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Appeal to All World Leaders: A Passport for Human Evolutionaries

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The following May 23, 2022 article:::::Rise of the Evolutionaries:::::describes in detail the role of a Human Evolutionary(It's a very long article, read it later.)

Simply put, a Human Evolutionary is an Advocate for Human Evolution.   Our primary goal is to do all we can possibly do in order to prevent the extinction of mankind in the hope that humans will eventually get a chance to evolve.  We view the entire human race as one people inhabiting one planet and thus understand the need for all nations throughout the entire globe to learn how to co-exist with each other.     

Thus negating the need for any unipolar world or hegemonic power constantly engaging in wars of conquest and perpetual attempts and efforts to subjugate their neighbors and other countries via perpetual sanctions, regional wars, world wars, nuclear wars, proxy wars, color revolutions, destabilization efforts, propaganda, lies, the forging of false narratives, human compromise operations, and numerous other actions and efforts that are so horrendous and macabre that not even Mephistopheles himself could possibly stomach or condone.

In a nutshell, these individuals are NOT pacifists by any stretch of the imagination.  They come from all walks of life - from Heads of State, prominent political figures, prominent members of the media, former military officers,  former intelligence officers, ordinary individuals, etc.   They are merely individuals of sound mind and good conscience who are willing to speak truth to power and who subscribe to the highest a priori ethical code of  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  

They are doing their very best to warn us all against - and to prevent - the final stage of today's World War III which will surely result in a nuclear holocaust and the annihilation of the entire human race.

Examples of such Human Evolutionaries include, however, are not limited to the following individuals:  

  • Scott Ritter 
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano 
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Ray McGovern
  • President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
  • Philip ("Phil") Giraldi 
  • Steven Seagal 
  • Col. Douglas ("Doug") McGregor (ret.)
  • President Xi Jinping  
  • Alexander Mercouris 
  • Alex Christoforou  
  • David Stockman 
  • Garland Nixon
  • Jimmy Dore  
  • Ex-President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev 
  • Patrick Lancaster
  • Brian Berletic 
  • Gordon Duff 
  • Paul Craig Roberts
  • Pepe Escobar
  • Clare Daly
  • Mick Wallace
  • Edward Snowden
  • Roger Waters
  • Ania Konieczek
  • Gerald Celente
  • George Galloway
  • Neil Oliver
  • Matt Ehret
  • Eva Bartlett
  • Jonas Alexis
  • Kevin Barrett
  • Stuart Littlewood
  • Fabio G. C. Carisio
  • Jim W. Dean
Purpose of Human Evolutionary Passport

This special passport is granted by Executive Decree from a World Leader to a Human Evolutionary in recognition of their contribution to the Cause of Human Evolution.   As well, any Human Evolutionary who lacks global stature, fame and notoriety on the world stage may apply online through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for such passport by providing a link to current and prior activities which are consistent with the stature and performance of Human Evolutionaries.    

Human Evolutionary Passport Benefits
  • Lifetime. No expiration date.
  • No payment or fee is required in order to obtain such passport.  (Otherwise, it defeats the entire purpose for granting such passport.) 
  • Ability to enter and leave the country at any time.
  • Ability to reside and purchase residential property in the country. 
  • Ability to obtain employment in the country. 
  • Ability to generate middle-class employment in the country.
  • Ability to contribute intellectual property that will advance the Cause of Human Evolution.
  • Ability to contribute open source technology. 
  • Children born in the country are automatically granted natural citizenship.
  • Can formally be appointed Goodwill Ambassador by Executive Decree in order to represent the country in a non-hostile capacity, subject to receipt of temporary diplomatic immunity during the performance of such activities and the Human Evolutionary's formal acceptance of such responsibility.        
Passport Restrictions

  • Unable to vote.
  • Respect for a country's culture, customs and traditions. 
  • No participation in any overt or covert interference in the internal affairs of the country on behalf of their native country or any other countries.
  • No participation in any overt or covert subversive activities on behalf of their native country or any other countries.
  • No participation whatsoever in the country's electoral process.
  • Unable to formally or informally endorse political candidates. 
  • Unable to hold any political office in the government.
  • Unable to participate in partisan politics.
  • Unable to make political contributions.
  • Unable to serve in the military.
  • Unable to work for the government in sensitive positions.
  • Unable to obtain security clearances in order to gain access to classified materials.
  • Unable to represent their native country in any formal, official, informal, or unofficial capacity that are designed to exploit their Human Evolutionary status in the country. (In other words - no hostage, prisoner, prisoner of war, political prisoner negotiation on behalf of native country.)      

Benefits to Participating Countries      

  • A clear expression of support for the Cause of Human Evolution.  Deeds are better than words. 
  • A paradigm shift from the absurdities of the so-called Rules-Based International Order to a Civilized World based on Collaboration, Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Political Evolution.
  • A paradigm shift from the smoke and mirrors aspect of The Free World to a Fair World and Multipolar World.
Ideal Countries for Taking the Lead to Advance the Cause of Human Evolution
  • Russia
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Cuba
  • Ghana
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Haiti
  • Cameroon
  • Benin
  • Nigeria
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia   

In Conclusion

The history of mankind since time immemorial has proven over and over again that no amount of revolutions and revolutionaries - and technology - can stamp out the evil that lurks in the minds of human beings.  Thus limiting mankind's ability to evolve.  

Therefore, it's now time for all of mankind to make a paradigm shift from Revolutionaries to Evolutionaries in order for the entire human race to begin to evolve

I remain available to all world leaders who would like to learn how to implement the foregoing recommendations as well as other practical and concrete ideas on how they can Support the Cause of Human Evolution.

Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these additional documents which offer a deep insight into principled geopolitical leadership, political evolution, the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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