (business and political leaders from both sides of the global divide) is not only criminal but also unconscionable, primitive and barbaric, to say the least.    
It is a practice passed down to us by our Ape-Troglodyte-Neanderthal Ancestors going back millions of years.    In other words, we haven't evolved one iota.
  • If You Want to Develop Your Country's Housing Market .....
Oops, Sorry!   You must go through the Global Financial System (where the powers-that-be can hold your country hostage).  
  • If You Want to Develop Your Country's Textile Industry or Import Apparel for Your Population
Oops, Sorry!   You must go through the Global Financial System for either financing  or to purchase what is needed (where the powers-that-be can hold your country hostage). 
  • If You Want to Develop a First-Rate Healthcare System and Infrastructure for Your Country .....
Oops, Not So Fast!   You must go through the Global Financial System.   Your country will need permission from the powers-that-be in the form of an export permit letter or export certificate for medical device companies to be able to sell you certain state-of-the-art equipment or solutions.   No bartering allowed even if your country is sitting on a mountain of valuable mineral resources.  
  • If You Want to Provide  First-Rate K-12 Public Education to Your Citizenry .....
Well, Well, Well!   The devil is in the details.   From recruiting the very best faculty and experts at home and from abroad to developing standards of excellence and building the entire elementary and secondary education system infrastructure is going to require lots of money and financing, all of which must go through the existing Global  Financial  System.  It doesn't matter if you are sitting on a Himalayan Mountain of valuable mineral resources. 
  • If You Want to Provide First-Rate Higher Education to Your Citizenry .....
Well, Well, Well!   The devil is in the details.   From recruiting the very best faculty and experts at home and from abroad to developing standards of excellence and building the entire higher education system infrastructure is going to require lots of money and financing, all of which must go through the existing Global Financial System.  It doesn't matter if you are sitting on a Himalayan Mountain of valuable mineral resources.  
  • If You Want to Build a State-of-the-Art Transportation Network in Your Country ::  Invent and Manufacture State-of-the-Art Land, Sea and Air Transportation :: Invent, Build and Sell Every Imaginable Product and Service :: Build Vibrant Organizations ::  Build Many Advanced Scientific Research Institutes and Think Tanks :: Build Many Futuristic Technology Companies :: Build a Highly Advanced Aerospace and Defense Program :: Build a Major Interstellar Space Travel Program ::  Build a Complete State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for Your Country :: Purchase State-of-the-Art Machinery and Equipment As Well As Hire Expertise and Labor Needed to Extract Country's Mineral Resources :: Build a Futuristic City-State Enclave With a Civilized World Financial System :: Rebuild Country's Financial System :: Rebuild Country's Economic System :: Build the Most Advanced Civilization in the Entire History of Mankind :: and Build Paradise On Earth ....... 
Then You Must Go Through the Global Financial System.  
As you can clearly see, there is absolutely NO wiggle room with respect to which route to pursue and which road to take in order to Realize Our Dreams of a Better World.   All roads point to only one destination:  Damascus - our current Global Financial System whose mission is to Gain, Assert and Maintain Power and Control.   

Hence the reason why, after millions to billions of years, our Dreams of a Better World remain as elusive as ever  and always wind up meeting a fateful end at the altar of the global financial system since its mission is incompatible with our dreams of a better world. 

Moreover,  a natural consequence of that fateful end is the impact of the repercussions stemming from such failure:  this sorry state of affairs winds up impeding the Intellectual Evolution of the human race and the sort of Innovation Revolution that humans are capable of unleashing when our minds are left to our own devices.

The Infinite Wisdom Brings Equilibrium to All Imbalances

However, that being said, do not despair because, sooner or later, The Infinite Wisdom (nothing to do with religion and other forms of superstition) always finds a way to redress all grievances and bring equilibrium to all imbalances; thus  there is no need to adopt a fatalistic attitude.  We have an Irredentist Claim to Our Greater Intellect and the full manifestation of our intellectual capacity:: therefore, we can ill afford to give up without even trying to come up with a solution. 

On that note, I am very pleased to say that our time has finally come.  There is indeed a natural and "otherworldly" solution to this dilemma which does not involve the typical  "us vs. them"  and "life-and-death struggle" mentality that humans resort to when faced with an existential crisis or overwhelming odds.   There is no need for any of us (the bankers or the people) to grab the pitchforks or reach out for the guillotines.

The individuals and supranational institutions::  alleged by many to be either City of London, The Deep State, The Cabal, various Secret Societies, etc.::  which currently control the global financial system did NOT invent it.    Even they themselves have absolutely no power over the Global Financial System.   As stated earlier, they are merely inheritors and caretakers of a global financial system handed down to them  by our Ape-Troglodyte-Neanderthal Ancestors.    They are only there to fulfill their duties until it's time for them to pass the baton on to the next generation. 

Think about this for one second:  Even if we were able to round up every single member of these supranational institutions in order to lock them up and throw away the key, guess what:  The current global financial system would remain intact!

I know you are wondering, "Pierre, how can that be?"   Well, that's because the global financial system is NOT some group of people or organization which can be discarded and done away with for the rest of eternity.   The Global Financial System IS INSIDE EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.   It is literally part of Our DNA - coded inside each and every single one of us.   We all think it, breathe it, live it and eat it every single day, hour, minute and second of our life.   That's the only life we've ever known :: and as long as there is at least one human being left on planet Earth, the Global Financial System lives on!

The reason we are discussing this topic and seeking alternatives is only because The Infinite Wisdom has deemed it an auspicious moment for mankind to embark on a new course without causing unnecessary turmoil and havoc for the human race.    A mission that I humbly accept as a member of the human race, thus now a perfect time for me to segue into how we can bring about this Intellectual Evolution and Innovation Revolution which has eluded mankind over the past millions to billions of years.
How to Bring About Intellectual Evolution and Innovation Revolution

As any astute observer can clearly conclude, the mission of the Global Financial System :::  which is to "Gain, Assert and Maintain Power and Control (over all humans on planet Earth)" :::  is antithetical to Intellectual Evolution and Innovation Revolution - and by extension, Human Evolution. 

Why is that, you might ask?  That's because you cannot evolve "intellectually" while your mind is locked in a cage.   
It's like telling a prisoner that he's free to walk around in his cell or on the prison yard and can think about anything that he can imagine as long as he keeps his thoughts to himself, doesn't write them down or try to pass them around to other inmates.    
Or he can write down his thoughts on a piece of paper as long as it's not objectionable material.      
Or he can write down whatever he wants, however, he cannot pass it around to other inmates and he must take every precaution to ensure that his document does not fall into their hands. 
Or he can write down whatever he wants and pass it around to other inmates, however, he must take every precaution to ensure that his document is not distributed beyond the gates and walls of the prison.  
Or he can write whatever he wants, however, before he can keep that document in his cell or share the content with other inmates, the warden of the prison has to first review and approve it. 
Now all you need to do is substitute in the above paragraphs the following words:    "a prisoner" with "YOU" :: "his thoughts"  with "plans for a new financial system"::  "inmates, other inmates" with "general population"::  "cell, prison, prison yard" with "our Global Financial System"::  and "warden"  with "the regulatory powers-that-be"::  and, in no time at all,  you will quickly and clearly understand why Intellectual Evolution of the human race is damn near impossible within the confines of the current Global Financial System since it regulates just about every single aspect of life on this planet.   

Therefore, the only way to bring about Intellectual Evolution is to allow the human race to come up with an unlimited number of plans and ideas for A New Civilized World Financial System which does NOT operate within the confines of the current Global Financial System:: subject only to the limits of our imaginationAllow Unrestrained and Unbridled Experiments Galore all over the world!

In turn, this will generate an Innovation Revolution on our planet, the likes of which no one could have possibly imagined or expected from a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages - descendants of Apes, Troglodytes, Denisovans and Neanderthals.  The sort of explosion in innovation which will make today's fast and furious pace of technological innovation seem like a turtle race. 

However, that being said, I already know what you're thinking:  "Pierre, Why In Hell would the Global Financial System powers-that-be consider, let alone accept, your very simplistic and naive proposal;  especially after all your ranting and raving about them being all about wanting to Gain, Assert and Maintain Power and Control over all humans on planet Earth?" 

I am more than pleased to answer your question through the following hypothetical Big Bad Drug Dealer Billy scenario.

Big Bad Drug Dealer Billy Scenario

Let's say Billy is the Undisputed Biggest Drug Dealer (the current Global Financial System) in the State of Illinois (planet Earth) who operates strictly in the shadows through layers stacked on top of other layers of a very sophisticated drug distribution network and is virtually unknown to 99.999% of the Illinois (planet Earth)  population:: this is his world and the only place where he has ever lived::  although he is aware that there are many other states (planets) and territories (moons, asteroids and rocks) out there which make up the United States of America (our  Solar System) as well as many other countries (Solar Systems).  

You, Jack,  have just approached Billy in order to discuss some fantastic opportunities in his line of business he may want to consider:

YOU - Jack:        Billy, I've got some exciting opportunities in your line of business I'd like to introduce you to, you got a minute?

Billy:    Jack, I am really busy.   I really can't imagine doing anything that is more exciting than what I am doing right now.   But, then again, I didn't get to where I am now by being closed-minded, but can you make it quick?

YOU - Jack:   No problem at all, Billy.  I'll make it quick.   I've been going over your business track record and, frankly, what you have accomplished in the drug dealing business in Illinois has been spectacular, to say the least.   Your talents are second to none when it comes to running such a tough and dangerous business over such a long period of time.   The only downside that I see is that your success comes at such a tremendous cost in terms of the untold amount of pain and suffering that ....

Billy:   Jack, let me stop you right there!   The last thing in the world that I need from you is some goddamn lecture about what I do.   Frankly, I knew you were up to something when you started to heap praise on me for my skills and all that other bullshit.   Your time is up and ....
YOU - Jack:   Billy, come on!  Just hear me out.  You didn't even give me a chance to finish what I was about to tell you.  I know you got a short fuse on your temper and I understand why you got to be like that in your line of business.   But this isn't another damn drug deal that I am here to discuss with you.   Nor am I here to pass judgment on you.  So calm down a bit and let me finish, and once I'm done talking, I can guarantee you that you're going to be "happier than a pig in mud."

Billy:   Jack, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt but,  one thing for sure I can tell you, you are definitely starting out on the wrong track.  So go ahead. 

YOU - Jack:   Well, as I was saying before I got rudely interrupted ......

Billy:   Ah, come on Jack, no need to rub it in.  Just tell me what you were about to say.  Frankly, I just don't have any more time, so let's get on with it!

YOU - Jack:   Alright, Billy, like I said before, the only downside that I  see is that your success  comes at such a tremendous cost in terms of the untold amount of  lives and communities destroyed and the pain and suffering that  many people have to go through.  Constant drug cartel wars, a bunch of beheadings,  and  many innocent people getting caught in the crossfire.  But not only that, even you yourself are not exempt from the toll that this business takes on people who are involved in it.

I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that the people who are at the very top of this business know that they can never afford to sleep at the switch and be caught off guard.  Never a good time to relax or get a good night sleep.  It's a doggy, doggy-dog world out there.  A world where there is no such thing as friendship, family or loyalty.  You can't even trust your own shadow ::: and the day you allow yourself to slip and fall, your chances of getting back on your own two feet are practically nil to none.  It's either do or die and survival of the fittest; and wherever you go, there is always a bull's eye on your back that says, "shoot me or take your best shot."
Billy:  Tru dat.  Go on ... I'm listening.  

YOU - Jack:  Well, Billy, here is the proposal I have for you.   You've already made a fortune in the drug trafficking business using your amazing skills.    These very same skills can be used in a closely related pharmaceutical business selling something called "Elixir of Intellect and Innovation" (Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System).

There are three (3) fundamental differences between the Drug Dealing Business and the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation business:

1)  Individual Profile.    People who buy the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation are people who are interested in Intellectual Evolution and Innovation.   Whereas people who buy your drugs are people who are interested in having a good time (initially, that is - no explanation required, you know the drill). 

As well, our research has shown that "everybody" wants to buy the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation once they find out what it does and how it works.

2) Transparency.    People who buy the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation get exactly what they paid for:  Intellectual Evolution and Innovation.   Whereas people who buy your drugs  find out very quickly that they had made a deal with the devil.  Good time has turned into perpetual slavery and that undoing the deal they made is NOT an option for most.

3) A Supernova of Opportunities.   People who buy the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation are automatically and forever released from bondage and they can now explore their Full Intellectual Potential which will, in turn, result in an explosion of Innovation around the globe.   (Just imagine the transformation that will take place not only in Illinois but also in every other state in the US and other countries around the globe.)

As well, you will also be relieved from having to manage and control a bunch of slaves who are forever beholden to you ::  from regular drug users all the way up to the highest levels and layers of people in your network ::  due to ignorance, fear, intimidation, extortion, manipulation, sadistic torture, macabre deaths,  economic exploitation, broken families, controlled opposition, manufactured internecine gang wars, drug addiction, destroyed communities, incarceration, official corruption at the highest levels of government, human compromise operations, bribes, etc. 

That means, instead of  your being bogged down in a nest full of treacherous scorpions and vipers  :: constantly trying to outwit and control them on a 24-hour basis using your formidable Machiavellian tactics, psychological maneuvers and stratagems ::  you can now focus on selling the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation in not only the state of Illinois but also in every other state in the US and other countries around the globe.   It's like going to heaven and back a million times over - feeling way better than a kid in a candy store - and, most importantly, making a million times more money than you are now generating.

Billy:   Jack, the way you just put it, I'd have to be a complete fool to walk away from this opportunity IF this Elixir of Intellect and Innovation indeed exists.   Because if it does, then it's a no-brainer with respect to how I can make a real killing on this (no pun intended).  So, please answer these two (2) questions for me before you go any further:  1)  Do you have a sample for my people to try out?   2) Better yet, do you have the formula for this elixir and how much do you want for it?  Because with the formula, my people can make it and we can control the entire global market.  As you well know, Money is NOT a problem for me.

YOU - Jack:    Billy, first things first, let me answer your questions one by one in the order you posed them:
#1.    I have the formula but I do need a decent size city anywhere in Illinois where I can set up a lab and make a sample for both you and the people in that city to try it out and experience its effect on a long-term basis.   The more remote, rural and underdeveloped the city, the better.  
However, that being said, I must be in full and absolute control of that small city - with no interference whatsoever from anyone or any of the powers-that-be in Illinois.  No different than any of the current City-State Enclaves in existence around the world today (e.g., Vatican City, City of London, and a few others whose existence cannot even be rumored or whispered about in a vacuum behind closed doors) - enough said.   And, with your clout in the state, I am sure that should be no problem at all and it's something that you can easily arrange.      
As well, I am going to need a minimum of three (3) of your smartest people to assist me in the lab as we prepare this sample for you and to also participate in the governance of that small city.  They will learn how to prepare the formula themselves, how it works, and how to govern that city during the length of this 7-10 year project.  Everything will be above board.  Of course, their selection is subject to my approval.  In other words, I won't accept any moron that you send to me.   
But before we go any further, let me clarify one thing:  The minimum of three (3) people that you will be required to assign to this project will NOT be the only people participating in that project.   They will only be part of a total project team that I will personally select through a Consortium.   We charge an annual Consortium Membership Fee to every single organization for each individual they want to have represent them on the Consortium.   These individuals can be from anywhere on the planet.  
Also, the "minimum of 3 people" requirement only applies to the city which is hosting the project since it is designed to be, at a minimum, a 7-10 year project and they will be part of the city governance team during that time period.   As well, all other organizations and drug kingpins can assign as many individuals as they want to represent them on the Consortium.  In other words, your competitors from other states may also wind up participating in this project.   Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you understand that before I continue.
#2.   With respect to the first part of your second question, "Do you have the formula for this elixir ...?"   I've already answered it for you.    As to the second part of the question, "And how much do you want for it?" the answer is:  Other than the annual consortium membership fee paid for each consortium member,   it's ZERO dollars for the formula itself.   The Formula Belongs to the World and nobody will have a monopoly over it.  No one will be able to patent it.  It is and must always remain open source.  
Billy:   Jack, thank you for being transparent about this project, however, that being said, me having to deal with competition is nothing but child's play, and the least of my concerns.  With respect to membership in the consortium, I don't really care about any annual Consortium Membership fee, regardless of the amount.     Considering the scope and potential of this project, that's all nickel and dimes as far as I am concerned.

By the way, why did you even bother to mention the fee in the first place?  That's really the sort of thing that people do when they are not sure about the person they are talking to or dealing with :: just in case they are talking to some chickenshit or moron.    Because now you got me wondering about the person who referred you to me.   Is there anyone out there who has ever given you the impression of me being some sort of chickenshit or moron?

YOU - Jack:    Not at all, Billy, because if that were the case, I would have never bothered to contact you in the first place.  However, as you well know, when it comes to people, you should never assume anything. Many so-called "smartest people on the planet" can say and do some of the dumbest and stupidest things.  As well, many so-called "ordinary people" can really shock the hell out of you sometimes and really make these "smart people" look like morons.   And you are a good example of that.  So, it's nothing personal.  I already know who I am dealing with.  It's just my way of making sure that we're both on the same wavelength before we proceed.

Billy:    Thanks for clearing that up for me.  The bottom line is this:  In terms of what we are talking about here, let's cut to the chase and tell me exactly how much money you're going to need for this entire project during this 7-10 year time period.   At the minimum, I need a ball park figure.  And, of that total amount, how much of it are you looking for me to invest?  Because, just from the top of my head, at the very least, you got to be talking about a $10-20 billion project. 

YOU - Jack:    Billy, prepare yourself for the number I am about to throw at you.   Perhaps you should first sit down and grab yourself a glass of water.   Other than the city that you make available to us and the Consortium Membership fee for each person that you enroll in the consortium, the amount of money out of your own pocket that I expect you to invest is ZERO dollars.

Billy:    Jack, is this a joke?  Are you trying to insult my intelligence?  ZERO dollars for the formula.  ZERO dollars for any investment from me.  In my world, and the world that we all live in, it takes money (and I mean, tons of it) to do the sort of thing that you're talking about. Yet, in your world, you're telling me that it doesn't even cost a penny!

YOU - Jack:   No Billy, I didn't say that it would not cost a penny.  In fact, your forecast or guesstimate, whatever you want to call it, is reasonable, however, it falls far short of the mark in terms of what we expect it to cost. So, we're talking about a figure which will most likely be much higher than yours.   I only said that, outside of the annual consortium membership fee, it would NOT cost YOU or anyone else who wants to participate in this project any out-of-pocket investment.

Billy:  Well, this is getting to be really interesting, Jack.  I am glad  you didn't let me cut you off when I was about to.  But you got to answer this one question for me in order to put my mind somewhat at ease:    If it is not going to cost me any money out-of-pocket to participate in this project, how will I be able to make some serious money during that 7-10 year project period?

YOU - Jack:   You will be able to participate in the development of the Elixir of Intellect and Innovation project as well as many other city infrastructure projects as your heart desires (Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System);  and you will be able to generate a healthy profit from your activities during most of that 7-10 year period and beyond.  The Consortium only needs your Influence, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Collaboration skills (not from you directly but via these 3 consortium members working on a full-time basis that you appoint to represent your organization) and, in turn, the Consortium will generate the funds needed for all individual and infrastructure-related project costs.
Unfortunately, I've said too much already :: and I know we're both intelligent enough and have enough respect for each other to understand why you can't ask AND why I can't provide any additional information beyond that which has already been provided.  And if either of us were to go down that road and we somehow managed to keep this conversation going in the direction it would surely take us, that would only mean that two (2) clowns, imbeciles, morons, idiots or lunatics (take your pick) in some insane asylum just had the strangest hallucination ever recorded in the annals of psychiatric history.
But once that project is completed, it can be replicated in 49 other US states, territories and possessions, as well as all other countries around the world - and habitable planets in our universe.

And your new global fortune - and new lifestyle and quality of life - will dwarf that of your colleagues in the drug distribution business as well as every single other business entity in the world. Comparing your new global fortune with your current wealth will be the equivalent of comparing all the gold inside Fort Knox with the money in a child's piggy bank.     

Your participation in the very first pilot project will give you an insurmountable first-mover advantage over your fellow drug kingpins hiding in the shadows as well as every single other entity in the world.

Billy:   Come on Jack, quit calling me a drug kingpin - I consider that an insult.  It's like comparing the Creator of the Universe to your local pastor, rabbi or parish priest.   The number of people who know of my existence is not even enough to fit on one hand.   People who work for me at the highest levels of business and government don't even know I exist.  How you came to know of me is somewhat of a mystery and I won't bother asking you since I understand the protocols involved and no one is allowed to ask or answer that question.  So, I'll just leave it at that.  But I do want you to know, You've Got My Undivided Attention. 

YOU - Jack:   Duly noted, Billy.  Thank you for your professionalism.  Let us Manifest on the Consortium!

Summary of Conversation with Big Bad Drug Dealer Billy

Although the latter Big Bad Drug Dealer Billy Scenario  is a fictional and romanticized version of the sort of friendly and civilized exchange we can anticipate between the architects of  the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System and the caretakers of the current Global Financial System, nonetheless, there is a universal lesson which we can all learn and apply in real life from this brief exchange:
  • You will notice that the architects, proponents and advocates of this Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System are NOT approaching this project with the typical primitive, barbaric and savage mentality which calls for the destruction of one thing before we can replace it with something else; or for us to destroy something and eventually replace it with something else.  By the way, that "one thing" could be "anything that is good or bad."
  • Instead, we correctly and articulately point out the flaws in the current Global Financial System and offer an alternative to those who would like to participate in this new Civilized World Financial System" through the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized  World  Financial System project at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium. 
  • We were NOT afraid to extend an invitation to Big Bad Drug Dealer Billy (representing the current Global Financial System) for the simple reason that we know for a fact that the new system does NOT represent a threat to Billy.  Instead, it gives Billy much, much more of what he already has and craves for:  Wealth, Power and Control (this time only over his own destiny) without all the worries he currently has to deal with in order to manage all his slaves and keep them in check.  
  • We strongly believe in the principle of real Co-Existence.  I don't mean "co-existence as a tactical battle strategy" for the purpose of buying time in order to undermine those with either opposing or different viewpoints, ideologies or systems.
  • We do NOT advocate for the immediate or eventual destruction of the current global financial system.  As long as there is one human being on this planet who prefers the current global financial system, he or she should be free to continue to use it without any sort of interference, coercion, browbeating, punishment or restrictive mandates from a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages. 
Please note I am clearly aware that there are many among us (some of our fellow primitive, barbaric and savage colleagues) who would say or believe that I am completely naive in terms of "how the real world works" and that there is no way that "these Bankers, The Cabal, City of London, The Deep State, and all the other powers-that-be" would ever allow this Civilized World Financial System to take hold because it would represent a challenge to their hegemony over the current Global Financial System and thus would do everything in their power to stop it.

What they are really saying is that our "primitive, barbaric and savage mentality" (which is embedded in our DNA) does not tolerate "co-existence."   It always puts us in an "either, or" situation: you're either with me or against me, etc.   That is what I call an "Existential Crisis" mentality.   And any time people (or institutions) feel that their "very existence" is threatened, they will resort to whatever means that are necessary and within their power in order to eliminate such threat. 

The fact of the matter is this:  If I were in the shoes of the powers-that-be, I would also feel the same way if I were conditioned from birth to believe that the only choice that we have in this world is to decide whether we want to be a predator or prey.   And that if we are not able to maintain control over others, then they will certainly want to maintain control over us.  And knowing full well how dumb, cruel, savage and barbaric people can be, that doesn't really leave the powers-that-be much of a choice.   Hence the reason why they do everything in their power to quash or nip in the bud any potential, current or future challenge to their hegemony.

And I do understand what many among us are saying, however, just because I am dealing with a bunch of primitive and barbaric savages does NOT mean that I have to "think like them" or "become one of them."  The fact of the matter is this:  The Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System does NOT represent a threat to the hegemony of the current Global Financial System.  It is designed to Co-Exist with the current global financial system.  

In fact, instead of being a threat, it does the exact opposite:  It Shows Them How to Evolve, Expand and Prosper at a time and place of their own choosing - instead of going about it through false flag operations, government destabilizations, orchestrated coups, assassinations, financial sanctions, economic sanctions, fake and unwarranted prosecutions and persecution under color of law,  Lies - Lies - Lies and More Lies, tactical low-yield nuclear strikes, manufactured regional and world wars and other depopulation methods, turmoil, violence and retribution.  It Shows Them What the Future Can Be for Them If They So Choose without their having to experiment with the current global financial system and subject it to unacceptable risks.    

Therefore, instead of trying to quash the "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System" project in progress, if these powers-that-be possess, at a minimum, the intelligence of an orangutan, they would be secretly and silently cheering us on all the way to the finish line, knowing full well that our success will also be their success.   That is our hope for the future of mankind!

Convergence of Intellectual Evolution with Innovation Revolution Sets Stage for Human Evolution

And, last but not least, the convergence of this Intellectual Evolution with the ensuing Innovation Revolution will, for the very first time in the entire history of mankind, finally set the stage for the beginning of Human Evolution until we reach the point where we are finally able to completely free ourselves from the vestiges of our Ape-Troglodyte-Denisovan-Neanderthal past.  By that, I mean Human  Evolution from an "intellectual maturity" standpoint instead of  strictly from a "human intelligence" standpoint.

Let Us Manifest!

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