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My Agenda: Collaboration, Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Human Evolution

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Over the last couple of decades,
I have literally received thousands of compliments, accolades and requests from individuals, organizations, investors, institutions and governments  - including 
sovereign wealth funds and societies  - from all over the globe :::  regarding the activities of Virtual Organization Management Institute and related entities :::  and for information on how they can be part of any of our global initiatives.   The words most often used are "intriguing, fascinating, revolutionary, I want to know more."

In connection thereof, my tendency has always been to point them to several of my articles, papers and treatises (totaling anywhere from dozens to hundreds to thousands of pages) in order to provide them with a deep insight into one or more of our global initiatives.    For One Simple Reason:  
It is absolutely impossible to convey to any single human being on planet Earth what we are all about through some 30-second elevator pitch, 15-minute presentation, viral marketing, marketing gimmick, or smoke-and-mirrors and magic sleight of hand since we are introducing concepts that are deeply rooted in a philosophy that is totally alien to mankind and our current civilization:  Collaboration, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, and Human Evolution.   
Many of the responses I have received go along these lines:  "Pierre, I haven't yet had a chance to finish reading..." or "Pierre, the material you provided is just overwhelming..." or "Pierre, I am going on a 6-month sabbatical..." or "Pierre, there has been a death in the family..."   

In other words, in the absence of a clear understanding of this philosophy, the meaning of each one of these words ::: Collaboration, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Human Evolution - as well as Principled Leadership, Virtual Organization Leadership, Political Evolution, The New Virtual Organization World, Intelligent Beings, A New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings, A Civilized World Financial System :::  is subject to every single reader's interpretation and thus left in the eye of the beholder. 

The point being, when I say that our initiatives are "totally alien to mankind," I really mean it from both a literal and figurative standpoint.     Thus the need for me to approach things from a very simple My Agenda standpoint and then leave it up to each reader to either seek the light or embark on a search for enlightenment.  

My Agenda

In a nutshell,  here is what we are all about in chronological order:  

  • Agenda Item #1.    Internal Providers License.   Being the founder of both the Virtual Organization Management discipline pioneered since 1997 and Virtual Organization Management Institute, my primary focus is on offering  to Global 5000 organizations and governments worldwide an Internal Providers License which allows them to offer the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment  and Certification and the formal Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation  to 1000 Mid-Level Management to Senior Level Executives within their own organization.  

Such training includes the art of  CollaborationPrincipled Leadership and Principled Geopolitical Leadership.

  • Agenda Item #2.    Virtual Organization Leadership Force.   The knowledge gained at  Agenda Item #1 sets the stage for these organizations to develop their very own internal Virtual Organization Leadership Force  spread out across  the globe.   For Example,
    • Microsoft Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Google Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • JP Morgan Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • AT&T Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Apple Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Netflix Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Disney World Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Amazon Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • US Congress Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Department of Defense (DOD) Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • NASA Virtual Organization Leadership Force   
    • NSA Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • FEMA Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Cyber Command Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Yale Virtual Organization Leadership Force  
    • Harvard Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • MIT Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • South Africa Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • Belarus Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • African Union Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • NATO Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
    • European Union Virtual Organization Leadership Force 
Disclaimer:   Please note the aforementioned entities are strictly listed for illustrative purposes and are NOT existing clients of VOMI and affiliated entities as of the publication date of this article. 
  • Agenda Item #3.   Consortium Membership.   The implementation of Agenda Item #2 sets the stage for these organizations, institutions, governments, and academia  to jointly participate and collaborate in one or more of the following consortia:  
  • Agenda Item #4.   New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.   The implementation of Agenda Item #3 sets the stage for Political Evolution,  a Civilized World Financial System, the development of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings and the beginning of a pursuit for enlightenment worldwide.
  • Agenda Item #5.   Human Evolution.   The implementation of Agenda Item #4  sets the stage for the beginning of HUMAN EVOLUTION. 
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this:   We are all about Human Evolution.   However, that being said, and as clearly outlined throughout Agenda Items #1-5, it all begins with the Virtual Organization Management  discipline. 

Moreover, you will notice that NONE of the foregoing Agenda Items include the need for "Investors" for the simple reason that "We Have Absolutely No Need For Investors."   Participation in--and contribution to--the cause of Human Evolution is open to  everyone, including all potential investors.   In fact, I highly recommend membership in the foregoing consortia to all potential investors who seek to participate in the building of this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings.

In Conclusion

Therefore, my first priority is a focus on Collaborators, by extension,  Official Global Ambassadors  in every single country in the world.  Real Deal Collaborators  who truly share the Cause of Human Evolution ::  who are  Completely Independent :: "Who Will Do What They Say They Can Do," and "Who Will Give What They Say They Can Afford to Give."    

We are also focused on another group of Collaborators, by extension, Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.     

If you believe that you might be a good fit for either of these two Collaborator opportunities, then proceed in accordance with the information provided within the referenced documents.  Otherwise,  I am not prepared to engage in discussions that fall short of Collaboration with anyone and thus lead to nowhere.  

On the other hand, even if you are NOT a fit,  if you know of anyone who may be a good fit, then share this document with them.

Let Us Manifest!

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