Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Problem With Virtual Reality

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The problem with Virtual Reality is that we all started on the wrong track in terms of the delivery medium and just haven't been able to shake it loose out of our minds and try to think out-of-the-box, so to speak.   

Instead of bulky headsets, etc., I foresee the day when all you have to do in order to switch to-or enter into-Virtual Reality mode is to just click your Remote:: which will automatically trigger and project a "fully immersive" Virtual Reality Environment all around you - AND place you in Stealth Mode (render you invisible to the real world) while you are in the Virtual Reality Environment.     As well, this cloaking capability would include an Invisible Shield which prevents others from bumping into you:: gives them a warning when they get too close for comfort.

Such VR Environment  does not require the use of any cords, special devices, multiple camera setups and configurations, etc.   It's all built into the Remote.    The remote can even be reduced to the size of an Apple Watch or bracelet. 

Think of actually going through a wormhole into another dimension.  In this particular case, it would be a Virtual Reality Wormhole created by the Remote.   And to get out of the virtual reality wormhole, all you have to do is, Click Off the remote.  

The idea is basically the same as clicking your Remote to turn on your TV and when you're done watching your favorite show or movie, you just Click Off the Remote!

The bottom line is this:  Innovation does NOT have to be complicated.    Ask the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!  They will be the first to tell you that they are not really "geniuses" and that, what they uniquely possess is the ability to see right in front of them what others just refuse to see - and walk right past by.  

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