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Why Corporate Recruiters Should Partner With Virtual Organization Recruiters

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Before I begin to give you the reasons why Corporate Recruiters should partner with Virtual Organization Recruiters, let's analyze the difference between Virtual Recruiters and Virtual Organization Recruiters.

First and Foremost.   Although Virtual Recruiters and Virtual Organization Recruiters both operate in a completely virtual environment,  the primary difference is that the "Virtual Organization Recruiter" specializes in recruiting ONLY personnel who will primarily be working in either a 100%  "virtual" or "virtual organization" environment.   That means a "Virtual Organization Recruiter"  does NOT recruit personnel for "brick and mortar" positions.  Therefore, there is no conflict of interest and you can continue your existing relationship with your current Virtual Recruiter or Recruitment Firm.

Second.   The second most important difference is that a "Virtual Organization Recruiter" operates strictly in accordance with the "Virtual Organization Management discipline."  It's basically a formal and universal set of standards, best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual environment.

Whereas, a "Virtual Recruiter" uses whatever "homegrown procedures for working from home" suits him/her best (no universal set of standards, best practices, policies or procedures).    Think of the difference between Cowboys (Virtual Recruiters) and Soldiers (Virtual Organization Recruiters).  Although they both use guns and are good at what they do,  the Cowboy makes his own rules, whereas, the Soldier has to undergo formal military training, wear uniforms, abide by a certain code of conduct,  and must observe military rules or else be subject to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

Third.   The third and most significant difference is that the "Virtual Organization Recruiter"  operates in accordance with the "Virtual Organization Recruitment discipline."  It's basically a formal and "universal" set of standards, best practices, policies and procedures for recruiting ONLY personnel "who will be working in either a Virtual or Virtual Organization environment"  ::  NOT for recruiting personnel who will be working "primarily" in a brick and mortar setting.

To continue with the same Cowboys (Virtual Recruiters) versus Soldiers (Virtual Organization Recruiters)  analogy,  although cowboys know how to fight,  they use their own "homegrown, on-the-fly, and on-demand  battle strategy."  In other words, whatever suits them best at the time in order to get the job done.

Whereas, the military's mission is different and, therefore, Soldiers have to use formal military tactics, maneuvers and strategies learned in basic military training or at the military academy.  As well, Soldiers also receive formal training in the use of more sophisticated weapons.

Since I am not the only recruiter who has ever been in the military,  I am sure a lot of my fellow veterans will clearly understand what I mean by that.

Fourth.   The fourth most important difference is the Business Model:  "Virtual Organization Recruiters" do NOT work on either a Contingency :: Retainer  :: or  Bill Me basis.   ADVANCE PAYMENT IN FULL is required from each client at the time the order is placed before any work can begin.   There is one excellent reason for that:

That's because the virtual organization recruitment process is completely different than the standard recruitment process for brick and mortar candidates.  It is primarily 99.9% assessment.  Therefore, that type of work cannot be done on a "contingency," "retainer," or "bill me" basis.

Think of ordering a "personality test" from a third-party provider for one of your candidates.   You wouldn't ask the provider to do it on a contingency,  retainer or bill me basis.   You would pay for the assessment at the time the order is placed before the assessment can be made.

Whereas,  Virtual Recruiters will expend a tremendous amount of energy trying to be a Jack of All Trades, and Wear a Lot of Hats.    The truth is:   Just because they work in a virtual environment, many of them truly and honestly believe that this qualifies them to be able to conduct a search for--as well as properly assess--personnel who will be working in a Virtual or Virtual Organization environment.

That's because very few Virtual Recruiters are aware of, or exposed, to the virtual organization recruitment discipline and they just don't know any better.  The same goes for Corporate Recruiters. Therefore, this sort of situation creates an ideal breeding ground for The Blind Leading the Blind or In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King.  

And Being a Corporate Recruiter, this is an extremely dangerous situation for you to be in.   You want to make sure that you assign a job order to a qualified recruiter who understands what's at stake. You do NOT want a recruiter using "brick and mortar" recruitment  practices in order to recruit personnel who will be working in a virtual or virtual organization environment.

Time to Give You the  Reasons Why

Now that you have a clear understanding of the difference between a Virtual Recruiter and Virtual Organization Recruiter, it's time to give you the practical reasons why Corporate Recruiters should partner with Virtual Organization Recruiters:

No Change or Interference With Existing Relationships.     Now that you have a clear understanding of the Role of a Virtual Organization Recruiter and the Virtual Organization Recruiter's business model (Advance Payment In Full  for All Services to Be Rendered)  it's obvious to you that the Virtual Organization Recruiter has absolutely no interest in trying to interfere with any existing relationships you may have with Virtual Recruiters and "brick and mortar" Recruitment Firms.

In other words, if you're happy with the Virtual Recruiters and brick and mortar Recruitment Firms you are now dealing with, you not only can but should also keep using them.   The work that they do has absolutely nothing to do with the work that  Virtual Organization Recruiters do.

No More "The Blind Leading the Blind" or "In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King."   Knowledge is Power.   It's always refreshing and reassuring when you have the right tools to use for the right solutions.

Allows You to Position Yourself  As Resident Virtual Candidate Assessment Guru.    Eventually, every single stakeholder in your organization--from other Human Resources Personnel to Hiring Managers--will come to rely on you, the Corporate Recruiter, as the Go-To-Source (Resident Guru) for recruiting-assessing personnel who will be working in a virtual or virtual organization environment.    No more using "brick and mortar recruitment practices" for personnel who will be working in  a virtual environment.

It's 100% Effortless.  A No-Brainer.   A Win-Win Proposition.    No Additional Effort Is Required On Your Part.   You don't have to hire or train additional staff to provide the Virtual Candidate Assessment services.  The Virtual Organization Recruiter will handle it all for you.  Just go online and place your order and everything else is plug-and-play.    It's a No-Brainer.  Hiring Virtual personnel is NOT a new concept that you have to shove down anybody's throat.  In fact, you are already using virtual employees in some form or another and are already clearly aware of the issues.  The only thing that you are now doing is "providing your Hiring Managers  with a Reliable and Effective Solution."  It's Also a Win-Win Proposition.  You are no longer in the dark or have anxieties about what to do when your organization has a need for virtual personnel.   Your Hiring Managers are no longer sitting on pins and needles and now have peace of mind.   And your Virtual Organization Recruiter has one more happy client.  That way, everybody wins:  The Corporate Recruiter, The Hiring Manager,  and The Virtual Organization Recruiter.

In Conclusion

Now that you understand the difference between a Virtual Recruiter and Virtual Organization Recruiter, and have been enlightened about the "Virtual Organization Recruitment" discipline,  there is no need for you to continue to wander down in The Valley of the Blind.  As well, you no longer have to deal with Virtual Recruiters passing themselves off  as Jack of All Trades and Expert in the Recruitment of  Virtual Personnel - You know better!  You can now use the right tools for the right solutions.

The bottom line is this:  Virtual Organization Recruiters complement Corporate Recruiters and help their organization prosper.

I hope that helps a great deal!

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, and Virtual Organization Recruiter; is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997 :: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly at; or via CHAT.

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