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Official Global Ambassador: Your Integrity and Dignity Matter

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank

Imagine a world wherein we (individuals, organizations and institutions) are judged by What We Do instead of What We Say!   
Of course, unless you happen to be a "clueless simpleton," it's obvious that such world does NOT exist.
Thus the challenge that VOMI  and, by extension, the virtual organization management discipline faces on a perpetual basis since its founding in 1997.   

And when it comes to the Official Global Ambassador position at VOMI Global Think Tank, we are faced with the same dilemma:   Beyond all the rhetoric and bullshit one finds on a social media profile,  how do we get our Official Global Ambassador candidates To Be Who They Say They Are and  To Do What They Say They Can and Will Do?

Let's get to the crux of the matter:

Point #1.   Each Official Global Ambassador candidate is instructed to review this article which describes in great detail what the position IS NOT about and what IT IS really about, as well as details on how to proceed. 

During each initial Official Global Ambassador Videoconference for Additional Insights,  each candidate is asked to confirm whether or not they read and understood the article and are provided with an opportunity to ask questions for clarification.   Without fail, the questions and comments I receive indicate that the article was NOT read or understood.  Thus no opportunity for any sort of clarification.

Point #2.   This is NOT a Job.    Under the Collaborator heading in the article, it clearly states the following:  

"As a Collaborator, you agree to expose your Circle of Influence to VOMI's Internal Providers License solution however you deem fit.    You are ONLY expected to expose them to the solution (a link to the solution will suffice) and must also advise them to contact VOMI directly from its website if they have any questions or  need any additional information on how to proceed.   That is all!
"You will NOT attempt to provide any sales or technical support nor will you try to sell the solution or engage in any sort of sales meetings, teleconferences, videoconferences, Powerpoint presentations,  business negotiations, passing out business cards, etc.    In turn, VOMI agrees to fulfill the terms of the VOMI Internal Providers License  with all organizations who have been referred to VOMI  by the members of your Circle of Influence.   That is all!
Yet, the variation of one question I receive without fail (from PhD's and so-called  Sales and Marketing Geniuses, Executive Coaches,  Consultants and Advisors to Fortune 500 CEOs,    High-Level and Highly Sophisticated and Very Influential Business Executives with decades of consulting, business development and leadership experience)  during each videoconference is:   "What happens if I send an email to a number of my contacts and none of them reply or show any interest or follow-through,  will I get compensated for my effort?"    

(Please don't laugh.  I assure you I am not trying to be a comedian!  This is the sort of insanity one encounters on social media.)

Hence, here are a number of questions that I have for each person who obviously never took the time to read and understand the article:

  • Question #1.     What exactly is so darned difficult to grasp about the information regarding the Official Global Ambassador position;  the strategy included in the article on how to contact your colleagues (people who know you on a first-name basis);  and the "very specific and tight restrictions" that VOMI Global Think Tank imposes on an Official Global Ambassador in order to make absolutely sure that they do NOT mislead or give others the illusion or impression that they are acting as employees or sales executives or agents or independent contractors of VOMI or VOMI Global Think Tank?  
  • Question #2.     Even if I were a complete idiot and wanted to just give away money for the hell of it, on what basis would I offer any sort of compensation to anyone who merely claims to have sent an email to a number of their contacts?
  • Question #3.     How can I offer compensation to anyone when (a) I do NOT have any control over that person, (b) I have absolutely NO IDEA if that person has a list of my prospective clients,  (c) I do NOT want that person to engage in any SALES activities - not even to follow up on any email sent to a friend or colleague, (d) I have made it abundantly clear to that person that even if a colleague or friend turns out to be a prospective client and contacts YOU for additional information, YOU are forbidden to engage in any sort of discussions or correspondence with YOUR OWN FRIEND or COLLEAGUE and must tell them to contact VOMI directly from its   website?     
As I have stated in writing and in words on numerous occasions, I do NOT want any Ambassador to engage in sales activities.   The only people who are allowed to engage in SALES activities are VOMI personnel.   Why is that so damn difficult to understand? 
  • Question #4.     Does sharing the link for a solution with a friend or colleague :: and telling him expressly  NOT to contact you in any way, shape or form  regarding the solution and to deal with the company directly ::  amount to a "sales effort" - thus deserving of some sort of compensation?
I just don't see the sales effort.  In fact, if I were to find out that an Ambassador was engaging in any kind of sales effort, that would be considered a material breach of the Official Global Ambassador Agreement and thus subject to immediate termination of the Agreement.   ZERO TOLERANCE.
The point being, if anyone who shows an interest in the Official Global Ambassador position is really looking for a JOB, then this position is NOT IT.   That person would need to find another source. 
It's a matter of principles. There is no need to play games or engage in any sort of bait-and-switch, moronic and other deceptive practices.  That goes against everything that we stand for.
  • Question #5.     How can YOU tell in advance whether or not your friend or colleague will even click on the link provided in your email in order to learn more about the solution?
  • Question #6.     How can VOMI Global Think Tank tell in advance whether or not your friend or colleague will even click on the link provided in your email in order to learn more about the solution?
  • Question #7.     How can VOMI (Virtual Organization Management Institute)  tell in advance whether or not your friend or colleague will even click on the link provided in your email in order to learn more about the solution?
  • Question #8.     Other than yourself, how can ANYBODY  know  whether or not YOU even took the time to send the simple announcement email to your friend or colleague in order to let him know that you are now an Official Global Ambassador?   
    Especially when you are not given any quotas or Key Performance Indicators.  
    Especially when VOMI doesn't care to know, doesn't want to know, and refuses to accept any copy of any personal correspondence that you have sent to anyone.   We have NO right to request access to any email that you send to anyone, including to your friends and colleagues. 
    As I have stated and written on numerous occasions, THIS IS NOT A JOB.  There is NO commission.  Commission implies that you are engaging in SALES activities - something which is totally forbidden.
    The only time VOMI will know that YOU had sent an email announcement to a friend or colleague, that's when VOMI receives an inquiry regarding that specific Internal Providers License directly from its website and the prospective Client clearly states to VOMI that YOU are the referral source. 
    Even then, what if the organization does NOT purchase the license in accordance with our terms, then how will VOMI or VOMI Global Think Tank be able to provide any sort of compensation for a sale that never took place?

    Point #3.    This Is Only An Invitation to "Explore" the Official Global Ambassador position.    The invitation you receive is very clear that it is NOT an Official Global Ambassador appointmentEven if you were the president of the United States, why in hell would I want to appoint you to a very prestigious position without first vetting you?   Therefore, you embarrass yourself when you reply "I accept your appointment as Official Global Ambassador."   This is NOT a social network contact invitation.   At the very least, such crude and infantile response indicates a lack of sophistication and poses serious questions about your profile and credentials on the internet.  

    Point #4.     Respect Yourself and Do Your Homework.    Before you reply to an invitation to explore such a prestigious position,  it is extremely critical that you take the initiative to try to understand what VOMI itself is all about, ALL the initiatives it is currently engaged in, and how they all fit into the scheme of things in order to truly realize the importance of the Official Global Ambassador opportunity at VOMI Global Think Tank.   At the very least, this  "virtual organization philosophy immersion process" should take you anywhere from 2 weeks to a full month.  

    That time period will give YOU  1)  an opportunity to become fully immersed into the philosophy of the virtual organization management discipline;  2)  a solid understanding of virtual organizations; as well as their tremendous role in the building of a new global civilization; and, more importantly,  3) an opportunity to understand the role you will play in the building of such new global civilization - and have an epiphany.     

    (To be completely transparent with you, please note that anything short of an epiphany means that you are out of your league and the Official Global Ambassador position is NOT for you.)

    I do realize it's a lot to process, however, it is critical for you to invest the necessary amount of time and effort needed to understand all the opportunities that the Official Global Ambassador position makes available to you - and why it is really such a prestigious position.   Otherwise, you will NOT be in a position to ask any relevant questions during your first videoconference and thus will waste an opportunity to show me that the invitation you received was well-placed and deserving of consideration. 

    Point #5.     Your Integrity and Dignity Matter.     Absent your willingness to invest the necessary amount of time needed to understand what you are getting into, YOU will NOT have any credibility in The New Virtual Organization World space,  the New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings space, and the Human Evolution space;  and when you speak with others in the capacity of Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank,  you will  NOT be able to speak with authority and confidence regarding what we are all about.   

    You will come across as being a fake and phony and people who know better will realize that immediately; and through your very own words and actions, you would in fact tarnish the prestige of the Official Global Ambassador position, VOMI Global Think Tank,  VOMI, the virtual organization management discipline itself - and your very own reputation (if you had an excellent one to begin with).

    In Conclusion

    If, by some miracle or providence,  you were able to read and understand the content of this article,  then  I invite you to proceed where you left off .  

    Let Us Manifest!

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