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CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? - Part 5


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Theme of Part 5 :::: CloudCoin:  Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home

For reference purposes, please note that this article represents Part 5 of a 6-Part Series of articles designed to answer this critical and overarching question about CloudCoin:  Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you read Part 4 of this 6-Part series :::: CloudCoin:  Is It a Ponzi Scheme? - Part 4  :::: Your Strength Lies in Your Foundation :::: in order to gain a better insight into the theme of this current article. 

Within the Part 4 article, I sought to point out the strength of the foundation of the original CloudCoin; its unique terrain and first-mover advantage; and the Mind-Altering and Life-Altering Identity Crisis aspects of its technology as being one of the key factors responsible for its cannibalization and exile from the Digital Currency World.  Thence the reason it has been thrown into the abyss of the nightmarish Cryptocurrency World - forever condemned to wander aimlessly within the deep caverns and labyrinths of Cryptocurrency Hell. 

Original Promise of a Cryptocurrency

I know you're probably wondering what I mean by "Cryptocurrency Hell," however, prior to giving you that answer, it's critical that we are all on the same page with respect to the original promise of a "cryptocurrency."   

In other words, "What is the reason for the invention of a cryptocurrency?" and "What problem or issue was it designed to solve or address?"   Moreover, the follow-up question is very appropriate and merits an honest answer:  "How successful has it been (this cryptocurrency invention) since the launch of Bitcoin in January of 2009 - the world's first successful cryptocurrency?"  

Obviously, these are all rhetorical questions and there is no need for you to wax philosophical since most people today who engage in the purchase or trading of cryptocurrencies and crypto derivatives couldn't care less.  For the simple reason that nearly 99% of them view such activity purely from an investment standpoint.  
Frankly, I don't know of that many people who can tell you with a straight face that such activity is purely from a "Freedom, Liberty and Privacy" standpoint.  Nor do most cryptocurrency stakeholders care about the dawn of a new global financial system which can co-exist with the current global financial system.
By extension, this means that they want their cryptocurrency listed on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible.   Thus, if the US government or any other government requires that these exchanges comply with certain mandates or meet certain legal requirements::::regardless of how opaque, odious, grievous, tyrannical, or restrictive from an invasion of privacy standpoint they may be::::then so be it.  Otherwise, they view their cryptocurrency coin, product or investment as being worthless.

Consequently, they seek - and are all willing to get on their knees, beg for forgiveness at the altar of the global financial system, and promise to do whatever it takes - in order to ensure that these cryptocurrency entities and exchanges do whatever it takes in order to Fully Integrate (fit in) Their Cryptocurrency Within the Current Global Financial System.   (Ask the leadership of Binance and thousands of other cryptocurrency-related entities::::and nearly 500 million cryptocurrency holders::::what I mean by that.)  
The point being, for most, it's just business as usual and the cryptocurrency phenomena is just a lipstick on the current global financial system - no different than putting lipstick on a sow (a female pig) and calling her a lady.  

The following February 6, 2018 article by Chelsea Roh ::: Bitcoin (BTC) Not Living Up to Its Original Promise ::: further buttresses my point.   However, that being said, just in case the link becomes obsolete, the following excerpts from the article pretty much highlight the crux of the dilemma we are all faced with today:  

"Satoshi Nakamoto, the Alias, and originator of Bitcoin envisioned a decentralized digital currency that isn't controlled by a singular entity - this was Bitcoin's original promise.

"Bitcoin as an Investment Asset?   However, the issue most individuals are having with Bitcoin is that it is failing to live up to its original promise. Bitcoin and its blockchain were intended, by its unknown creator, to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system...The digital token just this year has transitioned from a digital currency used for peer to peer transactions, to an investable asset, like gold and silver." 

The bottom line is this:  To those who were very hopeful and optimistic that the launch of Bitcoin would result in the emergence of a new global financial system which has the potential to free mankind from the tyranny of the current global financial system, their vision was quickly shattered, and they became deeply disappointed.  

Instead, what they have gotten or witnessed has been a complete erosion of any semblance of freedom, privacy and liberty; a global expansion of this tyranny; as well as the further tightening of the financial controls and tools used to enslave mankind all across the globe.   

In other words, the end result of the launch of Bitcoin has been a nightmarish world of thousands of cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and house of horrors which knows no bounds; and thence, in effect, compounded and accelerated to hyperdrive mode the tyranny of our current global financial system - as in "put it on steroids."  

The point being, given the passage of time, all cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related technologies will be fully Co-Opted and Integrated within the current global financial system and thence be subject to the rules, mandates, and dictates of the powers-that-be of the current global financial system.   

Anybody who tells you any different is either naive, a moron, or a certified liar.  

So now that we are clear on the promise and realities of all cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related technologies; and that such promise is nothing but a lot of wishful thinking, a grand delusion, a sham, pure bait-and-switch,  illusions galore, and a lot of smoke-and-mirrors; let us begin to examine the Original Promise of a Digital Currency ::: and, specifically, the original CloudCoin, the world's very first and only bona fide digital currency.    

Critical Facts We Need to Be Aware of In Order to Understand the Promise of CloudCoin 

So let us now set our sights on CloudCoin, the world's very first and only bona fide digital currency, in order to understand the promise of a digital currency and how it substantially differs from the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.    

Of course, just in case you are wondering, "Pierre, what the hell does CloudCoin have to do with this nightmarish world of cryptocurrencies and house of horrors, and the current global financial system," the answer is:  "Everything."  

Of course, let me elaborate.  The reason we are all here reading this article and trying to answer the Ponzi scheme-related question about CloudCoin is due to the following facts:

  • Fact #1Realities of Current Global Financial System.   First and foremost, it is impossible to ignore the realities of the current Global Financial System.  (Ask the leadership of Russia and ALL other countries around the globe; you are bound to get an earful of horrors and calamities.)
In fact, such realities played a central role in Sean Worthington's ill-advised, ill-fated, reckless, compromising, unprincipled, and disastrous Liquidity-At-All-Costs strategy which resulted in the cannibalization of the CloudCoin bona fide digital currency and turned it into just another altcoin::::CloudCoin ("CC")::::listed on cryptocurrency exchanges - thence becoming subject to all existing and future rules, mandates, and dictates of the current global financial system.   
Thus, unwittingly making a mockery of everyone who thought that they were truly buying into a privacy-oriented digital currency with 100% cash attributes, free of interference from governments and the powers-that-be of the global financial system.    
  • Fact #2A Full Spectrum View of Each Country Is a Requirement.   Second, one must not underestimate the myriad number of entities and laws across the globe which govern each country's economic, financial, legal and political system.  
  • Fact #3.  Social System Appreciation.  Third, one must have a systemic understanding and appreciation of each country's social system.  
  • Fact #4Geopolitical Realities of Each Country.   Fourth, one must take into consideration that every single country has their own and unique geopolitical realities that they have to deal with based on their standing in the Geopolitical Power Index.
  • Fact #5Geopolitical Leadership of Each Country.   Fifth, as we all know, not all geopolitical leaders are equal.   Thus the reason why there are elections and appointments.
  • Fact #6Principled Geopolitical Leadership: The Fascia of the Digital Currency World.  Sixth, a clear understanding of the need for principled geopolitical leadership across the entire digital currency terrain is non-negotiable.   The harmonization and protective role that Principled Geopolitical Leadership plays in the emergence, stabilization and evolution of the digital currency world is indispensable and cannot be ignored
The December 14, 2015 treatise :: A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders :: provides a macro understanding of principled geopolitical leadership.  (It is a nearly 200-page document - read it later.) 
  • Fact #7A Clear Understanding of the Difference Between a Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Is a Must.  Seventh, it is impossible to understand the importance and relevance of Facts #1-6 without having a crystal-clear understanding of the difference between a Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency.  
The Digital Currency Manifesto is the world's leading and only authoritative document on the attributes of a bona fide digital currency. (It is nearly 30 pages - read it later.)  
  • Fact #8A Profound Understanding of the Difference Between Cause, Mission, and Vision.  Eighth, Cause is the antecedent of Vision and Mission.  In the absence of this recognition, the CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team and the CloudCoin digital currency will forever be lost, lingering, wandering aimlessly, and loitering in this nightmarish world of cryptocurrencies and house of horrors.   (As is currently the case.)  
  • Fact #9.   A Clear Understanding of the Need for Political Evolution.  Ninth, absent such understanding, it will be absolutely impossible to cement CloudCoin or any future bona fide digital currency as a permanent fixture, component and anchor embedded in the foundation of the Digital Currency World.  
Treatise On Political Evolution is the world's only treatise on political evolution :: not political economy or political power.  (It is over 300 pages - read it later.)    
  • Fact #10CloudCoin Leadership's Awareness of Facts #1-9.    Tenth, absent a clear understanding of Facts #1-9, it is literally and figuratively impossible for the CloudCoin Leadership Team:::::To Know the Digital Currency Terrain that it Sits On::::To Understand CloudCoin's Ownership of the Digital Currency Terrain and How to Take Advantage of Its Own Terrain.  The success of CloudCoin depends on such understanding.   

Absent the awareness of the foregoing facts, it is literally impossible for anyone to understand the promise of CloudCoin; why it should always be known, viewedtreated, evangelized, promoted, and Exchanged as a bona fide Digital Currency instead of lumping it into a basket of cryptocurrency coins, altcoins, stable coins, blockchain utility tokens, blockchain governance tokens, DAO tokens, gaming tokens, or defi tokens that are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.   And why such Exchange of a bona fide Digital Currency should NEVER be perceived to be just another trade, purchase or sale of a cryptocurrency, crypto-based derivatives, defi token, blockchain-based derivatives, derivatives, equities, securities, commodities, digital asset (e.g., a non-fungible token ("NFT")), virtual asset, virtual currency, or alternative investment asset.   

(In other words, there is a material difference between the words Exchange, Trade, Purchase, and Sale.   The point being, narratives matter when it comes to articulating the Strength of the Foundation of CloudCoin and its Basic Intrinsic Value.)  

Otherwise, the original CloudCoin::::being a bona fide digital currency::::is bound to be confused with cryptocurrencies and the likes; subject to being eventually discarded into the dustbin of history of failed cryptocurrencies, altcoins, DAOs, and defi solutions; or subject to forever remain exiled, confined and destined to perish within the gates of Cryptocurrency Hell - a dominion of the Current Global Financial System.   

Correlation Between CloudCoin and Fact #1: Realities of Current Global Financial System 

Now that we have a brief understanding of the foregoing facts, let me address the correlation between CloudCoin and Fact #1:   Realities of Current Global Financial System; why CloudCoin should NOT be a part of this monstrosity; and, notwithstanding the foregoing, why CloudCoin MUST be able to Co-Exist with the current global financial system instead of being one of its components or vassals.

Debauchery and Degeneracy of Current Global Financial System.   Our current global financial system has been in existence in one form or another since time immemorial.  What we are seeing and witnessing today is merely the metamorphosis or shape shifting of a monster that has been around since the time of our forebears - the beginning of human history. 

Today, the tentacles of this global financial system cover every single country on earth; and have a chilling, suffocating and paralyzing effect on every single aspect of human existence.   

In real financial and economic terms, here is what we are dealing with:   

  • As of this writing, various global financial system and economic gurus and prognosticators claim that we are now dealing with a Global Debt of Epic Proportions which far exceeds our global  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and ranges anywhere from  $1.5 - $4 Quadrillion USD ::: a sum which can never be repaid and is bound to increase over the years - with the majority of it, around 92%,  belonging to the USA and Western European allies, the rest of Europe, and China.
Thus, the only option left for mankind is a Great Reset which would result in wiping out the entire global debt in one fell swoop.     
(I will leave it up to your imagination in order to figure out how such feat can be accomplished.)

With respect to what comes next after the Great Reset, the history of mankind dictates that the new global financial system will be no different than the old global financial system:   The Same Old Shit 

The bottom line is this:  Anytime you hear anything about some "Great Reset," you can be guaranteed that you are about to witness or experience a "Great Repeat." 

  • This global debt is an accumulation of business debt, household debt, public debt, government debt, and sovereign debt; and consists of the sort of financial instruments that 99% of the global population are either vaguely aware of or totally clueless about.  These instruments include exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives which come in the form of options, warrants, futures, forwards, swaps, forex spreads, etc.         
From an economic slavery and tyranny of the global financial system standpoint, here is what the entire world is dealing with:

  • The chilling and unintended effects of the passage of Currency and Foreign  Transactions  Reporting Act of 1970 - widely referred to in many circles as the "Bank Secrecy Act" (BSA).  The original mandate of the BSA was primarily focused on US financial institutions cooperating with US government agencies in order to detect and prevent money laundering by drug cartels and other oligarchic criminal elements.
  • However, that being said, since its original passage in 1970, the BSA has taken a life all its own through a series of amendments and its tentacles have spread into every single facet of life of every single American - from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States all the way down to the street sweeper or janitor or child peddling lemonade in his front yard.  In other words, it has morphed into the most powerful, insidious, and tyrannical tool that not even George Orwell of 1984 could have ever imagined.  
Paradoxically, the advent of cryptocurrencies has caused the tyranny of our current global financial system to take a turn for the worse.   Why is that, you might ask? 
  • That's because the global and borderless nature of cryptocurrencies introduced some new realities to the global financial system that its current caretakers and stakeholders had to coalesce around, grapple and deal with.  Thus, this Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act of 1970 as amended (the "BSA as amended") was able to morph into the most insidious and monstrous tyrannical tool with an extended agenda:  the total subjugation and slavery of all of mankind. (No, I am not being melodramatic.  Read on and you'll understand what I mean by that.)  
  • These caretakers and stakeholders are, relatively speaking, a very small group of people and entities and powers-that-be across the globe who currently govern::::and have a monopoly over::::this entire global financial system.
  • In essence, what this means is that the new realities of the global financial system now expose every single human being on the face of the earth to the tyranny of the current global financial system.

These new realities of the global financial system include:  

Fear of Losing Control.   Governments all over the glove, including here in the United States, having been caught flat-footed and blind-sided; didn't quite know how to deal with this new cryptocurrency phenomenon - and still don't; and thus, became terrified of losing control over their economy and population.   

Instinctively, and taking their cue from the US government and other powers-that-be of the current global financial system, these governments, in a manner inimical of vassals, lapdogs and parrots, sought to ridicule and spread doubt, fear, uncertainty, disinformation, misinformation and outright lies about the purpose and use of cryptocurrencies.  Moreover, they sought to impede or hinder its growth, development and expansion through the introduction of many systemic and legal obstacles as well as dubious mandates under color of law.    

As a matter of last resort, they sought to criminalize this cryptocurrency innovation in more ways than one in order to scare the bejesus out of its pioneers and early adopters and make an example of them - a practice which continues to this very day, minute and second as you read this.     

The Real Challenge.   However, the tremendous challenge facing the US government and all its vassals was the very cumbersome and lengthy process of coming up with new civil and criminal legislation for a cryptocurrency technology and innovation that they were ALL completely clueless about.  The only sure thing that the US government instinctively knew was that::::anything which represents a challenge to the status quo - their hold on the global financial system sacred cow::::is bad news, requires a heavy-handed approach, and must be nipped in the bud.   And since time is of the essence, the US government and its vassals were willing to forgo all niceties and procedural due process.  
Thus, such heavy-handed approach of the US government required the application of existing civil and criminal laws on the books which had absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency.   The Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act of 1970 as amended was deemed to be the perfect weapon for such mischief.   
Specifically, under the false assumption and dubious pretext of trying to detect and prevent  money laundering, tax evasion, and all other sorts of criminal activities,  the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act of 1970 (the "Bank Secrecy Act") and numerous other acts amended to it since its passage made it possible::::for not only the US government but also every single other government in the world, their respective financial institutions, and cryptocurrency exchanges::::to invade the privacy and represent a potential or imminent threat to the safety and security of every single human being on this planet who either depends or relies on the global financial system.
In essence, the long arm of the Bank Secrecy Act as amended essentially transformed the US government into a de facto "legal" criminal organization using intimidation, coercion, extortion, threats of force, brute force, Wholesale Terror and Murder under color of law in order to exert total and complete control over not only its own citizenry but also all other governments, organizations and financial institutions across the globe who seek to gain or maintain access to the current global financial system; or which may want to conduct business in the United States or with US nationals and lawful US residents wherever in the world they may reside.
The bottom line is this:   The advent of cryptocurrencies has legally resulted in the complete erosion of privacy and the total subjugation of every single human being on this planet (potential cryptocurrency stakeholder) who wishes to participate in the purchase, exchange or trade of cryptocurrencies.   

End Result: The Taming of Crypto, Defi and Blockchain.     In real and simple terms, this means the following:  
  • A slap on the wrist to some early adopters and bad actors.  During the initial stages of the cryptocurrency technology (over the last 13 years), the powers-that-be of the current global financial system began operating by the seat of their pants with respect to how to deal with this emerging crypto, blockchain and defi phenomena.  
Every now and then, they would give a slap on the wrist to some of the most insidious or egregious violators and highly visible characters in that space in order to make an example of them.  In other words, to let them know who the boss is (regardless of whatever fantasies of freedom, liberty, privacy, anonymity, independence, and immunity from the rules of the established world order they may harbor).  

That list has grown to a point wherefore I don't really care to provide any example or sample.  (Do your own research on the internet and just subscribe to any cryptocurrency newsletter for the latest cases.)

Generally speaking, that is all it takes to get them all in line. 

Here is an excellent analogy: 

Just imagine a fly buzzing over a dinner table full of delicious food in the House of Lords.   One of the lords sitting at the dinner table waives his hand at this fly who came too close to landing on his plate :::: This hand waive comes in the form of official notices to cease and desist and letters of inquiry, etc.    

And the fly gets the message and runs away like a bat out of hell.  

Sometimes, a fly gets hit hard when it ignores the first hand waive and keeps coming back to the table. That hard hit comes in the form of  any of the following:  a friendly invitation from the National Security Agency ("NSA") or Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA"); a warm and friendly visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"); a Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") investigation and plea bargain offer and fines; a State's or US Attorney General investigation; or a Subpoena or Summons, etc.

And the fly gets a strong dose of reality and begins to scurry around like a rat fleeing a sinking ship.  

Inflict severe pain on some early adopters and bad actors.   We are now at the stage of this crypto, blockchain, and defi phenomenon whereby the powers-that-be of the current global financial system are beginning to get a much better understanding of the sort of potential threat that this represents and their need to begin to take serious measures on how to deal with it.

Such measures include the formulation of policies, mandates, and legislation designed to rein in and/or deter ALL current and future actors in that space; and the imposition of serious and significant penalties on those who dare to transgress from the rules. 

Here is another excellent analogy:

To continue with the fly analogy, this time around, if a fly is caught hovering over the dinner table in the House of Lords (this global financial system), it can expect the butler to come after it with a long fly swatter in order to try to smash it if it's not able to get the hell out of Dodge by making a quick dash for a door or window. 

That fly swatter and smash operation includes the use of the full force of the law::::or persecution under color of law::::by the powers-that-be of the current global financial system.  And if the threat is deemed critical, extrajudicial means::::including extraordinary rendition, kidnapping or murder::::will be employed in order to eliminate such threat.  (There are so many examples that I don't really care to mention.) 

The idea is to either contain, completely neutralize or eliminate such threat.

  • Architecture and Development of a Full Spectrum Global Financial System Dominance  Infrastructure.   Establish new blockchain technology-related infrastructure and legal structures designed to integrate and/or merge all current and future blockchain-related technologies within all existing elements and components of the global economy; in order to ensure that they are operating in compliance with the edicts, mandates and dictates of the current global financial system.   
This All Hands On Deck project by the Collective West is indeed an "All Roads Lead to Damascus" initiative.  I assume it can only be Top Secret with Extreme Prejudice.   It is now being hidden in plain sight::::is currently in a Work-In-Progress stage::::and, at a very minimum, should be completed within the next 15-20 (fifteen to twenty) years.  
The idea is for the US to maintain its current hold and hegemony over the current global financial system and to prevent the emergence of any current or future existential threat to its current full spectrum dominance.

However, that being said, this is possible only as long as the US dollar remains the petrodollar and the World's Reserve Currency; and the US remains One of the Top 3 Nuclear Powers. (It no longer has to be a Unipolar Superpower.)  

Why is that, you might say?   The answer is simple.  That's due to all of the following:

  • The ability of the US to impose unilateral sanctions on the rest of the world and freeze or seize their assets at the drop of a hat without any sort of due process. (Think Russia, China, India, Venezuela, Cuba, even the European Union and African Union, even companies and individuals, etc.) ::: 

  • The large following of vassals and lapdogs and unprincipled leaders in every single corner of the globe who dare not openly challenge the US. (Think the United Nations, European Union, African Union, etc.) ::: 

  • The sheepishness and reluctance of Russia and China to Openly Demand Respect and Refuse to Play the Game in clear and unequivocal language instead of shamefully and disgracefully walking down the path of negotiation or seeking ways to legally bypass or circumvent sanctions in a cat-and-mouse fashion ::: 

  • The fact that the US is the inventor of the Modern Sanctions Game; has the unlimited and unrestrained power to change the rules of the game right in the middle of a game; and is able to constantly move the goal posts without any fear of serious repercussions :::   

  • The fact that at least two-thirds (2/3) of the membership of the United Nations would have to cancel their membership and join either BRICS+ or SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in order to gain control over their own destiny.    
They don't have the balls to do so.   As well, BRICS+ and SCO also don't have the balls to encourage them to participate in such wholesale defection or "mutiny from the bounty"::::or to accept them all at once or in successive waves::::without the fear of sanctions from the US government or worse.   
Otherwise, they will always have to play by the rules of the game and abide by the dictates of the rules-based international order ::: 

  • The fact that "Democracy" is the best weapon that the US can use against any government which openly or surreptitiously opposes its mandates and dictates. (I am fully aware that most readers do not really have a clue as to what I mean by that.) ::: 

  • The fact that the Ultimate Weapon that the US government can use against any recalcitrant country or government is their own leadership and people ::: 
  • The fact that 99.9% of countries, governments, political leaders, geopolitical leaders, world leaders and heads of state are too primitive, barbaric and savage to understand the need for Political Evolution in order to escape from the clutches of The Eagle of the current global financial system :::   
  • The fact that, push comes to shove, the US government reserves the right to use this Nuclear Option whenever it wishes to do so:  Restrict a country's access to Damascus: the entire global financial system.          

Here is a perfect analogy:

Think of a Cat and Mouse World.   The setting is as follows: 

  • The scenery is a huge Kingdom (called "Mighty KatMice Kingdom") which has One Big Cheese Warehouse (called "Damascus") that is located right in the center of the kingdom.  

  • Mighty KatMice Kingdom is populated by a bunch of Cats (called "Kitty Kats") and Mice (called "Mini Mice").    
  • The Kitty Kats feed on Mini Mice for their daily sustenance.  The Mini Mice feed on cheese from Damascus which is located right in the center of the kingdom.  

  • There are 30 "Independent" Tribes of Kitty Kats and Mini Mice (called "KatMice Tribe").   Regardless of the tribe, All Roads outside the main gate of a KatMice Tribe will eventually lead to Damascus.    

  • The Chief of Mighty KatMice Kingdom is called "Lord MightyKat" and is the only Kitty Kat who has the keys to Damascus, the One Big Cheese Warehouse located right in the center of the kingdom where there is an abundant supply of cheese for all Mini Mice to feast on.  

Lord MightyKat is known throughout the entire Mighty KatMice Kingdom as being the Most Benevolent Kitty Kat that a Mini Mice could ever encounter.  

Lord MightyKat doesn't care about who you are, whether you like him or not; and whether or not you agree with him on anything he says or does.  

The only thing he requires from every single Mini Mice who wants to walk through the entrance of the Damascus warehouse is their obedience.  

And, last but not least, he doesn't care about which KatMice Tribe a Mini Mice belongs to and which road it takes to get to the warehouse because he knows that ALL roads outside the main gate of each KatMice Tribe will eventually lead to the entrance of the cheese warehouse: Damascus.

The moral of the story is this:   I beg your indulgence for stating the obvious.  The Current Global Financial System is indeed this Damascus that ALL roads lead to.   In other words, it doesn't matter which Road an individual, business, organization, institution, quasi-governmental entity, or Government takes in order to try to bypass the current global financial system, such Road will eventually lead them straight to the doorstep of the Current Global Financial System.   

Thus, it doesn't matter if the Road taken involves the use of fiat currencies, equities, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, decentralized cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (defi) tokens, cryptocurrency derivatives, defi token derivatives, cryptocurrency exchanges, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, decentralized apps ("DApps"), virtual currencies, virtual assets, digital assets, etc., such Road will eventually lead everybody straight to the doorstep of the Current Global Financial System.                

In Conclusion.   In summary, the reason why I went to such great lengths in order to express in detail the "Correlation Between CloudCoin and Fact #1: Realities of Current Global Financial System" is due to the fact that::::most of the questions that we all have regarding the sort of challenges that ALL CloudCoin stakeholders are currently facing and many of the answers that we all seek on How to Move Forward::::are contained within that section.  

So let me now proceed with other relevant correlations between CloudCoin and other facts that you need to be aware of.

Correlation Between CloudCoin and Fact #8:  A Profound Understanding of the Difference Between Cause, Mission, and Vision

Cause is the compass which guides your Mission and helps you to realize your Vision.   Otherwise, the CloudCoin Mission will always be adrift; and the CloudCoin Leadership Team will never be able to realize their Vision of a bona fide digital currency walking through the gates of the Digital Currency World. 

The point being, the inventor of CloudCoin never really had a Cause.  He had a concept, an invention,  a slogan, a Motto, a Vision, and a Mission - but not a Cause.   A motto and slogan is only good for attracting an audience; and, to that effect, Sean's performance was not only remarkable but also outstanding and flawless. However, when the going gets tough during the implementation stage, the natural human tendency is to choose the path of least resistance.  In CloudCoin's case, this path of least resistance entailed a Liquidity At-All-Costs Strategy which required the listing of CloudCoin on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible - at the expense of everything else.     

For example, Freedom and Democracy is a motto and NOT a Cause.  A Cause is something that you are willing to fight and sacrifice for - and give your all.   Weekend warriors and sunshine patriots have other priorities - nothing wrong with that.  
For example, there are many causes that I support and thus am willing to lend a helping hand. However, that being said, they are not My Cause.  I do have other priorities.  The Human Evolution cause being at the very top of my list of priorities.    

Correlation Between CloudCoin and Facts #2-7 and #9-10

The correlation between CloudCoin and the foregoing Facts has everything to do with the following:
  • Knowing Your Environment
  • Knowing Your Own Terrain
  • Owning Your Own Terrain
  • Taking Advantage of Your Own Terrain
  • How to Blend In vs Trying to Fit In
  • The Merry-Go-Round of Destructive Behaviors
  • The Roller-Coaster of Emotions
  • The Hamster Wheel of Human History
  • Forging Your Own Narratives 
  • Strategy of Co-Existence and Collaboration vs Conformity and Cooperation
  • Strategic Patience and Resolve
  • Difference Between Vision and the Grand Scheme of Things  
  • Need to Focus on the Grand Scheme of Things  
These facts will be fully integrated within the Going Forward Strategy to be outlined in Part 6 of the 6-Part series of articles regarding CloudCoin. 

Correlation Between CloudCoin and Cryptocurrency Hell

The time is now opportune to talk about this nightmarish world of cryptocurrencies and house of horrors that both::::the original CloudCoin and the CloudCoin impersonator (CloudCoin "CC")::::have been thrust into:  Cryptocurrency Hell

It goes without saying that not a day goes by without hearing about one or more of the following horrors and crimes in the cryptocurrency world:   Identity Theft, Computer Hacking, Ransomware Victims, Embezzlement, Ponzi Schemes :::: Smoke-and-Mirror Valuation of Cryptocurrency Companies, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Think FTX),  and so-called Cloud Computing Companies (Think RAIDATech):::: Pump-and-Dump ICOs :::: Pump and Dump of Cryptocurrencies,  NFTs,  Blockchain Utility Tokens, Decentralized Finance (Defi) Tokens (Think CloudCoin Finance "CCFI") Tokens, Altcoins galore, Stable Coins,  Blockchain Governance Tokens, DAO Tokens, Gaming Tokens :::: Murders, Fugitives from Justice,  Prosecutions galore, Theft of Funds, and Scams galore that are too numerous to list and that most people cannot even imagine.    

But the worst part of it all is that these are NOT aberrations that could be attributed to a small number of rogue elements and soldiers of fortune - THAT IS THE NORM! 

The point being, there are many more FTX-like exchanges and other blockchain-related entities in the Cryptocurrency World which are now trembling and shitting in their pants; scurrying around like rats trying to get off a sinking ship, out of fear that they too could be discovered; and the spotlight could also begin to shine on them.  FTX-like IS THE NORM!     

I have personally visited the Telegram groups of about a dozen (12) cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges wherefrom legitimate complaints of criminal mischief and other shady, vile and repugnant behavior, including the blatant theft of funds, were arriving at an average rate of 6,000 - 17,000 per hour.   

Two of them happened to be cryptocurrency exchanges that both the original CloudCoin and the NEW CloudCoin "CC" either used to be or may still be listed on.  (I haven't bothered to keep track of any of them over the past 6 months since that would be a complete waste of time.)      

In essence, we are talking about tens of million of cryptocurrency-related stakeholders who are falling prey to these cryptocurrency and blockchain-related predators on a yearly basis.  These predators include:  crypto companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, defi platforms, crypto derivatives platforms, crypto lenders, crypto hedge funds, crypto staking platforms offering high yields, and other unscrupulous and vile elements ::: who lie in wait, patiently observing and looking to feast on their next victims.   

The following articles represent only a drop in the bucket of malfeasance in the cryptocurrency world: 
"OneCoin was a ponzi scheme...Some reports have estimated that OneCoin has brought in approximately $4 billion USD, worldwide." 
"The $4.5 Billion Money Laundering Scheme...The $40 Billion Fiasco...Celsius Crisis and 3AC Fallout

"These scandals provided further evidence that there are just as many opportunists in the crypto space as there are in traditional finance."

"This year has looked like death by a thousand scandals for crypto. There was the Luna / Terra crash, which wiped out billions in value practically overnight. There was Axie Infinity, the once-hot NFT game that lost $625 million in a hack and has struggled to recover. Celsius collapsed. Three Arrows Capital collapsed. Remember when NFTs were cool and people thought their JPGs were worth millions?

"...which also dampened society’s overall tolerance for chaotic, nonsensical gambling on internet money. As the economy began to even out and our collective risk tolerance went down, crypto went for many investors from a fun plaything to a dangerous bet." 

The following is a list of article headlines included in the article:

  • Nov 10, 2022 by  Elizabeth Lopatto ::: The Department of Justice would like to know how Binance’s due diligence on the now-canceled FTX acquisition went.
  • Nov 10, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: FTX reportedly used $10 billion of customer funds to prop up its owner’s trading firm.
  • Nov 10, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: There were other hints of trouble at FTX and Alameda.
  • Nov 10, 2022 by Russell Brandom :::: ‘I fucked up,’ says FTX founder in public apology.
  • Nov 9, 2022 by Mitchell Clark and Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Binance won’t bail out FTX, cites reports of ‘mishandled customer funds.’
  • Nov 9, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Is that good?
  • Nov 9, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Damn, Binance did a few hours of due diligence and began to lean nope???
  • Nov 8, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Stop, stop, he’s already dead!
  • Nov 8, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Coinbase: “RIP to FTX, but we’re built different.”
  • Nov 8, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: Coinbase says it’s monitoring a fix for its web and app outage.  
  • Nov 8, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Binance will buy FTX after liquidity crisis rumors.
  • Nov 8, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: That escalated quickly.
  • Oct 18, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Do Kwon is once again insisting, despite the existence of an Interpol red notice, that he is not on the run.
  • Oct 11, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: CNN accused of rug pull as it abandons its NFT project.
  • Oct 11, 2022 by David Pierce :::: Sounds like the Coinbase documentary is not very good.
  • Oct 2, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Coinbase paused transactions in US for hours to address bank transfer issues.
  • Sep 27, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Celsius’ CEO is out.
  • Sep 26, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: Eight states sue crypto lender Nexo over security sales and misleading marketing.
  • Sep 26, 2022 by Jay Peters :::: Interpol issues ‘red notice’ for Terra stablecoin co-founder Do Kwon
  • Sep 21, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: The collapse of Three Arrows Capital has not put a dent in unsecured crypto lending.
  • Sep 19, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: My “I’m not on the run” t-shirt is raising questions answered by my t-shirt. 
  • Sep 18, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Collapsed crypto co-founder Do Kwon insists he’s “not on the run.”
  • Sep 14, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Crypto villain Do Kwon is wanted by authorities in South Korea.
  • Aug 31, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Congress presses big crypto exchanges for details on how they’re fighting scams
  • Aug 18, 2022 by James Vincent :::: laid off 260 employees — then quietly let go of hundreds more
  • Aug 15, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: $150 million ‘Much Wow’ yacht left behind by crypto hedge fund’s collapse
  • Aug 9, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Crypto lender Hodlnaut follows other firms in freezing withdrawals
  • Aug 2, 2022 by Jay Peters :::: Robinhood is firing nearly a quarter of its staff
  • Jul 14, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: Giant NFT marketplace OpenSea lays off about 20 percent of its staff
  • Jul 13, 2022 by Sean Hollister :::: Crypto lending company Celsius Network has filed for bankruptcy
  • Jul 12, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Liquidators for crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital say they can’t find founders
  • Jul 11, 2022 by Jay Peters :::: GameStop’s NFT market has arrived just in time for a crypto market crash
  • Jul 7, 2022 by Corin Faife :::: Web3 projects have lost more than $2 billion to hacks this year
  • Jul 6, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Crypto broker Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy following the collapse of Three Arrows
  • Jul 2, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows files for bankruptcy
  • Jul 1, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: The government’s going after alleged crypto scammers as market crashes
  • Jun 28, 2022 by Richard Lawler and Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Crypto exchange CoinFlex says ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver owes $47 million
  • Jun 27, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Crypto exchange FTX is reportedly looking into buying Robinhood
  • Jun 17, 2022 by Richard Lawler and Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Three crypto firms are down bad this week, and things may get worse
  • Jun 14, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: Coinbase is laying off 1,100 employees as Bitcoin prices continue to fall
  • Jun 13, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: BlockFi and lay off hundreds of staff as coins slump
  • Jun 13, 2022 by Richard Lawler :::: Bitcoin price plummets below $25K following Celsius freeze
  • Jun 13, 2022 by Richard Lawler and Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Crypto lending giant Celsius halts withdrawals
  • Jun 5, 2022 by Emma Roth :::: Crypto winter has come, and Coinbase is in trouble
  • May 20, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: How the Anchor protocol helped sink Terra
  • May 16, 2022 by Mitchell Clark :::: Terra’s crash has left some other stablecoins and protocols on shaky ground
  • May 13, 2022 by Corin Faife :::: Major exchanges delist Terra stablecoin as price collapse continues
  • May 12, 2022 by Russell Brandom :::: Coinbase experiencing major outage as crypto prices plummet
  • May 9, 2022 by Elizabeth Lopatto :::: Number go down

To Add Insult to Injury.   To add insult to injury, the purchasers of these cryptocurrency coins and other blockchain-related tokens have all been stripped naked and left without any sort of privacy rights, personal protection, and financial portfolio security from the perpetrators of all these crimes in the Cryptocurrency World.   

Every single purchaser is made susceptible to becoming a victim of the foregoing crimes and misdeeds due to the predatory behavior and actions of the United States government and the impact of their reverberations all across the globe.  

No, I am not exaggerating, although I wish it were so. You are about to understand what I mean by that.  
How?  Well, this predatory behavior of the US government is made possible through the enactment and passage of the Bank Secrecy Act as amended which resulted in the following:      
  • Introduction to the most primitive, barbaric and savage practices, policies and procedures in the history of mankind.  The global application of the Bank Secrecy Act as amended has effectively exposed every single individual who wants to obtain or exchange a cryptocurrency::::regardless of nationality, residence, occupation or social status::::to one of the most draconian, stupid, idiotic, insane, imbecilic, invasive, moronic, primitive, barbaric, and savage practices, policies and procedures that anyone could think of.  
Example #1.   Imagine yourself being the Chief Justice of the United States having a discussion with your son about a promising cryptocurrency. 

Your Son  ::::   Hey Pop, do you know anything at all about cryptocurrencies?  

You   ::::    Of course, Son, what do you think I am, chopped liver?

Your Son  ::::  No, Pop, I didn't mean it like that.  I only asked because I wanted to know how to begin the conversation.   In any case, I just found out about this one revolutionary cryptocurrency which has a great deal of potential and could turn out to be an excellent investment.  I did a little bit of research on it and thought it might be of interest to you.  Well, here is the link to the site:  https:#//

You :::: Thank you, Son.  I'll take a look at it.  

You then proceed to your laptop only to find out that your son's observation had some merit and thus decided to purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency coins for the measly sum of USD $1000.  However, upon further review of the website, you realize that the cryptocurrency company's location is in Singapore.   Moreover, you realize that the cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy the coin is in Estonia.  

You then proceed to the cryptocurrency exchange site in Estonia to setup an account in order to buy some coins.  After providing your name and email address to the exchange in Estonia, you are now seamlessly directed to the website of a third-party in Estonia for a KYC/AML (Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering) check as part of their due diligence requirements in accordance with the Bank Secrecy Act as amended;  in order to detect and prevent YOU, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, from engaging in any money laundering, tax evasion, and other sort of criminal activities.  

Of course, the very first thing that came to your mind is, "Why kind of fucking insanity is this?"  

So, out of curiosity, you decide to find out what kind of information that this In-House or third-party KYC/AML services provider is going to need from you in order to allow you to conduct a very simple transaction on the cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia.  

To your surprise, you find out that you will need to provide your full legal name, full address and location, social security number, a copy of your driver's license (front and back), a copy of your passport, a copy of a recent utility bill which shows your current residence, a copy of a most recent bank statement, a copy of your employment identification badge, a copy of your rental agreement (if renting or leasing), as well as take a selfie while holding your passport next to your face.

That's when it all of a sudden dawned on you that you don't really know a damn thing about any of the following: (1) this cryptocurrency company in Singapore - other than what you've read in the white paper shown on their website;  (2) the cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia - other than what's shown on their website; (3) the composition and background of the staff of the cryptocurrency exchange or third-party KYC/AML services provider in Estonia; (4) how any of the information that you provide will be used, the chain of custody and its security; (5) what sort of legal recourse in both Singapore and Estonia that you have in the event any of the data that you provide happens to fall into the wrong hands; and, last but not least, (6) how you can quickly dispose of that cryptocurrency and get some of your money back in the event you come to find out any adverse or prejudicial information about any of these outfits.  (Think FTX.)

That's when common sense steps in and you come to realize that all this intrusion into your privacy represents a grave security risk to you and your entire family.  Furthermore, you have come to the realization that the entire process put in place for this $1000 transaction with a company way at the other end of the world:::in other words, this pure insanity::::is all done in the name of this Bank Secrecy Act as amended whose constitutionality was upheld on April 1, 1974 by your former fellow Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States in a 6-3 decision.

Moreover, that's when you came to realize that this intrusion into your privacy and the grave security risk to you and your entire family also applies to every single other American and US national and resident.  If only you could go back in time to the year 1974 and congratulate your fellow predecessors, dissenting Justices Douglas, Brennan, and Marshall who were then of the opinion that the Act violated significant privacy rights of every single American and that its passage would become a slippery slope down the road and lead to further abuses not yet contemplated and many other unintended consequences.    

And then you asked yourself these questions back-to-back:  What the fuck is going on?  That makes no sense whatsoever.   What kind of madness is this?   Since I already have a checking account with a major financial institution here in the United States which is already subject to the Bank Secrecy Act as amended, why can't I just use my debit card to pay for that $1000 transaction without having to expose myself, my privacy, and the security of my entire family to a bunch of people way at the other end of the world that I don't know squat about and couldn't care less? 

As well, whether or not a crypto company or cryptocurrency exchange is located right next door to your house, the gross invasion of privacy and potential security risks still exist.  So, what gives!     

Thusly, you made a rational decision to just opt-out and wait for your son to follow up with you.   Like clockwork, your son follows up with you the very next day.

Your Son :::: Hey Pop, did you get a chance to take a look at that cryptocurrency I told you about? 

You  ::::  Well, Son, thanks a million for sharing that info with me.  I did go to the website and had a chance to review the materials.   However, without going into the details, the sort of information that I am required to provide in order to make a small gamble, which may or may not turn out to be a good investment, is just not worth it.  Not only it is a gross invasion of my privacy, but it also represents a grave security risk to me and my entire family. That includes you, too. I guess I'll just have to pass on it.

Your Son  ::::  But Pop, who would dare mess with the Chief Justice of the United States?  Anybody with an ounce of sense would know better. 

You  ::::  That's not the point, Son.  This is really a matter of principles.  Whether someone is a Chief Justice or a Street Sweeper, No American::::in fact, no human being anywhere in the world::::should be subjected to such gross invasion of privacy and grave security risk to the immediate members of their family.  Notwithstanding the fact that these organizations and institutions are trying to comply with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act as amended, I remain offended by these requirements and prefer to opt out.  My predecessors, fellow dissenting Justices Douglas, Brennan, and Marshall were right in their opinion in 1974 that the Bank Secrecy Act violated significant privacy rights of every single American - and, to this very day, they are still right. 

Your Son  ::::  Last question, Pop.  Why not change the law or try to bring it back for another vote?   Something similar to this recent decision which practically reversed Roe v. Wade.

You  ::::  Excellent question, Son!  However, that being said, somebody out there would have to bring a challenge to that Bank Secrecy Act before the Supreme Court in order for us to decide whether or not to revisit the significant privacy right issues that the Bank Secrecy Act as amended poses.   Until then, we have no choice but to live with the decision of the majority of our fellow Justices. 

Your Son  ::::  Thanks Pop!  

Example #2 to Infinity.   This time around there is no need for you to imagine anything.  Just think of all the foregoing horror stories and others you may have heard about or actually experienced in the past. As well, think about all the surprises you are bound to encounter during this continuing cryptocurrency and defi token saga.  
Besides today's ongoing and nightmarish FTX saga which shows no signs of abating anytime soon, there are plenty more horror stories.

One such horror story has to do with a decentralized finance (defi) version of CloudCoin (CloudCoin Finance "CCFI") on BSC (the "Binance Smart Chain") which was launched by a very prominent original CloudCoin stakeholder and supporter and its main Evangelist throughout Europe.   

Quite a number of buyers of CCFI made a number of allegations about losing their savings based on the false and misleading representations of the founder of CloudCoin Finance.   When they complained to the "Legacy" CloudCoin Leadership Team via its representatives on the "Legacy" CloudCoin Telegram group regarding the alleged fraudulent activities of the founder of CloudCoin Finance, the "Legacy" CloudCoin group administrators merely passed the buck and told the victims of this CCFI token purchase that CCFI has nothing to do with the Legacy CloudCoin team; and thus, advised them to contact the CloudCoin Finance founder directly.  

Well, it's obvious to anyone with just an ounce of common sense that the purchasers of CCFI did so primarily on the basis of the founder of Cloudcoin Finance's then current association with the "Legacy" CloudCoin Team.   And to this day, as of the date of this writing and to the best of my knowledge, this individual remains in the capacity of "Observer with voting privileges" on the Board of the newly established CloudCoin Consortium SV

That is what I call a failure of leadership, an abomination and unforgivable sin, to say the least.  This person should NOT in any way, shape or form be involved with the newly established CloudCoin Consortium SV, let alone have "voting privileges."  

Furthermore, this person's action with respect to CloudCoin Finance ("CCFI") should be investigated by the consortium and full financial restitution should be made to those purchasers who relied on his association with CloudCoin Consortium; and genuinely thought or accepted in good faith that the CCFI coin on the Binance Smart Chain was either sanctioned, supported, or endorsed by the CloudCoin Consortium Leadership Team::::or that CloudCoin Finance was just another CloudCoin defi project operating in parallel with the original CloudCoin project under the auspices of a new entity affiliated with the current CloudCoin Consortium. 

In fact, as of the writing of this document, here is an excerpt from the most recent  CloudCoin Consortium newsletter::::Weekly Bulletin #258 of  November 11, 2022::::with respect to that    same individual: 

"AIBC Summit Europe is one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world, and will be meeting next week in Malta from November 15-19, where CloudCoin has been nominated in the Best Cloud Computing Project category.

"Speaking at AIBC Summit Europe will be Adrian Niculescu, a long-time contributor to the CloudCoin project and contributor to the CloudCoin Consortium.

"These conferences are an excellent way for the Consortium to make connections with businesses and investors from around the globe."

The Point Being, one can easily see how the purchasers of CloudCoin Finance ("CCFI") who allege that they were defrauded by this individual could be led to believe that this CloudCoin Finance project is or was just another CloudCoin Consortium project.  In the event of any criminal inquiry or investigation regarding such allegations, any grand jury convened in order to determine the merits for an indictment of the board members of CloudCoin Consortium SV, would, without a doubt, believe that CloudCoin Finance ("CCFI") was indeed another CloudCoin Consortium project and thus vote in favor of such recommendation.    

Which leads me to the following questions:  

  • Why are current CloudCoin Consortium board members so nonchalant about their reputation and any potential recriminations from the actions of their colleagues?  

  • Is it because they don't have anything to lose?  

  • Is it because they can feign ignorance and claim "we had absolutely nothing to do with it"?  

  • Does the Board have the power to decide who and when someone can represent the Consortium at an event?  

  • Does the Board have any processes in place to determine when and where a board member can represent the consortium?   

  • Who approved this individual to represent the Consortium at that event in the first place and why?  

  • Have they reviewed and approved his agenda? Will he also be trying to promote CloudCoin Finance ("CCFI") at that event?      

It's like watching a moth getting closer and closer to a flame.       

Moreover, one can easily see why people are confused with respect to all this mixed messaging about CloudCoin.  What the fuck is it?   Is it a cryptocurrency? Is it a digital currency? What is a digital currency? Is it a Cloud Computing project?  What the hell is a Cloud Computing project?  What the hell does CloudCoin have anything to do with Best Cloud Computing project? What the hell does it have anything to do with blockchain technology?  Why is it being promoted to businesses and investors who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related technologies at "one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world"?   (I hope my point has been made and thus a perfect time for me to segue into the topic in the next paragraph.)

Hence the reason why I had instituted the launch of Digital Currency Consortium  whose  mandate is to operate in accordance with The Digital Currency Manifesto in order to ensure that no member of Digital Currency Consortium::::or any single member or group of members of CloudCoin Consortium SV::::could ever go rogue and expose all the other members of an organization's leadership team to criminal liability as a result of that organization's failure to put in place certain processes which could have alerted them to such possibility. 

The point being, one must not rely on the board of CloudCoin Consortium SV to monitor or investigate the CloudCoin-related activities and conduct of its members.  An objective third-party::::be it Digital Currency Consortium or any other relevant entity::::must be the final arbiter for all decisions and activities of one or more members of the CloudCoin Consortium Leadership Team which could severely affect all the other members, other CloudCoin stakeholders, and the project.   

Moreover, hence the reason why I had also instituted the launch of Digital Currency Ethical Board in order to ensure that such ethical lapses - and potentially criminal behavior - on the part of any member of Digital Currency Consortium::::including the CloudCoin Finance and the CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team::::could never take place without the knowledge and implied or express consent of all the parties who stand to be materially affected by such actions.   Such protection would automatically extend to all other parties with potential exposure to any sort of negative fallout from such ethical lapses. 

Hence the reason why the decision of the ethical board must be the final word with respect to all ethical matters pertaining to the activities of the members of Digital Currency Consortium.  

(In which case, if CloudCoin Consortium SV were a member of Digital Currency Consortium, it would be bound by the decision of Digital Currency Ethical Board with respect to all ethical matters.)
The point being, you cannot allow one single individual's action, infraction or lack of good judgment to tarnish the name and reputation of all other stakeholders who either (1) had absolutely nothing to do with such acts or potentially criminal behavior; (2) were never even aware of it; (3) were aware of it but figured it was none of their business; (4) were aware of it but didn't understand the impact it would have on them since they were not involved in any way, shape or form - and thus never made known their concerns or objections in any forceful manner.      

For example, just think for one quick second how many people at FTX, besides Sam Bankman-Fried, who knew what was going on at FTX and yet were afraid to speak up and forcefully express their concerns and objections.      

  • Exposure to the vilest criminal elements in the world.   When it comes to cryptocurrency and stable coin companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, so-called Distributed Autonomous Organizations ("DAO"), and Defi companies, they are, for the most part, created by, populated by, and frequented by some of the vilest criminal elements in the world whose primary intent is to exploit the gullible elements in society  who believe in honesty, decency, and fair play (i.e., the early adopters of their technology and purchasers of their cryptocurrency coins, altcoins, tokens, applications, products and services).  
Paradoxically, these gullible elements in society are the ones who are subject to the tyranny of the global financial system which makes it possible for them to be victimized by these vilest criminal elements.  Go figure!     
These vilest criminal elements come from all levels, categories and echelons of the social strata::::and manifest in all shapes, sizes, forms, and flavors.  Think of FTX.   They come from all corners of the world and inhabit every spectrum and dimension of the Cryptocurrency World.
Hence the predators in the Serengeti of the Cryptocurrency World.
The most practical way to find out who they truly are is "by their deeds only."   There is, however, a very refined process and scientific way to identify them without having to first become "a victim of their deeds."  That being said, this is a discussion which clearly falls outside the scope of this paper.  

The bottom line is this:  Do not waste your time trying to differentiate the good guys from the bad guys in this god-forsaken Cryptocurrency Hell.  Given the passage of time, even the good guys will eventually get co-opted and surrender to the Devil.   The current global financial system is the Devil's Lair.  

  • Transformed the United States into the most corrupt nation on the face of the earth.   As the old saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Being formerly the world's Only Superpower with nearly absolute power and complete control over the current global financial system due to the global foreign currency reserve status of the US dollar, there is no need for me to elaborate on the practices of the US government with respect to getting its way using whatever means are necessary.   
In other words, this means that No Human Being or Entity on the face of the earth can rely on the Rule of Law in order to protect them from any legal actions, illegal and spurious actions Under Color of Law :::: unilateral actions, mandates, and dictates without any force of law ::::  as well as any unilateral sanctions imposed on others by the US government.   All of which are subject to being enforced worldwide by all vassals and lapdogs of the US government whenever they are instructed to do so under pain of sanctions and extreme prejudice measures.  
Furthermore, all of the foregoing actions are subject to be rubber-stamped by the appropriate judicial bodies of the US government, including the Supreme Court of the United States of America, whenever the powers-that-be deem it to be a matter of extreme prejudice.  

Think of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and thousands of others. 

The bottom line is this:   No one is safe from the hyenas, jackals, vipers, crocodiles, bobcats, moccasins, and other predators in Cryptocurrency Hell, a dominion of the Current Global Financial System.    
Why In God's Name Have CloudCoin Stakeholders Been Transported to Cryptocurrency Hell? Based on the preponderance of the evidence presented before you and the rest of the world about the existence of Cryptocurrency Hell, the innermost thought in the mind of every single CloudCoin stakeholder who initially bought into this concept of a digital currency which is designed to protect your privacy, maintain your freedom and liberty, and that no government can shut down is: 
Why in God's Name Would You Want to Exile or Confine a Digital Currency which purports to be about Freedom, Privacy, Liberty and Prosperity to the Deep Caverns and Labyrinths of Cryptocurrency Hell?   
Summary of Correlation Between CloudCoin and Life in Cryptocurrency Hell.   In conclusion, as clearly expressed and articulated in four (4) previous articles, and this article,  with respect to the question :::: "CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme?" ::::  and in light of my advice and recommendations over the past five (5) years that CloudCoin does NOT belong in this Cryptocurrency Hell that all cryptocurrency and blockchain-related technologies are forever condemned to ::::  and, to this very date, the disastrous and shitty results obtained thus far from having  (1) the Legacy CloudCoin(2) the cannibalized CloudCoin ("CC 2.0" or "CC"), and, last but not least, (3) this nightmarish CloudCoin Finance ("CCFI") defi token listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges;  it goes without saying that every single Legacy CloudCoin stakeholder now needs to make a decision with respect to one of the following options:

  • Option #1.  Give the New CloudCoin token ("CC") and CloudCoin Consortium SV Team a Chance.  
Is it because you bought into the rationale for the new CloudCoin CC token and its value proposition :::: and that the new CloudCoin Consortium SV Team stands a good chance to succeed now that it has been proven that the new CloudCoin can be successfully integrated on cryptocurrency exchanges?   
  • Option #2.  Zero Tolerance for Fools and Mediocrity.   
Is it now time to put an end to this entire shitshow and walk away from it all because you have absolutely Zero Trust in this CloudCoin ("CC") and the newly formed CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team?  To paraphrase an old saying, "Welcome to the new team, same as the old team and nothing but the same old shit."

  • Option #3.  Want to Have My Cake and Eat It Too.   
Do you want to Play the legacy CloudCoin digital currency game and the new CloudCoin ("CC") cryptocurrency game?  Do you want to have it both ways because you believe that so much has been invested in the new CloudCoin ("CC") that it wouldn't hurt to keep them both?
No different than getting a hot and sexy mistress to satisfy your sexual desires and, upon realizing that there is more to a relationship than just sex, you then decide to go back to your wife and kids and keep the mistress. 
After all, why not have it both ways since you have already invested so much in the affair you had with your mistress? It wouldn't hurt to keep them both, right? 
  • Option #4.   Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home.   
Is it time to get back on the right track - the original track that the legacy CloudCoin started on prior to veering away from the Digital Currency World and embarking on the road to Cryptocurrency Hell :::: because you believe that the current CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team has finally learned its lesson, will no longer reward willful ignorance as well as prior incompetence, mediocrity and failure, and is smart enough to make the right decision Going Forward?  

(Personally, I doubt that seriously based on what I am still witnessing to date.  Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, only time will tell.  If you are willing to take that gamble, then you have my support.  Check with me within 60-90 days of my publication of Part 6 of the 6-Part series and I will be in a position to know if you made a good gamble.) 

Moving Forward Answer to Option #1 CloudCoin Stakeholders. [Give the New CloudCoin Token  ("CC") and CloudCoin Consortium SV Team a Chance.]    

If that is truly the way you feel, then I respect your decision.  There is nothing wrong with that.  After all, you are in good company.  In fact, 98% of the global population think and feel the same way that you do.  Thus, your reading of this CloudCoin 6-Part series of articles ends here this very second (i.e., no need for you to go any further) and accept my best wishes for a successful turn-around. 

Moving Forward Answer to Option #2 CloudCoin Stakeholders. [Zero Tolerance for Fools and Mediocrity.]    

If you feel that way, then you have every good reason for making this decision.   In fact, I concur with your decision especially in light of the fact that the willful ignorance, incompetence and stupidity on the part of all the main players in this CloudCoin saga has been nauseating, to say the least.   Thus, no need for you to read any further and accept my token of appreciation for taking the time to read all these articles - and getting to this point in the article.  

Moving Forward Answer to Option #3 CloudCoin Stakeholders. [Want to Have My Cake and Eat It Too.] 

Don't bother to finish reading this article or anything else about CloudCoin that I have ever written.  I can guarantee you it will be a complete waste of your time.  As well, especially with respect to anything which has to do with CloudCoin, I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for another dose of Willful Ignorance, Mediocrity, StupidityIdiocy and Moronicity.  

The point being, I will NOT contribute to anyone's misery and nightmare in Cryptocurrency Hell.  For CloudCoin Consortium SV to continue to go down this cryptocurrency road borders on criminality:  Criminal Cryptocurrency Theft and Investment Fraud with Malicious Intent.  

In other words, "More Lies, Bullshit, Smoke and Mirrors, Bait-and-Switch to RAIDATech, Bait-and-Switch to Major RaidaTech Deals in the Works Behind the Scenes,  Bait-and-Switch to RaidaMail, Bait-and-Switch to RaidaData, Much More Powerful and Sophisticated Quantum-Proof Software with Lightning Speed,  New Patent Application for Revolutionary Application, Bait-and-Switch to CloudCoin  Finance ("CCFI"), Bait-and-Switch to CloudCoin ("CC"), Bait-and-Switch to CloudCoin Consortium SV Membership, Bait-and-Switch to TinyNFT, Bait-and-Switch to Celebrium, Bait-and-Switch to American Stories Entertainment, Wholesale Deception, Vaporware, Pure Hopium, Deceptive Looking-Forward Statements, Still Letting the Word Out About CloudCoin,  Writing a New White Paper, Writing a New Book, Traveling with CloudCoin Consortium Team Around the Country to extol the value of RaidaTech Technology,  Still Perfecting More CloudCoin Applications, Not Yet Begun to Implement Marketing Strategy,  Deceptive RAIDATech Valuation,  Deceptive Financial Statements, Experiments Galore, Constantly Moving the Goal Posts, etc."  

This time around no one can claim "this is the nature of the business, the entire cryptocurrency market is down, flawed software architecture, flawed original concept, staff incompetence, poor hiring practices, 5-year liquidity strategy, stupidity, ignorance, external contractors and consultant incompetence" as a valid defense.  

"We didn't know, we made mistakes, we got hacked into, it has to do with the global crypto downturn, we were acting in good faith, we are still behind the schedule we set for implementation of our marketing strategy, we totally underestimated the size and scope of our endeavor, we're sorry about that and it won't happen again, etc.," just won't cut it this time around.  

I honestly believe that this new CloudCoin "CC" project is an Invitation to Go to Jail Card without an expiration date for every single board member of the CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team.   The Sword of Damocles hangs over everyone who is willing to stick their neck out and vouch for this project in any sort of official capacity.  Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost. 
Thus, I cannot allow my name to be associated or connected in any way, shape or form::::or be affiliated::::with such amateurish, trashy, scummy and potentially criminal activities.   

As I have elucidated in my August 21, 2022 article which has absolutely nothing to do with CloudCoin :: Oppressors and Tyrants Seeking Freedom from Their Own Oppression and Tyranny      

Forever keep in mind this maxim:  "Given the impetus or opportunity, those whom you seek to liberate will crucify you."

In summary, this can only mean that you don't give a shit about who you hurt and who gets hurt because the end justifies the means.  I am fully aware that's the way of the world and that anybody who asserts the contrary is either hypocritical, naive, stupid, a moron or a certified liar.  

In fact, in a previous life, during my younger years, in my unrelenting quest for "success and fame" and "living the American dream"::::more like a fucking nightmare::::I too used to be afflicted with this disease and illusion.   The point being, I have been there and done that.  Thus, I am able to see the signs and know better what lies ahead.  Nothing good can come of it.

Thus, I can confidently and unequivocally state without a shadow of doubt that all previous listings of the legacy CloudCoin on cryptocurrency exchanges ::::  as well as its cannibalization to CloudCoin  "CC" and CloudCoin Finance "CCFI" in order to seamlessly integrate it on all cryptocurrency exchanges::::in accordance with this Liquidity-At-All-Costs strategy::::is a direct outcome of such "the end justifies the means" mentality.   

Notwithstanding the foregoing assertion, I am not willing to lift a finger to assist anyone with this sort of mentality.  Nor do I care to live in their world or be in their company in any way, shape or form.  Nothing good can come of it.  It would be a complete waste of time.  Enough is Enough.  Fuck Off.        

Moving Forward Answer to Option #4 CloudCoin Stakeholders. [Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home.]  

You are indeed very brave and one of the primary reasons why I have written five (5) articles to date out of a total of 6 articles that I have made a commitment to write as a matter of principles; in order to address the Ponzi Scheme question about CloudCoin.  The details regarding my reasons for doing so are included in the Part 4 article.  

As well, one or more members of the current leadership of the new CloudCoin Consortium SV, whom I highly regard for their sincerity and commitment to the CloudCoin project, have also played a significant part in such decision.   

Thus, you can finish reading this article and stay put for Part 6 - the final article in the series.

Beware the Shitenfreude Festival

Just in case you are wondering if I meant to say "schadenfreude," the answer is: No, this is not a spelling error.  

I coined this Shitenfreude term to describe the Shitshow atmosphere of::::masquerades, smoke-and-mirrors performances, roller coaster rides, seances, fortune tellers, magic tricks, acrobats, animal handlers, snake oil salesmen, one-size-fits-all solutions and marketers, soothsayers, and Grand Viziers::::which pervades the entire cryptocurrency community and blockchain technology industry.   

At one point or another over the past five (5) years, all CloudCoin stakeholders have had a ticket to::::or had a direct hand in the launch of::::or were performing members of::::the CloudCoin Shitenfreude Festival.   Thus, we've all had a chance to witness first-hand what a Shitenfreude Festival is all about.

However, that being said, please note that I do not relish, delight or revel in pointing out the obvious CloudCoin Shitshow to you and its disappointing, mild, devastating or catastrophic effects on affected parties strictly for the purpose of launching vitriolic attacks on the main players who are responsible for the carnage.  I merely seek to point out things as I see them, the way they really are, instead of the way that I and others would want it to be or hope that it will be::::so I can ask all of you the following question:  
Are you comfortable with the way things are right now or Do You Want to Move Forward?

The point being, there is really no right or wrong answer.  To each his own. 

However, that being said, it's not enough:::in fact, it is counterproductive:::for anyone to ask such question if there is absolutely no intention to propose or offer any solutions.

So, for those who prefer to let bygones be bygones, then there is no need to heed my advice.   However, for those who Do Want to Move Forward, then I fervently hope that this article has sufficiently brought to the forefront all signs of the production or nature of a Shitenfreude Festival and how to avoid buying your way into The Next One.  Thus, Beware the Shitenfreude Festival.

Only For CloudCoin Stakeholders Who Believe It's "Time for the Prodigal Son to Return Home" 

Although I have been extremely harsh and unforgiving toward the CloudCoin Consortium Leadership Team - past and present, I want to share a little secret with you.   I know full well why they failed and why they will continue to fail regardless of (1) whom they bring on board, (2) how much capital and human resources they have, and (3) how much of it they are willing and able to throw at the legacy CloudCoin digital currency project.

I will discuss some of them in detail in the Part 6 article.  Details regarding the others will remain confidential for security reasons and will be disclosed strictly on a Need-to-Know basis to respective members of the CloudCoin Consortium SV Leadership Team.  

For now, I can only provide you with some clues:

  • Clue #1.   When you join the military, what is the very first thing that you learn how to do the minute that you land at a military training base after you have been greeted by your training instructor? (I guess some of you can tell that I am a US Air Force veteran.)
  • Clue #2.   The CloudCoin Leadership Team is trying to use Social Media to market a digital currency to a cryptocurrency audience.  (Five years later, they still refuse to listen.)  
  • Clue #3.   The reason that 99.9% of cryptocurrencies FAIL is because they are pseudo cryptocurrencies::::Cryptocurrency In Name Only ("CINO")::::and are backed by investors.  (Wait a minute! Are you serious, Pierre?  And what does cryptocurrencies have to do with CloudCoin?) Ha Ha, but CloudCoin is now listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.  Confused?   
  • Clue #4.   The main reason that CloudCoin has failed is because its leadership thinks that they need a good marketing and business development strategy, listing on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible, a good business development and sales team, and the appropriate financial resources. Wrong on all counts.  More confused?
  • Clue #5.  In business school, we all learn about Vision and Mission.  What comes before Vision and what comes after Mission are what really matter but are not taught for the simple reason that their faculty doesn't know and has no way of knowing.  (But Pierre, does that apply worldwide - even at the most prestigious business schools, including all Ivy League universities?  The answer is yes.)   The success of CloudCoin depends on such knowledge.  
  • Clue #6.  We are in the spermatozoa stage of the global adoption of a perfect bona fide digital currency.  What does that mean and why is it important to have such knowledge? 
  • Clue #7.   It is impossible for the CloudCoin team to figure out the people (CloudCoin Consortium board members AND potential CloudCoin stakeholders) who are truly interested in seeing CloudCoin succeed and the reasons why.  (Think of trying to herd cats.)  Absent that knowledge, CloudCoin is bound to eventually crash and burn no matter how many billions of dollars are thrown at it in order to make it succeed.  In fact, it would never have a chance to succeed as a bona fide digital currency.    
  • Clue #8.  We are too primitive to understand the importance and value of a bona fide digital currency.  This knowledge works to CloudCoin's advantage.   Guess why?  
  • Clue #9.   The key to the main gates of the CloudCoin Castle in the Digital Currency World is located within the foregoing Facts #1-9.    Which one is it? 
  • Clue #10.  If you are currently a legacy CloudCoin digital currency stakeholder, the movie Children of Men is a MUST WATCH.  This movie was unwittingly made for every legacy CloudCoin holder and should be seen by them and every member of the new CloudCoin Consortium SV.  (This movie will bring home the message I have been sending out since 2017 to Sean Worthington and the entire "blind, deaf and dumb" CloudCoin Team.)  If you are able to get the message, don't thank me for my patience and effort.  The credit belongs to the movie producers and the entire cast and crew.    The credit also belongs to you for getting to this point in the article.        

In Conclusion 

Enough has been said about CloudCoin in this fifth (5th) installment of the 6-Part Series of articles.  Now that you realize why it's now time for the prodigal son to return home and assume his rightful role in the family, I wish you a successful journey back home.  

Further Analysis Update.    Stay tuned for the upcoming article :::  CloudCoin:  Is It a Ponzi Scheme? - Part 6 (of a 6-Part Series) for further analysis. 

I also invite you to share the link to this document with your fellow CloudCoin stakeholders and RAIDATech / RAIDAQ investors and whomever else you believe would be receptive to the information enclosed herein.   

Logical Next Step For All CoudCoin Stakeholders:   Proceed to Digital Currency Consortium for a deep insight into Digital Currencies and the need for a Digital Currency Visionary,  Strategist  and  Principled Geopolitical Leader with solid Virtual Organization Leadership experience who understands the foundational need to have in place:::and build:::a Global Organization  infrastructure.  

Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review, at your own leisure, these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organization leadership, as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

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