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The Choice Is Yours: Remote Worker or Virtual Organization Leader?

The New Virtual Organization World

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Remote Worker or Virtual Organization Leader

Let's face it, ask any Corporate Executive,  Academic or Government Official, "What is the difference between a Remote Worker, Telecommuter, Flexible Worker, Digital Worker, Virtual Employee, Virtual Team Member,  A Virtual Organization, Virtual Organization Leader, Virtual Organization Executive, Virtual Organization Leadership Executive, and Virtual Organization Leadership Force Executive?"  their answer would be, "I don't really have a clue, beats the hell out of me, your guess is as good as mine."

However, for anyone who is familiar with the virtual organization management discipline, the first thing which comes to mind is Cowboys and Gunslingers,  The Military,  Enlisted Soldiers, Commissioned Officers (trained at a Military Academy),  Commanding Officers,  and Commanding Generals.
  • Cowboys and Gunslingers ::   Remote Worker, Telecommuter, Flexible Worker, Digital Worker, Virtual Employee, Virtual Team Member
They live in a World of Virtual Chaos and operate by the seat of their pants and are notorious for just winging it.  A very disorganized bunch.  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.  They don't have a clue as to what the hell a Virtual Organization is and they don't care to know either.   A veritable army of  "doing the best I can under the circumstances," fakes, hucksters, clowns, charlatans and impostors pretending to be "Virtual Organization Consultants, Trainers, Experts, Leaders and Executives."
  • The Military ::    A Virtual Organization 
It consists of the following:  Virtual Organization Leader, Virtual Organization Executive, Virtual Organization Leadership Executive, and Virtual Organization Leadership Force Executive. 
  • Enlisted Soldiers ::  Virtual Organization Leader
They are trained by Virtual Organization Executives or Virtual Organization Leadership Executives within their virtual organization unit or department.   They are primarily engaged in Collaboration activities. 
  • Commissioned Officers ::   Virtual Organization Executive
In collaboration with either Virtual Organization Management Institute or Virtual Organization Leadership, they receive their formal Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.  
A Virtual Organization Executive is primarily responsible for the training and supervision of Virtual Organization Leaders within his virtual organization unit or department.   
  • Commanding Officers ::  Virtual Organization Leadership Executive
Virtual Organization Executives who have been awarded the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Award by VOMI Virtual Organization Academy for outstanding performance are also awarded by Virtual Organization Leadership the formal Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation.   
A Virtual Organization Leadership Executive has ultimate responsibility for a virtual organization unit or department consisting strictly of Virtual Organization Leaders and Virtual Organization Executives.     
  • Commanding Generals ::  Virtual Organization Leadership Force Executive 
A Virtual Organization Leadership Force Executive has ultimate responsibility for an entire Virtual Organization Leadership Force:   A Virtual Organization consisting strictly of Virtual Organization Leaders, Virtual Organization Executives, and Virtual Organization Leadership Executives.     
    A Virtual Organization Leadership Force Executive is required to participate in the Chief Virtual Organization Architect (CVOA2-Year Program at Virtual Organization Management Institute -  an advanced virtual organization leadership training program for virtual organization leadership executives who are entrusted with the responsibility to  LEAD an entire virtual organization.  
    Final Takeaway From This Quick Clarification

    Remote Workforce is a Disaster In the making
    The bottom line is this:
      All this hoopla and pure nonsense about Remote Worker :: The Future of the Workplace ::  The Workplace of the Future ::  everybody getting on the bandwagon about "Virtual Events" ::  and investors all of a sudden seeing the wisdom of  funding Videoconferencing Solution and Cloud Collaboration Tool  Providers is nothing but a lot of crap and the result of a bunch of  "Opportunists" and Virtually-Disoriented Corporate Executives who have been caught flat-footed by a "potentially manufactured or real" global pandemic crisis due to sheer incompetence, blindness, willful ignorance, and downright stupidity.   
    Yes, I am talking about you - it's the truth, and I don't really care if you are offended.  The point being, I have spent the last 20 years  :: and quite  aggressively over the past 10 years  ::  evangelizing directly to Forbes Global 2000 Executives and Global 5000 Executives and Governments on the need for Virtual Organizations - NOT Remote Workers - in order to effectively respond to crises  pertaining to both Business Continuity of Operations and Government Continuity of Operations in a virtual organization environment.   Therefore, they can't claim ignorance, getting blindsided, or being caught flat-footed due to events beyond their control.   Myopia is more like it!
    All this bullshit you have heard over the past couple of months about "polls and studies" which indicate that "workers are more productive" and "more fulfilled" and leading happier lives working from home is laughable and  nothing but sheer hype.  And that employers are beginning to realize the benefit of having employees "who are able to work where they are" is nothing but pure rubbish, malarkey and recruitment marketing for "idiots" who don't know any better. 
    Trying to manage Remote Workers is the equivalent of trying to herd cats - good luck with that!   
    We've already been there and done that.   This romantic notion is pure, unadulterated fiction for those who don't know a damn thing about leadership in either  a virtual or virtual organization environment and impostors.   We have not only gone down that road but have also analyzed it over a 25 year-period and I already know what the outcome is going to be.   Thus the reason why I founded the virtual organization management discipline back in 1997.   In fact, I come across these "willfully ignorant" types just about every single day due to their mistaken belief  that Virtual Organization Management Institute is somehow involved in training "Remote Workers" since they don't know any better and refuse to take the time to learn.    

    Remote Worker Initiative Prediction

    Remote Worker Frenzy
    This Remote Worker frenzy will result in nothing but Virtual Chaos.    In turn, this Virtual Chaos will open up a real can of worms and unleash a real Circus and Carnival.   

    Get ready to be entertained by a horde of so-called Remote Workforce Experts, Remote Workforce Pioneers, World-Renowned Remote Workforce Speakers (with a PhD in ?? Remote attached to their name - don't laugh!)Remote  Workforce Executive Coaches,  Remote Workforce Trainers with over 40 years of experience (don't laugh!)Remote Workforce Gurus, Remote Workforce Psychologists, etc. :: who will be doling out advice on social media and mainstream media on How to Keep the Remote Workforce Healthy, Safe, Secure, Engaged and Motivated :: as well as try to peddle their next potential bestseller book.        
    There will be all sorts of sensational horror stories and anecdotal evidence about Remote Worker Misconduct, Loss of Productivity, Criminal Mischief,  Misappropriation of Company Documents and Other Assets, and Theft of Intellectual Property.
    There will also be a huge public outcry for Remote Worker Class-Action Lawsuits as well as Remote Worker Protection Legislation and Subject Matter Expert testimony in Congress on the need to address Remote Worker Rights, Remote Workforce Trauma,  Remote Workforce Exploitation, Fair Compensation for Remote Workers, Liability Insurance for Remote Worker Misconduct,  Indemnification of Employer from Wrongful Acts Committed by Remote Workers, etc.

    These clowns, miscreants, opportunists and the ill-informed who are pushing this Remote Worker Initiative have absolutely no idea that they are in fact opening a can of worms that will lead to devastating consequences for both employer and remote workforce employees.     

    Your Free Introduction to Virtual Organization Management Is Over

    Now that you have just obtained a Free Education  on the difference between a Remote Workforce and a Virtual Organization Leadership Force, you can no longer claim ignorance and confusion.  

    Therefore, you should now be able to answer the original question placed to you:  Will it be Remote Workers or Virtual Organization Leaders?      (Would you rather team up with a bunch of Cowboys and Gunslingers or The Military?)   The choice is yours!

    In Conclusion

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    Let Us Manifest!

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