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Oppressors and Tyrants Seeking Freedom from Their Own Oppression and Tyranny


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Every single human being on planet Earth, without exception, is taught from cradle to grave all they need to know about the architecture, foundation and infrastructure of the Established World Order on planet Earth (appropriately referred to as "Planet Fear") and their specific Slave-Master-Moron Role within its hierarchy at any given point in time.

To prevent any confusion on your part, let me quickly define the aforementioned terms for you prior to proceeding:  

  • Established World Order.   It is the current global slavery system that all human beings are born into on planet Earth, and which is primarily based on Fear.  
  • Members of Established World Order.   ALL human beings are members of the Established World Order (hereinafter referred to as "Slaves").
  • Categories of Slaves.   Master, Slave, Master-Slave, Leader, Geopolitical Leader
    • Master.   Any individual or entity in a position of authority at some local level
    • Slave.  Any individual or entity in a subordinate position at some local level
    • Master-Slave.  Any individual or entity filling the role of both Master and Slave at some local level.
    • Leader.  A formally appointed or widely recognized individual or entity in a position of authority at a local, regional or national level.
    • Geopolitical Leader.   A formally appointed or widely recognized political individual or entity in a position of authority at an international level.
  • Slave-Master-Moron Role.   The role that each individual or entity plays within all categories of slaves.
  • Planet Fear.    Planet Earth is referred to as "Planet Fear" for the simple reason that the so-called Leaders of this slavery system (Established World Order "EWO") on our planet have granted unto themselves a monopoly on the use of force in order to ensure compliance of all fellow slaves with all edicts and dictates of their leaders.
  • Leaders of Established World Order.   Individuals elected or appointed to represent a constituency of fellow slaves.  They are selected through a very primitive, barbaric and savage method commonly referred to as an "election, confirmation, or democratic process."  Such leaders are referred to as "Geopolitical Leaders."
  • Hierarchy of Established World Order.   An infinite number of horizontal and vertical pyramid-based hierarchies. The identities of many of the most important and dominant players and masters of the established world order remain a mystery. In other words, the most prominent names on the world stage that the global population is familiar with are NOT the bona fide masters of the established world order.

How Can an Oppressor or Tyrant Oppress or Tyrannize Himself? 

Now I can answer the question that most readers are likely to ask:   

"Pierre, how can an oppressor or tyrant oppress or tyrannize himself.  Moreover, even if this were possible, why would he have any difficulty freeing himself from his own actions?" 

Well, the answer is simpler than you think.   So, let me elaborate on how that is possible and how that applies to every single human being on our planet - Planet Fear.

  • Point #1.   First and foremost, when you are born into something, you accept everything that you learn at face value for the simple reason that you have no other point of reference which would cause you to question the validity or value of what you've learned.  
  • Point #2.    Thus, if you are born into slavery, you are bound to accept your lot in life and won't necessarily view it as something evil and manifestly wrong.   In which case, just like your parents, you will voluntarily and dutifully comply with all the mandates and dictates of your Master(s).  
  • Point #3.    And should certain circumstances ever cause to question your "Slave" status, both your parents and your Master(s) will be sure to instill the right amount of Fear into you in order to protect you or "to nip it in the bud," respectively.
  • Point #4.    Once you realize that your voluntary compliance is not required; that Fear is the real "Motivating Factor" to remain in slavery; and that your only options are Compliance or Suffer the Consequences, you then become aware of the realities of life in the Established World Order - what we commonly refer to as "The Real World").             
  • Point #5.   Compliance means, "Accept the Oppression and Tyranny in silence," whereas Suffer the Consequences means, "Be ready to pay a severe price for wanting to Free Yourself from the Oppression and Tyranny."  
This power to Free Yourself from the Oppression and Tyranny is reserved to only one individual on this planet - You Yourself and no other.
  • Point #6.  That's when it finally dawned on you that this slavery system and life that you were born into is the outcome of a conscious decision based on Fear that was made willingly by those who came before you - not only your parents but also some of your ancestors.   
In essence, once they made the decision to Accept the Oppression and Tyranny in silence, they became de facto their Own Oppressors and Tyrants and, by proxy, the Oppressor and Tyrant of their Own Children and, perhaps, many future generations of their own progeny.      
  • Point #7.   And as your parents and ancestors became de facto their Own Oppressors and Tyrants, they were subsequently presented with a new set of options:   Remain their Own Oppressors and Tyrants or Seek Freedom from Their Own Oppression and Tyranny. 
  • Point #8.  Thus, the second you become aware of your Slave status and how you became a Slave, you are now faced with the same critical and life-altering decision that your parents had to deal with.  This means that "The burden of Slavery automatically shifts to you" and you have now become de facto Your Own Oppressor and Tyrant.     
Henceforth, you can either continue to accept the oppression and tyranny in silence and thus "Remain Your Own Oppressor and Tyrant," or "Seek Freedom from Your Own Oppression and Tyranny."  

In essence, this is the same dilemma that every single human being, organization, institution, government, alliance and any other entity on this planet is faced with:
  • Accept Their Own Oppression and Tyranny in the Established World Order (also known as "Rules-Based International Order") in silence.  
  •  Or Seek Freedom from Their Own Oppression and Tyranny  
Seeking Freedom from Your Own Oppression and Tyranny

Before I proceed, let me be the very first person in the world to acknowledge that what you are about to read is nearly impossible for any human being alive to digest and make sense of; and, in effect, will most likely cause you to recoil at this sort of information if you are not mentally prepared to absorb it.  (In other words, if you are not already yearning to be free.)   

For the simple reason that this Search for Freedom requires a tremendous amount of information that you will need to absorb ::::: and a certain level of Intelligence that you have yet to possess and which you will eventually need to tap into ::::: in order to grasp the simplicity of the solution before you. 

Now that you have been forewarned, here is the solution:
  • Knowledge of Self.  It's not enough to tell you that you are a Slave ::::: as outlined throughout the foregoing Points #1-7 ::::: and then casually expect you to accept it at face value.  You need to know who you really are.   Thus, the most important things to know are:  "What makes me a Slave?:::How did I become a Slave?:::Who are my Masters?"
Suggestion:  You will find the answer to these questions in the December 14, 2015 (271-page)  treatise :: A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders
  • How You Fit into the Grand Scheme of Things.   As outlined in the foregoing December 14, 2015 treatise, just because you are a Slave does NOT necessarily mean that you want to be free.   For the simple reason that the concept of slavery - by extension, a slave's need for recognition of their service - is encoded in the DNA of every single human being.  
Thus, in most cases, simple obedience is all that a Master requires from a Slave. 
With respect to Slaves, for the most part, what they really seek from their Master(s) in return for their obedience and servitude is a reasonable or implicit assurance of the existence of some sort of security, stress release safety valve, and a grievance relief mechanism that they can count on whenever their living conditions become unbearable.   

Since you are a human being here on planet Earth (i.e., a bona fide Slave), there is no need for me to elaborate on the nature of the foregoing "reasonable or implicit assurance."  

At the other end of the spectrum, what Slaves really object to is the extent of their oppression and repression and the severity of the conditions imposed upon them during their servitude.  At which point, wholesale revolt becomes their only remaining option and a strong possibility. 

Hence the reason why the majority of Slaves on planet Earth::::about 98% of them::::are content with living in slavery from cradle to grave - while clamoring for Freedom from Oppression and Tyranny that they themselves are responsible for.     

Therefore, it's now up to you to decide where you stand and how you fit into the grand scheme of things:  
  • In the 98% of Slaves Category.   Do you belong in the 98% of Slaves category who are content with living in slavery while clamoring for freedom from oppression and tyranny?  
  • In the 2% of Slaves Category.   Or do you belong in the 2% of Slaves category who truly seek to obtain Freedom from Their Own Tyranny and Oppression?       
Thus, if you fall into the 98% of Slaves Category, then there is no need for you to proceed any further with the rest of this solution.

Suggestion:  On the other hand, if you fall into the 2% of Slaves Category who truly seek freedom from your own oppression and tyranny, then proceed with the rest of this solution.

  • Understand the Need for Political Evolution.   Throughout this journey, you will gain a deep insight into the "Nuts and Bolts of Slavery" within the Established World Order.    You will learn how human beings have been enslaved since time immemorial, the indispensable role of politics and the need for Political Evolution.   Such political evolution requires a clear understanding of the difference between Politics, Political Leadership, Geopolitics, Geopolitical Leadership and Principled Geopolitical Leadership.              

Suggestion:   You will find these answers in the September 18, 2019 (300+page) treatise :: Treatise On Political Evolution

  • Understand the Critical Role of Intelligence.   Your quest for freedom from your own oppression and tyranny will require that you make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  Therefore, you will need to learn how to reawaken and use Your Intelligence which has been in a state of hibernation since birth.  

Suggestion:  To gain a comprehensive overview of this challenge, proceed to the August 12, 2022 article :: Intelligence Is Fuel for Launch of New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings

  • Prepare to Face Your Biggest Challenge.    The biggest challenge you will ever have to face is "Your Very Own Human Comprehension." 

Suggestion:  Proceed to the August 17, 2022 article :: Rolling Down the Hill Expecting to Reach the Top of the Mountain  

  • Refrain from the Temptation to Liberate Others.    Once you have reawakened Your Intelligence from hibernation and made the full transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, you will come to realize the futility of trying to Liberate Others for the simple reason that Liberation begins in the mind; and thus, it's impossible to liberate those who are not willing to liberate themselves.

Suggestion:   Forever keep in mind this maxim:  "Given the impetus or opportunity, those whom you seek to liberate will crucify you."     

  • A Bonus Gift:  Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository.   The Road to Freedom from Your Own Oppression and Tyranny is the longest road you could ever imagine - a never ending road.   As you embark on your long journey, there are plenty of materials to keep you company that I am pleased and honored to share with kindred spirits - and the rest of mankind.   

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