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In What Ways Is What VOMI Is Doing Different Than Everybody Else?

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In What Ways Is What VOMI Is Doing Different Than Everybody Else?
By Pierre Coupet

“Can you name me six things that VOMI is doing that is different than what everybody else out there is doing?”

This is a question that a new VOMI Distinguished Global Ambassador just asked me today during our initial overview videoconference, and that I thought was worthy of a detailed response since this is the sort of question that I know many people would like to know but are afraid to ask out of fear that I might consider it offensive or somewhat disrespectful.

On the surface, this sounds like a very simple, innocent and intelligent question. But let us analyze this question a bit more in order to understand the deeper meaning of this very primitive and sophomoric question - and I don’t mean that in an offensive or disrespectful way either. 

First and foremost, this question assumes that there must be a lot of things that we are doing that is different than what everybody else out there is doing; and that, in order for VOMI to validate itself, its founder, by extension, should, at the very least, be able to rattle off right from the top of his head a minimum of six (exciting and innovative) things that VOMI is doing which would put to rest any doubt that VOMI is really on to something that falls in the “exceptional” category. 

(What we call in the business world an “elevator pitch” when you’re looking to sell yourself or your idea to someone in order to attract backers or when you are being interviewed for a job or opportunity.)

But what if there were Only One Thing (or just 2, 3, 4, 5 things) that we’re doing that is completely different than what everybody else out there is doing; something that is so revolutionary and transformative that the rest of the world has yet to even understand and fully grasp?

In which case, I would have to be a complete idiot to rattle off that information out to someone who is just curious about what VOMI is doing; and is merely on an infiltration, reconnaissance mission, or fact-finding tour.  

If I were to ask that very same question to someone in an organization that is supposed to be some sort of a “pioneer,” and they answered that question in the 30 seconds that it would take to answer it, I would immediately get up from my seat and walk away. 

Why is that, you might ask? That’s because, if the founder of that organization was willing to lower himself to the level of having to give me a 30-second answer to what is clearly an “interview” question about a man's lifetime pursuit, and the value of an organization's offerings, I would think that this organization is nothing but bullshit and a complete waste of my time.  

On the other hand, this is a perfectly legitimate question that you ask of a client in a “consulting” capacity when you are being sought for and paid to provide your advice. 

I can just imagine Abraham Maslow and Peter Drucker trying to answer that same question (if they were idiotic enough to even attempt to do so). I specifically chose to use in my example these organizational management pioneers and luminaries, particularly Abraham Maslow whom I became very fond of when I was first introduced to his humanistic theory of management in college, since I am a living example of  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - and the virtual organization management discipline is, in essence, a “self-actualized” version of organizational management in “The New Virtual Organization World.” 

But let us take that question a bit further. 

This question assumes that “everyone of average intelligence” would be able to immediately understand and grasp the meaning and significance of my answer; and immediately shout out “Hallelujah, Pierre! I get it. You’ve just given me the answer to the most complex riddle of the millennia.” 

Furthermore, it also assumes that today's so-called luminaries and geniuses of the corporate world and academia, respectively, would also get it right away and hop on board the “virtual organization management discipline train.” 

Well, as we all know, the greatest literary and scientific minds of this world had plenty of detractors, including many imbeciles and morons who were then considered luminaries and geniuses of their time, and that it took years - and in many cases, centuries to thousands of years - for some of the greatest minds in human history to finally be vindicated. 

Think of the Indian philosophers who first theorized about the atom 3000-5000 years ago, and Kashyapa (aka Kanada), Leucippus (aka Leukippos), and Democritus who further expanded on the concept thousands of years later.  

Democritus, whom many consider today to be "the father of modern science," back in his time, was held in such contempt by many of his contemporaries that even Plato, whom most of us revere today, wished that his books would go up in smoke. 

We also have Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Albert Einstein, Descartes, Socrates, Plato, Abraham Maslow, Peter Drucker, etc., the list is endless.   And last but not least, Nikola Tesla and Mehran Keshe; two of the greatest scientific minds in the entire history of mankind.  

There are many reasons for these detractors, imbeciles and morons. In most cases, the lack of acceptance is simply due to a lack of knowledge and understanding - nothing wrong with that. In other cases, it’s simply due to human nature: a natural resistance or aversion to accept new thoughts and ideas which challenge our preconceived notions of the world around us. 

And in a very limited set of cases, it’s strictly due to imbeciles and morons exercising their right to challenge any new thoughts, ideas and actions which they have no control over; or which may serve to loosen their grip and control over their own existence, importance, or minions. 

In other words, for them to admit anything they did not know beforehand diminishes their importance and value to others, and therefore must be challenged.  At which point they set about to find out exactly how much smarter than them such person could really be, etc.   As well, if it is something that they cannot totally control and manipulate in order to satisfy their own greed or achieve their own nefarious ends, then it must also be challenged with all their might and never see the light of day. 

Here Is a Fantastic Example

For example, I have spent the last 20+ years of my life being fascinated by--in fact, totally obsessed with--“alternative energy” technologies because (I am about to reveal a little secret) I had then realized that, given the state of the world from time immemorial to our present day, the full promise of the internet--The New Virtual Organization World--cannot be realized without a convergence of these two technologies. 

And so I set about to learn as much as I could about all the actors and players in that field - past, present and future. In the process, I became aware of how governments and the powers-that-be operate in the shadows, etc., and received the most extensive and practical education that is far superior to what the most prestigious colleges or universities around the world could ever dream of providing. 

In comparison, it makes our current educational system look like kindergarten stuff or just pure unadulterated crap. (No offense to thos e of us who have devoted a good part of our life toward obtaining our credentials.) 

Fast forwarding to about 10 years ago, I finally came across one man - Mehran T. Keshe, a nuclear scientist and plasma physicist who not only had some “alternative energy ideas and concepts” that were revolutionary;  but who was also brave enough to not only face his detractors (the so-called greatest scientific minds of our time telling us that Keshe is a fraud and scam artist, etc.) but also stand up to these imbeciles, morons and soulless monsters - who ::::: to this very day, minute and second :::: continue to persecute him in whatever way they can (including the poisoning of his entire family and attempted murder). 

And, for the past few years, I have been learning everything that I possibly can about plasma science through his weekly Knowledge Seekers Workshop Series (a 2-3 hour session); which, by the way, is about to end soon. Yesterday, I just completed my 118th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Session (free of charge). What an awesome gift to humanity!  

It is now up to all of us who have participated in these sessions to pass on the little knowledge we received to others and to continue to learn more on our own, and most importantly, to say, the hell with these naysayers, fact checkers, imbeciles and morons.

In a nutshell, that was the only way I was going to find out for myself what this plasma science is all about - by investing the time and effort needed to do so, instead of by trying to interrogate a person about his life’s work and mission or reduce his lifetime of accomplishments to one simple “sophomoric” or “asinine” question. 

In Conclusion

Hence the reason why I make it a point to always decline to answer any version of this very primitive and sophomoric question. Because if someone really wants to know what it is that we are doing that is so different than what everybody else out there is doing, and they are really serious about getting a very informative and defining, if not definitive, answer from VOMI, then they most certainly would not want to settle for a quick 30-second answer from me (or ask a very asinine test or interview question - even when that isn’t the intent).

Instead, they would go to either Virtual Organization Management Institute ::: Virtual Organization Leadership ::: Virtual Organization Advisors ::: or  ::: Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository  and do what I did with respect to learning about “alternative energy” technologies and Mehran T. Keshe:   
Invest the necessary amount of time, resources, and effort in learning about the solutions and services that Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) makes available to the world at large; or participate in one or more of the major VOMI initiatives that we have listed on our website.   At which point, they will be in an excellent position to judge for themselves what the virtual organization management discipline and this world of virtual organizations ::: The New Virtual Organization World :::  is all about.   

It doesn’t get any simpler than that! 

The Larger Question

But with respect to our supporters around the world and our Distinguished Global Ambassadors, the larger question is: Is such effort something that we expect from all our supporters and Distinguished Global Ambassadors? 

The answer is a resounding “NO.”   It’s possible to support VOMI without having to make VOMI your life’s mission; nor do you have a need to avail yourself of the resources, solutions and services that we offer or to participate in any of our major initiatives. You do not have to be one of our clients.

All we expect from you is a good word about VOMI.  And we reciprocate such effort by featuring our Distinguished Global Ambassadors on our website as well as give them an opportunity to showcase their prestigious affiliation with VOMI on their personal and professional business profile. That is all.

Again, it doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Post Script. Deprecated information. Listed for archival purposes only. The Distinguished Global Ambassadors program of VOMI is no longer in existence. It has been supplanted by VOMI Global Think Tank - a separate entity.


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