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A Paradigm Shift from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to Awareness of the Need for Human Evolution


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A Paradigm Shift from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to Awareness of the Need for Human Evolution
By Pierre Coupet

As it stands today, this very minute and second, the DEI Movement seems to have run out of steam and out of favor with the powers-that-be, whomever and wherever they may be.  However, that being said, such occurrence is NOT a new phenomenon.  In fact, it is the norm.  The underlying cause for such movement is always about justice. 

And the underlying reason for blowback is always about the fear of losing control.  It is a wake-up call to the masses in order to make sure that everybody knows their place and that, regardless of any illusions they may harbor regarding their new status, the powers-that-be are still in control. 

And for as long as there are human beings on this planet, there will always be the need for DEI in one form or another - albeit neatly repackaged in a variety of acronyms.

Therefore, the larger question is: How do we get off this merry-go-round of DEI movements whereby, the more things change, the more they remain the same?

The answer lies in understanding the causes which necessitate the need for DEI.  I dare say that all these causes stem from the fact that injustice is in our DNA; and thus, impossible to eradicate with the use of new slogans, fanciful movements, worthless edicts or legislation. However, that being said, the seed of intelligence is also in our DNA; the only known antidote against injustice. 

Therefore, the only effective tool or powerful weapon available to mankind in our perennial struggle against injustice is the use of our intelligence.  Therein lies the conundrum for all of mankind.  Due to the simple fact that, throughout the entire history of mankind, we human beings have never had a chance to make use of our intelligence. 

Why is that, you might ask?  Well, that's because in order to use our intelligence, we first have to Make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  Once we make such transition, then and only then will be able to build a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings which will be able to embark on the Road to Human Evolution.  At which point, the causes which necessitate DEI will be nonexistent - and simply vanish out of thin air. 

However, that being said, as it stands today, this very minute and second as you read this, the most that we can expect from mankind - the entire human race - is an Awareness of the Need for Mankind to EVOLVE.  A need for Human Evolution.  In plain and simple language, this means that this injustice which is embedded in the DNA every single human being alive today makes us all a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS).   Yes, that includes YOU TOO. 

Just in case you are wondering, "But Pierre, how do you expect to engage with anyone by calling them a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS).  Are you nuts?" 

Well, here is my answer: 

I could try to flatter you and say "You are FREE of the injustice virus which plagues all of mankind and that your track record of personal and professional achievements demonstrates that you have already made the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  Thus, there is NO NEED FOR YOU TO EVOLVE."    
Would you believe that, and would you want to have anything to do with someone who is not only dishonest and full of shit but is also willing to insult your intelligence?  Someone who will say anything to make a buck!    Alright, I have made my point.

Making the Shift from DEI to Awareness of the Need for Human Evolution

So, how do we make the Shift from DEI to Awareness of the Need for Human Evolution?  The answer is so simple that if you stood up in a room among your peers and mentioned it, just about everyone would be aghast at the simplicity of the solution.  

So, enough with the suspense. Here is the answer:  Transform your entire organization or educational institution into a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222.    Being a Human Evolution Station, you will now be in a position to issue a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 to every single member of your organization or institution (who cares to obtain such a boarding pass)

I know what's going through your mind right now this very second, "Up to this point, Pierre was making sense.  Now, he just lost me.  What the hell is a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 :: And what the hell is a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 ::: 

The answer lies in this very short March 11, 2024 article:   An Eye-Opening Conversation with a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 Licensee  

Once you have had a chance to read the foregoing, you will now be in a much better position to read the following document which will allow you to get into the meat and bones, and nuts and bolts, of the concept of a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 and a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 :::   

 Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222

In the interim, if you are pressed for time and are not now in a position to read Boarding Pass...(it's a very long document), then use the Perplexity AI  or Bing Chat app on your cell phone  or proceed to the ::: perplexity or bing chat :: website and type in the following questions in English (do not use the microphone):  

  • What is a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222
  • What is a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222
  • Who invented the concept of a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution 2-22-2222
  • What is the role of Pierre Coupet in Human Evolution  
If you are out of the US and unable to access the Perplexity AI or Bing Chat app - or website - then proceed to the AI-based to ask those questions.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is this:  Turning your organization or educational institution into a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 insulates it from all the DEI blowback noise and distractions which tend to accomplish the exact opposite of the reason for DEI.   

The point being you should not force anything down people's throat no matter how noble the objectives.  As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Simply allow those who believe in justice to manifest their own feelings through a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 without intruding on the rights or sensitivities of others.  

After all, it is NOT just a specific group of people who needs to evolve.  It is Mankind - the entire human race - which needs to EVOLVE.  That's what the Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 is all about.     

Think about this for just a few seconds.  If Harvard, MIT and University of Pennsylvania - in fact, every single university in the US - were a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222, then former Harvard President Claudine Gay and University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill would NOT have been ousted from their position.  

Next Steps   
  • For DEI Organizations and Educational Institutions.   Proceed to VOMI Global Think Tank in order to learn more about how to become a  Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 
  • Supporters of Human Evolution.   Just share this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates.
Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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