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CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? - Part 3


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Theme of Part 3 ::::   CloudCoin:  A Speeding Train Without A Conductor

For reference purposes, please note that this article represents Part 3 of a 6-Part Series of articles designed to answer this critical and overarching question about CloudCoin:  Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you read the previous installment of this 6-Part series :::: CloudCoin:  Is It a Ponzi Scheme? - Part 2  :::: A Drop of Water In the Middle of the Desert Is Priceless :::: in order to gain a better insight into the theme of the Part 3 article. 

Within the Part 2 article, I sought to identify the universe of CloudCoin stakeholders; their motivations; and the root causes of their discontent; their overall role in the development of  CloudCoin and what they bring to the table; and what led them to this current breaking point.     

So let me now proceed further with my analysis of the central question.  

Talk About a Land of Enchantment

Indulge me a bit as I invite you to use your own imagination.   

Imagine yourself standing in your local town square and hearing a stranger on top of a platform telling the  local townsfolk about this marvelous and enchanting place in a not-so-distant land where people's dreams can come true.   

All they have to do is get a free round-trip ticket to board a special train that comes around once every 20 years in order to get to that location; throw  a few coins into the town's wishing well, close their eyes for a few seconds to make a wish; and voila, their dreams will begin to come true.

Of course, given the state of your town's local economy,  and the lack of prospects for a brighter and better future,   you figure that you don't really have much to lose by hopping on that train and, push come to shove, even if it all turns out to be a scam,  the resulting harm would be minimal. 

Moreover, since you've previously heard of such fantastical tales from other out-of-town travelers, you figure there might be a ring of truth to it, and thus decide to embark on such trip in order to find out for yourself what this is all about - all the while hoping that it could indeed be true.  

Boarding the Train to the Land of Enchantment

Of course, as described by the stranger, the train arrived like clockwork.   So far so good.  You got your free tickets and, in no time at all, you find yourself among hundreds of other passengers boarding this train.  What a real confidence booster!   Of course, you begin to think out loud about how exciting and exhilarating this experience is turning out to be; and how smart you were for overcoming your initial cynicism and reluctance to make the decision to embark on that trip. 

Soon thereafter, the train took off as scheduled and, lo and behold, you begin to pinch yourself in order to make sure that this is not a dream; because the train is really moving; and you are really on your way to the Land of Enchantment.     

The Train Begins to Pick Up Speed

In no time at all, the train begins to pick up speed.   Soon thereafter, you start to notice that the train's  rate of speed is beginning to cause the railcars to undergo a lot of erratic twists and turns as they travel  around a series of bends and curves along the tracks and that, absent some remedial action on the part of the train conductor, a crash is bound to occur,  which will undoubtedly result in the loss of life for many train passengers.  

As well, these twists and turns are causing a great deal of anxiety and alarm among the other train passengers.   And as the train passengers begin to express their concerns to some train staff members, they are assured that all is well,  everything is going according to plan, and that there is nothing to worry about.  

There Is No Train Conductor

Of course, being that you have traveled down this road before, you are beginning to get a strange feeling that the direction that this train is heading toward will definitely NOT lead to this so-called Land of Enchantment; and that it can only lead to the Land of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb where the One-Eyed Man is King.

Out of a sense of duty and obligation, you contact one of the train staff members and request to meet with the Train Conductor in order to share your knowledge of the terrain and express your concerns about the train's direction and safety of its passengers.   

Lo and behold, your inquiry led you to the finding that the management and operation of the train  falls strictly on the shoulders of the train staff members;  and that There Is No Train Conductor on board the speeding train.   At which point,  the hair on the back of your neck quickly rises; your eyeballs begin to bulge out of a sense of disbelief and sheer incredulity; and you then ask the train staff members how decisions are made with respect to organization, vision, strategy, execution, agenda, destination, logistics, key performance indicators, time table, and deliverables.

In unison, you hear this shrieking response from ALL Train Staff  Members:   
  • What Train Conductor and why do we even need one?
  • What do you mean by vision, strategy and execution?
  • What do you mean by organization, agenda, destination?
  • What do you mean by key performance indicators, deliverables, time table, logistics?  
  • We already know where we are headed  ::: The Land of Enchantment.   Thus, all you need to do is just sit on the train and wait till it gets us there, hopefully, all in one piece.  
In Conclusion

The bottom line is this:    This Train that all  CloudCoin members are on is called the Getting On Cryptocurrency Exchanges At All Costs Train.    This Land of Enchantment that all CloudCoin holders are told they are being transported to is called CloudCoin Liquidity.           

Hence the reason why my previous calls for a Digital Currency Visionary, Strategist and  Principled Geopolitical Leader with solid Virtual Organization Leadership experience who understands the foundational need to have in place ::: and build ::: a Global Organization  infrastructure have gone unheeded.   

A Circus Clown Election.   To the overwhelming majority of CloudCoin stakeholders,  my previous calls sound too damn complicated, unnecessary, alarmist, and just an overkill.   Instead, they chose to conduct a Circus Clown Election whereby the candidates who received the most number of CloudCoin from existing CloudCoin holders were appointed to some Executive Committee of a newly established CloudCoin Consortium.   (By the way, this election was confined only to those CloudCoin holders who happened to be aware that a CloudCoin Consortium election was taking place.) 

But Pierre, what do you mean by "circus clown election"?   A circus clown election is an election process whereby the candidates are not properly vetted; the process itself is strictly for appearance only and only has "show business" value; the results can easily be manipulated and the outcome decided without question.  In other words, no different than 99.99% of all elections.   
As much as it saddens me to say, voters always get the leaders they deserve.
Further Analysis Update.    Stay tuned for the upcoming article :::  CloudCoin:  Is It a Ponzi Scheme? - Part 4 (of a 6-Part Series) for further analysis.

I also invite you to share the link to this document with your fellow CloudCoin stakeholders and RAIDATech / RAIDAQ investors and whomever else you believe would be receptive to the information enclosed herein.
Logical Next Step For All CoudCoin Holders:   Proceed to Digital Currency Consortium for a deep insight into Digital Currencies and the need for a Digital Currency Visionary, Strategist and    Principled Geopolitical Leader with solid Virtual Organization Leadership experience who understands the foundational need to have in place ::: and build :::  a Global  Organization  infrastructure.               

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