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A Gift, Curse or Burden to Mankind - Which One Are You?


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A Gift, Curse, or Burden to Mankind - Which One Are You?
By Pierre Coupet

Instead of first addressing A Gift to Mankind, I decided to start with Burden to Mankind and then work backwards.  

Who Is a Burden to Mankind

What makes a person a burden to mankind?   The quick, rapid fire and short answer to this question is: 

Anyone who facilitates in any way, shape or form the current system of slavery on planet Earth; thus, an impediment to Mankind Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to begin to chart a path on the Road to Human Evolution.

A slavery system whose foundation is based on The State and the current Global Financial System.   

In other words, we are talking about 90% of the global population.  That 90% of the global population cannot even image a world without The State and the current Global Financial System.  Since every single ill and evil on planet Earth can be traced directly or indirectly to The State and the Global Financial System, that makes this entire 90% of the population complicit in one way or another with the development and perpetuation of the current system of slavery on this planet.

Who Is a Curse to Mankind

Now that we all know that every single ill and evil on planet Earth can be traced directly to The State and the current Global Financial System, it goes, without saying, that Our Leaders who occupy their respective seats in The State and The Global Financial System are, collectively, a Curse to Mankind.  The ongoing Gaza genocide showed the true face of a pathetic bunch of Marionette World Leaders.  We are talking about 9.999999% of the global population.  Thus, a perfect opportunity for me to segue way into the final question.  

Who is a Gift to Mankind

It's now obvious that, using the most optimistic and liberal estimate that one could possibly imagine, only .000001% of the global population of 8 billion people - a maximum of 80 individuals scattered throughout the planet - could possibly qualify for such accolade or recognition.   Someone who has managed to Make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  

However, that being said, the existence of such individuals could NEVER be ascertained by this 99.999999% of the global population due to the simple fact that it takes one to know one.  The point being, it takes an Intelligent Being::::to recognize and assess::::another Intelligent Being.  

For example, if someone doesn't know to read, then that person is not in a position to assess someone else's reading skills.  Likewise, if someone doesn't know anything about mathematics, then that person is not in a position to assess someone else's math skills.     

In other words, though a small number of Intelligent Beings walk among us, being that ALL Human Beings on this planet are a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS), they are NOT in a position to know whom among them has made the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.

The bottom line is this:  No Human Being alive today can either recognize :: or tell you that someone is :: a Gift to Mankind.  It is a fact that all human beings alive today have to deal with this conundrum and there is no workaround for gaining access to such information.  

In Conclusion

Why should any of our fellow human beings care about which one of us is a Gift to Mankind - and who really cares?  The answer has everything to do with Human Evolution and it is for the sake of our progeny.   We only get to live a few decades, why pass the shit and nightmare that we have created for ourselves today to future generations - especially when we know that We Can Make a Difference.   

Especially in light of the fact that we know that a handful among us human beings have managed to make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being and that such transition is required in order for Mankind to EVOLVE.   

I know what's going through your mind right now this second, "But Pierre, you yourself just said that human beings are a bunch of Primitive And Barbaric Savages; and thus, have no way of knowing whom among them are now Intelligent Beings; so why should we strive to make a transition to something that we are not even sure exists or is possible?" 

The answer is simple:  Take a leap of faith.   The worst possible outcome is that you have embarked on a road which will lead you away from the current Shithole that we have turned the planet into and the Cesspool of Monsters who lord over and enslave all of mankind.  

What we do know for sure is the current cast of characters who comprise the Curse and Burden to Mankind is real.   Moreover, we know that the status quo is untenable; hence, it can be ruled out from our list of serious options for the future of mankind and our progeny.   

Therefore, the only serious, remaining option for all Human Beings is to Strive to Become a Gift to Mankind.   And it all begins with the realization that Mankind Needs to EVOLVE.  

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