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The Role of Virtual Organization Management In Human Evolution

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

I have written quite a bit (in fact, thousands of documents, postings and comments over the past 22 years) about Virtual Organization Management,  Virtual Organization Leadership, The Art of Collaboration, Principled Leadership,  Principled Geopolitical Leadership,  the need for A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System and, last but not least, the need for Human Evolution.

Being the founder of the Virtual Organization Management discipline,  I experienced first hand the need for it to evolve in order to adapt to the realities of our world.   That is, until I finally realized that  "Virtual Organization Management" was much more than just a "Mechanism for Adaptation" in a virtual or virtual organization environment; and that it has a Powerful Transformative Potential to make the world a better place.   Instead of just  "Following The Trends" and adapting to the new realities,   we could in fact "Lead The Way and Chart a New Course" for mankind.    

Ambitious? Yes!  Audacious?  Yes!   Altruistic? Yes!  Naive? No!  Message easy to absorb?  No!   

The point being,  when talking about the "realities of our world,"  without having the need to sugarcoat things, the simple truth is that, the world that we live in is a pretty ugly,  nasty, terrible, brutal and dangerous place; and for billions of people on this planet,  Life for them is really "Hell On Earth!"   

Therefore, instead of just enabling people and institutions to be much more effective and powerful in a Virtual or Virtual Organization Environment ::  the very same people and institutions whose practices, policies and procedures produce the "realities of our world" and this "Hell On Earth" for billions of people ::   I  decided to step back a bit in order to Pause, Reflect and ask myself the following questions:   

  • Why am I contributing to other people's miseries? 
  • Is that the sort of legacy that I want to leave behind for future generations?   
  • How can Virtual Organization Management make this world a much better place to live in?
  • And for these billions of people whose life is "Hell On Earth," how can Virtual Organization Management be used as a Powerful Mechanism and Change Agent in order to not only relieve their pain and suffering but to also uplift them from the labyrinths of hell and allow them the  opportunity to live a meaningful,  self-fulfilling,  rewarding and prosperous (in the eye of the beholder)  life?  The same life that I currently enjoy. 
  • And while we are on that road, why not add to our agenda "Paradise Here On Earth"?    After all,  since it was possible to turn our planet into Hell On Earth, I don't see any reason why we can't turn it into Paradise Here On Earth, if we wish to do so.  As the old saying goes, where there's a will, there is a way.   
It won't happen overnight or by simply waving a magic wand.  Nonetheless, it's a goal worth pursuing regardless of how long it might take (i.e., decades, generations, centuries, millennia, etc.) 
And this is where Human Evolution kicks in.    After all, Hell On Earth was made possible through Slavery and Servitude of mankind over millions of years;  a condition which persists to this very day, hour, minute and second;  and which has turned us into very Primitive, Barbaric and Savage Beasts.   

And no amount of advances in technology or technological innovation can undo the mental damage that this slavery and servitude has caused us all.   As I mentioned earlier,  technology can only make us "deadlier" and much more effective and lethal from a destructive standpoint.    

Therefore, in order to change our "destructive behavior" which has turned our planet into Hell On Earth,  HUMANS NEED TO EVOLVE at the "Individual Consciousness" level - instead of  technologically or biologically.
However, as we all know,   Humans have NOT evolved one iota over the millennia.

Therein lies the challenge and this is where Virtual Organization Management comes in full circle. Because, in order for this human evolution to take place, we can't continue to "Think and Operate" the same way that we've been doing things over the past millions of years or else "We Will Continue to Get the Same Results."    

Our actual conduct must be based on the core principle and tenet of the Virtual Organization Management discipline:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."   Once we learn how to actually put that into practice instead of just paying "lip service" to it,  then and only then Humans Will Be Able to Evolve.   And once Human Evolution has taken place, then we can go about getting rid of this Hell On Earth.    

Hopefully, I have been able to connect all the dots for those of you who wondered, in silence or aloud,  what all the ranting and raving of this insane Pierre about "Virtual Organization Management,  Virtual Organization Leadership, The Art of Collaboration, Leaders Who Lead Themselves, Principled Leadership,  the need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders,  the need for A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System,  VOMI Global Think Tank,  becoming an Official Global Ambassador in your country, all these Consortia, Social Media Watercooler,  League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives  and, last but not least, the need for Human Evolution" is all about.

If  the foregoing information makes sense to you,  that means you are now ready to receive that message.  

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