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Genesis of Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On Civilized World Financial System

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized


How can you tell that you've landed in a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System instead of just another Futuristic or Smart City?   Just a quick look at the facts on the ground will give you a crystal-clear answer: 

  • Fact #1.  Remote Location.  It is located in a very remote area which is far removed from the natural borders of our current primitive, barbaric, and savage so-called civilization.
  • Fact #2.   Freedom of Travel.   There are no signs of border guards and barriers at any point of entry or departure checkpoint throughout the enclave.  Entering and leaving the enclave only requires biometric identification.  Thus, no need for visas and passports.  
  • Fact #3.  Full Sovereignty.   It is 100% independent and fully sovereign in words and deeds.  No fake world leaders who are in fact a bunch of spineless cowards and scoundrels that are heavily compromised and pretending to be independent and sovereign. That means, the enclave does NOT recognize:::and will NOT abide by:::any laws, official and unofficial sanctions, mandates, or dictates imposed by any country, organization or institution anywhere in the world.  In other words, its citizens (not leaders) do NOT have to:::and must NOT:::answer to any institution or power anywhere on earth.   
  • Fact #4.  No Conventional Army.  It does NOT have a conventional army.  Yet, its citizens are shielded from subversion and potential harm by the most powerful and invincible armor and weapon in the entire history of mankind.  (I can guarantee you that it's not at all what you think it is.  In fact, you are too primitive to even imagine what it could be.) 
  • Fact #5.   No Head of State and Political Leaders. It does NOT have a formal or conventional political or military leadership.  In other words, its citizens do NOT have a World Leader, Head of State, and political leaders.  NOR do any of its citizens have a need for such a bunch of primitive, barbaric, and savage Leaders.  Therefore, it will never be in a position to formally declare war :::: or be used as a stooge, useful idiot, unwilling dupe, vassal, lapdog, or battering ram :::: against another country, organization, or institution
  • Fact #6.   No Entanglement in Global and International Institutions and Foreign Alliances.  It is NOT a member of any alliance of primitive, barbaric, and savage Countries, Organizations or Institutions.  It does NOT want to be a member of any such alliances, organizations, or institutions.  NOR can it ever become a member of such alliances. 
  • Fact #7.  No Treaties.  Other than the original treaty which cedes the land for the establishment of the Futuristic City-State Enclave, it does NOT have in place any treaty with any nation, organization, or institution anywhere in the world.  NOR can it ever enter into any treaty with any nation, organization, or institution.   Moreover, it will NOT recognize any revision, amendment, revocation or annulment of any clauses of the terms of such original treaty.  NOR can it ever enter into any negotiation regarding the original terms of such treaty.  
  • Fact #8.  No Negotiation for Any Reason Whatsoever.  It does NOT negotiate with any nation, organization, or institution anywhere in the world.  NOR can it ever enter into any sort of negotiation with any nation, organization, or institution.  
  • Fact #9.   No Constitution.   It does NOT have a Constitution.  NOR can it ever draft, finalize, execute, approve and ratify any such constitution - in fact or de jure. 
  • Fact #10.  No Legislators.  It does NOT have a Legislative branch of government.
  • Fact #11.  No Judiciary.  It does NOT have a Judicial branch of government.  In other words, NO Courts, Judges, and Attorneys are needed. 
  • Fact #12.   No Laws Can Be Enacted.  Only Best Practices.  There are NO laws on the books.  In other words, its population is exposed to a set of best practices, policies and procedures, with the ability to opt-out.  Compliance is always voluntary. 
  • Fact #13.   No Law Enforcement.  There is no visible sign of law enforcement throughout the entire enclave since there are no laws to enforce.
  • Fact #14.   No Gun Control.  The right to self-defense using whatever means that are necessary is sacrosanct and inviolable.  The right to defend the defenseless from physical abuse and life-threatening actions by any visibly hostile force or malevolent entity using whatever means that are necessary is also sacrosanct and inviolable in a civilized world. 
  • Fact #15.   No Incarceration in Penal Institutions.  There are NO jails, prisons, extraordinary rendition centers, or any sort of detention centers.  (I am perfectly aware that you are too primitive to even imagine, let alone understand, such concept.)
  • Fact #16.   Human Dignity.  The principle of Human Dignity trumps all considerations.   That means every single human being must be treated with dignity and respect, even when their actions demand otherwise, and the passions of the moment cry out for unleashing the demons within us.  That means, as a matter of official policy and fact, once subdued, the enclave itself will never condone or engage into any sort of physical abuse::::mental abuse::::rectal feeding or intravenous feeding::::or any torture and indefinite detention::::of any human being at any Gitmo or extraordinary rendition facility anywhere in the world.  We can ill afford to turn into the very monsters, cowards, scumbags, and lowlifes we seek to distance and protect ourselves from.
  • Fact #17.    Non-Interference in the Affairs of Human Beings.  The enclave subscribes to the principle of Non-Interference in the Affairs of Primitive And Barbaric Savages ("PABS") - in other words, All Human Beings.   A principle which reigns Supreme.   That means no matter how insane and egregious the behavior and actions of the leaders of any alliance, country, government, institution or organization toward their fellow brethren, The Enclave Is Forbidden from interfering in the affairs of other human beings. 
  • Fact #18.   A Civilized World Financial System.  The enclave has its own bona fide digital currency which is based on a Civilized World Financial System.  
(I am perfectly aware of what you're thinking.  NO, it's not based on another crude ::: primitive ::: monkey see-monkey do ::: and so-called decentralized :::  blockchain or other distributed ledger technology.)
  • Fact #19.   Immune from Financial and Economic Sanctions.   The enclave's Civilized World Financial System is completely disconnected from the global economy and current global financial system; and MUST remain so.  
For the simple reason that those who wield control over the current global financial system::::The Sanctionnaires, Sanction Freaks, and Corrupt (AKA "The Rules-Based International Order")::::hold god-like Power over the fate of every single nation that is connected to it.

 Thusly, they are unabashed adherents to Lord Acton's maxim: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Moreover, they do not adhere to the sacred and ethical principle of "Just because you can doesn't mean that you should."  

From the enclave's standpoint, this lethal mindset is a recipe for confusion, carnage, and carnal knowledge with the devil.
Therefore, the enclave can ill afford to get caught up in the crosshairs of The Rules-Based International Order.
  • Fact #20.   Focus on Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.    The focus of the enclave is on making the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  That means the complete abolition of the current slavery system in all its forms, manifestations, incantations, limitations, and appurtenances throughout the entire enclave.

In simple terms that anyone can relate to, imagine this: 

  • No enclave resident will ever have the need to make a living (i.e., no need to worry about getting a job from an employer) in order to survive or make ends meet.  Instead, they will be paid to use their intelligence however they see fit in what I call an "Intelligence-Based Economy."    

  • No need for Employers and Employees.  No need for Bosses and Employees - Only Architects, Builders, Project Leads and Collaborators.  If you don't care to team up with anyone in order to Collaborate, then the choice is yours.   Whatever you choose to engage in has absolutely no effect on your minimum compensation. (It's not appropriate for me to disclose the minimum compensation.  However, the only clue I can provide you is that such an amount will make 90% of today's company employees worldwide extremely jealous of you.)  In other words, it's OK to be a lone wolf.  And you don't need anybody's damn permission for anything that you decide to do.  No one gets to decide the value of your work.  No one gets to decide whether or not you will be compensated for the work that you've done.  Moreover, you can switch profession anytime you want to.  
  • Businesses, Organizations and Institutions from nearly every single field and industry will be given an opportunity to launch and build throughout the enclave, subject to space availability and other factors.  All Real Estate Development and Contractor Expenses:::and Business Expenses:::Will Be Paid for by the Enclave, including the Cost of Labor for all  who reside within the enclave.  

Moreover, there are NO TAXES of any kind for enclave entities and residents. Not even payroll taxes.  Even retirement benefits are covered by the enclave for all residents.  

If this sounds too good to be true, then it's NOT too good to be true.  For the simple reason that's the way the current global financial system works today - with one exception:   
With the use of a lot of smoke and mirrors, you are indoctrinated and incentivized to take all the risks to build something, accumulate a vast amount of wealth and fortune, and be under the illusion that you are this powerful leader and proud owner of this castle in the sky.   However, at the end of the day, after everything has been said and done, You Really Own NOTHING.  Everything belongs to the global financial system.    
(No need to also mention "government" for the simple reason that ALL governments are ultimately beholden to the current global financial system.)    

Please note I am clearly aware that you lack the intellectual maturity, sophistication, and understanding of the real global financial system in order to fully grasp what I mean by that.  Your Ph.D. and Nobel Prize in Economics is worthless when it comes to understanding the Civilized World Financial System.  I brought this up only to give you a little bit of "food for thought."    

  • Any single Individual or Organization Can Be an Architect, Builder, or Project Lead.  If you want the responsibility, then the choice is yours.   No one gets to determine whether or not you qualify for such undertaking.  If you only want to be a Collaborator, your value in the Intelligence-Based Economy will always be priceless.  For the simple reason that nothing gets done without Collaborators.  

  • No need for Leaders and Followers - You Must Lead Yourself.  Every single person is required to lead himself.   There is no one to blame for your actions, predicaments or circumstances. 

  • Every single person, citizen or resident of the enclave, is required to obtain Virtual Organization Leadership training, free of charge, in order to operate, manage and lead in a 100% virtual organization environment.

  • All elementary and high school children from K-12 are required to attend their local Virtual Campus Dormitory, free of charge, and will receive intense exposure to the Virtual Organization Management discipline during their entire stay or the full 12-year duration.  Beginning their first year in high school (Grade 9) until graduation, ALL high school students will receive a monthly income for using their intelligence.   As to parents who prefer to send their children to private schools, the curriculum offered to the students will also include the virtual organization management discipline from K-12.     
  • Adult residents of the enclave, regardless of age and occupation, will be required to participate in the 2-Year Master Designation Program at Virtual Organization Management Institute in a 100% virtual organization environment, free of charge.  And will receive the minimum compensation for using their intelligence during the entire length of the program.  
  • Adult residents will have access to Virtual Residential Communities throughout the enclave on a first come, first served basis.   However, you can live anywhere you want.  If  you prefer to build your own home, and can afford it, then the choice is yours.

  • No need to Obtain a College Tuition Loan for any Formal Education offered within the Enclave.  You will be compensated to obtain a formal education.  However, a formal education has absolutely no bearing on any minimum compensation you are entitled to receive for Collaborating with whatever institution that you select.    

  • No need to Worry about Medical Care.  No one has to pay for medical care or worry about the quality of care that they will receive.    
  • No need to Worry about Retirement or Pension Benefits.  Retirement Benefits are automatically provided to all residents who meet the minimum requirements.  Children and other family members, and Caregivers, will be incentivized to fully meet the needs of their parents and other family members who require any sort of assistance.   In other words, No One Is Left Behind.
  • No Taxation of Any Kind for Individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions that  are headquartered and reside within the enclave.   This moronic, primitive, barbaric and savage concept will one day be the subject of inquiry by anthropologists for thousands of years into the future.  (Intelligent Beings will one day wonder how such practice was able to flourish unimpeded for thousands of years.) 
  • No Individual Income Reporting Requirement of any kind for individual residents.  It's nobody's business what anyone earns.    
  • Debt-Free Society.   No Lending.  Loans to enclave residents are an indication of criminal activity or irresponsible behavior since there is no need for loans within a Civilized World Financial System.   Therefore, such practice is officially forbidden within the enclave.
  • 100% Privacy is Paramount.   The enclave has ZERO TOLERANCE for any sort of invasion of privacy.  You are welcome to share Your Own Private Information with anyone that you choose to.  However, you are NOT authorized to disclose any private information about anyone else to any individual, organization, institution, or government anywhere on planet Earth.   Violation of this basic principle is subject to banishment for life from the enclave.   For the simple reason that invasion of privacy under any pretext and for whatever reason :::  valid or not, and legitimate or not :::  is a Malignant Tumor which must be excised immediately or else it will spread like a Terminal Cancer throughout every single nerve and fiber of society until it consumes everything in its path - and destroys society itself.    
Without 100% privacy, you become nothing but a serf, a barn animal, sheep led by a shepherd dog, a domesticated animal, cattle being led to the slaughterhouse, and obedient slave.  You become either a captive,  hostage, or someone who will always have to live your life in fear of any of  these creatures:   caretakers who tell you that they know what's good for you, morons, imbeciles, liars, con men, charlatans, the insecure, thieves, psychos, schizoids, bullies, tyrants, criminals, fraudsters, money launderers, drug dealers, thugs, gangsters, murderers, and stone cold killers -  all of them acting under color of law.  
They will do their best to convince you that they need all this information about you so that they can protect you and society from all these really bad people out there. 
The caretakers who tell you that they know what's good for you, morons, imbeciles, liars, con men, charlatans, the insecure, thieves, psychos, schizoids, bullies, tyrants, criminals, fraudsters, money launderers, drug dealers, thugs, gangsters, murderers, and stone-cold killers  who will not hesitate to prey on you whenever they wish. 
The point being, it's a slippery slope the minute you begin to give others the benefit of the doubt and  start to surrender your privacy or someone else's.   
After all, who is out there to stop all these so-called really bad people out there from getting all this information about you that you gave to those acting under color of law?   The answer is simple:  NOBODY.    The point being, no individual, organization,  institution or government is immune from being hacked.  It happens to all these governments and institutions every single day, hour, minute and second.    
Therefore, common sense dictates that the people who want to know everything about you only want that information in order to weaponize it against You.  To Control You. To Enslave You.  Plain and Simple. You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure that out.  

At which point, the idea or concept that we live in a Free Society, a Civilized World becomes nothing but a Farce and a Cruel Joke.   The truth is, there is nothing free and civilized about our society and the world that we live in.   All human beings alive today on this planet are nothing but Slaves and a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages ("PABS").   Thus, the reason why we need to evolve.

  • Fact #21.    Building a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.   Our vision is to eventually build a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings living in futuristic city-state enclaves across the globe; Intelligent Beings who are able to Co-Exist in Peace and Harmony with their fellow human beings.   The idea is to eventually spread our wings throughout the galaxies in order to explore the universes out there that we cannot even begin to imagine.   
  • Fact #22.    The Cause of Human Evolution.    An enclave has absolutely no need for hegemony over other nations on our planet.  No need for absolute control of its own citizenry.  And no need for control over other human beings, period.  That is such a Primitive, Barbaric and Savage concept; a concept that we are running away from as fast as we possibly can.  
We Have No Need to Stand Tall Among Mental Midgets.   We have no desire to continue with the time immemorial concept and practice of Slavery and Butchery of our Fellow Human Beings On a Grand Scale.  What we are really fighting for is the Cause of Human EvolutionMankind Needs to Evolve.  
And the only way we can do that is to "Begin to Use Our Intelligence."   Something that we have consistently failed to do over billions of years.   And in order to be able to use our Intelligence, we have absolutely no choice but to Chart a New Path.   

It's finally time for us humans to turn the page on this stupid, idiotic, moronic and worn-out concept of "trying to make the world a better place."  After billions of years, we should all know better than that by now.   It's not the world that we need to make a better place.  It's us humans who need to be better than the way we are now; and the way we have always been since time immemorial.  We need to stop making excuses for ourselves.  The world is fine without us.  

We need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking that we can continue to do the Same Old Shit and, this time around, Get Different Results.   The same primitive, barbaric and savage concepts and practices will get us the same results.  And No Amount of Technology Can Change That.    

An enclave provides the only practical environment for human beings to Chart a New Path that can finally allow us to Use Our Intelligence -  NOT this horseshit about Artificial Intelligence Technology that marketers are now busy peddling to unsuspecting and gullible humans. 

In Conclusion

Please note that Facts #1-22 represent a mere snippet of the sort of things that would immediately draw everyone's attention to the fact that they are standing right in the middle of a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System instead of just another Futuristic Smart City development project.   There is so much more information of a Beyond Top Secret and Extreme Prejudice nature that we are unable to disclose to the public.  However, that being said, I believe that the information provided herein is sufficient to allow any individual or entity to make a reasonable and informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the tedious and time-consuming application process. 

The Grand Scheme of Things

If your mind is currently caught in a whirlwind and you are now wondering whether or not this guy Pierre has gone off the deep end and is some sort of lunatic; someone who is living in a world all his own which is completely devoid of any sense of reality; and someone who should be confined to a lunatic asylum; then that means I was able to accomplish my mission.  

Make no mistake about it.  We are NOT at all under the illusion that we will get to witness with our very own eyes this new global civilization of intelligent beings anytime soon.   Using the most conservative estimate I can come up with, I personally believe it would take at least a thousand years for mankind to actually get a chance to live in such a world.   For the simple reason that All Human Beings alive today are too primitive, barbaric and savage ::: and lack the maturity and intellect ::: to even imagine and understand such concept, let alone the need and willingness to engage in its implementation.
I could be wrong::::I want to be wrong::::I want the entire world to prove me wrong::::And I fervently hope that there are enough of us out there reading this document who truly believe that we are really on to something ::: Charting a New Path that will finally allow some human beings to Make the Transition From Human Being to Intelligent Being  in order to use their Intelligence.    Something that is really worth pursuing.   

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we need to take that very first step on the road of a thousand miles ::: The Road to Human Evolution. 

Last but not least, we also need to ask ourselves this question:   In the grand scheme of things, what does this all mean?   Frankly, this is really all about taking our rightful place in the universe.  Human Evolution, in the truest sense of the word, really means being able to travel side-by-side with Our Creator throughout the Cosmos in order to gaze and marvel at the beauty of Creation.   

After looking at a nebula, why would anyone in their right mind want to get bogged down on earth trying to live among, manage, control, terrify and slaughter a bunch of primitive, barbaric and savage slaves?    

I have absolutely no idea in which form we will be, how such travel will take place, how far, and how we will come to realize the identity or non-identity of our Creator.  It's entirely possible that we may evolve into non-physical or plasmatic entities and not have a need for matter-based transportation.   

Nonetheless, what I am certain of is the undeniable beauty of Creation and the need for us to evolve and one day be able to travel throughout the cosmos in order to gaze and marvel at it.  While we are at it, we will also have an opportunity to meet our distant relatives throughout the multiverse.   

That's way preferable to living like a bunch of Primitive and Barbaric Savages;  slaughtering and enslaving each other on planet Earth under the banner of exceptionalism, manifest destiny, religion, flags, nations, tribes, borders, races, ethnic groups, senseless and idiotic ideologies, The Greater Good, The New World Order, One World Government, alliances, so-called civilization, democracy, unipolarity, multipolarity, rules-based international order, green agenda, population control, so-called pandemics, scamdemics, plandemics, climate agenda, sustainable development, and an infinite number of narratives and cannibalistic rituals that the sick and evil minds of these primitive and barbaric savages are able to conjure up out of thin air.

Next Step          

  • If you take offense at the content of this paper, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, it's a  normal reaction.   That only means the following:  you are not yet mentally prepared and intellectually equipped to absorb this sort of information; and thus, you are not yet ready to make any serious effort to venture outside of your comfort zone. All the best to you! 
However, that being said, not all is lost.  We are not willing to leave anyone behind.  Therefore, if you find any particular aspect of the cause of Human Evolution worthy of consideration and support, then you can still play a very important role in its eventual outcome, however you deem fit.  In which case, I invite you to become a Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level
  • If you are currently a world leader or have high-level access to a world leader; you understand what you just read; and you have a genuine interest in Hosting a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within the borders of your own country; then proceed directly to The New Virtual Organization World Consortium in order to learn more about the consortium and how to apply for membership.  Please note that only consortium members are eligible for consideration to Host a Futuristic City-State Enclave.  Thus, your application will NOT be for hosting such enclave within the borders of your country, but rather for meeting one of the eligibility requirements for such consideration.
  • If you are merely a humble government official and would like to introduce your colleagues to such a concept, then share the link to this article with them:::::in the hope that it may have a viral effect and eventually reach the desk of your country's leader.  
  • If you are a C-Level Executive with extensive high-level connections in the business world, government, public policy circles and academia, then share this document with them and invite them to comment on:::::and further refer it to whomever they deem appropriate.
  • If you are merely an ordinary citizen who would like to share this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates, then I welcome your initiative.
  • If you are a so-called oligarch and would like to invest some of your fortune in such Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System, then pause and take a deep breath for one simple reason:   

We have no need for your money.  What we are in short supply of are Collaborators who share the Cause of Human Evolution - and Intelligent Beings::::attributes that no amount of money, power, formal education, social status or privilege can buy. 

On the other hand, you are, however, welcome to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives IF AND ONLY IF you share the Cause of Human Evolution.  (Something that is highly unlikely, however, I could be wrong.)

Please note that each country which seeks to submit an official request to launch a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within their own country MUST be an existing member of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.  

Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Obtain a Human Evolution Station License in order to submit a support request if you have any questions or issues and would like some ideas or solutions.   Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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