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Human Evolution: Is it a Movement, Realization or Quest?


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Human Evolution: Is it a Movement, Realization or Quest?
By Pierre Coupet

How do you teach trigonometry to a newborn infant who just came out of his mother's womb?  

It's a rhetorical question, therefore, don't bother trying to come up with an answer.  The reason I asked this question is merely to illustrate the point that, in the grand scheme of space and time and things, our entire lifetime expectancy is equivalent to that of a newborn infant who just came out of his mother's womb.   

Therefore, trying to explain and teach Human Evolution to a human being is as nonsensical as trying to teach trigonometry to a newborn infant.

The point being, human beings don't get to live long enough to a point where they can reach a level of maturity whereby they can even begin to think or understand anything about human evolution.  The words "human evolution" conjure up in their mind so many questions, images, descriptions and definitions that, the more one attempts to come up with an answer for someone who cares to ask or wants to be in the know, the more confused, befuddled, irritated and insulted they become.  

For example, here is a direct quote from someone whose organization I had invited to become a Human Evolution Station:

The idea is interesting. How do you monetize this so you can grow your business? 

Although my very first instinct was to recoil in horror at this question and think to myself, "What the fuck! How do you monetize Human Evolution," in fact, his response was predictable and really not that strange and far off the mark.  In other words, what he really wanted to say was, 

"Fuck all this crap about Human Evolution, how can WE make money out of this.  How do we sell it to anybody who is gullible enough to buy into it?" 

For the simple reason that every single human being is stuck in the Paradigm of Human Civilization.  A set of narratives based on a very primitive, barbaric and savage civilization ::: whose raison d'etre is intricately linked to the State and the Global Financial System.          

Therefore, if you are a human being, alive and breathing on your own anywhere on planet Earth, there are only three (3) things that you need to know about Human Evolution, the rest you will have to find out on your own during whatever little time you have left on this planet.  For the simple reason that the mere act of trying to teach or explain human evolution to anyone is palpable evidence that neither the teacher nor the student knows anything at all about human evolution.

That being said, I can now proceed to tell you the three (3) things you need to know about Human Evolution:

#1.   Human Evolution is NOT a Movement.    A colleague of mine graciously offered me some advice in the form of a YouTube video of a TED Talk on how to promote a Global Movement - which I graciously accepted, thanked him for, and agreed with him - since I could clearly see that he meant well.   A video which depicted how easily people can be manipulated into joining a movement ::: the monkey see, monkey do effect ::: and see it become viral.  A clear example of Human Stagnation or Human Devolution.

However, I did NOT bother to tell him that Human Evolution is NOT a Global Movement due to the simple fact that Global Movements require Leaders, Followers and Morons - all of whom are single points of failure.  Moreover, Global Movements have a limited lifespan and come and go like the seasons.  They are more like "flavors, whims and passions of the moment of fallible and deeply flawed, unprincipled, Primitive And Barbaric Savages  (aka "Human Beings") who can be easily manipulated every which way.  

Therefore, Human Evolution cannot be held hostage or held back by the narratives of a horde of Primitive And Barbaric Savages (PABS).  

#2.  Human Evolution is NOT a Realization.    You don't wake up one day and find out that you have evolved due to the simple fact that Human Evolution is a Process.  There is NO Magic Wand to waive.  

This Process begins with The Realization

  • That Something is Really Amiss and We Can't Quite Put Our Finger on It; 
  • There's got to be more to Life than the one we have been living for millions and billions of years of our existence on this planet; 
  • That the Human Race can do better and be better than we are now;
  • That The idea that we are forever condemned to a life of Masters, Slaves and Morons on planet Earth and that there is nothing that we can do about it is NOT acceptable;
  • That We Need to EVOLVE - even though we don't quite know what it means TO EVOLVE;
  • That It Is Up to Each and Every Single One of Us to come up with our own understanding and definition of what it means TO EVOLVE.  Otherwise, in no time at all, we'll be right back to Falling in the Same Old Trap and Doing the Same Old Shit;
  • That Each and Every Single One of Us Needs to Chart Our Own Path;
  • That Each and Every Single One of Us can begin this process without interference or approval from any individual or entity;
  • That This Realization cannot be the result of Manipulation, Bribing, Cajoling, Convincing, Leaders, Followers, People who don't really give a shit about Human Evolution and only want to know HOW TO MONETIZE IT.
  • Last but not least, that You MUST Steer Clear of any individual or entity who doesn't give a shit about Human Evolution and is only interested in the financial aspects of it or strictly as a means toward their own nefarious ends.                         

Hence the reason for the Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 and the Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222.   

Thus, when you obtain or create a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222, you are merely making a silent but powerful statement that you have come to such Realization.    

A statement which reverberates and echoes across the Halls, Chambers, Valleys, Canyons, Mountaintops, and Stratosphere of Human Evolution.   

The same goes for those who decide to become a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222.

#3.   Human Evolution Is a Quest.    A quest transcends time and space, is never-ending, and has no final destination.  The point being, for those of us who eventually manage to make the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to embark on the Road to Human Evolution, for as long as time and space and human beings exist, we will always be on the Road to Human Evolution.  We will never be able to make the claim that we have finally evolved.   

However, that being said, absent The Realization that YOU need to EVOLVE, you will never be able to even understand what Human Evolution is all about, let alone begin the process of working on making the transition from human being to intelligent being.    

In Conclusion

I hope I was able to shed a little bit of light on what Human Evolution is all about for those of you who never took the time to read the treatise A Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222.   And the simplicity behind the concept of a Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 and a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222  

However, that being said, this paper is NOT intended to be a substitute for the treatise and should instead be viewed as an incentive to invest the necessary amount of time and effort it takes in order to begin the Human Evolution process.   

Next Steps 

Become a Human Evolution Station.   Learn more about a Human Evolution StationReview the Human Evolution Station Agreement and Submit Your Application to become a Human Evolution Station. 

Share This Priceless Document.  What makes it priceless is its simplicity.  It takes the mystery out of the question that most of us have about Human Evolution.  No PhD is required in order to understand or grasp the importance of this subject.  You are now more equipped to handle this complex and thorny question than any so-called Human Evolution Guru, Philosopher, or other Human Evolution Subject Matter Expert.    

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