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Are You Ready for Human Evolution?

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Are You Ready for Human Evolution?

That is one question which automatically begs the following response: What do you mean by Human Evolution? 

For the simple reason that most humans have a tendency to equate "technological evolution" with "human evolution."   And judging by the tremendous number of advancements we've made in technology over the past 100 plus years,  most people assume that "human evolution" is a known fact - a topic not worthy of any sort of serious and legitimate inquiry or debate.   But, truth be told, "technological evolution" has absolutely nothing to do with "human evolution."

Human Evolution is a direct result of  Human Behavior.   And Human Behavior has everything to do with Human Intelligence.   Thus, it can be said that Human Intelligence Controls Human Behavior and Human Evolution.

The higher the Human Intelligence level, the more Intelligent the Human Behavior; and the more Intelligent the Human Behavior, the closer we are to reaching a high state of Human Evolution.

Conversely, the lower the Human Intelligence level, the less Intelligent the Human Behavior; and the less Intelligent the Human Behavior, the closer we are to reaching a high state of Intellectual Stagnation or Retardation and Human Devolution.

Therefore, in light of all the Human Behavior evidence we have before us since time immemorial, one can logically conclude that today's humans are standing nowhere near the tree of  Human Evolution. 

So, instead of writing a 150-page treatise on this subject which would greatly illuminate things as well as put a countless number of readers in a state of hypnosis, I have opted to describe  Human Behavior in a World of Intelligent Beings where Human Evolution has taken place - The New Virtual Organization World::  It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized!

Life and Human Behavior  in The New Virtual Organization World

Nothing But Humans Living On Planet Earth.   First and foremost, all human beings have finally come to the realization that they are nothing but humans living here on planet Earth.  That the Earth and all its resources belong to every single one of us; thus no reason for wars over the planet's resources.  And that everything else is really nothing but bullshit, an illusion, and nothing but a manifestation of our primitive, barbaric and savage condition.    As such,  all human beings have discarded all previous primitive, archaic, barbaric and savage labels and concepts which used to be attached to them -  and now call themselves Eartharian
No more European, Asian, African, North American, South American, Antarctican,  Oceanian, White, Black, Yellow, Brown,  American, Native American, Chinese, Russian, Canadian, British, French, Brazilian, Nigerian, South African, Dutch, Swede, Belgian, German, Australian,  Catholic, Protestant, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Nationalist, Socialist, Communist, Gay, Lesbian, King, Queen, Prince, President, etc. 
No More Countries, Armies, and Borders.   That means no single human being will ever again belong to, or be treated as and considered a (loyal, rebellious, or seditious) subject or property of, any tribe, territory, jurisdiction or  country anywhere on planet Earth.    There is NO restriction on the freedom of movement of any individual on planet Earth.   No primitive  and idiotic Visas, Passports, RealID, Checkpoints etc., in order to travel from one location to another.   Thus no need for countries, oaths of allegiance, imbecilic citizenship status,  moronic immigration status,  armies, and the raining of violence, death and destruction on fellow human beings. 

A World Where Street Addresses No Longer Indicate City and Country Location.    All addresses around the world will be indicated by their specific GPS coordinates. 

A World Where Country Names Will Be Banished and Only City Names Will Remain.    No more country names for humans to associate with.   Only the names of existing cities will remain.   In cases where cities around the world have duplicate or identical names, the oldest city name on record will remain and the other cities will hyphenate their city name with a unique identifier.   For example:
Barcelona, Earth |  Barcelona-La Vida, Earth |  Barcelona-Amor, Earth     
A World Where Humans Continue to Maintain their Individual Identities and Lead Normal Lives.    All humans have managed to retain their individual names and continue to acknowledge and recognize their birth and ancestral lineage.   They all lead normal lives with respect to the family unit, individual activities, family and group activities.   Intelligent Humans have no need for communes, re-education centers, political parties, secret sects,  primitive cults (i.e., any sort of religion or group of worshipers) and places of worship, etc.

No More Federal, State, Provincial, City and Local Governments.    No single individual, group or association has the power to form any governmental body with or without a monopoly on the use of force.  Nor can such individual or entity ever confer unto itself such power, directly or indirectly,  or through any sort of primitive, barbaric, farcical, corrupt and tyrannical election process.    Thus no need for governments, political parties, and law enforcement bodies of any sort.

Abolition of ALL Laws and Governmental Judicial Bodies.     Thus no more need to create laws that turn ordinary, petty, undesirable or even disgusting human behavior into crimes subject to fines, arrest, criminal prosecution, loss of freedom, introduction to desensitizing institutional programs, and then release a scourge and cancer back into society. 

Humans have evolved to a point where they are no longer treated as animals, morons, little mischievous children,  or a bunch of primitive, barbaric and savage creatures who are unable to distinguish right from wrong or act in their own best interests.   Thus the reason which was used to keep them in a cage;  to keep them on a leash or under tight supervision - under penalty of  being locked up behind bars; to lock them up in handcuffs and chains;  and to have them suffer beatings, solitary confinement, torture, or death.

All Humans Are Governed By One Code of Conduct.    All humans are taught from birth one very simple code of conduct:   Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.   Thus no need for laws, period.    Their intelligence level is such that this concept is accepted and practiced  by everyone (who is not suffering from any mental illness, disorder or disability).    For them, it's no different than telling a 2-year old child not to touch the fire because it will burn their finger(s).   It's just common sense. 
(But try telling today's humans about this simple concept, they will think that you are the one suffering from mental illness.)
NO New World Order or One World Government.     Thus, there will never be a need to replace Federal, State, Provincial, City and Local Governments with a New World Order or One World Government.  
Intelligent Humans have no need for a Mommy and Daddy Dearest (armed with a whip, baton, 9MM pistol, AK-47, handcuffs, battering ram, stun grenades, smoke grenades, stun gun, electric taser, bullet-proof vest, trained attack dogs, riot shield and water cannon) to guide them, protect them, teach them right from wrong, care for them,  provide for them, and punish them whenever they are hard of hearing or have problems following instructions because the wonderful information given by Mommy and Daddy Dearest seems to keep  coming in one ear and going out the other.     
A World of Leaders Who Only Lead Themselves.   All humans are also taught from birth How to Lead Themselves as well as how to become Principled Geopolitical Leaders.   Thus no need for Leaders to Lead Them.  To Guide Them.  To Care for Them.  To Protect Them. To Shepherd Them.  To Lead Them Blindly Over a Cliff.  To Lead Them Straight to the Slaughterhouse.  To Order Them to Commit Atrocities. To Punish Them (when they are being naughty little children).     
They clearly understand it's their primary responsibility to Lead and Protect Themselves and to Act In Their Own Best Interests.   And that is not something that can be delegated to others.
A World of Collaborators Instead of Cooperators.    All humans are taught from birth the Virtual Organization Management Discipline which teaches every single human being How to Collaborate (not Cooperate) with Other Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders.    Thus no need for Governments and Political and Business Leaders.
A quick lesson:  Slaves are taught from birth how to Cooperate.  Principled Geopolitical Leaders are taught from birth how to Collaborate.   
A Civilized World Financial System.    A world where every single human being is Financially Wealthy at birth and can never become bankrupt, insolvent or indigent. Thus,  Humans Do Not Work to Make a Living.   Instead, They Live to Enjoy Whatever Work they choose to do.    Thus looking for a job and trying to feed their family and pay bills is inconceivable and unfathomable.  Poverty is non-existent, unthinkable, and nothing but the relic of a primitive, barbaric and savage human past.

It's a financial system that today's humans are too primitive to even imagine.  NEVER AGAIN will the building of infrastructure, education, healthcare, research and development, innovation, space travel and exploration, the future and well-being of mankind, etc.. all depend on going into debt and the whims of a tiny minority of financiers and creditors holding the purses.   Evolved humans will wonder how that ever came about and how so-called intelligent and civilized humans were able to go along and make any sort of progress with such primitive financial system.

A World of Intelligent Beings.   A world where the pursuit of (real) Wisdom, Knowledge and Excellence is ingrained in everybody's consciousness from birth.  A world of Brilliant and Phenomenal Artists, Philosophers, Scientists, Architects, Engineers,  and Innovators in every realm. Intellectuals of Every Stripe and Persuasion will have an opportunity to push the boundaries and limits of current knowledge.   So that FEAR, Ignorance, Stupidity, Intellectual Stagnation and Mental Retardation will never again be able to rear their ugly head and turn human beings back into their current state:  A bunch of primitive, barbaric, savage and pitiful  creatures; organic robots, morons and ignorant slaves wreaking havoc, violence, death and destruction on each other at the command of their masters. 

It is also an era wherein there will be ZERO tolerance for any sort of intimidation, human compromise operations, and threats of violence for the simple reason that An Attack On One Human Being Is Deemed An Attack On All Human Beings.  Such behavior will seem like a farcical and comical act, laughed at but not ignored, and immediately nipped in the bud.   
That means :: those days when  a relatively tiny number of  Bullies, Cowards, Evil and Pernicious Souls  who rely on Human Frailties, Deception, Human Compromise Operations, Pure Intimidation, Persecution and their willingness to commit, and display, the Most Egregious, Gruesome and Savage Acts of Violence, Butchery, and Murder :: in order to effectively Manipulate and Control a vast population who are imbued with Apathy, FEAR, Cowardice, Ignorance, and Stupidity :: are gone forever. 
(Think of this for a brief moment:  A vast and fearless population that is at least a million times the small number of these bullies, comparatively and figuratively speaking.) 
An Education System that Today's Humans Will Never Be Able to Comprehend.   Just imagine a world where Education begins at birth and continues until it's time for you to cross over into the next world.   An education system that does NOT rely on a primitive financial system to fuel its engine and efforts. A world where the entire planet essentially becomes One Huge Research Lab full of billions of Research Scientists and where the funding source is Their Brain (no need to try to understand what I mean by that).

A World of Investors and Partners Where The Funding Source Is Their Brain Instead of Money.   As well, don't bother trying to understand what I mean by that.
(I gave up trying to explain that simple concept to today's humans long time ago because their brain is wired for slavery, mediocrity and complexity instead of simplicity.)
A World Where Healthcare Innovation and Provision Is Impossible for Today's Humans to Even Contemplate.    Just imagine a world where none of your fellow humans can afford to see you ill and where Your Excellent Health Is Their Happiness. (There is an excellent reason for that.)

A world where there is no such thing as Health Insurance, not being able to afford the highest quality healthcare,  nor the possibility of going bankrupt due to healthcare expenses.

A world where you can walk in for health care consultation and diagnosis at any medical facility anywhere in the world.    Just give your name and permission for access to your medical records, and the rest is taken care of,  without your having to even consider how much that is going to cost you or anyone else. 
A World Free of  Any Kind of Taxation from Ruling Gangsters, Thugs, Extortionists and Racketeers  (disguised as legitimate government acting under color of law).      With the total elimination of governments,  Private Consortia will be established by individuals, corporate entities and other institutions at all levels of society in order to meet the needs of all humans.   Such Consortia will have access to all the resources they need in order to accomplish their objectives.

A World Free of Debtors, Creditors and Lenders.    There will never be a need for any individual, private and public company or institution to borrow any money for any purpose.  Nor will there ever be a need for creditors and lenders to lend money to others.  Every single individual is born wealthy, thus no need for borrowers and lenders.  With respect to organizations, no debt financing for any sort of undertakings will ever be needed.   (I already know it's impossible for your feeble mind and primitive brain to understand how that can be.)  

A World Where There Exists True Ownership of Property.     No More Real Estate Property Taxes or any other sort of  Property Tax.  No Liens, Levies, Taxes, Assessments, Judgements,  and Financial Encumbrances of any kind on real estate and other property can ever be imposed by any organization or institution; including any private and public company or any quasi-judicial or official body or  institution;  either at the time of purchase or transfer of such property or in the future;  and no legislation or edict can ever be enacted in order to suspend, terminate or reverse this sacrosanct edict.    Every individual, business or any other entity is free to purchase and own property without any fear of  having to pay any sort of  taxes, duties, excises and fees related to the purchase, sale, transfer, gift or inheritance of such property.   Nor shall such property owner be made to suffer at any time during its ownership of such property any other financial encumbrances,  or any non-financial injunctions, restrictions and limitations related to such property.  Such right automatically extends in perpetuity on an ad infinitum basis and inures to the benefit of all designated survivors and beneficiaries of a deceased property owner.

No More Right of Eminent Domain.   No individual, organization, institution, or any quasi-judicial or official body has the right to seize or trespass on anyone else's property.  The right of eminent domain is forever abolished and no legislation or edict can ever be enacted in order to suspend, terminate or reverse this sacrosanct edict.      

A World Where Building Paradise Here On Earth Is A Logical Outcome.    Today's humans are so accustomed to living in filth - literally and figuratively speaking -  as well as fear and tyranny that the mere mention of the phrase, Paradise Here On Earth, has them running for cover  in all directions trying to get as far away from you as possible.   Why is that?   Well, they figure that you have to be "crazy or  insane" to think that there could ever be Paradise Here On Earth. 

The reason being, they are so accustomed to being treated as slaves and living under constant fear and tyranny throughout their entire lives,  that they just can't imagine something like that ever coming to fruition during their lifetime (in this awful, brutal, evil and god-forsaken world that ALL humans live in).

But there is a deeper reason for that.  From birth, all humans have been conditioned (more like, indoctrinated)  to believe that "Paradise" is the place that you go to after you have suffered here on planet Earth and died.   (And that's only if you were a good boy or girl, went regularly to your place of worship, made your cash contributions, said your prayers, and prayed to God to allow you to enter into paradise after you die.)  Thus no need to concern yourself about Paradise Here On Earth for either yourself or your progeny.

Well, in the world of Intelligent Beings where Human Evolution has taken place, Building Paradise Here On Earth is just a logical outcome of everything that their ancestors (YOU and I) worked very hard toward and made all these sacrifices for during their lifetime. 

That's what the Human Evolution Cause is all about: Contribute to the building of a NEW world (the hell with just a better world)  for our descendants even though we, ourselves, will never get a chance  to see the fruits of our labor with our own eyes.   However, we will be able to witness it through their eyes (since we will always be a part of them).         

A World Always In Pursuit of Human Evolution.   A world where there is no end to Human Evolution and where we never get to stop and rest on our laurels.  Building a  NEW world for all humans here on earth is only the tip of the iceberg.   We have many more places in the universe to visit, explore and inhabit.   Many more friends to meet in our universe.   We are not just citizens of planet Earth or our galaxy.   We Are All Citizens of The Universe.  The ultimate goal is for Humans to travel throughout the Cosmos and eventually take our rightful place as Enlightened Beings in both the known and yet unknown universes out there.             

You have now reached the end of my vision of this new world.

I Know I Am Asking a Lot From You

So here is the reason why I know I am asking a lot from you:     

To Illustrate, The Year Is 1886.    Think of  waking up one day in 1886 and seeing a brand new 2018 red Ferrari in your driveway parked right next to your 1886  tricycle car made by Karl Benz -  courtesy of a prank from a time traveler.  Since you are living in 1886 and the few cars made then were barely able to crawl on the road, there is no way for you to know what kind of engineering marvel is sitting next to your tricycle car (unless the prankster left you a note which described its technical specifications along with operating instructions).

And, even if that were the case, there is no way on God's green earth (just a figurative expression, nothing to do with religion) that you would believe it.   You would have to experience it  yourself, which means that you would have to follow the instructions provided to you and begin to use your own intelligence in order to start the car, put the pedal to the metal, and let the results speak for themselves.  (That's assuming you didn't get into an accident and crash it!) 

And that, fellow readers,  friends and colleagues, is the challenge I present to each and every single one of you.

The 2018 red Ferrari sitting next to your 1886 tricycle car in 1886 is the equivalent of this World of Intelligent Beings in the Human Evolution era juxtaposed with Today's World

The challenging part is that, there is no existing prototype World of Intelligent Beings that comes with technical specifications and operating instructions for you to test right away.   However, that being said,  besides the vision,  there is indeed a "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System" project underway at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium  that, when completed and after a minimum experimental period of  25 years,  will eventually become such prototype.

Therefore,  I realize that asking you to embark on the road to Human Evolution is the equivalent of asking you in 1886 to imagine a 2018 red Ferrari in your driveway, an engineering marvel,  and to begin contributing in whatever way you can toward the building of a prototype. 

The Ultimate Selfless Act

"Well, Pierre, you haven't asked anything from me.  You were merely sharing with me your vision of this new World of Intelligent Beings in the Human Evolution era.  Did I miss something?" I suspect you are probably thinking.

Well, you are partially right.  Here is what I am indeed asking from you:  In spite of all evidence to the contrary, I want you to "Imagine for Only One Second" that there is a possibility that such a world could come about within the lifetime of one of your descendants.  (It could be 200, 2000, 20,000 or  200,000 years from now.)
And, assuming that were the "imaginary" case ::  however small or large a part you played in the realization of such world ::  and in spite of the fact that it is highly likely that no one will ever  know you by name ::   knowing that :: would you still be able to derive some sort of personal satisfaction for every bit of effort that you made in the here and now?    The Ultimate Selfless Act.
Your Opportunity to Contribute to Human Evolution

You now have an opportunity to contribute in whatever way you can toward the realization of this exciting new world and Human Evolution through: The New Virtual Organization WorldIt's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual,  and It's Organized  ::  the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System ::  Virtual Organization Jobs  :: and many other ways.

What Do You Mean By Contribute In Whatever Way?

Just in case you are wondering, "Pierre, what do you mean by, contribute in whatever way you can?" let me illustrate to you what I mean by that:

::If all that you can do for the cause of Human Evolution is to share the link to this article with just one friend, colleague, associate or family member, then your contribution is welcome and very much appreciated.  Especially with someone who is a bit of an oddball and just doesn't seem to fit in.

::On the other hand, if you'd like to write an article about Human Evolution, what we are working on, and how anyone can get involved with just a mention or referral - in which case, Thanks a Million.

::Or you may know of one or more individuals or organizations who would (or could) have a genuine interest in either The New Virtual Organization World, the Futuristic City-State Enclave, or just  Human Evolution itself -  in which case, you may refer them to this article or have them contact me directly.

::Or you may be in contact, or have a personal rapport, with current or former world leaders who would love to have an opportunity to host the Futuristic City-State Enclave in their country - in which case, you may have them contact me directly.

::Or  you may be in a Leadership or Decision-Maker  position in your organization and want to know what kind of  "initial steps" or  "baby steps" you could take in order to begin to plant the seeds of Human Evolution in your organization  - in which case, you may contact me directly

::Or  you may be The Ultimate Decision-Maker in your organization (i.e., once you make a decision, it's incontestable and irrevocable - thy will be done);  you want to get on board based on the overall theme of this article and where we are going;  and you want personal advice on the best way to proceed -   then contact me directly.

::Or you may just want to start having a discussion around the dinner table with family members about Human Evolution (and hope they don't walk out on you, fall asleep or avoid dinner altogether)Or have a discussion during lunch with your colleagues at work  -  Or during lunch with business clients - Or during business cocktail and private parties.   (It's OK to let them know you are not the crazy one, it's this  guy named Pierre.)  

::Or share this article with your rebellious and idealistic High School and College children who just can't understand and appreciate everything that you're doing for them - something that you just can't understand (you and I both - don't laugh!).    After doing that, they will then say to you:  "Pop/Mom,  do you now understand me?"   Sorry about that!

::Or you may decide to do none of the above and just do an introspection by asking yourself this most important question:  How are my current thoughts and actions - and/or indifference - aiding, abetting and actively contributing to the preservation of our current primitive, barbaric and savage human condition?   If you're fine with the way things are, then accept my sincere thanks for reading this article.  Otherwise, do what you can in order to improve yourself.

::Or if you are a very busy Executive or retired Influential Icon;  The New Virtual Organization World topic excites you;  you already have the ears of quite a number of influential people in your Circle of Influence;  and you want to contribute to this new world on a very limited basis; then you can accomplish a great deal in the following role:
 || Official Global Ambassador at VOMI Global Think Tank  ||    
::Or if the Human Evolution topic excites you,  you already have the ears of quite a number of influential people in your Circle of Influence,  you love playing poker,  you have ample means and are not just trying to make ends meet, and you want to go "All In," then you can accomplish a great deal in the following role:
|| Distinguished Member, League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives || 
The bottom line:   That's what I mean by "you can contribute in whatever way you can."  Your contribution will be equally appreciated by everyone who shares the cause of  Human Evolution, especially your descendants who will get to live in that new world. 

In Conclusion

Are you ready for Human Evolution?  

Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System"

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

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