Wednesday, December 14, 2022

CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? - Part 6


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Theme of Part 6 :::: CloudCoin:  Going Forward Strategy for The Little Engine That Could

For reference purposes, please note that this final article represents Part 6 of a 6-Part Series of articles designed to answer this critical and overarching question about CloudCoin:  Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you read Part 5 of this 6-Part series :::: CloudCoin:  Is It A Ponzi Scheme? - Part 5  :::: Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home :::: in order to gain a better insight into the theme of this final article. 

Within the Part 5 article, I sought to point out within::::Fact #1.  Realities of Current Global Financial System::::the monumental, nearly impossible, and Sisyphean task of architecting, engineering, building and trying to move up a hill the locomotive and engine of a new global financial system which would allow our current civilization to escape from the clutches and tyranny of the current global financial system and help chart a course toward a new and final destination:  The Digital Currency World.

I also emphasized that the original CloudCoin digital currency can be The Little Engine That Could help move this locomotive and engine of a new global financial system::::now stalled on the tracks of the current global financial system leading to Damascus::::on a new track leading to a climb up a very steep hill away from Damascus and toward a new destination:  The Digital Currency World.

A Confession

Of course, this is not for the faint of heart and, honestly speaking, from a global standpoint, I really don't expect more than 30 committed idealists to even attempt to undertake such task.   It's just too monumental, to say the least.  Moreover, even for the most hardcore of them all who are willing to give it a try, they most likely wouldn't know where and how to begin.

As for existing original CloudCoin stakeholders, here is the most shocking admission of all:  Finding more than a handful of them::::more like between 4-8::::who are able to understand the size and scope of such endeavor and thus would be willing to collaborate with each other::::is akin to trying to resurrect Lazarus (i.e., bring Lazarus back from the dead).

Which most likely brings you to the following question:   "Pierre, that being case, why did you bother to write a total of six (6) articles when the chances of your message getting through to those who stand to benefit the most from them and embark in such direction are just about nil to none?"

The answer is simple:  
It's all about the Cause.   If the founders of our nation took a poll in order to find out how many patriots were among them prior to either making the decision to obtain their independence from Great Britain or write the Declaration of Independence, then they would still be waiting.  The same applies to all leading and influential figures of various movements throughout the entire history of mankind.    
For the Sake of Posterity

Thus, I write not to be understood by a certain number of people.  Nor do I write for the sake of writing a best-seller on a publisher's list or on the basis of how many readers, clicks, followers - and fortune - I am able to amass.  The information that I provide is not only timely but also timeless and priceless.  Any original CloudCoin stakeholder or any future bona fide digital currency stakeholder can benefit from this information free of charge.

In other words, this information applies to anyone who may want to develop a bona fide digital currency in the future. 

Thus, I write only for the sake of posterity.  Hence, a perfect time for me to segue into the next topic of this discussion.  

A Tribute to the Gods of the Digital Currency World

When the story of the Digital Currency World is written, there will be, without a doubt,  many historians, archeologists and scientists throughout the universe of social sciences who will want to know or determine the identity of (1) some of the main actors who initially developed the basic concept of a bona fide digital currency; (2) those who undertook the task of creating the first prototype; and, last but not least, (3) those who, in good faith, took the idea as far as they could, taking into account their own limitations.   Hence, the identity of the gods of the Digital Currency World. 

When I say, gods, that does not mean that they all Had a Cause; Are or Were Wise, Paragons of Virtue, All-Knowing, Omnipotent, or Omnipresent.  That only means that they lit the original bonfire; had embarked on a path in good faith; and went as far as each one of them could, taking into account their own individual limitations.   That's all that anyone could possibly ask of them.  

It is not about whether they all had a cause and vision and succeeded in their mission; or had arrived at their purported or intended destination.   Wherever they leave off and whenever they are not able to proceed and have no choice but to pass the baton on to us, it's up to each and every single one of us who stands to benefit from the cause or vision, as well as all future generations, to keep that bonfire lit, and to grab that baton and take it as far as we can.  Thus, this relay race ends once we get to our final destination.

In other words, the gods are fallible like everyone else.  They are flawed like everyone else.  They can be weak like everyone else.  They make mistakes like everyone else.  They suffer from lapses of good judgment like everyone else.  They veer away from their original path like everyone else when, in a moment of weakness, they believe that circumstances so warrant.   And when they do, we all have a duty and responsibility to call them out on it.    And in so doing, we help them along with their task, whether or not they like it or care to hear about it.   
They are not immortal.  Instead, it is their deeds which are immortal and thus will forever 
live not only in our minds today but also in the annals of history for all future generations.

Thus, without further ado, let me now mention some of the gods of the Digital Currency World:

  • Sean Worthington.  The inventor of the original CloudCoin, the world's first and only bona fide digital currency which meets the Digital Currency Manifesto requirements for a bona fide digital currency.  However, it does not meet the requirements for a perfect bona fide digital currency.  It has many miles to go in order to meet such requirements.
  • Robert "Bob" Cefail.   Producer, Internet Marketer Extraordinaire, and the 21st century version of P.T. Barnum.  Think of Bob Cefail as the Bilal ibn Rabah al-Habashi of the Digital Currency World.   A most loyal, faithful, and trusted companion of Sean Worthington who used to call the CloudCoin faithful to prayer every Thursday afternoon on a weekly basis in order to captivate them with his latest sermons and to lavish the most colorful praises on CloudCoin.  

In fact, for at least a couple of years, I made it a point to attend as many of these online Thursday sessions as possible.  I can honestly say that Bob Cefail was very instrumental and indispensable in getting the word out to the CloudCoin faithful in order to prevent them from losing faith or going astray during the most critical years since the launch of CloudCoin.   As well, he introduced CloudCoin to his extensive network of contacts in the entertainment industry, including Kevin Harrington, Jenny McCarthy, Doug E. Fresh, etc. 

Without Bob, it can truly be said that the original CloudCoin would have perished long ago.  Bob brought the entire cavalry to the battle. 

Thus, the Digital Currency World owes much to Bob Cefail's previous efforts and we should all thank him for his prior contribution to the original CloudCoin.   He did the best he could under the circumstances for the original CloudCoin when he was needed the most - and that's all that anyone could ever ask for.  A good man indeed.

  • Kevin Harrington.   Kevin is the creator of the infomercial and one of the original cast members of the Shark Tank "television show." He has been a prominent supporter of CloudCoin since Bob Cefail's introduction.  He lent his name and fame toward giving the founder of CloudCoin the sort of recognition and acknowledgement that the original CloudCoin needed to have in order to break through the noise and gain some traction.  That certainly played a part in my initial decision to support CloudCoin.  He did the best he could for CloudCoin when he was needed the most.  Whether or not the original CloudCoin comes back from the dead, Kevin's name will forever be linked to the Digital Currency World.  I'll make sure of that.   An awesome individual and collaborator. 
  • Adrian Niculescu.   A die-hard supporter of the original Cloudcoin since its early days and its Leading Evangelist throughout all of Europe.  A one-man CloudCoin Europe operation, Adrian had gone way above and beyond the call of duty in order to spread the Gospel of Saint CloudCoin to the European business flock.  A big hurrah to Adrian.            
  • Jennifer McCarthy Wahlberg ("Jenny McCarthy").  Jenny is an American model, actress and television personality who has been a big supporter of CloudCoin  since Bob Cefail's introduction.
  • Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Jr. ("Steve Forbes").   Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.   For quite a number of years since the launch of CloudCoin, Steve has been or was a passive supporter of the original CloudCoin through his various appearances at the CloudCoin display booth during each Annual FreedomFest festival in order to pause for group pictures with CloudCoin team members.   That also played a part in my initial decision to support CloudCoin.  
According to the FreedomFest website, "FreedomFest is the annual festival where free minds meet to celebrate freedom in an open-minded environment. It is independent, non-partisan, and not officially affiliated with any organization or think tank."  
(Please note that I am not at all aware if Steve has ever acquired any original CloudCoin for his own personal portfolio.  Nor am I aware of any direct endorsement of the original CloudCoin by him or any affiliated company 
::: or of the new CloudCoin "CC" listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.)   

  • Carlos Mena.  Alternate Director of CloudCoin Consortium SV and member of the CloudCoin World group on Telegram.  A very patient and astute observer, diplomat, strategist, strong supporter and tireless advocate of the original CloudCoin since 2017.  He had been very adept at the use of his diplomatic skills and business acumen in order to help push forward the original CloudCoin agenda.  
  • Robert Kimani Nduge.   Alternate Director of CloudCoin Consortium SV.  He is also a member and administrator of the CloudCoin World group on Telegram.  His commitment, devotion and effort on behalf of CloudCoin is unparalleled and goes way above and beyond the call of duty.   The sort of poker player who goes all in and lets the chips fall where they may.  Whether or not the new CloudCoin "CC" survives, he has firmly planted his foot in the Digital Currency World and history will treat him kindly.
  • Dale Krueger.   President of the newly formed CloudCoin Consortium SV.  A visionary and strategic leader with a very strong business acumen who maintains a very low profile.  A tip of the spear for the original CloudCoin and the new CloudCoin ("CC").  Thus far, his actions reflect a certain amount of wisdom and strategic resolve which may leave a lasting impact in the Digital Currency World.       
  • Brent Barrand.  A member, daily contributor, and administrator of the CloudCoin World group on Telegram.  A loyal soldier and devout follower of the CloudCoin agenda.   His daily presence on CloudCoin World contributes in more ways than one to the heartbeat of CloudCoin::::by extension, the Digital Currency World.  Forever the optimist with a calm and reassuring demeanor.
  • Keith Kennon.   A member and daily contributor to the CloudCoin World group on Telegram.  A Knight, Crusader and Defender of the CloudCoin Realm.  Forever inquisitive and always a stable and positive force with respect to keeping the group alive and flowing in a positive direction.
  • The Unknown Sofware Developers and All Other Unsung Heroes of CloudCoin.  Whoever and wherever you are throughout the globe, rest assured that your contribution to CloudCoin has left a strong legacy in the Digital Currency World. You are always welcome to step forward and join Digital Currency Consortium if you believe that you have much more to offer to the original CloudCoin and would like to gain recognition for your contribution to the Digital Currency World.
Of course, it goes without saying that the entire Digital Currency World owes a great deal to the early adopters of the original CloudCoin.  

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

For those of you who have read Part 1-5 of the 6-Part Series of articles about CloudCoin, I know you may probably be confused by the message of grace and gratitude in this article that I have conveyed to everyone who has been instrumental in the launch and support of the original CloudCoin.    

Well, there is no need to be.  So, let me put you at ease with my maternal grandmother's old saying:   
Just because you don't like dogs doesn't mean that you can't acknowledge the fact that most of them have white teeth.
The point being, no one is perfect or infallible.  Therefore, honesty demands that we give credit to others when and where credit is due.  Likewise, sunlight is the best disinfectant in the world, therefore, as a matter of principles, we should not hesitate to shine the light or expose to sunlight any actions or events which require transparency. 

Time for Retrospection

Sometimes, the answers that we seek are much closer and available to us than we think when we take the time to ask some simple questions.   Therefore, with respect to the original CloudCoin and the foregoing contributors:::the "gods of the Digital Currency World"::::all we need to do is ask the following simple questions: 

  • Retrospection #1.   Of all the people in the world, it's quite obvious that::::other than Sean Worthington himself, the inventor of CloudCoin::::there is absolutely no one in the world who would be more interested in seeing the original CloudCoin succeed beyond their wildest dreams.   Thus, one can only conclude that, in his mind, he firmly believes that all his actions to date are geared toward the success of CloudCoin and, therefore, are in his best interests.  

Consequently, what makes any of us think that there is something that we can say or do that would, in effect, cause him to do something that, in his mind, he believes to be against his best interests?          

Now, all you need to do is make the same preceding observation and ask that very same question; except that, this time around, substitute the words him/his with me/my. 

And when I substitute Sean's name with mine in this hypothetical CloudCoin scenario, guess what my answer to that question is: "Nada.  Zilch. I would proceed with my CloudCoin agenda."  

In fact, in real life, I have been in that situation at least hundreds of times, and my answer has always been, "None. Not a damn thing can be said to cause me to do something that, in my mind, I believe to be against my best interests.

  • Retrospection #2.  If any of us believe that there is nothing that anyone could say or do to cause us to willingly do something that we believe to be against our own best interests, then what makes any of us think that Sean Worthington would be any different?
  • Retrospection #3.  I know that many of you would say, "But Pierre, you've spent the last 5 years writing about CloudCoin; its revolutionary attributes; its Basic Intrinsic Value; and how it can and should co-exist with the current global financial system.   As well, you've spent all these years railing against the mishaps, misadventures, and disasters of the original CloudCoin Leadership Team - warning against all impending dangers."

Therefore, in light of Retrospection #1 and 2, you might be inclined to ask, "Then, why did you even bother to write all these articles, including this 6-Part Series of articles on CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme?"  

Well, here is the answer to your observation and question:   

There is indeed a method to the madness.  When I first came across the original CloudCoin project and had a chance to fully evaluate its potential, its current trajectory and the current team, 40 years of experience had already taught me that there wasn't a snowball chance in hell for me to have any meaningful impact on the current leadership team with respect to helping to chart a new direction that would lead to the success of CloudCoin as a truly bona fide digital currency with 100% cash attributes.    

(I am not just making this up.  I have already discussed that at length or in passing in just about every single article that I have ever written about CloudCoin, including the previous article.) 

Therefore, my articles, including this final article of the 6-Part Series of articles, have really never been about the Ghosts of CloudCoin Past and CloudCoin Present.   They have always been about the Ghost of CloudCoin Future.  

(Please note that, unless stated otherwise, all CloudCoin references in this document pertain to the original CloudCoin.)

Thence, it is entirely possible::::in fact, it is highly probable::::that none of the aforementioned "gods of the Digital Currency World" will have a role to play in CloudCoin Future.    

On the other hand, since miracles do happen from time to time, it is entirely conceivable that one or more of the "gods of the Digital Currency World" may play a role in CloudCoin Future.   

Therefore, the substantive question that you need to ask yourself is this:  Do I really have a burning desire to play a role in CloudCoin Future?   And the only person who can answer that question is none other than you yourself. 

  • Retrospection #4.   In light of the current CloudCoin Consortium SV Team's focus on the new CloudCoin "CC" :::: any existing or potential original CloudCoin stakeholder might be inclined to ask, "How can there ever be an original CloudCoin Future?"  

Well, the answer is simpler than you think.   Sean himself has made it known in numerous pronouncements that the existing infrastructure for the original CloudCoin, at the very least, remains intact now and for the foreseeable future (i.e., within the next few years or so).  What he has also clearly stated is that he will not be supporting the original CloudCoin in terms of new infrastructure costs, software upgrades and other applications.  

However, that being said, he has left it up to those who believe in the orthodoxy of the original CloudCoin, in accordance with the Gospel of The Digital Currency Manifesto, to use their own financial and human resources in order to maintain its current infrastructure, conduct research and application innovation, and provide support services - which is very fair and sensible

What Sean is really saying in both black and white and in more words than one is:  "If you don't have any faith in the new direction we have taken and you truly believe that you can do better::::and, by the way, Pierre, Mister Genius, that goes for you too::::then you are welcome to do so at your own expense and efforts.  And, at the end of the day, we can all see for ourselves with our very own eyes who made the wiser or correct decision."

Sean is 100% correct for the simple reason that I abhor any sort of tyranny:  be it the tyranny of the majority or the minority.   To force anyone to go in a particular direction without being able to opt out is incompatible with what I preach on a daily basis: Learning How to Lead Yourself and Principled Geopolitical Leadership.    
Thus, I strongly endorse and applaud that new CloudCoin ("CC") opt-out approach with respect to all holders of the original CloudCoin. That is a masterful "heads I win, tails you lose" strategy.  That is the sort of challenge that any CloudCoin stakeholder who believes in the orthodoxy of the original CloudCoin should relish. 
It's a healthy and sensible approach to resolving this schism in the CloudCoin community.  That's what I call a "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" bet for any holder of a substantial number of the original CloudCoin - as well as for ALL "the gods of the Digital Currency World."  

The bottom line is this:   If the Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin turns out to be a spectacular success, with the Basic Intrinsic Value of the original CloudCoin (currently in the 4-figure range) being observed by all participating members of Digital Currency Consortium, then ALL original CloudCoin holders who still have any original CloudCoin left, will be flocking to the CloudCoin Whales in droves in order to adopt this strategy.  

The only problem is this:  Other than through comments and rumors from reliable and unreliable sources, no one outside the circle of those who have opted to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy will be able to know whether or not it is a spectacular success or a big flop.    

On the other hand, if the Going Forward Strategy turns out to be a Big Flop and Mister Genius Pierre winds up with eggs all over his face (i.e., gets a strong dose of his own medicine), then ALL original CloudCoin holders will abandon this strategy in droves faster than a bat out of hell, and then proceed to convert their original CloudCoin to the new CloudCoin "CC" for listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.  And then breathe a big sigh of relief that Sean Worthington didn't pay any attention to Pierre's concerns and admonitions - and stuck to his new game plan.          

There is, however, a third possible scenario.  It could be that both the Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin and the CloudCoin Consortium SV strategy for the new CloudCoin ("CC") turn out to be a Big Flop.   In which case, both Pierre and Sean would throw in the towel and say to each other, "Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles!" and then call it a day and the end of an experiment - and a teachable moment for all.        

In Conclusion:  All it takes is One Substantial Holder of the original CloudCoin to choose the Going Forward Strategy option and begin to chart a path in that direction, effective immediately.   The Ghost of CloudCoin Future awaits those who truly want to be there.    

  • Retrospection #5.   Having read Retrospection #1-4, I know that many original CloudCoin holders would be inclined to ask the following question:  
But Pierre, if it is that simple to choose CloudCoin Future, then why not choose it today for yourself since all that is required is One Substantial Holder of the original CloudCoin?           

The simple answer is, "I chose CloudCoin Future over 5 years ago."  The proof lies in the tremendous body of work done, the amount of digital currency research conducted, and all the documents I have written over the past 5 years that are included on the Web, including this 6-Part Series of articles on CloudCoin.   And in the grand scheme of things, that is only the beginning - just the tip of the iceberg.  In short, all my digital currency world efforts over the years have also been about this CloudCoin Future.    Many of the references are included in this document and elsewhere on the VOM Institute Repository.

The bottom line is this:  CloudCoin Future is not about waving some magic wand or writing hundreds to thousands of lines of code; conducting viral marketing on social media; attending networking and promotional events; and getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges - and voila!   

It is about a very simple formula which requires a great deal of effort and intelligence.  It is not for the bottom-dwellers, insecure, lazy and faint of heart.

Hence the reason why I tried as best I could in the Part 5 article::::CloudCoin:  Is It A Ponzi Scheme? - Part 5  :::: Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home :::: to be as brutally frank as possible in order to chase away every single original CloudCoin stakeholder whom I believe would not be fully onboard with respect to the content of this article - our Going Forward Strategy for the Original CloudCoin.   

In other words, I don't want to waste anybody's time with this article.  It is strictly targeted to a very small group of people that you can actually count on your fingers, and still have fingers left to spare.   

Time to Discuss the Going Forward Strategy

First and foremost, let me start out with the following caveat:
No matter how brilliant we may think we are, there is no such thing as a perfect plan.   As the old saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes." 
Therefore, in a world of Infinite Circumstances, Infinite Possibilities and Limitless Outcomes, Luck is the only determining factor for those who eventually get to carry and display the Banner of Success and Triumph.
Thus, "Those Whom Luck Favors reap the Fruits of Strategy."  

What this means is that I am not at all under the illusion that there is some sort of One-Size-Fits-All Strategy that will guarantee success to anyone.  Nor am I deluded into thinking that I am smarter than everybody else out there, and thus require that this going forward strategy be followed to the letter or else failure is right around the corner.  

This strategy is merely based on the fact that (1) I've played this game before; (2) I've traveled on this road before; (3) I know the difference between North and South and East West and thus can tell with absolute certainty in which direction that someone is going based on the road that this person is traveling on.  THAT IS ALL! 

Therefore, when a group of people invite me to join them on a trip to Wonderland which is located in the South and I can clearly see that they are on a road going North, I have an obligation to tell them that the road they are on will certainly lead them somewhere else - and, most certainly, not to Wonderland.   

However, that being said, even if the entire caravan were to heed my warnings, change course and proceed in a southerly direction, I would not be able to guarantee to any of them that it would reach Wonderland - its final destination.    

Why is that, you might ask?  Well, that is because this road then traveled could now be saturated with bandits; is now full of potholes; has become the domain of a variety of deadly predators; and has since turned into a very inhospitable landscape.  In other words, shit happens, and no one has yet come up with a way to predict the future. 

The bottom line is this:  When you are willing to take a chance, it has to be because it truly means that much to you; the person who really stands to benefit is YOU; and thus, you deserve whatever good fortune comes your way.  Thence, if you succeed, the person who truly deserves the credit is YOU - not me.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me go over the main components of this Going Forward Strategy.  

Main Components of Going Forward Strategy

Facts # 1-10 outlined in Part 5 of this 6-Part Series of articles: 

  • Fact #1.  Realities of Current Global Financial System
  • Fact #2.  A Full Spectrum View of Each Country Is a Requirement
  • Fact #3.  Social System Appreciation
  • Fact #4.  Geopolitical Realities of Each Country
  • Fact #5.  Geopolitical Leadership of Each Country
  • Fact #6.  Principled Geopolitical Leadership: The Fascia of the Digital Currency World
  • Fact #7.  A Clear Understanding of the Difference Between a Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Is a Must
  • Fact #8.  A Profound Understanding of the Difference Between Cause, Mission, and Vision
  • Fact #9.   A Clear Understanding of the Need for Political Evolution
  • Fact #10.  CloudCoin Leadership's Awareness of Facts #1-9  
The foregoing facts must be taken into account when devising a comprehensive Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin.   Although it looks like a bullet point list of agenda items, going over the details of each specific fact would require hundreds of pages.  Thus, I will limit my discussion to the following Clues #1-10 which are intended to provide you with some insights into how these Facts fit into the grand scheme of things with respect to the Going Forward Strategy.         

Clues #1-10 on Current and Potential CloudCoin Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Clue #1.   When you join the military, what is the very first thing that you learn how to do the minute that you land at a military training base after you have been greeted by your training instructor? (I guess some of you can tell that I am a US Air Force veteran.)  
Answer:   You learn how to listen and march (i.e., walk in unison).  The first step begins with the left foot.  
With respect to CloudCoin, this first step begins with a Cause.  At the very least, that means one or more key players and Collaborators must Share the Same Cause.  Absent such Cause, they will soon begin to bump into each other, get distracted, and start to go off in their own direction or in multiple directions(As is now the case.)

For Example, 

In an ideal world, the launch of CloudCoin would involve the following in order of priority:  Cause, Vision, Mission, Grand Scheme of Things

  • Cause.   What is your Cause?  What are you fighting for?  Why is it worth fighting for?  What sacrifices are you willing to make?  Are you willing to fight to the bitter end? (Not taught in business school.) 
  • Vision.    What do you want to see in place after this battle is over? 
  • Mission.  What is the strategy and plan you are going to devise and execute in order to realize your Vision.  
  • Grand Scheme of Things.   How does your Cause fit into the Grand Scheme of Things? What noble purpose does it serve for humanity as a whole?   How does it propel you and your organization to greater things?   How does the realization of your Vision serve as a springboard to greater heights?     (Not taught in business school.)  

Thus, the following is critical information that all members of the CloudCoin Leadership Team and its Collaborators should have been aware of and bought into:

What is the Cause of CloudCoin's Leadership Team?  Frankly, I have absolutely no idea.    

What is My Cause?   It's Human Evolution.   Therefore, in a perfect world where there is no room for friction between the members of CloudCoin's leadership team and its supporters and Collaborators, we would all share the cause of Human Evolution.

Hence the reason for the huge disconnect between CloudCoin Consortium and my own  organization::::and the reason for this 6-Part Series of articles about CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? 

What is the CloudCoin Vision?   I have absolutely no idea.    Implicitly, Sean's numerous social media appearances and live venue presentations seemed to indicate that the launch of this CloudCoin digital currency was just the tip of the spear with respect to the building or architecting of a new global financial system based on data supremacy. 

What is My Vision?   A New Global Civilization Based on a "Civilized World Financial System."    I saw the original CloudCoin as a pontoon bridge to this "Civilized World Financial System" I have already architected.  Of course, the passage of time proved how wrong I was in my initial excitement about CloudCoin!  I failed to practice what I preach.   

Thus, the reason why the launch of CloudCoin immediately grabbed my attention.  Of course, the rest is history.   Hence, the moral of the story is:  Never assume anything.   Always do your due diligence no matter how sure you think you are about anything.   

What is the CloudCoin Mission?    To offer a :::: "theoretically “perfect” global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined, or lost. Your actions are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. Like the Internet itself, it cannot be brought down by governments, hackers, or even nuclear weapons," :::: according to the CloudCoin Consortium website.  
Here is a condensed version I took the liberty to prepare:  To offer a "theoretically perfect," 100% private, global digital currency with data supremacy. 

What is My Mission?   Formulate the Strategy, Master Plan and Implementation of a Collaborative Effort to Build a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System.  Such mission will incorporate the virtual organization management discipline, principled geopolitical leadership, the introduction of the concept of political evolution and the need for mankind to work toward Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  

Again, thus the reason why I saw CloudCoin as a pontoon bridge to this "Civilized World Financial System" I have architected.   My sincere hope and expectations were that the lessons learned from CloudCoin's  successful implementation in today's Digital Currency World would serve as a "standing on the shoulders of giants" opportunity for the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System.   

The Grand Scheme of Things for CloudCoin.   With respect to the Cause of CloudCoin, I have absolutely no idea what their Cause is; nor do I know anything at all about their Grand Scheme of Things, if any.

The Grand Scheme of Things for Myself.   With respect to the Cause of Human Evolution, in the Grand Scheme of Things, I see a world of Intelligent Beings who are able to travel side-by-side with the Creator throughout the Cosmos in order to marvel at the beauty of Creation. (The Grand Scheme of Things is always based on idealism instead of today's reality. It represents the end of the rainbow that we should all seek to reach and can never reach.) 

In Summary

As we have all seen and experienced with the original CloudCoin Leadership Team, every single time The Very First Step begins on the wrong foot, Chaos, Disorder, Disaster, and Failure are sure to follow.  

Therefore, it behooves us all ::::The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders  (the "CloudCoin Whales"):::: who seek to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin to ensure that The Very First Step begins on the correct foot.  

Thus, you must be able to address each of the following in order of priority: (1) Cause, (2) Vision, (3) Mission, and (4) The Grand Scheme of Things.      

  • Clue #2.   The CloudCoin Leadership Team is trying to use social media in order to market the CloudCoin digital currency to a cryptocurrency audience.  (Fast forwarding to five years later, when will they ever be able to acknowledge their failure?)  
Answer:   There is nothing sinister or dumb or stupid about their approach.  They are just following long established protocols as well as time-tested and proven scripts and formulas on how to market a cryptocurrency (not digital currency) to a segment of the global population interested in cryptocurrencies.  
Honestly, they are merely doing the best they can with what they have, based on what they know.   
The point being, there is absolutely no precedent in the world for a revolutionary technology with data supremacy that is used to create a bona fide global digital currency with 100% cash attributes that is "theoretically perfect" and 100% private.  
Thus, they are in a quandary and have been left with a burden:::and make no mistake about it, with the exception of a handful of people, it's a much heavier burden than anyone can imagine::::to be the trailblazers with respect to putting in place the proper mechanism for the development of the soft and hard infrastructure needed to accommodate such bona fide digital currency technology.  
Such trailblazing also extends to the establishment of strategies, scripts and formulas on how to introduce a bona fide digital currency (NOT cryptocurrency) to a variety of prospective and potential digital currency stakeholders that will stand the test of time. 

In other words, this isn't about creating another exchange strictly for CloudCoin or any other CloudCoin-like digital currency.   Or some Ethereum-like platform where a string of "CloudCoin-like digital currencies" could be built upon.  
In terms of our Going Forward Strategy, that would be a colossal disaster of epic proportions.     

To underscore the magnitude and importance of such task::::which has global security architecture, principled geopolitical leadership, political evolution, and global financial system implications::::that is the sort of endeavor which cannot:::and must not:::be conducted via social media.  
Once you understand who your prospective digital currency stakeholders really are, you will come to the realization that they will frown upon such social media activities and shun any connection with your organization.  
Nor can such task be relegated or delegated to "traditional or internet marketing and business development executives or cryptocurrency marketing and promotion executives." Such endeavor can only be pursued in a Confidential manner with extreme prejudice

At the onset, that will require a complete news blackout regarding such activities. 

In all due fairness to Sean and others, to expect the CloudCoin Leadership Team or Cloudcoin Consortium SV or RAIDATech to also assume such Herculean task::::or to even attempt to proceed in such direction::::is sheer madness.  

That is the sort of task that only current CloudCoin stakeholders::::who own a significant number of the original CloudCoin AND share the implied Mission of CloudCoin::::should undertake either on their own initiative or collectively through some sort of formal or informal Collaboration in a Virtual Organization Leadership environment. 

In other words, the original members of this group of current CloudCoin stakeholders who choose to become such Digital Currency Trailblazers in order to engage in such Collaboration must be The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders.    

They are not your typical fence sitters keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for a miracle.          

Hence the reason why I stated at the very beginning of this document under the "A Confession" heading the following:
As for existing CloudCoin stakeholders, here is the most shocking admission of all:  Finding more than a handful of them::::more like between 4-8::::who are able to understand the size and scope of such endeavor and thus would be willing to collaborate with each other::::is akin to trying to resurrect Lazarus (i.e., bring Lazarus back from the dead).

 Hopefully, this shines the light for you on why I made such statement earlier.  

As well, this should begin to make some kind of sense to you as to why I have been so protective::::like a Mama bear over her cubs::::of the original CloudCoin brand itself.  

By extrapolation, why over the past five (5) years I have been so vehemently opposed to seeing the CloudCoin brand itself listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.   

And all the more reason why I have been so harsh on the activities of CloudCoin Finance and resulting number of allegations made against its founder :::: regardless as to whether or not they are spurious, unfounded, false, illegitimate, defamatory, vindictive in nature, plainly malicious with intent to cause harm to the founder of the company and his personal reputation - or have no basis in fact. 

With respect to any allegations of improprieties against anyone who is neither a member of my organization nor directly related to me, please note that I don't care to be the judge, jury and executioner - nor would I ever accept such a role.   That is not for me to decide.  

However, that being said, in my capacity of CloudCoin stakeholder and fervent advocate of the original CloudCoin to millions across the globe over the last five (5) years, I have a fiduciary obligation to call out anyone whose activities reached a point where it could be considered injurious to the CloudCoin brand itself. 

Such decision or determination falls strictly within the domain of CloudCoin Consortium SV itself::::which I am not a part of::::or a court of competent jurisdiction. 

Thus, I cannot vouch for the founder of CloudCoin Finance nor pass judgment on his character, guilt or innocence since I have never had any personal interaction with him.  Nor have I ever been privy to any of his dealings and interactions with those who bought into the idea or concept of CloudCoin Finance - a decentralized finance (defi) version of CloudCoin.  

What does matter to those of us who do agree with the theme of the Part 5 article and have selected::::Option 4.  Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home::::in order to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin::::is that it is Critical and incumbent upon each and every single one of us, including all key players and stakeholders of CloudCoin, that no effort be spared in order to ensure that the CloudCoin brand itself is not tarnished or sullied in any way, shape or form.    

And that the key players and stakeholders themselves who are directly or indirectly involved with CloudCoin Consortium SV and related entities remain mindful of the fact that their conduct and activities and reputation must not only be beyond reproach but also does not represent an Achilles heel, inviting and tempting or enticing target, or a single point of failure::::for any malevolent forces who would either seek to harm or cause injury to the original CloudCoin brand itself or attempt to nullify the efforts of those who are diligently working behind the scenes in order to accomplish the stated or implied Mission of CloudCoin.  

As the founder of CloudCoin Finance so eloquently stated to me in his email reply to the recent Part 5 article out of concern that he has been unfairly targeted and maligned, "As for Cloudcoin, everyone who is building something will have at one point its tribe of people who are not pleased with what's happening aka a tribe of haters."    

An observation that I absolutely concur with.  "Chaos, Confusion, Division and Destruction" is the motto of haters. All the more reason not to allow oneself::::through our conduct, actions and association::::to provide ammunition to such haters since they have absolutely no reverence for decency, truth and fairness.    

Thus, the best way to accomplish that is to be very selective about the company we keep, remain vigilant of potential risks involved in our daily activities, and keeping mindful of the choices we make.

In Conclusion, the Going Forward Strategy for CloudCoin that this small band of original CloudCoin stakeholders is now undertaking will benefit every single original CloudCoin holder and thus represents "a rising tide that lifts all boats."   The more original CloudCoin one has in their possession, the more benefit will accrue to that individual or entity.     

Thus, any activities or efforts undertaken by others::::either willingly, knowingly or unwittingly::::which would have the net effect of stigmatizing the CloudCoin brand, thus nullifying the implementation of the Going Forward Strategy::::represent "a great storm that sinks all boats."

The bottom line is this:   To those who own a significant number of the original Cloudcoin, collectively (the "CloudCoin Whales"), you are all on the same team, in the same boat. 

  • Clue #3.   The reason that 99.9% of cryptocurrencies FAIL is because they are pseudo  cryptocurrencies::::Cryptocurrency IName Only ("CINO")::::and are backed by investors.  (Wait a minute! Are you serious, Pierre?  And what does cryptocurrencies have to do with CloudCoin?) Ha Ha, but CloudCoin is now listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.  Confused? 
Answer:   As previously stated in the Part 5 article, Bitcoin was originally intended to be used as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system instead of an investment asset, alternative investment asset, or commodity.  Today cryptocurrencies in general are being used as debt securities, derivative securities, speculative securities, commodities, or any alternative investment assets.  
Hence the reason why the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) are vying to be the regulatory agency for cryptocurrencies.  
Even the U.S. Department of the Treasury through OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) is trying to understand which role it should play with respect to exercising some form of control over cryptocurrencies since a number of national banks have been engaged in cryptocurrency-related activities.  Thus, the reason that the OCC is now urging caution to the members of the banking community. 

Last but not least, we have the Federal Reserve System ::: which "conducts the nation's monetary policy" and "promotes the stability of the financial system" ::: now taking a wait-and-see approach with respect to new regulations and potential enforcement actions against member banks delving into cryptocurrencies; activities which might be considered "unsafe or unsound practices."    

The point being, Bitcoin was intended to be free of government interference::::in line with Timothy C. May's publication of The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto in 1988:::and its inventor and collaborators never foresaw that, one day, it would be one of tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies and altcoins; and that someday they would all fall under the jurisdiction of regulatory agencies, period.  

Therefore, as of this writing, every single cryptocurrency in existence today which you can find listed on a centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is a pseudo cryptocurrency.    Moreover, even so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are decentralized in name only ("DINO") since the U.S. government can shut them down anytime it wants.      

Consequently, anything that is listed on any cryptocurrency exchange, regardless of what you want to call it:::cryptocurrency or digital currency:::automatically makes it an investment asset or commodity, and thus falls under the purview and jurisdiction of all US and other regulatory agencies around the world which govern such assets as well as other laws.   As well, the mere fact that these cryptocurrencies are backed by investors, automatically makes them investments.    

By extension, if a cryptocurrency is an investment product and it can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and its monetary value is subject to the vagaries of the financial markets, then it cannot be a currency.   Thus, it is a Cryptocurrency IName Only ("CINO").        

Therefore, the concept of a digital currency with data supremacy which cannot be brought down by governments::::and is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges::::can only elicit the following response or comment from the current powers-that-be of the global financial system:   "Don't make me laugh!"  

The bottom line is this:   What overriding interest does any individual, entity and government has which would compel them all to ensure the existence and inviolability of such digital currency with data supremacy?  That's exactly what the Digital Currency Adoption Strategy needs to address in a Confidential manner with extreme prejudice.  That is not something to shout out from the rooftops or in the public square.   
It's obvious that the answer to this question falls outside the scope of this paper.   
  • Clue #4.   The main reason that both, the original CloudCoin and current CloudCoin "CC", have failed thus far:::and are now lying in a comatose state:::is because its leadership thinks that they need a good marketing and business development strategy, listing on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible, a good business development and sales team, and the appropriate financial resources. Wrong on all counts.  More confused?
Answer:   What the original CloudCoin needs is a Digital Currency Adoption Strategy for a bona fide digital currency with data supremacy :::: instead of a marketing and business development strategy.   Something which has never been done before.  
Why is that, you might say?  Well, I'll let you answer your own question with this question:  How many bona fide digital currencies with data supremacy do you know of?  
Second, with respect to listing the original CloudCoin on cryptocurrency exchanges or any contemplated digital currency exchange, I have already made the case for debunking this notion within the preceding Clues #2-3. 

Third, with respect to having a good business development and sales team, no current business development and sales executive anywhere in the world has such qualifications for the simple reason that there has never been a need for one.  In other words, no such talent currently exists in the public domain.   Such position requires extensive training and a completely different set of skills.   What is really needed is an All-Star Roster of Digital Currency Adoption Strategists.

Fourth, with respect to financial resources, the CloudCoin Whales have, unbeknownst to them, more than an avalanche of financial resources at their disposal.  In other words, much more financial resources than they can even imagine. However, that being said, financial resources is the last thing in the world that CloudCoin needs to be concerned about. 

For Example,  

Think of a diamond mine full of raw (rough and uncut) diamonds in some little village in the Amazon forest and ask yourself this question: What determines the value of a diamond?   To any diamond expert, the answer is simple:  It is Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color. 

Now think of the original CloudCoin as being that diamond mine which is full of rough diamonds which excel in each of the following:  Cut, Clarity, and Color.   The only benchmark it does not excel in is the Carat part - which is not that important in the diamond world grand scheme of things. 

Now, just because the mine is in a small village full of natives who couldn't care less about diamond mining; have no interest in acquiring diamond cutting and polishing technology tools; and cannot afford to pay the hundreds to thousands to millions of dollars that you would want to charge for a polished diamond; does NOT mean that your diamond mine is worthless, and that you should sell the rough diamonds for pennies or puka shells - depending on what the local currency, or the sort of barter trading system, that is used in that village. 

You have to look beyond that little village in the Amazon forest and their local currency and barter trading system and think of this whole wide world out there which has a need and appreciation for polished diamond.    

That requires a Global Diamond Adoption Strategy instead of a marketing, business development and sales strategy focused on selling diamonds to a bunch of natives in the Amazon forest.   This is NOT about marketing, business development, promotion, and sales for the simple reason that you have to think beyond that in order to look beyond that little village in the Amazon forest. 

Well, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and their clientele are the equivalent of that Little Village in the Amazon forest full of Natives who couldn't care less about rough diamonds, let alone polished diamonds and all that it entails.   Most importantly, these villagers can't afford to pay for either rough or polished diamonds that would make your diamond mining venture worthwhile. 

That is the point that I have been making regarding the original CloudCoin.   I have been saying ad nauseum since day one that the original CloudCoin Consortium has been sitting on a fortune, literally and figuratively speaking.    

That means, once the CloudCoin Whales understand the value of what they are holding in their hands, it is now up to them::::individually and collectively::::and NOT Sean Worthington or some CloudCoin Consortium::::"to look beyond that little village in the Amazon forest and their barter trading system and think of this whole wide world out there which has a need and appreciation for polished diamond." 

Now, here is the best part of it all, the original CloudCoin Consortium is no longer in control of this fortune.   It is the CloudCoin Whales themselves who are now sitting on this fortune, literally and figuratively speaking::::which is just the way it should be.

If only I could tell you why that is the case in this document, every single CloudCoin Whale would rush toward Sean Worthington AND his original team of CloudCoin Developers and Collaborators; hoist them all up in the air and onto their shoulders; and shine everybody's name in lights.  I am not exaggerating nor am I being melodramatic. 

However, for security reasons, I am unable to divulge such information.  

I hope this is beginning to make some sense to you as to why I went out of my way in the Part 5 article: 
  • to be very blunt, honest and truthful regarding what has transpired to date with respect to the original CloudCoin; 
  • to discourage those who want to continue to do business as usual from taking the time to read this final article of the 6-Part Series of articles about CloudCoin for the simple reason that they would be so offended and disgusted at the content of the Part 5 article that none of them would care to read or want to know anything about any sort of "Going Forward Strategy" for The Little Engine That Could:  the original CloudCoin; 
  • and, last but not least, to ensure that this final article is being read by "The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders" - anywhere between 4-8 of them.    

In other words, as I stated at the very beginning of this document under the "A Confession" heading:

"I really don't expect more than 30 committed idealists to even attempt to undertake such task.   It's just too monumental, to say the least.  Moreover, even for the most hardcore of them all who are willing to give it a try, they most likely wouldn't know where and how to begin.

"As for existing CloudCoin stakeholders, here is the most shocking admission of all:  Finding more than a handful of them::::more like between 4-8::::who are able to understand the size and scope of such endeavor and thus would be willing to collaborate with each other::::is akin to trying to resurrect Lazarus (i.e., bring Lazarus back from the dead)."  

Therefore, I fervently hope that you are one of these 4-8 CloudCoin Whales, or one out of no more than 30 committed idealists from around the entire globe, reading this final article. 

  • Clue #5.  In business school, we all learn about Vision and Mission.  What comes before Vision and what comes after Mission are what really matter but are not taught for the simple reason that their faculty doesn't know and has no way of knowing.  (But Pierre, does that apply worldwide - even at the most prestigious business schools, including all Ivy League universities?  The answer is yes.)   The success of CloudCoin depends on such knowledge. 
Answer:    Of course, we are all taught that everything starts out with a Vision.  And that our Mission is to do what must be done in order to realize our Vision. 
Cause comes before Vision.  However, that being said, as I have already elucidated under Clue #1, the launch of every single major endeavor or significant event begins with a Cause - NOT a Vision.   Thence, having or sharing a Cause is The Very First Step.   
"At the very least, that means one or more of the key players and Collaborators must Share the Same Cause.  Absent such Cause, they will soon begin to bump into each other, get distracted, go wherever the wind blows, or start to go off in their own direction or in multiple directions."  
In other words, it doesn't matter what it is in life that you seek to accomplish, everything hinges on The Very First Step.   I gave as an example how the very first thing that we learn in the military is how to march and that the very first step that we take begins with the left foot.  
Therefore, if every single soldier lines up in formation, and Airman John at the head of the column starts on the left foot, and You standing right behind him start with the right foot, and Airman Jimmy behind you also starts with the right foot, and Airman Jack behind him starts with the left foot; then everybody in that column is going to have a real mess in their hand. 

As well, the first column is going to be out of sync with the other columns and your Training Instructor is going to be aghast at what he is witnessing live and in color in front of him; and thus, will have a field day yelling and screaming at every single one of you.  (Sometimes, it may seem that I am playing the role of that training instructor.)
For those starting out with the right foot, they can expect to hear from the training instructor, "the other left, dummy," and a bunch of other expletives.  Alright, enough reminiscing about the good old days that never were. 

Why Cause is not taught in business school.   There are many reasons, and they are all very simple.    

  • First and foremost, Organizations do not and cannot Have a Cause.   Only Individuals can Have a Cause.  Thus, one or more key members of the Executive Leadership Team of an organization or Collaborators can only Share a Cause.    

Please note that there is a huge difference between Sharing a Cause and being the Supporter of a Cause.

As stated earlier, I am a Supporter of Many Causes, however, I do NOT Share Their Cause.           

Hence, with an efficient outreach strategy, an organization can find anywhere from millions to billions of Supporters of a Cause.  Support which can turn on a dime depending on which way the wind is blowing.  Being pragmatic is the order of the day.  No strong commitment or sacrifice is required.  Now you see them, now you don't.    

The same can be said for Individuals who Have a Cause.  The most that they can ever expect to find is people or organizations who "Support their Cause."    Finding others who Share their Cause is the equivalent of "finding a needle in a haystack."    

 All you need to do is to ask yourself the following rhetorical question:   "When I am looking for a job, do I give a shit as to whether or not any organization has a Cause or Shares My Cause?"  Of course not!   

  • Second, for those of you who have ever attended a business school, prior to selecting the business school, did you ever care to know anything about the Cause of the University? The Cause of the Leadership Team of the University?  What about the Cause of the business school faculty?  What about the Cause of the individual members of the faculty?  What about the Cause of the professors whose classes you planned to attend in order to make sure that you Share the Same Cause?   Of course not!  
  • Third, when any university or business school is seeking to hire a faculty, do they require that these applicants Share Their Cause?   Of course not!  

As stated earlier, that's because organizations or institutions cannot and DO NOT Have A Cause - only individuals can.  As well, it would take them years::::more like a lifetime::::to recruit candidates who Share the Cause of one or more members of the Executive Leadership Team of such university.  

  • Fourth, the primary purpose of a business school is to indoctrinate its students on how to successfully navigate in the business world.  Such indoctrination includes how to articulate a Vision and Mission and formulate a Successful Implementation Strategy.  That is all! 

  • Fifth, now answer the following question:  If you were the founder of any organization AND you, personally, had a Cause which spurred you to launch such entity, how long do you think it would take you to find employees and Collaborators who Share the same Cause that you have?   The answer is, "Don't hold your breath!"    

After more than 20 years talking about Human Evolution, I should know!   As well, from the standpoint of the history of mankind since time immemorial, We All Should Know.

The point being, in an ideal world, the most that any individual can ever expect to find are Supporters of Their Cause instead of those who Share Their Cause.     

  • Sixth, and last but not least, prior to reading this article, have you ever heard of this definition of a Cause and its importance?   Of course not!   

Do you Have a Cause?  (I don't mean "support a cause").  I guess you might say, "Well, having read everything up to this point, now I am not really sure."    

Well, these are both rhetorical questions.  Thus, no need to even attempt to answer these questions.  There is a reason why you are facing this dilemma.  

That's because Individuals are taught from birth that they have to set aside their individual needs for The Greater Good.   And that this Greater Good can only be embodied, assigned or delegated to, and fulfilled, within the context of a family, an organization or institution with its own set of rules; an entity which has a monopoly on the use of force in order to ensure compliance.  

Therefore, since Having a Cause is an individual need or prerogative, it has no place or official standing within an organization or institution.   The organization or institution comes first, plain and simple.    In other words, the only things that really matter to an organization or institution are: Vision and Mission.   Hence the reason why Cause is not taught in business schools.   

There are, however, Six "Implicit Causes" that All Individuals Share.  Forget about Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs taught to business management students.  They are as follows in the order listed:

  • Cause #1.  Making a Living
  • Cause #2.  Making a Better Living
  • Cause #3.  Making a Good Living
  • Cause #4.  Making a Great Living
  • Cause #5.  No More Need to Make a Living 
  • Cause #6.  Living a Long Life

The meaning of each and every single one of these Implicit Causes is in the eye of the beholder.  However, that being said, what they all have in common is that such Causes are directly related to Mankind's Need to Survive.  

Thus, in the absence of a specific Cause, every single decision an individual will ever make throughout their lifetime will be based on one of these six implicit causes. 

There are also Six "Implicit Causes" that All Organizations Share.  They are as follows in the order listed:

  • Cause #1.  Trying to Survive
  • Cause #2.  To Gain Acceptance 
  • Cause #3.  To Gain Recognition 
  • Cause #4.  To Become Successful  
  • Cause #5.  To Become a Brand 
  • Cause #6.  Perpetual Existence

As with individuals, the meaning of each and every single one of these Implicit Causes is in the eye of the beholder organization.  However, that being said, what they all have in common is that such Causes are directly related to Pragmatism and the organization or institution's Need to Survive.  

Thus, in the absence of a specific Cause espoused by one or more living founders or a decision-making member of the Executive Leadership Team, every single decision an organization or institution will ever make throughout its lifespan will be based on one of these six implicit causes.   

The bottom line is this:  Whenever you are viewing an organization and its leadership team, you must be able to distinguish between Causes and Implicit Causes.   In the case of the original CloudCoin Consortium and its leadership team, all roads led to Implicit Causes.    

Thus, every effort should be made by the CloudCoin Whales who seek to proceed with the "Going Forward Strategy" for the original CloudCoin to make every possible effort to rectify such situation.   In other words, we all need to ask ourselves and truthfully answer this question: What is Our Cause?

At the very least, every single member of The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders ("CloudCoin Whales") who seeks to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy must be a Supporter of the Cause.  Otherwise, we will all experience a repeat of the Old CloudCoin saga.  I shudder at the thought.

Thus, a perfect time for me to segue into the next topic. 

The Grand Scheme of Things comes after Mission.   The Grand Scheme of Things can be whatever you think it is or want it to be.  Once you have made up your mind on a particular Cause that you are willing to fight and sacrifice for, and give your all, the question that you need to ask yourself prior to embarking on such Cause is, "How does My Cause fit into The Grand Scheme of Things?"  

For Example, 

What is My Cause?   It's Human Evolution.   Thus, the question that I had to ask myself prior to embarking on the Cause of Human Evolution is, "How does My Cause fit into The Grand Scheme of Things?"

Think of the Grand Scheme of Things as this higher purpose, adventure or noble effort which goes way beyond what we can even now imagine.    

Why is that, you might say?   That's because I know that there is no limit to our intelligence, wisdom and progress once we have learned how to free ourselves from the chains of slavery that now bind all humans and keep us all in a state of Primitive And Barbaric Savages ("PABS").  Therefore, we must NOT confine ourselves as well as our Thinking and Actions strictly to the realization of our Cause.  

Thus, we and our progeny must know in advance what we are supposed to do once we get to where we are going.   In reality, we have no final destination.  

Instead, the realization of our Cause must be the Wings, Platform, or Springboard from which we can reach greater heights and go much farther than we could ever imagine.   Otherwise, we will eventually regress or devolve back to our original Primitive and Barbaric Savages ("PABS") condition and state of moronicity.  The history of mankind since time immemorial has proven that over and over and is irrefutable.  One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back. 

We can no longer afford to allow a bunch of morons and nitwits to compel or command us to put our Intelligence on ice or in a state of hibernation.

We can ill afford to remain complacent and babble like a bunch of nursery children about The Founders of Our Nation, Democracy and Human Rights, the Evil Empire, the Yellow Peril, this Great Empire, this Great Dynasty, or this Great Civilization and the need to live in accordance with some so-called Continental Values, Rules-Based International Order, New World Order, Sacred Text, Rituals, Code, Customs or Traditions (which is always used as a pretext by a bunch of morons, scoundrels and malevolent forces to retard or reverse the progress of mankind).   

    Therefore, here is My Answer to the question, "How does the Cause of Human Evolution fit into the Grand Scheme of Things?"    

    In the Grand Scheme of Things, Human Evolution will allow us all to live in a world of Intelligent Beings who are able to travel side-by-side with the Creator throughout the Cosmos in order to marvel at the beauty of Creation.  (Let your imagination flow in order to understand the meaning of these words.)

    What is the Cause of CloudCloin's Leadership Team?  Frankly, I have absolutely no idea.  As well, at this point of the game, it really does NOT matter for the CloudCoin Whales who seek to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy.  They are now in complete control of their destiny.  

    The Cause of The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders.   Thence, a perfect time for all CloudCoin Whales who seek to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy for the original  CloudCoin to attempt to answer that question for themselves.  

    Thus, an ideal time for me to segue into the reason why The Grand Scheme of Things is not taught in business schools.     

    Why The Grand Scheme of Things is not taught in business school.   There are many reasons, and they are all very simple.

    • First and foremost, that's because "The Grand Scheme of Things" has nothing to do with business and institutions.   As stated earlier, it seeks to free mankind from the chains and constraints that we impose upon ourselves.  
    • It's not quantifiable in dollars and cents, and thus, we are unable to assign a monetary value to it. 
    • It is too intangible and deeply philosophical, and thus requires the use of our intelligence instead of a dose of indoctrination.   Philosophy and Indoctrination are mutually exclusive and thus are not a good mixture. In fact, they repel each other.    

      The Grand Scheme of Things for The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders.  Thence, a perfect time for all CloudCoin Whales who seek to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy for the original  CloudCoin to make a genuine attempt to answer that question for themselves.   However, that being said, without Having a Cause, they would all have a difficult time to answer that question. 

       Hence the reason for the huge disconnect between CloudCoin Consortium and my own  organization::::and the reason for this 6-Part Series of articles about CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme?  

      • Clue #6.  We are in the spermatozoa stage of the global adoption of a perfect bona fide digital currency.  What does that mean and why is it important to have such knowledge? 
      Answer:  The answer lies within The Digital Currency Manifesto.   That means, at a minimum, it will take another 200+ years for mankind to evolve to the point whereby there will no longer be a need for this current Unholy Alliance of Business and Politics.  
      Getting to that point will require a Fusion of the Spermatozoon of bona fide digital currency technology with the Ovum of Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Political Evolution gently nested in the Womb of a World of Intelligent Beings with a Civilized World Financial System.  

      The bottom line is this:   Right now, the best that we can hope for is a bona fide digital currency ::::instead of a perfect bona fide digital currency::::which can coexist with the current global financial system.   That, in and of itself, is a Herculean task if not approached properly.  However, there will one day come a time when governments and institutions across the globe will view any attempt to "establish or maintain control" over any sort of global financial system as being a very "primitive, barbaric and savage concept."  

      A perfect bona fide digital currency will allow all of mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  Thence, digital currency technology will no longer be used as a medium of exchange and store of value.   Rather, it will be used primarily to accelerate the speed of Human Evolution in a World of Decentralized Intelligent Beings. 

      In a nutshell, digital currency technology will be used to measure the use and development of Our Intelligence instead of economic activity and financial wealth.   In the future, no one will bother to ask or want to know how much money you made or possess.  Instead, people will want to know::::and we will be lauded on the basis of::::how much of Our Intelligence we are using toward Human Evolution.  

      In other words, a perfect bona fide Digital Currency will be used to incentivize human beings::::every single human being::::to use their Intelligence.  The more human beings, the merrier.   Every single human being will be considered priceless.  

      The largest countries in the world and countries with the largest population:::::such as Russia, China, India, United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Australia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, and Algeria::::will definitely have an advantage over smaller countries.

      Notwithstanding the foregoing, as it stands today, human beings are too primitive to understand such concept.   Thus, no need for me to elaborate any further on this.    

      I hope that gives you an idea of my interest in perfect bona fide digital currencies, bona fide digital currencies, the original CloudCoin and what I mean when I state that My Cause is Human Evolution.    

      • Clue #7.   It is impossible for the CloudCoin team to figure out the people (CloudCoin Consortium board members AND potential CloudCoin stakeholders) who are truly interested in seeing CloudCoin succeed and the reasons why.  (Think of trying to herd cats.)  Absent that knowledge, CloudCoin is bound to eventually crash and burn no matter how many billions of dollars are thrown at it in order to make it succeed.  In fact, it would never have a chance to succeed as a bona fide digital currency.  
      Answer:  It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that every single person who initially bought into the value proposition of CloudCoin saw it as an investment with a strong return potential and that they all want(ed) to see::::and were "very interested" in seeing::::CloudCoin succeed beyond their wildest dreams.   Without a doubt, I can guarantee you that their definition of ::::success beyond their wildest dreams::::meant seeing the value of their CloudCoin currency rise to the moon or the stratosphere.    
      For any CloudCoin stakeholder to state otherwise is the height of hypocrisy, strains credulity, and defies logic and common sense.  Honestly, such financial angle and investment motivation is the reason why I highly recommended CloudCoin to family, friends, associates, and anyone else who would listen that was alive and breathing on their own.
      Now that I have cleared that up, let me address the term, "truly interested" in seeing CloudCoin succeed.   What this means is that the people and institutions who are truly interested in seeing CloudCoin succeed are motivated by factors that go far beyond the potential financial return on investment that attracted 99.999 % of CloudCoin stakeholders. 
      For these people and institutions, CloudCoin represents the beginning of a paradigm shift toward something that is very promising and which could actually transform our global civilization as we now know it.   For security and Confidential reasons, I am unable to identify who "these people and institutions" are and the exact details.  The only thing I can say is that they are hidden in plain sight; and, in all likelihood, you would never be able to guess who they are.  (I could be wrong.)   Hence the reason why they are 100% averse to social media and any kind of exchanges - digital currency or cryptocurrency exchanges. 

      • They don't care to trust you or to receive any assurances from you. 
      • They don't care about promises or excuses.  
      • They don't want you to Lead Them.  
      • They don't want you to Look Out for them or Take Care of them.  
      • They don't want to Follow You. 
      • They don't want you to Follow Them. 
      • They don't want you to Do Them Any Favors.
      • They don't care to be In Your Good Graces. 
      • They are NOT afraid of you, nor can they be intimidated by you and your friends. 
      • They are much more powerful than you could ever fathom or imagine and yet they don't want you to fear them.  
      • They do Want You to Earn their Respect and also Expect to Earn Your Respect. 

      Thus, they only Care about one thing:  Your actions.  Actions speak louder than words.    

      In Other Words, 

      • Do your deeds match your words?  
      • Do you practice what you preach? 
      • Are you a straightshooter? 
      • Are you a game player or manipulator?  
      • Are you a bully? 
      • Do you make threats for intimidation purposes?  
      • How well do you respond to pressure and intimidation?  
      • Do you respect others even when you disagree with them? 
      • How do you treat others - the most vulnerable and less fortunate among us? 
      • Do you take responsibility for your own actions?
      • Can they count on you, Rain or Shine? 
      • What kind of personal reputation do you have with them?  They don't care about what others have to say about you.  
      • Are you able to Lead Yourself? 
      • Are you afraid to Lead Yourself? 
      • Are you Principled? 
      • Are you a Good Man or Woman? 
      • Are you an Honorable Man or Woman?  
      • Are you willing to Learn. 
      • Are you willing to be a Digital Currency Trailblazer?     

        I assume that you are now beginning to get a much better understanding as to why I have been so vociferous and concerned about protecting the original CloudCoin brand. 

        Since you have made it to this point in the article, there is no need for me to further elaborate on this.         
        • Clue #8.  We (i.e., the world, in general) are too primitive to understand the importance and value of a bona fide digital currency.  This knowledge works to the original CloudCoin's advantage.   Guess why? 
        Answer:   We are all the product of a primitive civilization with a primitive global financial system.  Therefore, it is only logical that the importance and value of a bona fide digital currency would escape just about every single one of us since we have no point of reference which would allow us to even consider the need for one, let alone compare a bona fide digital currency with any other currency, so-called digital currency, or cryptocurrency.  
        Therefore, the bona fide digital currency becomes your terrain.   The Digital Currency World becomes your world.  You get to define it; set the parameters and boundaries; and make the rules.   Instead of following the rules that others have set before you. 
        There is nothing for anyone to compare you to.  There is no need for you to try to fit in.  There is no need for you to sell anything and you should never attempt to do so for the simple reason that those who become aware of what you are offering don't want you to sell them on anything; they will instantly realize the value of what you are making available to them and proceed accordingly.  (I am a perfect example of that.)  
        You become a trailblazer instead of a follower, copycat or wanna be. 

        Clue #9.   The key to the main gates of the CloudCoin Castle in the Digital Currency World is located within the foregoing Facts #1-9.    Which one is it? 

        Answer:   There is no right or wrong answer.  The point being, once you take the time to understand these facts, you will realize the nexus and interlocking relationship between all of them. I am ready to discuss them at length with The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders ("CloudCoin Whales") who seek to proceed with the Going Forward Strategy. 
        • Clue #10.  If you are currently an original CloudCoin digital currency stakeholder, the movie Children of Men is a MUST WATCH.  This movie was unwittingly made for every original CloudCoin stakeholder and should be seen by them and every member of the new CloudCoin Consortium SV.  (This movie will bring home the message I have been sending out since 2017 to Sean Worthington and the entire "blind, deaf and dumb" CloudCoin Team.)  If you are able to get the message, don't thank me for my patience and effort.  The credit belongs to the movie producers and the entire cast and crew.    The credit also belongs to you for getting to this point in the article.
        Answer:   First and foremost, when it comes to the "blind, deaf and dumb" label, I can honestly say that I hold the Guinness World Record for this award. 
        Why is that, you might ask?  Well, that's because I am so stubborn and hard-headed that just about everything that I have ever accomplished in life and taken great pride in has always been the result of "going through the hard knocks."   It's not due to a lack or unavailability of counsel and advice.   Rather, that is because I have absolutely ZERO TRUST in so-called experts and seasoned professionals.  

        In fact, my loving spouse and I are very fond of recalling::::and laughing out loud about:::: our nightmarish days of yesteryears and how they could have been avoided if only I had taken or sought someone's advice.  You can just imagine the expression on her face hearing me call myself "an idiot and some know-it-all" and every other derogatory expression you can think of for having put her through all of that.    

        In fact, I have always wondered why she had never reproached me for any ill-fated decision taken and the resulting nightmare that I wound up putting my entire family through.  I guess Love must truly be blind.  Hence the reason our love and affection has endured over the past 52 years.  Hopefully, the Infinite Wisdom may deem us deserving of a few more years.     

        Notwithstanding the foregoing, the history of mankind since time immemorial is palpable evidence that this "blind, deaf and dumb" label is not unique to me or the CloudCoin Team.  That is simply a human condition. 

        And once you've had a chance to see the movie "Children of Men," you will instantly understand what I mean by that.   You will also understand how the original CloudCoin fits into the global scheme of things; why all the guns temporarily fell silent in the midst of a chaotic and apocalyptic event in order to ensure safe passage of ------- (I'll let you fill in the blanks) to its final destination.  And once it was out of harm's way, how all the destruction and chaos instantly resumed.

        Hopefully, you will come to realize why I have been so protective of the original CloudCoin brand in order to ensure that it does not get caught up in the melee and nightmare of today's global financial system.     

        Going Forward Strategy 

        • Knowing Your Environment 
        • Knowing Your Own Terrain    
        • Owning Your Own Terrain
        • Taking Advantage of Your Own Terrain
        • How to Blend In vs Trying to Fit In
        • The Merry-Go-Round of Destructive Behaviors
        • The Roller-Coaster of Emotions
        • The Hamster Wheel of Human History
        • Forging Your Own Narratives 
        • Strategy of Co-Existence and Collaboration vs Conformity and Cooperation
        • Strategic Patience and Resolve
        • Difference Between Vision and the Grand Scheme of Things  
        • Need to Focus on the Grand Scheme of Things

        Instead of going through each specific component of the Going Forward Strategy, which would be of great disservice to you, I strongly believe that they merit more than just a few lines, sentences, paragraphs or pages.  As the old saying goes, a little knowledge can be very dangerous.  

        Therefore, each and every single one of these components needs to be pounded into our consciousness so that we leave no room for ambiguity or any sort of schism down the road.  Thus, I remain available to engage in substantive discussions regarding their full implementation. 

        In Conclusion 

        In conclusion, "NO" is the definitive answer to the question: "CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme?"

        Please note that I have made the decision to no longer write any more articles about the original CloudCoin.  I have fulfilled my fiduciary obligation to every single CloudCoin stakeholder who was introduced by me to the original CloudCoin either directly or through a number of articles and comments published on social media. The ball is now in their court in terms of how to proceed.   

        The End of an Era and the Beginning of a New Era

        Enough has been said about CloudCoin in this final installment of the 6-Part Series of articles.  Now that you are privy to the Going Forward Strategy for the original CloudCoin::::The Little Engine That Could::::I am very pleased to welcome you to the ranks of The Most Elite of all Elite CloudCoin Stakeholders ("CloudCoin Whales") and wish you a successful Collaboration in the implementation of the Going Forward Strategy.   Proceed to join Digital Currency Consortium for more information regarding the Going Forward Strategy.

        Logical Next Step For All CoudCoin Stakeholders 

        Proceed to Digital Currency Consortium for a deep insight into Digital Currencies and the need for a Digital Currency Visionary, Strategist and Principled Geopolitical Leader with solid Virtual Organization Leadership experience who understands the foundational need to have in place:::and build:::a Global Organization infrastructure.  

        Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

        Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

        Let Us Manifest!

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