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A Seminal Event in the History of Human Evolution 2-22-2222 ::: Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion


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A Seminal Event in the History of Human Evolution 2-22-2222 ::: Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion
By Pierre Coupet

We hear that all the time, of inventions that inventors did not originally set out to invent.   Well, in my case, I have a confession to make:  I came up with the idea of using a CloudCoin to authenticate a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution by sheer accident.  

That idea is articulated in the March 3, 2024 article ::: CloudCoin Resurrection and Redemption as Authenticator of Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222  :::::: (It's a long article, read it later.)  

What is this accident that I speak of?   To make a long story short, D. Rizzo, the owner of a decent quantity of the CloudCoin digital currency and investor in a related company, brought a lawsuit against the founder of CloudCoin Consortium and related entity for fraud and a number of other related complaints, and emailed a copy of his grievances ::: among them a request for refund :::  to a select number of CloudCoin owners, and to Digital Currency Ethical Board, in order to keep them apprised of these developments.  

Of course, there was a shaming element involved in lifting the beautiful CloudCoin carpet so everyone could see how much filth was hidden under the rug.  Nonetheless, an action that I have come to describe as the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion. 

(Urgent Notice:  Even though it's a matter of public record and thousands, if not millions, of people are already aware of this legal matter and the plaintiff's identity, please note that  Rizzo himself has made no attempt to conceal his identity, in fact it's just the opposite.  Notwithstanding, I am only using the first initial and last name since the last name is relevant for purposes of this article.  And if I were him, I would certainly want my last name mentioned since there is nothing derogatory or defamatory attached to it in this article.)

On a related note, let me make this very clear:   Besides the sharing of his grievances against the named defendants with Digital Currency Ethical Board, please note that no formal request was made by Rizzo to engage the services or good offices of Digital Currency Ethical Board in order to help mediate his dispute with them. 

However, that being said, being the founder of Digital Currency Ethical Board; also the owner of some CloudCoin; indisputably the world's most ardent advocate for Human Evolution 2-22-2222; the pioneer of the VOMI Global Think Tank Human Evolution Initiative  as articulated in the October 13, 2023 article Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 ;  it suddenly dawned on me nearly 5 months later that the revolutionary and patented AUTHENTICATION technology aspect of the CloudCoin digital currency could be put to good use in order to authenticate a "Boarding Pass for Human Evolution."   

A realization which is now made possible, viable and practical through the use of a limited number of CloudCoin strictly for authentication purposes while the remaining quantity of available CloudCoin worldwide can be used for its original purpose: for bona fide digital currency transactions.  

In which case, when used for authentication purposes, CloudCoin is treated as an alternative investment or commodity.  And when used for digital currency transactions, CloudCoin takes on the properties of any other bona fide digital currency, a Central Bank reserve digital currency, a corporate treasury reserve, or any fiat currency.  Therefore, should anyone ever ask the question: Is CloudCoin an alternative investment, a commodity, a bona fide digital currency, a reserve digital currency, a potential Central Bank reserve digital currency, or a corporate treasury reserve ::: the answer is, "All of the above. It depends on the context in which it is being used."   

Just imagine that! Who would have ever thought that CloudCoin itself could have such versatility?  Prior to coming up with the idea of using a specific CloudCoin to authenticate a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution, I certainly never thought of literally using a specific CloudCoin to authenticate a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution.  The use of the underlying technology to authenticate "handbags, wine bottles, apparel, etc." has always been one of its features.  But not the use of an actual CloudCoin to immortalize a specific Boarding Pass for Human Evolution for as long as time and space exist.     

Just in case you are thinking about Smart Contracts on Blockchain Layers, Defi transactions, DAOs, NFTs, Bitcoin Ordinals, and All Other OnChain transactions on a bunch of Primitive Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other Trading Platforms where Government Agencies rule the day and Criminals and Scumbags from every persuasion and dimension lie in wait for their next and unsuspecting victims, THEN THE ANSWER IS, "NO. That is NOT what I am talking about or referring to.

Just think of a modern-day and eternal version of The Great Library of Alexandria resting on CloudCoin in the form of a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution.  That's all I can say for now. 

The irony is:  We all have D. Rizzo to thank for this development even though that was not his original intent. 

What Makes the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion a Seminal Event 

The question now is, "What is it about the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion that makes it a seminal event in the history of Human Evolution 2-22-2222?" 

The answer is simple.  Human Evolution begins with principles and the willingness to take action(And as we all know, people who are compromised cannot afford to be principled, and thus, are unable to take action when required.)  

I have been very vociferous in my actions over a period of nearly 7 (seven) years with respect to bringing to light ::: via over a dozen articles, papers and correspondence ::: the shortcomings, failures and "willful ignorance" of the so-called CloudCoin Leadership Team.  Not for the purpose of castigating others for the sake of castigation, but primarily to offer "remedies and solutions" to what ails the CloudCoin Leadership Team and CloudCoin so that the CloudCoin Leadership Team and CloudCoin can EVOLVE.  All to no avail!  

And to this very day, none of my substantive recommendations have been adopted in spite of the volcanic eruption and crumbling edifice unfolding right in front of everyone.  

Therefore, Rizzo's actions were a last gasp measure at getting some attention.  It took a lot of courage for Rizzo to do what others were simply afraid to do out of fear that they might get ostracized by other CloudCoin members who have stood there silently and endured not only the antics of the inventor of CloudCoin but also his total disregard for the aggrieved, and his refusal to acknowledge and take responsibility for his misdeeds and incompetence. 

Rizzo's actions had to do with bringing to light what every single CloudCoin holder was witnessing:  The last gasp of a dying CloudCoin patient that others were too afraid to acknowledge.  He was willing to be portrayed by others, including many CloudCoin Cult members, as being crazy, mentally deranged, unstable, psychotic, and a complete lunatic; to be cast out of the CloudCoin Realm and be forever banished.  Rizzo was FED UP and just could NOT take it anymore.   Whether or not others approve of his methods is irrelevant. That is strictly his prerogative.  A victim cannot be told what remedies to pursue. 

What is relevant is the fact that he was willing to take action while others stood there silently and continued to go along with the charade and suffer fools gladly.                

This Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion did indeed have everything to do with principles and taking action.  In a nutshell, that's what human evolution is all about.  You have to speak up, stand up, and be willing to take action whenever it is required.  At the very least, we need to acknowledge that We All Need to Speak Up, We All Need to Stand Up, We Must All Be Willing to Take Action Whenever Required and, last but not least, We All Need to Evolve.  Otherwise, we will never be able to evolve and the very few will continue to rule over and terrorize the many.  

Using a CloudCoin to Authenticate Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion

The more I thought about the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion being the genesis for using a CloudCoin to authenticate a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution...the more I felt it was only fitting to use a Rizzo CloudCoin to authenticate the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion.  

Therefore, in my capacity as founder and architect of the VOMI Global Think Tank Human Evolution Initiative, I am now openly issuing on behalf of VOMI Global Think Tank a decree or fatwa which allows any Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual  (UHNWI), Collector, Investor or Entity to SPONSOR a CloudCoin Authentication of the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion.  Moreover, it's only fitting that a Rizzo CloudCoin (i.e., a CloudCoin owned by Rizzo) be used to authenticate the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion in accordance with all existing CloudCoin Authentication Standards, Guidelines, Procedures, and Requirements.   

Just imagine the mind-blowing, earth shattering, and historical significance of this:  Rizzo selling one of his CloudCoin for USD $1795.66 - the current value assigned to each CloudCoin by Digital Currency Consortium.  (Digital Currency Consortium forbids the sale of any CloudCoin for a lesser amount.)

Detailed information on the CloudCoin Authentication concept is included in the March 3, 2024 article ::: CloudCoin Resurrection and Redemption as Authenticator of Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 

Using a CloudCoin to Commemorate the Rizzo CloudCoin Rebellion

Moreover, D. Rizzo (or any entity under his control) is now sanctioned by the VOMI Global Think Tank Human Evolution Initiative to issue up to 1000 (one thousand) Rizzo CloudCoin (a "Commemorative CloudCoin") from his current CloudCoin inventory,  as a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution,  at the  then prevailing Current Value listed on Digital Currency Consortium, subject to meeting all other requirements for such an issuance, and as articulated in the October 13, 2023  article Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222  

However, that being said, in no event shall the value of such Rizzo CloudCoin ("Commemorative CloudCoin") be sold for less than the Intrinsic Value of CloudCoin (whose value assigned by Digital Currency Consortium as of the date of this writing is $1795.66).

Other than the reasons stated in this document, please note that there are no strings attached to the issuance of such Commemorative CloudCoin.  In other words, such Commemorative CloudCoin is NOT the result of a quid pro quo transaction, a condition attached to any sort of mediation, or a reward for D. Rizzo to dismiss his lawsuit against any of the defendant(s) - which is strictly his prerogative.  It is merely an embrace of those who share our ideals and have made a significant contribution, either directly or indirectly, to the cause of Human Evolution.       

In fact, the requirements for issuing such Commemorative CloudCoin also apply to any other deserving individual or entity.   

Thus, a perfect time for me to segue way into a new chapter of the VOMI Global Think Tank Human Evolution Initiative:   Sanctioning the Official Issuance of a Commemorative CloudCoin as a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution by any CloudCoin Owner who is deemed by VOMI Global Think Tank to have made a significant contribution to the cause of Human Evolution.   

The quantity of CloudCoin which can be issued is limited to the number of CloudCoin in the CloudCoin Owner's inventory or the maximum of 1000 CloudCoin, whichever is less.  

For example, if the CloudCoin Owner's inventory is 800, then the maximum number of CloudCoin which can issued as a Commemorative CloudCoin is 800.  Likewise, if the CloudCoin Owner's inventory is greater than 1000, then the maximum number of CloudCoin which can be issued as a Commemorative CloudCoin is 1000.                 

Rizzo CloudCoin: Genesis for the Birth of Other Commemorative CloudCoin  

As you can see, when you seek To Do Good, Not Dwell on the Past, Stand on the Shoulders of Giants and Collaborate in order to Make Progress and EVOLVE, then Good Ideas and Other Good Things will naturally flow from such frame of mind.  (Yes, that also applies to the inventor of CloudCoin.   Notwithstanding his antics, flaws and imperfections, he is indeed one of the Giants on whose shoulders every single CloudCoin owner can now stand on.)

However, when you are Too Smart for Your Own Good and seek To Destroy, Harm, Dwell on the Past, Dwell in the Past, Connive, Obfuscate, Continually Engage in a Pattern of Lies and Deception,  Refuse to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants and Collaborate in order to Make Progress and EVOLVE due to illusions of grandeur and the NIH (Not Invented Here) Syndrome, then...(I'll let you finish that statement with respect to what you think will naturally flow from such frame of mind).   

The idea of allowing D. Rizzo to issue 1000 Commemorative CloudCoin as a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution is a perfect example of the To Do Good and Human Evolution mentality.   It also gave birth to the concept of VOMI Global Think Tank Rewarding All Other CloudCoin Holders Who Have Made a Significant Contribution to the Cause of Human Evolution with their own Commemorative CloudCoin. 

Therefore, you can now expect to see some of your fellow CloudCoin holders sanctioned by VOMI Global Think Tank to issue from their existing CloudCoin inventory a limited number of Commemorative CloudCoin as a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution.  Such CloudCoin will be appropriately named "LastName CloudCoin" and the maximum number of Commemorative CloudCoin is limited to 1000 per award recipient.   

In other words, no CloudCoin holder will ever be able to issue more than 1000 Commemorative CloudCoin.
In Conclusion

I believe in transparency and this article is in response to inquiries and requests over the years from former and current fellow CloudCoin Consortium and RAIDATech members who have sought my assistance or counsel, in one form or another, directly or indirectly, with respect to matters pertaining to CloudCoin Consortium and RAIDATech.  

I have always been, and will remain, truthful and transparent with respect to where I stand on matters relating to the direction of CloudCoin Consortium and the leadership of RAIDATech.  That means I have to be brutally frank and call things the way I see them.  

I have never hesitated to call out Willful Ignorance, Cryptocurrency Wolves Dressed in Digital Currency Clothing, Fake Libertarians Leading the Gullible Straight Into the Arms of Tyrants and Totalitarians, the Blind Leading the Blind,  CloudCoin Cult Members, Con Artists, Liars and Thieves, the Unprincipled Claiming to Hold the High Ground,  Charlatans, Incompetents, the Unethical, Snake Oil Salesmen, Smoke-and-Mirrors Magicians, Masquerade Party Guests, Primitive Natives Sitting on Gold Mines and Diamond Mines asking for Investors :: Private Loans :: Government Loans :: Government Grants :: Foundation Grants :: Foreign Aid and Foreign Direct Investments from Settlers, and the PT Barnums of RAIDATech and CloudCoin Consortium.   

There is only one reason for that:  

Enough is Enough.  We are NOT adversaries or enemies and there is no need for any of us to be, due to the simple fact that Nothing Can Be Gained From such Mindset.  Hence the reason why eight (8) years later, We Are All Still Hearing About What Money Is and how we are all going to find out about it in this new book that is soon to be published and released.    

We keep going round and around, up and down, and in ALL directions while listening to someone telling us that we are going North and that it's only a matter of time before we reach our final destination.

In fact, such mindset can only distract and detract us from ever realizing where we are, the ground we occupy, and what we are all actually sitting on:  The Gold and Diamond Mines of CloudCoin on the Road to Human Evolution.    It is NOT a legend or folklore.  It is for real.  Your CloudCoin is Real and its Value is Real.    

Moreover, while reading this article, in the event you were able to remove your blinders and the cobwebs from your eyes, you will notice that I have just demonstrated to every single one of you how to retrieve this gold and diamond that you are now sitting on.  

Enough is Enough.  It's time for us to COLLABORATE.  It's time for ALL OF US TO EVOLVE. 

Next Steps 

  • For All CloudCoin Whales.    If you understand what you just read, read it again at least five (5) times.  Why five (5) times?  It's because that is exactly how long it will take for my message to finally sink in through your thick skull.  The reason being victims have a tendency to get addicted to affliction.  

In other words, CloudCoin victims are addicted to the nightmare and nonsense they have been afflicted with over the past 8 years.   

Thus, it is very hard for them to believe that, all this time, they have been sitting on gold and diamond mines while they were led to believe by a clique of bottom feeders and bottom-dwellers pretending to be visionaries and geniuses that they were sitting on worthless pieces of rock.   Once you understand it all, share this document with every single CloudCoin holder that you know of and then begin to take action.         

  • For All Who Share the Cause of Human Evolution.   The October 13, 2023 article Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 tells you all you need to know in order to get started on the road to Human Evolution.  Share this document on social media and with every single person that you can think of.  You will NOT find any other similar and consequential Human Evolution Initiative on this planet.
  • Whoever and Wherever You Are Around the Globe.    I invite you to become an Official Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222.  See An Eye-Opening Conversation with a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 Licensee  
  • To All CloudCoin Holders.  To get a Bird's Eye View of CloudCoin and Human Evolution, go to:  CloudCoin: The Yin-Yang Nature of Boarding Pass Authentication and a Bona Fide Digital Currency   
  • For DEI Organizations and Educational Institutions.   Proceed to VOMI Global Think Tank in order to learn more about how to become a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 
  • Supporters of Human Evolution.   Just share this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates.  Obtain a Human Evolution Station License in order to submit a support request if you have any questions or issues and would like some ideas or solutions.
  • Idealists, Students and Faculty Worldwide.   "Don't let the PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savages) get you down." (You are all authorized to use this slogan.) Share this document with the billions of people out there all across the globe who are being silenced.  From College Campuses to every nook and cranny in the world, YOU now have the Wind of Human Evolution 2-22-2222 at your back AND the Wonders of CloudCoin to record your heroic struggle, efforts and achievements in the modern-day version of The Great Library of Alexandria - an eternal repository of mankind's journey on the Road to Human Evolution.  A repository that is designed to stand the test of time - for as long as time and space exist.  

Wherever you are, it all begins with the launch of a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222        

Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution 

Obtain a Human Evolution Station License in order to submit a support request if you have any questions or issues and would like some ideas or solutions.  Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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