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In Your Country: A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Back on January 15, 2018 I wrote the article ::::: Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a "Civilized World Financial System" :::::  in order to offer to governments worldwide an historic opportunity to bid for and host the world's very first  Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System.  

Such project being conducted under the auspices of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.  

Prior to that, and since then, there have been many such ambitious futuristic city projects by others::::many of which are dubbed to be Smart City or Sustainable City projects.  They were announced with great fanfare by their promoters;  received a great deal of publicity worldwide from the mainstream media; and are now languishing on the shelves of these architects or hibernating in the deep caverns and labyrinths of vision blinders and skepticism.   

Such list includes the following and other prominent ones:

  • Neom.  No doubt a very ambitious project sponsored by the government of Saudi Arabia under the tutelage of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  Announced in 2000. 
  • The Venus Project.  A most imagineering project  begun by the late Jacque Fresco (March 13, 1916 - May 18, 2017) which seeks to reimagine and reengineer human existence on planet Earth.  Launched over 40 years ago.
According to its founders and leading evangelists,  "The responsibility for our future is in our hands, and depends on the decisions that we make today. The greatest resource that is available today is our own ingenuity." 

  • Telosa.   A very ambitious futuristic city project sponsored by Marc Lore and centered around sustainability.   Announced in September 2021.
  • BiodiverCity, Malaysia.   A floating city project focused on biodiversity sponsored by the Penang State Government.   Announced in August 2020.
  • Capital Cairo - New Administrative Capital, Egypt.   Designed by SOM.  A privately-funded project centered on sustainability, technology innovation and economic opportunity.  Announced in March 2015.
  • Amaravati, India.   Designed by Foster + Partners.   A new sustainable capital city project in the state of Andhra Pradesh focused on integrating the latest technologies.   Announced in May 2018.
  • Smart Forest City, Cancun Mexico.  According to Stefano Boeri Architetti, "Smart Forest City Cancun is a Botanical Garden, within a contemporary city, based on Mayan heritage and in its relationship with the natural and sacred world." Announced in October 2019.   
  • The Orbit, Canada.   An agrarian-oriented smart city using the latest and most sophisticated technologies.  Announced in December 2019.     
  • Maldives Floating City, Maldives, designed by Waterstudio.  Billed as "Another prototype climate-resilient floating city."  Announced in April 2022. 
  • Chengdu Future City, China, designed by OMA.  A car-free and smart mobility network-oriented city.  Announced in February 2021. 
  • Innovation Park, USA, designed by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture.  More details:  "A smart city powered by blockchain technology....where people can bank, vote and store data without involvement from governments or third parties," according to their website.  For more information.  Announced in November 2018.  

What These Smart City Projects Have In Common

You will notice a common thread which runs through all these Smart City projects:  They are all dependent on the current global financial system in order for them to come to fruition.  Otherwise, they remain strictly architectural plans perched on digital shelves and accumulating fairy dust.  Many of which will  eventually be confined to the dustbin of history. 

Moreover, the architects of these smart cities view their projects  as a  blueprint for similar cities across the globe.    (Not a smart idea.  I learned the hard way.)

Time for Retrospection

As I look back at the original concept behind the 2018 launch of the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System project, the very first one to be completed was designed to be a model, prescription, or blueprint for the future launch  of all other Futuristic City-State Enclaves in all other countries across the globe.   The completion of such prototype would encompass a minimum period of 25 years.   In the grand scheme of things, this is a very reasonable time frame.  As the old saying goes, "Rome was not built in one day."

However, that being said, in light of the uniqueness of every single country's topography, history, culture, social system, monopoly over:::or restriction to access of:::its own natural resources, existing infrastructure, geopolitical realities, principled geopolitical leadership realities, level of political evolution, as well as the current realignment of today's world order, I thought it prudent to question the wisdom of  focusing on this "One-Size-Fits-All" Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System prototype.

As well, I have come to see myself as the typical Westerner exhibiting the sort of arrogance which leads us to believe in this foolish and idiotic concept of exceptionalism; of being the best and the brightest; and thence entitled to dictate to the rest of the world::::or at the very least, expect all others to adopt::::our view of the solution, make-up, and contours of a Futuristic City-State Enclave without taking into consideration the diversity of the global population.  

A Wiser and Critical Time-Saving Approach

Therefore, in light of the foregoing diversity which characterizes these countries and peoples all over the globe, and in order to make sure that I don't repeat the mistakes of our forebears and remain blinded by our Western arrogance and condescending behavior toward our fellow human beings across the globe, I have come to the conclusion that the Futuristic City-State Enclave project is best served when every  single human being and government across the globe has a chance to use their own intelligence and initiative in order to contribute to the development of their very own country-oriented Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System.   

The idea is to encourage country and culture-specific innovation from all corners of the world instead of a one-size-fits-all futuristic city-state enclave model.  As well, this will foster a tremendous amount of Innovation and Collaboration between all individual countries so that they can all learn from each other::::"stand on the shoulders of giants" whenever appropriate:::: instead of constantly "having to reinvent the wheel."

The bottom line is this:   Instead of having one country spend a minimum of 25 years developing just one Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System, only to discover later what really works and how and why, then why not open the field to every single country in the world so they can all Learn from and Collaborate with each other on the launch of their very own country-oriented,  futuristic city-state enclave.   

In a Nutshell

The point being, the Collective Knowledge and Experience:::NOT Intelligence:::of all these peoples from all these countries (all 198 of them) will accelerate the time it takes to complete and perfect their very own country's futuristic city-state enclave.  An opportunity for each Collaborator and Country to stand on the shoulders of giants instead of having to reinvent the wheel or wait for another 25 years to see what a futuristic city-state really looks like and its shortcomings. 

There is, however, a limit of One such Futuristic City-State Enclave project per country.

Another Game-Changer Approach

However, to allow every single nation in the world to be able to join the New Virtual Organization Consortium and/or to Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within their own borders :::: and out of respect for these countries :::: I thought it instructive and sensible in light of the world of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS) that we currently live in and today's geopolitical realities, to be flexible with respect to the consortium membership payment mechanism for countries which may seek or prefer to use any of a variety of payment methods for any number of reasons. 

Such reasons may pertain, however, are not limited, to financial, economic, geopolitical, principled geopolitical leadership, national security, and national sovereignty matters.

Thence, although membership registration in the consortium is based on US dollars,  the consortium now also accepts membership dues in US dollar amount equivalent using any of the following currencies or commodities: Russian ruble (₽) ::: Chinese yuan (CN¥) ::: Japanese yen (JP¥) ::: Swiss franc (CHF) ::: South African rand (ZAR) ::: European Euro () ::: Pound sterling (£) ::: Singapore dollar (S$) ::: Kuwaiti dinar (KD) ::: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD) ::: Haitian gourde (G) ::: Mexican peso (Mex$) ::: Gold ::: Silver ::: Platinum ::: Palladium ::: Diamond.   (The consortium will also consider all other currencies and payment methods.)

Answer to Three (3) Trillion Dollar Questions

I am perfectly aware that the following three (3) questions reign supreme in the mind of every single person who has read any of my articles about the aforementioned futuristic city-state enclave or human evolution:  

:::: Q1.  "What in the world is a Civilized World Financial System?"  

:::: Q2.  "What makes you or anyone else qualified to introduce such new financial system to the rest of the world?" ::::  And, last but not least,  

:::: Q3.  "Even if I were to buy into this new concept of a civilized world financial system, where in hell is my country going to get the money (i.e., where is the funding for this project going to come from)  in order to build this so-called Futuristic City-State Enclave?"   

Well, you are neither stupid nor an idiot for thinking about or pondering over these questions.   However, that  being said, I would have to be stupid and an idiot to answer these questions in this article.   

The one and only clue that I can provide to every single world leader who is principled (I know it's only a handful) who is NOT compromised (I know it's only a handful);  who does indeed reflect the best aspirations of their people;  and who is willing to remove the blinders of isolation, power, arrogance, superiority complex,  ignorance, willful ignorance, FEAR, pragmatism, indoctrination, greed, stupidity, and inferiority complex; is that you are NOW in possession of everything that you need:::::and that you also have it within your power:::::to make it possible to build such Futuristic City-State Enclave within the borders of your own country.

Mollifying Your Time Immemorial Concerns About The Deep State and The Cabal

Since time immemorial, millions of terms and expressions have been used throughout the ages in order to describe some bogeyman or dark, sinister force and Luciferian power we now call The Deep State or The Cabal.   An evil force which keeps the entire human race in a state of perpetual slavery and ignorance:::::and which maintains a stranglehold over the entire global financial system.  And that any attempt to undermine the current status quo will result in severe consequences or an untimely end to those who dare to do so.   

I have written extensively on this subject and, therefore, if you have the time or inclination to further explore it, you are welcome to read a very small sample of these documents:   A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders ::  Treatise On Political Evolution :: The Digital Currency Manifesto.

These are very long documents covering hundreds of pages.  Therefore, read them later when you have plenty of time to spare. 

The bottom line is this:   I can assure every single world leader with half a brain that the current powers-that-be of today's global financial system will certainly want to make sure that nobody interferes with the architecture and development of this "Civilized World Financial System" for one simple reason: 

That's because it also happens to be in the best interests of the powers-that-be.   They are NOT stupid.  Once they learn all there is to know about it, they will see how it magnifies their current wealth and power potential (but not over you).  You get to do all the work and they get to watch and see whether or not you succeed.  If you succeed, they win.  If you fail, they also win.  In other words, they have nothing to lose.

This very illuminating March 15, 2018 document (of nearly 30 pages) ::: All Roads Lead to Damascus:: Where All Dreams of a Better World Meet a Fateful End ::: puts it all into perspective for you.  

I know you are confused, however, this is NOT rocket science.  All you need to do is spend the next six (6) months to one year reading the articles listed below under Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution.   In turn, these documents will lead you to over 250 articles and evolutionary documents -  and the light will immediately begin to shine inside your thick and cloudy skull.     

Next Step          

  • If you are currently a world leader but are just cynical or skeptical about what you just read, I don't blame you at all because I understand why.  
For the simple reason that every single global or international institution in the world, including the ones that your country currently belongs to, is in all likelihood one or more of the following:   a circus, a sham, a spectacle, a masquerade, a sorry state of affairs and nothing but a gallery full of imbeciles, clowns, charlatans, sycophants, vassals, lapdogs, wolves in sheep clothing, devils in disguise, smoke and mirrors, airheads, and snake oil salesmen::::always peddling a new basket of gifts and goodies, a lot of pie in the sky, optical illusions, magic potions, feel-good formulas and cure-alls for manufactured ills.  
And thus, you don't really expect us to be any different than the rest; which is a fair and reasonable assessment.  
However, the fact that your country hasn't cancelled its membership in them a long, long time ago can only mean one thing:  You would not be happy at all or comfortable within our midst for the simple reason that we are not at all promising you a bag of gifts and goodies.  Instead, we expect you and your people to give your all for your nation without having to compromise what little is left of your integrity, dignity, independence and sovereignty.   
The journey to a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System promises to be a very long and arduous road that will require a lot of sacrifices.  Moreover, it promises to be the most challenging endeavor in the entire history of mankind. There are no magic wands to waive - and no sponsor, master, or benefactor for you to bend your knees to and get their blessings
Therefore, stay where you are with your masters and fellow mental midgets.  Stay where you feel safe and comfortable. Continue to enjoy the clownish spectacle and carnival of horrors.  All the best!   

However, that being said, not all is lost.  We are not willing to leave anyone behind.  You can still play a very important role in your nation's future.  In which case, I invite you to become a Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level

  • If you are currently a world leader with high hopes for your nation and people, or have high-level access to such a world leader ::: and have nothing to fear or are willing to overcome your deepest fears ::: then click here to submit your interest in Hosting a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within the borders of your own country. (We are clearly aware this is merely a request to learn more and NOT a formal or official request.)
  • If you are merely a humble government official and would like to introduce your colleagues to such a concept, then share the link to this article with them:::::in the hope that it may have a viral effect and eventually reach the desk of your country's leader.  
  • If you are a C-Level Executive with extensive high-level connections in the business world, government, public policy circles and academia,  then share this document with them and invite them to comment on::::and further refer it to whomever they deem appropriate.
  • If you are merely an ordinary citizen and would like to share this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates ::: local government officials; political representatives at the local, city, county, state, provincial and federal levels; and candidates for political office ::: then I welcome your initiative.
  • If you are a so-called oligarch and would like to invest some of your fortune in such Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System, then pause and take a deep breath for one simple reason:   

We have no need for your money.  What we are in short supply of are Collaborators who share the Cause of Human Evolution - and Intelligent Beings::::attributes that no amount of money, power, formal education, social status or privilege can buy. 

On the other hand, you are, however, welcome to request an invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives IF AND ONLY IF you share the Cause of Human Evolution.  (Something that is highly unlikely, however, I could be wrong.)

Please note that each country which seeks to submit an official request to launch a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within their own country MUST be an existing member of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.  

Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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