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Sea Change in Implementation of Virtual Residential Communities Worldwide


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

To quickly bring you up to speed, we launched Virtual Residential Community Consortium back on January 1, 2016 with one very clear and simple mission:  To transform the global urban landscape and set the stage for Human Evolution.  A full spectrum transformation of residential life as we now know it.  

Click here in order to learn all there is to know about Virtual Residential Community Consortium and the idea behind it.   Pay special attention to the Virtual Residential Community Blueprint heading under which you will be invited to review the section :::: “The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Residential Communities (“VRC”) Around the Globe” :::: in the January 23, 2014 paper titled "My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World."  

As well, I launched two other consortia on that same date:   Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium and The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.      

Now that I have gotten this out of the way, with respect to Virtual Residential Community Consortium,   what followed after those dates::::January 23, 2014 and January 1, 2016::::is an exact replay of what happened with respect to Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium.   Thus, necessitating the need for a "sea change in the implementation of both Virtual Campus Dormitories and Virtual Residential Communities worldwide.  

Since these "virtual campus dormitories" and "virtual residential communities" are essentially 2-sides of the same coin, then any sea change in the implementation of virtual campus dormitories equally applies to virtual residential communities.  

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to read the March 24, 2023 paper :: Sea Change In Implementation of Virtual Campus Dormitories Worldwide :: in order to understand what the "sea change in our implementation of virtual residential communities worldwide" is all about.  All you need to do is substitute the words "virtual campus dormitories" with "virtual residential communities" - and there you have it! 

Why This Sudden and Relentless Focus On the .01% of the Global Population

Now that you had a chance to read the March 24, 2023 paper :: Sea Change In Implementation of Virtual Campus Dormitories Worldwide :: let me answer a question that is bound to come up in the minds of many:   Why this sudden and relentless focus on the need for the .01% of the global population to Chart A New Path? 

In other words, what is it about Mankind that has substantially changed over the last 9-10 years that would precipitate such a dramatic shift in the implementation of these virtual campus dormitories and virtual residential communities worldwide?   Perhaps in certain countries or locations, but worldwide?  What gives?

Misdiagnosis of Illness.   Well, the answer is very simple.  I had misdiagnosed the severity of the illness which plagues all of mankind.  I sincerely thought that our fellow human beings who are currently in a comatose state would eventually get a chance to recover, get up and walk out from the hospital, and with a little bit of psychiatric counseling and physical rehabilitation, they would eventually get to lead normal lives.  Alas, but to no avail.

Instead, what I::::and many others::::have discovered over the last three years (between 2020 - 2023) is that Mankind Is Beyond RedemptionWe are all in a state of terminal illness which is, at best, highly contagious.  An illness which is so contagious that any attempt on the part of anyone to try to administer a cure will be fatal to the caregiver.  In which case, both the caregiver and the patient would die.  

Hence, that only leaves one solution:   Even though there is a known cure for the disease, you have to avoid any sort of contact with the patient, and Just Walk Away.  Masks will not work.  Gloves will not work.  Special Insulation and Decontamination Clothing will not work.  You have to Chart A New Path because there is nothing that you can do.   

Thus, from a caregiver standpoint,  the cure is worse than the disease.   

Enough of the Cryptic Talk.  Time to Address the Elephant in the Room.   In essence, what this means is that this is no longer about Mankind being a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS) who have yet to EVOLVE.    Instead, Advances in Technology have made it possible for all of Mankind to DEVOLVE into a Pure Incarnation of Evil (PIE).  

Judging by the fast, furious and dizzying pace of HUMAN DEVOLUTION that we are currently  witnessing and experiencing,  and comparing it to the pace of HUMAN EVOLUTION over the last 600+ million years :: which is, not one iota ::  then it stands to reason that Human Evolution doesn't stand a chance if::::out of willful ignorance, complacency, and cognitive dissonance::::we refuse to acknowledge what our senses are witnessing and telling us; and thence fail to Chart A New Path.  

In fact, our descent into the Abyss and Labyrinths of Hell has been so rapid over the last decade, that even the Devil Himself, Mephistopheles,  stands to be enslaved one day by His Very Own Children;   and thus, only to curse the day that we became a part of Creation.     

Perhaps hearing these words from me over three (3) years ago could have been considered the usual flowery rhetoric by Pierre Coupet or the rantings and ravings of an idealist old man out of touch with reality and the real world.   However, that is no longer the case.  

For the simple reason that we all now have palpable evidence of the extent of evil that mankind is capable of inflicting on their fellow human beings - irrespective of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, politics, political affiliation, ideology, social status, social class, social strata in any hierarchical structure, and demographic.   Not even animals and other species are exempt from mankind's evil and barbarism.  In other words, NOTHING IS SACRED ANYMORE.  

Sometimes, even the Devil Himself has trouble figuring out the difference between Truth, Lies and the Smoke-and-Mirrors that mankind has perfected so well over the last 600+ million years.   

The Palpable Evidence of  Evil that Mankind Has Inflicted On Humanity.  For all human beings who are alive today :::: if you are either too blind, stupid, dumbed down, indifferent or unaware :::: to understand or acknowledge ::::  that you have been complicit, either directly or indirectly through willful ignorance or simply out of fear  ::::  in the evil that has been inflicted On All of Humanity over the last three (3) years  ::::  then I will not dignify your need or request for any details or explanation.  (I would be better off walking into a jungle and try to teach algebra to a bunch of great apes.)  For the simple reason that there is absolutely nothing that I can say or do to convince you on the role you have played in such carnage.  

However, that being said, for the sake of posterity, when future historians want to know what happened during those years;  who were the culprits - this evil and unrestrained force responsible for the genocide of so many human beings throughout the entire globe;  how and why did we descend into the depths of hell at such great speed, with no one to ring the alarm bells or put on the brakes;  then they need an honest, truthful and unfiltered answer.  

And that answer is:   

  • A Sinister Group of Monsters ("The Maleficent") decided to conduct the most horrific,  genocidal and diabolical experiment ever conducted on human beings throughout the entire history of mankind:  Injecting a deadly toxin in the veins of every single human being on planet Earth through a so-called vaccine that is ostensibly designed to protect every single human being on the planet from the effects of a so-called deadly COVID-19 virus.  (More like a Scamdemic.)        
  • Historical records indicate that many people had suggested that this experiment needed to be carried out for population control purposes; however, it does not matter what the reasons were since there can never be any justification for such evil and diabolical act.   
  • Notwithstanding the rationale for such global, genocidal and diabolical experiment, once the decision was made to implement their agenda :::: on the basis of mankind's track record of primitive behavior, gullibility, stupidity, ignorance, willful ignorance, wholesale indifference, barbarism and savagery since time immemorial; and knowing how easily human beings can be duped, manipulated, co-opted, or subverted to carry out the most horrific acts, even when such acts are deemed to be against their own best interests :::: The Maleficent saw fit to enroll just about every single member of the human race in their scheme in order to see how many human beings would fall right in line without questioning their so-called pandemic narratives and motives.  
  • Moreover, The Maleficent wanted to know how many of us would instantly realize the fraud, the pending assault on our civil liberties, the dastardly crime they were about to perpetrate on humanity, and the genocide they were about to unleash on the entire human race.  Furthermore,  they sought to obtain data on how many human beings would actually rebel against them, how much they could get away with; and how far they could go toward accomplishing their objectives.   And, last but not least,  they were very curious about how long it would take for all human beings to finally wake up from the nightmare they were about to unleash on their fellow human beings.  
  • Lo and behold, even The Maleficent were shocked at the level and amount of cooperation they received from all quarters of the global population. From world leaders all the way down to individual family members and entire households.  Thusly, based on the final outcome of this grand experiment, it turns out that The Maleficent, on their own, could not have possibly carried out their genocide on the entire human race without the help, cooperation, indifference, and acquiescence of about 99.99% of the entire global population.   In essence, it turns out that this genocide was carried out either directly or indirectly by nearly 99.99% of the global population.   In other words, The Real Monsters Are Us.    
  • Fresh from the scamdemic,  The Collective West ("NATO and the European Union") then made a very sharp pivot toward Eastern Europe and Asia::::a project which had been underway for over a decade::::seeking to instigate a global confrontation with Russia and China in order to halt the decline of the Collective West and the emergence of a multipolar world that is intended to be free from the dictates of the United States and its minions.  

The idea was to intimidate Russia and China and put them back in their place, so to speak.  However, the Collective West's strategy backfired and the disintegration of the Collective West went into a free fall and began to accelerate at such a rapid pace that it became an existential crisis for the United States.    The fate of humanity hung in the balance.  Eventually, what was just a bluff and intimidating tactic by the Collective West turned into a full-blown World War III.  

We are now living through World War III, this very minute and second as you read this; however, by the time all human beings get to realize that, the Nuclear War will be in full force and effect.

In any case, the United States realizing that the end of its world hegemony was a foregone conclusion,  opted to play its last card ::: the Nuclear card.   Likewise, Russia, China and their allies refused to back down and checkmated the United States.  Thence, the Nuclear War of 2023-2024 which resulted in the annihilation of a substantial number of the global population.  

  • Therein lies a supreme irony:  The Absolute Corruption of Absolute Power was able to accomplish what the so-called COVID-19 virus ("Scamdemic-Pandemic") failed to achieve:  The annihilation of a substantial number of the global population.  
Thus, let me now provide you a very coherent and enlightening answer to the question:  

"Why this sudden and relentless focus on the need for the .01% of the global population to Chart A New Path?" 

As you can see, we no longer have any more time left to embark on the Road to Human Evolution.  We can no longer afford the luxury of waiting for the 99.99% to come around or experience a "Come to Jesus moment" in order to realize that they are the cause of every single war::::and World War::::in the entire history of mankind.  For the simple reason that they remain oblivious to the fact that they are the ones who get to fight these wars;  commit the atrocities; undertake and enforce the repressive and oppressive mandates and measures that are necessary in order to keep the general population in check.  No matter how much we want to, and how hard we try, we cannot absolve ourselves of the responsibility that we have for our own actions.  "Our leaders ordered us to do it," is no longer an excuse.  Today's World War III that we are right in the middle of is a result of both our actions and inactions.  

And so is The Coming Nuclear War which is about to be unleashed on the entire global population, whose devastating effects will be felt for centuries to come.       

Consequently, we have to take immediate and concrete action NOW that will allow us to isolate the .01% of the global population from the resulting effects of the actions of the 99.99% of the global population. Notwithstanding this stance, our doors will always remain wide open to those who seek to join us in good faith in order to embark on the Road to Human Evolution.   

Therefore, this Sea Change in the Implementation of both Virtual Residential Communities and Virtual Campus Dormitories Worldwide is indeed intended to put us all on firm footing in order to accelerate the pace of our march on the Road to Human Evolution. 

In Conclusion 

Now that you understand what's really at stake and how much hangs in the balance, if you believe that Human Evolution is a cause worth fighting for, you no longer have any reason to be complacent due to a lack of understanding of what Virtual Residential Community and Virtual Campus Dormitory are all about.  The Cause of Human Evolution awaits you.  We have no time to waste or spare.  

 Next Step          

  • If you take offense at the content of this paper, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, it's a  normal reaction.   That only means the following:  you are not yet mentally prepared and intellectually equipped to absorb this sort of information; and thus, you are not yet ready to make any serious effort to venture outside of your comfort zone. All the best  to you!  
  • If you are currently a world leader or have high-level access to a world leader, and you understand what you just read, click here to submit your interest in Hosting a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within the borders of your own country. (We are fully aware this is only an offer subject to our consideration and not an official request.)
  • If you are merely a humble government official and would like to introduce your colleagues to such a concept, then share the link to this article with them:::::in the hope that it may have a viral effect and eventually reach the desk of your country's leader.  
  • If you are a C-Level Executive with extensive high-level connections in the business world, government, public policy circles and academia,  then share this document with them and invite them to comment on:::::and further refer it to whomever they deem appropriate.
  • If you are merely an ordinary citizen who would like to share this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates, then I welcome your initiative.
  • If you are a so-called oligarch and would like to invest some of your fortune in such  Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System, then pause and take a deep breath for one simple reason:   

We have no need for your money.  What we are in short supply of are  Collaborators who share the Cause of Human Evolution - and Intelligent Beings::::attributes that no amount of money, power, formal education, social status or privilege can buy. 

On the other hand, you are, however, welcome to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives IF AND ONLY IF you share the Cause of Human Evolution.  (Something that is highly unlikely, however, I could be wrong.)

Please note that each country which seeks to submit an official request to launch a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within their own country MUST be an existing member of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.  

Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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