Thursday, May 7, 2020

Remote Workers: Response of Virtually-Disoriented Brick and Mortar Executives

The New Virtual Organization World
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Overnight, the global population became exposed to the hashtags #remotework, #remoteworker and #remoteemployee.     "Remote Work" became the new buzzword and flavor of the day for not only corporate executives but also politicians, religious leaders and academics worldwide.

As well, every single huckster, crackpot, charlatan, snake oil salesman, and con artist that you can think of is all of a sudden claiming to be a Remote Workforce Consultant and busy producing virtual webinars and conferences designed to offer advice on best practices for Managing a Remote Workforce.

In fact, hundreds of them have even contacted ME in order to offer ME  help on how to manage a remote workforce.   I believe that says it all about these new experts.

But here is the real question:   Is having your employees "working remotely" the solution to the current global pandemic? 

The answer is categorically NO.  In fact, that is the WRONG solution.   This is the response of a "Virtually-Disoriented Brick-and-Mortar Executive Scoundrel" grabbing for straws - someone who never took time to prepare for Business or Government Continuity in the event of any cataclysmic event.
So much for the farcical and mythical  Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Plans that these organizations and governments supposedly had in place. 
The point being, over the past 20 years, I have been evangelizing to Global Enterprises,  Academia, and Governments across the globe on the Imperative Need for a highly sophisticated and disciplined "Virtual Organization Leadership Force" based on the virtual organization management discipline that is able to respond INSTANTLY to Global Pandemics, Force Majeure Events (i.e., Acts of God or Nature, Cataclysmic Events)Nuclear Wars,  Tactical Nuclear Wars, Conventional War, Color Revolutions, Ransomware Attacks, Debilitating Cyber Attacks on a Country's Vital and Critical Infrastructures, Overt or Covert Manipulation of the Global Financial System, Meltdown of the Global Financial System, Internal Destabilization, Total Breakdown of Social Order and Stability, etc.

Thousands of articles, postings, treatises and comments have been made on Why that is so important to prepare IN ADVANCE for such eventuality instead of this "waiting to cross that bridge when you get there" mentality which plagues these short-sighted and so-called visionary leaders worldwide.   It's as if the Leaders of these organizations, institutions and Governments were all BRAIN DEAD.    Sheer incompetence on a Global Scale.

However, that being said, better late than never!    The Urgency of Now exists for all these organizations and governments to utilize this crisis as an opportunity to finally Do The Right  Thing.   That means,  digging their head out of the sand, and begin the process of Learning How to Build A Virtual Organization Leadership Force for their organization, institution or government.  Click HERE for more info. 

If you are intelligent enough and have the maturity to understand that this article is merely a "stern wake-up call" instead of an attempt to bruise your ego; and are now ready and willing to Do The Right Thing;   then Click HERE  for details on how YOU can Seize The Virtual Organization Leadership Force Initiative.     

Let Us Manifest!

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