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Epic Struggle Between "The Free World" and "The Fair World"


The New Virtual Organization World

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Let me cut to the chase and answer the question that all readers are bound to ask:  What is the difference between The Free World and The Fair World

The Free World

Since all of us, old fogies, are pretty much familiar with "The Free World" term, I will not bother to preach to the choir.   In a nutshell, The Free World is strictly a fantasy version of a group of nations and peoples living in a fantastical world whereby justice, freedom and equality prevail.   

However, for the benefit of the younger generation that is not familiar with the term, here is the link to a May 6, 2022 article authored by Peter Slezkine :::: The Trouble With “the Free World” Why It’s a Bad Idea to Revive a Cold War Concept  ::: (not now, you can read it later).

According to Peter Slezkine's bio on Foreign Affairs, "PETER SLEZKINE is a  Postdoctoral Fellow at East China Normal University. He is writing a history of the concept of 'the free world'."

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me turn my attention to "The Fair World" term that, practically, very few people are familiar with.   

The Fair World 

The Fair World term is just a variation and rehash of any old term which has been used since time immemorial in order to highlight a group of nations and peoples which have learned to co-exist with each other during a relative period of Calm, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity.  Of course, this is another fantasy.

The Truth About These Worlds

The sad truth is that there is Nothing Free or Fair about any of these worlds.  They are free and fair In Name Only and are nothing but 2-sides of the same coin.   They are only different colors of chess pieces on a global geopolitical chessboard controlled by players engaged in realpolitik:::geopolitical players:::who are constantly jockeying for advantage, position and an eventual win.   Depending on the skills of the players, combined with a certain amount of luck and providence, both The Free World and The Fair World stand the chance to win a game.   And upon such win, only to go back to rearrange all the pieces on the geopolitical chessboard and then begin the same ritual all over again - until the end of time.    

Why is that, you might ask?  Well, the answer is very simple:  You cannot isolate or contain human nature within a particular ideology, dogma, or terrain.  We are all human beings, and thus, we are who and what we are, irrespective of time and place and whether or not we want to admit itPrimitive And Barbaric Savages ("PABS")

We have yet to make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.   At which point, we would then be able to build a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings wherein there would be no room or refuge for such primitive, barbaric and savage concepts:  The Free World and The Fair World

Nature of Epic Struggle 
The epic struggle we all face comes from within each and every single one of us and has everything to do with Our Intelligence.   Thus, this struggle cannot be::::and will never be::::won on the battlefield or via brute force, color revolutions, and any other sort of hybrid warfare. 
Nor can this battle ever be won through virtue-signaling proclamations, information warfare, and Deep State PsyOps; the formation of political and military blocs and alliances designed to strangle other nations and bring them under total submission; punitive and devastating sanctions; political machinations and all other forms of Machiavellian tactics, psychological maneuvers and stratagems.

In other words, this epic struggle is NOT a battle for hearts and minds, hegemony, unipolarity, multipolarity, a New World Order, a Fair World Order, The Free World or The Fair World.  
This is a battle to Discover Our Own Intelligence - the intelligence within each and every single one of us - so We Can Finally "Begin to Observe the World Around Us As It Truly Isinstead of what we readily perceive or what others want us to see and believe.  
Once that happens, this will allow our Intelligence to begin to flourish and mankind, both individually and as a whole, can then begin to Make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being. 
Benefits of Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being

Once we understand the nature of the struggle that we all face and begin to make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, we will come to realize The State of Mankind As It Truly Is as well as our failure to learn how to govern ourselves since time immemorial.  
I can guarantee you that there is NOT one single human being alive on this entire planet who truly understands what I mean by that.  (And I dare anyone anywhere on this planet who believes that s/he has the Intelligence to take up this challenge.)

And when that time comes, WE (i.e., each and every single one of us) will then come to understand the futility, insanity, destructive and boomerang effects of ::: unholy alliances; institutions and entities seeking to gain hegemony over others - including other nations; individuals, institutions, entities and governments having a monopoly over the use of force;  institutions, entities and governments seeking to achieve technological supremacy over others as well as restrict technological access to others at any global or local level; punitive and devastating sanctions at all levels; engaging in the theft of assets of other individuals, organizations, institutions, any other entities and governments; and the control and restriction of access to the planet's resources.

How We Can Begin to Discover Our Intelligence

So how can we begin to discover our intelligence?   The answer is simpler than you think.  

This MUST be an individual effort on your part instead of a group effort.  In simple terms, this means that you yourself must water your very own "Intelligence Seed" inside of you in order for it to eventually blossom and flourish.  Otherwise, do NOT bother to hold your breath waiting for others to water it for you.  The history of mankind since time immemorial has proven that this will never happen

It's obvious that there is NO one-size-fits-all solution.  What this means is that, assuming that there is an exact number of 8 billion people on this planet, there will be, at the very least, a minimum total of 8 billion dynamic solutions since nothing is static in the universe and everything is subject to change and circumstances.    

In other words, a solution that works for you today, at this point in time, may not necessarily work for you tomorrow.  The same can be said for others who may want to adopt such solution or emulate your efforts. 

As well, you may want to adopt more than one solution at any given point in time.  The key word here is "Flexibility."  After all, that's what Intelligence is all about.   It gives you the flexibility to observe, report, adapt to any circumstances - AND EVOLVE - in a constantly changing environment.  

However, that being said, the main issue that we all face is that we live in a world wherein the seed of Intelligence that is embedded in each and every single human being automatically goes into a state of hibernation immediately upon our delivery at the time of birth, all along hoping and patiently waiting to be awakened at some future date - alas, all to no avail.   

Platform and Framework to Awaken Our Intelligence

For Example, while we are dealing with the subject and issues relating to The Free World and The Fair World, here is One Very Simple Platform and Framework that the entire global population could have access to in order to begin to water their own Intelligence Seed:   

The Platform: or TheFreeWorld.NFT  site or both :::: or TheFairWorld.NFT site or both :::: or OurOwnPath.NFT site or both.      

The Framework:  It's such a very simple concept that it may be too simple for most human beings ("PABS") to grasp. Without further ado, here it is:  

  • The site must be 100% NEUTRAL with respect to Social Status and Social Standing, Religion, Gender, Ideology, Politics, Political Ideology, Political Affiliation, Geopolitics, Nationality, Ethnicity.  In other words, any red-blooded human being alive can participate. 
  • Every single human being who is able to participate can login on any platform using a privacy-oriented, Verifiable Universal Identity controlled by such person. 
  • The Identity of every single participant MUST be verified and encrypted on a 100% decentralized network.  That means, NO central database of any kind and No One on the decentralized network can ever be in a position to obtain access to the personal records of an individual in order to determine their personal or Universal Identity.  However, any participant on a platform ("The Platform") has the option to disclose their own identity if they are willing to pay the consequences for exercising their right to engage in the free expression of thoughts and ideas.  
  • With respect to Content, each platform participant will have the opportunity to state in their very own words their own version of the sort of life in "The Free World" or "The Fair World" that they want to live in.   As well, for those who do not subscribe to the notion of The Free World  or The Fair World, they are free to Choose their Own Path on the "OurOwnPath" platform.   And they can repeat that process for as long as they wish since people's views are guaranteed to change over time due to any number of factors or as they either mature or evolve from an intellectual or human evolution standpoint. 
  • Each platform participant is guaranteed Data Supremacy over their own content.  In other words, this means that the publication of their content cannot and MUST NOT be subject to approval by platform monitors or the whims of others.  Nor can such content be curated, altered or deleted by the platform.  However, each platform participant will have the opportunity to restrict at any time the viewing of their own content on a permission-level basis.   
  • Most importantly, the platform login technology in place must ensure that NO VERIFIED  UNIVERSAL IDENTITY can ever be suspended, banned from, or restricted from accessing the platform for any reason whatsoever.   In other words, it must be technologically impossible to prevent any user with a Verified Universal Identity from accessing the platform for any reason whatsoever.
  • Most importantly, The Platform MUST NOT ALLOW any user to issue "Likes"; to comment on the input of others; to initiate and participate in discussions; to have the ability to report other users; to have the ability to accept invitation from others to become "a follower"; to have the ability to gain or remove "followers"; to have the ability to add subscribers; and, last but not least, to have the ability to engage in any sort of centralized or decentralized financial transactions via access to apps that are directly provided on or through the platform.  (Hang in there, there is a method to this madness.)   
Technology Behind The Platform and The Framework

Please note that the underlying technology for The Platform and The Framework already exists.  It is NOT rocket science or futuristic technology.   Many of these platform and framework pioneers come from the Blockchain and Decentralized Social Media community.  

With respect to "The Platform," both domain names for The Free World and TheFreeWorld.nft:::::are currently available for such project in both versions:  the centralized (.com) version or the decentralized on a blockchain (.nft) version.   

As for the domains for The Fair World and TheFairWorld.nft::::both are also currently available for such project in both versions:  the centralized (.com) version or the decentralized on a blockchain (.nft) version.

And with respect to the domains for Our Own Path and OurOwnPath.nft::::they are also available in both the centralized (.com) and decentralized on a blockchain (.nft) versions. 

Disclaimer:  Please note that the foregoing availability info for The Platform is accurate as of the publication date of this article and is subject to change without notice.          
With respect to "The Framework," the aforementioned Verifiable Universal Identity technology already exists.  In fact, right off the top of my head, I can think of quite a number of organizations who claim to have already invented such technology.   Although I am loathe to make any formal recommendation of any service provider for quite a number of reasons, including from a legal and ethical standpoint, there is, however, among such number of organizations, the Dock Team at, which particularly comes to mind.  According to a most recent email received, "Dock provides a platform to issue verifiable credentials and decentralized identities using blockchain."    
The point being, there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel.     

The Idea Behind "The Platform"

It's all about choice.  The .com domain and website can be seized by nefarious forces and its content can be deleted or removed from the internet.  Whereas the .nft domain and website is 100% immune from the vagaries and dictates of those who object to the free expression of thoughts and ideas which may eventually result in the march of mankind toward human evolution. 

The Idea Behind "The Framework"

This sort of framework is designed to cause you to finally begin to learn the following:  How to Think for YourselfHow to Reflect on your own thoughts and ideas;  How to Reflect on what others have to say; How to Control Your Impulses upon exposure to any sort of information, regardless of how pleasing or abhorrent it may seem; How to Resist the Urge and Need to Conform;  How to Resist the Urge and Need for others to approve and validate your thoughts and ideas; How to Resist the Urge and Need to Follow Others;  How to Avoid Incestuous Relationships with those who strictly share your thoughts and ideas and thus would cause you to become constricted to a limited world view, and therefore limit your ability to grow and evolve; And, last but not least,  How to Lead Yourself.    

The net effect of this framework will cause you to awaken your Intelligence which has been in a state of hibernation since birth so that you can begin to see and explore the world around you and try to make sense of it.   You'll increasingly find yourself in the position of NOT having to rely on what others think and how they feel about things and thence begin to use Your Own Intelligence more and more as you seek answers to the questions that demand an answer.   

The foregoing process is what I call "Watering the Seed of Intelligence" which resides within each and every single one of us so that it can eventually blossom into our very own Tree of Intelligence and thence generate a bountiful harvest which will allow us to Make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.    

Once you are able to make such transition, this will put you firmly on a path toward the Dawn of Human Evolution.  And Our Ultimate Goal is Human Evolution.  

Potential Facilitators of This Epic Struggle

The most important question we all need to ask at this point is:  Who are the potential facilitators of discussions regarding this epic struggle?

First and foremost, the most important facilitator of this discussion is "You yourself and no other."  In a nutshell, this means that the only Platform and Framework that you need in order to engage in this epic struggle is Your Own Mind.   Everything else is just icing on the cake. 

As to potential facilitators who may have an interest in securing the foregoing domain names ( :: TheFreeWorld.nft :: The :: TheFairWorld.nft :: :: OurOwnPath.nft for the express purpose of contributing to the launch of The Platform and The Framework, I can think of quite a few in order of relevance and importance:
  • Prestigious Universities Worldwide
    • East China Normal University :: Peking University (PKU) :: Tsinghua University :: University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) :: Fudan University
    • Harvard :: Yale :: Princeton :: Columbia :: UPenn
    • Saint Petersburg State University :: Lomonosov Moscow State University :: Novosibirsk State University :: Tomsk State University 
    • Universit√© PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) :: Sorbonne University :: Ecole Polytechnique :: Ecole Normale Sup√©rieure de Lyon
    • University of Oxford :: University of Cambridge :: Imperial College London
  • Leading Public Policy Research Institutes
  • Leading Public Policy Research Publishers
  • Political, Military and Economic Alliances
    • European Union
    • NATO
    • African Union
    • BRICS+
    • SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization)
    • Eurasian Economic Union
  • Leading Capital Markets Institutions
  • Leading Public Policy Research Universities
  • Venture Capital Organizations 
  • BigTech Companies (that are too big to fail) 
    • Apple :: Huawei :: Microsoft  :: Tencent :: Alphabet (parent of Google) :: Baidu :: Meta (parent of Facebook) :: Alibaba Group :: Amazon :: Foxconn :: Netflix :: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing :: Tesla, etc.
  • Space Exploration Organizations
    • SpaceX
    • Blue Origin
    • Roscomos
    • Virgin Galactic
    • NASA
    • European Space Agency
  • Political Science Research Institutes
  • Social Sciences Research Institutes
  • Philanthropists 
  • Philanthropical Foundations
  • Political Scions
  • Non-Partisan Think Tanks
  • Political Evolution-Oriented Think Tanks
  • Cultural Evolution-Oriented Think Tanks
  • Human Evolution-Oriented Think Tanks
  • Governments (Evolution-Oriented)
    • Supreme Courts Worldwide
    • Parliaments Worldwide
    • Executive Branch of Government Worldwide
  • Smart Cities Architects and Developers
  • Futuristic City Architects and Developers
  • Futuristic City-State Enclave Architects and Developers
  • Global Investment Banking Firms
  • Central Banks Worldwide
What All Potential Facilitators Want to Know About This Epic Struggle

There is one thing that these potential facilitators all have in common:  They all want to know::or would want to know:::how they all stand to be affected by the outcome of this Epic Struggle between The Free World (that they are already very familiar with) versus "The Fair World" that none of them have a clue as to what the hell it is all about.   

Thus, these facilitators don't want to be caught by surprise in the middle of a whirlwind of an emerging world order that is "fuzzy at best."  Hence, it is in their own best interests to be able to gauge in real-time people's real sentiments regarding the emergence of this Fair World and other Potential Worlds for those of us who seek to follow Our Own Path :: and these people's expectations :: so that they can prepare themselves and plan accordingly. 

As previously outlined, "The Platform" and "The Framework" fulfill such need. They allow each and every single platform participant to express themselves in real-time in a totally unfiltered environment without any sort of apprehension, intimidation, or fear of severe repercussions.  
The data obtained and the exposure received from being at the forefront of these new and historic developments is priceless for industry, academia, government as well as all public policy researchers and policymakers worldwide.     
Transparency Notice to All Potential Facilitators

In order to maintain the integrity of the content of this document, please note that I have a personal interest in some of the foregoing domain names that are available for "The Platform" - one or more dating back to over more than a couple of decades.   Therefore, should you be inclined to become a Potential Facilitator for "The Platform" and "The Framework" and would prefer to choose a different domain name than the ones that are currently available, you are more than welcome to select any variation of the aforementioned domain names from any domain registrar you have a relationship with.  

NEXT STEP For All Potential Facilitators

Since I recuse myself from any direct involvement with any potential facilitator with regard to such domains, feel free to proceed directly to the appropriate domain registrar listed on the internet for any of these domain names ( :: TheFreeWorld.nft :: The ::  TheFairWorld.nft :: :: OurOwnPath.nft).  With respect to any NFT domain inquiry, it will be referred to an appropriate third party.   

With respect to any technology provider for "The Framework," please note that, besides my enrollment on their respective platform as an observer or potential client, I have absolutely no personal, beneficial or financial interest in the promotion of their products and services; nor have I ever had any discussions or communication with anyone within their organization.

Next Step for Potential Collaborators

The following entities are ideal for any individual, organization or government that wishes to become a Collaborator:
Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution
Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:

Let Us Manifest!

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