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An Official Human Evolution Ambassador


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An Official Human Evolution Ambassador
By Pierre Coupet

If this document is your first exposure to my writings about the imperative need for Human Evolution, then proceed directly to this October 13, 2023 paper :::: Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 :::: in order to gain a deep insight into this entire human evolution concept and how this Official Human Evolution Ambassador position fits into the Human Evolution Global Scheme of Things.  

Warning:  In the event you suffer from any sort of Attention Deficit Disorder, please note that such deep insight will wind up taking you many days, if not weeks.  Therefore, if you couldn't care less about Human Evolution, then now is the time for you to bail out.    On the other hand, we, sure as hell, wouldn't want you to be representing the cause of Human Evolution if you don't really give a shit about this topic and are too lazy to find out. 
That is how important this position really is.
Now that you have been forewarned, if you're still here with me, then let us proceed.     

A Global Human Evolution Endeavor

As you have already found out, we are currently engaged in a global human evolution endeavor that is designed to alert us all to the fact that Mankind Needs to EVOLVE.  Such initiative includes the enlistment of One Official Human Evolution Ambassador in each and every single country in the world.  

Such person will play a critical role in ensuring that their respective country will have an opportunity to participate in such global human evolution endeavor in accordance with all established guidelines, best practices, policies and procedures.   

To illustrate the importance of this Official Human Evolution Ambassador position, at the very least, it may take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in order to understand why this may be the most important position you could possibly aspire to:::or hold:::during your entire lifetime.   

What Is an Official Human Evolution Ambassador?

The best way to describe this position is to emphasize What It Is NOT About:
  • It is NOT a Job.   To even think of it as a Job that will allow you to make a living in order to fulfill your financial obligations would be the Ultimate Insult.  Due to the simple fact that Human Evolution cannot, and must NOT, depend on anyone's ability to "make a living."  To wit, these two activities are mutually exclusive. 
In other words, if you are looking to make a living in order to provide for your family (there is nothing wrong with that), go somewhere else or refer this position to someone else.  This position is NOT for you.  
  • It is NOT a Board Member position.   Due to the simple fact that there isn't one single business, organization, institution, or government anywhere in the world that understands what Human Evolution is all about ::: or gives a shit about getting advice from anyone anywhere on planet Earth on how to advance the cause of Human Evolution.   
The point being, We Are All Too Primitive, Barbaric and Savage to even understand the concept of Human Evolution, let alone its astronomical benefits to mankind.    
  • It is NOT an Advisory Board Member position.   Due to the simple fact that today, as we speak, there is NOT a single human being anywhere on planet Earth ::: alive and breathing on their own ::: who is Qualified and Competent to advise anyone on the topic of Human Evolution.  
In which case, were you to throw your hat into the ring due to a mistaken belief that you had such Human Evolution qualifications and credentials, then YOU Yourself would be making a mockery of what this position is all about; you would NOT have any audience to advise; and such advisory board would quickly devolve into a Circus Clown Show or a Valley of the Blind Leading the Blind.
  • It is NOT a Sales Executive position.   
Now that you have a good understanding of what this position is NOT about, let us now proceed to what it is really about.

As an Official Human Evolution Ambassador, you have three (3) primary responsibilities:  
  • Responsibility #1.   To notify your Circle of Influence about your Official Human Evolution Ambassador appointment, however you deem fit.   That's all there is to it!
  • Responsibility #2.   To review and approve all Human Evolution Station License applications emanating from entities within your respective country.   
In other words, when VOMI Global Think Tank receives from its website a Human Evolution Station License Application from an entity within your country of jurisdiction, it will be forwarded to you for cursory Review and immediate Approval.   That's all there is to it!

  • Responsibility #3.   Optional.   On your Third-Year Anniversary, and based on "your outstanding performance" to date, you will have an opportunity to engage in a 100% All Expenses Paid, Five-Year Fact-Finding Mission on a Full-Time Basis about the feasibility of a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System within your country of jurisdiction.  

Such expedition would require a physical presence in that country during the entire length of the mission.  

Please note this is strictly Optional for those who have the time, inclination and burning desire to lead and participate in such fact-finding mission.  As such, if offered, you will NOT be required to accept such assignment.  In which case, an alternate Official Global Ambassador would then be placed under consideration. Moreover, there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that you will be offered such opportunity if the conditions for launching such fact-finding mission are NOT ripe in that country.    

Ideal Profile of an Official Human Evolution Ambassador

Other than someone who is legally considered an adult in their country and has a genuine interest in Human Evolution, the following carry a great deal of weight:

  • Have read and understood the content of :::  A Global Need For Principled Geopolitical Leaders
  • Must be able to Read, Write and Speak fluently the language of the Country you seek to represent.  Must be a native-born citizen or dual citizen of such country.
  • Must be able to Read, Write, Speak and Analyze English language reading material.  (A very rare gift. "Analyze" is the key word.)
  • The less formal education, the better.  The more informal education acquired through experience, own initiative, independent observation and inquiry, and deductive reasoning, the better.        
(The more formal education means the more dumbed down, programmed, indoctrinated, ignorant, mechanical, robotic and enslaved a person; thus, the lesser the opportunity to make use of one's own intelligence, and the less receptive one becomes when it comes to seeing and understanding the world around us as it really is.) 
In other words, all things being equal, a high school or college dropout has just as much standing as a PhD with 30 years of experience.  And an 18-year-old also has the same amount of standing.   
In fact, in a civilized world of Intelligent Beings focused on Human Evolution, a PhD has as much value as a Pre-School graduation certificate issued to a 3-year-old toddler. 

  • The less corporate, public sector and government experience, the better.  

(The more corporate, public sector and government experience also means the more dumbed downprogrammedindoctrinated, intimidated, Idiotic, Corrupt, Evil, Fearful, See No Evil-Hear No Evil-Speak No Evil, ignorant, mechanical, robotic and enslaved a person; thence, the lesser the opportunity to make use of one's own intelligence and empathy, and the less receptive one becomes when it comes to seeing and understanding the world around us as it really is.)
  • Fearless.  Willingness to throw all caution to the wind in order to fight for the cause of Human Evolution. 
  • Willingness to Use Your Own intelligence and Take the Initiative.   Last but not least, YOU must be willing and able to invest in yourself the time needed to read and understand what Human Evolution is really all about.   If you have other priorities, then respect yourself: Refrain from putting yourself in the position of being lumped into the category of the "Typical Imbecile, Coward, Follower, Bottom-Dweller, Flake and Bystander Standing on the Sidelines," constantly waiting for somebody else to make the first move.        

The point being, there isn't a single human being on this planet who can rightfully, truthfully and honestly claim to possess experience in fighting for the cause of Human Evolution.  Therefore, age, amount of knowledge and experience, and lifetime career achievements, have absolutely nothing to do with anything when it comes time to evaluate someone who is willing to fight for the cause of human evolution.   

To wit, every single human being who is in full control of their senses and mental faculties; and who is willing to fight for the cause of human evolution; is welcome to throw their hat into the ring -  Everyone will have an opportunity to fight on a level playing field.   

Age, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Social Status, Social Caste, Educational Status, Economic Status, Family Connections, Business Connections, Political Connections, Political Party, Ideology, and Country Status on the Geopolitical Leadership Scale all lose their special powers and privileges.  

The old adage, "it's not what you know, but who you know," does NOT apply in a Human Evolution environment.                 

In Conclusion

The truth hurts.  Seeing the world for what it truly is, really hurts and is hard to admit ::: and seeing mankind for who and what we truly are, is much more hurtful and almost impossible to reconcile with what all the smoke and mirrors and narratives that we are all fed on a daily basisNotwithstanding the foregoing, the first step on the road to Human Evolution requires that we see the world for what it truly is, and ourselves for what we truly are.  Hence the need to learn how to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  

Unfortunately, no amount of technology can achieve such feat.

Otherwise, we will keep deluding ourselves into thinking that we can continuously apply Square Peg PABS (Primitive And Barbaric Savages) Solutions to fundamental issues which require Round Hole Intelligent Being Solutions

Therefore, if you took offense at anything that you read up to this point or felt that I was deliberately trying to insult you and bruise your ego, then this can only mean that you are NOT yet ready to remove the blinders and the chains which maintain such a deep stranglehold on mankind and keep us all in a perpetual and permanent state of willful ignorance and slavery.   Hence the reason why we cannot evolve regardless of how much formal education and technology we gain access to.  

In fact, technology only makes us that much more dangerous to ourselves and to all other forms of life on this planet. 
On the other hand, if you clearly understood the message I was conveying and the reason why, then that can only mean that you are ready to begin that discussion on how YOU can begin to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  No one can do it for you.   Thence, Welcome to the Club.  You will be in good company.           

Next Step

  • All Potential Candidates for Official Human Evolution Ambassador.    Take the Initiative.  Spend at least a couple of weeks reading as much information as possible about Human Evolution that are listed on, or referenced within, this document.  Upon completion, then proceed to Request an On Demand Human Evolution Videoconference in order to offer ideas and insights on how this position fits into the Global Scheme of Things for both you and the cause of Human Evolution. 
Other Steps         
  • Potential Human Evolution Station Stakeholders.   If you are the CEO or Other Key Decision-Maker at an organization who has never really given much thought to Human Evolution, and how that fits into the Grand Scheme of Things at your organization ::: particularly with respect to becoming a Human Evolution Station ::: then I strongly recommend that you convene a Human Evolution Station Brainstorm Session with the members of your  Executive Leadership Team in order to review :::: Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 :::: and explore the immense number of immediate and long-term benefits of being a Human Evolution Station to your organization.  
As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. I welcome your insights, foresight, wisdom and judgment.

You are welcome to submit a support request if you have any questions or issues and would like some ideas or solutions.  Or Click Here for Detailed Information about a Human Evolution Station.   

  • Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 Stakeholders.  If you or your organization fall into the category of a Human Evolution Station 2-22-2222 and would like the opportunity to issue the Boarding Pass for Human Evolution Train 2-22-2222 to your constituents, then Click Here for Detailed Information about a Human Evolution Station License.     
  • Hardcore Advocates for Human Evolution.  If you believe that you fit the profile of a  Hardcore Advocate for Human Evolution and deem it an honor, privilege and opportunity to count yourself among kindred spirits on the current Human Evolution Train 2-22-222 :::: and would like to either support or contribute to the cause of human evolution, however you deem fit :::: then proceed to Next Station on the Road to Human Evolution:  2 22 2222.   Be sure to take the time to follow through on the links listed in the main body of this document and proceed accordingly. 
  • Seek a More Prominent and Influential Role in Human Evolution.   If you seek a more prominent and influential role in Human Evolution; have all the time in the world and the financial means to engage in such pursuit; then I invite you to request an invitation to join League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executivessubject to a great deal of consideration and approval. (In other words, receipt of the invitation is not automatic.)
  • Member-In-Principle.  If you are NOT really an Advocate for Human Evolution, and yet believe that you could contribute in whatever way you deem fit, then I invite you to peruse the article ::: Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level ::: for details on how to proceed. 
  • Subliminal Supporter of Human Evolution.   If you are merely a Subliminal Supporter of Human Evolution, then you are welcome to share the link to this document with family, friends, colleagues and associates in your Circle of Influence who share the cause of Human Evolution. One of them will surely thank you for it. Or you may Obtain a Human Evolution Station License in order to submit a support request if you have any questions or issues and would like some ideas or solutions.
  • Want More Info on the Profile of Passengers of Human Evolution Train 2-22-222.  If this is your initial exposure to the concept of Human Evolution; and you would like to know more about the profile of the passengers on the current Human Evolution Train for whatever reasons that you may have; then the following article ::: From King of the Jungle to Living in a Valley of Kings  ::: provides you with the details.
    Supplemental Information for Advocates of Human Evolution 

    Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

    Let Us Manifest!

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