Friday, November 5, 2021

Will Quahl Make History and Become the Blockchain Version of PayPal?

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Upon the launch of PayPal back in 1998, I became one of the early adopters of their "then-revolutionary" merchant payment technology.  For any online small business and consumer - including every single one of my small business clients - PayPal was, literally and figuratively speaking, a real godsend.   The rest is history.

On that note, while on LinkedIn, I came across a posting from one of my contacts  about Quahl, a so-called revolutionary blockchain version of a new payment system founded by some ex-PayPal developers or stakeholders.  A payment system which uses its own namesake cryptocurrency - Quahl.   

Besides the fact that they are ex-PayPal stakeholders,  two (2) things immediately caught my attention and sparked my curiosity:   

  • As most of you reading this article are already aware of,  I am also the founder of Digital Currency Consortium and have written extensively and published on LinkedIn, XING,  Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository, and other forums many articles regarding CloudCoin, the world's first bona fide digital currency - not cryptocurrency - since I have direct and personal knowledge of and experience with the digital currency.  (There is a difference between a bona fide digital currency and a cryptocurrency).   

Thus, I have a very strong interest in learning as much as possible about this new blockchain technology payment system and cryptocurrency namesake; how it fits into the "digital currency" scheme of things; and does it have the potential to become another "revolutionary" endeavor by these ex-PayPal stakeholders?  

  • Second, other than the fact that they are literally giving away Quahl to the public at large in order to encourage mass adoption of the Quahl cryptocurrency prior to releasing any information about the Quahl blockchain technology payment system itself and its launch - I can understand the secrecy part since I am now in a somewhat similar position - I became curious as to why an invitation link  (you are welcome to use this one) from a current Quahl recipient was required in order to obtain these free quahls.  I soon found out the method to the madness. It's a brilliant move.     

Thus, I now have a keen interest in others who would like to share their insights on the development of this so-called new, revolutionary blockchain technology payment system as well as their personal knowledge of and/or experience with Quahl. 

Are We Witnessing the Making of a Blockchain Version of PayPal? 

In conclusion, I am very excited to witness this new development in the blockchain technology  merchant payment space and wish all the players much success.  

The real question that I now have in my head is:  Will Quahl make history and become the blockchain version of PayPal?  

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