Sunday, August 26, 2018

Digital Currency Adoption Strategy for Cloud and Crypto Currency Companies

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Congratulations on the creation of  your new cloud or crypto currency and the launch of your ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Pre-Sale or Main ICO.

Now that you have reached this milestone with a motley group of volunteers, supporters, and collaborators, the question always is, "What's Next?"

What's Next, in terms of:
  • Where do I go from here?  
  • Now that we have been entrusted with the funds that we need, how do we execute our plan in accordance with the pledges and representations made in our white paper?  
  • From a "Corporate Governance" standpoint, how do we now actually create and staff a "real organization" with the minimum administrative and technical support, operations, leadership, legal, regulatory, technological, and logistical infrastructure we need to have in place in order to fully implement our goals and objectives?   
(After all, just putting a bunch of names and photos of a so-called "Leadership Team" and "Advisors" from people scattered all over the globe who have agreed to allow us to list their names on our website will no longer do.)  Welcome to the real world!
  • From our motley group of dedicated volunteers, supporters and collaborators, which ones do we get to formally bring on board on a permanent full-time basis?  The same goes for the  Leadership Team listed on the website.   As for the list of Advisors,  from whom will we actually seek their advice, if any?     
  • Moreover, now that the foregoing motley group knows that we have obtained funding,  going forward, most of them (if not, all of them) will most certainly want to be "paid in cash" for all future services instead of just coins and tokens with relatively little short-term value.   But since we can't afford to bring them all on board, which would drain just about every dollar raised from the ICO in no time at all, how will we make do with the huge decrease in number of people-powered assistance as we try to make it to the finish line?
After you've asked yourself all these questions, that's when reality finally sets in and you begin to realize the truth and wisdom of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!"

Well, before you begin to panic and start to improvise ("fly by the seat of your pants"),  if you haven't already begun that process,  you still have time to reorient yourself and recalibrate your going concern strategy with a Digital Currency Adoption Strategy.

What Cause Are You Fighting For, If Any?

However, prior to developing any kind of strategy, you need to be acutely aware of what Cause you are fighting for, if any. 

Why?  That's because the cause that you are fighting for will determine the make-up of your entourage: your Sympathizers,  Supporters, Collaborators and your Executive  Leadership  Team.

And should you ever find yourself in a position wherein you feel the need to persuade anyone to join you based on the merit of your cause, no matter how great and noble it might be, that means failure is right around the corner.  It's like enrolling a Stealth or Silent Enemy Within.  Why?

I know this sounds counter intuitive,  so let me tell you why.   That's because when you are forming an organization from scratch, the number one (#1) mistake that most foundersif not all of them,  make is that they delude themselves into thinking that they have charisma and this unique leadership trait :: the ability to inspire others (from investors, sympathizers, supporters, collaborators, the leadership team, and partners) to join them and give it their all through slick presentations, speeches and various psychological maneuvers and stratagems:: and, with respect to potential investors, all it takes is a wonderful presentation a la Shark Tank, and voila!

Here Is the Real World

However, here is the real world.

Investors.    Investors love the typical dog and pony show, however, they don't really give a damn about your business.  They've made enough investments over the years and have seen too many "Pie in the Sky," "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Real Deal" businesses go belly up, up in smoke, or just vanish out of thin air, for whatever reasons; thus know better than to get emotionally invested in your business.  Regardless of what any of them may tell you, investing in your business is never  personal, it's strictly business.  It's just another  roll of the dice that may pay off big time.  They know it's a game of numbers.

Bottom line:  They are not prone to inspiration and persuasion.

Sympathizers.   Sympathizers do not require inspiration and persuasion for the simple reason that they have nothing at stake.  They only care about the Cause that you represent;  information which is easily acquired through the grapevine.   If they already believe in that Cause and come to find out, to some degree or another,  that you are involved in it, then they will automatically have a positive view of you and your organization.    This positive view could translate into either saying good things about you,  refraining from saying anything negative about you, or refusing to take any action which would have a negative or detrimental impact on your activities (unless, of course, somebody is giving them a manicure with a long nose plier and they have no choice in the matter).

For example, if you are a Libertarian at heart and, by chance, you hear about Sean H. Worthington,  the inventor of the digital currency CloudCoin,  as well as CloudCoin's  attributes:  100% privacy, hack-proof, total security,  free-from-government-intrusion,  superb scalability and many user-friendly features, you have absolutely no need to be persuaded by Sean Worthington to become a sympathizer.  You both share the same Libertarian cause and that's good enough.

On the other hand, if you believe that government should play a big role in micromanaging your life and that it is entitled to know everything about you, then no amount of persuasion from Sean would be sufficient to convince you to sympathize with the need for CloudCoin.

Bottom line:  Sympathizers don't need any inspiration or persuasion.  It's all about the Cause.

Supporters.   A supporter goes one step beyond a sympathizer's passive endorsement and will actually take one or more concrete, practical and specific actions in order to express their support.    Continuing with the foregoing CloudCoin example, such Libertarian (either in spirit, de facto or by official affiliation) may decide to learn more about CloudCoin through  a simple currency conversion.

On the other hand, IF YOU BELIEVE all the crap that you hear about KYC (Know Your Customer)  and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and that the government is entitled to know how much money you have; where it came from;  what you spend your money on;  who you buy from;  how much money you spend;  how much money you have left;  how much Cash that you deposit or withdraw from your account that exceeds (i.e., that is more than)  $10,000 in one or more transactions over a one-day banking period;   how many of these Cash In/Cash Out  transactions come close to but do not meet the minimum $10,001 amount (i.e., the government assumes that you are purposely attempting to evade the "over $10,000 Cash transaction" reporting requirement)  that the bank should alert the government about by filing a Suspicious Activity Report of a "structured transaction"and that, REGARDLESS OF WHO IT IS, be it:  
sitting or former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and any  Associate Justice of the Supreme Court :: any current or former Circuit Judge of our federal courts of appeals,  or District Judge of our federal district courts :: any current or former President of the United States, member of the President's Cabinet,  Director of the United States Secret Service and Secret Service Agent,  down to the last member of the White House Staff :: any current or former United States Senator or Representative  :: any  current or former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and staff members,  any recipient of the highest military awards and decorationsany current or former Air  Force or Navy or Army or Coast Guard Pilot,  any member of the most elite units of the military, down to the last member of the Armed Forces of the United States ::  any  current or former  Attorney General of the United States and the 93 US Attorneys throughout the 50 States, any current or former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation down to the last member of the Department of Justice :: any current or former Director of the NSA  (National Security Agency) down to the last member of this 45,000 member organization  :: any current or former Director of the Central  Intelligence Agency down to the last member of the agency :: any current or former Commissioner of the Internal  Revenue  Service down to the last member of this 77,000 member organization ::  any current or former private practice or city, county and state  Attorney :: any local, county, state and federal  Prosecutor :: any current, former or  retired Chief of Police, Police Officer,  Detective, down to the last member of any local law enforcement agency :: any current, former or retired Fire Chief, Fireman or  Firewoman, down to the last member of  a Fire Station ::  any current or former  Governor, County Chief Executive, City Mayor, all the way down to the last City  Official and member of the respective government agency :: any current, former or  retired Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human  Resources Officer,  Chief  Revenue Officer,  Chief Marketing Officer, Chief    Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer,  Sales and Marketing personnel,  Computer Programmers, Administrative and  Technical  Support personnel, all the way down to the last employee of  the largest to the smallest organization ::   any current or former  Titular Head of any  Religion,  Mega Church Pastor, Mullah, Ayatollah, all the way down to your local Pastor,  Parish  Priest, Imam or Rabbi. 
And IF ANYONE OBJECTS  to this Obscenitythen surely THEY MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE because only someone who is up to no good, a Criminal,  a Drug Kingpin, a Money Launderer, a Terrorist or a Terrorist Organization  Financier would have something to worry about their privacy or have reason to be concerned about the government having access to their financial information.

An Obscenity which amounts to nothing less than Financial Terrorism  and 100% invasion of privacy of an entire population of over 340 Million Americans and over 30 million Large to  Small Businesses :: by a Pervasive, Corrupt, Racketeer-Influenced, Criminal-style, Extortion-like, Gangster-like, Orwellian and STASI  Police State  Surveillance DRAGNET which lumps every single member of society UNDER ONE BIG TENT ::  ostensibly so the government can be alerted to potential criminal activities of a few Drug Kingpins, Money Launderers,   Mobsters and other garden-variety Gangsters, Small Time Thugs and Local Drug Dealers and Street Corner  Dope  Peddlers living in poor rural and city neighborhoods, ghettos and city slums [barely registering a  few  1000'swho lurk in our midst ::  in order to freeze their assets without any sort of due process until they can prove the source of their income and the legality of their transactions (which really amounts to nothing more than Thieves "acting under color of law" Stealing from other Thieves) :: and to prosecute them whenever appropriate (i.e., if it will help to further someone's career and ambitions). 

THUS, if you are in agreement with this sort of financial terrorism, then no amount of persuasion from anyone would be sufficient to convince you and others of like mind of the need to support CloudCoin.

Whereas a Supporter of  CloudCoin  or the Libertarian Cause (or anyone else for that matter) has no need to worry about being vilified as an outcast; or being dismissed by people with a slave mentality with the remarks, "What's the big deal? You're making a mountain out of a molehill. Who's got that much cash laying around anyway? Most people are out there trying to survive and barely trying to make ends meet. So why would anybody want to carry that amount of money with them anyway if they are not up to no good?"

Nor is there a need for anyone to worry about being cast with the label "you must have something to hide."

How come they need not worry? For the simple reason that  they are in good company  with 3 dissenting Justices, including Justice Marshall's dissent of the majority opinion in the US Supreme Court challenge:: UNITED STATES, Petitioner, v. Mitchell MILLER, 425 U.S. 435 (96 S.Ct. 1619, 48 L.Ed.2d 71)  Case No. 74-1179  decided April 21, 1976:

Mr. Justice MARSHALL, dissenting. 
In California Bankers Assn. v. Shultz, 416 U.S. 21, 94 S.Ct. 1494, 39 L.Ed.2d 812 (1974), the Court upheld the constitutionality of the recordkeeping requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act. 12 U.S.C. 1829b(d). I dissented, finding the required maintenance of bank customers' records to be a seizure within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and unlawful in the absence of a warrant and probable cause. While the Court in California Bankers Assn. did not then purport to decide whether a customer could later challenge the bank's delivery of his records to the Government pursuant to subpoena, I warned: 
"(I)t is ironic that although the majority deems the bank customers' Fourth Amendment claims premature, it also intimates that once the bank has made copies of a customer's checks, the customer no longer has standing to invoke his Fourth Amendment rights when a demand is made on the bank by the Government for the records. . . . By accepting the Government's bifurcated approach to the recordkeeping requirement and the acquisition of the records, the majority engages in a hollow charade whereby Fourth Amendment claims are to be labeled premature until such time as they can be deemed too late." 416 U.S., at 97, 94 S.Ct., at 1535, 39 L.Ed.2d, at 861. 
Today, not surprisingly, the Court finds respondent's claims to be made too late. Since the Court in California Bankers Assn. held that a bank, in complying with the requirement that it keep copies of the checks written by its customers, "neither searches nor seizes records in which the depositor has a Fourth Amendment right," Id., at 54, 94 S.Ct., at 1514, 39 L.Ed.2d, at 836, there is nothing new in today's holding that respondent has no protected Fourth Amendment interest in such records. A fortiori, he does not have standing to contest the Government's subpoena to the bank. Alderman v. United States, 394 U.S. 165, 89 S.Ct. 961, 22 L.Ed.2d 176 (1969). 
I wash my hands of today's extended redundancy by the Court. Because the recordkeeping requirements of the Act order the seizure of customers' bank records without a warrant and probable cause, I believe the Act is unconstitutional and that respondent has standing to raise that claim. Since the Act is unconstitutional, the Government cannot rely on records kept pursuant to it in prosecuting bank customers. The Government relied on such records in this case and, because of that, I would affirm the Court of Appeals' reversal of respondent's conviction. I respectfully dissent.
Need I remind every single reader of this article to pause a bit in order to understand the gravity of this financial terrorism that every single American or US national or resident is subject to.    Not even the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court is legally exempt from this Police State Surveillance DRAGNET.   That means, if he were to deposit or withdraw cash from his personal bank account in a series of  $9,000 per transaction over a period of months, our Orwellian and STASI Police State Fintech Surveillance System is designed to automatically alert the bank that Chief Justice Paul Roberts is conducting a number of suspicious transactions which may be designed to evade the requirements of the law which mandates that a bank is required to report to US Treasury all cash  transactions that exceed $10,000 over a one-day banking period;  and transactions that are structured to evade the over $10,000 cash transaction filing requirements.     The law is effectively saying that you are NOT entitled to any sort of financial privacy and that IT IS A CRIME to even attempt to maintain such privacy.      

Bottom line:  Supporters don't need any inspiration or persuasion.    It's all about the Cause.

Collaborators.    Collaborators, for the most part, have a symbiotic relationship with the individuals and organizations they support and provide much greater assistance  to them in terms of time and effort than that of the aforementioned Supporters.   Thus require no persuasion from anyone to join the Cause.   They live and breathe the Cause every single day of their life.   However, that being said, not all Collaborators are equal.  There are at least 3 types of Collaborators:  

The Commensalistic Collaborator.   This person is a Lone Wolf who is all about the Cause; only wants the person and organization spearheading the Cause to succeed;  and has absolutely no interest or need to derive any immediate benefits from his efforts on behalf of such organization.  In other words, there is no quid pro quo and he acts strictly on his own without obtaining permission from, or coordinating his activities with, the intended beneficiaries of his actions.  The way he looks at it, if the Cause triumphs, then everybody wins.

(I am a perfect example of a Commensalistic ("Lone Wolf") Collaborator and this article is a great example of the sort of lone wolf activities such person engages in.  Other than through my publishing activities, as of the date of this article, I have never met Sean Worthington nor have I ever had any discussions with him or any member of his organization on how I can assist them and on what terms.) 
Bottom line:  Commensalistic Collaborators don't need any inspiration or persuasion.  It's all about the Cause.

The Mutualistic Collaborator.   This person enters into a formal agreement with an organization in order to support the Cause. The terms of such agreement vary depending on the level of collaboration (Standard,  Active or Ultimate)  expected by the parties.   What is important to note is that the collaboration is in good faith and there are no ulterior motives.  

Bottom line:  Mutualistic Collaborators don't need any inspiration or persuasion.  It's all about the Cause.

The Parasitic Collaborator.    There are three (3) types of  parasitic collaborators:  1) opportunistic,  2) immovable, and 3) invasive. What they all have in common is that they are all Fake Collaborators  (i.e., collaborators in name only); they don't give a damn about the Cause; and they are only there to receive and not to give.   So, let us explore them in detail:
Opportunistic.  The Opportunistic Parasitic Collaborator  is a person who sees a tremendous opportunity that is just too good to pass up and, although he could care less about the Cause itself,  he is however willing to pretend (i.e., say all the things that  he thinks you may want to hear) in order to enter into a formal agreement to collaborate even though he has absolutely no intention to contribute anything to the Cause. 
His primary intention is to execute the formal agreement in order to get his foot through the door;  survey the landscape and attempt to obtain as much information as possible;  contribute absolutely nothing while, in the meantime, he is trying to figure out how much he can actually extract from the relationship before you are able to figure out that he is full of shit.  In other words, this person behaves like a "bloodsucking parasite." 
Should you ever decide to inquire from him about what kind of response that he has received from all these "Senior Level Executives at the highest levels of  business,  academia and government" that he is alleged to be on a first-name basis with,  get ready to be blown away into the stratosphere by a whirlwind of hot air.  
His primary attraction to your organization:   Any groundbreaking or innovative endeavor wherein there is almost no significant barrier to entry to become a Collaborator and where performance is the ultimate determinant of a  Collaborator's abilities and representations  (i.e., you have to bring them on board first before you find out they are worthless, and by that time, it's too late - the damage has already been done). 
Immovable.   The Immovable Parasitic Collaborator is a person or entity who is basically blind, deaf and dumb (to nearly everything that you and your organization are all about), thus unable to mentally and physically move or venture outside their zone of comfort (in order for them to understand the mountain of opportunities that you are making available to them)
Therefore, his only asset is his unique ability to launch a dazzling display of fireworks and smoke and mirrors in order to lure to his location all those who venture anywhere near the perimeter of his environment.  He then patiently waits for you to enter into his environment and get yourself all settled and comfortable.   At which point, he will then latch onto you and begin the process of sucking the blood out of you. 
This means that he only knows of one way with respect to how things are done in his line of business (the way he has always done things over the years);  and regardless of what you say or write or do in order to explain to him what your organization is all about and how he stands to hugely benefit from the opportunities that you are making available to him, he will ignore every single word that you say and every single document that you provide - to a point where you'll come to believe that "this person must be blind, deaf and dumb."    As well, you will wonder, "how can anyone be that stupid?" and "how in the world did he get to be in the position that he is now in?" 
Moreover, he doesn't really give a damn about the Cause or how you intend to collaborate with him.  His only Cause is the advancement of his own personal agenda.  If that means, taking you out for a ride and screw you over, then so be it.
His primary attraction to your organization:   Any groundbreaking or innovative endeavor wherein there is no barrier to entry and where he believes (that he can lead you to believe) that he has a significant amount of leverage that he can exercise in order to ensure a successful outcome.   He may also feel (that he can lead you to believe) that he holds one of the most significant keys to its success - that ace in the hole.   At which point he begins to dazzle you with a display of fireworks and smoke and mirrors  (i.e., he makes known all the beautiful and exciting things that he has to offer and that you desperately need from him - and all you have to do is to follow his instructions).
Most Washed-Up Corporate Executives (who have throughout their long career left a long trail of shit behind them and burned too many bridges in the corporate world) as well as many narrow-minded and moronic investors of all stripes and persuasions (Angel, Venture Capital, Investment  Banking, Institutional) fall into this "immovable" category of parasitic collaborators.       
Invasive.   The Invasive Parasitic Collaborator is a wolf in sheep clothing who is very shrewd; has his own agenda; tends to operate in Stealth mode; and is nothing but a Silent Enemy Within.  He is perfectly aware of what your organization is all about and how he stands to hugely benefit from the opportunities that you are making available to him.  The only problem is that,  he wants everything all to himself and his partners in crime,  and the best way to go about that is to first gain your confidence and try to gather as much confidential information as possible for either his own personal use or for sharing with his cohorts and others who are willing to make a deal.    
Once that is accomplished, he will then go about and use the "divide and conquer" strategy in order to sabotage your operation  and inflict maximum damage throughout  your entire organization.  Amidst the resulting turmoil, he will then make a quick dash to the nearest exit.
For example, throughout the ages, many leading and illustrious scientists, innovators and pioneers from around the globe, including the much revered Nikola Tesla,  have succumbed to these invasive parasitic collaborators.    The evidence is in the 10's of thousand of grievances, complaints and lawsuits worldwide which are initiated every year with respect to theft or infringement of intellectual property.
Their primary attraction to your organization:   Any groundbreaking or innovative endeavor wherein there is no barrier to entry and where security is nearly nonexistent and the inventor is naive and lax.     Spies (infiltrators from corporate, governments and other criminal organizations) are well-versed in these tactics and strategies. 
Now that you know the modus operandi of all Parasitic Collaborators and their motivation, you can easily weed them out or repel them by putting in place such a high barrier to entry that they will simply walk away from you and your organization in order to go find better fish to fry since their parasitic nature causes them to only want to feed on others (instead of giving).

Bottom line:  Parasitic Collaborators don't need any inspiration or persuasion for the simple reason that  they can spot an excellent opportunity the way vultures can spot a carcass from a distance of 30,000 feet up in the air.  Instead of  trying to inspire them, you need to do just the opposite in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of their spidery web.  (Do everything that you can in order to discourage them from coming close to you.) 

Executive Leadership Team.   When it comes to an executive leadership team, there are five (5) main categories of Leaders: 1) Typical, 2) Strategist, 3) Visionary, 4) Evolutionary,  5) Principled Geopolitical

Typical Leader.   This individual is more or less adept at the concept and intricacies of governance in his respective field or industry.  He clearly understands the importance of his role: to ensure the stability and continuity of the current regime (or established order) and to help maintain the Status Quo.   His primary focus is on "Performance" and  meeting Analyst, Shareholder and all other Stakeholder expectations.   

Bottom line:  He does not give a damn about any Cause, regardless of any assertions to the contrary; and takes a mercenary approach in terms of who to offer his services to:  Offer Excellent  Compensation Package, Will Come on Board.

Strategist Leader.    This individual is a master at coming up with strategies that will allow your organization to put all the pieces together in a very coherent way in order to achieve organizational objectives.   In terms of attributes, skills, duties and responsibilities, there is only one unique attribute which separates him from the Typical Leader:   He is the quintessential See the Big Picture, Problem  Solver person.   He is the leader that you bring on board when the Typical Leader fumbles. 

Bottom line:   That means, he also does not give a damn about any Cause, regardless of any assertions to the contrary;  and also subscribes to the "Offer Excellent Compensation Package,  Will Come on Board" philosophy.   Nothing wrong with that. 

Visionary Leader.    This individual is not only a Strategist but also has a (positive) vision of the future which requires him to Challenge the Status Quo and disrupt the established world order.  Unlike his aforementioned colleagues, his primary focus is on the "realization of the organization's vision" instead of financial performance and trying to meet Analyst, Shareholder and other  Stakeholder expectations. 

As such, his strategy includes practical, effective and tamper-proof ways to insulate his organization from the formidable pressure and demands of analysts, shareholders and all other stakeholders concerned about financial performance and expectations.

Bottom line:  That means he does give a damn about the Cause, thus is very selective about which organization he'll join in order to offer his services.   He also applies that same criteria when it comes to evaluating shareholders, stakeholders and partner organizations.

Evolutionary Leader.    This individual is a member of a very rare breed of leaders;  has a positive vision of  Conscious Evolution (an evolution of the Mind, Body and Spirit);  and believes that the ability to tap into or shift to a higher level of consciousness can result in a profound transformation of humans (and society) around the globe.

His primary focus is on the "realization of this vision" instead of financial  performance and trying to meet Analyst,  Shareholder  and other Stakeholder expectations.

Due to the cultish nature of their message and followers, and the lack of an urgent need or interest for such leaders on the part of the global population, their numbers are so minuscule and their impact on Conscious Evolution of the human race is so negligible that, collectively,  they barely register on the social scale.   As well, their activities are primarily confined to authoring, publishing and book sales;  lecturing, keynote speaking and panel discussions at local and global events;   and private group workshops and one-on-one personal development sessions. 
Bottom line:   It goes without saying that such person does indeed care about the Cause (of Conscious Evolution).   However, this leader is ill-suited for the rough-and-tumble, doggy-dog world of business (which has no connection to conscious evolution), academia, government and politics.  The reason being, you cannot reside in both heaven and hell at the same time;  you have to choose when you get to that fork on the road. 

For example, ask a good number of them what they think about "religion, democracy, elections, candidates, political parties, defense, military, national borders, government, travel restrictions, immigration,  labor laws, monetary system, justice system, law and order, leadership, etc.," you will notice very little evolution in (present day) consciousness.

Principled Geopolitical Leader.    This individual is a member of the rarest breed of leaders which  has ever existed in the entire history of mankind; is one of the world's foremost advocates for "Principled Leadership"and "Principled Geopolitical Leadership" based on the teachings of the  Virtual Organization Management discipline and the 271-page treatise "A Global Need for  Principled Geopolitical Leaders."   

He is part of the most exclusive fraternity of executives whose primary agenda is to advance mankind's  Ultimate Cause: Human Evolution.   He eschews all activities and endeavors which are inconsistent with the cause of Human Evolution and which can only serve to perpetuate the agenda of our fellow primitive, barbaric and savage humans.   He firmly believes that all activities and  human discourse whose realization and focus, respectively, are either dependent or based on  financial performance and trying to meet Analyst,  Shareholder  and other Stakeholder expectations are a debasement of the human spirit and intelligence  and one of the worst abominations in the entire history of mankind.   (Don't try to  understand what I mean by that because I don't really expect you to.)
It's really a children's game that should be called "Watch Baby Joe Square the Circle." 
The Principled Geopolitical Leader clearly understands that Conscious Evolution is not a panacea for all the ills of the world;  and that only Human Evolution can address the cause of mankind's  Intellectual Stagnation and Retardation,   thus allowing humans to become Intelligent Beings.  

Therefore, he  believes that it's not mankind's Consciousness which needs to evolve;  rather it is Humans themselves who need to evolve.  And the only way that can ever happen, is to begin the practical and Herculean process of freeing humans from the real, actual and physical shackles of  human slavery by charting an alternate course which will lead to the birth of a new civilization in accordance with the treatise "All Roads Lead to Damascus:: Where All Dreams of a Better World Meet a Fateful End.  

Bottom Line:   Ideally, you should only staff  your Executive Leadership Team with executives who share the attributes of a Visionary Leader or Principled Geopolitical Leader ::  or,  at a minimum,  those who share the attributes of a Strategist Leader.     Anything less means that you have put in place the seeds of your company's failure or destruction.   

Where You Can Find Strategist Leaders, Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders 
Start with your list  of Commensalistic and Mutualistic Collaborators.   As to where and how you will be able to identify and recruit such executives for your Executive Leadership Team, the best place to start is from your list of Commensalistic and Mutualistic  Collaborators, excluding myself.   Thus the reason why you should place a great deal of emphasis :: better yet, make a Herculean effort :: on identifying these Collaborators during the formative stage(s) of your organization.

Such list may be a good source for Visionary Leaders since these collaborators have already demonstrated to you in both words and deeds their belief in your Cause.

Then move on to leading Executive Search Firms.    Executive Search Firms are an excellent source for Strategist Leaders (executives who don't really care about your Cause, however, are masters at the successful implementation of organizational objectives).    You shouldn't have any problems at all finding them through your typical Executive Search Firms listed on Forbes Top 250 Executive Search Firms.

With respect to Visionary Leaders,  once you have exhausted your list of Commensalistic and Mutualistic  Collaborators,  your chances of finding them through your typical Executive Search Firm are almost nil to none.  The reason being, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Why is that?   For starters, they are such a rare breed that it's highly likely that they already have a Cause that they are deeply committed to;  they do have their own vision of the future;  and are now hard at work trying to realize it through their own organization or in collaboration with others of like mind.

That means, they are not out there sitting on their thumb waiting for you to come in and sell them on your Cause and vision.    That is, of course, unless there is a great deal of similarity and synergy between their Cause and yours.    At which point, depending on what you bring to the table, it may make a great deal of sense to either Collaborate with your organization or outright join you. 

However, that being said, that doesn't mean that this visionary is anywhere close to considering to join your organization.   The similarity and synergy only gives you an opportunity to begin to make a case for joining your organization.  In most cases, in terms of  how to achieve organizational objectives, the philosophical differences between the two Causes may be so deep that they are irreconcilable. 

For example, I may consider bringing on board a visionary whose Cause is Conscious Evolution since the Human Evolution Cause that I advocate is, in many respects, similar to that visionary's cause.  However, when it comes to the implementation of our objectives, I am a firm believer in taking a "Principled Geopolitical Leadership" stand. 

That means no bullshit, no half-measures, no compromises, no split-the-baby formulas, no willingness to look the other way or stay silent in order to ally myself with anyone or any organization whose activities involve economic exploitation and condoning or inflicting pain, misery, death and destruction on the weak and defenseless,  no teaming up with anyone whose practices are inconsistent with the Cause of Human Evolution -  regardless of what's at stake or whether it's the practical, smart and pragmatic thing to do; or as Cowards and Unprincipled Leaders are fond of saying, "you can't make the perfect the enemy of the good"  or  "a half-full glass of water is better than none."

The problem with this "settle for a half-full glass of water" mentality is that, once a bully and scumbag becomes aware of your philosophy,  he takes that as an open invitation for him to come to your house and demand that you give him the entire glass of water - without having to pay a dear price for such insolence and brazenness. 

The way he looks at it is like this:  the only way you'll allow him to step on your property, barge through your front door,  and allow him to demand and get half of your glass of water, is only if you are a spineless, gutless, and despicable coward.  And if you won't fight for a full glass of water, then what makes him think that you will miraculously grow a backbone and fight for half a glass of water.   
To digress a bit, thus the reason why I am always "a cheval sur les principes"  and why I have incorporated in the curriculum of the "virtual organization management discipline" at VOMI  a practicum and dissertation  on the 271-page treatise "A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders" :: in order for our 2-year program participants to obtain any of the following designations:  Chief Virtual Organization Architect (CVOA),  Master Virtual Organization Management Trainer (MVOMT), Master Virtual Organization Recruitment Trainer (MVORT).    (These are  designed for independent students - 18 to 26 years old - and not for professionals and corporate executives.)          
Therefore, I would have to evaluate such visionary on the basis of their track record instead of their miraculous conversion to the cause of Human Evolution  or  their promise and willingness to grow a backbone overnight. 

It also works both ways.  As well, such visionary would also have to evaluate me on the basis of my philosophical track record instead of accepting at face value that I am now a very reasonable and pragmatic person and that we're going to get along just fine and dandy - really, really well, like two peas in a pod.

Alright, I am now going to assume one of the following:  1) Finding a Visionary Leader to bring on board is turning out to be a much bigger challenge than you expected and you are now ready to take the next step.  2)  Or, you've decided to spare yourself the pain and agony of dealing with Executive Search firms whose consultants will swear on a stack of  Bibles, regardless of their religion, that they are overflowing with Visionary Leader candidates with triple vision.  3)  Or, you've been around the block a few times and know exactly what I am talking about, thus ready to proceed to the next step.

On to a Search Firm for Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders.   There is a huge difference between looking for executives who call themselves "Visionary Leader" on their executive profile versus  identifying executives who are indeed a "Visionary Leader."

On the other hand, to illustrate to you how rare it is to identify a Principled Geopolitical Leader,  I can almost give you a 1000% guarantee that it is highly likely that you may never come across any executive during your entire lifetime who will even dare to lay claim to the title of  Principled Geopolitical Leader. 

Why is that?   For one, it's not an expression that they have ever heard.   Second,  even if perchance  a small number of executives had heard of it,  they wouldn't have had a clue about its meaning unless they were at one time exposed to the 271-page treatise "A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders."   Therefore, that should give you an idea of how rare it is to identify such executive and why it is imperative that you make every humanly possible effort to bring on board such executives. 

The bottom line is this:   There is only one search firm in the world which specializes in the identification and recruitment of both Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders.

If you believe this might be a slight exaggeration, try out this little exercise:  Contact any Executive Search firm on the Global Top 10 list and tell them that you are looking to staff your Executive Leadership Team with "Principled Geopolitical Leaders" :: and prepare yourself  to be amused at their bewilderment. 

I guarantee you they will ask you to repeat what you just said and will ask you to clarify what you meant by that.  Many of these search consultants will tell you that, as a matter of course, all their candidates are "principled" leaders and that they would never even imagine referring any candidate to you who did not meet that basic requirement, etc. (you can stop laughing!).     

Now that I have covered in great length why it is so critical that the people who surround you are aligned to your Cause, it's now time to go over your digital currency adoption strategy.

Now We Can Talk About Your Digital Currency Adoption Strategy

When fashioning your digital currency adoption strategy, it is imperative that you understand something:   Whoever Controls the Narrative, Controls the Agenda; and Whoever Controls the Agenda, Controls the World. 
For those of you who are either too young;   too indoctrinated (or zombified);    too naive;  or just downright indifferent and very disconnected from everything that is happening around you in order to understand what I've just said,  the answer is just a few paragraphs away.    
Create Your Own Narrative

Therefore, you need to Control the Narrative from the very start instead of adopting the narrative of the Guardians of the Status Quo and powers-that-be which is used to indoctrinate you and keep you in a state of servitude (zombie state).

Obviously, we  are going to do that through the power of language in just about every internal and external communication at every single touchpoint of the digital currency adoption cycle.   However, that being said, the question is:  How are you going to use the power of language?

The answer is simple:  We start the process by telling The Story About Your Digital Currency to yourself and to each Constituency that your currency appeals to:  Sympathizers, Supporters, Collaborators, Executive Leadership Team and Every Single Segment of Your Target Market.

The Story About Your Digital Currency

I know you are probably wondering why you  need to tell yourself the story about a digital currency that you yourself have created.   Although it may not make much sense this very second, but pretty soon it will.   It all has to do with the power of language.  It's because the language that you use to tell that story about your digital currency is the one that will help you to come up with the language that you need to use to Create Your Own Narrative.   The words that you eventually choose to adopt in the creation of this narrative are the ones that will eventually be told across the globe at every single touchpoint of your digital currency adoption journey.  Thus the reason why you need to choose them wisely.

The following tips will help you to tell this story:

1.   Go Straight for the Jugular.   Nobody wants to be bored with your life story, your ideology, or what cause you represent.  For the most part, people are primarily interested in solutions that address problems that they are now facing or may soon face.   If the solutions that you provide are in line with their ideology or the cause they represent, they will know it instinctively and immediately begin to spread the message (without you telling anyone that you are a Freedom and Liberty advocate, Libertarian, Socialist, Fascist, Nazi, Zionist, Ultra Zionist, Evangelical Christian Zionist, Laissez-Faire Economist, Human Evolution Revolutionary, Conscious Evolution Mystic, etc.). 

For example, continuing with the CloudCoin analogy, when I first came across this digital currency, the very first thing that came to my mind was: "This currency solves the financial terrorism and invasion of privacy that governments around the world subject their citizens to.  It's just too good to be true."  Since I am probably the world's most ardent advocate for Human Evolution, a lifetime cause, and Human Evolution is tightly integrated within the Virtual Organization Management discipline I founded in 1997, I was sold immediately on the value of CloudCoin.  It is a solution to a problem that every single human being around the globe faces.  And it perfectly aligns with the Human Evolution cause that I represent.

Of course, after checking into it and finding out about its inventor, I then realized that Sean H. Worthington is a self-professed Libertarian.   As you can see, the solution itself is what won me over and not Sean Worthington's ideology or life story. 

Therefore, as you write your digital currency adoption story, keep in mind that the first thing everybody wants to know is, "What immediate problem(s) with today's currencies (all over the world) does your currency solve?" and "What else do I need to know?"

Please note that the response to these two questions will vary based on the person or organization or institution or government that you are talking to.   Therefore, it's not a One-Size-Fits-All answer.

That means, if your digital currency addresses a number of pain points for five (5) different constituencies, then you need to Write a Story About Your Digital Currency for every single constituency.     Thus, you will have to write 5 different stories about your digital currency (to yourself) - and to each constituency.

If you are a lazy ass and do not have the patience, intellectual maturity and fortitude to go through this exercise; or just do not have the skills to write these stories;  and prefer to use the shotgun approach that just about everybody uses (white paper, YouTube videos, email promotion;  social media campaigns via Telegram, Twitter, Discord (the very best),  Facebook, Google+;  social media appearances, mainstream media appearances,  cryptocurrency and blockchain events, etc.)  then you can stop reading now.   Otherwise, read on because the best is yet to come.

Example #1.  Write a Story About Your Digital Currency to Big Pension Funds.

For example, continuing with the CloudCoin analogy,  CloudCoin addresses several pain points for one major constituency:  Big Pension Funds (from around the globe).   After doing your due diligence on problems faced by pension funds worldwide,  Write a Story About CloudCoin that is exclusively tailored to Big Pension Funds around the world.  (Keep the Libertarian aspect out of it.  These individuals are stone cold conservatives and have no stomach at all for anything that would draw the ire of the Totalitarian State.)

After reading that story, if you were a Big Pension Fund decision-maker, ask yourself the following questions:  what words turned you on; what words turned you off; what words caused you to pause;  what words raised a question mark in your mind;  what words didn't you quite understand and the reasons why (even though you are the one who wrote them);  what words had regulatory implications;  what words were just hype, smoke and mirrors, or pure bullshit, if any?

Now pass that same story to 3 or 4 people, and ask them to read and comment on it truthfully without any fear of repercussions (without asking them the questions you had for yourself).

Now pass that same story to 3 or 4 more people, however, this time around, ask them the same questions that you had for yourself.

As a matter of fact, ideally speaking, it would be superb if you could share a draft of your story to about 3-4 Executive Management members of  various pension funds;  3-4 Pension Fund Advisors; and 3-4 Pension Fund Analysts and Columnists for their feedback.  (Be humble, tell them you need their help in fashioning a document that will eventually be distributed to pension funds around the world.)   Thanks to Google, their names are available online and Linkedin is a treasure trove for  obtaining their contact information.

After taking into consideration all the feedback you received from yourself and those who reviewed the story,  you can now go ahead and write the Final Unabridged Version.  However, that being said, stay put for now because there is a Final Condensed Version coming up that is designed to include the Perfect Narrative for the Big Pension Funds.   You'll understand why a bit later once you have learned what your Narrative should be.        
Example #2Write a Story About Your Digital Currency to "Constituency B, C, D, etc."

Ditto the same procedures outlined at Example #1.

2.   Words You Need to Remove From Your Vocabulary.    Since this paper is strictly about Digital Currencies (Cloud Currencies and Crypto Currencies),   then you need to remove all references to, or refrain from using, the following words:  tokens, utility tokens, coins, investment, investors, accredited investors, coin sales, buy coins, coin purchase, coin trading, KYC,  AML, securitiesSEC,  SEC regulations, coin value, return on investment,  return on CloudCoin investment, profit on coin sales, paying consultants with coins, paying staff with coins,  paying employees with coins, miners, transaction fees, coin purchase date, coin sale date, collector coins, centralized exchanges, whitelist, whitelisting. 

Why not?  That's because every single one of these words establishes some sort of nexus with existing narratives that have been painstakingly crafted by the powers-that-be over the years in order to keep you from wandering around or spinning outside of their orbit.     These words represent either prima facie evidence of the purchase or ownership of some sort of asset or investment securities whose disposition or exchange will trigger, at the very least, depending on the holding period,  a profit (or loss) which is automatically subject to taxation on ordinary income or capital gain by the relevant federal, state or local taxing authorities in your jurisdiction; or they establish some sort of  employer-employee or independent contractor relationship subject to the relevant local, state and federal labor laws and filing requirements, including employer payroll tax withholding and liabilities.

In other words, like a moth drawn to a flame, you're playing into a well-established narrative with its own set of rules.  What this means is that, with respect to any innovation which does not necessarily fit the current narrative, those who control the narrative and set the agenda will always look at the similarity of the language that you use and the mechanics of how your innovation is structured in order to obtain guidance on whether or not existing laws apply.   In which case, the powers-that-be will always err on the side of caution and, in the absence of any solid evidence to the contrary, will maintain that existing laws DO APPLY.

Hence the reason why the entire blockchain technology community has been cowered into adopting the narrative of  the powers-that-be (the current established order) by going out of their way to structure their Pre-Sale, ICO and all other offerings within the existing regulatory frameworks in place for investment securities and KYC/AML transactions in various jurisdictions throughout the world.

Thus the reason why you need to create your own narrative and avoid using the terms that the powers-that-be will use to gleefully and cynically ensnare you in their web.  As you well know, once you are stuck in that spider web, there is no possibility of either escape or being able to retrace your steps back to safety,   the spider will drain the life out of you.     

3.  Words You Need to Include In Your Vocabulary.  Since we are talking strictly about digital currencies, then be clear and concise as to the purpose of your currency.   What anyone decides to do with the currency is beyond your control.  For example, if you are a maker of cutlery, just tell people what your cutlery is good for:  They are eating utensils.   That's all! 

There is no need to say to anyone that they can also use the steak knife to stab their boyfriend or husband in the heart for cheating on them.  There is no need to tell anyone that they can resell the cutlery in Chinatown and make a good profit.   There is no need to say to anyone that they can hold on to the cutlery and keep it in sterling condition because it will one day become a collector's item that could fetch a very tidy sum and nice profit on their original investment.

The point being, what people decide to do with the cutlery is their business - not yours.

Now that I have made my point and doubled down on it, what are the words that you want to use to describe your cloud or crypto currency?

Since I am very familiar with CloudCoin's features and capabilities, the world's only cloud currency, here are the words that you need to include in your vocabulary to describe CloudCoin:
  • Digital Currency:  It's just a digital currency.  
No different than holding a Dollar bill, a 50 Cent  coin, a Quarter, a Dime, a Nickel or a Penny in your hand, except that you are holding a digital version of  it.   That is all!
  • What It Looks Like:  It's just a file.  
No different than any other file that you have on your computer. 
  • Just Like Regular CurrencyThere is a 1 CloudCoin bill (file);  a 5 CloudCoin bill (file);  a 25 CloudCoin bill (file);   a 100 CloudCoin bill (file);  and a 250 CloudCoin bill (file).   
No different than holding in your hands a 1 Dollar bill,   a 5 Dollar bill, a 20 Dollar bill, or a 100 Dollar bill.  That is all! 
  • Just Like Having Cents Too:   When CloudCoin becomes very popular all over the world, there may also be a number of different CloudCoin Cents to enable people to pay for extremely small transactions (e.g., a bubble gum, cup of coffee, etc.).   Thus, I propose the following:  a CloudCoin Cent™,  a CloudCoin MilliCent™,  and a CloudCoin MicroCent™. (Trademark reserved for CloudCoin.)    
For branding (and other) purposes,  it is critical that each denomination is preceded by the word "CloudCoin" as illustrated above.   With respect to other digital currencies, it should be the "digital currency unit" (e.g., Monero Cent, Monero MilliCent, Monero MicroCent).
No different than having  (in US currency)  a Penny (1 Cent) ::  Nickel (5 Cents) ::  Dime (10 Cents) :: Quarter (25 Cents) ::  Half-Dollar (50 Cents) :: and 1 Dollar bill (100 Cents)    
In this case, 1 CloundCoin bill (file) will also equal 100 CloudCoin Cents  ::  or   1000  (One Thousand) CloudCoin MilliCents :: or 1,000,000 (One Million) CloudCoin MicroCents.
However,  since CloudCoin is meant to be a Global Reserve Digital Currency as well as a widely used digital currency for more than 7 billion people on our planet,  then I highly recommend that these digital currency denominations be introduced immediately, without delay.    CloudCoin will become popular because the CloudCoin Team will make it happen and not if it happens by chance or due to some twist of fate.   Therefore, why wait to introduce the other denominations? They should also be part of today's narrative.    After all, Creating Your Own Narrative means that You Are Creating the Future instead of waiting for the future.     
  • Gives You the Power of Cash Without Holding Physical Cash:  Let's face it, it's no big secret that Totalitarian States and Tyrannical Governments all over the world hate CASH for the simple reason that once you have it in your hands, they are literally powerless to track your activities and control you like a dog on a leash.   
Therefore, they use the phony, bogus and laughable excuse that cash is primarily a tool used by criminals; oligarchs who want to avoid  full reporting of their income;  oligarchs moving money in and out of the country (i.e., capital flight);   tax evaders, tax cheats, drug dealers, terrorists, financiers of terrorist organizations, mobsters, thieves, crooks, and money launderers; therefore,  they have no choice but to control it and severely restrict its use by criminalizing your transport  OR deposit  OR withdrawal  OR use of Cash in excess of a certain amount (USD $10,000 or Euro 10,000 etc.)  without prior notification to the government - all for your own good and in order to protect you and society from these evil people.   (Stop laughing so hard!)  
What they failed to tell you is that since the first income tax was introduced in the United States in 1861 all the way to the passage of the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970,  CASH - not checks or credit cards or electronic cash - was the primary form of currency used by the American people, yet the US government had no problem with generating its revenues from both individuals and businesses.   And that,  throughout all of recorded history, the world has always had its share of criminals, oligarchs engaged in capital import and flight, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, terrorists, financiers of terrorist organizations, mobsters, thieves, crooks, and money launderers - yet there was never a need to ban or restrict the use of Cash.  
In other words, other than the fact that today's technology makes it possible for a bunch of gangsters  to have absolute control of  an entire population while they are busy roving and roaming around in marble halls under the facade of government, acting under  color of law -  nothing has really changed.  As the old saying goes, "absolute power corrupts absolutely."   
Of course, since they already knew that people are like sheep and we are accustomed to being treated like a bunch of retards, imbeciles, fools, idiots,  domesticated animals and little children,  they correctly assumed that the minute that they passed a law, people would automatically comply out of fear of what their government might do to them.  (I don't know about you but, at a minimum, this seems like coercion, extortion, and just raw gangsterism.)                     
  • Where You Can Keep Your CloudCoins:   Just use your imagination, the sky is the limit!  Remember, it's just a bunch of files sitting on your computer or on the internet in various denominations:  1 CloudCoin bill file(s); 5 CloudCoin bill file(s); 25 CloudCoin bill file(s); 100 CloudCoin bill file(s); and 250 CloudCoin bill file(s).    
You don't have to keep them all in one place.  You can encrypt these files and store them  on an old computer that is never connected to the internet :: on an encrypted USB flash drive :: in your safe deposit box ::  in a vault :: in one or more encrypted email accounts that you never use ::  and, literally, millions of places anywhere on this planet.   You can also backup these files and then create backups of the backup files.
No different than a billionaire stashing bales of cash at 30 different locations throughout the world for liquidity reasons in the event of  some Armageddon-type apocalypse :: or stashing a bunch of gold bars in 30 different locations.  However, there is one exception:  there is no one and no government  anywhere on planet Earth  which can gain access to and steal your CloudCoins.            
  • Cannot Be Stolen.   Your CloudCoin is 100% Theft-Proof.   There is no central place on the internet to gain access to your CloudCoin files.  You are the only person who has them.  And since you literally have millions of places anywhere in the world where you can store these files,  a thief would have to know the exact location of hundreds of different places (both online and off-grid) in order to steal them.   
You can send a flash drive that contains only a few CloudCoin files to a distant cousin living in some little remote village in Croatia to hold for you.   You can send it through the regular post office in a regular envelope to some distant relative in some little remote and primitive village in Africa or Asia which is full of headhunters and cannibals; and which has no paved roads, cars, electricity or computers.    
Even if it were possible to steal them,   a safety mechanism in the currency would allow you to retrieve every single stolen CloudCoin.
No different than having to know the combination of 10,000 locks before a thief can open a vault.   
  • Cannot Be Hacked Into.  Your CloudCoin is Hack-Proof for the same reason that it cannot be stolen.  
No different than having a whole army of Cyber Security Experts watching over your computer network making sure that no one can penetrate your system.
  • Cannot Be Counterfeited.    CloudCoin uses a 100% Counterfeit-Proof  Technology called RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) that makes it impossible for anyone anywhere in the world to make copies of your CloudCoins and spend them. 
No different than having a huge laboratory full of  scientists in white robes scanning every single CloudCoin in order to make sure that it is not a counterfeit.
  • 100% Attack-Proof from Any Future Technologies.    The technology behind CloudCoin guarantees that it will never become the victim of any sort of attack based on any future technologies such as Quantum, Plasma, etc.  
No different than putting an invisible and impenetrable force field  around you that can withstand any kind of attack, even the most powerful nuclear blast.
  • 100% Privacy.    There is no server or central location or registry that keeps track of how you use your CloudCoins.   What you buy, when you bought it, and how much it costs is your business and no one else's.   The inventor of CloudCoin assumes that we are living in The Free World instead of a STASI or Orwellian Totalitarian State.          
No different than going on a European Cruise vacation,  stopping off in London,  England to do some shopping and sightseeing.  You walk into a shop, purchase a scarf,  pay with a 50 pound sterling bank note and put the change in your pocket;  and then take your receipt along with your scarf, say good-bye and walk out the door.     
Now Just Imagine How Aghast You Would Be, and the insult and invasion of privacy that you would feel  if the cashier, instead of giving you a receipt for your purchase,  had asked you to fill out a form to document the transaction and to prove your identity before you could purchase that scarf due some KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws that the government has in place in order to catch fraudsters, hardcore criminals, drug dealers, money launderers and terrorists.    
What is the very first thing that would come to your mind?  I am positive that any human being with an ounce of intelligence and common sense would think, at the very least, if not, outright say to the cashier,  "Either you must think I was born yesterday, or you must somehow believe that I am a born idiot. This is nothing but bullshit and you can keep the damn scarf,"  and then walk out the door.
Well, if you stop to think about it, there is absolutely no difference between the foregoing scenario and the inbred fear of the Totalitarian State that 99% of these blockchain technology companies out there exhibit in their zeal to comply with this KYC/AML obscenity.    
They are deathly afraid that this Totalitarian State Monstrosity could, at any point in time, under color of law,  use its heavy hand in order to crush and reduce to rubble everything that they would have built; and that their blind compliance to this KYC/AML  obscenity is one sure way to immunize themselves against such  possibility.
In fact, KYC/AML has absolutely nothing to do with fraudsters, hardcore criminals,  drug dealers, money launderers and terrorists.  This is all about Total Spectrum  Dominance and Absolute Control of the global population by the powers-that-be (i.e., financial terrorism).  Thus, it should be appropriately renamed: TSD/AC requirements.  Therefore, next time someone tells you they need certain information from you in order to comply with their government's KYC/AML requirements, just tell them to be honest about it and that they are really trying to comply with their government's TSD/AC requirements.   
One More Time.  Now Imagine What Would Happen  if every single person who received an invitation to participate in an ICO did the exact same thing that you did in the previous scenario (say "This is nothing but bullshit," and then get off that blockchain technology company's website...).   That's exactly what I do for one simple reason:  I refuse to willingly participate in my own enslavement.   
Now my question to you is this:  How long do you think it would take for every single blockchain technology company out there conducting an ICO to begin to refuse to put that KYC/AML obscenity on their website?  Quick Hint:  Money talks!    
Once they realize that their potential clients are not "born idiots" and will refuse to participate in their own enslavement, then and only then will they be able to stand up in unison and say: 
"We refuse to be cowered and brutalized by an Orwellian Totalitarian State.  This requirement is an obscenity.  We side with our clients and  three (3) former Justices of  the United States Supreme Court.  We are willing to take our chances.  If need be, we are willing to challenge this obscenity all the way to the Supreme Court (or the highest court of the land in your country, assuming, of course, that they haven't been compromised and reduced to being only puppets and figureheads)." 
  • Easy to Spend.    For Big Ticket Items, Average Ticket Items,  and Micro Transactions (in the near or distant future, subject to demand).   
For Big Ticket Items, all you have to do is purchase what you need online and upload your CloudCoin payment directly from the encrypted order form.  Upon receipt of the order and the validation of the authenticity of your CloudCoins (which takes a few seconds)  your order will be processed.   With respect to applications which require approval prior to billing,  you will receive an invoice for payment upon approval.  That's all!
For example, VOMI and partners now accept CloudCoin for ALL services offered.  See :: It Was Only A Matter of Time:  We Now Accept ALL Digital and Crypto Currencies  :: (You can read the article later.)
For Average Ticket Items, ditto the process for big ticket items.  The only caveat is that you need to be extremely careful that you haven't landed on a honey trap site (i.e., a fake retail site).   It only takes a few minutes to do a quick Google check to make sure that it's a legit business you are dealing with.    
If a site deliberately conceals all phone, email contact, and mailing address information and no information about any of the principals of the company which can be cross-referenced to Linkedin or any other social network or social media venue, (I've come across thousands of them over the years),  then your antennas should go up immediately. 
Although you may have recourse in the event someone tries to swindle you out of your CloudCoins on the internet, nonetheless, an ounce of prevention is worth (more than) a pound of cure.
No different than the sort of due diligence you conduct for every online retail store you frequent that you are not familiar with or which looks very fishy.   
For Walk-In Transactions at any retail outlet which accepts CloudCoin,  just purchase what you need and pay the merchant instantly from your Android device (not currently available from iOS devices).    Upon receipt of your CloudCoins and the validation of their authenticity by the merchant (which takes a few seconds),  your purchase is complete and you just walk out the door.  
In the future, with the proliferation of Decentralized Apps on the blockchain as well as other Decentralized Initiatives (DADI, DWeb, etc.),  theoretically speaking, it should not matter whether you are using an iOS or Android device to make your CloudCoin payment. 
For Micro Transactions Online (in the near or distant future, subject to demand) or at Walk-In Locations, the CloudCoin team hopes to make these transactions occur in an  automatic and seamless fashion.      This feature should be implemented immediately, without delay.  I have already outlined why in a previous commentary.  
No different than walking into a store and using your pocket change to make your purchase, obtain a receipt and then walk out the door. 
Moreover, regardless of what type of transaction it involves, you can always make a payment to a merchant via plain email.   That is as simple as it gets!
  • 100% Immune to Any Cryptocurrency Extinction-Level Event.    First let's define a cryptocurrency extinction-level event:   That's when global market forces (either through social, economic, political, military, force majeure, purposely engineered false flag operations, market manipulation by large holders of cryptocurrencies,  and any number of cataclysmic or seismic events) create a condition whereby the price and value of all cryptocurrencies get instantly obliterated across the board and become either nigh or totally worthless.
In which case, CloudCoin is 100% immune from the possibility of such occurrence.  "Pierre, how can you back such a far-out claim?" you might ask.   Easy!  
For the simple reason that CloudCoin, although a digital currency,  is not a cryptocurrency and its technology has nothing at all to do with blockchain technology.  It's a pure digital currency just like any other fiat currency (but a million times more valuable).   
It does not depend on Centralized or Decentralized Crypto Exchanges at all  which makes it immune from any sort of price manipulation (will cover that in more details in subsequent CloudCoin attributes).   That means, while the price of every single cryptocurrency  could be getting hammered and going down across the board,  CloudCoin's value and price will have no choice but to remain steady or go in the opposite direction - an upward trajectory. 
However, that being said, there is nothing wrong with having it listed on any of these exchanges - although from a personal, strategic and tactical  standpoint,  all, if not most CloudCoin owners, should maintain physical custody of their CloudCoin.  (No, I am not tripping on acid or Ambien.  I know that sounds nuts, however, the reason for that is so simple that only the most simple mind will be able to understand it.)   
Moving on, it does not rely on any Distributed Ledger Technology, any Bitcoin blockchain technology platform,  any Ethereum blockchain technology platform,  or any other current or future blockchain technology platform.   All it needs is the Internet, thus the reason why it is called a Cloud Currency.  
NO Wallets.   No Accounts.   No Private Key.   No Public Key.  No Password.  (I know it's hard to believe or comprehend - good thing I am not being paid to write this, otherwise I'd be in serious trouble making such claim). 
No miners.   No Proof of Work.   No Proof-of-Stake.   No Off-Chain Transaction.  No Lightning Network.  No Raiden Network.   No crypto mining rigs.   No crypto mining software.   No expensive crypto mining graphic processing unit (GPU).   No crypto mining browser.   No expensive crypto mining ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) machines.  No crypto mining data centers.  No crypto mining citiesNo crypto  mining electricity bills that can power a small country.  No transaction speed issues - can theoretically operate at over 8 million transactions per second::  whereas Bitcoin does 7 transactions per second and Ethereum has a hard cap of 15 transactions per second.  
The only thing that CloudCoin is not immune to is a "Human Civilization Extinction-Level Event," in which case, 99.99% of humanity would cease to exist and the remaining survivors would all go back to living in the Stone Age.  A world without electricity, internet, cars, etc.
  • 100% Immune to Hacked Exchanges.    How often do you hear that exchanges are being hacked left and right?   What about the hacking incidents that are kept quiet?   Well, CloudCoin does not have to worry about that for the simple reason that none of your CloudCoins reside on any exchange or wallet.  However, that being said, you do have the option to upload your CloudCoin to Bitshares, in which case, this 100% hacking immunity may be questionable.  Otherwise YOU get to control where to store your CloudCoins.   It can be in an unlimited number of places  anywhere online or off-grid.  (I know I am being redundant but it doesn't hurt to repeat it).  
  • 100% Immune to Control and Power of Both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.  Were you to ask any digital currency issuer  or user how much of their current or future success depends on being listed on one or more Centralized Exchanges, I can guarantee you this very second that the following answer would be unanimous:  A great deal.     
Why?  It's the path of least resistance for global digital currency exposure, acceptance and trading for fiat currency.   The key word here is "fiat currency."   That means, most people don't really give a damn about these digital currencies themselves, it's their value in fiat currency that they are interested in.  Thus the reason why these Centralized Exchanges have such an extraordinary hold on all these blockchain technology entities out there (including all digital currency companies).
But if it were just about exposure, acceptance and trading of these coins,  the power of these exchanges could somewhat be mitigated by market forces as more and more exchanges continue to sprout worldwide.   However,  the by-product of the trading itself  is what ultimately determines the FIAT VALUE of the digital currency.    
Taken within that context, this is where a Centralized Exchange can have an inordinate amount of Control and Power over the success or failure of a digital currency.    This means it can have a cascading and exponential (positive or negative) effect on the value of each currency through a variety of either government mandates, currency manipulation; as well as illicit, coordinated, manufactured, unpredictable, unforeseen or market-driven events.   (I won't bother going into any details lest I be accused of being a "conspiracy theorist."  I prefer the term "fact realist".) 
Ditto with respect to Decentralized Exchanges for the simple reason that you need permission to List your digital currency there and any government can pass a law which forbids such exchanges from hosting your digital currency.  Honestly and truthfully speaking,  do you really believe that some Decentralized Exchange on God's green earth is going to go to war against the federal government over one digital currency?   They would boot you off their exchange faster than a toad licking a fly.       
Now, here is what you've been waiting for:   How is CloudCoin 100% immune to the power of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges?      
To refresh your memory, you will recall me saying in the previous paragraphs that the REAL POWER that these Exchanges have over the success or failure of a digital currency is based on their ability to assign a constantly fluctuating market-driven (and not so market-driven)  FIAT VALUE to it.    This fiat value assignment is used primarily for speculative investment purposes as well as to convert such coin or digital currency into fiat currency.      
After all, honestly speaking, how many people who purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc., do so for the purpose of buying groceries at their local supermarket, to pay for their rent or mortgage,  to pay for utilities, to pay the gardener, to buy a car, for car repairs, to purchase major appliances, to pay for dinner at a restaurant, to shop at Amazon, to pay their accountant or attorney or consultant,  to pay the plumber or repairman,  to buy office supplies, to meet payroll, to pay taxes, to travel, to pay for airfare, to go on vacation, etc., and better yet, for the intended purposes outlined in an ICO white paper?    
A real conservative answer, to say the most, and I am being extremely generous, is no more than one tenth of 1% (.1%) of digital currency and token buyers.   That means 99.9% do so strictly for investment purposes.   Buy and Sell when the fiat value either goes way above, or drops too far below, the original purchase price.  Or  Buy and HODL (hold on to dear life) or Hold and Sell when the fiat value is on bitcoin-fire.      
Therefore, the answer I am about to provide you to the "100% Immune to Exchanges" question is so simple that it requires a very simple mind to understand it: 
That's because CloudCoin, by virtue of its previously outlined features, is in reality the world's first Decentralized, Distributed Digital Currency and the only digital currency to date that is really suited for ordinary, everyday transactions by every single individual in every single sector of the global economy ::  from the smallest transaction in the most remote village on the planet you can think of to the largest transaction in the world that you can imagine.
If you recall, this currency is just a file that cannot be counterfeited and something that I can just email, upload or text to anyone.  That means, the only people who need to set the FIAT VALUE of CloudCoin are the People Who Own the Currency  as well as the people, vendors, merchants, organizations, institutions and governments ("Trailblazers and Avant-Garde Pioneers") Who Are Willing to Accept CloudCoin :: and NOT some  Centralized or Decentralized Exchange  teeming with a bunch of  modern-day gold rush settlers and prospectors and robber barons ("Speculative Investors") who see these digital currencies and tokens as an investment opportunity of a lifetime :: which it is and, I am very pleased to say,  I don't begrudge anyone for wanting to take advantage of an excellent opportunity when it presents itself. 
Therefore, as an Owner of CloudCoin, "How do you set the VALUE of CloudCoin?"   For every single reader of this treatise, I am going to let each and every single one of you determine its value TO YOU and ONLY YOU at the end of this article because the best features of CloudCoin are yet to be revealed. That is how precious CloudCoin is! 
Power of Creator of CloudCoin to Set the Value of CloudCoin.   For example, let's say that Pension Fund X in the Democratic Republic of Maganda on the Asian continent is interested in converting some of their currency portfolio into CloudCoin and wants to know the currency conversion rate.   (Soon you will understand what I mean by "currency conversion rate".)   
As the creator of CloudCoin, you may decide to set the CloudCoin/USD exchange rate:: for Pension Funds only :: on a 1:15 basis (One CloudCoin equals USD $15).  No need to worry about the listed value of  CloudCoin on Centralized Exchange A or Decentralized Exchange B.    
Why?   Being the Creator of CloudCoin,  You Are in reality the Central Bank  for your Digital Currency :: instead of some Centralized or Decentralized (Stock) Exchange.  That means, You Get to Set Whatever Digital Currency Exchange Rate tickles your fancy.  The choice is yours!    
That is the beauty of  "not being listed on an exchange" although the idea that you should not get your currency listed on an exchange sounds so preposterous and is anathema to nearly ALL digital currency creators and owners.    
For them, not being listed on an exchange conjures up the image of a baby in the womb who is disconnected from the mother's umbilical cord.  Their first intuition and reaction is:  How will we survive?  How will anybody get to know about our currency?  How will people be able to buy our digital currency?  How will people be able to trade our digital currency?  How will we or anyone else get to know or determine the market value of our digital currency?  How could our digital currency ever get a chance to reach top bitcoin-dollar status?   How will we be able to make any (fiat) money to pay our bills, for payroll, marketing, innovation, expansion, etc.?  Is Pierre insane, some sort of lunatic who is telling us to commit suicide; or is he on to something or seeing something that we are unable to see? 
Nonetheless, whether or not CloudCoin is listed on one or a dozen Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges, the Creator of CloudCoin, in its de facto Central Bank capacity,  still has the prerogative to set the digital currency exchange rate for those who are not going through such exchanges.    The fun is just getting started, so read on because the best is yet to come. 
Power of Any Merchant or Service Provider to Set the Value of CloudCoin.    As a Merchant Who Is Willing to Accept CloudCoin, one of these Trailblazers and Pioneers,  "How do you set the VALUE of CloudCoin?"   It's also up to you.
For example, not long ago, I decided to accept CloudCoin pegged to the US Dollar on a 1:1 basis.    Lately, I decided to accept CloudCoin based on an artificial currency conversion rate listed on an alpha CloudCoin Exchange site.     Within the next 30 days, I intend to use a new CloudCoin pricing mechanism for ALL our services (e.g.,  1 CloudCoin for each USD $.20 ::20 Cents:: of services listed on our websites).   At some future date, I may decide to accept 1 CloudCoin for every USD $2 of services offered on our websites.  At some later date, I may even decide to accept 1 CloudCoin for every USD $10 of services.    No need to worry about any Centralized or Decentralized Exchange rate or the Creator of CloudCoin's digital currency exchange rate.  As a merchant willing to accept CloudCoin,  I am the Exchange. I am my own digital currency Central Bank.  I set the digital currency Exchange Rate for my organization.  The Choice Is Mine! 
Power of Any Ordinary Individual  to Arbitrarily Set the Value of CloudCoin.   For example, let's say that the CloudCoin:USD exchange rate on Decentralized Exchange A is 1:$0.15 (One CloudCoin for 15 Cents).   Your car is a gas guzzler.   You live from paycheck to paycheck.  You are just 2 days away from getting your paycheck directly  deposited into your bank account.   Your car's fuel gauge is sitting on empty and you doubt you'll be able to make it to work.    
However, you got about 10,000 CloudCoins which you acquired from CloudCoin at an exchange rate of 1 CloudCoin::$.03  for a  total of USD $300.   These CloudCoins are sitting in your Currency portfolio as a hedge against any kind of bank failure or emergency :: but also to help you to establish some sort of fiscal discipline since you have a tendency to buy things on impulse when money in your pocket or on your debit card is burning a hole in your pocket and begging you to spend it. 
So you text your friend Jack and offer to exchange 20 CloudCoins for $20 so you can put gas in your car.   Jack, who doesn't know diddly squat about digital currencies,   agrees and goes online and sends you the $20 via Zelle.  Within a couple of minutes,  the $20 is deposited in your account.  Within seconds, you email the 20 CloudCoins to Jack.  Within seconds, Jack sends you a "Thank you for the CloudCoin" text message.  You just accomplished all that within 3-5 minutes without the need for an exchange. You drive to the gas station and problem solved.     
One year later, Jack hears something in the news about something called CloudCoin.  It suddenly dawns on him that he does have 20 CloudCoins and, out of curiosity, he decides to get on Google in order to find out how much it's worth.   Lo and behold, he finds out that there is a Decentralized Exchange which has a CloudCoin pegged at a $5 exchange rate.  
But, he also finds out that there are a bunch of merchants out there who are using their own CloudCoin exchange rate for their products and services.  The digital currency conversion rate on all these merchant websites ranges anywhere from $2 - $10 per CloudCoin.  That's when he realizes that his 20 CloudCoins have a value which ranges anywhere from $40 - $200.    Not bad at all for helping out a friend in need.
TO ILLUSTRATE, here is a live and glaring example that every single CloudCoin owner can duplicate:   A Private CloudCoin Exchange 
This Power That We All Have Is Possible Only Because of CloudCoin's Features.  The decision to forego the monkey see, monkey do ICO and the blockchain route and to instead focus on:   (a) independence from centralized currency exchanges (I believe that the freedom from exchanges feature was out of necessity  instead of some grand strategic design - as the old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention)(b) simplicity in terms of ease of acquisition, storage, transfer and use of CloudCoin; and  (c) 100% security,  nearly instant authentication, and survivability; does indeed demonstrate "genuine thinking-out-of-the-box."   That is the beauty of it all.    
Although what I am about to say may seem to be very counter intuitive,  nonetheless, I personally believe that this total and absolute independence from both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges is a real game changer feature for CloudCoin.     It allows all CloudCoin holders the power to begin to make a transition from economic slavery to economic freedom.  
Otherwise, the most progress that CloudCoin users could have ever hoped to achieve would have been an opportunity to make a transition from economic slavery to economic serfdom.     These exchanges,  be it centralized or decentralized, primarily exist for the purpose of making sure that you are always tied down to the slave plantation or that you remain connected to it in some fashion or another.   Not being obligated to use any exchanges gives you a sense of Total Economic Freedom.
Moreover, CloudCoin empowers every single stakeholder in many other ways.   When you take into consideration all of the features I have already outlined, it provides an unprecedented amount of Decentralized, Distributed and Real Power to each and every single one of us.    Thus the reason I have described CloudCoin, in addition to being a "perfect digital currency,"   as the very first and only Decentralized, Distributed Digital Currency.  
Sometimes, I am not quite sure if the creator of CloudCoin has taken the time to fully understand the significance, importance and ramifications of what he and his colleagues have unleashed unto the world as well as the positive, breathtaking and lasting impact it will have on our civilization -  and humanity, in general.  
I say that for one primary reason:  Wherever he goes, you can almost predict every word he is going to say about CloudCoin.   I view that as a mistake since CloudCoin appeals to so many constituencies around the globe.  And since Sean Worthington can't be at all places at once, then this treatise should, at the very least, help him to communicate to each and every single constituency around the globe.   
The Beauty of It All.      There Is a Method to the Madness.   This decentralized and distributed power will bring out an army of software developers and blockchain technology developers who will in turn develop apps and bots that will crawl the internet in order to review and analyze merchants which accept CloudCoin;  the smorgasbord of prices for a range of  products and services; actual sales figures; sales comparison data using various filters; and all sorts of CloudCoin indices in order to arrive at a statistical fiat market and exchange value of each CloudCoin.  That is how we can all spur the adoption of CloudCoin worldwide - through actual everyday transactions instead of investment speculation on Exchanges.    
In other words, these everyday transactions are designed to thwart the undue influence of a few Exchanges, CloudCoin whales, government interference and intrusion, and the perverse incentives of the financial markets;  and put the power of setting the FIAT VALUE of CloudCoin into your very own hands.                  
  • 100% Resistant to any Witch Hunt, Coercion, Blackmail, Abuse, Confinement, Torture, Theft, Extortion, Racketeering and Financial Terrorism  by Any Government.   CloudCoin  makes you invisible to rogue and tyrannical governments around the world who persecute and try to rob or render destitute their citizens under color of law.  
(By the way, can you imagine how frustrated Saudi authorities would have been if the Saudi Royals who were recently abducted and confined to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh (in 2017) - so they could learn how to properly bond with fellow royals -  had a good share of their fortune in CloudCoins?)   
Since there is no third party or central location that any government can go to in order to compel anyone to provide access to your CloudCoins,  that means there is no one and no government anywhere on planet Earth  which can gain access to and steal your CloudCoins under color of law.
No different than having an invisible shield around you or some guardian angel looking over you (that is, of course, assuming that you are a religious person or one of the good guys).  
  • 100% Resistant to any Witch HuntCoercionBlackmailAbuse, Confinement, Torture, Theft, Extortion, Racketeering and  Financial Terrorism by Any Money Laundering, Criminal or Terrorist Organization.   CloudCoin also makes you invisible to money launderers, drug dealers, rogue intelligence agencies and other criminals, but for a different reason.   By keeping your financial information private,  CloudCoin prevents these bad actors from contacting you and trying to co-opt you through stings and various human compromise operations so you can do their bidding.  (You'd be amazed at the number of these shady characters from all over the world who have tried to approach me, to a point where I had to write a long article to share with them and get them to back off.)  
No different than having a long wall between you and some very disgusting people that you don't care to associate with.
  • For Ordinary People:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A Hedge Against Bank Failures.  Now  any ordinary person :: regardless of your socioeconomic status :: can instantly take a look at the total amount of your Currency portfolio and take steps to diversify it by converting a percentage of your existing currency  (i.e., Cash in the form of banknotes, central bank notes, circulating coins, commemorative coins, numismatic coins, bullion coins, etc.) into one or more alternative currencies.  
As of today's date, the best and safest alternative currency is the perfect digital currency CloudCoin, although that status could change at any time due to the fast and furious pace of innovation in the digital currency field.  
That means,  no matter where in the world you are located (USA, US Territories, Italy, Greece, Russia, China, Korea, Turkey, Venezuela, Iran, etc.)  if your bank fails, you don't have to worry about losing everything that is not insured by the federal government, if any. Even if the US government were able to recoup most of the losses suffered and cover your uninsured deposits and other investments, at best, you are talking about waiting for a good five to six (5-6) years.  
Diversifying your Currency portfolio means you won't have to worry about not being able to pay for your regular monthly expenses when your bank fails.  Depending on where in the world you live, you can always convert some of your CloudCoin currency back into US dollars or some other currency like Euro, etc., and then convert them into your local currency, if required.
Ask any Wall Street insider and they will tell you that the US financial system we have in place today is really no different than the one we had 10 years ago during The Great Recession of 2008.  
In a recent Daily Intelligencer article by Nick Tabor, August 9, 2018 "Sheila Bair on What Hasn’t Changed Since the Great Recession,"   according to Sheila Bair,  President of Washington College and 19th Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") from June 2006-2011, "Set the morality aside; it’s just dumb economics to have a system like this where you’re propping up inefficient, bloated institutions.  So there are good economic reasons to not have the system we had in 2008 .... I think we won’t know until a big bank gets in trouble again. Then we’ll see what happens."  
  • For Retirees: The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:   A Hedge Against  the Decimation of Retirees' Savings.    During The Great Recession of 2008,  in just the last two quarters of that year, over $2.5 trillion was wiped out of American retirement savings which were held in IRA and  401(K) accounts.   Contrary to public opinion,  the investments made by the managers of these retirement funds are NOT as conservative as you might think.  These investments are all subject to the vagaries of the volatile financial markets.   
As a result, many retirees who were enjoying the peace and comfort of their retirement saw the value of their retirement accounts decimated by nearly 43-60%; and many had no choice but to get back into the labor force doing menial labor or working at Walmart and other places as door greeters, etc. It is estimated that the 2008 Financial Crisis wound up costing Americans anywhere from $13-15 trillion.     
Just Imagine,  you bought into the idea of retirement, Social Security, employer-provided pension,  IRA and 401(K) plans, other investments, personal savings, and your time finally comes to say a retirement good-bye to your fellow colleagues. 
One day you wake up and take a look at your retirement portfolio Currency balance and see $600,000.   And the next day you wake up, you turn on the television and begin to hear a lot of talk about "some big financial crisis," just like a tsunami that comes without warning out of nowhere.   So you hurry up online to review your Currency portfolio again and, lo and behold, you see a total Currency balance of $270,000.    How could this happen?  Thus the reason why you need to diversify your Currency portfolio!        
If you think that this will never happen again, guess what!  According to a recent Daily Intelligencer expose, "Ten Years After the Crash, We Are Still Living in the World It Brutally Remade," the market today is just as much a Casino as it was during the years which led to The Great Recession of 2008
Moreover,  over the past couple of years, David Stockman who served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1985), and a renowned veteran financier,  has been very adamant about the risks of an even greater crisis than The Great Recession of 2008.  His views are well-documented  in Adam Taggart's August 10, 2018 article,  "David Stockman: The World Economy Is At An Epochal Pivot :: A 'Great Reset' approaches." 
Therefore, existing retirees should take immediate steps to diversify their  Currency  portfolio by converting a percentage of their existing Currency  (i.e., Cash in the form of banknotes, central bank notes, circulating coins, commemorative coins, numismatic coins, bullion coins, etc.) into one or more alternative digital currencies.  
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, as of today's date, CloudCoin is the best and safest alternative digital currency to consider from such list.  
  • For Pension Fund Members:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A Hedge Against Pension Fund Failures.   There are so many pension funds all across the United States that are on the verge of failure or extinction that it is highly likely that just about every single reader of this article will fall into one or more of these categories:   a) is either directly affected,  b) will be affected,  c) has one or more family members who either are now affected or will be,  and, last but not least,  d) knows of one or more friends, colleagues and associates who either are now, or will soon, be affected by this wave of pension fund failures.    
In the grand scheme of things, what exactly does that mean?  That means most pension funds are only 50-68% funded and a major disaster in the financial markets is all it takes in order for them to outright fail or file for bankruptcy.  Moreover, since 2014,  thanks to the US Congress, it has become legal to slash retiree benefitsThe only exception to this nightmare is current retirees who are at least 80 years old.   If you are younger than 75 years old, then it's open season.   
I know that some of you are probably thinking: "I thought that these pension funds were insured by the federal government agency Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)."    
Well, you are partly right!  However, when a pension fund fails, retiree benefits are substantially reduced for the pension funds that are covered by PBGC.         
The following information is taken directly from PBGC's website: 
What types of plans does PBGC insure?
PBGC insures defined benefit plans offered by private-sector employers. Most promise to pay a specified benefit, usually a monthly amount, at retirement. Others, including cash-balance plans, may state the promised benefit as a single value.  PBGC does not insure defined contribution plans, which are retirement plans that do not promise specific benefit amounts, such as profit-sharing or 401(k) plans.
These FAQs cover only single-employer plans, which are normally sponsored by an individual company for the benefit of its workers. Another PBGC program insures multiemployer plans covering unionized workers of non-related employers in the same industry, such as trucking or construction. 

Generally, PBGC's guarantee is based on a pension for each year of service a person earns under his or her pension plan. We sometimes summarize the maximum guarantee as $12,870 per year (for a retiree with 30 years of service).   

Seriously, can anyone in the United States survive on $12,870 per year?  Thus the reason why you need to diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative digital currencies.   (I won't try to remind you that CloudCoin is the safest and best alternative digital currency.)      
  • For Pension Funds Worldwide:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.    No doubt your pension fund allocation for exotic, high-risk alternative investments involves anywhere from 18-22% of the total fund;  which makes it susceptible and vulnerable to any kind of Black Swan event in the financial markets.   
As of this writing,  a number of investment banking firms and traditional commodity and stock exchanges around the world are making a mad dash to include cryptocurrencies in such list of  exotic, high-risk alternative investments - starting with Bitcoin and a small number of others.   These current and potential players include Goldman Sacks, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Jamaica Stock Exchange, Swiss Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) - parent of New York Stock Exchange and 22 other leading stock exchanges around the world, Gibraltar Stock Exchange:: through Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX),  Coinbase Custody, etc. 
According to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, 
"Over 100 hedge funds have been created in the past year exclusively to trade digital currency. An even greater number of traditional institutional investors are starting to look at trading digital assets (including family offices, sovereign wealth funds, traditional hedge funds, and more).
"When we speak with these institutions, they tell us that the number one thing preventing them from getting started is the existence of a digital asset custodian that they can trust to store client funds securely."
According to a Pantera Capital's advertisement,  "They also discussed the importance of having a diversified investment portfolio, which is why Pantera’s digital asset funds typically hold 30 different cryptocurrencies." 
As well, Charles Hodge of Milliman explores in a March 9, 2018 article: "Bitcoin: Should plan sponsors consider it for retirement plans?"  
I know I am about to confuse you a bit since the latter paragraphs seemed to indicate that I was building a case for pension funds to invest in cryptocurrencies,  However, That Is Not At ALL The Case.    The problem is that these cryptocurrencies  are merely being  assimilated, embedded or integrated into the list of  exotic, high-risk alternative investments that are currently embraced by the financial markets.  In other words, these cryptocurrencies are being treated as "more of the same" :: just another exotic, high-risk alternative investment vehicle -  a very dangerous path that I believe will lead to many far-reaching and unintended consequences.   
Instead, I propose that these cryptocurrencies and cloud currencies ("digital currencies") should be treated in a manner which befits and reflects their actual status and purpose:: a pure Currency just like any other official fiat currency.     
In which case, these digital currencies should be part of a diversified Currency portfolio instead of being considered a part of a diversified Investment portfolio.  It is important to note the nuances between the two of them which I'll explain in a couple of seconds.
(Please note I am not referring to tokens or utility tokens which are required to operate within a permission-based environment; or any other investments in blockchain technology.)   
For example,  to continue with the CloudCoin analogy, converting a certain percentage  of your current Cash position in US dollars into CloudCoins  would be no different than diversifying your Currency portfolio to include more than one currency (e.g., US, Euro, Swiss Franc, Bahraini Dinar, British Pound, Caymanian Dollar, Kuwaiti Dinar, etc.) in order to protect your organization against any volatility in the financial markets.  
Nor would it be any different than setting up an international bank account which allows you to maintain balances in multiple currencies.    Other than incurring a foreign exchange conversion fee,  switching from one currency to another does not trigger any ordinary income or capital gain since you are not an official trader of foreign currencies.  In which case, you have a diversified Currency portfolio instead of a diversified Investment portfolio. 
However, if you are actively purchasing (trading) these cryptocurrencies as part of a diversified investment portfolio strategy--instead of converting  Cash to another currency--then you are actively trading and investing in cryptocurrencies; no different than investing in any other investment assets; thus becoming subject to all applicable  income reporting requirements in your jurisdiction. 
Hence the reason why you need to diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative digital currencies.   In this particular case,  being a  pension fund,  it would be best to convert some of your existing  exotic, high-risk alternative investments into Cash and then convert such cash into alternative digital currencies.   (I won't try to remind you that CloudCoin is the safest and best alternative digital currency.  Contact Sean Worthington, Inventor)    
For Corporate Treasury Departments Worldwide:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.   
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.   Regardless of  where in the world your country is located, every single corporation's treasury department should take heed of this information.   
For Federal Government Treasury Departments:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.   
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of  Financial  Markets.   Regardless of  where in the world your country is located, every single nation's treasury department should take heed of this information.   
For City Government Treasury Departments:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency PortfolioA  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.   
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial  Markets.  Regardless of  where in the world your country is located, every single city government's treasury department should take heed of this information. 
For County Government Treasury Departments:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets. 
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets. Regardless of where in the world your country is located, every single county government's treasury department should take heed of this information.
For State or Provincial Government Treasury Departments:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets. 
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets. Regardless of where in the world your country is located, every single state or provincial government's treasury department should take heed of this information.

For Venture Capital Firms Worldwide:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of  Financial  Markets.   Regardless of  where in the world your country is located,  every single venture capital firm should take heed of this information.  
For Angel Investment Firms Worldwide:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A  Hedge Against the Vagaries of Financial Markets.  
Ditto the above info for A Pension Fund's Hedge Against the Vagaries of  Financial  Markets.   Regardless of  where in the world your country is located,  every single angel investment firm should take heed of this information. 
For the Average Person:   The Power to Diversify Your Currency PortfolioA Hedge Against Currency Devaluation.   What is currency devaluation?  In a nutshell, that's when your nation's currency loses value against another nation's currency.   For example, if $1 (one US dollar) were  worth  CS 5 (5 Cawonda Shillings), and next week, that same $1 is now worth CS 10 (10 Cawonda Shillings), that means the Cawonda Shilling currency has suffered a 100% devaluation against the US dollar.   
Which means it now costs a Cawonda citizen twice as much to purchase one item that is traded in or tied to US dollars.  However, there is one problem with that:  your Cawonda wages haven't gone up 100% to make up for that 100% price increase (100% inflation rate with respect to purchases tied to USD).   And if the devaluation of your country's Currency keeps increasing,  pretty soon the inflation rate could go up to  1 billion %,  to a point where your nation's currency is not even worth the value of one sheet of toilet paper and  you won't be able to afford to buy anything that is traded in or tied to US dollars.  
For those of you who know very little about the world of finance, I know what some of you may be thinking:  "Surely, Pierre has a flair for dramatization."   Well, it is happening right now this very second in Venezuela.   To illustrate, not long ago, the currency exchange  rate of  $1 (one US dollar) for Venezuelan Bolivar was 10 Bolivars. However, ever since the US began to take a great deal of interest in Venezuela (I am being very kind here with my choice of words) $1 today is now worth 207,100 Bolivars  which are practically worthless.   
Just Imagine That, practically overnight, an entire economy destroyed and a currency made worthless.   You would need to push several wheel barrows of Bolivars down to a local store in order to purchase something that only costs USD $1.    This amounts to the collective punishment of every single ordinary Venezuelan who is not an oligarch or super wealthy;  thus does not have Swiss bank accounts and other foreign bank accounts in different currencies to fall back on.   
Therefore, in reality, the Venezuelan government had to practically abandon their own official currency and Switch to An Alternative Digital Currency, the national crypto currency Petro (petromoneda) in order to survive.    
But this is not a fluke event.   It has already happened in Zimbabwe,  whereby the currency devaluation percentage  went to such a high number that you could not even pronounce it (way past the quintillion range);  to a point where they had to use exponents to describe the number.    As a result, the Zimbabwean dollar had to be dissolved completely in 2009  and replaced with a basket of foreign currencies (i.e., Zimbabwe no longer has an official currency).   
I could give you countless more currency devaluation examples in terms of what is happening right now, this very second (with Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.),  however, the foregoing examples should be sufficient.  
The point being, regardless of where in the world you are located, and no matter how rich or poor you may be,  it's time for you to diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative digital currencies before your country's official currency is attacked by the powers-that-be and becomes worthless.   (Again, I won't try to remind you that CloudCoin is the safest and best alternative digital currency.)  
  • For the Average Person:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  A Hedge Against Foreign Currency Manipulation.     Even when there is no coordinated attack by malevolent state actors to destroy your country's currency and economy,   you must keep in mind that we have always lived in a world of  people who are full of greed and could care less if their actions result in wiping out all of your savings and possessions.   
Moreover, how many ordinary folks  know anything at all about stocks, exchange-traded fund (ETF), ultra ETF, water ETF, synthetic ETF, ETF wrap, ETF sponsor, inverse ETF, credit default swap (CDS), derivatives, fixed-income derivatives, credit derivative, mortgage-backed derivative, inflation derivative, price swap derivative, weather derivative, exchange, over-the-counter (OTC), exchange  rates, spot rate, forward rate, interest rate differentials, floating exchange rate, options, short option, long option, call option, put option,  swaps, interest rate swaps, futures,  currency futures, forward contracts,  futures contracts, counterparties, hedging, etc.?  
The point being, why invest your hard earned income in things that you don't understand? Why trust others to make the right decision on your behalf (even when they are acting in good faith)?  But the financial markets is One Big Casino.   It is the turf of all these financial wizards or elves dealing with all these exotic financial products that most of us know absolutely nothing about.  Regardless of what they tell you or may want to lead you to believe, they know it's a risky business that is full of highs and lows. And whenever they make the wrong call, or the cookie crumbles, guess whose money is at risk?
Thus the reason to diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative digital currencies before "the game of numbers" catches up with you and most, if not all, of your Currency portfolio disappears into a cloud of smoke.   (Again, I won't try to remind you that CloudCoin is the safest and best alternative digital currency.) 
  • For the Average Person:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio:  Hedge Against Currency War On Your Country.     In a recent Seeking Alpha article by The Heisenberg, August 11, 2018 "I Called A Currency Collapse," he states "On Friday evening, Bloomberg reported that banks in Turkey were struggling to meet customer demand for foreign currency."
We are talking about "ordinary people" trying to safeguard whatever little currency that they have -- not a bunch of wealthy folks, tycoons or oligarchs.  You'll notice that they weren't trying to pull their money out of their account, instead they were merely trying to do what I have been recommending to each and every single one of you, regardless of where in the world you are located:   Diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative (digital ) currencies.    In fact, many of these ordinary people in Turkey who could not convert to a "foreign currency" got smart (without the benefit of my advice)  and decided to switch their demand to alternative digital currencies (e.g., Dash, Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).  
Although they have the right idea, what they are failing to understand is that, no fiat currency is exempt from attack or volatility.   Thus the reason why the conversion of their existing Currency must be into alternative digital  currencies.   Keep in mind that any quantity of digital currencies can always be converted back to fiat currencies when the need arises in order to meet your regular daily or monthly financial obligations.  The Key is to Park your existing currency within the relatively safe environment  of an alternative digital currency.  (Again, based on all the attributes of CloudCoin I have already shared with you, I believe that CloudCoin is the safest and best alternative digital currency on the market today.) 
  • For the Average Person:  The Power to Diversify Your Currency Portfolio: Hedge  Against Financial Sanctions and Financial Terrorism by State Actors.    And, last but not least,  I want to be very clear about this Hedge recommendation.   It is not intended for specific individuals who are currently under sanctions by the US government or any other government.  It is strictly intended for the benefit and welfare of the general population of our entire planet.
This qualification statement is not out of fear of any existing US laws (or any other laws anywhere in the world)  but rather out of a sober realization that I am not privy to any of the reasons or justifications for such actions :: be it bona fide, bogus, bullshit, tit-for-tat, stupid games that state actors play, palace intrigues, or just the game of realpolitik :: and it's neither my job nor responsibility to take sides, intervene or adjudicate.   Therefore, I will not allow myself to get sucked into or be drawn into a stupid game that a bunch of overgrown children as well as primitive and barbaric savages are playing.   Now, that I have gotten that out the way, let us move on.       
Let's face it, whenever a country is under attack from sanctions, regardless of what the State Actor Attacker(s) may say, the idea is always to make the people :: innocent men, women, children, babies, the elderly, the infirm, and the sick ::  suffer so horribly that they will associate their pain with their current leaders.   Thus will do whatever needs to be done;  utilizing whatever means they have at their disposal (including a little help from the State Actor Attackers);  in order to make the pain go away.
Therefore, whether or not your country is currently under sanctions, this information is intended to insulate you, individually,  from the pernicious and evil effects of sanctions inflicted by a horde of diabolical, primitive and barbaric savages on any country's general population whenever that monster decides to rear its head.  
Since all sanctions include a devastating "financial component,"  then you need to insulate yourself from such weapon by doing what I have been spouting throughout this article at every opportunity:   Diversify your Currency portfolio by converting some of your existing currency into alternative digital currencies. (Thus, I believe that  CloudCoin  is the safest and best alternative digital currency on the market today.)
The key is to begin NOW.  If you wait to take action when you start to hear the news that Country A is about to level biting sanctions against your country, by that time the diversification of your Currency portfolio might be a little too late to be of significant help over a long period of time.  Nonetheless, it will be of some benefit. 
As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   
  • How You Can Get CloudCoin:   The easiest way to convert any small amount of Currency into CloudCoin  if you are based in the United States is at this location.   Here is an alternate location where you can also convert your fiat Currency into CloudCoin.  With respect to foreign currencies, you will find contact information for inquiries.
No different than going to your local bank or branch before making a trip to London;  request to convert some of your dollars into British Pound Sterling; put your new sterling pound Currency in your pocket, pouch or purse; say good-bye and then walk out the door. 
Corporations, Governments, Pension Funds are encouraged to contact Sean Worthington at CloudCoin directly.        
4.   In Summary.    Although I used CloudCoin as an example of a perfect digital currency, the preceding wealth of information provided at Items 1-3 is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how you too can Tell the Story About Your Digital Currency (minus the attributes that are specific to CloudCoin) to every single one of your constituencies.    

Your Digital Currency Pricing Strategy

Welcome to Digital Currency Pricing Strategy Class 101.    What I am about to disclose to you is certainly going to upend everything that you've ever learned about pricing strategy at your Ivy League universities and lesser known educational institutions.   As the saying goes, you learn something new every day.

Today's State of Affairs.    It's not by accident that the launch of just about every single ICO  (Initial Coin Offering)  is preceded by a Pre-Sale for the heavyweight, high roller, and accredited investors at a very substantial or deep discount from the regular ICO coin price. 

Upon completion of the Pre-Sale phase, the ICO is formally launched and open to all "ordinary investors" who have complied with the ICO's  due diligence requirements:  Subscribe to a Whitelist and submit a KYC/AML (Know Your Customer) application.  Upon approval, the "ordinary investor" is then invited to participate in the ICO to his heart's content.

But how is that any different than the regular IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is designed to Sell Investment Securities in order to raise funds from INVESTORS? 

And why do people invest in a company?  It's a rhetorical question, but I'll answer it anyway:  to realize a return on their investment - plain and simple.   As to how they will realize such return?  Easy answer:   Just Buy and Hold, and Sell the investment securities when they feel the time is right!

When is the right time?    After the digital currency gets listed on one or more exchanges - the bigger the exchange(s) and the more exchanges, the better.   Once that takes place, you can begin to trade these digital currencies for fiat currency.  As well, the general public can begin to purchase the digital currency directly from the exchanges;  which, in turn, creates a perfect opportunity to Let the Game Begin (it's not Game of Thrones).   If not Game of Thrones, then what game are we talking about?   

It's the Digital Currency Investment Game.  It involves Major Announcements, Upcoming Developments, Spectacular Fireworks Event(s),  Forking Events, Smoke and Mirrors Magic Tricks,  Major Pump and Dump Schemes all designed to:  (a) send the fiat value of the digital currency all the way up to the bitcoin-stratosphere, if at all possible;  and (b) to bring in a slew of late adopters trying to ride the gravy train,  so the early investors can Cash Out and  move on to the next digital currency. 

For those investors who have the means, this game is played simultaneously with as many digital currencies as they can afford to play with.              

The point I am really making is that, to this day :: regardless of the underlying project and what the white paper says ::  just about every single ICO that has ever been conducted has, in effect, followed the same pattern and is, in fact, involved in the sale of investment securities to INVESTORS.  And the standard intent and behavior of these participating investors has not at all deviated from that of any other ordinary investor:  Buy and Hold and Sell at the right time.

Therefore, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, floats like a duck, paddles like a duck, and flies like a duck, then it is a duck!
The bottom line is this:   Just about every single ICO launch has followed the current Digital Currency Investment Narrative instead of their own Digital Currency Adoption Narrative.   Thus the reason why the purchase of  pure play digital currencies :: from the iconic Bitcoin, Ethereum,  ZCash, Monero, Dash, etc., to just about every single other digital currency out there :: has not translated into any significant Digital Currency Adoption by both the general public and merchants worldwide. 

These accredited investors who participated in the Pre-Sale (the big whales, the heavyweights and high rollers) as well as the so-called ordinary investors are all HODLing (holding on to dear life) and speculating; hoping for the next  bitcoin-payday once their cryptocurrency  gets listed on one or more exchanges - the more exchanges, the better.     That means, the daily transaction volume of these digital currencies (Cloud and Crypto Currencies) has nearly nothing to do with people buying goods and services from merchants worldwide.

Obviously something is very wrong with this narrative and something needs to be done about it.

Time to Establish Your Own Pricing Narrative.    Since this is all about Establishing Your  Own  Narrative (instead of adopting someone else's narrative),  then let us proceed with your own narrative for the purpose of assigning an original value to your digital currency ::  a value which has everything to do with spurring people to use your digital currency to pay for goods and services from merchants and professional services providers worldwide.   

Step #1.      Treat Your Digital Currency Like Any Other Fiat Currency.   In other words, stop treating it like some damn "investment securities."  That means, you will no longer use the word "price" or "cost" or "purchase" or "sale" with respect to any transaction which involves the acquisition of your digital currency by any other party or entity.   Instead you will use the proper currency exchange terminology:  fiat currency exchange, fiat currency conversion, digital currency exchange, digital currency conversion, digital currency exchange rate.

That means, from here on out, various sectors of the global population (the various foregoing constituencies we discussed during the latter Tell the Story About Your Digital Currency initiative) will be able to exchange their fiat currency for your digital currency at a  specific currency exchange rate. 

No different than you yourself walking into a branch of an international bank and requesting to exchange USD $5,000 (five thousand dollars) for Euros due to an impending European cruise vacation.   You did  not make an investment of $5,000 in the international bank.  Nor did you make an investment in the European Central Bank (ECB) or any of the National Central Banks in the Eurozone.     

Think about this for one quick second:  After all, how many IPOs do you hear of that are strictly about investing in US dollars, Euros, Turkey Liras,  Russian Rubles, Chinese Yuan, etc.?   The answer is none.   So why would you have an ICO for a digital currency?

Therefore, in order to keep you focused on  Your Own Digital Currency Narrative, always keep in mind that a  currency is good for two things:   1) To pay for things (i.e., Goods, Products, Services, Fixtures, Equipment, Real Estate,  Investment Securities - regardless of the underlying asset(s), Investments, etc.), excluding pure currencies.    2) To convert or exchange into another pure currency. 

Thus, a currency cannot be used to invest in another pure currency.  With respect to other currencies, it can only be used to convert or exchange into another currency based on an appropriate and clearly defined currency exchange rate.  
(Although the value of a basket of pure currencies may be used as the underlying assets for structuring certain investment securities - at which point,  you are no longer dealing with a pure currency but rather an investment security.)          
Step #2.    The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.  Free your brain for a few minutes and ask yourself this question:  What good does it do your company, the creator of a digital currency, to have a currency that only appeals to a very small segment of the global population or a minuscule group of people who are hoarding a good amount of it for themselves just so they can HODL or manipulate the price and generate huge returns on their original  investment

These heavyweight investors can only play that game for so long.    After a while, the newcomers to the digital currency investment feast (the late adopters) who have been milked out of their fiat currency will slowly begin to exit your digital currency the minute it becomes apparent to them that the promise of similar spectacular returns on their own investments is becoming more and more elusive, if not impossible to achieve.   As well, the word will start to get out and people will slowly come to realize that "The Emperor has no clothes" and gradually move on; at which point the price will eventually come crashing down.     (To avoid pouring salt over wounds, I will not mention all these high-flying and spectacular ICOs whose current token value is a just a shell of their former self.)

For example, Think of Bitcoin.  For all intents and purposes, Bitcoin is treated as an investment security instead of a digital currency.   The financial markets are going nuts over Bitcoin as if it were an investment security.   The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)  has already rejected nine (9) Bitcoin ETF requests although it has promised to reconsider its decision, however, no timetable has been set.  Bitcoin  has succumbed to the Investment Securities Narrative instead of the Digital Currency Narrative.   How long will it be able to straddle both sides of the fence?  If history is any guide,  regardless of how long it takes, eventually all good things must come to an end.   For Bitcoin investors,  I am sure they are not in a hurry to find out.
Therefore, the people who deserve preferential treatment with respect to the currency exchange rate for your digital currency are the people who can bring stability to its value.    
Who are these people?  It's every single member of the global population.  From every city, town, village and hamlet.  It is the meek among us who will have the greatest influence on the value of your digital currency.  As the old saying goes, the meek shall inherit the earth. 
How are you going to introduce them to your digital currency?   Contrary to conventional wisdom,  the focus should be on their Community Leaders who are well-educated on the need for your digital currency - not on Centralized or Decentralized Exchanges.  
Thus the reason for my taking the time to write this extensive document that I fondly refer to as "The Digital Currency Adoption Bible":: with the expectation that you will  share this learning document with every single Sympathizer, Supporter,  Collaborator, Executive Leadership Team Member, Staff Member, and  Community Leader in every city, town, village and hamlet around the world. 
However, out of deference to as well as respect and sensibility for atheists and believers around the world who practice various faiths, I made a last minute decision to omit the word "Bible" from the title of this treatise in order to keep everyone focused on the message and knowledge that I seek to impart.  (By the way, I have absolutely nothing to do with religion.)
As to "How can these people bring stability to the value of  your digital currency?"  The answer is two-fold, extremely simple, and in order of importance:    1)   Convert a percentage of their fiat currency to your digital currency in order to diversify their Currency portfolio (as previously illustrated in the foregoing  Tell the Story About Your Digital Currency initiative).   That is the most critical thing they should do right now - this recommendation is applicable to both US residents and others from around the globe.  2)  Whenever possible,  they can use your digital currency on a daily basis for the purchase of goods and services starting with the lowest common denominator of digital currency owners:  The, relatively speaking, poorest people living in distant and remote cities, towns, villages and hamlets all over the world whose only access to the modern world is through a smart phone.

For those of us in the West and many emerging countries who take a lot for granted when it comes to having access to technology and all the comfort, conveniences and amenities of modern life in the 21st century,  contrary to public opinion,  the total number of these poor people is a staggering amount - in the billions - and they are distributed all over Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, North America,  South America, the Caribbean, etc.   In most instances, they are located within a 2- 8 hour distance from a nearby city or major metropolitan area. 
In fact,  although it may be very hard for many of you to believe, you can even find some very small pockets of them right here in some very remote areas of Northern and Southern California.

Moreover, there is a Most Critical Issue that most, if not all, creators of digital currencies overlook when it comes establishing a Currency Exchange Rate for their digital currency.   They have a tendency to think in terms of "major world currency" for society's middle class.    They fail to take into consideration the pricing in "local currency or barter value" of "locally grown, produced and distributed  food, medicine, goods, products and services" in many indigenous communities.   Such local currency or barter value pricing bears absolutely no resemblance to the relatively astronomical prices of goods and services in USD, Euro, Yuan etc., that we are accustomed to in many cities around the world.

The same can be said with respect to all other facets of their lives (e.g., from employment, wages, health care, etc.).

The point being, for many of them, USD $1 could be the equivalent of one month's worth of wages, earnings or income from all sources.    Therefore, if you are going to introduce them to your digital currency, it's critical that they should somehow be able to afford both your digital currency exchange rate plus the (astronomical) fee charged by their local foreign currency payment provider.  As well,  the digital currency must accurately reflect their culture, way of life, and current circumstances;  as well as be able to provide them with a path to mobility and, for those who so aspire, a gateway into the 21st century. 
Thus the reason why I strongly believe that CloudCoin should immediately introduce the Cloud Cents concept that Sean Worthington mentioned in a previous video.   His idea is that,  to paraphrase, when CloudCoin becomes very valuable and its exchange rate balloons to a bitcoin-stratosphere,  then would be the right time to introduce the Cents.   
Instead, I believe it should be the other way around.    As  I previously recommended under the section :: The Story About Your Digital Currency (Item #3) :: I believe that CloudCoin should introduce [yesterday] not only Cents but also MilliCents and MicroCents to be formally named:  CloudCoin Cent™,  a CloudCoin MilliCent™,  CloudCoin  MicroCent™. (Trademark reserved for CloudCoin.)    
(For all other digital currency creators, you are more than welcome to introduce your own Monero Cent, Monero MilliCent, Monero MicroCent, etc.  I release all claims to such trademark or service marks.)    
The introduction of these various cent denominations for local currency or barter value micro transactions across the globe will have a Monumental Effect in spurring the adoption of CloudCoin in every hamlet, village, town and city around the world and make it so valuable that its exchange rate may eventually balloon to its very own CloudCoin-stratosphere. 
In fact, I can even envision many of these remote communities eventually shunning their local currencies altogether in favor of using CloudCoin as their de facto local and official currency.    Here is something that could be pure ecstasy:  the introduction of the MicroCents could spur the creation of an entirely brand new local economy all based around it.   
Just Imagine this for a brief second:   Some goat herder in a remote village in Kenya places a Currency Exchange request for 1,000,000 (Million) CloudCoin MicroCents  at an exchange rate of  USD $1 per CloudCoin.  (Keep in mind that 1 CloudCoin equals 1 Million Microcents).    
After getting his One Million Cloudcoin MicroCents, what do you think he is going to do with it?   I started to tell you what I have in mind in terms of the awesome possibilities that I see, etc..  However, I had to control myself and contain my enthusiasm.  Otherwise, I would have wound up adding another 20 pages to this treatise.   Instead, here is my answer: 
There is one thing that I've learned during my entire time here on this planet.  I have never come across another human being who was really that much different than any other human being.  
That means, whatever it is that might be going through your mind right now this very second,  you can be guaranteed that there is a whole bunch of these goat herders out there who are thinking the exact same thing.                 
The point being,  you want to have your digital currency in the hands of as many people as possible  around the globe instead of watching it being traded back and forth on some exchange(s) between a few hundreds of whale investors and a few millions of unsuspecting newcomers ("suckers") also looking for a big payday. 

That is the sort of activity which will always result in a huge fluctuation in the fiat value of  your digital currency.   As well,  this sort of concentrated power may one day cause you to experience a supernova effect  due to the implosion of your digital currency caused by a variety of coordinated attacks from any number of thieves, malicious state actors, whale investors, centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

As to "When will you know for sure that a specific digital currency has reached its supernova stage?" The truth is, nobody knows.  For example, in the case of Bitcoin, some have speculated that it will reach a value anywhere between USD $200,000 and $1 Million within the next 10 years. 
It's like betting in 2003 on how a big a share of the search engine market that Yahoo is going to gain by the year 2013.    Google would have been very amused, to say the least. I am sure you know why.
It's also like betting in 2005 on how big a share of the online social network space that MySpace is going to grab by 2015.    Facebook would have also been very amused.       
With respect to Bitcoin,  I guess betting today in 2018 regarding how high its dollar value is going to be in 2028 is also bound to amuse CloudCoin or any other new digital currency kid on the block.   I'll place my bet on CloudCoin strictly on the basis of what I already know about it  as well as how much more interesting I know it could be down the road.  But it can just as well be any other digital currency since none of us has a crystal ball or time machine that can give us a glimpse of the future.  
Step #3.   Set a 5-Tier Global Digital Currency Exchange Rate
  • Tier I.  General Public Worldwide
1 Digital Currency Unit : USD $ .01 - .99 (A Flat Exchange Rate for Year 1)
100 Cent  Stack: Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit 
1,000 MilliCent Stack:  Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit
1,000,000 MicroCent Stack:   Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit  
Minimum Number of Digital Currency Units per Conversion: None 
Maximum USD amount per Digital Currency Conversion:  $500  
In this particular instance, you will notice that the general population gets a preferential exchange rate for the simple reason that it is them who will have the greatest impact on driving up both the value and the global adoption of  your digital currency as well as bring stability to its value  - not the big shots.  Moreover,  it is the big shots with their large portfolio of your digital currency who stand the most to gain from the efforts of the general population.   Thus, it can be said that the general population  justly deserves their preferential exchange rate.  As you can see, it's a Win-Win for all parties involved.  
  • Tier II.   Small Businesses (Up to $50 Million in Revenues) 
1 Digital Currency Unit : USD $ 1 - 12  Exchange Rate (Phase 1 - 12)
100 Cent  Stack: Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit 
1,000 MilliCent Stack:  Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit
1,000,000 MicroCent Stack:   Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit  
Minimum Number of Digital Currency Units per Conversion: 100 Units 
  • Phase 1 / Month 1 Exchange Rate  -  $1
  • Phase 2 / Month 2 Exchange Rate  -  $2  
  • Phase 3 / Month 3 Exchange Rate  -  $3
  • Phase 4 / Month 4 Exchange Rate  -  $4
  • Phase 5 / Month 5 Exchange Rate  -  $5
  • Phase 6 / Month 6 Exchange Rate  -  $6
  • Phase 7 / Month 7 Exchange Rate  -  $7  
  • Phase 8 / Month 8 Exchange Rate  -  $8
  • Phase 9 / Month 9 Exchange Rate  -  $9
  • Phase 10 / Month 10 Exchange Rate  - $10
  • Phase 11 / Month 11 Exchange Rate  - $11       
  • Phase 12 / Month 12 Exchange Rate - $12 
Maximum USD amount per Digital Currency Conversion:  $10,000
In this instance, I have applied the very same principle that I used to provide a preferential exchange rate for the general population (i.e., who will have the greatest impact on driving up both the value and the global adoption of  your digital currency as well as bring stability to its value).  In this case, it is small businesses which will have the next best impact.   And it is the big shots with their large portfolio of your digital currency who stand the most to gain from the efforts of the general population and small businesses.   As you can see, it's a Win-Win for all parties involved.       
  • Tier III.   Medium-Sized Businesses ($50 Million - $1 Billion in Revenues) 
1 Digital Currency Unit : USD $ 5 - 16  Exchange Rate (Phase 1 - 12)
100 Cent  Stack: Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit 
1,000 MilliCent Stack:  Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit
1,000,000 MicroCent Stack:   Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit  
Minimum Number of Digital Currency Units per Conversion: 10,000 Units 
  • Phase 1 / Month 1 Exchange Rate  -  $5
  • Phase 2 / Month 2 Exchange Rate  -  $6  
  • Phase 3 / Month 3 Exchange Rate  -  $7
  • Phase 4 / Month 4 Exchange Rate  -  $8
  • Phase 5 / Month 5 Exchange Rate  -  $9
  • Phase 6 / Month 6 Exchange Rate  -  $10
  • Phase 7 / Month 7 Exchange Rate  -  $11
  • Phase 8 / Month 8 Exchange Rate  -  $12
  • Phase 9 / Month 9 Exchange Rate  -  $13
  • Phase 10 / Month 10 Exchange Rate  - $14
  • Phase 11 / Month 11 Exchange Rate  - $15       
  • Phase 12 / Month 12 Exchange Rate -  $16 
Maximum USD amount per Digital Currency Conversion:  $500,000
Ditto the same principle and criteria I have applied with respect to providing a preferential exchange rate for the general population and small businesses.   In this case, it is  medium-size businesses which will have the next best impact.   And it is the really big shots with their large portfolio of your digital currency who stand the most to gain from the efforts of the general population and small-to-medium size businesses.   As you can see, it's a Win-Win for all parties involved.            
  • Tier IV.   Large Businesses (Over $1 Billion in Revenues) 
1 Digital Currency Unit : USD $ 10 - 21  Exchange Rate (Phase 1 - 12)
100 Cent  Stack: Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit 
1,000 MilliCent Stack:  Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit
1,000,000 MicroCent Stack:   Ditto exchange rate of 1 Digital Currency Unit  
Minimum Number of Digital Currency Units per Conversion: 200,000 Units
  • Phase 1 / Month 1 Exchange Rate  -  $10
  • Phase 2 / Month 2 Exchange Rate  -  $11  
  • Phase 3 / Month 3 Exchange Rate  -  $12
  • Phase 4 / Month 4 Exchange Rate  -  $13
  • Phase 5 / Month 5 Exchange Rate  -  $14
  • Phase 6 / Month 6 Exchange Rate  -  $15
  • Phase 7 / Month 7 Exchange Rate  -  $16
  • Phase 8 / Month 8 Exchange Rate  -  $17
  • Phase 9 / Month 9 Exchange Rate  -  $18
  • Phase 10 / Month 10 Exchange Rate  - $19 
  • Phase 11 / Month 11 Exchange Rate  - $20       
  • Phase 12 / Month 12 Exchange Rate -  $21 
Maximum USD amount per Digital Currency Conversion:  No Limit 
Ditto the same principle and criteria I have applied with respect to providing a preferential exchange rate for the general population and small-to-medium size businesses.   However, in this case, large businesses will have nil to none impact on 
driving up both the value and the global adoption of  your digital currency.   They merely stand to hugely benefit all around and from every possible angle from everybody else's efforts.   Thus the reason for a fair exchange rate which reflects the extent of their contribution to the digital currency ecosystem.                  
  • Tier V.   Pension Funds and Treasury Departments of Governments Worldwide
1 Digital Currency Unit : USD $ 15 - 26  Exchange Rate (Phase 1 - 12)
Minimum Number of Digital Currency Units per Conversion:  1 Million Units  
  • Phase 1 / Month 1 Exchange Rate  -  $15
  • Phase 2 / Month 2 Exchange Rate  -  $16
  • Phase 3 / Month 3 Exchange Rate  -  $17
  • Phase 4 / Month 4 Exchange Rate  -  $18
  • Phase 5 / Month 5 Exchange Rate  -  $19
  • Phase 6 / Month 6 Exchange Rate  -  $20
  • Phase 7 / Month 7 Exchange Rate  -  $21
  • Phase 8 / Month 8 Exchange Rate  -  $22
  • Phase 9 / Month 9 Exchange Rate  -  $23
  • Phase 10 / Month 10 Exchange Rate  - $24 
  • Phase 11 / Month 11 Exchange Rate  - $25 
  • Phase 12 / Month 12 Exchange Rate -  $26 
Maximum USD amount per Digital Currency Conversion:  No Limit
Ditto the same principle and criteria I have applied with respect to providing a preferential exchange rate for the previous tiers of stakeholders.  However, in this particular instance, pension funds and governments, contrary to public perception and conventional wisdom, will have absolutely NO impact on driving up both the value and the global adoption of  your digital currency.   Yet they stand to be the biggest beneficiaries from everybody else's efforts.   Thus the reason for a fair exchange rate which reflects the tremendous amount of benefits they stand to gain from the global adoption of your digital currency. 
Step #4.   Establish Your Digital Currency Exchange Conversion Requirements.   I recommend the following minimum requirements:  1) We only deal with principals.  We do not deal with third parties.  2) We do NOT accept physical fiat Cash or Checks or Money Orders for any currency conversion.  3) All fiat currency to digital currency conversion must be in US dollars or your choice of any other major currencies.   4)  All currency conversion must be conducted electronically between a legally-recognized financial institution of your choice and our own currency exchange facilitator (bank or any other financial institution).   5)  To convert your digital currency back to fiat currency,  you must locate such prospects from your own private list of  current and potential digital currency owners in order to conduct a 100% confidential, online or off-grid, exchange-independent transaction;    or you may negotiate the conversion of your digital currency to fiat with any current or potential digital currency owner who has agreed to be listed on a confidential exchange or any other public online platform;  or you may go to one or more centralized exchanges, if any,  where the digital currency-to-fiat conversion can take place seamlessly;  or you may go to any decentralized exchange  for such conversion (e.g., Bitshares  is the world's most sophisticated decentralized exchange wherein  CloudCoin can be converted to one or more major fiat currencies;  a number of other digital currencies;  a number of precious metals such as physical gold, etc.;  as well as other physical assets).   

Time to Execute Your Digital Currency Adoption Strategy

Having a Strategy is fine and dandy, however, when it comes time to Execute, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is this:   Preparation and Timing is everything.

Step #1.   Ground Zero Preparation.   This is the most important step you need to take because everything else depends on it.  Therefore, pay special attention to every detail.   If you skip this step or ignore its importance, all the other steps will lose their full strength and effectiveness.   I know it's a lot of work but if you want to play on the world stage with the big boys and girls and be on an equal footing with them,  then that's the price you got to pay.

Most importantly, after reading this entire document, Share It With Every Single Commensalistic and Mutualistic Collaborator you have around you so they can duplicate every single procedure I am in the process of recommending.   Be sure to advise them to pay particular attention to  Step #1. Ground Zero Preparation, herein referenced. 

There is an excellent reason for that.   Everybody who is out there trying to contribute to your Cause needs to be on the same page.   You can't afford to Waste a Good Opportunity to tell a specific constituency why they should embrace your digital currency.  No more One-Size-Fits-All message.
You got to make every opportunity and every minute count!  Most importantly,  to paraphrase Winston Churchill, never let a good crisis go to waste.  And that requires preparation. 

So, without further ado, let's proceed in the following chronological order:
  •  After reading this document, take some time to pause on it for at least a good 24 hours.  There is no need to take any notes.  Your brain is going to need a little bit of time in order to partially absorb all the information you've read.   This is only natural, because the longer a document, the quicker people tend to want to read it and get it over with.    
  • Upon completion of the latter, then come back and read it again as if it were your very first time.   However, this time around,  you will begin to absorb more of it.   Again, no need to take any notes.  But this time around,   be sure to plan to come back to this document within no more than 24 hours  while everything is still fresh in your mind and beginning to make a bit of sense.
  • Read it again a third time around.  However, when you get to the section "The Story About Your Digital Currency," start breaking it down into the individual story ideas that I have outlined for each constituency you need to target, to wit:
1.  Creator of Digital Currencies (Yourself!) ::  2.  Your Sympathizers :: 3.  Your Supporters ::  4. Your Commensalistic  Collaborators  :: 5.   Your Mutualistic Collaborators ::  6.  Any merchant or service provider :: 7.  Any customer, client or buyer of goods and services :: 8.  Any owner of a digital currency :: 9.  Any ordinary saver :: 10.  Any ordinary individual investor :: 11.  Any ordinary bank customer :: 12.  All retirees  ::  13.  All pension fund members :: 14.  All Pension Funds  ::  15.  All corporate treasury departments ::  16.  All federal government treasury departments  ::  17.  All city government treasury departments  ::  18.  All county government treasury departments ::  19.  All state or provincial government treasury departments :: 20.  All investment banking firms :: 21.  All venture capital firms ::  22.  All angel investment firms :: 23.  Average person in any country suffering from Currency Devaluation :: 24.  Average person in any country suffering from internal and external Foreign Currency Manipulation :: 25.  Average person in any country affected by a Currency War on their country ::  26.  Average person in any country affected by Financial Sanctions on their country.
Therefore, you are going to create 26 (twenty-six) separate draft documents that you are going to use as Initial Talking Points for each constituency.  The idea is to prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the amount of information provided in this document so you can begin to FOCUS on developing your very own narrative for each constituency.
You will notice that I specifically omitted one constituency:  potential members of your Executive Leadership Team.   There is a critical reason for that.   The only message you need to convey is the following:  
"Our company is engaged in an epic effort and struggle which may have a lasting impact (on our civilization and the whole of mankind).  You're welcome to provide me with your contact info so I can share with you the link to a treatise which captures the essence of what we are about::  Digital Currency Adoption Strategy for Cloud and Crypto Currency Companies.     Should that be of interest to you, then you're welcome to reply to me directly.   Upon receipt of a reply, I will forward your information directly to a Virtual Organization Recruitment firm which we have retained to handle our searches for us."  (Omit the part in parenthesis if it is not CloudCoin; and customize it to suit your own organization.)
Why is that?   The answer lies under the section:  Where You Can Find Strategist Leaders, Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders
The bottom line is this:   It's such a thorough process that 99% of candidates won't stand a chance to go past the first round.  Thus the reason why you need to create some  distance between yourself, your organization,  and the recruitment process.   You don't want to alienate well-meaning, good, decent and smart people who can be useful and beneficial to your organization now or down the road in other ways (e.g., as Sympathizers, Supporters, Collaborators, Potential Clients, etc.)  just because they are not a good fit for your Executive Leadership Team - at this stage of the game.        
As well, the last thing that you need is a Trump administration turnover rate.  This isn't The Apprentice, Washington or Regular Corporate Public Relations politics where crises can be engineered and people are forced to resign overnight.   The Digital Currency Adoption effort promises to be an epic struggle and very brutal sport;  and the only people you can afford to have on your Executive Leadership Team at this stage of the game are Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders.   Executives with nerves of steel instead of weak-kneed executives.  Otherwise, the Established Order will crush your team faster than you can blink your eyelids.    
Therefore, you cannot impose a time limit on when to bring them on board.  That would be tantamount to suicide.  That means, in the interim,  your organization must be designed in such a way so that it can function efficiently without them.  
(Hopefully, you're beginning to understand the beauty of the virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines I have pioneered over the past 20 plus years.)        
  • So, Go ahead and Create the files for these 26 draft documents.  Only assign a file name to each document using the aforementioned corresponding titles.  The next action item will show you where to get the content.  
  • Next, Copy the basic info I have provided in this document for each constituency within the section "The Story About Your Digital Currency," and Insert it into the corresponding file.  
  • Once you have completed the latter,  your job is done (for now).    
Moving on, it's obvious that you had a life prior to reading this document and a busy schedule to boot.  This is where the previous steps taken begin to add a new dimension to your current activities.  Therefore, it is critical that you observe the following instructions to the letter and in the following order:
  • Look at your current short-term agenda and event schedule and take particular attention to the various constituencies you will either encounter or be addressing between now and the next 6 (six) months; that is, of course, assuming that you plan that far ahead. 
  • Next, Create a small list of these constituencies.  
  • Now go ahead and review the draft document(s) that you prepared for the constituencies on that small list in chronological order. 
  • In chronological order,  now go ahead and write down your very own Initial Talking Points  inside the draft document of each constituency you are about to encounter or address.   Be sure to use the guidelines that I have highlighted in this document in order for you to be able to Create Your Own Narrative.   As stated earlier, it's all about Creating Your Own Narrative.  (Whoever  Controls the Narrative, Controls the Agenda; and Whoever Controls the  Agenda,  Controls the World.)   
For now, don't worry too much about having to Write a Story About Your Digital Currency for this constituency if you are pressed for time, thus unable to do so right away.   The Initial Talking Points will suffice for now.      
Otherwise, use this opportunity to do so right away in accordance with the guidelines I have previously outlined under the following section:  The  Story About Your Digital Currency (Item #1 - 3). 
  • Ditto the latter for all other encounters and events which fall beyond the 6-month horizon.
  • In the interim, as time permits, you want to make sure that you complete writing both your very own Initial Talking Points and The Story About Your Digital Currency for every single one of these constituencies as soon as possible.

Step #2.   Identify and Segment Human Assets Who Believe In Your Cause.   Since I have already outlined the human assets that you need around you (the people who truly believe in your Cause)(a) Sympathizers,  (b) Supporters,    (c) Collaborators -  Commensalistic  and  Mutualistic,  and (d) an Executive Leadership Team made up of  one or more Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders,  it's now time for you to make a serious effort to identify and segment these individuals.   These individuals and entities represent the basic slab foundation of what you are building. 

For example, it's common sense that you would not build a house on a foundation of old newspapers, cardboard, plywood, styrofoam, trash, gravel, sand, etc.,  just because it's too inconvenient, too time-consuming, and too damn expensive to have to import cement and the equipment that you need to mix it and lay out the concrete slab.

As well, you wouldn't want to select gravel right now as a foundation for your house until such time as you've had a chance to make enough money to afford to lay out a concrete slab foundation.  (The typical "do the best you can with what you have" mentality when people are impatient and want things now instead of later.

You can just imagine the sort of chance you'd be taking.  If all the stars align in your direction and no major flood, hurricane, or earthquake occurs prior to your getting a chance to [ lift the entire house off the ground ] in order to remove and replace the old gravel foundation with a concrete slab foundation, then you are in luck.  Otherwise, you deserve everything you get from this sort of miscalculation and pure recklessness.
Within the context of your digital currency company, that would be the equivalent of settling for the aforementioned Parasitic Collaborator to advocate on behalf of your organization in a certain country instead of a Commensalistic or Mutualistic Collaborator;  or settling for the Typical Leader or Strategist Leader to be a member of your Executive Leadership Team just because it's too inconvenient, too time-consuming, and too damn expensive to try to now bring on board the Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders that you know you need in order to move forward on a solid and stable footing.  The way you look at it, you figure that once the business begins to explode like fireworks on New Year's Eve or Chinese New Year, then you will be in a better position to be selective.   
A small confession:  Been there, done that, and paid the price.   I knew better but I was hoping against the odds, and thus deserved everything I got.    
Therefore, ignore or bypass this foundational step at your own peril.

With respect to Preparation and Timing, that means the following, in order of priority: 
Create a List of Believers in Your Cause.   Don't be a lazy ass!  You don't have to stop everything that you are now doing but, nonetheless, Take the Time to Gather a Reasonably Accurate List of the Human Assets who believe in your Cause (the
Sympathizers,  Supporters and Collaborators) that are mentioned at Step #2 (a-c)  under the herein referenced section:  Time to Execute Your Digital Currency Adoption Strategy.  
That is the most important thing to do right now.    Disregard Step #2 (d) for now (the Executive Leadership Team).  We'll discuss that later and you'll understand why.
Step #3.   Time for You to Begin to Control the Narrative About Your Digital Currency.    I have already provided you with every single bit of information on how to write The Story About Your Digital Currency to every single constituency out there that you can think of  in order for you to begin to shape and control the narrative.   If you'll recall my earlier statement: "Whoever Controls the Narrative, Controls the Agenda; and Whoever Controls the Agenda, Controls the World."

Therefore, with respect to Preparation and Timing, that means the following, in order of priority: 
Write the Story About Your Digital Currency for Human Assets at Step #2 (a-c) 
under the section:  The Story About Your Digital Currency.   All you have to do is follow the foregoing instructions. 
The fact that you have read this treatise all the way to this point means that you can now see the Big Picture in terms of what sort of assistance you are going to need from these Human Assets at Step #2 (a-c).   (Your Sympathizers, Supporters and Collaborators.) 
Therefore, don't be bashful about telling them at every single touchpoint what your immediate needs are in terms of letting the word out and whatever assistance they can provide.   
But most importantly, as I have previously outlined, it's critical that you do not tell the same story to each constituency.   Otherwise,  they will begin to tune you out for the simple reason that your Sympathizers are not really interested in supporting you through concrete action - only through passive endorsement which can have a very beneficial and powerful network effect;  whereas your Supporters want to take some limited, concrete action to show their support; and your Collaborators  are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to help you accomplish your objectives.   Thus the reason why you must fashion an appropriate message for each constituency.  (Something that politicians really excel at, the only difference being that your message is not a bunch of lies and bullshit.)
Step #4.   Begin to Recruit "Official Global Ambassador Agents" worldwide.  In a nutshell, an Official Global Ambassador AGENT is a Mutualistic Collaborator that you engage to identify  "Official Global Ambassadors"  (other Mutualistic Collaborators) to represent your organization in their respective country.    The following article should give you a good idea of the importance and idea behind the need for such AGENT:  The Ultimate Global Collaborator:  An Official Global Ambassador AGENT 

You are going to need these AGENTS with respect to the implementation of Step #3 (Tier III-V) under the section:  Your Digital Currency Pricing Strategy.   

Therefore, with respect to Preparation and Timing, that means the following, in order of priority:
This is no time for Amateur Hour or Fly By The Seat of Your Pants Experiment because there is too much at stake and time is of the essence.  This is the type of search which must be conducted by a Virtual Organization Recruitment firm which understands all the intricacies involved in such a search and also practices what it preaches (i.e., will accept digital currencies for its services)And the time is NOW.   
This is not the sort of task which can be undertaken by In-House Staff or any Executive Search Firm anywhere in the world.   The information provided in  The Ultimate Global Collaborator:  An Official Global Ambassador AGENT  and in this treatise is just the tip of the iceberg.     
Simply put, the world's leading and most prestigious global executive search firms are  nothing but Babes in the Wood when it comes to the sort of knowledge, experience,  sophistication, understanding of principled geopolitical leadership and the virtual organization recruitment discipline which is required in order to understand the breadth and scope and requirements of such search.    
If you are inclined to ask "What does Principled Geopolitical Leadership have anything at all to do with virtual organization recruitment and digital currencies?" then,  a fortiori, the most compelling reason for the latter paragraph.  
Please note it is highly likely that you already know or have come across at least a couple of individuals who may be excellent AGENT candidates.  They may already be on your list of current or potential Commensalistic and Mutualistic Collaborators, excluding myself.   The same can be said for potential Official Global Ambassadors, however, this is not about who you might know.  It's about the entire onboarding process from A-Z.  As the old saying goes, a little knowledge can be very dangerous.    Therefore, you should refer them directly to the Virtual Organization Recruitment firm  you have engaged to assist you in such search.   
Please note I was very tempted to go into excruciating details regarding every single step needed to conduct the search on your own, including the need to "cross all your T's and dot your I's."

However, upon realizing that this document is already much longer than I anticipated and that :: stretching it by another 100 pages would be the equivalent of sending you to Gitmo for a waterboarding spa treatment or to some rendition center in Eastern Europe for a quick manicure and pedicure with a long nose plier :: I decided to cut it short and instead refer you to the real deal since it now accepts digital currencies (i.e., thus putting its services within reach of visionaries who otherwise would not have been able to afford to pay in fiat currencies).

Step #5.   Begin to Recruit "Official Global Ambassadors" worldwide.   As well,  the Virtual Organization Recruitment firm will be actively conducting its own search for Official Global Ambassadors in various parts of the world for your organization.  Although the following article has to do with a virtual organization advocacy entity, nonetheless, it should give you a very good idea of the importance and need for an Official Global Ambassador:  Exclusive Strategy for Official Global Ambassadors of VOMI Global Think Tank.    Again, I must emphasize that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much, much more to it than that and "a little knowledge can be very dangerous."

This global recruitment activity for Official Global Ambassadors must be conducted in parallel with Step #4.    Why is that, you might say?   Well, it's purely tactical.  You don't want to wait until you have recruited Official Global Ambassador AGENTs  in order to start recruiting Official Global Ambassadors.   This is the sort of bottleneck you cannot afford to have in your organization.

Second, the Official Global Ambassador AGENT has a very limited agenda:  to introduce colleagues who are potential Official Global Ambassadors to your organization - and that is all!    Beyond that, they are not at all involved in interviewing  and assessing potential ambassadors or engaged in any sort of meetings, discussions, conferences, etc., regarding your company.   Nor are they allowed to do so.  Otherwise, they will lose their Global Ambassador AGENT status for reasons I am unable to discuss in this document.

Think of these AGENTS as being the Ultimate Global Collaborator.   The prestige and status attached to these individuals is unlike any attached to any member of your organization.   They are on the same level as the founder of any company.   They do not work for or report to you or anyone else.  Think of them as being the equivalent of  "Jesus Christ walking on water" (no need to fret, it's just an expression - I have absolutely nothing to do with the ancient and very primitive practice of religion although I respect everyone's right to worship). 

Therefore, all recruitment activities for potential Official Global Ambassadors which have been referred to your organization by the Official Global Ambassador AGENT must be conducted by your digital currency organization or the Virtual Organization Recruitment firm you have engaged for such search assignment.

Step #6.   Begin to Recruit "The Executive Leadership Team" worldwide.   As well,  the Virtual Organization Recruitment firm will be actively conducting in parallel a global search for all the members of the Executive Leadership Team.  It is a very long and grueling process.  However, at the end of the day,  ALL successful team members will be awarded the official "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive" designation by VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and be on their way to running a 100% Virtual Organization.

Step #7.    Start Running a 100% Virtual Organization and Ditch All Brick and Mortar Infrastructure.    Now that your Executive Leadership Team is strictly made up of  official  Virtual Organization Leadership Executives, you can now ditch all brick and mortar infrastructure since they present a big security risk and have a detrimental effect on your Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) in the event of any local, regional, nationwide or global disaster.   The article :: Is Your Organization Ready for a COOP Event? ... :: sheds more light on what I mean by that. 

Just in case you might be wondering, if you are very familiar with my writings and undertakings over the years through these various consortia:  The New Virtual Organization World Consortium :: Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium;  you might be tempted to ask "What about some sort of residential campus environment where everyone works online, should we ditch that as well?"     The answer is no. 

Instead,  over a period of time, gradually have  each member participate in the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation program at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.

Your organization must fully incur the cost of the designation.  Once all residents have obtained the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation, then such campus will automatically become a  quasi-Virtual Residential Community.  And once your organization begins to explode like fireworks on a 4th of July, New Year's  Eve or Chinese New Year, then you can join the Virtual Residential Community Consortium in order to learn how to design and build your very own Virtual Residential Community (a futuristic residential community on a sprawling landscape) for your organization  and obtain the consortium's  Seal of Approval.

Step #8.     Join the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.   I am sure you must be wondering why you should join the league when you and I both  know for a fact that YOU are not a Virtual Organization Executive, let alone an Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executive. 

And just in case you are delusional and truly believe in your mind that you are a Virtual Organization Executive just because you've worked for some giant brick-and-mortar organization which told you that you were one, or for yourself from home, or for any other company which allowed you to work remotely,  then I know you are probably thinking, "Pierre, why are you hurting my feelings and how can you expect me to do business with your organization by being so blunt and direct.  So, what's up with that?"

Well, here is the answer:  The League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives is designed for Executives Who Seek to Understand, Architect and Shape the Direction and Future of  this new world of virtual organizations we call: The New Virtual Organization World :: It’s a New Principled World, It’s Virtual and It’s Organized.   We also welcome the  visionaries,  pioneers and futurists from across the globe who share our vision of The New Virtual Organization World.  Otherwise, I personally have no need for your presence within our midst for the simple reason that you would get bored in no time at all and feel very uncomfortable around me - no matter how hard you'd try to conceal it.   Another reason not to join is if your primary intention is to network with other members,  in which case, you would be better off  at some country club. 

As well, the added benefit of this membership is that, this is your only opportunity to get to socialize with me (and up to 19 other league members once a month on a purely voluntary basis) in a very friendly, informal, relaxed, and leisure brick-and-mortar environment.    A perfect time to pick my brains.  I don't mind, therefore, you can be open about it!   Since the League also accepts all digital currencies, then your only obstacle is "membership availability" since we have a self-imposed restriction of 20 members worldwide.

Step #9.     Join The New Virtual Organization World Consortium (Optional).   The New Virtual Organization World Consortium is working on a revolutionary digital currency project which requires the highest security clearance  imaginable: BDS (unable to disclose what that means, however, I am positive it's not something that you have ever heard of).    This digital currency is not something that you can even imagine.

Such revolutionary digital currency will be the official currency for the planned Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System project also being undertaken by the consortium.  Please note that any consortium member may request to participate in the enclave project.

However, that being said, participation in the revolutionary digital currency project is NOT guaranteed after you join the Consortium and you cannot even apply to participate in it.  You can only be invited to participate in this digital currency project by the founder  or titular head of the consortium and there is absolutely no time frame for such consideration.     

Therefore, if you intend to join the Consortium for the sole and express purpose of participating in the digital currency project,  THEN DO NOT JOIN the consortium.

As well, please note the following:  it is not necessary to wait for the selection of the site for the Futuristic City-State Enclave in order to participate in either the enclave project or the revolutionary digital currency project.   I anticipate it is going to take a very long time for the Consortium (it's really "me") to decide on a final location since there are so many factors involved in making such a decision.    Good thing I don't have to report to any lenders, partners, investors or board of directors.   I only work with Collaborators, Visionary Leaders and Principled Geopolitical Leaders on an equal basis. 

Since The New Virtual Organization World Consortium also accepts all digital currencies, then your only obstacle is "membership approval."               

Step #10.     Join Virtual Residential Community Consortium (Optional).   Unless your digital currency is linked to IOT, Smart Cities,  Autonomous air and land travel and transportation,  Futuristic Residential Architecture, Renewable Energy, etc., and you believe that you can contribute a great deal to the consortium, I can't really think of any compelling reason for you to join the Virtual Residential Community Consortium at this time.    The choice is yours!

Since Virtual Residential Community Consortium also accepts all digital currencies, then your only obstacle is "membership approval."

In Conclusion

I hope that this document I fondly refer to as  "The Digital Currency Adoption Bible" will prove to be very useful to all current and future visionaries and innovators who are contemplating on launching their own digital currency.   As well,  it is intended for current Digital Currency Creators, Innovators and Visionaries who seek guidance and assistance going forward. 

I invite you to share it with all your colleagues, sympathizers, supporters, collaborators, business development executives, and the members of your Executive Leadership Team.

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

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