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Virtual Organization Acquisition Guidelines


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

As the old saying goes, Never Say Never!

Over the past couple of decades, I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of offers to either finance, invest in, or purchase any of a number of virtual organizations that I have founded over the years. My answer has always been, NO.

Why is that, you might ask?

Well, to make a long story short, (1) there was never a financial necessity, and (2) I never did stop to think that nobody gets to live forever and that, eventually, I would have the pass the baton on to others.

Thusly, given my age and today's current life expectancy, it is highly probable that I only have another 5-10 more years left to ensure that kindred spirits gain the benefit of my knowledge and the little bit of wisdom I have acquired over the years so they can successfully navigate in this new terrain.

These kindred spirits include those who are bold, adventurous, visionary, intelligent and enlightened enough to enter the gates of this World of Virtual Organizations in order to eventually embark on the Road to Human Evolution ::::

Therefore, I am NOT merely interested in a successful CASH exit so I can walk away from years of blood, sweat and tears. For the simple reason that every single day, hour, minute, and second of my existence over the last two (2) decades has been very intoxicating for me - nothing but pure joy and ecstasy. In fact, I would even be willing to pay just to be able to continue doing what I have been doing over the last couple of decades.

And should you ever have the opportunity to enter the gates of the Virtual Organization World, you would instantly realize what I mean by that.

In other words, for me, a successful exit means leaving what I have founded in good hands; the hands  of faithful stewards; so that they too will ensure in perpetuity the passing of the baton in good hands.

In The Good Hands of Faithful Stewards who have taken the following initiatives:

Initiative #1. Learn What that Virtual Organization is all about. Took the time to understand what the organization is all about.

Initiative #2. A Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations. Took the time to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Initiative #3. Intrinsic Value of the Virtual Organization. Took the time to gain a deep insight into the Intrinsic Value of the virtual organization.

Initiative #4. Virtual Organization World Exploration. Took the time to understand what the Virtual Organization World is all about. In which case, they are willing to venture outside their comfort zone in order to explore unfamiliar Virtual Organization World territory which will invariably lead them to a fork on the road pointing in the following direction: Know Thyself, The Terrain, and Your Grounds.

Initiative #5. Are willing to Stand On the Shoulders of Giants. In which case, they are willing to invest the amount of time and effort needed to achieve the levels of competency required to ensure that they ::: and the organization ::: are able to live up to the ideals set forth by the founding members as they attempt to carry out their Mission in accordance with the Cause of Human Evolution, the Vision, and the Grand Scheme of Things.

Initiative #6. Are willing to sit down at the Virtual Organization World table in order to play the game of Human Evolution.

In Practical Terms, the Following Initiatives Mean:

Initiative #1. Learn What that Virtual Organization is all about. For example, with respect to this very small sample of bona fide Virtual Organizations, proceed directly to their website: 

At first glance, can you tell what the organization is all about? If you can't immediately tell what it's all about, then STOP right there.

Why is that, you might say? That's because that virtual organization simply is NOT for you. Thus, any further effort on your part means that "you want to be sold on the value proposition" of that Virtual Organization.   That also means you are viewing it strictly from a potential profitable investment standpoint - and the hell with our cause, vision, mission, and grand scheme of things.

In which case, that automatically disqualifies you from consideration as my potential successor. This is NOT amateur hour or hand holding time and changing of diapers for virtual organization toddlers in nursery school in the Virtual Organization World.

On the other hand, if upon going to the website, a lightbulb shines inside your head, then proceed to dig very deep into exploring, not only all current opportunities that are listed on the site, but also all other potential opportunities that flow from them based on the sum total of your own knowledge and experience. And be sure to make a note of them so that in the event you receive notification that you are under consideration and get an opportunity to be granted an audience with me, we can discuss them at length.

When it comes to both current and potential opportunities, the following treatise ::: Road to Human Evolution: Stop Feeding the Primordial Beast ::: will give you a ton of ideas.

The point being, I am NOT interested in selling anyone on anything. Instead, it's just the opposite. I need YOU to sell me on the proposition that you understand what we are all about, as well as all current and potential opportunities that an acquisition of a Virtual Organization represents to both YOU and your organization.

Please note in the event you are being represented by a Business Broker or Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist and other parties, the foregoing information equally applies to them.

Initiative #2. A Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations. With respect to each Virtual Organization, since our focus is on this World of Virtual Organizations and you already understand:::::or a have a good feel for:::::the current opportunities in play, then proceed directly to Virtual Organization Advisors in order to obtain a deep insight into Virtual Organizations as well as a much clearer understanding of all current and potential opportunities you had identified.

There is an excellent reason for such insight at this stage of the game. Being the founder of the virtual organization management discipline and of every single bona fide virtual organization in existence as of the date of this document, I can guarantee without a doubt :::: in fact, it is a sure bet :::: that YOU yourself, including anybody else that you have ever come across, do NOT know a damn thing about Virtual Organizations.

And if you believe that you already know that information, or that all you have to do is Google it, then STOP right here and then go ahead and build your own. For the simple fact that I have absolutely no desire to deal with charlatans, clowns, imbeciles and idiots who are not aware of their limitations.

Moreover, if you merely happen to be a Business Broker or Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist, and are representing current and potential clients on the sale or acquisition of Virtual Organizations; and either YOU are not aware that such knowledge of Virtual Organizations and expertise is critical in your line of work or YOU just outright refuse to obtain such knowledge due to willful ignorance and stupidity; then consider yourself harmful to anyone who solicits your services only with respect to Virtual Organization transactions ::::: and a disgrace to your profession since you now know for a fact that such insight into virtual organizations is required.

From the standpoint that your clients and potential clients do not have a clue :::: and will never have a clue :::: that there is a substantial difference between brick-and-mortar organizations, online businesses, remote businesses, virtual businesses, and Virtual Organizations. Thus, will never know that you are either a Virtual Organization quack who is out of your league or a charlatan hiding that information from them.

In which case, we have absolutely nothing to talk about and FUCK OFF. Go play your games elsewhere without our assistance.

Initiative #3. Intrinsic Value of a Virtual Organization. Now that, in general, you have obtained a tremendous amount of knowledge with respect to Virtual Organizations; much more than anyone you have ever come across; you should now have a much clearer picture of which of the foregoing Virtual Organizations is of interest to you.

That means you are now in a position to determine, as best you can at this stage of the game, the Intrinsic Value (NOT the Market Value) of that Virtual Organization.

It's now time for me to share a little revelation with you. When it comes to virtual organizations, there is no such thing as Market Value. The only thing that matters is the Intrinsic Value.

By the way, to digress a bit, if you ever come across anyone who claims that they can assign a Market Value to a virtual organization; just run like hell, as fast and as far away from them as you can. It would take too long for me to let you know the reasons why. However, that information is provided at :::: Initiative #2. Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations.

Since you are not an expert on Virtual Organizations, just use this very crude process for determining the Intrinsic Value.

  • Step #1. Make a list of every single opportunity listed on the website and assigned revenue.
  • Step #2. Make a list of every single potential opportunity that you projected at Initiative #1 and assign a revenue to each.
  • Step #3. Prepare a Complete Business Plan for the Virtual Organization of interest to you as if you were starting from scratch. There is a reason for that as well as a method to the madness. Since you have never owned or led a bona fide virtual organization, you will be starting from scratch. However, the starting from scratch process is absolutely required for purposes of coming up with a crude Intrinsic Value of any virtual organization. Such business plan may include any or all of the following: Executive Summary: Who We Are, What We Sell, Who We Sell To :::::: Financial History :::::: Company Overview: Management Team, Solutions and Services, Potential Solutions and Services, Competitors :::::: Target Market: Market Review, Market Needs, Potential Key Clients, Market Trends, Market Growth :::::: 5-Year Strategy and Implementation: Marketing Plan, Milestones, Competitive Edge, Current Strategic Alliances, Potential Strategic Alliances :::::: Financial Plan: Personnel Plan, Sales Forecast, Budget, Cash Flow Assumptions, Loans and Investments, Projected Profit and Loss Statement, Projected Balance Sheet, Projected Cash Flow Statement, Monthly Financial Details. (LivePlan offers an excellent solution for sharing this information with us. The foregoing template information is an adaptation from their software.)

Just in case you are wondering, "But Pierre, you got the role reversed. That is information that I need from you in order for me to make a decision about the Market Value of such Virtual Organization. So what gives!" Here is my answer: Go back to the very beginning of this::::Initiative #3. Intrinsic Value of a Virtual Organization::::section. There is a difference between Market Value and Intrinsic Value. No need for you to apologize.

Now that you've gone through this entire process based on your current knowledge and experience as well as your own understanding of both current and potential opportunities available to you and your organization over a projected 5-year period from this acquisition, you have just given me all the information that I need in order to know what the Intrinsic Value of that Virtual Organization is to YOU and your organization.

However, that being said, please note that NOT ALL INTRINSIC VALUES ARE EQUAL.

What this means is that the Intrinsic Value of a Virtual Organization for YOU can be substantially different for someone else or some other organization.  

For Example, one moron without a pot to piss in or two nickels to rub together could assign a value of USD $100,000 to a Virtual Organization which has an Intrinsic Value of USD $10 billion.  

The point being, the Intrinsic Value of a Virtual Organization is different for every single individual and organization.

Just in case you are wondering what formula I will use in order to assign an Intrinsic Value based on the data you have provided to me for a Virtual Organization of interest to you, I am unable to oblige. Due to the fact that, by doing so, I would only be inviting the public to manipulate the numbers in order to arrive at an Intrinsic Value they deem favorable to them.

Well, here is the method to the madness that I mentioned earlier. If YOUR Intrinsic Value falls within the range of 70-100% of the Real Intrinsic Value of a Virtual Organization that we have already determined for the Ideal Suitor, then You and your organization will be given further consideration for discussions on how to proceed.

The bottom line is this: Anything less than 70% of the Real Intrinsic Value of such Virtual Organization means one or more of the following: (1) you don't understand the value of that Virtual Organization; (2) you lack the sophistication level and intellectual maturity to understand the opportunities presented before you; (3) you and your organization simply just don't have the resources needed in order to step up to the plate and succeed; and last but not least, (4) you are hoping that we are just a bunch of simpletons or too stupid to understand what we are holding on to, and that you could swoop in for a real steal and bargain of the century.

The point being, we know what we are holding on to and we also know their real value for the Right Person and Organization. In other words, it has to be both. If I don't like the Person but it's the Right Organization, then it's a No Starter. On the other end, I may like the Person but not the Organization, thus also a Deal Breaker.

Just in case you are wondering, "But Pierre, why are you being so arrogant and such an asshole. Who gives a shit about the Person and the Organization after you've sold the business? The hell with them. Just take your cash, pay your taxes, and go on and enjoy your fortune for the rest of your life."

Well, if this were my first introduction to a bona fide Virtual Organization, I certainly wouldn't want anybody to do that to me; and whether or not I could get away with it; I, sure as hell, am not going to do that to anybody.

So, here is the answer. There is no way in hell that any Corporate Executive from Antiquity (i.e., the brick-and-mortar world) can just step in out of left field and begin to run a bona fide virtual organization. Especially a Global Virtual Organization.

I don't give a shit who you are, where you are from, and what planet you think you are living on; that just isn't possible.

Moreover, it is also much more complicated than that. The Intrinsic Value of each Virtual Organization has 90% to do with Cause, Vision, Mission and the Grand Scheme of Things. These are the things that differentiate us from every single organization out there in both the Virtual Organization World and the brick-and-mortar world.

Hence the reason why the success of the Virtual Organization depends on my staying on board in an interim Grand Steward capacity over a minimum 2–5 year transition period at a compensation rate of $1 (one dollar) per year for the purpose of recruiting, training and grooming not only my replacement but also the entire Executive Leadership Team. (It's obvious I don't want a job, nor do I have a need for one.)

Moreover, I want you to succeed more than you will ever know due to the simple fact that your acquisition of such Virtual Organization is just the beginning of a mutualistic symbiotic Virtual Organization World relationship that is intended to last for centuries and millennia - way after we have made our transition to the next world.

Take my word for it, a tremendous amount of Virtual Organization Leadership  Executive training and experience will be required.  And without going into any details, with respect to such Virtual Organization, the Executive Leadership Team has to be YOUR people; information that is covered at :::: Initiative #2. Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations.

At my own discretion, I may decide to leave after two years if I am reasonably satisfied that my goal has been achieved and my presence is no longer required - although 2 years may be a pipe dream or could be considered overly optimistic. In any case, no more than five (5) years to get everyone on the right track.

Initiative #4. Virtual Organization World Exploration. Take as much time as you need in order to read and understand the following treatise ::: Road to Human Evolution: Stop Feeding the Primordial Beast. That is essential for you to understand the Grand Scheme of Things. That is the equivalent of stepping into the big league. This is where you get to see and understand how the acquisition of any Virtual Organization fits into the Virtual Organization World grand scheme of things.

Initiative #5. Are willing to Stand On the Shoulders of Giants. That means you need to remove your blinders or shed your superiority complex in order to take advantage of virtual organization world opportunities. There is nothing wrong in admitting, first of all, to yourself, that you don't know something; and, most importantly, to be willing to take the time to learn from someone else so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. The point being, make it a policy to always be willing to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Otherwise, we are bound to remain in the sort of Perpetual Doom Loop of Ignorance and Stupidity which negatively impacts our Intellectual Capacity and prevents us from ever embarking on the Road to Human Evolution.

For Example, over the last 50 years, and specifically with respect to the Virtual Organization World over the last 30 years, I have literally come across thousands of executives from all fields and industries; many of whom having an impressive record of educational and career achievements in the brick-and-mortar world. Many of these achievements were related to internet technology, online marketing, online education, online training, virtual webinars and seminars, social networks, social media, and blockchain technology. Yet, with few exceptions, practically none of them could bear the thought of humbling themselves and admit to me:

"Pierre, I don't know a goddamn thing about virtual organizations. However, that being said, I sure am willing to stand on the shoulders of giants, so I won't have to reinvent the wheel. In turn, I do have a lot of other skills that are transferable in this Virtual Organization Leadership position that the organization can substantially benefit from."

Instead, all I hear is the typical bullshit, hubris and arrogance about how great they are and the constant spewing of the volcanic ash and lava of their prior achievements in order to obscure the fact that they don't know shit about virtual organizations.

By "they," I am also referring to Leading Venture Capital Firms, Leading Investment Banking Firms, Leading Investment Management Firms, Investors worldwide, Business Brokers, Mergers & Acquisitions Analysts, Potential Suitors, Potential Business Partners, and Transaction Advisory Services Executives at the local level to Big 4 Consulting Firms.

Practically none of them will readily admit that they don't know what a Virtual Organization is. In fact, they truly don't know the difference between a Virtual Organization and all these other online-related entities out there - a huge contributing factor being willful ignorance.

Willful ignorance from the standpoint that I have personally responded to:::::or contacted:::::many of them on the subject of virtual organizations in order to highlight the fact that there is such a thing as a Virtual Organization; and thence gave them an opportunity to learn more - alas, all to no avail. The ignorance and stupidity is just mind-numbing, to say the least.

Hence the reason why they don't know a damn thing about Virtual Organizations; and therefore, they wouldn't know anything at all about Virtual Organization Valuation Methodology, Virtual Organization Structuring and Restructuring, etc.

Think about this for a few seconds. How can you advise a client on the valuation of a Virtual Organization when you yourself don't know a damn thing about virtual organizations?

Another way to articulate another angle to this initiative is to lift an entire section from the aforementioned treatise ::: Road to Human Evolution: Stop Feeding the Primordial Beast.

::::::::: Shed Your Superiority Complex.   People who feel inferior tend to make up for their mental illness by projecting an air of superiority in order to make others feel that they are inferior to them.  No different than people who are weaklings and mental midgets have a tendency to project a false sense of strength and intellect.  Thus, they will go to any lengths to conceal their weaknesses and feeling of inferiority in order to prevent others from finding out that "the emperor has no clothes." For the most part, these individuals tend to gravitate toward any level of positions of authority within any single field or industry throughout the globe.

:::::::: A representative sample includes many of the following: middle management-to-executive level professionals in every single field and industry; senior to executive level functionaries of public policymaking bodies; law enforcement and judicial figures; think tank members; secret society members; religious figures; intelligence community members, etc.

::::::::: By extension, their projection of superiority to make up for a feeling of inferiority leads to corruption-to-the-core and tyranny.  ::::::::: (I am sure you don't understand the connection between feeling of inferiority and corruption.)

The moral of the story is: Don't be the emperor with no clothes.  Take the time to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Initiative #6. Are willing to sit down at the Virtual Organization World table in order to play the game of Human Evolution. At this point, you've been exposed to a voluminous amount of information about this World of Virtual Organizations I call the "Virtual Organization World." Moreover, you now understand the role that your acquisition of a bona fide Virtual Organization will play.   With respect to the foregoing list of Virtual Organizations, just go directly to their home page in order to refresh your memory:

That means, this is where the rubber meets the road. And in order for you to gain and maintain a modicum of credibility with us, proceed directly to Virtual Organization Leadership in order to enroll a minimum of 100 Executives in the following Enterprise Level Organization (ELO) Solution: Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification :::

It's now time to talk the talk, walk the walk.

Otherwise, we have no intention of playing games. 

For example, in the case of VOMI Global Think Tank, talking to any Potential Suitor representing a global organization :::: who wants to "spearhead the formulation of policies for the rapid introduction and explosion of virtual organizations worldwide and to advocate on behalf of its stakeholders from around the globe" ::::  yet, does NOT have a sliver of Virtual Organization Leadership Executives on its own management and leadership team or throughout its global workforce :::: is, at best, a farcical comedy; and would clearly be an error in judgment on my part.

Thus, upon completion of the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive training, both parties would be able to proceed in good faith and on an expedited basis. Many of the newly commissioned Virtual Organization Leadership Executives would then form the core of the newly acquired Virtual Organization and be ready to hit the ground running.

As illustrated in the treatise ::: Road to Human Evolution: Stop Feeding the Primordial Beast ::: each bona fide Virtual Organization is merely one Human Evolution Card out of a total of 16 Human Evolution Cards that others will get a chance to play at the Virtual Organization World table. And the ultimate goal of every single Human Evolution card is to embark on the Road to Human Evolution.

However, that being said, none of these human evolution cards require current and potential stakeholders to subscribe to the cause of Human Evolution. In other words, YOU and your organization are NOT required to believe in, or subscribe, to the cause of human evolution. Playing at the Virtual Organization World table, whether we know it or not and whether we want to or not, merely signifies that a Human Evolution Card is laying the foundation of the Road to Human Evolution.

Recognition of Paradigm Shift in the Selling Process for a Virtual Organization

We are very mindful of the fact that our Virtual Organization Acquisition Guidelines represent a significant shift from the standard process ::: or cookie-cutter approach ::: for the acquisition or sale of a business, as well as for mergers and acquisitions practices that Business Brokers and Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists and Attorneys are accustomed to.

However, that being said, since each Virtual Organization acquisition is a unique transaction subject to a unique process and special requirements, those who do decide to venture outside their comfort zone will gain invaluable knowledge and experience as one of the original pioneers or early adopters of highly sophisticated virtual organization valuation and acquisition processes.  As well, they will be highly rewarded for their efforts.

Thus, a perfect time to segue way into the next topic.

Powerful Incentives to All Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys, Specialists and Business Brokers

For those of you who are willing to take a leap of faith, and have shared the link to this document with your own clients or potential clients, please note the following:

  • Request a password so you can Register your name and the firm that you are affiliated with so we can have your information on file for future reference. If you are a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney who is employed by a firm, we will NOT work with your firm, and thus, the name of your firm is not required; we are only willing to use your services strictly on an independent consultant basis.
  • Upon registration, we will provide you with highly confidential information about your target market so you won't have to waste any time and marketing efforts chasing ghosts. In addition, you will receive specific information regarding some of our non-negotiable terms so that you can avoid any potential bottlenecks and surprises coming to you and your clients out of left field.
  • As well, we will provide you with lucrative, up to 7-figure incentives at the individual level in order to ensure the faithful and successful implementation of our Virtual Organization Acquisition Guidelines.
  • Any direct contact by any potential buyer of a Virtual Organization must provide us with the name of the person, business broker, or mergers and acquisitions specialist or attorney who referred them. Otherwise, I will not deal with such individual or entity.
  • Any potential buyer of a Virtual Organization that you refer to us who undertakes::::Initiative #2. A Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations::::will automatically qualify you or your firm for a complimentary deep insight session. (Limit of one complimentary deep insight session per person or firm.) Notwithstanding the availability of this opportunity, I strongly recommend that you avoid taking this route due to any number of potential negative connotations that are associated with it.
  • Upon successful completion of an acquisition, you will then be given an opportunity to participate in other similar transactions.

Next Step

  • If you are a Business Broker, M&A Specialist or Attorney, Request a password so you can Register your name and the firm that you are affiliated with so we can have your information on file for future reference.
  • If you just came across this document by chance, then share it with friends, colleagues and associates whom you deem fit.
Supplemental Information For Advocates of Human Evolution 

Moreover, I invite you to review at your own leisure these additional documents which offer a deep insight into the virtual organization management discipline and virtual organization leadership; as well as the need for mankind to make the transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being in order to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.   No need to rush, just bookmark this page, you have an entire lifetime to read them:   

Let Us Manifest!

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