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Comprehensive Guide to A World of Virtual Organizations: The New Virtual Organization World

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

What is the relationship between A World of Virtual Organizations ::  The New Virtual Organization World :: ANTIQUITY :: Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System ::  A World of Intelligent Beings :: Virtual Organization ::  VOMI ::  VOMI et al  ::   Virtual Organization Management Institute ::  Virtual Organization Management :: and Human Evolution?

Well,  here are your answers:

A World of Virtual Organizations.     The sum total of all existing bona fide "Virtual  Organization Entities" in the world.   "Bona fide" means that the virtual organization entity operates strictly in accordance with the tenets of  the virtual organization management discipline.

As of this writing, the following represents an Exclusive and Official List of "Bona Fide" Virtual Organization Entities around the world:
  • Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI)
  • VOMI Executive-In-Residence
  • VOMI "Confidential" (In-Progress :: 5+ worldwide)
  • VOMI Awards (In-Progress)
  • VOMI Virtual Organization Academy
  • Virtual Organization Leadership
  • Virtual Organization Recruiter
  • Virtual Organization Jobs
  • The New Virtual Organization World News (In-Progress)
  • VOMI Global Think Tank
  • League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives
  • The New Virtual Organization World Consortium
  • The New Virtual Organization World Futuristic Theme Park (In-Progress)
  • Social Experience Venue (In-Progress :: to expand up to 5,000 worldwide)
  • Virtual Organization Corporation (In-Progress :: to expand up to 3 million worldwide)
  • Virtual Corporate Community (In-Progress :: to expand up to 50,000 worldwide)
  • Living Virtual Workspace (In-Progress :: to expand up to 50,000 worldwide)
  • Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium
  • Virtual Campus Dormitory (In-Progress :: to expand up to 50,000 worldwide)
  • Virtual Residential Community Consortium  
  • Virtual Residential Community (In-Progress :: to expand up to 50,000 worldwide)
  • Social Media Watercooler   
  • Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System (In-Progress :: to expand up to 200 worldwide)
(As of this writing, my name is associated, directly or indirectly,  with every single "bona fide" virtual organization in the world.)
The New Virtual Organization World.    That is the name assigned to this "World of Virtual Organizations." 

ANTIQUITY.   That is the name assigned to the current "primitive, barbaric and savage" world that all Human Beings currently live in.

Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System.   A totally independent (not autonomous) Futuristic City-State Enclave which is one of several such enclaves to make up the World of Intelligent Beings referenced below.  Each enclave is governed strictly in accordance with the tenets of the virtual organization management discipline and is, in effect, a "Mammoth" Virtual Organization entity.   For detailed information about life in each Futuristic City-State Enclave, see "What Is the Difference Between An Intelligent Being and A Human Being?"  -  not now, do it later,  it's a very long document.) 

A World of Intelligent Beings.   It comprises both the sum total of ALL "Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On A Civilized World Financial System" located around the world and ALL their Permanent Residents.  That means,  the minute you enter the gates of a Futuristic City-State Enclave, you are officially within "A World of Intelligent Beings."   However, that being said, Guests and Visitors from ANTIQUITY are not required to be nor are they referred to as "Intelligent Beings."    (For detailed information on what constitutes an Intelligent Being,   see "What Is the Difference Between An Intelligent Being and A Human Being?"  -  not now, do it later, it's a very long document.) 

Virtual Organization.   A bona fide "Virtual Organization" is a distinct and separate entity which strictly consists of:  1)  A "Virtual Workforce,"  2)   A "Virtual Workspace," and  3)  uses best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual organization environment and for leading a virtual organization,  strictly in accordance with the tenets of the Virtual Organization Management discipline.    Virtual Organizations exist in  ANTIQUITY, The New Virtual Organization World, and A World of Intelligent Beings.
VOMI.     The acronym for Virtual Organization Management Institute. 

VOMI et al.   A generic term used to refer to Virtual Organization Management Institute and all other related entities above-referenced at World of Virtual Organizations.  In a nutshell, any entity that is directly or indirectly related to the founder of  Virtual Organization Management Institute and VOMI itself.

Virtual Organization Management Institute.   See VOMI.   Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) is the world's leading and only 100% virtual organization educational institute, certification and accreditation provider, professional virtual organization association, postdoctoral research training organization, and virtual organization leadership training license provider that is strictly focused on the virtual organization management discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997.

Virtual Organization Management.    A discipline which teaches best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual or virtual organization environment and for leading a virtual organization.   It is the lifeblood of every single virtual organization entity in the world and, by extension, The New Virtual Organization World,  the World of Intelligent Beings, and  Human Evolution.  Pierre Coupet  is the founder of  virtual organization management and the world's foremost authority on virtual organizations.  He is also the founder of VOMI.

Human Evolution.   The ultimate goal for all  Intelligent Beings who live within the aforementioned World of Intelligent Beings.    See "Are You Ready for Human Evolution?" for details on life in a world where human evolution has taken place (not now, read it later - it's a long document).  The pace of Human Evolution is expected to be gradual and barely noticeable during the first 75-100 years.  This period of time will allow human evolution practices and developments to take root to a point where they become a solid and indestructible foundation for human evolution.     Such foundation will serve as a powerful catalyst for an exponential acceleration of the pace of human evolution over succeeding centuries and millennia. 

Upon reaching the first centennial of Human Evolution,  there will definitely be strong, noticeable differences as well as very sharp contrasts between every single aspect of life and existence in  the aforementioned ANTIQUITY  and the World of Intelligent Beings.

Please note that Human Evolution cannot take place within  the borders of  ANTIQUITY.   That is only possible within the gates of the World of Intelligent Beings. 

Hopefully, you have now gained a "much better understanding and appreciation" of the interrelationship of these terms and how they all fit into the scheme of things.  And, most importantly, the integral role that Virtual Organization Management plays in kneading them all together.     
Moving On

Now that I have gotten all of  the relevant information you need out of the way, it's time to move on and address the "meat and potatoes" part of the information you need in order to "Enter The Gates of This World of Virtual Organizations:  The New Virtual Organization World." 

In the aforementioned article "What Is the Difference Between An Intelligent Being and A Human Being?"  I took the extraordinary step of going into the minutiae of everyday life in this World of Intelligent Beings that I envision :: in order to clear the heavy fog which hangs over our ultimate vision and how others can contribute :: since I am being constantly bombarded with offers from well-meaning individuals and organizations who seem to be attracted to our cause; want to contribute to our efforts in one way or another;  and, in many cases, want to outright join us.

However, that being said, these individuals and organizations seem to have a great deal of difficulty  in making a clear connection between the activities of Virtual Organization Management Institute and all these other related entities above-referenced at World of Virtual Organizations

The nature of these offers and requests to join us clearly indicate a very troubling trend.  They are as follows:
  • Loan Offers.    Now that you've managed to reach this section of  the article,  assuming you had a chance to read "What Is the Difference ..." you can now clearly see that VOMI et al  have absolutely NO need for loans.   It is the individual members of VOMI et al who clearly fall outside of our jurisdiction that you need to approach.  Thus, if your interest in VOMI et al is strictly for the purpose of  having another client in your loan portfolio which can generate a good return for your organization,  then you're wasting your time.  
So Here Is Our Best Advice.     If you really care about the vision and mission of VOMI  and want to contribute in some fashion, become an Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank  in your respective country.   If you do not meet our membership requirements, then just share whatever information you have about VOMI with someone who may have a bona fide interest in our vision and mission.  
On the other hand, if you occupy a High Level Decision-Maker position in a "very significant or world-class global organization," and you'd like to have an opportunity to meet with me directly on a monthly basis in order to learn much more,  then I highly recommend that you Request an Invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.   (However, please note that there is no guarantee that your request will be accepted.)  
From this perch, you will be able to get a panoramic view of all the opportunities VOMI et al makes available not only to YOUR organization but also to every single individual and organization anywhere in the world.  Once you see the Big Picture, you'll be somewhat embarrassed at the fact that you were contacting VOMI only for loans.   You'll instantly and automatically know who or whom in your Circle of Influence as well as every single Client in your Loan Portfolio "who might have an interest in our vision and mission" :: at which point you could contact them in order to bring them all under one umbrella  so that both you and them can hit the ground running.
So Here Is Our Best Advice.    To get a wide-angle view of all the opportunities VOMI et al makes available to every single organization in the world as well as the opportunity to meet with me directly on a monthly basis,  Request an Invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.  (However, please note that there is no guarantee that your request will be accepted.)  
If you do not meet the League's membership criteria,   See Exclusive Guide for Investors in The New Virtual Organization World.    I highly recommend The New Virtual Organization World Consortium as an excellent starting point. 
On the other hand, if you are merely a Sales Executive contacting us on behalf of your employer and you already know for sure that they would have no interest in our vision and mission, then you are welcome to use your own personal initiative to make an effort to join us in a personal capacity.      I highly recommend the  Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank  opportunity in your respective country, subject to meeting the membership criteria.   
  • Vendors Offering Their Services to VOMI et al.      It's nothing to be ashamed of,  embarrassed about, or to apologize for.  It's something that I've done for over 35 years.  However,  VOMI and I are the wrong target.  By now, it should be obvious to you that we are not the ones that you need to talk to.   
It's the individual members of  the aforementioned  Exclusive and Official List of "Bona Fide" Virtual Organizations around the world  within the above-referenced  A World of Virtual Organizations that you need to talk to.    
So Here Is Our Best Advice.      If,  in the ordinary course of your official sales activities, you just happened to stumble across VOMI and became exposed to our vision and mission;  and you, personally (i.e., not through your organization in an official capacity),  want to be a part of this global effort; then I invite you to become an Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank  in your respective country.
On the other hand, if you happen to be the "Hands-On" CEO of a Leading Innovation-Focused Startup personally engaged in Sales activities, trying to either stay afloat or get your business off the ground (i.e., struggling like most small businesses, don't have a  pot to piss in or two nickels to rub together) and "You Really Get It" in terms of the massive amount of opportunities and benefits that VOMI et al makes available to your budding organization; then I invite you to be a  Guest Co-Host  on Social Media Watercooler in order for us to begin to get to know each other.
However, if you are the "Hands-On" CEO of a Leading Innovation-Focused, Thriving and Very Successful Small Business (firing on all cylinders and organically funded)   ::   "You Really Get It::  Time Is of the Essence :: and you want to have an opportunity to meet with me directly on a monthly basis; then  Request an Invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.   (However, please note that there is no guarantee that your request will be accepted.) 
From this perch, you will be able to get a panoramic view of  ALL the opportunities VOMI et al makes available not only to your organization but also to every single individual and organization anywhere in the world.  Once you see the Big Picture, you'll instantly and automatically know "every single individual and organization in your Circle of Influence who might have an interest in our vision and mission" :: at which point, you can contact them in order to bring them all under one umbrella  so that you can all hit the ground running.  
  • Invitation to Be a Guest Speaker at Major Business Events.    I am always honored and humbled to receive such requests, however, it is not fair to business event attendees to spring on them a topic that they are completely clueless about (or which may even cause them some major discomfort or revulsion).   It's like going on a blind date. 
This document is an excellent illustration of what I am talking about.   Just think of the volume of information that I have already provided to you as well as more links  to additional information you have yet to read,  just so you can be well-informed about who we are and what we are all about.      After all, who wants to travel all the way to a conference, incur a good amount of expenses;  and while they are sitting down, relaxing, having a couple of drinks, and dining;  out of nowhere,  they hear me calling human beings nothing but  a bunch of "Primitive and  Barbaric Savages" living in ANTIQUITY   (Don't laugh!) - without understanding the context in which it is said?    
As you now know, the work that we are doing is Deeply Transformative  and of Global Significance to the entire Human Race,  and thus too important to be trivialized in such manner:  through ambush via a conference and shotgun approach.
Instead, I only want to talk to High-Level Decision-Makers in organizations who are already aware of who we are, what we stand for;  people who are interested in learning more from me directly in a more intimate, collegial and entertainment setting (i.e., one-on-one or with a very small group wherein even sandals and shorts are not frowned upon) without any time constraints.   The sort of ideal setting that membership in League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives affords.   
      So Here Is Our Best Advice.     The best way to proceed is to first go to the Virtual Organization Management Institute  website and, in descending order,  follow the links to some of the Feature Articles listed on the home page.   If the message resonates, and you want to know the best way to proceed, then contact me directly through the Circle of Influence. 
      If you already know how to proceed based on the information gained from any of the Feature Articles, and you are ready to jump in with both feet,  then proceed to request membership in any of the following consortia we've put in place for those who want to join us:    The New Virtual Organization World Consortium ::  Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium
        On the other hand, if you only want to dip your toes in the water for now; in order to get a wide-angle view of all the opportunities VOMI et al makes available to your organization, so you can make a strategic decision on which ones to pursue; then I invite you to Request an Invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives. Only members of the League have the opportunity to meet with me directly on a monthly basis. (However, please note that there is no guarantee that your request will be accepted.)
        • Prominent Well-Connected and Very Influential Supporters Who Want a Free Membership in Exchange For Referring Their Blue Chip Clients, Friends, Associates.   This tells me that this so-called supporter "hasn't taken the time to find out exactly what he is in fact supporting."  The very first line of the Membership page says very clearly "This is not your typical consortium."  As well, the first line of the second paragraph clearly states, "This is a full-time position" and goes on to explain why.     
        Therefore, let me get straight to the point without the need to beat around the bushes.  As the old saying goes, I've been around the block a few times, so I know this is all bullshit.  What they are really saying is,  "This all sounds very good, however, before I even contemplate coming on board, I'd like to come in and do my own little investigation or due diligence in order to find out exactly what it is that you are doing; how you are doing it; who else is involved and what they bring to the table;  without my having to take any kind of risks."  (99.99% of the time it's really all about not having to put any money upfront in order to get that sort of information).    
        Here is the problem with that approach:    
        We do NOT want you to come on board.  You'll need to assign someone in your organization to work strictly at the Consortium on a "permanent full-time basis for years on end."  You've got a business to run and we would never expect you to stop everything that you are now doing so you can join the consortium on a full-time basis.   Even if you were to tell us that you'd be willing to do so, we would consider it an insult to our intelligence.
        Moreover, even if we were a bunch of morons to believe this vague promise "to refer" and go along with you,  here is what would have happened:  
        Once you get the information you need, even if it were of interest to you,  and you stayed on board working on a full-time basis,  every day which passes by, you would be under tremendous pressure to "fulfill" your end of the bargain for this FREE membership.  Nonetheless, there is a big difference between "referring your friends and colleagues" and "your friends actually joining the Consortium."   Theoretically, you could say that you did indeed refer them, however, you gave no guarantees that they would. 
        As well, that wouldn't be fair to the other members who joined and paid their fair share.  In fact, they are the ones who are most likely to refer their friends and colleagues since they have already demonstrated in "deeds" that they really believe in the mission of the Consortium.
        Here is another hypothetical scenario:  Once you get the information you need about the Consortium,  if it is of interest to you as well as something that you "mistakenly" believe that you can go out and do on your own (with partners and investors, if any) without the need to poach any of the people who are currently part of the effort,  the only thing that you will do is, gently bow out and go do it yourself.   
        If you do have a need to poach some of our people, if any, then so be it, and you'll hope that VOMI never finds out about it. 
        On the other hand, if it is NOT something that you are interested in, you can gently disappear into the sunset, never to be heard from again.
        Nonetheless, in either case, there isn't a snowball chance in hell that you are going to be referring any Blue Chip Clients, Friends or Associates to VOMI et al.
        As you can see, this FREE membership request is rife with complications and, therefore, is a no starter.    
        (By the way, somehow or another,  I always managed to find out about these deceptive and chickenshit activities in the past without any effort on my part.  The people who were approached or had even agreed to partner with these rascals, eventually came back to me and volunteered that information.   Please note this was way in the past with other organizations and these events are not at all related to any of the efforts we currently have underway.
        Now, here is the correct approach for a True Supporter: 
        If you were truly a Supporter, you would have never requested a Free Membership.  Instead, you would have been delighted to pay your fair share just like everyone else.  (If, honestly, you could not afford the cost of the membership,  you would have been upfront about it with VOMI  so we could make a note of it for future reference.)    
        Nonetheless, as a true Supporter, you would willingly, without any sort of quid pro quo,  refer your so-called Blue Chip Clients, Friends and Associates to VOMI.  
        Just in case you might be thinking that "this is a lot of crap" and that Pierre is trying to sell you a bill of goods,  here is a perfect example of a  true Supporter:    
        When I first became aware of  CloudCoin, I spent a tremendous amount of time researching this Cloud Currency (It's not a cryptocurrency - it's a million times better than that).  In fact, it is superior to every single cryptocurrency out there, period.  
        There was, however, one major obstacle which almost prevented me from following through during my research on the Internet.  Every single website that I went to that was connected to information about, as well as the purchase of,  CloudCoin was just a complete nightmare - loaded with spelling errors, and a number of other issues too numerous to mention.  You could tell it was a complete volunteer effort backed by a group of very dedicated and hardworking supporters. 
        On a scale of 1-10 for "Have a Top Notch Team of Sophisticated Business Executives" I consistently gave them a ZERO.  (That was over one and a half  [1 1/2] years ago, I am sure that, by now, they have improved somewhat.)   They reminded me of myself when I first became an entrepreneur 43 years ago (excluding the spelling errors part).   Now I am able to laugh and smile as I reminisce about the good old days that never were.  
        Yet, in spite of everything that I just said, I still went ahead and purchased some CloudCoins.  For me it was a surreal experience.  I felt like I was walking inside a little mud hut in Africa where they are selling the "purest diamond in the world."   As well, I even recommended it to quite a number of family members and friends - many of whom came back to me and said the same thing that I had observed about the image of CloudCoin projected on the Internet.  
        I was asked many times "Pierre, Are you sure about this?  These guys look like Amateur Hour."  My response has always been - and still is, to this very day - "I understand your concern, but Trust Me, you won't regret it.  One day, you will thank me for this advice."  Happy to say, most of them followed my recommendation.   By the way, I have never asked or received any compensation for any of these referrals.   
        But I am not done yet.   Here is an article that took me a great deal of time to prepare that I wrote back in August of 2018 which was mostly about CloudCoin.   And I still stand by every word that I said then in that article:   Digital Currency Adoption Strategy for Cloud and Crypto Currency Companies    :: As well, that article was also promoted on social media to over 3 million group members.    Again, every single effort I made on behalf of CloudCoin  was purely voluntary on my part and was never coordinated with anyone at CloudCoin and I never asked, nor have I received,  any compensation for such efforts.   In other words, I talk the talk and walk the walk. 
        So Here Is Our Best Advice.     If you are truly a Supporter and really have all these contacts to refer, and you'd like to contribute in some fashion or another, then I invite you to become an Official Global Ambassador of VOMI Global Think Tank  in your respective country.      
        OR -  if you are a Very High-Profile Executive in a Public Company or a High-Level Government Official,  and thus unable to represent VOMI Global Think Tank in an Official Global Ambassador capacity,  then do what I have done without the need for any sort of compensation or quid pro quo: "just refer your influential friends and colleagues."  That's all there is to it!    
        After all,  I certainly do not want you to jeopardize your job,  your long and distinguished career and record of achievements,  as well as your well-deserved standing and reputation within your Circle of Influence and  the global community at large,  over our zealousness for Human Evolution.  Your Tacit Support Is More Than Enough!
        (Although it would be nice for me to know where a referral came from, however, that is not required.)      
        • A Business Proposal to Me from a Linkedin or XING Contact.    For starters, as many of you already know,  90% of these contacts are Scam Artists with FAKE profiles you can readily ignore.  
        There is, however, a 10% of them [1 out of 10] who approach us on behalf of either "Political Scions, Prominent Families, Secret Societies, Secret Organizations you will never hear anything about,  Sanctioned Individuals or Businesses, Intelligence Operatives, Human Compromise Operators, Members of the Invisible World,  and Members of the Underworld"  from the US and many countries around the globe who need anonymity at the very beginning until such time as they deem it necessary to disclose their identity.   
        Such approach  typically involves INSTRUCTIONS to VOMI on how to proceed (even after VOMI has replied to them and provided them with very simple instructions on how to proceed).   In other words, it's their way of saying, "The hell with your instructions.  This is how we do things."      
        There is a reason why I am usually targeted by this 10%::  A clean, prestigious profile and a reputation as pioneer of an entire industry that we dominate.  And my activities and writings about "virtual organization management, principles, principled leadership, principled geopolitical leadership, and human evolution" give them the perfect cover they need to have me work on their behalf.   With over 14 virtual organizations and, literally, "thousands of very lucrative projects" that can  stretch over a minimum period of  75-100 years,  going non-stop, in an industry which is totally dominated by VOMI et al, they know that the individual members of each Consortium would be able to absorb not only billions but trillions of investment dollars that they may want to put to use without fanfare and scrutiny. 
        I know you are probably wondering why they would contact me  if they had done their homework and read any of my writings, especially the 271-page treatise "A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders" published in December 2015.   For sure, they would have known that I am nobody's patsy and nobody's fall guy;  VOMI et al has no need for loans or investors; and that "Human Compromise Operations" activities by so-called Intelligence Operatives is nothing but child's play for me and a waste of their time, etc.   
        Well, if you had read A Global Need ... then you would also know why they still contact me and persist to this day.   The way they look at it is like this:   "This is all bullshit. Pierre isn't fooling us.   Money Talks.  Sex Talks Louder.    Fear Talks Even Louder Than the Trumpets of Jericho.   Everybody is corruptible, one way or another, and everybody's got a price.  We just need to keep using different approaches until we can find his weak spot or Achilles Heel." 
        And as much as I hate to admit it, they are right 99.999999999999% of the time.  All you need to do is,  take a look at the control that the so-called powers-that-be have over just about every single official at every level of government in every single country around the world.  Enough to fill hundreds of Stadiums all over the world.    
        So Here Is Our Best Advice.     What you are now doing is equivalent to Someone Sporting a Black Fedora Hat with a long Red Feather, Wearing a Long Trench Coat over swim shorts,  has Dark Black Sunglasses on and a Cigar in his mouth when he goes to the beach - in order to remain inconspicuous and anonymous.   
        Why is that, you might say?  That's because the Consortium itself does NOT build anything.   Therefore, there is absolutely NO need for all this Inspector Clouseau and childish Cloak-and-Dagger operation.    (By now, you should be fully aware that I am above all this childish and primitive crap.)   
        Thus, it is now my turn to say, "The hell with your instructions.  This is how we do things."  The only thing that you need to do is just fill out the Consortium or League application.  It's a very simple and unobtrusive form.  The only thing we require is that you are who you say you are and that, if your membership is approved, payment of membership dues must come from the applicant organization.   
        Any attempt on your part to deviate from the "extremely simple" process we have put in place in order for you to join the Consortium and participate in a project is the equivalent of that Someone Sporting a Black Fedora Hat with a long Red Feather, Wearing a Long Trench Coat over swim shorts,  has Dark Black Sunglasses on and a Cigar in his mouth when he goes to the beach - in order to remain inconspicuous and anonymous.
        It doesn't matter if you are a Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google or  Some Quantum Physics Innovation Startup, the application process is the same.  No financial statements, banking information, DUNS profile, etc.  No deviation from the norms.
        We [the consortium members] are there only to Conduct Research and Establish  Standards on these Proposed Projects in a Virtual Organization environment in accordance with the tenets of the Virtual Organization Management discipline :: My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World and  this World of Intelligent Beings ::  and the Need for Human Evolution,  as outlined or referenced throughout this document  and in countless number of published postings, comments, articles, papers and treatises on the latter over the past 22 (twenty-two) years.
        And being the founder of the Virtual Organization Management discipline, Leading Architect of The New Virtual Organization World and this World of Intelligent Beings,  and Leading Advocate for Human Evolution,  I am in a very unique position to provide the Spiritual and Philosophical Guidance (nothing to do with religion, sects, or secret societies) needed in order to ensure that WE [all consortium members] are proceeding in the right direction.  That is all!   
        Please pay special attention to the following:  THEREFORE,   Upon completion of Research Activities and Once All Standards for certain types of projects (e.g., Virtual Campus Dormitory) have been finalized and approved - subject to my ratification - it is up to each individual member of the Consortium to decide which  of their fellow members and colleagues they want to partner with  :: as well as the Financing Mechanism needed :: in order to Build or Develop such Project.
        That means,  regardless of who, what or whom you are, if you have a Ton of Money that you want to Lend or Invest in these projects,  I, Pierre Coupet, am NOT the person that you need to talk to about your business proposal.  It's the individual members of the Consortium that you need to talk to.   And The Only Way that you'll get to know who these members are, is not only by joining the Consortium but also by selecting the project or standards that is of interest to you that you want to participate in.   
        I know you're wondering what I mean by the latter, so let me clear that up for you:  Just because you join the Consortium does NOT mean that you will automatically gain access to the List of All Consortium Members and get to know what they are working on.   It's the Project that you select which will determine the members you will be privy and have access to.   That is Critical for Your Own Individual and Organization Privacy,  Security, and Confidentiality.
        We have very clear and compelling reasons for using this approach:  1) It's nobody's damn business which company and which one of their employees or executives is working on what project and with whom.  Everybody is entitled to their privacy.   2)  It's none of the Consortium's damn business whether the project members are able to finance any of the projects that they want to participate in as well as how they intend to finance them.  3) We are NOT going to investigate, under any pretext whatsoever,  every single organization who wants to join the consortium in order to conduct research activities and to participate in projects which may be of interest to them. 
        We just don't have that sort of manpower nor will we ever assign or pretend to assign anyone to conduct such investigation.  Nor would we ever comply with  such obscene, filthy and idiotic request from anyone, anywhere in the world.   That is my final word on that. Therefore, you have nothing to hide.  
        In other words, information that each individual consortium member receives or has access to will ALWAYS Be on a Need-To-Know basis.  As well, an individual member can only participate in One Project at a Time, working on a full-time basis, until completion.    
        Thus the reason why, other than my name,  you'll never see any information about any Consortium project member on our Consortium's web site. 
        For example,  Sneaky Snake Corporation joins Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium in order to work on Architectural Standards,  a research project with a hypothetical timeline of 2 years.  However, after 3 months, Sneaky Snake Corporation wants their representative to drop out of the Architectural Standards research project in order to switch to the Energy Standards research project; which would then expose him to these project team members.
        Well, the Consortium would NOT allow Sneaky Snake Corporation to make that switch in the middle of the membership term.   At the end of the annual term of the membership, Sneaky Snake could renew their membership and request assignment to a different project.   Or  Sneaky Snake could submit an additional application for membership at any given time in order to enroll another member to participate in either the same or separate project.      
        Why the same project?  For contingency reasons.  It could be in case of employment termination due to resignation or for cause and without cause;  expulsion from project for conduct unbecoming and in violation of the terms of consortium membership; catastrophic illness, death and dismemberment; some force majeure event, etc.
        These security measures are put in place in order to prevent one organization from joining under cover of one specific project and then go on a "Project Hop" in order to gain the name and company information of members of other projects which may be of interest to that organization.
        However, that being said, not all Consortium projects are fully staffed or filled.  There is,  however,  one specific guarantee that every single project will have at least "One MVP" member:  Yours Truly;   for the specific purpose of providing each new member the aforementioned  Spiritual and Philosophical Guidance - as well as the basic blueprint and Big Picture - needed in order to embark on their journey in the right direction and on the right path.     
        Thus the reason why it is also in each Consortium member's best interests to identify, in advance,  potential members and organizations he would like to have join him on the Consortium upon approval of his membership,  so that he will be able to hit the ground running - since Time Is of the Essence.  The more project members that you personally know and feel comfortable with at the onset, the better.              
        Upon Completion of each Individual Research Project,  The Consortium  itself will give its Seal of Approval, subject to meeting all mandates and prescribed standards.    I know you have quite a number of additional questions regarding details (e.g., intellectual property issues, etc.), however, this article is not the proper forum to address them. 
        Should a number of Consortium members decide to partner with each other in order to Build or Develop a specific project (e.g., a Virtual Campus Dormitory in Helsinki, Finland)   The Consortium  itself will also give its final Seal of Approval upon project completion.  
        One Exception to the Rule.    With respect to the Consortium's involvement, there is, however, one exception to the rule:   Participation in the Futuristic City-State Enclave project must be approved by a Steering Committee set up by The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.   As well, NO external financing of any sort is allowed for this project - not even a single penny.   Each Futuristic City-State Enclave will and must be self-funded. 
        In a nutshell,  that's about it! 
        In Conclusion

        If  the foregoing information makes sense to you,  that means you are now ready to receive this message.  

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